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Assessment Nursing Planning Intervention Rationale Evaluation


S > “Madalas Nausea may be After the shift, > Avoid > It may After the shift
akong related to the patient will milk/dairy increase nausea the patient is
nagsusuka” as Gastric Irritation be free of products, overly or be difficult to free of nausea,
verbalized by of blood. nausea, will sweet or fried digest. had manage
the patient. manage chronic and fatty foods, chronic nausea
nausea, as as forming as evidenced by
O > Increased evidenced by vegetables acceptable level
salivation. acceptable level (broccoli, of dietary intake
of dietary intake cauliflower, and has
> Increased and will etc.) > To reduce maintain weight
swallowing. maintain weight gastric acidity as appropriate.
as appropriate. > Provide diet & and improved
snacks of nutrient intake.
preferred or
bland foods.
Ex. Gelatin, >so stomach
ices, etc. does not feel
excessively full.
> Encourage
client to eat
small meals
spaced > Nausea may
throughout the occur in the
day instead of presence of
large meals. postural
> Check V/S, and fluid
especially for volume deficit.
children and
older clients > Helps in
and note signs determining
of dehydration. appropriate
interventions on
> Note need for Tx of
systemic underlying
condition that condition.
may result in
nausea. > To cleanse
mouth and
minimize bad

>To help
>Provide monitor fluid
frequent oral and nutritional
care. status.

weight weekly if