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6680 S.

Country Club Road, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740

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Pima Community College Department of Public Safety 6680 S. Country Club Road, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740

Connect-Up Report

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4/6/2010 at approxinl(]_tely 1626 hrs Ofc. Serna and I responde~to Pima CommllnityCollege Northwest Campus

to check the welfare of aj)er~-()?t~~_g~if~a.sc~l1~erne(f with. . -- _.. . ..... -

4/6/2010 at approximately 1626 hrs Ofc. Serna and I responded to Northwest Campus Library to check the welfare of a person the staff was concerned with. Upon arrivaIlcontactecfSWANK,-:kR.Is who is the DIrector of theLibrary, she lrifoITIled me there was a youilg mall uSIIlgol1eoffue-cornputers and he would sometimes make nOIses-lolld enoughforstaff atthe referenced~s~t()h~a.r:lc_()E!~~!~~~~~j~bI~~fJ~e:~1:ifiedaS L6uqH::N'E:~:-.rAREDLEE:, .. a.

PCC student, who was working on the computer and listening to music using ear bud type headphones. He

to me that he' was really into musica~dthatso~1~~!rie~~~e~~~1~)_e:e.IljoXingtheI11lislc~nld exdtedlYlltter . and words from the songs. I asked LOUGHNER if this had happened in the past and if anyone had asked him quIet, he sta1:ed that l:ieI1adbeentoTd Oil a previous occasl0n~TlnforIDedL6tJ(J:I:-I:t\fER-that1:his behavior was not acceptab Ie practIce for-a pUbllc se1:1:1~g~~_sre.~ia.llxi~~~~IT~r<lTi.1{e-stai:edthat it would riot happe.naga1i'l .

. Serna and I cleared the scene at 1722 hrs.

C<.?Iinmunity College Department of Public Safety 6680 S. Country Club Road, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740

Activity / Person

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2202 W. Anklam Rd. Tucson Arizona 85709


D & Agency

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Driver's License No

Social Security No


(See Narr)

Driver's License No

Weight 150


Owner Address

Vehicle Damage

Report No. Reporting Officer 2 2

f'ima Community ColJegeDepartment of Public Safety C 1 0 - 0 2 4 5 6 R. Yrigoyen Page_of_

91195 17 10 suspicious activity was reported to me at the Pima College Vi est Campus 2202 W. Anklam Rd Tucson, Az 85709.

J\tappl~())(imatel)11522 hours, dispatch informed rnethata PimaCollege instructor\Vanted to report suspicious a.~tlvit)1. I retrieved allpertinent information and Illade telephoniccontact withPC\tVC instructor Patricia Curry. (:llrrY.stated that earlier in the day she was condu~tiJl~a Pilates class in the recital hall of the CFAbuilding.Curry saicidllrin~theclass,she informedher studel1tsoftheir final grade for the semester. Curry stated that one of her Stllci~nts,Jared.Lou~llner, became."very hostile" when finding out he was receiving.a "B." Curry said Loughner "threw his work down" and said the grade was "unacceptable." According to Cuny, she spoke with Loughner outside t~eClass ~oom, and t'elt like it might become pl1ysi cal.iougl1Iler\VaS t11e11 ret\~lTecito Cl1l1y'S. supervIsor,· Susall I-I!einrich, who according to Curry also felt "intimic±ated." No contact has been made with Heinrich or Loughner at this time.

CUffy stated that her last semester class is scheduled for 1700 hours atCFA Recital Hall, and did not feel comfortable tea.cl1ingwithout ail "officer in the area." Linformed CUlTY that I would be near the CFA until her class endedat 1800 112urs; sheacknowledged. I monitored the CFA complex until ClllTY'S class ended at about 1755 hours, and then

cleared the call at about 1800 hours. .



CoHeg.e Department of Public Safety 6680 S. Country Club Road, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740

Activity, Other

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B Stored Vehicle Stolen Property



(Division Dean of Instruction)

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2 2


On 6-3-10 at approximately 1700 hrs, Division Dean, Patricia Houston wanted to meet with me for a student code of

conduct aitheNorthwest Campus. " ,

I '

Houston showed me a mathpaper submitted~)'Lougl1ner,which had writing on it,that stated "Mayhem Fesi!!"I,' loo~edthroughihe rest of the-documents th.at were handed to me of some internetlogins that Loughner had lo()ked up and found that it was a music festival that was taking place sometime in 2010. The rest of the internet printouts are po stings from otherpeople that have commented onthe concert tour. Lamb of God is a rock group and most were

co-rnmenting on the tour, 'AUpostings are C0l1l1ected to this report.' .

on6-3 .. 1():Tmet with Division])ean, Patricia Houst()ninreferenceto a st~dentby the name of Jar eel Loughner (DOB 9-':1()~88)dlstllrbing a'dass.Houston advised that Lo~ghner wasdisrupted '{n his n1athclass when he made reference to a problem that the instructor was trying to explairl and argued with the instl1lctor on then umber used. Houston han4edmeall e-mailthatwas sent to her fromD~IisaSiddall, anEducat'ion Sllpport Student Counselor at the . 'Northwest Campus, and asked. me to read it. I read over the e-mail and attached it to this report. Idid notice thattwo of the e-rnails were in contradiction to each other. The first e-mail that was dated on the second, did not state that he . was askedtoleave the class or d.id it state the student was under the influence ofa control substal1ce. The second e .. malIihat wasihted onthet1rst,tro111 Jennifer Guajardo,-dlCIstate these Issues. These e-mails werehancfeCIto mein

this orcIer and are attachedltl this order. ' . ... . ... -

IaskedHouston what exactly did hedo that was againstth.e student code Of conduct anclshe advIsedihatLoughller . was dIsrupted to the class amfinstructor. I asked ifshe wanted me to write a referral and a suspension letter ai1d. she advlsecfnot at this pOInt. Houston also advised'thaishewanted'liCIocumented.so that our department couldlookinto his conrluctperCornmanderA.ll1ado.1 advisedihata report \Vould be written and this incident is going to IJe document~d~. Houston then advised thatapreviousinddent with Loughner has' been docull1ented and a referral was cOllduct~d before on the sameissues. I connected thisr~l?0rt to the other report taken for the same issues.

A(tEistimeIha.ve no student code of conduct ordolhaveanydlarges tofile on this studentAfurtherinvestigation isneededtobeablemake the.decision on this student's abilrty to stay in class or be with other students. Houston has a.dvls-edthat the Instructor and students in the class are uncomfortablewi1h Loughner inside theirclass and are afraid

or any repercussI011s'that could. eXIst from Lougl1nerheingunstabieln hIS actions. ... ,.



MATH 092

-2:' QUIZ #1

Name: C),,( ( c u\,


Please read all questions carefully. Show all work. Circle your final answer. Good luck'

- \

Xi +5 -3x

1. Simplify using order of operations. : for x = -4 and v = 2

~ /~\ 2(y+1)" .

_L! ~),J__ "1 - ,< /};

I . f _....) ~. ·~·--t

;.' I" ,r ,

iv" 'f '-1_~ , . .1 I

2. Solve -(7(1 + 2x) + 10 = -5x.


(-=3'l\1 ~

3. The formula for an area of a triangle is A = ~ BH _ where A is the area of the triangle, B

~ .,......--2-. __ .

is the length of the base, and H is the height of the triangle. If the area of the triangle is

\ .' .. -"

--- ,

c-, !

50 square inches and the base is 20 inches, what is the height?

bi")< 0

h o

_.) \


t ()



~ :-'

c: - C '-.

,- H \

..._., . './/

4. The perimeter of a rectangle is\ 16 feet. T~e length is 2 more feet than the width. Find

. ~L,Y~

,---:----;---1h~e~.~ and widt~ of the rectangle. Also, find the area of the rectangle.

/" I';_ I 0' "" 1'I.l 'J '

/,\'/~'~A:J, \

(¥:(cW i~ ~~. \

~(( "" -__:. ~. .

I B~iet ax = Lb and 17 = (1):'+ b. Show that n is a number divisible by 3.

l ________


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(f] H (f] Ui'Yi'Y2:8:: Cf.lHi'Y iC E-< E-< OiC Siddall, Delisa






Siddall, Delisa

Wednesday, June 02, 2010 10:23 AM xc> ", '"

Guajardo, Jennifer; Desjardin, Suzanne; Houston, Patri·OI~!>t.,,::i:;\ Zamzow, Benjamin; McGahee, Benjamin; 'D.siddall@pima:~.~;",.

RE: disruptive student .

I met with Jared Lee Loughner today to discuss the incident that occurred yesterday.

I arrived to his math class at 8:20am, introduced myself to the Instructor, quietly introduced myself Jared and informed him that I wanted to hear his perspective, about the incident that occurred yesterday, in the privacy of my office.

He stated. "I am offended" and I informed him that I would like to hear about it outside of the class. He followed me outside of the class, and returned to the class briefly to get his belongings.

As we walked out of the class. he asked me if I was a cop, I told him no. but there could be one if we could not find a way to meet a happy medium. I followed up by letting him know that my goal was to find a middle ground that would benefit everyone concerned. He questioned why he had to leave the class when he was only exercising his freedom of speech.

When we arrived to my office. I asked him to explain what transpired yesterday in his math class. and he said, "1 don't know what you are talking about." I reminded him that a complaint was made that he was disruptive in class and he said, "I was not disruptive, I was only asking questions that related to math."

I asked him to tell me the questions he asked? He said, "My Instructor said he called a number 6 and I said I call it 18." He also asked the Instructor to explain. "How can you deny math instead of accept it?"

I asked him to explain how this was pertinent to the subject at hand? He said these questions caused students to think. I asked him to describe his views on time and place. He said he paid $200 for the class so he should have the right to speak. He added that he has taken other courses and was scammed so he was going to do everything to ensure that he passed this class. I asked him to explain scammed and he said he took prior classes, failed) and did not get his money back.

I asked him if he felt he was being scammed in this math class, he said that he wasn't, but added that it scared him that his freedom of speech rights were being taken away. He also complained about being removed from class to talk to the Counselor.

I told him that I wanted to talk about rights as well as time and place. Every student has the right to have a safe learning environment; how are you meeting the rights of other students when you must exercise your right to call the number 6, 18. Have you considered the rights of the students who are sitting in class struggling to understand 6, while you argue with the instructor?

I informed him that the students are making the same complaint about being robbed of their educational experience that he was making to me) and asked him to explain the difference. I further informed him that the Instructor has to cover material in 5 weeks that is generally covered in 16 weeks, so there might not be time for students to ponder his questions, so his questions might have to be asked after class.


He was reassured that when he becomes an Instructor he will have the right to teach a class based on his teaching style, but in the meantime, his Instructor will conduct the class the way he sees fit and if Jared had a problem with this, I would be happy to drop him from the class.

Jared said he wanted to remain in the class and he showed proof that he was doing the assignments. He asked me if I was saying that he could not speak in class and I informed him that he could ask his philosophical questions after class, and ask "how do I solve this problem questions in class."

He reassured me that he did not want to be expelled from class. I asked him to tell me what he planned to do to remain in this class, and he said that he planned not to ask any questions.

He mentioned in closing that he spoke to some guy ( another Counselor in this office) about asking questions in class, and reiterated again that it scared him that his right to freedom of speech was being squelched.

This student was informed that the formal code would go into effect if this should happen again.

This student was warned. He has extreme views and frequently meanders from the point. He seems to have difficulty understanding how his actions impact others, yet very attuned to his unique ideology that is not always homogeneous. Since his resolution was to remain silent in class and successfully complete the course, I had no grounds to keep him out of class.

Since he reported that an incident such as this occurred in another class, Administrators

will have to help this student clearly understand what is appropriate room dialog.


Educational Support Faculty -Counselor 206-2277

Delisa Siddall

-----Original Message----From: Guajardo, Jennifer

Sent: Tuesday) June 01, 2010 8:28 PM To: Desjardin) Suzanne; Houston, Patricia

Cc: Siddall, Delisa; Zamzow) Benjamin; McGahee) Benjamin Subject: RE: disruptive student

Oops! This exchange should all have gone to Benjamin McGahee, not Benjamin Zamzow. This is my mistake as I wrote down Ben Zamzow's email and told you Ben McGahee's name. I'm sorry for this mistake.


From: Desjardin, Suzanne

Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 8:23 PM To: Houston) Patricia

cc; Siddall, Delisa; Zamzow, Benjamin Subject: Re: disruptive student

Jen and I spoke this afternoon. I'd be glad to stop by the class tomorrow am at 830 to chat with Ben and the student, thx!

Sent from my iPod


Suzanne Desjardin Counselor

Pima Community College Northwest Campus (520)206-2211

On Jun 1, 2010. at 7:10 PM, "Houston, Patricia" <phouston@pima.edu> wrote:

> Suzanne and Delisa,

> Please see the note below from Jen Guajardo in Math. I spoke to Ben > this evening and am sending him, by attachment to this email, a

> referral slip in case there is an issue tomorrow. I am off campus at a > meeting with the Chancellor in the morning, Aubrey and Vicki will be

> gone and I was wondering if one of you might be available to check in > with the instructor during the class time --A 209 between 8:30-10:40. > I would very much appreciate any support you might be able to give.

> Ben, the referral form is attached. Print and fill out and have it

> ready--in case.

> My cell is 990-6477 if you need me in the morning. > Thanks,

> Pat

> Patricia Houston > Division Dean

> Northwest Campus

> Pima Community College > 206 2180


> From: Guajardo, Jennifer

> Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 6:39 PM > To: Houston) Patricia

> Cc: Conover, Aubrey

> Subject: disruptive student >

> Hi Pat,


> One of my adjuncts, Ben McGahee, had a very disruptive student in > class this morning (A209) 8:30 - 10:40). The student was asked to

> stop the disruptions and would not. I believe, but don't quote me on > this part, that the student was asked to leave and did not.

> After class was over) Ben reported the incident to Campus Police and > then called me later to report what had happened. He was a little

> unsure of the exact last name of the student, so I can't give you that > information.


> Ben thinks that the student appeared to be under the influence of

> drugs. Because of this, I did advise him that if this happens again > tomorrow he should call Campus Police right away and should not wait > until the student leaves. I called Ben later tonight after speaking > to Aubrey and left a message stating that you would be available if > the student acts out and it doesn't end up being a police issue, yet > he feels that he doesn't want the student to return until he has

> spoken with you, Aubrey, counseling, or whomever is appropriate.

> Aubrey is out of office tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure that Ben > has whatever support he needs in this matter.



> If you feel you need to contact Ben directly about this issue, his > information is as follows.


> phone:

> email: bfzamzow@pima.edu


> Thanks very much, > Jen



> <referral.pdf>


lVLA X .rt.tlVl .t'.t~ 1 LV 1 U UIIlCIal Lineup and Full Itinerary Announced (Rob Zombie, Korn ... Page 1 of 13

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http://www.metalinjection.net/tour-dates/mayhem-fest-2010-official-lineup-full-itinerary-an... 6/3/2010

MA Y HhM FEST 201 U Otlicial Lineup and Full Itinerary Announced (Rob Zombie, Korn ... Page 2 of 13

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Posted on January 20th, 2010






Share retweet It's official! Call your grandmother (I don't know why she would care, but call her anyway),

The complete official lineup for this summer's (Metal Injection sponsored) Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival has been announced and it's certainly an eclectic buffet of hard rock and heavy metal using a something for everybody approach. Without further ado:

Mai n -'s_ill_g_t':



http://www.metalinjection.netltour-dates/mayhem-fest-20 1 O-official-lineup- full-itinerary-an., 6/3/2010

lVJ.J-\. 1 rr.clVl r-rso 1 LV 1 V VIllClal Lineup ana 1:< un rnnerary Announced (Rob Zombie, Korn ... Page 3 of 13






They certainly seem to have gone more mainstream and less extreme this year. While this isn't the most exciting lineup I have ever seen, you book Lamb of God on a show and I'm there. Let us know what you think of the lineup in the comments. As we do everywhere, we will be holding a huuuge contest where we give away a pair of tickets to each stop of the tour, so keep your eyes peeled for that contest to start. Here are the scheduled tour dates:

July 10th San Bernardino, CA - San Manuel Amphitheater July 11 th Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre

July 13th Auburn, WA - White River Amphitheater Southeast July 14th Nampa, 1D - Idaho Center Amphitheater

July 16th Phoenix, AZ - Cricket Wireless Pavilion

July 17th Albuquerque, NM - Journal Pavilion

July 18th Englewood, CO - Comfort Dental Amphitheatre

July 20th Maryland Heights, MO - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater July 21st Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center

July 23rd Camden, NJ - Susquehanna Bank Center

July 24th Hartford, CT - The Comeast Theatre

July 25th Montreal, QC - Pare Jean Drapeau

July 27th Mansfield, MA - Comcast Center

July 28th Holmdel, NJ - P.N.C. Bank Arts Center

July 30th Tinley Park, IL - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre July 31st Noblesville, IN - Verizon Wireless Music Center August 01 st Atlanta, GA - Lakewood Amphitheatre

August 04th Virginia Beach, VA - Virginia Beach Amphitheater August 06th Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre

August 07th Pittsburgh, PA - Post Gazette Pavilion At Star Lake August 08th Bristow, V A - Jiffy Lube Live

August l Oth Tampa, FL - Ford Amphitheatre

August 11th West Palm Beach, FL - Cruzan Amphitheater August 13th Dallas, TX - Superpages.com Center

August 14th Oklahoma City, OK - Zoo Amphitheatre

• Tags:

• lim:hes of blood

• ehimairll


• hat<i.R.[t:).~Q


• KQm

http://www.metalinjection.netltour-dates/mayhem-fest-2010-0fficial-lineup-full-itinerary-an... 6/3/2010

lVIA Y!i_hM 1< h:) 1 2010 Official Lineup and Full Itinerary Announced (Rob Zombie, Kom ... Page 4 of 13

.. mayh~JILfest .. norma jean

0& rob zombie .. shadows fall


.... 18 horns up

.. S.hm::eTh.i~

Related Stories ...

.. C_h~_9k_Q!J1Q.1!_r RQ.gkstar E_l1.Mgy_Mayhem Fest channel

.. RQJ;LZQM1?IE_e1l1~ts SLIPI5.NQI's Joev Jordison to drumQD_1I.QQQlJ!jllg_lQ1l_r~ .. CHIMAJRA T Q_Rel_~~~~_Liy~_QYP/_C_Q_QgJn bQ

.. QZZFE.ST2_Q1Q_.EJ..lJlli!}~l,W_m}g_Qat~§__R~Yj')aled


Comments (28)

*sigh* this is one tour that will never come to western canada .... damn it .....

Just Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Rob Zombie, and 3 Inches of Blood would be an awesome show .. In This Moment, Chimaira, and Five Finger Death Punch have maybe 5 good songs between them. Ijust can't imagine myself sitting through the other terrible bands to get to good ones. Maybe if the tickets are

cheap ...


Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us ... on your next tour because this one sucks.

This tour is ajoke. I count 4 good bands this year, one of them being Chimaira, who I've already seen 2 or

http://www.metalinjection.netltour-dates/mayhem-fest-2010-official-lineup-full-itinerary-an... 6/3/2010

lVlA X .ti..t'AV! t' t~ 1 LV 1 V U!tICIal Lmeup and Full Itinerary Announced (Rob Zombie, Kom ... Page 5 of 13

3 times. The ticket price could be $15 and I wont go. This is a joke. I hope & pray SOTU comes back, or that Summer Slaughter has a better lineup. Anyone seen the Atticus tour lineup? Its a thousand times better than this shit.


FUCK THIS!! Normally i want the free tickets but i wouldn't attend this shit even if it was free!!

more like nu metal fest 2010



Januarv 2 QIl},_Z.O10 at 3:38 pm hazebah says:

WTF 2 good bands jesus mayhem fest really let themselves go how do you go from SLA YERRR to korn im so dissapointed i support log so im gonna go but im going then leaving wont be all day like last year wtf ahhhh im pissed i hope summer slaughter is better than this. this line up is shitty

i second flesh eater. .. .i like most of the lesser acts but the main stage BLOWS!

fuck alII you if you dont like it dont go and quite your fucking bitching i think this is going to be a fucking kick ass concert

http://www.metalinjection.netltour-dates/mayhem-fest-2010-official-lineup-full-itinerary-an... 6/3/2010

lVill r ririrvi t.t~ 1 LV 1 U ornciai Lineup and I-un Itmerary Announced (Rob Zombie, Kom ... Page 6 of 13

Januarv 20th. )010 at 4: 19 pm Set Abo~jnae says:


This lineup looks like the shit I took this morning. It had KoRn in it.


I;:l.nuarv 20th. 2010 ;:;t:t:_:f2~m l\:1etalheadPsvcho says:

This isn't as great as the last two years, but it's still awesome! I can't wait for tickets to go on sale!


J~mlarv 20th. 2010 at 5:28 pm badandy4452 says:

besides lamb of god,winds of plague im a IiI disappointed, the warped tour has better bands

what the fuck is it with bad ass concerts turning into pussy emo kid fests i thought finally a death metal concert but no mayhem goes and gets A TREYU? NORMA JEAN? WHAT THE FUCK where behemoth wheres cannibal corpse come on even fucking slayer played that shit last year! SO FUCK ALL OF YOU THIS YEARS LINE UP CAN SUCK MY SHIT COVERED DICK, I HOPE YOU ALL DIE.

14. .. January 20th. 2010 at 11 :23 pm shee: says:

this is bullshit ...

at least they come to Canada, montreal more specifically .... (unlike last year)

Few good bands make it worth it but, disappointing nonetheless with all that gay shit like FFDP, in this moment and atreyu, etc ...


http://www.metalinjection.net/tour-dates/mayhem-fest-2010-official-lineup-full-itinerary-an... 6/3/2010

MA YHEM FEST 2010 Official Lineup and Full Itinerary Announced (Rob Zombie, Korn ... Page 7 of 13

Wow .... Last 2 years were great .... Not so much this year.

16 ... January 21st. 2010 at 4:59 pm piss1:!!g says:

yeah this would be cool if i was 15 still.


Other than Lamb of God there are no must see bands for me this year. Im going for Lamb of God, there always insane. ive never liked more than a few Rob Zombie songs, but i guess its prolly as close as ill get to seeing White Zombie, i hope they play some WZ. Korn maybe, ive hated them since their 4th album, but the 1 st one is still cool, as long as its not a bunch of new shit. i saw FFDP at the 1 st mayhem and i left their set cuz they sucked massive ass. Winds of Plague was cool at Slaughterfest but that was with Kristen, who is now gone. She was my fave part of Wol', and not only because i want her to be the mother of my children. 3 Inches seems like they could be cool cuz their always on tour with Black Dahlia & Skeletonwitch. i haven't like Atreyu, except for Lip Gloss & Black. but that was because my friend learned the guitar part, and it was sweet. Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, and Chimiera have always been some of the blandest metal bands, ok music, just bland. and i absolutely fucking hate Norma Jean n In this Moment. maybe because year 1 had Mastodon, Suicide Silence, The Red Chord, and Slipknot. then last years was one of the best concerts ive ever been to, and will possibly never be rivaled in sheer holy fucking shitness. i noticed there's no hot topic stage this year, maybe that's why there are no extreme bands this year. HT stage was AMAZING last year. And obviously SLAYER slayed. even manson wasnt horrible, my gf loved his show and he played alot of his older stuffwhich ive always been ok with. i could understand the Jagerstage, but the other one sucks major ass cept for maybe 31oB.

if the free tickets are for mainstage seats at the DTE in Michigan, ill be happy to take them off your hands ...

I would to see LOG but I will NOT go if they are charging $13 for a budwieser like last year and I can't BYOB!. ... that's just a slap in the face to the fans to lock them in a 110 degree cage and then charge $7 for a Monster and $4 for a ring water. I saw a guy fall with a tray of 4 beers ... there goes $52 ... well the ants will be happy.

Also, who decides the headliners for this tour??? They always fthat one up .

.... looks like i gotta get there early for SF, Chimara ... and bail early again after 5FDP and LOG


http://www.metalinjection.net/tour-dates/may hem - fest- 201 O-official-lineup- full- itinerary -an., 6/3/201 0

lVlA Y titlVl t t01 LV 1 U Otticial Lineup and Full Itinerary Announced (Rob Zombie, Korn ... Page 8 of 13


SFDP is on the main stage hell yeah!' Great music all day at the other stages!' It's always a good show!

20. .. Januarv 27th. 2010 at 3:27 pm <stealthisalbum> says:

WHAT?l!!!!!!!! THIS HAS GOT TO BE A FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you trying to do, Mayhem Fest people, appeal to the scene crowd?

Let's see, 2008, Slipknot was amazing, Disturbed kicked ass, Dragonforce sucked, Mastodon was awesome, Underoath was gay, Black Tide was boring, Suicide Silence was awesome, 36 Crazyfists was awesome, The Red Chord was great, Machine Head was awesome, Airbourne sucked, SFDP was awesome, and Walls of Jericho blew. 2009, the whole entire show FUCKIN RULED!!!!!!! Including Manson, he put on a great show. Now 90s shock rock was okay in my book but queercore is where I draw the line. Atreyu, Norma Jean, In This Moment, are you fucking kidding me, this is a metal tour, not a screamo tour, even Three Inches of Blood doesn't add up. The mainstage is awesome and the Jager stage is alright but honestly, lose the emo bands like Atreyu, they don't belong at Mayhem Fest. You should have got Messhugah or Dimmu Borgir and there are a lot of very unpopular deathmetal bands that are awesome enough and would sever an arm to play even on the opening spot. Expect me there a few hours late cuz I'm only going for Korn and Zombie.


I personally like this years lineup (minus atreyu and norma jean ... ) but Zombie is good, Korn's old stuff is good, I FUCKIN LOVE LAMB OF GOD, FFDP is okay, I never cared for atreyu, or norma jean. But In this moment is okay and i like 3 inches of blood (Even though they have no original members left).

Hatebreed .. SICK Chimaira .. SICK Shadows Fall .. SICK Winds Of Plague .. SICK

It's still gonna be a good show. I'll even stick around for the other bands that i dont like just to see how well of a show they put on.

Febrllarv 24th. 2010 at 7:10 pm CrazyJIollie says:


http://www.metalinjection.net/tour-dates/mayhem-fest-2010-official-lineup-full-itinerary-an... 6/3/2010

MA YHEM FEST 2010 Official Lineup and Full Itinerary Announced (Rob Zombie, K... Page 11 of 13

on Facebook

http://www.metalinjection.netltour-dates/mayhem-fest-2010-official-lineup-full-itinerary-an... 6/3/2010

l\ilA Y ti.t.1Vl t.t,::s 1 LU 1 U Orncial Lineup and Full Itinerary Announced (Rob Zombie, Korn ... Page 9 of 13

can't wait

Mayhem isn't about all death metal. It's about mixing mainstream shit with new crazy metal shit. Slipknot ripped up main stage first year and slayer for sure last yr, I think Rob Zombie is truly crazy and puts on a beast show! 5FDP just fucking rocks. Gonna be a great show ans the best one coming to the pittsburgh! Fuck Jimmy Buffett and those annoying parrotheads!!


HATEBREED CHIMAlRA H-E-L-L-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

2 completely difft bands shredding it on same stage! Sweet!


It's gonna be a hell of a show!! Summer day full of metal!

26. y'OtH.li:m't kikll rn;rtl;t March 29th. 2010 at 8:58 pm kvle6991 says:

i might go only 5 bands i actually like, but thats if the tickets are cheap, damn this lineup sucks balls

April 1 st. 2010 at 9:46 am chrystina13 says:


http://www.metalinjection.netltour-dates/mayhem-fest-2010-official-lineup-full-itinerary-an... 6/3/2010

MA YHEM FEST 2010 Official Lineup and Full Itinerary Announced (Rob Zombie, K... Page 10 of 13

Everybody quit bitching and dont go! There r plenty of other gay shows for you to attend! Mayhem is always a kick ass day full of smokin hot weather and bands!


Super lame lineup. Wish I had gone last year. Oh well, Decapitated on Summer Slaughter and Megadeth/Slayer are touring. :D

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6680 S. Country Club Road, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740

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10-0447_:!_ L?_701- Disturbance-Peace Restored

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Reporting Officer I: Badge N31 '°8, 7 I Additional Officer

J . States ' D. Mattocks

lD & Agency

Additional Omen

Additional Officer

Occurred Between





Contributing Circumstances Administrative Referral Alcohol Involved

Oike Officer On-Site Clery Act Report Domestic Violence Drugs Involved

Gang Related Activit)

~ Hate r, pe Crime

pee Employee Suspect or Victim pee Student Suspect or Victim TASER llsed

Victim' s ~~ ights J ssucd Weapons Involved





Disposition Type Code Forward Co ncs To . ~ _ _'_I

Data Entl} Notified

~ Found Person lmpo,l,llldcd v« hide Missing Person

pee Warrant Served Recovered Vehicle

~, RCCO\'CI'Cc! VChiCIC/, Plate Returned Juvenile Stolen Property

Stored Vehicle

Stolen Vehicle/Plate

Date Notilicd

Ti111l' Notified



Dispatch Data Entry by





Vehicle Year Make



Owner Address

ReJatil1n$hip Codes: !'S'l'iltla Student .Pli-PimaEmplovec NS-Non Student Subject Codes: A-Arrestee D-Driver F-Found H.-Investigative Lead M-Missing

----,---'--r--:-- ~ __ -::::-:-_c_~_~L.:..:R:o:..r-~R-"t::..llJ::.:;l=wa)' Juvenile RP-Reponce S-Suspecl V-Victim W,:.:_-W.:.:_.:.it::.;l1:;::cs:;:'s: -l

Rei Co;:r;:--r Sub Code Name. Last. First Mi

PS I S Loughner, Jared Lee

~=-~~-- __ ~-----~.~~~.---L----~--~----------------------------r7~~~--~----~--------~ Numbcr/St H'di;\ Dl lCitv/State/1: ip

o Booked 0 Field Released h===......,.,----'--r~~---,:---!-.",-,...-,~~-r_:_:__---r7.,----_:_~:':7_:_:__;_;_----'-------------------'O~dcrml (£] Ot.her (Sec Narr) Name: Last. First MI

l Scheidemantel, Debora


Driver's License No.



Work/School: Name/ Addrcs; Charges

Race Sex

W-5' F


~~:._:_.:..:.::.~2:.::;=.:.:=~=:--------_------_---_._:=-,_:_-------1 License Type

Vehicle Type




Vehicle Markings





Owner Notiriec!


I Report Number

PinU1COmmunity College Police Department ~= 10-04471


I Reporting Officer

! J. States

Page 2 of 3

On 9/23/2010 atapproxirr.stetv '731 hrs I was dispatched to a disturbance call at Pima Community College Northwest Campus, building D room 301.

On 9/23/2010 at approximately 0731 hrs ! was dispatched to a disturbance call at Pima Community College Northwest Carnpus, buiiding 0 room 301. ! responded from parking lot number 3. Upon arrival at D-301 I met withSCI-lEIDEMANTEL, DEBORA an Adjunct Faculty member who had reported the disturbance. SCHEIDEMANTEL informed me that one of her students, LOUGHNER, JARED, had caused a disruption in the classroom when she told him that he would only receive half credit on an assignment because it was late. SCHEIDEMANTEL stated that LOUGHNER said that was a violation of his right to freedom of speech ar-: continued to cause the start of class to be delayed. SCHEIDEMANTEL said that LC .,GHNER asked if he could leave class and finish the assignment and then turn it in, she told him again that he still would only receivehalf credit since the due date was past. LOUGHNER was insistent that his freedom of speech was being taken away. SCHEiDEMANTEL seemed visibly upset.! informed her tnat t was going to escort LOUGHNERout of class and talk with him about the incident.

When I entered the classroom LOUGHNER had gotten up and was heading towards the door. I contacted him just outside of room D-301. I informed LOUGHNER that! had received a call that there was a disturbance in the ctass.c-vn. LOUGHNER immediately said that his freedom of speech had been taken away. I informed him that was not the case and if he could explain to me what had happened and why I had to be called to his classroom, LOUGHNER could not verbalize what the problem was and kept referring back to the freedom ofspeech: ! noticed during my questioning that LOUGHNER'S head was constantlytiItedtothe left and his eyes were jittery and looking up and to the left. At this point Officer Dana Mattocks arrived on scene. I informed Officer Mattocks about the incident and the difficulty in communicating with LOUGHNER. Officer Mattocks spoke with LOUGHNER and at this point the loss of freedom of speech turned into freedom of thought and his right to write whatever he wanted to and get a good grade on his work. LOUGH~,JER was not understanding that his actions and causing a disruption in

class. had nothing.todo with his to freedom of speech or freedom of thought. LOUGHNER was

unable to processwhythepo!ic~ were involved in the incident. Officer Mattocks put LOUGHNER through a channelofbasic reasoning questions. One of the questions used was, Is it okay to yell fire in a theater full of people, if infactthere is no firc~'- LOUGHNER'S thought process through the freedom of speech thinking is yes, that is acceptable because he has the freedom of speech and there was no consequence. Throughout the the course of questioning LOUGHNER was only concerned about his grade until he was made to understand that because of his actions that an administrative suspension could be recommended. LOUGHNER repeated several times that he wanted to stay in school.

Officer Mattocks spoke with S(;f,t:iDEMANTEL while I stayed with LOUGHNER. It was decided that LOUGHNER should not be allowed back into the classroom today due to the instructor and other students not feeling' comfortable with LOUGHNER after the earlier disruption. Officer Mattock and I suggested to LOUGHNER that we go talk to Aubf&Y Conover, the Advanced Program Manager for Northwest Campus. Officer Mattocks and I escorted LOUGHNER to Mr. Conover's office. Officer Mattocks informed Mr. Conover about the incident and he agreed to speak with LOUGHNER. LOUGHNERwas asked if he would iike Officer Mattocks in Mr. Conover's office during there conversation. LOUGHNER~,aid ves he would like Officer Mattocks in the office, however Officer Mattocks after only a few rnorner- r.sallzedthat his presence was not what was needed in this meeting. After approximately tWenty mini ;3 Mr Conover and LOUGHNER emerged from the office. We were informed that a follow Up meetiny IS scheduled for Monday of next week. LOU<3HNER seemed to be

t t ·th hel '. . d M C . J ff FI~~JI,~, r~t"l! I F(::!!:

con en WI e pne was given an r. onover S 01 Ice. . 00 •••••••••• , •••••• ~, •• ,



PilnaColnmunity CoHege<Police Department I CP(1r(O~:O.44 71 II~~'O~~~~~l~cer


Page 3 of 3

OffjcerMattocksano imet with Mr. Conover and conveyed to him that through our training and experience that there might be a mental health concern involved with LOUGHNER. Mr. Conover stated that he had mefWith LOUGHNER on two previous occasions for disruptive behavior.

Officer Mattocks and I Cleared the scene at 0931 hrs.


Pima Community College Police Department

6680 S. Country Club Road, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740

Report Number

C 10-04471

ucrz Code -" Classification

5704 - Disturbance - Peace Restored

Page 1 of 2

hC;;;::;o'=nn::-ec=-,t-"-:Up:'"-;R;':-cJ"-'-'017t ------+-;:;'"Rc..-.-'po----.rt-.-ing----.OMffi:;;:-1c~er------,-;:;-Ba"'-;-db-'e-;:-;N~o.-------,-;:;D:-at'-e --------+-=T:-im-c -----------

D. Mattocks 360 09/23/10 0731

Change Offense Code to

Change Disposition to

On 09/23/10 at approximately 0731 hours I was dispatched for response as ( ackup officer the classroom disturbance in building 0, classroom 301 at Pima College Northwest Campus located at 7600 N.Shannon Road. lwascurrentlystationed at Pima College Downtown Campus located at 1255 N. Stone and arrived to the classroom at approximately 0745 hours.

Officer states #387, the primary officer for this call was speaking with a Pima College student matching the dispatched description outside the classroom located on the southeastern third floor. Officer States had already identified him as Jared Loughner (DOB 09/10/88)(S1) through his Arizona driver's license and date of birth. As I approached and listened, I found it apparently evident through their conversation that Jared Loughner found difficulty understanding what he had done wrong inside the classroom. Officer States spoke with Loughner for approximately 10 minutes while Loughner remained concentrated on a "Freedom of Speech" Act in correlation to his current homework assignment. I requested to speak with the student and then initiated a conversation. Mr. Loughner continued standing and I observed his head was tilted to the leftwith a confused look in the countenance of his face. His eyes focused down at his homework and he showed a sustained bobbing of the eyes while looking to his upper left side during questioning. After introdl.lcing myself I asked him to tell me what happened today. He very slowly began telling me in a low and mumbled voice that under the Constitution which had been written on the wall for alrtosee, he had the right to his "Freedom of thought" and whatever he thought in his head he could also put onpaper. By placing his thoughts within his homework assignment, his teacher "must be required to accept it" as a passing grade.

Over the next course of 30 minutes and during our conversations I asked Mr. Loughner if he knew why the Police had been called out to speak with him. His responses repeated references to his homework assignment, the outcome of his grade and his right to the freedom of thought. I requested his understanding to causing a disruption in class. His response pointed to his hand raised and called upon by the instructor which indeed allowed him to speak without interruption since he then, "Had the floor" and also his "Freedom of thought". I spoke later to the instructor Ms. Susan Scheidemantel; she stated that his actions did not allow the class to continue normal classroom operations. She said he stood up when called upon and described his voice growing louder and louder into a disruptive manner for her and several of her students. By taking the extra time through repeated explanation! was eventually able to communicate with Mr. Loughner that his actions in the classroom were disruptive and not permitted. I informed him that even though he had his 'freedom of thought', he was also required to submit to the structure of a classroom setting within a College as set forth by the Instructor and also explained in the Student Code of Conduct rules. Loughner acknowledged that he knew about the Student Code of Conduct but reverted back several times to his payment of classes, entitlements to his actions and then referenced money as a strong issue through repetition. The conversation was grading as Officer States and J considered the best possible options with Mr. Loughner's state of mind and reasoning. It was clear that he was unable to fully understand his actions and an Administrative approach was reasonable at this time. Opposing for Mr. Loughner to return at a later date to speak with the Dean of Students we escorted him upon his request to the Campus Administrator located on the 2nd floor East of the Library. While Officer States remained outside with Jared Loughner I contacted Aubrey Conover's office to request an immediate interview. After agreeing to speak with Loughner, Mr. Conover walked outside to greet him and additionally recognized him from previous conversations and appointments. At first Loughner

f'tr\i'i~ C()L"Lr:,(;:~t~


Report Number Reporting Officer

artment C 10-04471 D. Mattocks

Page 2 of 2

requestedmypresemceiin the meeting and stated he wanted to fully obey the officer and cooperate fully \iVithtpeprocess.lnitially I attending the sit dqwn meeting In Mr. Conover's office and advised Loughner tl1~tI\I\IasonlY here to support him during conversation as he requested. A few minutes later it became <l~p~rrent that I was not needed and I initiated excusing myself from the conversation to give full privacy to theirmeetingandexchange of information. After such time approximately 25 minutes later, Loughner was seen leaving Mr.Conover's office and then the area of the Campus. Before leaving, Mr. Conover conveyed that an: additional appolntment had been set with Loughner on Monday, September 27th. lhendeared the area with Officer States without further incident at 0940 hours. NFl


6680 S. Country Club Road, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740

- Other


Driver's License No

Social Security No

Page _2_ of _3._

Estimated Value of Damage

Reporting Officer Pace 354



On 9/29/10, I investigated a suspicious activity at 7600 N. Shannon Rd.

I " "',', ,- " - " ", , ' - - '" -,"

On"97:i97iOai'()920 hours, I was asked by Sergean.t Lomeli (S9) to look into a suspicious video posted on "Y ouTube" 'found onthe--W~W ~W.' hyOftlcer- GUtlerrei'#37 6. The- titleo{thevlcleowas "PhriaCOnllnunlty College enocTde7scam~FreeEducati()n-BrokenUrntedSta1:esC()nstltution·'. The video was posted on 9i2371 0 by a

ii~~~(jY"~-TheVideo-was offuePCC-Nortiiwest Campus. the narrator was saying things like; " " , ,

Page 2_ of2_

"We are examining the torture of students" "the war thai we- are -fnnght now'lscurrentlyillegaCWider-fue-constltUtion" ,ifhlsls my genoClde schooL Where-'f'iii gomgtobe'homeiessbecause-o{ihisscllool""I haven't'forgotten the teacher

tliaigave meaB -fodreeclomof speech"'" ,,' " , - " "" , ,

iiTillslsPunliCornmurnty ColIege, oneo{ the bIggest scams ill Amenca" ' "ffthe-studeIlTlsunahietolocate-fueeXternalumverse,the stUdent ls'linable to locate the internal unlverse'"

iiThls-lsgenoddeinAmenca'; - , ,

~~~i~u.:::TJils_ i~_Jar~, .... from Pima College"

OftlcerMattocks #36Cfsawthe video and positively recoglllZed the voice and the reflectIon iIi the Window as student Jared Lougbiiei-(Sl). He-staterlthafhellad deaitWithhmionthe morillrig of 9J23/1 0 (same day the video was posted) aTfue NorthweSt Campus- (See case ~#CrO=(j447I)." ThlscaSe-hivolvedii "StudeIltCod'eOfConduct"referralto pee··· . A:dvanceci'Program Manager:Dr Aubrey Conover. I c()ntacte<lDr: tonover~by phone. Hestatedtha.the-liadmei'twice Wlfujared. Loughner. He stated'iheseconcl meetllg,llewasaccompanled. by pec . StudentCounsetor Allison Ward. I askedDr~-Cono\Tei for a written report as soon as possIble. A copy of his' report IS attached to thls "report. I contacted AlHsoilwiridand requested a written report.Shestateifihewoufd get one tome. At fuetll11e offue wnting of this

r~IJo~ rs~!fhad notrecelyed~Yth:lIl~'from·Ms. Ward: . .. - ..

I cOPIed the YotlTli1Je video and placed the copy into· eVidence. A paper prIntout of the site is attached to this report. t . re.g_l.t,~s!e~as~~~na from J>lll1a Cotlniy Gra~d Jury on 9r29/ib-f()I" YouTube records and lam awrutlugthe subpoena return.



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Pima Communit1,r GenocidefScam -- Free United States Constitution From: 2Ploy I September 23, 2010 I 29 views

This school is with a majori1y of initerate students that are in a genocide country. The teachers are illiterate. The debt that is in charge is illegal.


- Broken

I don't trust in god.

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This school is with a majority of illiterate students that are in a genocide country. The teachers are illiterate. The debt that is in charge is illegal.

I don't trustin god.

First Amendment - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Govemment for a redress of grievances.

Fifth Amendment - No person shall be held to answer for a capital. or otherwise infamous clime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Section 1 0 - Powers prohibited of States (Gold and Silver)

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

Section 8-

To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

Article 18 (Universal Human Rights) Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching. practice. worship and observance.

Article 26 .• (1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit. • (2) Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Itshall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace .• (3) Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.

This was filmed at Northwest Pima community College. Category:



:?i"'{U"i"riT'!D: ;:oc,:ro~ brain\v3s:"j 'll'2'G9.i u::\l?d statl?S

mind ch~ld temr_) clrug use 2QL .. dt northwest "reese-



-- --.; - -------

P!ma c,:-,mmunitv CoHege Scho ..

This school is with a majority of ilHterate students that are in 2: geno ...

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September 29, 2010

Summary of Meetings with Jared Loughner in regards to September 23rd incident

On the morning of Sept 23rd officers were called to remove Jared Loughner from his Biology class due to disruptive behavior. The officers brought the student to my office for an initial discussion and possible code of conduct violation. At that time Jared indicated that he did not know why officers had been called he was "only asking a question" but he did not want to get into the code of conduct process and would be dropping the class. I explained to Jared that as part of the investigation I would need to get information from the instructor and as well as his side of the story. We set up a time to meet the next time he would be on campus, Monday the 27th•

During the meeting on the 27th I explained to Jared that the information I had received from the instructor indicated that Jared had been repeatedly asking for full credit on an assignment that he had not completed on time. The instructor explained that this was not possible according to the syllabus and that Jared would only receive half credit. Jared continued to ask the same question as well as stating that the 1 st amendment gave him the right to ask questions and that he paid the teacher's salary so he was entitled to full credit. I then asked Jared if he would explain his side of the event. Jared then gave a cryptic answer of understanding that he needed to write what the teacher wants and that he would drop the class. I asked Jared how this compared to his earlier statements that due to his "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and 1 st amendment rights he could put whatever he wanted down for an answer and he could receive full credit. Jared was unable to reconcile the two and changed topics. He then stated that he had paid for his courses illegally. When question as to why he said, "I did not pay with gold and silver." When pressed as to why he thought he had to do this he said something about the constitution and then changed subjects. I began asking another question and Jared stated that he should not say any more. I asked why and Jared stated that his parents told him to not say more. I asked if it would be ok to have his parents join us to help work through the situation he said yes and we scheduled a time to meet the next evening at 6:00pm.

It was suggested by the EEO office that I include a counselor in our meeting with Jared and his mom. I asked Allison Ward to join us at the meeting. During the Jared signed a release of information form so that we could share specifics about the incident with his mom. I then proceeded to go over the issues. I asked Jared to give his account of what had happened but he stated that he had told the police and did not want to say anymore. When asked about the earlier conflicting statements about the right of the teacher to evaluate students Jared gave a scripted answer of, "I know I have to follow Pima processes and write what the teacher wants." When Allison asked if Jared had a support network to help him be successful in school Jared again said

that he did not want to talk about it and he would follow Pima policies. I explained that our next step would be for me to write up a behavioral contract that would outline the appropriate conduct that we had discussed throughout the meeting. Included in this contract would be agreed upon steps that Jared would take to avoid any further disruptions in any of his courses. It was agreed that he would come to my office Monday after class to sign the agreement. Throughout the meeting Jared held himself very rigidly and smiled overtly at inappropriate times. I am scheduled to meet with EEO this afternoon as to the best way to proceed.

Incident During January 2010

My only previous encounter with this directly with this student was during the last week in January. A writing instructor asked that I follow up with the student after he had made a "bizarre" comment in class. During the class student were talking about the poems they had written. One of the female students had a poem that in some way connected to abortion. With no context, Jared stated that we should have dynamite attached to babies. When I met with Jared his mother accompanied him. I asked Jared to help me understand his comment. He said that the class had been talking about abortion, which made him think of death, which made him think of suicide bombers, which made him think of babies as suicicde bombers. We talked about how you need to give context to you statements, especially when deal with emotional issues. Jared said he would just not say anothing in class. I explained that was not the answer, but that he need to think through how he cwanted to contribute in order to share his ideas in an appropriate fashion.

Follow up with the instructor said that Jared was doing ok, we was still acting a bit "bizarre" in class but there had been no further interruptions.

Dr. Aubrey Conover Advanced Program Manager

Pima Community College Northwest Campus (520) 206 2251

Pima Community College Department of Public Safety 6680 S. Country Club Road Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740


Driver's License No


Social Security No

Date of Birth

iNSTRUCTIONS: If additional forms are used to itemize evidence, make certain that "item" numbers on additional forms continues where prior form left off. If additional suspects are involved, list them on additional forms (Form #2 of 2, Form #3 of 3, etc.) making certain that additional forms are tied together by the same case number.

COPIES: BLUE-Stays With Evidence YELLOW- Records PINK-PropertySection

GOLDENROD-Owner Receipt




) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )


NO. 224-GJ-1026








YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED TO APPEAR AT **9:00 a.m. on the 15th day of October, 2010, at Pima County Legal Services Building, 32 North Stone Avenue, 16th Floor, Tucson, Arizona, to remain there until excused, to give testimony before the Grand Jury of Pima County and to bring with you:







Date: September 30, 2010


D~uty County Attorney




I HEREBY CERTIFY that I s~rved the within subpoena on the day of ~~

____ , 2010, on 6?<$~k·1 Vrs .. *:it,e", , the witness named in the said Subpoena~ At the County of Pima/' 11Y /showing the original to said witness personally and informing him/her of the contents therein, and presenting a copy thereof to the witness.

/' f

q 13 /

Dated' ~~_~,I_'=-_~~',~J(~/_C_- _

CLARENCE W. DUPNIK Pima count¥2.'riff

/- .. ~?~~/// .,,4L-.:,.. '-, 7"

• .,_?, "'~_._.-. "Jtr'lF'. \ )





6680 So Gountry Glub Road Tucson,Arizona 85709-1740




Arizona 85709-1740




Pima Community College Department of Public Safety 6680 S. Country Club Road Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740


I Social Security No

Date of Birth

INSTRUCTIONS: If additional forms are used to itemize evidence, make certain that "item" numbers on additional forms continues where prior form left off. If additional suspects are involved, list them on additional forms (Form #2 of 2, Form #3 of 3, etc.) making certain that additional forms are tied together by the same case number.

COPIES: BLUE-Stays With Evidence YELLOW- Records PINK-Proper1ySection

GOLDENROD-Owner Receipt


6680 S. Country Club

Pima Community College Department of Public Safety 6680 S. Country Club Road Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740


Date of Bi rth

I Social Security No


Date of Birth

INSTRUCTIONS: If additional forms are used to itemize evidence, make certain that "item" numbers on additional forms continues where prior form left off. If additional suspects are involved, list them on additional forms (Form #2 of 2, Form #3 of 3, etc.) making certain that additional forms are tied together by the same case number.

COPIES: BLUE-Stays With Evidence YELLOW- Records PINK-ProperlySection

GOLDENROD-Owner Receipt



Tucson, Arizona 85709-1740