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Presentation by Paul Gunn - CEO PPM & Associates

to FAST Legal Advisory Group Meeting, House of Commons, London, 12 January 2011 ©PPM  &  Associates  2011.  All  rights  reserved.  
Who Are PPM & Associates?

•  Services design consultancy for 20 years.

•  Developers of software for 12 years.

•  Designers and owners of ProNett’s IP.

•  Conveyors of over 2.75 million transactions.

•  Managed £1.35+ billion of purchase ordering.

“Our software is principally utilised within the drinks, hotel, leisure,

catering and retail sectors.”

©PPM  &  Associates  2011.  All  rights  reserved.  

What Is ProNett?

•  Web based maintenance management software.

•  A self-serve electronic ordering / invoicing system.

•  Achieves double digit cost savings.

•  Underpinned by a portfolio of IPRs.

•  ProNett has a software asset value of £20 million.

“ProNett is one of the most technologically advanced facilities

management (FM) software packages available.”

©PPM  &  Associates  2011.  All  rights  reserved.  

Who Uses ProNett?

Many household names and high street brands.

•  In excess of 3,000 customer outlets.

•  Over 1,000 3rd party companies.

•  20,000+ individual users.

•  All carefully underpinned by contracts and EULAs.

“These safeguards are designed to protect and secure the IPRs

within ProNett from infringement.”

©PPM  &  Associates  2011.  All  rights  reserved.  

Our Investment in IP

The creation of our IP relies upon an ongoing :-

•  Commitment to UK developers.

•  Commitment to investment.

•  Commitment to infrastructure.

•  Commitment to the latest technology.

“In order to sustain development of innovative software on a commercially

competitive basis, adequate legal protection is required.”

©PPM  &  Associates  2011.  All  rights  reserved.  

Legal Framework

The safeguarding of the IPRs in our software is

absolutely vital to :-
•  Protect jobs.

•  Protect future growth.

•  Protect our investment.

•  Protect ongoing innovation.

“The threats posed by those who help themselves to trade secrets and
valuable IP content must be stemmed.”

©PPM  &  Associates  2011.  All  rights  reserved.