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Sector: 23, GH-6 Road corner, Gandhinagar-382 023
Phone: 079- 23245729 fax: 079-23248119
Website: www.skpatel.org, E-mail:skpinfo@skpatel.org

Respected sir,

We are student of S.K.patel institute of management and computer

studies, we are undertaking a Grand project as a part of our curriculum.We
are carrying a survey on distribution channel of Pepsi and Cocacola . in
We request you to cooperate with us and give response to
questionnaire. The data collected is purely for academic purpose and would
be treated with utmost confidentially.

Thank you .


Dear respondent,

1. The survey is only for study purpose, provided information will not be misused and kept

2. You are requested to fill the details clearly. Use √ symbol for your approval, any other
symbol may create confusion.

3. We are greatly thankful to all authorized persons to co-operate.

Yours faithfully,
Student of S.K. Patel
Institute of Management
& Computer Studies.

1) Surname Name Father’s name

2) Address:

3) Contact no:

4) Age:

Field Information for retailers:

1)What do you sell?

pepsi ‫۝‬ cocacola ‫۝‬
2)do you get cold drink in time?
Yes ‫ ۝‬No ‫۝‬
3)when do distributor come to your shop to give delivery?
Every day ‫ ۝‬everyweek ‫ ۝‬Every month ‫۝‬
4)when do you pay money for delivery?
At delivery ‫ ۝‬Next day ‫۝‬ After one week ‫۝‬

5)how do you inform your order to distributor?

By telephone ‫۝‬ On the day’s delivery time ‫۝‬
Other please specify_______________

6)Do you get delivery as per order?

Yes ‫ ۝‬No ‫۝‬

7)if you do not get delivery as per order,in which cold drink shortage occure?

8)does your ditributior give information about scheames ?

Yes‫ ۝‬No‫۝‬

9)do you know any kind of sceame given to you?

Yes‫ ۝‬No‫۝‬

10)what kind of facility do you have to store colddrink?

Friedge‫۝‬ ice-box‫۝‬
11)does company provide any advertisement material like umbrellas ,cap
Yes‫ ۝‬No‫۝‬

12)if yes do you satisfied with given material?

Yes‫ ۝‬No‫۝‬

13)do you get delivery in good condition?

Yes‫ ۝‬No‫۝‬
14)which brand do you think better ,why?


15) are you satisfied with the distributors in terms of provided point of
purchase assessment ?
Verymuch satisfied‫۝‬
Much satisfied‫۝‬
Not much satisfied‫۝‬
Very much dissatisfied‫۝‬