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V R Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada

NI LabVIEW based Projects in Various Engineering Domains
Project Title
IL01 A double filtering algorithm based on wavelet and application in de-noising of gearbox fault signal Instrumentation
IL02 A Double Layered “Plus-Minus One” Data Embedding Scheme Image Processing
IL03 A Feature-Based Digital Image Watermarking for Copyright Protection and Content Authentication Image Processing
IL04 A framework for a distributed key management scheme in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks Networking
IL05 A Framework for Congestion Control for Reliable Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks Networking
IL06 A High Capacity 3D Steganography Algorithm Image Processing
IL07 A Melt Temperature PID Controller Based on RBF Neural Network Instrumentation
IL08 A New Adaptive Digital Audio Watermarking Based on Support Vector Regression Image Processing
IL09 A New DCT-based Multiresolution Method for Simultaneous Denoising and Fusion of SAR Images Image Processing
IL10 A new electronic cash model Smart Card
IL11 A New Introduction towards Invisible Image Watermarking on Color Image Processing
IL12 A new robust digital image watermarking technique based on the Discrete Cosine Transform and Neural Network Image Processing
IL13 A new scheme of credit based payment for electronic commerce Smart Card
IL14 A new steganography method using image layers Image Processing
IL15 A new transformer protection based on the artificial neural network model Electrical
IL16 A novel neuro-fuzzy controller genetically enhanced using LabVIEW Instrumentation
IL17 A Novel Prediction Model for Credit Card Risk Management Smart Card
IL18 A Novel Subliminal Channel Found in Visual Cryptography and Its Application to Image Hiding Image Processing
IL19 A Routing Protocol Based on Distance Vector in Ad Hoc Networks Networking
IL20 A security-enhanced one-time payment scheme for credit card Smart Card
IL21 A skin detection algorithm based on discrete Cosine transform and generalized Gaussian density Image Processing
IL22 A Smart Card Based Prepaid Electricity System Smart Card
A Systematic Method for Gain Selection of Robust PID Control for Nonlinear Plants of Second-Order Controller Canonical
IL23 Form Instrumentation
IL24 Adaptive Wavelet Domain Audio Steganography with High Capacity and Low Error Rate Image Processing
IL25 Adaptive Wavelet Packet Based Audio Steganography using Data History Image Processing
IL26 An adaptive steganographic technique based on integer wavelet transform Image Processing
IL27 An Artificial Neural Network Approach for Short-Term Electricity Prices Forecasting Electrical
V R Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada
NI LabVIEW based Projects in Various Engineering Domains
An Automobile Control Method for Alleviation of Traffic Congestions Using Inter-Vehicle
IL28 Ad Hoc Communication in Lattice-Like Roads Networking
IL29 An Efficiency Security Model of Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks Networking
IL30 An Efficient Block-by-Block SVD-Based Image Watermarking Scheme Image Processing
IL31 An integrated ZigBee automation system: An energy saving solution Networking
IL32 An Iris Cryptosystem for Information Security Cryptography
IL33 Application of fuzzy PID control in the heating system Instrumentation
IL34 Application of LabVIEW to Automated Measuring Dynamic Balancing of Motorcycle Crankshaft Instrumentation
IL35 Automatic power meter reading system using GSM network Electrical
IL36 Automatic testing system based on LabVIEW for dc motor of portable washing machine Electrical
IL37 BACnet over ZigBee, A new approach to wireless datalink channel for BACnet Electrical
IL38 Color consistency classification system based on fuzzy neural network Image Processing
IL39 Credit card fraud detection system Smart Card
IL40 Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a Remote User Authentication Scheme using Smart Cards Cryptography
IL41 Data mining for social network analysis Data mining
IL42 Design and Implementation of a Bluetooth based General Purpose Controlling Module Networking
IL43 Design and Implementation of a Robust Palm Biometrics Recognition and Verification System Image Processing
IL44 Design and Implementation of Remote Monitoring System Based on GSM Networking
IL45 Design and Training of Artificial Neural Networks for Locating Low Current Faults in Distribution Systems Electrical
IL46 Design of robust and secure encryption scheme for WSN using PKI (LWT-PKI) Networking
IL47 Design of the Measurement System of the Pump Based on LabVIEW Instrumentation
IL48 Development of Pipeline Leak Detection System based on LabVIEW Instrumentation
IL49 Development of ZigBee Mobile Router for supporting network mobility in healthcare system Networking
IL50 Diesel engine common rail pressure control based on neuron adaptive PID Instrumentation
IL51 Digital Right Management Model Based on Cryptography and Digital Watermarking Image Processing
IL52 Efficient Region -Based Group Key Agreement Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks using Elliptic Curve Cryptography Cryptography
IL53 Expenditure Limits in Anonymous Credit Card Systems Smart Card
IL54 Fuzzy Barrel Temperature PID Controller Based on Neural Network Instrumentation
IL55 Fuzzy immune self-tuning PID controller and its simulation Instrumentation
IL56 Gunshot detection in audio streams from movies by means of dynamic programming and Bayesian networks Image Processing

V R Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada
NI LabVIEW based Projects in Various Engineering Domains
IL57 High capacity error free wavelet Domain Speech Steganography Image Processing
IL58 Implementation and Analysis of New Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithm Suitable for Wireless Sensor Networks Cryptography
IL59 Implementation and Study of a Greenhouse Environment Surveillance System Based on Wireless Sensor Network Instrumentation
IL60 Industrial Control using Wireless Sensor Networks Instrumentation
IL61 Instrumentation Model and Data Processing of Tire Dynamic Balance Using Multi-Sensors Instrumentation
IL62 Integrating Flexible Electrophoretic Display And One-Time Password Generator in Smart Cards Smart Card
Integration of Wireless Sensor Network Services into other Home and Industrial networks; using Device Profile for Web
IL63 Services (DPWS) Networking
IL64 Link-Diversity Routing: A Robust Routing Paradigm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Networking
IL65 Pair-wise network topology authenticated hybrid cryptographic keys for Wireless Sensor Networks using vector algebra Cryptography
IL66 Parameter Identification of Vibration Loads of Hydro Generator Using Neural Networks Instrumentation
IL67 PKI Key Generation Based on Iris Features Image Processing
IL68 Protection and Recovery of Disk Encryption Key Using Smart Cards Smart Card
IL69 Remodeling of fuzzy PID controller based on BP neural network Instrumentation
IL70 Remote Monitoring System of Power Network Based on Virtual Instrument and Wavelet Transform Instrumentation
IL71 RGB Intensity Based Variable-Bits Image Steganography Image Processing
IL72 Secure Steganography in Compressed Video Bitstreams Image Processing
IL73 Securing Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Networking
IL74 SKEW: An efficient Self Key Establishment protocol for Wireless sensor networks Networking
IL75 Study of Neural Network PID Control in Variable-frequency Air-conditioning System Instrumentation
IL76 The Application of a Wireless Sensor Network Design Based on ZigBee in Petrochemical Industry Field Instrumentation
IL77 The Application of Immune Genetic Algorithm in PID Parameter Optimization for Level Control System Instrumentation
IL78 The Behavioral Estimation of Credit Card Accounts by Markov Chain Smart Card
IL79 The Wireless Sensor Network for Home-Care System Using ZigBee Networking
IL80 Using a mobile device to enhance customer trust in the security of remote transactions Networking
IL81 Vector address routing protocol for MANET Networking
IL82 Wireless interactive system for patient healthcare monitoring using mobile computing devices Networking
IL83 Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification and Authentication System Networking