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Talking to the Text Strong readers think critically about what they're reading, They get confused during certain parts, stop and go back, make connections and have questions about the text. Reading isn't simply about turning the pages: it’s about actively thinking | as you read! Please use the following list of techniques of talking to the text in order to build your understanding (comprehension) of what you read. Talking to the Text... Stop and Think, Then Jot About. What you picture in your mind. « Ican see © Tvisualize + The movie in my mind shows * could see, taste, feel, hear, smell. What you wonder. + Why? How? Will? Ts? Who? * Tmconfused + Idon't get What you # I think because + Tm guessing thai. © Ipredict because What you feel. + Tfeel because + Tcan't believe. + Tfelt when because, What you find interesting. * Wow! + It's incredible that because © Twas surprised when because ‘* Tdidn't know what What you connect to + Tunderstand how felt because I . reminds me of ‘+ Words in my text/ My connection to another text, person, event or issue.