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Name _______________ Date __________ Per __________ Napoleon


Napoleon’s Biography
• Born on the island of ______________________
• Island had just been conquered by the _________.
• His father had cooperated with the French when the
independent nation was conquered in 1768. Ironically,
Napoleon never forgave his father for this fact and grew up
hating the French. He was sent to French military schools
where he was mocked for his Corsican accent.

Rise to Power
• Promoted again and again through the meritocracy of the
French Revolution
• ________________________________________________________
• How did Napoleon become famous? ____________________
• When the people returned from war, his friends urged him to
seize power in a ________________ (“blow to the state”) where
his troops surrounded the National Assembly.

Why do the people go along with this?

• The people vote in 1800 for a new constitution and to keep
Napoleon in power, and it passes. Overwhelmingly.
• _____________________________________________________________
Task: Read through your textbook p. 230- 233 to fill out this chart. From your
notes, you should answer this question: Was Napoleon a hero or villain of the
French Revolution?

Hero Villain

In a high school paragraph, make a historical argument using three well-explained

and specific examples answering the question:

In your opinion, was Napoleon a hero or villain of the French Revolution?