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Dawood Group History


Ahmed Dawood was born in Bantva, a renowned place in the state of Kathiawar, India.


Ahmed Dawood went to his grandfather, Abdul Ghani Haji Noor Mohammad in a small town Terichura in the state
of Maysore to learn under his guidance. He worked in his Grandfathers shop of cotton yarn and various utilities for
about two years, where he was introduced to the business basics.


Owing to the keen interest of Ahmed Dawood in business, his Grandfather sent him to Shimoga, Maysore, to his
business partner Hashim Haji Ghani. There he worked very hard in a large cereals store for two years. His
responsibilities included business dealings, accounting, interacting with labor, ensuring deliveries and payment etc.
He also started travelling in nearby towns for business.


After the death of his father, Ahmed Dawood decided to run his own business. With his little savings, at the age of
15, migrated to Bombay. Under the supervision of his Grandfather he established his own shop in Hanuman
Building, Tambakatha. Ahmed Dawood started his own shop and named it M/s Salman Ahmed after his younger
brother and himself.


Ahmed Dawood migrated back to his homeland Bantva.


Mr. Ahmed Dawood migrated to Pakistan. Understanding the need for industrial development as the only means for
the prosperity of this newly born state, he initiated a number of industrial projects in East and West Pakistan.


Lawrencepur woolen & Textile Mills were founded, and acquired its name after the Military Commander of the area
before Independence, Sir John Lawrence.

Pakistan's industrial sector was lacking in textile processing units due to the non-availability of quality yarn.
Realizing this need, Dawood Cotton Mills Limited was set up in Karachi, which commenced production in January


Burewala Textile Mills Limited was established at Burewala, District Vehari, in Punjab. It was one of the largest
spinning and weaving mills of Pakistan at that time producing 100% cotton yarn and Grey Fabrics.

Lawrencepur Woolen & Textile Mills became operational and produced yarn for hand knotted carpets, blanket for
Armed Forces, tweed and worsted fabrics.


Central Insurance Company was established. The company operated in all major cities of Pakistan and transacted all
conventional forms of insurance covers successfully.
Lawrencepur Woolen & Textile Mills saw a revolutionary change as Dawood Group took over the mills. The new
management took radical steps to expand and modernize the production facilities.


Dawood Foundation, a public charity trust, was founded.


Dillon Limited, Pakistan’s first Nylon Yarn Producer, was established in Karachi.

Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited was established as a joint venture between the Dawood Group of Industries
and Hercules Chemicals Inc. of the USA. It was the first private sector venture in Pakistan to receive a loan by the
World Bank.


In East Pakistan, Mr. Ahmed Dawood established Karnaphuli Paper Mills. He also founded, Karnaphuli Rayon &
Chemicals Limited, Dawood Jute Mills and Dawood Shipping Company. All his investment in East Pakistan were
lost with the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.The East Pakistan industrial undertakings constituted almost 60% of the
Group’s activities.
Mr. Ahmed Dawood's business enterprise suffered further setbacks as the Government of Pakistan nationalized a
number of large Pakistani industrial undertakings and the Group lost its flagship company, Dawood Petroleum

Keeping in view the industrial development of the country, a new polyester plant was installed at Dillon unit with
the daily capacity 4.5 ton of flat and textured filament yarn.


Burewala Textile Mills became Pakistan’s first spinning and weaving mill to receive prestigious ISO 9001


In April 1998, Lawrencepur Woolen & Textile Mills obtained ISO 9001 certification.


Amalgamation of all textile companies of the Dawood group into a single entity named Dawood Lawrencepur
Limited. Dawood group acquired a majority stake in Inbox Business Technologies Pvt Ltd - Pakistan's leading
computer brand.

Dawood Lawrencepur Introduction

In 1954 Dawood Lawrencepur limited become operational zed and is the first producer of worsted fabrics and
garments in Pakistan which have been sold the under the prestigious brand name Lawrencepur. Also claim to have
achieved excellence in producing other fabrics which are easier to care for, by blending wool with polymer fibers
such as acrylic and polyester and collection of fabric range from wool-silk, wool-cashmere, and wool-cotton. Our
quality control standards got us internationally recognized and qualified us ISO 9001 certification back in 1998.

Lawrencepur offers a wide range of its ready-made Suits / Jackets, Trousers, Shirts, Waist Coats, & Safari Suits
together with an Economy range of garments for men Branded- "ELANO".

The hottest entry in the market from the house of Lawrencepur is RIVELARE which is a female line of formal
corporate wear.

Dawood Lawrencepur Positioning Statement

Lawrencepur offers an extensive range of eminence quality of unstitched clothing and Ready-made suits / Jackets,
Trousers, Shirts, Waste Coats, and Safari Suits for formal and corporate wear to the upper middle and elite class.

Dawood Lawrencepur Advertising

These are the various adds by the Lawrencepur which help us to understand the which particular class they want to
target and what they want to reveal.
Dawood Lawrencepur Positioning

For the positioning general accepted technique used for the positioning are as under

1) To 2) Is 3) That 4) Why


Lawrencepur target audience is usually belong form the middle upper and high income class group those are the
status conscious and willing to pay more. Target audience is those who are looking for the superior quality and
unique executive look. These are young executives, mid-career professional, top career professionals. Lawrencepur
offer elegance clothing blending with wool and polymer especially for the winter.

Is / Referral

Lawrencepur uses opinion leaders and referrals people and other integrated marketing communication mix that carry
the image and relevant appealing message. Lawrencepur actively participate and fulfill the social corporate
responsibility activities. From the above advertising campaign you can easily understand they use leading business
executives as an opinion leader and offer easier to care suiting.


From the 1954 when the Lawrencepur become operational zed they didn’t compromise, and consistently offers
superior quality products to the audience that differentiates it from others. Wool-cashmere, wool-silk, wool-cotton
and wool blends with other fibers in the elegance way. That meets the contemporary traditions and with an
exceptional designs and look. No one is near around competitor in the elegance and stylish suiting and up to
standard stitching.


We are the first in Pakistan who achieve prestigious ISO 9001 award in weaving and spinning and also Lawrencepur
woolen textile mill. We are only one who offers immaculate garments and our super 120, super 100, super 70 is
credible assurance which we offers to the customers. We are leader in fine quality stitched either in cotton or in the
woolen garment. Designer fitted and marvelous stitched garments we offer.

Brand Audit

Brand audit is the comprehensive assessment of an organization brand. Its strength, weakness, opportunities and
threats should be determined. It also include the brand extension and re positioning. Customer Based Brand Equity
model helps to conducting the brand audit.

Customer Based Brand Equity Pyramid

Sources Of Brand Equity

Brand Knowledge / Brand Salience

Brand knowledge consists of these two elements.

1) Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to the customer ability to recognize the particular product under various situations and
circumstances. That should be easily recalling the brand under the different condition and to link the brand name
with its logo, symbol, in memory. It also express which the need we will fulfill. Lawrencepur have created enough
awareness about what they offers to the society and Lawrencepur name is top of the mind when we think about the
elegance branded clothing.

2) Brand Image
Brand image refers to the perception of the brand in the mind of customer. Its include attributes and features that
comes into your mind. When we think about Lawrencepur clothing then, quality, elegance, stylish, sophistication,
contemporary look, easy to care and affordability and class into your mind. Lawrencepur has rich brand image.

Brand Performance

Product is the heart of the brand equity because consumers have to interact with the product and experience the
brand. Lawrencepur ingredient when the wool and polymer blend with each other offer unmatchable attributes. The
reliability which Lawrencepur earned with the passage of time and contemporary style, and exclusive design at
affordable prices.

Brand Imagery

Brand imagery depends on the extrinsic attributes, brand attempts to meet the social and psychological need of
customers. Imagery refers to intangible aspects of the brands. Customers can form imagery association directly from
the experience of lawrencepur or indirectly source advertising or any other source. Some imagery linked to the
brand of lawrencepur is as under.

1) User Profile Customer can form association with lawrencepur if particular role model are social class is
using the using that brand.

2) Personality and values If any person like particular personality and he is the loyal customer of
lawrencepur then the person should follow their role model brand, and consider as benchmark.

3) History, Heritage and Experiences if any brand like lawrencepur having long history and consistently
delighting the customer then it would appeal the target audiences.

Brand Judgment

Brand judgment refers to the personal opinion about the evaluation of the brand which customer gets by putting
together brand performance and brand imagery. Lawrencepur meets the following attributes.

Brand Quality

When we listen, see the sign, symbol, logo of lawrencepur then quality comes to our mind due to brand awareness,
performance, and imagery.

Brand Credibility

Lawrencepur is trustworthy name and evoked that we fulfill what we promise, we have expertise and likability in the

Brand Consideration and Superiority

Lawrencepur old history makes assure that whenever you are going to buy brander clothing in affordable princes
then "ELANO" and “RIVELARE” should come to your mind, and you will consider as a reliable brand that matches
yours personality and reveals superiority.

Brand Feeling

Lawrencepur produces a feeling of security, comfort and self-assurance. Customers of lawrencepur socially
approved by the society and may directly acknowledge the brand. You should feel better, pride, and accomplished


Resonance describes the relationship between the customer and the brand. This step helps the brands like
lawrencepur to get maximum portion of equity from the customer brand relationship.


Loyalty refers to the repeats in the purchases of the particular brand. But sometimes it is not enough to develop
loyalty. We should attached the customer with our brand start loving the brand and tell to the other regarding the
brand. Lawrencepur customer are feel happy to tell other and love the brand which they are using and feel
accomplished to be the part.