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Although India is the 2nd largest producer of fruits in the world and first in Pomegranate
production with the total Pomegranate production in the world is 10 lakh tonnes out of
which India produces 5 lakh tonnes but exports only 5000 tonnes, whereas Spain
produces 1 lakh tonne and export 75,000 tonnes annually. Pomegranate is a high value
crop and its entire tree is of great economic importance. Apart from its demand for fresh
fruits and juice, the processed products like wine and candy are also gaining importance
in world trade.
Pomegranate is an important fruit crop of Maharashtra. It is cultivated in an area of
43,151 ha with a total production of 4, 31,510 tonnes producing about 85% of the total
Indian production, thereby leading in Pomegranate production in the country. Within
Maharashtra, production of Pomegranate is mainly concentrated in the Western
Maharashtra region and the Marathwada region. The variety Ganesh, Bhagwa (Red
Ruby) cultivated in Maharashtra is suitable for export purposes. At present fair amounts
of exports of Pomegranate takes place from the state in Reefer containers by sea.
Pomegranate requires Good Agricultural Practices, Euregap Certification, Awareness
among exporters for Export procedures, HACCP/ISO Certification etc and disease and
pest management as per the recommended schedules by NRC Pomegranate, Sholapur
will expedite the economical condition of the poor farmers and increase thepomegranate
export from our country.



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