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ICT (Information Communication and Technology) ASSIGNMENT



Arranged by:

1. Abdullah Aziz (085300200)

2. Septriani Movita Lia (08

English Department
Faculty of Teacher Training & Education Developement
University of PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya

ICT Assigment // Reading Skill/ Jack & the Beanstalk / Aziz & Lia //
Lesson Plan

Class / Semester : VIII/2

Competency : Merespon makna dan langkah retorika dalam esei pendek sederhana
secara akurat, lancar dan berterima yang berkaitan dengan
lingkungan sekitar dalam teks berbentuk recount dan narrative
Indicator : Siswa dapat menjawab pertanyaan tentang bacaan dengan nama
tokoh dan object yang sesuai dari Jack and the Beanstalk
Time : 20 menit
Focus Skill : Reading
Remarks :
- memerlukan komputer, LCD dan internet

Background Knowledge : Simple past tense

Teaching Steps:
1. Siswa menjawab pertanyaan yang diberikan guru.
1. Do you like to listen to a story?
2. What stories have you ever read?
3. What can you learn from such Kind of story?
4. Have you ever heard the story of Jack and the Beanstalk?

Suggested answer

1. Yes, I do
2. Cinderella, snow white
3. Kindness, good things, wisdom
4. - Yes I do(if the answer is yes, give further questions like:” what is the story about?”,
“Who are the main characters etc.

- or No, Idon’t

2. Siswa menyimak penjelasan guru yang menjelaskan tokoh dan objek dari cerita Jack and the


a. Jack b. Magic bean

c. Jack’s mother d.The old man

e. Beanstalk f. Giant

g. Golden egg Axe h. Hen

i. Harp j. Cow

3. Siswa mendengarkan cerita the Jack and the beanstalk.

4. Siswa menjawab pertanyaan yang diberikan guru.

ICT Assigment // Reading Skill/ Jack & the Beanstalk / Aziz & Lia //

1. With whom did Jack live?

2. Were they poor?
3. What did jack’s mother ask Jack to do?
4. Whom did jack meet on the way to the market?
5. What did the old man give jack ?
6. What did mother’s Jack do with the three beans?
7. What happen with the magin beans
8. What did Jack do when he saw the big beanstalk tree?
9. What did jack find on the sky ?
10. Whom did Jack meet in the castle ?
11. what did jack do in the castle?
12. What happened to the giant?

Answer key:

1. With his mother

2. Yes, they were
3. sold the only cow they have
4. an old man
5. some magic beans
6. threw them outside
7. grew into a big beanstalk
8. Climbed it
9. a castle
10. a giant, a golden harp and a hen
11. took the hen and harp
12. fell down

ICT Assigment // Reading Skill/ Jack & the Beanstalk / Aziz & Lia //

Latihan Soal Grammar Jack and the Beanstalk

Choose the best answer by crossing the correct option

1. Jack _____with his mother in a simple hut

a. stayed
b. lived
c. occupied
2. They ____ very poor
a. was
b. are
c. were
3. Jack’s mother ____jack to sell the only cow they have
a. begged
b. asked
c. forced
4. Jack ____the cow to the market
a. took
b. cut
c. pushed
5. On the way, jack ____an old man
a. saw
b. noticed
c. met

6. The old man ____ some magic beans for the cow
a. gave
b. ordered
c. asked
7. Jack’s mother ___ very angry
a. is
b. was
c. were
8. She ___ the beans outside the house
a. threw
b. jumped
c. left
9. The magic beans ___ into a giant beanstalk
a. planted
b. grew
c. developed
10. Jack ___ the beanstalk
a. climbed
b. crawled
c. touched

ICT Assigment // Reading Skill/ Jack & the Beanstalk / Aziz & Lia //
11. he ___a castle above the sky
a. found
b. got
c. had
12. jack ___ into the castle
a. hid
b. went
c. looked
13. He heard the giant’s voice and he ___into the cupboard
a. hid
b. entered
c. opened
14. the giant said “lay” and the hen ___a golden egg
a. gave
b. delivered
c. laid
15. the giant asked the golden harp to sing and he ___
a. cried
b. slept
c. listened

16. jack took the hen and ___away

a. chased
b. ran
c. flew
17. the harp ___ “help master”
a. told
b. asked
c. cried
18. the giant ___ Jack
a. ran
b. chased
c. asked
19. Jack’s mother ___ the beanstalk
a. climbed
b. cut
c. pulled
20. The giant ___ down and die
a. felt
b. fell
c. went

Teacher’s answer:

1. b 11. a
2. c 12. b
3. b 13. a
4. d 14. c
5. c 15. b
6. a 16. b
7. b 17. c
8. a 18. b
9. b 19. b
10. b 20. b

ICT Assigment // Reading Skill/ Jack & the Beanstalk / Aziz & Lia //

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