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The light that lets your

flowers blossom.
OSRAM FLUORA® fluorescent lamps
for healthy growth.

103S011 GB 09/06 XYZ OSRAM CSM CC Subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted. z Printed on paper treated with chlorine-free bleach
light for healthier plants.
The light from OSRAM FLUORA® fluorescent lamps is particularly strong at the blue and red ends of the spectrum and thus is ideal for
promoting photo-biological processes in plants. The result is healthier plants. OSRAM FLUORA® lamps are used wherever plants do not
receive enough natural daylight, for example over feature planting in shopping centres, offices, hotels and the home, and also for florists’
shops, greenhouses and aquariums.

OSRAM FLUORA ® lamps are the light sources for plants and aquariums. They emit most of their light at the blue and red ends of the spectrum. Their spectrum is perfectly matched to
that required for photo-biological processes. The result is healthier plants. Plants really thrive under FLUORA ® light even in rooms where there is little or no natural daylight.

Type L 15 W/77 L 18 W/77 L 30 W/77 L 36 W/77 L 58 W/77

Rated wattage 15 W 18 W 30 W 36 W 58 W
Luminous flux 400 lm 550 lm 1000 lm 1400 lm 2250 lm
Spectral distribution curve
Length l max. 438 mm 590 mm 895 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm
Light colour 77
Diameter d max. 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm