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Our AJET History is a collective work, whether big events or small details, initiated

by a gang of philosophical teachers and students in their knighthood. When

confronted with a transforming era of the digital life, educated being in the flood of
the Internet has claimed itself a disaster or a disguised blessing. AJET is not affected
by existing exam-oriented curricula in Taiwan. AJET babies love what they have
fallen in love with, and with what they love they contribute their learning life without
any resentment. If, with regret, it were paid with complaints and dismay, the strong
will to take the unprecedented challenge will be seriously humiliated.

Because of my personal history viewpoint, I am so cautious in writing, too careful to

finish the book within 10 years. I try all I can to blunt my pen, in order not to criticize
or put anyone or anything to shame, especially to those who and those which are
growing to wherever they might glow.

As long as AJET spirit is radiating. That is, the reflection on the digital era, with
extensive exclamation on what the Internet has brought to the world; the equality of
those in need of new form of education, without any social injustice done to our future
generation; and the sharing of sympathetic affective domain in our campus life,
whether virtually or physically, in the form of the combination of "liveware", a term
actively defined by our learning circle. It is not methphysics. Instead, we have lived it
It turns out we create a layout out of a huge architecture. Hereby we record our
history in collective consciousness. Turn to page of AJET.