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Verb Tense and Voice punctuation and capitalization For common Errors:

7c Verb tenses 61 19 Commas 102 A. follow MLA format 197

7e Active & passive voice 63 20 Semicolons 110
B. Cite Quotations
21 End punctuation 112
properly 199
22 Apostrophes 114
Subject-Verb Agreement 23 Quotation marks 117 C. Integrate Quotations
25 Capitalization 127 properly 199
8a Subjs. & verbs separated 65
8b Compound subjects 66 D. Awkward use of
8f Linking verbs & complements 69 Diction phrase or word
Consult a Dictionary
32a Appropriate levels of formality 146
Modifiers 32b Denotation and connotation 148 E. Incorrect use of
phrase or word
32c General and specific diction 149
Consult a Dictionary
9a Adjectives vs. adverbs 71 32d Figurative language 149
10a Misplaced modifiers 74 F. Use Last Name
10c Dangling modifiers 75
Common Stylistic Weaknesses G. Typo oR Spelling Error
Consult a Dictionary
Pronouns 16a Eliminating redundant words 94
16b Eliminating empty words 95
11a Pronoun case 76 16c Replacing wordy phrases 95 ¶. Needs a paragraph break
11b Pronoun antecedent agreement 79 16d Simplifying sentence structure 95
11c Clear pronoun reference 80 17a Items in series or list 96
Second Person Pronouns will be
17b Paired ideas 97
17c Words necessary for clarity 98
You & your
Clauses and Fragments 18a Shifts in tense 98
18b Shifts in voice 99 They need to be replaced with third
12a Separating clauses into sentences 82 18c Shifts in point of view 99 person & more specific language.
12b Linking clauses (comma) 82
12c Linking clauses (semicolon) 83
13a Phrase fragments 85 Page numbers refer to the third edition of
EasyWriter, edited by Andrea A. Lunsford.

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