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UNIT: 8 – Growth

Course Time Allocated: weeks

Main points to be covered PowerPoint Tasks Time

Why Business Stay Small? Spider Diagram or Slides 1-7 Teacher TV – Planning for Growth (Worksheet) 1 period
Why Businesses Grow? (inc Definitions) Task 1 – Merger or Takeover
How Can They Grow?

Integration (Vertical/Horizontal) Arran Article Lesson Starter – 5 key words – write down and 1 period
(Forwards/Backwards) Diagram or Slides 6-14 discuss
Task 2 – Identify Integration
Discuss Cadbury - How They Could Integrate
Slide 10 – Show Cadbury Example and Discuss
Extension - Task 2 - Integration

1 period
Diversification/Conglomerate Research Virgin Company
Write Report Individually/Compare With Partner
Present Findings Back To Class

Group Summary Task (Cards)

Key Terms match-it Task
1 period
Economies of Scale Slide 15-20 Discuss
Pupils use ECOS PowerPoint to Illustrate Definitions to
Class eg Poster/memo

Summary: Motives and Problems of Growth Slide 21-22 Past paper Qs 2002G and 2006C
1 period
Review Question Sheet

HOMEWORK : Written Homework – Past Papers (1 week)

ASSESSMENT: From Past Papers