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Protest: Fight the Power!

Twenty Years of the Political Poster

An exhibition of shock and awe by graphic designers from around the world.
At Zellig, the Custard Factory Birmingham, from 3rd to 26th June 2010

Political posters; icons of protest or the streets.

cheap propaganda? In every battle for
hearts and minds, all sides use designers The Force of Fela Kuti.

as hired guns. Fight The Power brings Beaten and imprisoned for his uncom-

you the most radical images and exciting promising anti-government antics, the late

approaches we could find from all sides in Nigerian activist and musician Fela Kuti

the global struggle for change. remains a counterculture icon. “Blackism

– a Force of the Mind” is an Afrocentric
The British Council Collection. emblem designed in his honour by his
When Liz McQuiston toured her show of sleeve artist Lemi Ghariokwu. We've in-
UK political posters across South Africa, cluded Fela's message restated in fashion
Botswana and Mozambique, she collected by Yetty D, in graphic design by Karl Bax-
new and exciting local examples wherever ter and in a painted diptych by Kal Malhi -
she exhibited. Our 'remixhibition' draws all from Punch's “Art's Own Kind” exhibi-
from her British Council archive, recut with tion.
new images and stories that reveal our
fears and concerns in the Obama Age. Fight The Power; a “Remixhibtion”
We're also exhibiting parts of Redhawk
Flashmobs; Anti-Social Networking. Logistica's viral “Message Board” project,
The internet makes it free and easy to dis- Aerosol Arabic's “Gaza” campaign and
tribute all the print and graphics we want. dozens of images sourced or suggested
With behind-the-scenes access to Punch's through our Facebook group. Please join
“Save The Asian Network Campaign”, we us – send or recommend what you think
show that strong graphic design is as im- we should have here and shape the future
portant as ever when the message hits of the show.

Enjoy the Exhibition!