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Photo Don Fritsche

The Outside Slant

Most of us live in compounds located around Riyadh. Bell Canada, Rockwell, Al Y amamah and USMTM (United States Military Training Mission) are some of the largest housing areas in Riyadh.

Activities abound in the compounds - racquet ball, tennis, ceramic classes, arabic dancing and photography courses.

Outside the compounds some of us go to riding stables or take violin lessons. But nothing is as popular in the over 120°F Summer temperature as the local swimming pool.

(top left) Kelly Evans gets ready for the season's first swim meet between Bell Canada and USMTM

(top right) When temperatures soar students living at the USMTM compound prefer life underwater.

(above right) Like everyone else, even at 120QF Katie Dowell feels a chill wilen she first leaves the water.

(right) Double duty for parents who volunteer for a day in the sun whie timing swimmers' laps.

8/Student Life

Photo Dick Usch811

Photo Dick Uschsn

Photo Dick Uschan

Photo Don Fritsche

(top left) If Jacques Cousteau could only see us now.

(top right) Like a little dolphin Miriam Lynch keeps up with the rest of the school.

(lett) Jordan Botjer, Bret's little sister, is artistically inspired by the high temperature.

(below left) Competition between Bell Canada and USMTM begins in earnest.

Student Life/9

The Inside Slant

A Well Orchestrated Arrival

for a Dissonant Parade of Vehicles

lO/Student Life

Space to Play

T he nicest thing about our campus is the amount of open space available for play. SAIS-R occupies 100,000 square meters. Buildings housing the primary, intermediate, junior high, gymnasium, music and warehouse account for only 15 percent of the total area. The 2,400 square meter air conditioned gym contains among other things four basketball courts.

SAIS-R has come a long way since its inauguration. In 1963 it was formed by parents and called the American Preparatory school - total enrollment, 7 students. Today our campus has 2,202 students of 48 nationalities. The top five countries represented are United States 46 percent, Canada 15 percent, Pakistan six percent, Great Britain five percent, Sweden three percent.

Student Life/ll .

'85-86 Favorites

Heavy Metal: Motley Criie, Iron Maiden and Accept. Soft Sounds: Air Supply, Wham, Phil Collins, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Corey Hart, Duran Duran and Tears for Fears.

New Wave: Power Station, A-ha, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Springfield and David Lee Roth.

Amy Davies, Karrie Stoddard, Ted Charles, Victor Cruz and Mohammed Kbnshsb display their flamboyant styles.

12/Student Life

Not Only Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds ... ! (Aesop)

Hot New Es~entials: Vuarnet glasses, Benetton Sweat shirts, Stirrup pants, Op shuts, Swatch watches, rat tail hairdos Reebock and Nike

tennis shoes. '

St.uden~-~hjc and panache are the trademarks of Fuad Khalid, Nicole Purin, Cindy CIampml and Terra Guindon.

Student Life/13


Communication is the Key

A World of Automation

At SAIS-R we use English as the common language denominator. In the primary and intermediate schools we have the opportunity to learn Arabic. In junior high Arabic is taught as an elective as are German and French.

One of the most remarkable things to watch at SAIS- R is the speed with which a student who has

little grasp of the English language learns it soon after his arrival at schooL

English as a second language is taught at all levels throughout the school year. In junior high this year 54 students studied ESL in beginning, intermediate, advanced and intensive levels.

SAIS-R has provided its students with 115 Apple lIe, II + and clone computers.

Introduction to the world of automation at SAIS-R begins in kindergarten. Three computers are rotated among classes giving kindergarten students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the system. The primary and intermediate schools have a lab with 11 Apple Ile computers. Two computer labs with 42 machines provide junior high students "hands-on" experience in keyboarding/word processing, LOGO, BASIC and advanced topics.

(Right) Dan Lotlsscio, computer teacher assists Eddie Sullivan in a program in Structured BASIC.

(Below right) Concentrated in their keyboarding assignment are Tiffany Smith and Anjum Ali.

LOGO is the language spoken by Markus Bickel, Jonas Anerson and Jon Walters;

(Top left) E8L student Sophie Desjardins her English language.

(Above left) Veronika Buchheit tells her students that German grammar is really not

that difficult. .

(Above) Advanced German students Nicholas Thoren, Robin Eckert, Peter Thomsen and Yoomi Lee concentrate on lesrning new verbs.

(Left) Mrs. Samahy, Arabic teacher, explains an assignment with a smile.

Student Life/15

14/Student Life

Teachers' Guide:

"How to Keep

your Student Awake"

(Top) Margie Bradley goes to the board and leads her students through a mathematical labyrinth.

(Right) Science experiments keep Reg Lee and his students alert and their lungs in top shape.

(Below right) Todd Greaves keeps his science students wondering how mustaches can grow overnight in the desert.

l.S/Student Life

( (

Students' Guide "How to Keep

your Teachers Trying"

(Top left) Kevin Oickle, (top right) Deepa Nair (left) Michael Kayemba and (above) Robbie Amir react to various subjects in different ways.

Student Life/17

Lunch Break Making the Most of Leisure Time

IS/Student Life

The SAIS-R cast of "H.M.S.

Pinafore" took the plane to Y anbu Al-Sinaiyah and swept away five awards at the Intra-Kingdom Drama Festival.

"The students did a great job," Musical Director Edward Elkins said. "They worked very hard. While on stage, they were acting all the time, even if they had only a small role. They never just stood there looking around. They added a lot to the production."

Awards granted to the Gilbert and Sullivan musical, which competed against six other entries, included: best production award, best supporting actress award, special merit for acting, special award for choreography and special award for chorus.

Da vid Boone and Karl Wittnebel sing about Josephine's upcoming marriage. Rebecca White portrays Josephine who does not love the man she is engaged to but loves a sailor.

Where are the girls? The sailors stare into the distance looking for the long awaited girls to arrive.

Flirting with the sailors the girls happily boerd the ship.

H.M.S. Pinafore Cast

Captain COl'coran Ksrl Wittnebel

Buttercup Lynneth Davies

Sir Joseph Porter David Boone

Josephine Rebecca White

Understudy Erin Dayle

Ralph Rsckstrsw Harris Dew

Understudy Patrick Curlin

Dick Deadeye Cathy Dean

Cousin Hebe Meg Bohanan

Boatswain's Mate Greg Beuthin

Ladies of the Chorus .. Nicole Abi~Aad

Kim Berg Shannon Carpenter Anna Davidson Erin Doyle Francoise Gelineau

Sailors Patrick Curlin

Greg Franco David Hopper Lydia Hyde Emily Jscir Richard Proto Natalie Rawlings

Melissa Woelfel

Dramatic Director Meriel Grant

Musical Director Edward Elkins

Orchestral Director Joseph Clay

Choreography Darlene Elkins

Cindy Hepler, Assistant

Voice Coach Darlene Elkins

Set Design Edward Elkins

Photography Dan LoCascio

Rehearsal Accompanist Juanita B.


Lights David Avanes

Tracy Dixon

20/Spring 85

Best Production Award:

H.M.S. Pinafore

Best Supporting Actress Award:

Cathy Dean

Special Merit Award for Acting:

Greg Beuthin

Special Award for Choreography:

Darlene Elkins, Cindy Hepler Special Award for Chorus:

SAIS-R Student Chorus

(Far left) Greg Benthin watches as David Boone, portraying Sir Joseph Porter, K.G.B., explains how he became ruler of the naD'.

(Left) The villain Dick Deadeye, portrayed by Cathy Dean, tells the captain that his daughter plans to elope with a sailor.

(Below) Grand Finale.

Spring 85/21

:- ',

; 'arly in the 1985 Spring season, the Eagles soared to first place in tournaments held in Riyadh and Jubail.

The Eagles had prepared well for the tough competition by practicing against a Saudi youth team at the Saudi Air Base in Riyadh.

Later the SAIS-R team flew to Jeddah and placed second in that tournament. The Eagles were stopped in their flight to the top of the Intra-Kingdom competition by their arch-rival Parents Cooperative School (PCS).

"We had a very successful season. Players showed tremendous improvement, a great deal of enthusiasm and behaved like true gentlemen. We had a real international team with players born in Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Korea and United States."

Tim Ilse BasketbIlll cosch/' Social Studies Teacher

1985 SAIS-R Besketball team: Bong Choi, Matt Groff, Mike O'Sullivan, Steve Smith, PerErik Sumnerot; John Young, Greg Martin, Jens Mogensen, Victor Cruz, Vahe Bartekiun, Shazi Bokhari

22/Spring '85

(Top left) During lunch break Tami Dominguez and Natalie Rawlings led the last mini pep rally of the year with "gusto". (Top right) Two Pep Club mascots discuss cheer strategies - when to keep students quiet, when to stir up pandemonium. (Above) 1984-1985 Cheerleading squad; Eve Mercado, Carin Christiansen, Angie Kershaw, Terra Guindon, Kurime Jadallah and Jackie Grande.

Spring '85/23

Photo Dick Motton

(Top) Mat's this camel's and kitty's favorite pastime? (Left) Bike tricks are Shafiq Jedelleb's specialty. (Above) John Benecke prefers to do it all.

Photo Dick Morton




t.: z-,

~-' ;



In 1985-86, the SAIS-R student council was involved in many activities. It sponsored the cheerleaders who were instrumental in organizing the pep-rallies; it sold more than 3500 carnations and roses for Valentine's Day held in February and it organized a hot dog roast almost monthly, including a free roast. In addition, the student council awarded treats to homerooms with the highest grade point average in each grade. Plans for 1986-87 include a school store which will be run by the student council. The store will be supplied with sweatshirts, Tshirts, bags, paper, pens and stationery.

(Above) Aliy« Miller and Student Council President Brad Hancock.

26/ Activities

Student Council members: Front l"OW, Tariq Siddiqui. Heather Breit, BassJ~m Ried. .iusou .Zan, Brad Hancock; Row 2, Mich,n!1 Icobeste Rhonda Posini TanYl Bazhunit Ralml Tongil1 Anthony AranlOome; Row 3, Gemilc Hassan, Sha.ron. M('DolV~l1, Sopbis P;I1:;'i~(.{lPouJu s , Julie Manse~ilt Lee C}J;l'll~ Geoti NeJ.:on; Row 4, Jal}et Lo, Lexi G_oring, A~jY~1 lvliller, P~rlS P8118.YlOt{)POul0~i Stacey Norton. Tnbnssum Seyeedi; Back mw, Mr. Gene Prescher, edvlsor, ~ValkeT Pltsuen, Nina Alullad, Simee Imam, Ben Hu and R8Y Ibr811im .

(Above) Eager to please their loved ones, flock to the Valentine Flower Sale organized by Student Council.

T he National Junior Honor Society membership recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding students. Chapters across the world strive to give practical meaning to the Society's goals of scholarship, service, leadership and character. The Society sponsors several projects including the publication of the honor, merit and achievement rolls each quarter, International Day and the Photography Contest.

Sue Hale, sponsor

National Junior Honor Society

(Above left) Winners of the First National Junior Honor Society Photography Contest: Merit A ward, Natalie Rawlings, president of the Junior Honor Society; first place, Dan Peale; third place, Kai Sanders; second place Janet Lo; Sue Hale, advisor.

(Left) At the Intemetionsl Day organized by the Junior Honor Society, students and teachers clasped hands and formed a hugh friendship circle surrounding several school buildings.

(Above) These students achieved a minimum 3.7 academic average and were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Members are: Scott Rhudy, Natalie Rawlings, Cathy Dean, Lara Briones, Latha Thomas, Sayre Can, Markus Bickel, Jake Turell, Marc Al-Khouri, Lee Chern, Bernard Abdo, Tebessum Seyeedi, Simee Imsn, Niloisr Islam, Didem Erbetur, Hans Lindaur, Janet La, Andrea Whyte, Mozuleme Unver, John Belcher,

The sponsor is Sue Hale.

(Above) Bryan Gray and Mr. Gene Prescher cut the mustard a t the student council hot dog roast.


(Below) Niloiar Islam and Simee Imam make sentences out of cubes. "I~ Ling.l1ishtiks," says Niloiar, "you don't have to have a big vocabulary but you do .have to thmk qu~c~ly f!f a wo~d that fits the requirement." In the Eastern Regional AcademlC Games competition m Jubsil, Nilofar won top honors in Linguishtiks and Propaganda.

Agnes Lo Computer Advisor

Grade two after school computer course students learn basic computer concepts and have hands-on exercises. Through computer games such as "Friendly Computer," "Delta Drawing," "Grade 1-3 Basic Programming," children develop a positive attitude towards computer. They acquire the much needed keyboard skills as well as problem solving ability.

Academic Games comprises four separate games: Current Events, Propaganda, Equations and' Linguishtiks. Team members diligently met three times per week from October through February. On Jan. 23, 1986, our A and B teams traveled to Jubail for the Eastern Division Tournament. Our A team won first place and our B team second place at this divisional tournament. SAIS-R hosted the IntraKingdom finals on Feb. 26-27. Results were not available at press time. Lotus Bollerud was the director of the academic games. Advisors were: Margie Bradley, Pat Nixon, Rose Puffer and Bob Puffer.

(Left) In the equations game, students have to have mathematical aptitude. What makes the game interesting is that students have to create equations from bases other than the base 10. Have you ever tried to multiply using the base 8 instead of the base 107

An after school computer club for junior high girls met for three weeks. The girls enjoyed using print shop, magic window word processing program a variety of games, We liked playing the games but loved eating our weekly treats more!

Marianne Sibley Computer Advisor

Other after school computer advisors were Wendy Watson, third and fourth grades and Justin Eringis, fifth and sixth grades.



T hose students involved with the club met three times a week to train for a mile race. The participants worked hard for six weeks to improve each of their times for the mile run. The activity culminated with the club members participating in a "3 X 1 mile" team relay race sponsored by Euromarche and hosted by the Riyadh Road Runners on Feb. 7. The team of Samad Ghani,

The Crosstitch Club met for two sessions this year. Twelve girls participated in the first session and seventeen worked on projects in the "Holiday Crosstitch" session. We met twice weekly and completed almost 150 (small) projects. During our activity periods, the girls learned to read counted cross stitch patterns, to design their own patterns and to blend colors artistically. The girls learned a new skill, we made gifts for just about everyone we know and we all enjoyed ourselves. Thanks girls!

Patricia Stapleton Crosstitch Advisor


Farhan Syed and Aamir Muneer placed first among all children's teams entered in the event. All participants gained self-respect and learned self-discipline as they trained for the Euromarche race.

Ken Derby Running Coach

Katrina Lane Victoria Wells is not old enough to be in school but she is big enough to participate in her mother's after school activity, Katrina shows of'!' her skills on the even bars ...... to her mom and gym teacher Lynda Laventis Wells.

T his year there were several sections of gymnastics offered as an .' after school activity. For each group

there was a wide margin of skill level, therefore, basics were stressed each .•... day on a group basis. Individuals were given a chance to excel when .•.•. the group rotated to four different

to practice skills and routThe equipment used was un-

even parallel bars, Swedish box,

balance beam, vaults and floor exercise mat. Gymnasts also performed routines in front of the entire group. Fears were overcome by some and perfection of technique was a focal point for others in this group of gymnasts of varying skill levels. Teachers leading the activity were Ann Childers, Ellen Y oussif, Betty Ann Martin and Jenny Fiedler.

(Top) Under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Ellen Youssii, a gymnast completes her uneven bars routine.

(Above) Mrs. Betty Ann Martin helps Tara Vanderwell perform a standing landing,



meet twice a week -

four classes of cooking and four of crafts over the eight-week session. the cooking classes are to teach the children safety when using the stove and oven and some basic techniques of food preparation and presentation.

The craft classes introduced soft sculpture - teaching many children how to sew and create with scraps of material and stuffing."

Sheena McColl Cooking & Crafts Advisor

(Right) The third grsde cooking and crafts class is busy preparing shadow boxes for Halloween. Students prepared their own scenes with witches and ghosts.

32/ Acti vities

Science Club members, (front row) Nick Zamperi, Vijay Venugopal, Loren Oickle . • • j<i:!~"~_.-i row) Eve McPherson, Felicia McPherson, Kris Gundelfinger. (Back row) Michael Mr. Todd Greaves, Science Club Advisor and Mark WiHszewski. (Right) Vijay V'WPllu(m"J gets a friendly nudge from a camel's skull.

T he science club is limited to junior high school students whose interest in life, earth and physical sciences are pursued. Explorations within these science areas are through field trips, science computer software and individual activities.

Todd Greaves Science Advisor

Sixth grade students participated in Introduction to Calligraphy as a month-long after school activity. The first weeks of class were spent working to master the fundamentals of calligraphy, including the lower and upper case letters of an italic alphabet. After learning the alphabet, the students demonstrated their skill by writing sentences, proverbs and slogans and of course, their names. As a final project, students used calligraphy to make place cards, bookmarks and note cards with names or messages written in calligraphy.

Barbara Ilse Calligraphy Advisor

Mrs. Ilse taught calligraphy as an after school activity. (Left) Here Mrs. Ilse teaches Mylene Chenevert during the Sixth grade activity day.



The desire to become proticien t in self defense is what attracted SAIS-R students to Tee Kwon Do, Alter two months of intense training, the students earned their tirst belt on their way to becoming Tse K won Do experts.

Instructors for the activity were Mr. Wonil Lee and Mr. Young Ho Lee of the Riyadh based U.S. Sports Academy.


~ ,_ ....... ..... ~..-,,_,_,.

(Top right) Beau Wilberding hits the ball vigorously during softball practice.

(Above) Pitching perfect balls was one of Mr. Justin Eringis strong points as a softball advisor.

(Right) A close play is fought on second base.


(Top) The hard hitters and slick fielders in the sixth grade met in November and enjoyed softball as an after school activity. Softball advisors, Justin Eringis and Steve Wentworth pose with their team. The activity featured five teams and a round robin tournament.

(LeR) Trying for a home run, John Van Leeuwe bats the ball hard during softball practice.

(Above) Shahnaz Jamil cheers for her softball team during the after school practice.


After three days of practice, a four-team round robin tournament was played over a three-week period. Though many of the players were new to the sport of hockey, the veteran players helped their teams to develop teamwork. The players were sorry when the tournament was over.

Betty Ann Martin Ellen Y oussif Floor Hockey Advisors


ii ~.



Most of the students in this activity already could rollerskate. Everyone's skills improved as the activity progressed. Games such as four corners, red light-green light, hokey-pokey, limbo and tag were played each day. Races were conducted in pairs as well as individuals and following different courses. The last week was highlighted with a "theme" each day. One day was California Beach Boys Day; another was Punk Day and a third was Travel Day when we went on a tour of the ground floor of Buildings A, B, C and D.

Rollerskating advisors: Betty Ann Martin (Grades 2, 3, 4), Ellen Youssif (Grades 2, 3,4), Ann Childers (Grade 6)


"Eighty gil-is participated in the intramural volleyball program. There were eight teams vying for first place. The MushkaJJa team captained by Natalie Rawlings won the most games. Twelve girls were selected from the eight teams to form the SAIS-R volleyball team to play in a tournament in Jeddah. The team won three out of four matches which gave them the best record at the tournament. The team co-captains were Fara Childers and Anna Davidson. The leading scorer was Fara Childers followed by Andrea Whyte and Anna Davidson. The leading spiker was Kris Greenlaw. It was a terrific team!"

Sue Buch Volleyball Coach


(Left) Claire Kendall, Letha Thomas, Heather Breit, Russ Berg, Eddie Sullivan and Rahul Tonjia organize tryouts for the casting of the play "The Mouse that Roared. "

(Above) Stephanie Farley, Cindy Jungers and a friend rehearse their parts in the play.

"Eighty boys were involved in an intramural volleyball program that ran for six weeks. Twelve boys were selected to represent the school at a two-day tournsrnent in Jeddah. The team finished with a two win/two loss record. They played very well under a limited six session practice schedule. Among one of the notable achievements was Peter Finkelman's 95 percent serving accuracy during the tournament. Thanks to all the participants for taken an interest in Volleyball."

Barry Spratt Volleyball Coach


Tap dancing is an American Folk Art. Mr. Jack Morganstern the tap dance leader for the after school activity, said that the students were involved with the basic tap step patterns. Straight time and half time rhythm awareness was stressed as the students learned the various routines and steps. Individual coordination and movement was also emphasized. Fun remained the main objective for the activity. Over

forty students participated. Practice was held three times a week and at the end of the season the students performed for their parents.

(Above) Sahah Pieczonks, Katy Whitebread, Sean Jones, Dina Ismail, Ann Buch, Carla Musgrove, Maunank Shah and Mr. Morganstern perform a tap dancing routine.

"The children previewed and then played various games from around the world. The games included ball games, string games, stick games, brain teasers, running games, marble and stone games and response games. Many countries from around the world were represented by various games."

Ken Derby

World Games Advisor


- . - ~

": ~-~" ~ , I"-~ ~ --_: . .....,. --,-

. Learning the Secrets For Social Success

(Top right) Paten tiel future engineers, Akram Hussin, Dsama Shah, Douglas Gascon and Usman Sarfraz puzzle over wooden road blocks

(Above) Practicing her photographic skills, Taeko Akaki aims the camera at Nancy Nouh.


Ssssss Swim

• • •

Sun Sand

Sounds of Kindergarten

(Upper right corner) Bryan Bloomfield

(Top left) Saad Shahid sounds out the letter S with Nayyer Rizvi's help. (Top right) Julia Silvestro renders a colorful impression of her name in Sheena McColl's art class.

(Above left) The walkman generation in training - Katie Dowell, Kathy Baker and Amanda Worley listen to music while reading books. (Above) Learning language the fun way, through music. Elvira Terradas and her classmates play out the words of a song in Ann Chisholm's music class.

(Left) Artist of the future, Angelina Youngs.


"Balloons soft,

Smooth floating, flying, catching Happy, laugh, cheerful, sad. Magic."

(Composite poem by Zane Gillespie's Pilot Reading Program)

The most emphasized subject in first grade is READING, READING and READING.

Students in Mrs. Gillespie's class read a lot about balloons. They then pretended to be balloons so they could better express how a balloon felt and sounded.

Mrs. Gillespie said, "We brainstormed all the words we could think of and then we wrote poems and stories."

(Top left corner) Joyce Tsay.

(Above) Rabioee Remo, (above right) Jaime Rsncipber and (right) Eric Shoemaker concentrate in their reading assignments.


(Top right corner) Chris Lee.

(Top left) 'These cats were destined to hang from the ceiling. Sandra Beeman helps Nicole Newsome and Gregory Tilley design the Halloween decorations.

(Top right) Linda Golden watches her class cut and paste - an activity that helps develop muscles used in writing.

(Above) After completing their assignment, Brendan Park and Victor Fehlberg direct the computer to draw pictures.

(Left) Mathew Meister enjoys learning in a relax atmosphere.


Students Meet Academic Challenge

Second graders enjoy a full academic load. Reading, math, English - phonics/spelling/handwriting, social studies, science, music, art, arabic, library, computer and physical education lay a solid foundation for the years to come.

(Upper left corner) Carla Musgrove and Nejib Husain.

(Far right, top to bottom) Keeping up with their studies are scholars, Johnston Tekeste, snd fresh Absyssinghe

(Above) Exam distribution does not seem to inhibit students in Glenn Sexauer's class. (Right) Oops ... hula hoops hop in circles around students in David Haas gym class.


Witches and Ghosts Motivate Students

Learning to memorize poems using the correct intonations are some of the skills taught in second grade reading and language classes. To celebrate Halloween students presented plays and poems to other students.

" ... the children enjoyed learning the poems so much ... ," said Jayne Busch, teacher of the 2F class presenting a Halloween show. "The play was a motivation to learn the poems well. We practiced the correct intonations to make the story interesting and seem real."

In addition to improving the students language skills, programs like these teach students to work together well as a group.

(Top right corner) Jon Pearson

(Above from left to right) Clara Williams, Arvid Larsson, Semi Reihe, Lauren Silvestro, Alyssa Hoffman, Medha Kochhar memorized poems like this one:

"Broomsticks and Witches On Halloween Night

They Fly Over Ditches

To Meet Other Witches

I Saw Them Tonight."


Study Hard, Play

Tough, Sing Loud

Pouring their hearts into soccer, studies and singing are, (Top left) Muniva Zuiqarnain, (top center) Manish Mahajan, (top right) Shannon Stokes, (above left) Henrique Goncalves and (above right) Mrs. Emler and Mrs. Tokarz with some of their third grade students.



Trsditionsl Halloween parties, costume parades and a haunted house delighted primary school students and teachers on Oct. 29. Joining in the fun were: (Top right) Hamod Abu-Eid; (top left) primary school principal Don Shoemaker; (above left) Juma Mbwana and Taeko Akaki and (right) Akrsm Bourse.


Favor~tes in t~e Halloween Hit parade included: (Top left) David Puffer; (top center) Shadi Al Tsrazi, (top right) Skye Fiedler, (above) Karim Al Terszi and (right) Tammer Salme.



International Feast

Thanksgiving, the holiday celebrated in the United States since 1621, commemorates the pilgrims first harvest in the New World. On Nov. 27, SAIS-R students dressed as pilgrims and indians added an international flavor to the traditional feast by cooking specialties from allover the world.

2J and 2K students prepared a cookbook including various recipes savoured on Thanksgiving Day. (Right) Pictured is Wendy Abbott proudly displaying her favorite recipe.

(Top left corner) Adm Siddiqui.

(Above) Gourmet Ohn Lee tastes Lebanese delicscrss.


(Top left) Mrs. Dena Higginbothan (2J) and Mrs. Val Kanellitsas (2K) enjoy a well deserved break during the festivities.

(Above) Jason Michel and Justin Baker.

Let's Talk Turkey

One little, two little, three little indians, four little indian boys ... actually they are, Edward Christie, Adam Cole, Noah Saad and William Odom.

(Right) For this little pilgrim the feast was overwhelming. Mrs. Wanda Mallet consoles Amanda Worley who is not feeling well.

(Top right corner) Robert Bello

(Top) First graders lined the hallways to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. (Above) Mimi Valencia enjoys a snack of popcorn, apple and juice. (Above center) This indian had his feathers ruffled.

(Top left corner) Jai Yang

(Top right) Mrs. Sue Ibrahim directs second and third grade boys performing "El Ardha El Nejdiuh," a Saudi sword dance.

(Above) Cbse Conant as the peddler in "Tafta Hindi," presented at the Primary .Winter Concert held Dec. 8.

(Above right) Second and third grade girls perform the Arabic scarf dance.

(Right) Parents and teachers recorded the Winter Concert for posterity.


(Top right corner} Brock Fiedler

(Top left) Students sing carols at the Pre-School Winter Concert held Dec. 11.

(Top right) Rosie cheeks, a perfectly groomed white beard and a warm smile make Jim Patteson a most popular Santa Claus at the Winter Concert.

(Above) Pre-school students, teachers, snowmen, stars, bells and bangles fill the stage as Primary School Principal Don Shoemaker begins the festivities.

(Above) Mrs. Rukhsene Ghani's Kindergarten students sing carols "fortissimo."


The view from the top of the fire engine was great but it was the sound of the screaming sirens that brought squeaks of delight from students riding the truck. The Corps of Engineers provided fire engine rides to preschool and first grade students highlighting the Fire Prevention week sponsored by SAIS-R.

(Top left corner) Natasha Reznikoff and Dana Ismail.

(Top right) Mrs, Keuser Khan's kindergarten class eagerly awaits the fire engine ride,

(Top left) After learning how the fire engine works, Mrs, Maytrelle Jones' pre-school students join in the fun,


Firefighters of tomorrow ready to go in to action, board the fire engine, During Fire Prevention Week, held Nov, 2-6, children learned of fire hazards and how to prevent them,

Comet Fever

Frankie Morgan's fifth grade science students commemorated with greet: style Halley's comet's close encounter with planet Earth.

(Above) 5E, 5H students, Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Melita Sayed, 5H homeroom teacher, show 0[[ individually stylized Halley Comet T-shirts and posters.

Boooooooooomerang!!!! It really works!! Mike Shaw and Nadia Issa test fly their boomerangs. The sixth grader .. built the Australian missiles as projects for their social studies class.


Music, the Universal Language is Expressed in Many Ways at SAIS ... R

(Right) Mrs. Millie T. Misajon and the fourth grade choir gracefully accept the applause of the audience after performing "Mele Kalikimaka, " at the Winter Concert.

(Below) The fifth grade chair held their pitch through four carols and enthralled the wintel' concert audience.

(Above) Juanita Clay, firmly wielded her conductor's baton and expertly directed the winter concert woodwind ensemble.


(Above) The fifth grade choir performed with great enthusiasm one of Mrs. D. Loilsscio's musical arrangements.

(Left) 80me of the home made musical instruments built by Mrs. Darlene Elkins' music students.

(Below) It took Uroose Ssituddin almost six hours to build her hand drum.


(Above) Mrs. Darlene Elkins rewarded these students with excellent marks for their "make your own musical instrument project. "

Students are bitten by the Acting Bug

"Seeing a play from a beginning of chaos to a polished performance is an experience the students never forget and it carries over positively in the music class for the rest of the year."

Deb LoCascio

Throughout the academic year, SAIS-R offers opportunities galore to its students to perform in musicals or plays. In addition to the grand performances such as the winter concerts, intermediate school music teachers, Deb LoCascio, Darlene Elkins, Millie Misajon and Juanita Clay, organize various mini events throughout the year, "I try to involve at least two classes every quarter in a musical play," said Mrs. LoCascio. "Some just shock me. I find students who never say much in class but at auditions they are bitten by the acting bug and surprise me with their talent."

In December, students of 5E and 5F music classes showcased their talents in the musical "Another Rainy Christmas." Here are some glimpses of that outdoor performance,

(Above) A packed audience of intermediate school students profusely applauded the musical "Another Rainy Christmas. "

(Right) David Bowie or Deb L?_Cl1Scio?

64/In termediate

(Above) Mr. Wel1therman Pete Langlois helped by TV set carriere Sean Lynch and Pel.' Axbom announces that it 's going to rain again,

(Left) In a nightmare Kimberley Worley, the snowman, is chased by Mr. Rain Man.

(Left) Where do the smart people go at Christmas? Students of 5E and 5F classes dance to the tune of "Christmas on the beach at Waikiki."

(Above) Grandpa Benjamin Lo and Grandma Rebecca Palmeri take their daily etroll prepared for rain but hoping for snow.


Turkey Trotters Gobble Up Track

): '1

The long distance relay teams trotted around the soccer field, cantered around the adventure playground, gaUopped around the four elementary school buildings and blitzed across the second soccer field. When the students and teachers staggered across the finish line they had helped celebrate the Sixth Annual SAIS - R Turkey Trot. The race is the traditional fourth, fifth and sixth graders' celebration of the United States Thanksgiving Day.

(Top right) Go! go! go! Julie Benecke leads the 4- B cheering squad while holding the Turkey Trot booster poster designed by her class.

(Above Right) At a drop of a hat Nina Obina passes the baton to Patrick Olson.

(Above) "Winning isn't the only thing. It's everything. " Vincent Lombardi's famous words seem to echo in Ryan Botjer's ears as he grabs the relay baton from Cindy O'Sullivan.

(Above) Dean Soulellis was a strong addition to his team.

(Far left) In great shape Brandon NeSmith rounds the corner ahead of the pack. (Above) Victory for Nancy Dittmer and her 4L relay team crowned a well run race.

(Top left) On your mark, get set, GO!!! Mrs. Barb Roche knew the competition was going to be tough ... but that tough?

(Top right) Richard Sines photographs his daughter Kathleen who is competing in the race.

(Above) Mr. Justin Eringis didn't have to crawl after all.

In termediate/67



Fall Feast Festival is Fun for Everyone

More than two hundred and fifty sixth graders streamed into the multi-purpose gymnasium to sit indian style along long strips of brightly painted paper tableclothes. The students wearing traditional' costumes from their country feasted on exotic foods from 46 countries around the world.

Belly dancers writhe in snake like fashion, gymnasts nimbly sommersaulted, Koreans, Colombians, Americans and Indians marched in the costume parade and a group of Pakistani students even sang their national anthem. All part of the International Day festivities.


(Top left) I hope nobody grabs it before I get to it. Mr. Eringis joins the feast with gusto.

(Above) Ugchi Rock might be "le roi du tie break" but Ghada KhoUlY is "la reine de la pizza."

(Above right) Eun Yung Yoo wears her traditional costume. (Above left) The four musketeers who sang the Pakistani national anthem, Ali Rizvi, Abdul Alvi, Mohamed Rizvi and Farouq Yousaf.

(Far len) Alberto Hall practices runway modelling by balancing a tray of food on his head.

(Left) Angie Shanley congratulated Megan Hanlon as she successfully completed her gymnastic routine.

(Top) Bringing the Miami shore scene to Riyadh was an easy task for Jesse Park, Sean Cunningham and Chad Spurlin.

(Left) A thobe, guthra and eghal complete Farouq Youssaf's traditional Saudi outfit.

(Above) Exotic tabieclothes were created on Intermediate School hallways. Arsaia Qureishi, Anika Zabokrtsky and Nismb Miller designed a stylish American tablecloth for the International Day feast.

68/Intermedia te


Teachers Sponsor Activities Day

(Above right) Concentrating on the design's aerodynamics, Steve McGehee and Mikae1 Boman built a very efficient airplane.

(Far right) Moviemaking was one of almost 50 different activities offered to sixth grnder» on activity day. Teachers shared their talents with students and gave them an opportunity to learn new skills.

'i I

(Right) Mrs. Bunny Stodderd teaches Debarsh Custer how to cross-stitch.

(Below) Activity Day was so successful that 61 students continued with their activities even through lunch break.

(Above center) It's a bird, it's a rabbit, it's superman, it's Adnan Mousavizadegan's ink blot.

(Above) Daniel Batt, Jason Cook and Zac Freeman display their Delta Darts built earlier on Activity Day.

(Left) Thalia Elias has a good eye for csligrspby.

(Below) During a mock school board meeting, Superintendent Dsryle Russell keeps Aalla Khan and Michele Langlois at arms length.

(Above) Serge Khajirian's string design instruction: First you place the string in a loop around the needle on your right, then on your left, remembering at all times to keep your tongue hanging on the left side of your lip. Repeat until string ends.


World Peace Day

SAlSeR students celebrated on Nov. 13, the United Nations fortieth anniversary. The festivities included flag making, mini United Nations sessions, costume display and an international feast. To commemorate the event an ethnic cookbook was assembled with recipes contributed from home.

(Right) Siia Bakkalogen dressed in her national costume tastes home made brownies.

At the mini United Nations General Asseznbly, students spoke about their country's points of interest, geographic location, customs and problems. Poised to begin the afternoon session are (top left) Betsy Owen, (right) Bassem Girgis and (Far right) Karin Frisendehl.



Cover Story

Maya Al Khalil looks back on her 10 years as an SAIS-R student.

page 74


With the Gong Show SAIS-R students prove it again. 'I'here's no business like show business.

Page 76


Science students tear apart hearts and livers of grasshoppers and lizzards.

Page 80


The Eagles' battle cry was heard throughout the Kingdom.

Page 83

Why Flock With Turkeys

When you Can Soar With Eagles

What did Maya AIKhalillike the most about her 10 years as an SAlSR student? "It's the people," Maya said. "You meet so many people and they are so easy to get to know because we are all here in this country together. You make many good friends but you lose many too," she added. Maya who arrived in Saudi Arabia from Jordan when she was but 15 days old, has been a student at SAlS-R from kindergarten through ninth grade. She has witnessed the student body grow from 833 in 1976 to more than 2,500. The installation of a computer system and the advent of an air-conditioned multipurpose building were other highlights in Maya's long school life. She has even moved twice with the school before the campus found its present location. Yet, Maya says she has loved every minute of her SAIS-R years. On May 28, Maya and the 158 students of the class of 86 will graduate and leave the Kingdom for senior high schools spread all over the world. Maya, whose long range plans include law school will attend the International Baccalaureate School in Amman, Jordan, for one year, then finish her high school in London. But she hopes to meet her friends again and reminisce about their years at SAlS-R. "It was great," Maya said already using the past tense. "It was so different from any other school. We had the greatest time!"

Junior High/75

il il !I



(Top right) Tom Nealon and Mohammed Khashah pull with all their might for homeroom 9-6.

(Top) Steve Sibley, who coordinated more than 80 after school activities, gives counselor Steve Wentworth a helping hand at one of this year's many hot dog roasts.

(Above) Curtain calls for this year's production of "The Mouse that Roared."

(Right) Hip Hip Hooray! Three cheers for Sweden, winners of Most Creative Costumes on International Day.

By Kari Stoddard, Events Editor

78/Junior High Events

Brian Gray and his sexy legs ran on stage to show the cheerleaders how to "Do It!"

(Below) Greg Martin and Robert Puekker broke the school's record with a 5' 7" high jump as they went for the gold at this year's field day.

Junior High Events/79


(Right) Wielding the scalpel Niznr Khoury deftly dissected grasshoppers, Irogs, and sharks.

(Below) I swear I didn't eat the other one, claims Bassim Riad.

(Bottom) It is just as important to bow to the audience before as it is after playing the violin explains Frsncoise Gelineau in her report on the various oriental traditions included in the Suzuki method on violin instruction.

(Bottom right) David Finielmsn finishes a rese arch report for Mr. Bob Puffer's geography class.

SO/Junior High Academics

(Above) Open Sesame! Maybe if Ala Ali looks long enough the meaning of the words will spring open.

(Left) In mechanical drawing class, Mr. Gene Prescher, familiarizes students with charts, bar graphs, air brushing, illustrating and lettering. Students also draw floor plans, and design aerodynamic cars and airplanes.

(Above) Mrs. Margie Bradley speaks of intersections and bifurcations.

Junior High Academics/8!


(Top) In the advance art class, ninth grader, Annika Hagel, created this astrological znasterpiece. Throughout the year, art students made murals, posters and program covers for school events.

(Top right) Eighth graders have a ball scooting around in physical education class.

(Above) Geoff Nelson, Bret Botjer, Michelle Buccioro, Chantal Wheeler and Tanya Bezlam it are acting out a play written by Tanya for Mrs. Gretchen Passon's English class.

(Above right) Students in Mrs. Clare Enseaat's English as a second language class bob for apples to familiarize themselves with games American children play.

Practicing outdoors for the Winter Concert, advance French students sing "chansons de Noel."

(Above) The victory cheer is speIIed out by Cindy Hepler, Ann Brecht and Isrs Girgrah.

Natalie Rawlings contributed to the Sports pages.

82/Junior High Academics

W hat does it take to be a cheerleader? According to Mrs. Edie Truett, the cheerleading sponsor, it takes someone with energy, leadership qualities, an outgoing personality, a willingness to work and a desire to promote and uphold school spirit. the cheerleaders must also maintain good grades and set an example for the school.

Out of the 68 girls who tried out, a team of 8 was finally chosen. Now the girls practice twice weekly to perfect the cheers and routines they perform during pep rallies and minipep rallies throughout the year.

Top: The 1986 Cheerleading squad: Front row, Cindy Hepler; Row two, Ann Brecht, Maya Ai Khalil, Kirsten Wilson; Back row, Holly East, Isra Girgrah and Liz McRae. Absent; Terra Guindon

Junior High Sports/83

RIYADH 2, (Set 1:

(Set 2:

RIYADH 2, (Set 1:

(Set 2:

(Set 3:

RIYADH 2, (Set 1:

(Set 2:

(Set 3:


TAIF 0 15/10)

15/6) JUBAIL 1 15/5)


15/7) JEDDAH 1 15/5)


15/2) DHAHRAN 2

15/11) 12/15) l1/15)

Eighty girls and eighty boys participated in a six week intramural volleyball program. Of this group of

The girls placed first at the tournament with a 3 win, 1 loss record. the boys, with a 2 win, 2 loss record placed second. The leading scorer for the girls was Fara Childers, while on the boys side, Peter Fintelman served with 95 % accuracy.

(Set 1: (Set 2: (Set 3:

RIYADH 1, (Set 1:

(Set 2:

(Set 3:

RIYADH 2, (Set 1:

(Set 2:

JEDDAH 2 11/15)

4/15) DHAHRAN 1


10/15) 17/15) TAIF 2

4/15) 17/15)

1/15) JUBAIL 0 15/3) 15/10)

84/Junior High Sports

Girls volleyball team. Front row, F. Childers (co-captain), H. East, T. Guindon; Row two, Mrs, S. Buch (coach), K. Wilson, A. Whyte, K. Greenlaw, T. Jones; Back row, C. Mydske, A. Wilberding, C. Clegg, A. Niswander, A. Davidson (co-captain).

Boys volleyball team. Front row, J. Hutter, S. Mulherron, E. Demircioglu, P. Fintelman, Mr. B. Sprat: (coach); Row two, D. Davis, S, Rhudy, B. Cboi, A. Nunes, J. Lewis; Back row, M Hutton, T. Nealon, G. Martin, M. Berkheimer, D. Ferris.

Junior High Sports/85


Amy Davies, pitcher

Basketball team: Front row, D. Ferris, J. Tull, B. Gray, V. Cruz, M. NeSmith; Back row, B. Abdo, T. Yunis, B. Choi, G. Martin, E. Catlett, Mr. D. Haas (coach)

T he boys' basketball team traveled East to Dhahran with high expectations of coming away victorius in all of their contests. They gave it their best shot, coming up short to Dhahran Academy by one point. In both their meetings with J eddah they fought hard only to loose by four and ten points. Their one victory came by beating Jubail in a convincing show of discipline and hard work. These young men are by any measure, winners at heart. Congratulations to the 1986 SAIS-R .Boys' Basketball team.

Coach D. Haas

(Top left) Bong Cboi gets a rebound during practice.

(Top) Victor Cruz shoots a ball over Brian Gray during practice.

Junior High Sports/87

The 1986 girls softball season started in January with after school intramurals, From the intramural teams twelve girls were selected to represent the SAIS- R Lady Eagles. Two captains, Angie Niswander and Fara Childers were chosen by the team members. After two weeks of practice the Lady Eagles traveled to Dhahran and played in a softball tournament hosted by JubaiL The Lady Eagles lost to Jubail 8-11 but enjoyed victories over Dhahran Academy 13-11 and Jeddah 12-9.

Coach Ann Childers

Softball team: Front row, K Smith, R. Boudreau, A. Niswander, A. Davidson; Row two, F. Childers, C. Price, C. Clegg, A. Davies; Back row, Mrs. A. Childers (coach), F. McPherson, A Whyte, A Goring. Absent, K. Greenlaw.

Candice Price, catcher

86/Junior High Sports

Christie Clegg, left center field

Scorecard RIYADH 4, DHAHRAN 0




.... ··Xcco~ding to coach Tim Isle, the 1986 soccer team was probably the best group of players ever assembled at SAIS-R. On January 8-9 the team travelled to Dhahran and defeated rival schools from Jeddah, Jubail and Dhahran. This excellent performance placed SAIS- R first in the Kingdom. Outstanding players at the tournament were Morgan NeSmith who scored four

Soccer team: Front row, M Bickel, J. Hutter, S. Mulberron, E. Demircioglu, F. Houle, H. Gaertner, K. Uickle, H. Sternby; Back row. M NeSmith, J. P. Westhof, T. Nealon, R. Puekker, D. Ferris, J. Roed, P. Fintelmen, Mr. T. Isle {coach}.

88/Junior High Sports

(Above) Right forward Tom Nealon scored three goals during the Dhsbrsn tournament.

Central Administration

(Top right) Dr. Deryle Russell: Suporintendent of Saudi Arabian Intertuitionel School - Riyadh (American Section),

(A have) Gra,nt Fiedle~, D~rector of Administrative SerVlCes and Curriculum.

gO/Central Administration

(Above) Bonnie Chambers, secretary to S11- periniendeti t,

(Above right) Sam Peale, Member of the 1985-1986 Board of Education.

(Right) Carol Walker, Board of Education secretary

Kay Hedin,

Student Activities Secretary

John Bradley,

Director of Student Services

Odessa Higgins, Junior High Asst. Principe! Secretary

Steve Sibley,

Coordinator, Students Activities

Dannie Russell,

School Communications

Jan Savage, Printer Maxine Tinney,

Coordinator Computer Instruction

Inge Morton, Yearbook Editor Prudencio Vite, Junior High School Aide

Central Administration/91

(Right) John Hale, Business Manager

(Below) Robert Tinney, Coordinator of Personnel Services

(Above) Nolan Kim, Coordinator of Procurement Services (Center right) Joyce Knittel, Secretary, Personnel Services (Right) Eunis Benecke, Secretary, Procurement Services

92/Central Administration

Caroline Remy and Cindy Lagle pose for a group picture with staff members' children at the Compound Day Care Center.

Shugair Almouteiry, Driver . Romey Cainag, Carpenter Adnan Cblouk, Liaison/

Assistant Registrar

Adalberto Genato, School Gate Guard




Mohammed Hamouda, Student Activities Aide

Narong Keatpricluu, School Maintenance

Johnny Juan, Coordinator of Maintenance Services

Alvin Magsino, Compound Gate Guard

Vicki Langbein, Bookkeeper and Seyeed Saad, Accountant

Central Administration/93

Seed Obeed, Custodian Pak Son Pee, Maintenance Supervisol' Hassan Ponna, Warehouse Aide Saleh Hassan Saleh, Custodian

SAIS-R Volunteer Mothers' Program is Successful

(Above) At the Basic Vision Screening test Petrizia Nicolas identifies whether a student needs glasses and has to be seen by an oph temologist.

(Top) Peggy Patrick, Genette Kadri and Sharon Shields, volunteered their time several times a week in November. They and several other volunteer mothers helped identify 2,276 students' photos for the yearbook.

(Above) Working at the library, three times a week from 7:30 to 12:30, Lesley Gemayel checks, shelves, cards and stamps books.

Amador Salvador, Night Guard Norma Smith, Registrar Nan Toner, Warehouse Clerk Anne Winder, Assistant Registrar

(Above) Sbabid Zaidi, Coordinator of Computer Services

94/Central Administration



(Above) Saleh H Saleh and Romeo Arcilla, Primary School Aide.

(Top) Typing students' names in a variety of languages is no easy task for Loretta Oosuuui.

(Above center) Portraits of students arrived from the lab in large roles which had to be separated individually. Monica Daabour enjoyed looking at the students' smiling faces.

(Above) Chris Loveland wonders if the spelling is correct. Could one name really have 13 consonants?

Central Administration/95

Junior High Administration & Faculty

Above right, Ed Miller, principal

Above, Joyce Greaves, assistant principal Right, Carolyn Miller, secretary

96/Junior High

Barbra Abeling, life science

Margie Bradley,

alg, I, geometry & dept. chairman Sue Buch,

physical education

Veronika Buchheit German/E.S.L.

Alice Burkett, intro. alg, & alg, I

Steve Wentworth

Lynn Carlson, world history

Joyce Clark learning center

Edward Elkins,

choral music, guitar & department chairman

Clare Ensenat,


Jenny Fiedler, math

Colleen Goodwin, physical education

Todd Greaves,

life science & department chairman Pat Greenlaw,

library, A.V. Aid

Sue Hale,


Junior High/9?

Carolyn Hembree, English & department chairman Jane Hernandez, substitute teacher Janell Hudson, secretary Tim Ilse, world history, department chairman, & physical education

Shirley Jacobs, nurse

Sheryll Jones, U.S. & world history Mary Joy, earth science and math Sharon Lee, French

Reg Lee, earth science Pat NixOIJ

Dan LoCasclo, computer science

Naomi Lynch geography

981Junior High

" \

Pupe Juan, physical science

Celine Mansell, C. Aide

Sue Hale & Jenny Fiedler

Melberne Mansfield, English

Denise Midley, library

Robert Miller,

earth & physical science

Mary Morton,

math & alg. I

Pat Nixon,

social studies

Cindy Odorn,


Gretchen Passons, English

Glenda Peak, library

Gene Prescher, mechanical drawing Rose Puffer, English

Robert Puffer, geography

Ida Samahy, Arabic

Linda Selkirk, E.S.L.

Gloria Shoemaker,

English & speech & drama

Junior High/99

Celine Mansell Marianne Sibley, computer science Melinda Smith, English & study skills

Barry Spratt, physical education Mary Spratt, English

Ada Trapanese, French Rosie Trimpey, Hbrary secretary Edie Truett, receptionist

Steve Wentworth, counselor

Carol Wigle, math & pre algebra

Doreen Wilcox, English

Jack Clay, band

lOO/Jullior High

Coline Mansell Marianne Sibley, computer science Melinda Smith, English & study skills

Barry Spratt, physical education Mary Spratt, English

Ada Trapanese, French

Rosie Trimpey, library secretary Edie Truett, receptionist

Steve Wentworth, counselor

Carol Wigle, math & pre algebra Doreen Wilcox, English

Jack Clay, band

lOO/Junior High


~,'':~,:"".i~I"'7""~+'':-'0~7~;+~~~,''';i'_'',:,'_;'~,,~~~,.~,,,"~.,,~~~'.ci;~~""":""'-_~i;"'"~i+"~_,~'~;;"_i"':"_~"~~.,,,":,, __ I,

) \ ..




Niki Little

Samih Basaddiq Tanya Bazlamit Annemieke Benda Leslie Benson

Markus' Bickel Galadria Bodlien Bret Botjer Renee Boudreau

Philippe Brais Heather Breit Romeo Briones Belinda Brunson

.. Junior High/li3



- ~---:;?~:


Tamer Dabbous . Bassem Dawoud Andrea Dempsey Kathryn Dix

Donny Dundulis Robin Eckert Mats Ekstrand Athanashis Elias

Didem Erbatur Ligaya Etlinger Stephanie Farley Natacha Feola

Sirio Ferrarini Gwen Fister Gary Foran Lisa Freeman

Roger Fylling Charlotte Gayer Lexi Goring Kris Greenlaw

Junior High/lI5

Dana Kirts

Adhish Kulkarni Hyung Kwak Stephanie Langlois

Lais Lapas Ali Lateef Jae Sang Lee Sang Lee

Yoo-Mi Lee

Matt Lemelin Matthew Lenaghan Jennifer Lewis

Monica Linck Hans Lindauer Todd Lipton Nicole Little

Janet Lo

Stefan Mann Sharon McDowell Robert Mercer

Junior Highl117

Rhonda Pasini Madhavi Patnana Mike Patrick Paul Apu

Brit Petersen Kathryn Pieron Walker Pitman Chris Pouliot

Erik Proveaux Suzie Purinton Fozia Qasim Kurt Reineke

Martin Robillard Tonya Robinson Joachim Roed Steven Ruthven

James Ryan Okan Sacli Aser Bamahy Erol Schakit

Junior High/119

James Valcour

Ignacio Valdivezio Bob Van Kuilenburg James Walker Celeste Warren

Chantal Wheeler Kim Whhebread Jeff Wigle

Ashley Wilberding

Batina Williams Deirdre Williams Andrey Wright Dong-Boon Yi

Mce Yung Yoo Iffat Y ounus Farhan Yousaf Jason Zan

Junior High/121

,__-----------_ ..

Craig Butcher Sebastien Cadet Sebastien Caron Joseph Castle Andy Chambers

Tedrosc Charles Samir Chaudhary Min Kyung Choi Yoo-Mi Choi Jcremi Chylinski

James Coggins

Bryan Colton

Junior High/123

Choir practice helps train the voices of Msrie Henry, Betty Cruz and Neena Ahmed.


Michael Eighazaly Karim Esmail Kelly Evans

Jaye Falls

David Fellah

Hsuan-i Feng David Fintelman Laura Franco Penny Garcia Teresa Garza

Shahid Gazi Aisling Gibbons Brigitte Gosselin Chris Griffin

Stefan Gschwendtner

Kristie Gundelfinger Valentina Hall

Scott Halvorson Missy Hammett Michael Harakis

Junior High/125

Claire Kendall April Kershaw Atif Khan Kiran Khan Kulsum Khan

Mumtaz Khan Nizar Khoury Minjung Kim Usman Kitchlew Leah Koentopf

Katie Krestow Prachee Kulkarni Andrea Kyriakides Maria Kyriakides Kristy Lagle




Joy McCaskill Robert McIntosh Becea McNeely Eva McPherson Felicia McPherson

Victor Medina Melanie Midgley Chrls Moore

Ian Morrison Jennifer Mueller

Reza Munir -Iames Naegele Mustafa Naqvi Jeff Niswander Lief Nixon

Kathy Norton Brandee Nunley Andreas Nyberg Lorna Oickle Jonathan Olson

Terese Olsson Ruxana Oosman Erk Ozbelge Jeremy Padmos N edi Panayioton

Paris Panayiotopoulos Andrew Patton

Daniel Peale

Cheryl Peez

Andy Perreault

Junior High/129

EslOYaUI1 M:=tr.,

Intermediate Administration Staff

Intermediate Staff/iSS














J )

.. " . ~





















4-J ·


Primary Administration & Staff


In Memoriam

Ruben Ott We miss you

Above left, Don Shoemaker, principal Above, Marty Wittnebel, assistant principal Far left, Cindy Estes, secretary

Left, Sherry Newcombe, secretary

Carol Blackburn, counselor

Lisa Butler, music/act

Mary Wright, librarian

Gowra Cameron, reading aide

Elizabeth Childers, physical education

Ann Chisholm, music

Gwen Gagnon, enrichment Deann Goeser resource

Karen Gundelfinger E.S.L.

David Haas, physical education

Sue Ibrahim, Arabic

Jane Lee,


Wanda Mallett, activity

Betty Ann Martin, physical education

Sheena McColl, activity

Sue McNeary, computer lab Cora Noel, art


Rita Bars, Aide Nona Kellogg, Aide Catherine McDowell, Aide

Betty Ann Martin, Dianne Park, music

Kathleen Poundall, E.S.L.

Donna Rancipher, aide Louise Rawlings librarian

Veronica Sharpe, supply

Wendy Watson E,S.L.

Louise Rawlings Marilyn Dillane




Mrs. Sandy Tokarz ElrazekAbd Michael Adofo

Kynda Almefty Saad Bhatti Dawn Cameron Chris Clark Monica Codeca Christina Cole

Asad Jawed Allison Me, ColI Gregory Mueller Taisa Orpana Funda Pehlivanoglu Will Sawada

Aislinn Schmershal Daniel Seto Yousuf Siddiqui Thomas Adam Katherine Tucker Serene Wafai

Mrs. Penny Emler Aykut Ay Margaret Cunningham

Arsham Dabney Abuzar Ekkery Stina Fish Mona Goyal Diana Gula Christina Greiner

Adam Hoegol Sharif Hossain Samir Imran Karen Jeffords Aisha Khan Jamie Lynch

Shahla Mohsin

Kimberly Naegele Chris Newsome Anthony Olson Manish Pareek

Kimberly Roper






Mrs. Shebib Aisha Ahmad Rene Chaaya Davy Christdoss

Nicole Davis

Michael Fulcher Marcus Gadson Alexandra Grundeman Matthew Hedin

Bartu Ilgun

Joanne Kendal Khan Asif

Amy Kraatz Erin Lifeso Cherry Mammen Megan Markie

Mohamad N assari Umran Ozer Rania Shibl

Dawn Summersgill Fareeha Syed Tunea Toprak

Mrs, Lydia 0, Connor Uyra Albuquerque Gesa Boysen

Nancy Bryson

Mohamed Elnigoumi Gavin Grant

Rania Hago Francine Halle

Joey Hoffman

Luke Jackson

Farahnaz Jamil Shazia Khan Anna Lamb

Anthony Me. Mullan Morgan Marston Zaffer Qasim

Karmen Riad Jason Ryan Arshia Saifuddin Birju Shah

Christene Swampillai Jodi Tate


Mrs. Linda Hepler Paula Ciampmi Eyob Daniel Prasana Goodnetilleke

Melisa Hanlon Colline Hazboun Jessica Horani Karen Kratz Zaid Marar Farahnaz Maroof

Arun Mathews Ronan O'Mahony Tina Quraishi Sara Reznikoff Kashif Riaz Mark Shutt

Ryan Spourgitis Darryl Sweeny Can Topaktas Tara Vanderwel Chris Worley Travis Yunis

Mr. Jack Morganstern Saba Akbar Tanvir Amanullah Barbara Berg

Craig Derenzis Luis Garcia Matthew Grice Zaki Haidar Natalia Hernandez Sean Jones

Manish Mahajan Michael Robinson Jon Roche Andrea Scott Karan Shetty Shannon Stokes

Ufuk Imir Jean Valiquetti Kimberly Wiliszewski

Chaa Willis Hassan Arif Yagub Muniba Zulqarnain






Mrs. N elma Owen UzmaAhmad Patrick Brown Chad Conaway

Gina Corneille Jessica Custer Jonathan Etter Magdi Haroun Fadi Hatoum William Holcombe

Elizabeth Horton Ersoy Hurmuzlu Scott Huyette Maher Jabr Matthew Kirkman Jenny Larsson

Alessa Nicolas Sarah Pieczonka Dina Saad

Kaoru Tokumasu Brian Urrutia Claire Webster

Mrs. Evans

Khalil Chammas Martin Chenevert Jon Chung

Erik Davidson Osinki Grant Di11ane Mounir El-Amraoui Sami El-Titi

Jennifer Griffiths Lynda Holmes

Gavin Jayawardena Fasi Khan

Kurt Mathis

Kanak Muchhal Jaime Patterson Mark Sarmiento

Ana Serna Stephanie Sines Tandy Truett

Emily Vander Muelen Christin Valley Temesgen Woldemichael


Mrs. Dianne Hanlon Chloe Davis Michael Fakhri Stephane Grenier

Mighael Halabu Ashia Khan Sameera Khan Mona Khashab Sadia Leghari Fredrik Lindahl

Christopher Meister Mustafa Mirza

Nirmalan Navaratnam Nathen Nigro Brian Patrick Stacy Puckett

Amr Radwan Mohammad Sarhan Henrique Soares Hassan Tirmzi Samantha Winslow Ayman Yaish

Mrs. Patricia Daniels Stuart Butcher

Chia Chin Chang 3 Helen Christofis

Nabil Dagher

Alexis DeBeauregard Jean Francois Des Jardins Nadine El-Bakri Mark Eskander Sheila Ferrarini Hina Gazi

Anthony Gonzalez Ricardo Han Bassam Kadry Farah Khan Gulru KuUuk Jahanzeb Ladha

Omar Mughal Juhana Nieminen Chioma Okereke Ayesha Sheikh Kimberly Smith Ronald Young






Mr. Glenn Sexauer Nina Aggarwal

Ali Ahmed

Adil Akhter Sarah Aleem Shadi Al-Tarazi Atif Asghar Sana Ayubi Juvvad Baig

Christopher Baughman Katie Chambers

Kelly Christen

Adnan Farooqui

David Golden

Najib Husain

Carla Musgrove Mae Paul Andrea Pouliot Evan Selkirk Tina Weldon Han Ju Yoo

Mrs. Linda Schmersahl Katie Acker

Mehreen Ahmed

Ellen Alger

Beau Bender Hannes Bickel Tobias Boogh Haria Colombara Monica Esmay

Sebastian Gelderblom Berke Gur

Sobia Haque

Rahul Jain

Nathan Kellogg Melanie Koleini

Rachelle Magpili Yoko Okamoto Syed Shahid Asim Siddiqui Maryum Sultan Tunja Wisowaty


Mrs. Pam Goring

Iresh Abayasinghe 2 C Fahad Ali

Dominic Antenucci

Aline Aprahamian 1IIIIIIII

Jennifer Buck Eva Flodstrom Julie Forester

Jody Herrington Nathan lIse -Janine Khayali

Jack Lavelle Kamran Javed Chris Mc.Aree Tim Mc. Michael Satashi Motegi Vanessa Pennifold

Jonathan Tekeste Randi Wallenberg Jennifer Wray Daria Washington Jiany Wu Miguel Zakharia

Mrs. Fia Brown Hamod Abu Eid Sonia Bedikian

Brian Briz

Adam Brocker Amy Coblentz Ryan Cook Zachary Elias Jordan Ewer Faris Fara]

Shadi Hashweh Nadia Hussain Loren Jackson Dod Kanaan Zainab Khattak Marie Helen Leblanc

Heather Roe Sakina Salim Pinar Tuneer

Kory Wilson Kim Wisowaty Chinar Yuzugullu





Mrs. Lynn Me. Michael Ahmad Al Kyhader Deema Aqra

Justin Brown

Daniel Butler Adam Carrera Andrew Dale Hanna Dastigir Cynthia Edwards Beverly Ellis

Meghan Gallagher Mark Guile Rizwan Igbal

Dina Ismail

Benji Loveland Maged Mikhail

Conswella Neshewat Irene Riad

Sally Salama

Shana Shimkoski Jessica Suarez

K wesi Walters

Mrs. Jayne Busch Hamed Al-mana Melinda Hagen Alyssa Hoffman

Marie Horton Tanya Huggins Andrea Jelley Andrew Kershaw Alia Khan

Medha Kochhar

Arvid Larsson Michael Morris

Karl Muchantef Shehnaz Patel Jonathan Pearson SUzanne Pietschmann

Sammy Reihe Brendan Rooney Tammer Salem Lauren Silvestro Ciara Williams Ashley Worley


Mrs. Emily Lockard Emil Aghaby Hoda Amer

Ludvig Borjesson Dalia Dabbous Waheed Elahi Asli Erdem Avram Farid Judith Gartner

Philippe Gascon Asma Ghani Rachel Gray Nadine Haddad Marjorie Huff David Huthmatker

Wisam Khalek David Moravek Todd Ryan Aimee Salvador Akif 'I'ufail Kathryn Whitebread

Mrs. Lotus Bollerud Sobia Ahmed Jaime Bjornsen Kevin Cardosa

Elizabeth Dolan Brigit Fehlberg Robert French Kristine Gayer Soe Soe Hla

Shad Iman

Jonathan Jensen Feisul Khan Zeeshan Khan Layna Koentopf Sameera Lakhaney Tamara Lutfi

Rebecca Mock Hussain Risui Jasmine Samara Clint Turney Gregory Whyte Mohammed Zamir






Mrs. Patti Taylor Wala Afm

Tony Castle

Nathan Catlett Imrana Ghani Marwan Hajjar Melanie Hanlon Fahad Ismail

y olIa Kairouz

Lonas Sarah Amber Mallett Alejandro Martin Khajag Melkonian Keith McManvs Saad Nasim

Crystal Newcombe Kwung Jo Park Enver Soobzokov Reem Twal

Sami Yassine Amgad Zaghloul

Ms. Dena Higginbotham Wendy Abbott

Farhan Ahmad

Imran Akbar James Casaburri Andrew Glover Skye Fiedler Amira Ghanam Suhan Hannan

Tanya Hussain Johanna Jonsson Mireille Kidanian Marie Lachance Jason Michel Sarah McNeary

Stephany Morton Anupam Paul Anup Palker Teddy Provins Chi Yang

N adir Y oussif Primsry/L 71

Mrs. Val Kanellitsas Yasmin Ahmed Justin Barker

Bernadette Cuyugan Robert Daniels Mathias Dufner Fady EI-Sadek George Farah Robert Jackson

Pelin Kilic Ohn Lee Patrick McKinney Sandy Mickhail Ani Mousavizadegan Katrina Najjar

Saud Naqvi Karen Pietschmann Abhar Rizik Carmen Serna Haroon Yacub Nadia Zerka

Mrs. Linda Morgan Nada Ahmed

Saro Bardakjian Kieran Cuddihy Linda El Bakri Gizem Erdem N adeen Kerler Faraz Khan

Zaidoon Khouri Emmanuelle Khoury Mathias Lundquist Patience Mitsumi Ann Moller Mansoor Qureshi

Rabiah Qureshi Emily Ross-Magenty K wesi Sackey Priti Vaidya Scott Vanderwielen Mustapha Zaouk


;.~ .. ;'~~,




Mrs. N arin Stassis

Ishma Alvi David Assadi Jonathan Bott Emeka Okereke Stephen Eichfeld Maliha Jaffery

Harun Koriech Mikael Kruszewski Patrick Norton Alice Owen

Scott Pegan Kristen Pieron

Johana Stangenberg Sadia Usmani

Troy Wicks Chih-Chun Wu

Ie -,



Mr. Ken Derby David Abbott Sandra Alkhori Omar Al Nimmer

Mrs. Sharon Willms

Bassam Aad A Nadia Abbasi 1 Walid Afifi

Naila Akil ...


Jason Assir Aurore Belfrage Neils Cotter Derek Crouch Priyanka Dube Kimberley Farley

Treez Andrawis Zeynep Basarankut Philip Broyles Maureen Dempsey Soleil Ferrarini Alexander Franjie

Kathy Hares Graham Haro Georgina Hunter Honor Huyette Charles Khoury Efrosini Monou

Zaki Hasan Christopher Hassiotis Jeffrey Jackson Kristian Jensen Sharif Khashram Rishi Kushawaha

AlIa Nabulsi

Nicole Olson

Lucienne Saurwein Korhan Sevinchan Sherif Guirgis Shenonda Ayman Wafai

Sirine Matta Amber Mitchell Yassin N assari Shim ail a Rais Rania Salem Robert Senecal

Mrs. Patricia Stapleton Tracy Baranzyk Matthew Barber

Ben Bender

Linda Golden Imran Ahmed Robert Andes Adam Barker





\ ~



" .. :::>"

Linda Boujemaa George Chlouk Shannon Dixon John Egge Caroline Farly Jamie Fishback

Lynn Fister Robin Griffiths Andrea Hertel Sherin Ibrahim N ahreen Khandker Kristina Kramer

Karin Gullon Dina Hafez Diana Khbeis Wadie Khoury Spiros Kladitis Kevin Krul

Twalib Khalil Patrick Matta Lucia Maurer Inet Mwelwa

Albert Niemoller Zeid Rihani

Christy Moore Michael Parsons Susanna Petersen Sarah Siddiqui Jeffery Williams Rehan Yacob

Mona Sarhan Saadia Shah Adam Shannon Sahar Sheikh Randy Shuayto Jeremy Wallington



---------------------------- ........ -----------------------~~~="'="'=~ __ .--

Mrs. Karen Haas Rania Akkad

Karim Atiyyah 1 E Michael Broines

Catherine Chang BIll

Anthony Cruz Jordan Fish Omar Hasan Andrew Johnson Julian Joseph Pheroze Karai

Ahmed Khan Saadia Khan Marc Lariviere Adil Leghai-i Kristen Miller Suzanne Moore

Mariam Qayyum Rubirose Remo Amber Rosenberry Sara Solymar Matthew Staver Joyce 'I'say

Mrs. Vernette Moravek Tamara Abou Antoun Christianne Abou-Saab Mariam Akhter

Calon Blackburn Gordon Brown Simon Ekstrand Maria Elghazaly Asif Fayyaz Tommy Golden

Samiha Husain Mert Kayasu Shannon Kelly Resham Kulkani Andrew Lonas Mujtaba Mirza

Jenny Murphy Kamelia Najjar Baris Ornarli Sunee Quiring Khaled Restom Marc Turner





Ms. Sandra Beelllan Chevelle Burton ... Amanda Cestaric . Orner Choudhary

Kristian Davis Victor Fehlberg Mathieu Hazboun Farah Hussain Zeyner Imre

Tina Koebel'

Daniel Leinweber David Lifeso Nicole Mikles Nicole Newsome Alper Ozer Brendan Park

Carolin Sedkey Marianne Spourgitis Geoffrey Taylor Lars Thomsen Gregory Tilley Derya Toykan

Ms. Linda Heman Ziad Akl

Khalil Attiyeh Hayette Bourns

Diana Chylinskl Francis Chulu Eeman Dahbouseh Elizabeth Dale Ezra Gray

Ryan Hedin

Sergio Laprade Christopher Lee Mwanatumu Mbwana Mohammad Mirza Takzyoshi Nakajima Mark O'Blanca


Flo ce Rale

_ •• ronda Saad Andrea Schroder Ian Thomson Linsey Worley Jae Ohk Yi


--~-~--- .. - .. ~------------~----------------------------------------------------------- ...

Mrs. Linda Root Sherif Azary

Miriam Benjameen Tam Boyar Ann Buch Helen Kouverianos Sean Liddick Matthew Meister

Andrew Mueller Ivy Nigro Ellen Prespare KhaIid Radwan Jaime Rancipher Heather Ryan

Eric Shoemaker Kazuo Somaya Ashley Thomas Jennie Urrutia

Joo OhkYi Paul Zohovetz

Linda Bickerdike Lisette Atiyeh Trevor Diezi

Charbel Gemayel Abraham Khan Marie Reine Maroun Nilesh Parikh Shannon Perry Reem Rifai

Chrison Sarmiento Yamen Serrieh Marwa Shammas Imeo- Sharit Shah 1 'T' ,,' ikian Tikku

Jenny Murp.

Kamelia Najjar Baris Ornarll Sunee Quiring Khaled Restom Marc Turner




Mrs. Ann Gardner Selim Aytac Richard Blom Travis Clemens

Nikki Cooper

Chris Derenzis Ranjit Doraiswamy Genevieve Gaumond Hannah Hayes Natalie Jihreen

Catay Lamb Jenny Lindbel"g Asha Mathews Ali Munir

Kvalo Munywoki Keeran Sampat

Benjamin Scheu Denny Shimkoski Ellen Wang Mandy Weldon Nadia Y ounus Mustafa Zaid

Mrs. Marjol"ie Carrow Alamzep Ahmed Wisdom Beyhom Antoin Dfrnit.r!



Gina El-Hammady Cern Erol

Khuram Farooque Andrea Gemayel Maazia Halem Soraya Husain

Gabriel lobi Michael Kayemba Fahad Khan Tiffa~i:l!} "Kilgast Eb_l'j :'lil!J.lllk.q __ Samu

ce Rale

_ •• ronda Saad Andrea Schroder Ian Thomson Linsey Worley Jae Ohk Yi




Mrs. Khan Saadia Ahmad Scott Bacon

Ms. Paula Shea Mark Abou-Daoud Selena Ahmed



. -.-. ~

Susan Daniel

Deeb Sharif

Mark Edwards Michael Froats Laila Gerace Bethany Halcombe

Martina Amagfio Nina Amir Ayea Atalay Sara Awan Samar Batal David Bedikian

Lisa Hazelbaker Miyuki Karasawa Kimberely Kelley Trevor Kellogg William Kratz Michael Lamb

Yasemin Caglar Mubasheer Ekkery Farah Gazi Samer Maalouf John Norton Alexandra Nuttall

Brendan Liddick Brian Meek

Emily Moss Nakiesha Mitchelle Suzanne Morgan Ama Kraah Sarfo

Adam Saad Sean Samet Ali Sheikh Mark Sweeney Hina Taher

Mrs. Agusta Osinski Deena Abd Elrazak Tracy Aboudiwan


Dolan Antenucci Robert Bello Matthew Broughton Alexander Copel Edward Christie Catherine Ciampini

Adam Cole Sally Elshihabi Geoffrey Guile Asim Imran Oliver Khan Risham Majeed

Katie McNeary William Odom

Noah Saad

Eleni Spourgltls Adam Vanderwielen Jennifer Whaley



Mrs. Patricia Oakley Richard Andes Joseph Andino Shazia Bashir

Miranda Bryant Sarah Butler Katherine Corneille Katherine Dowell Alexander Gerace Laura Lou Gosselin

Hanan Koriech Molly Lavelle Matthew O'Donnell Christopher Pinto Hasan Qaayum Ayman Rizk

Joseph Santoro Julia Silvestro Roy Sparks Adam Tannir Courtney UfnaI Wesley Vurma

Rukhsana Ghani AIWaleed AbuZeid

Leena Akhtar Karim Al Tarazi Fuad Bhatti Amal Hannah Dana Ismail Naser Jan

Fadi Kanaan Patrick Khajiran Amma Khawar Justin Lacey Robert Moness Jedidiah Nigro

Radzi Radziah Alisha Reid Natasha Reznikoff Amy Shutt Ryan Turney Ramses Y oussif






Mrs. Nayyer Rizvi Sami Ahmed Jamil AI-Jasir

Edward AI- Yazigi Inhe Brang Adnan Chaudhry Monica Duggal Dylan Dwyer Aysha Ghani

Nissrine Habash Mazen Hijjari Abdullah Khalid Fatima Khan Sieglinde Knoess Pascal Matta

Kathleen McPherson Siama Mohammed Nilesh Pareek

Joy Petterson

Saad Shahid

Ukasha Quereshi

Mrs. Geetha Thomas Steven Baughman Bryan Bloomfield Richard Chang

Carina Flodstrom John Galiatsos

Erik Hansen Nicholas Harrington Richard Huggins Joshua Jackson

Vera Jones

Melissa Mezick Danielle Newcombe Monique Olson Andrew Quiriug Michelle Quiring

Maria Tsiridaki Jessica Whaley Nora Williams Anthony Wills Amanda Worley Angeline Youngs


Mrs. Toni Conklin

Maxim Baer KG

Delia Deane

Celine Gaudiello

Jacque Gemayel Nora Hofmann Yasmin Iqbal Omar Khan Tore Larsson Johanna Lindahl

Arun Oberoi Isben Onen Wonu Park Idil Pora Shireen Sabeh Jonas Von Bismarck

Mrs. Sharon Worley Reem Akkad Ebow Amoah-Oyampoh

Katy Baker Saleh Bdeir Kristy Davis Philippe Eckert Dina EI Bakri Salem Kataiba

Tareq Khashram Abrahim Mousavizadegan Maryann Nawaz Shiren Quli-Khan Naziz Quershi Koby Sackey

Rani Salman Baber Sheik

Sarah Siddiqui Allen Spitler Farman Syed Denise Wong





Day Care


Juanita Laughlin Tolga Bakkaloglu Alia Chughtai Regina Chulu

Roula Eid

Elizabeth Frisendahl Caspin Hernandez Amir Khalil

Noori Lee

Dalia Mohamed

Veronique Page Mustafa Pasha Salama Shery Nevzat Senocak Maimona Sultan Elvira Terradas

Pat Moore

Alisha Derby Amanda Duke Anna Elkins

Garret Higginbotham Cord Jefferson Katrina Wells


Mrs. Maytrelle Jones Sarah Abbasi David Barker Akram Bouras

Austin Clemens Mina Demian Fadi Elias Jason French Antonio Garcia Takeshi Haruna

Nadia Khan Serj Kouyoumjian Chika Nakajima Diala Raie Oliver Singh Amanda Staver

Mrs. Beverly Thomas

Catharina Belfrage Nick Carter Fadi Faraj Fady Farid Brock Fiedler Y ouji Funaki

Bryan Hansen Faryal Khattak Miriam Lynch Kristine Marigomen Sari Papazian Tarig Restom

Eva Schroeder Stacey Travis Stenlios Kelaiditis






Mrs. Debbie Wynne

Ashern Bishoy Salma Hussain Patrick Joy Zufan Knoess Brent Leinweber John Obina

Tadashi Okamoto David Puffer Mohammad Qureshi Evette Riad

Ginny Song

Hiroko Somaya

Nicole Strecker Erik Vendt

Himabindu Yalamanchili Philip Zigoris

Mrs. Debra Hansen

Rabia Ahmed Esam AI-Khader Mutaz Agra

Mona Elnigoumi Ahmed Elhammady Ujala Farooque

Rawi Hago Feroze Hossain Iman Yasir Memon Adnan Joseph Mtsumi Munir Maliha

Zamir Rizvi Sara Sadik Hasan Shaikh


Marliese Hutton Taeko Akaki Monik Dhawan

Douglas Gascon Akram Husain Iqbal Nazia Ilham Khalil Hasan Khwaja Haysam Mansour

JumaMbwana Nancy Nouh Maaz Qureshi Usman Sarfraz Osama Shah Kelly Wallenberg

Mrs. Nancy Medeiros

Khadra Isha Abdi Ata Atalay Nicolas Atiyeh Fady Aziz Fahim Salpi Bardakjian Magnus Blom

Joseph Eseet Michael Jordanou Ayesha Khan Nadine Maalouf Nermin Nazmy




SAIS-R Community True Citizens of the World

Anoushka Afonso, 2-M Natasha Afonso, KG-F Ali Ahmed, KG-C Imad Ahmed, 6-C Nitrrath Aki-Uru, 3-H

Sukhatai Aki-Uru, 2-K Lourdes Andrews, 2-E


Jacqueline Anokute, KG-D Aisha Awan, KG-I Traci Bentley, Pattraranya Bhoolsuwan, 4-B Ratsapong Bhoolsuwan, 3-B Stella Birkett, 5-F Shari Birkholz, PS-E

Robert Birkholz, 2-J Beth Birkholz, 5-1 Megan Boyar, PS-C

Gesa Boyar, 3-F Ragan Bradfield, 6-G Marcel Brouillet, 1-1 Michel Brouillet, I-D

Roxanne Brouillet, 3-A Tabinda Burney, KG-C Joy Busch,5-F Beau Busch, 6-K Sarah Butler, 8 Dana Christensen, I-C Shaina Christensen, 3-A

Shaun Christensen, 6-K Beth Curran, 6-D Ted Curran, 1 Apita Debroy, PS-A Mina Demian, PS-A Ali Dogan, I-G Berfu Dogan, 6-F

Linda Elgar, 4-A Teacher Devlet Furrow, 2-B

Mary Fun, 3-G

Nicolas Feola, 9

Ticiana Garcia-Tapia, 2-A Claes Eric Gartine, PS-F Mikael Gartner, 5-E




Isabelle Gelberblom, 5-F Roshni Ghosh, 3- K Nathalie Gilbert, 5-K Nivine Gouda, 6-H Urencie Granier, 3-D Chris Gross, 5-J

Millie Sen-Gupta, 4-C

Kari Hamdan, 6- F lad Hamdan, 3-F Niklaus Hansson, 6-H Nicholas Harbord, 8 Jussi Heikkinen, 8 Monica Hooker, I-J Christina Hug, 2-M

E. J. Hug, 5-B

Martin Hugosson, l-K Kim Joong Hyuk, 7 Asim Imran, KG-B

Heidi Wiese Ivanski, ESL Si Hong Jim, 7

Rajan Kapoor, 6-F

Reena Kapoor, 2-B Bilal Khan, PS-F Mohammed Khan, KG-I Afia Khan, 2-G

Sam My Khamur, 4-H Marj Koerber, Art Chang Kun, 6-F

Michelle Langlois, 6-D Lasse Meikkinen, 4-1 Agnes Lo, PS-Aide Steven Lumetta, 2-M Conrad MacDougall, 2-M Mysty Martin, 3-J Prlvanka Mattoo, l-C

Grace Muftizade, 2-D Souvik Das Munshi, PS- D Imran Nafri, 4-1

Amit Nayat, I-B

Adem N oatt, PS- F Anjelica Okada, 2-1 Noelle Perryman, 2-B

Tyler Pieron, 5- H Dawn Placek, PS-B Lolly Placek, PS

Ali Qureshi, PS- F Ukasha Qureshi, KG-E Farid Radzidin, KG-G Omar Rafai, PS-B

Smitha Rai, 4-H Shweta Rai, I-G

Marlon Ranasinghe, KG-A Hans Ribe, PS-F

Ronnie Rifai, I-M

Dawn Riggins, 2-F

Gary Riggins, KG-A


Jason Ruhl, 7 Monisha Sarma, 2·A Will Scheipers, 2·A

Shweta Sethi, KG-E Nadir Sharawi, l·M Kristi Shields, 4-H

Gishantha de Silva, 5-8 Sanduni de Silva, 4·A Esteban Smits, 2·L

Gavin Smits, 7 Allen Spitler, KG·H Magnus Stangenberg, l·D

Angie Stern, \I Laura Suarez, I-I Lanfia Tarawaly, KG-B

Johanna Thoren, 6-D Nichlas Thoren, \I Anna Tull, 7

Johannes Tull, \I Tomeka Webb, 4-8 So Young, 4-1

Tanya Young, 5·C


\ I



Saudi Arabian International School -

Riyadh - American Section) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Walsworth Publishing Company, Inc.


Bob Puffer Inge Morton


Curtis Johns Dan LoCascio



PAPER STOCK: 70# Enamel


Division heads: 36 Broadway Italic Headlines: 24/28 Century Bold and Italic

Body Copy: 12/10 Century Captions: 8 Century Italic Identifications: 6/8 Century

ART: Jose L. Padilla

EDITOR: Inge Morton