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1. 6  is your n

2. 6 r do you liv
3. 6  do you do
4. 6  do you do for fun
5. Ar you singl
6. Do you lik colors
7. 6 r do you workou
8. 6  kind of spors you wc 
9. Do you lik o go clubbing on wknds
10.Is   your rl n
11.6 o is your idol
12.Hv you dd ousid your rc
13.Ar you looking for  boyfrind
14.Do you wn y p on nubr
15.6  is your p on nubr
16.6  i is i
17.Do you wn o ook up lr
18.6 y don͛ you cll  soi
19.6 o is   guy wi you
20.Is  your boyfrind
21.Don͛ you  i w n you g inrrupd
22.6ould you lik  drink
23.Dos s  wn o ng ou wi us
24.6 y is   world cry
25.6 y r popl lik  
26.6  kind of usic you lik
27.6 n is   d Colubus rc d Aric for   firs i
28.Do you lik o rvl
29.Do you lwys sk  guy o g you  drink
30.Dos   n you will slp wi  onig 
31.Do you lik ng ou soi
32.Do you wn o  up   ll
33.Do you wn o co o wi 
34.How long you livd in Colubus
35.Do you spk o r lngugs
36.6 o dosn͛ lov foobll in O io
37.6  is your fvori drink
38. 6  is   os supid pick lin you v rd
39.If I usd   pick link on you would i work
40.Hv do you d Indin guys
41.Do you lik br opping
42.6  is   ls ovi you v sn
43.Ar you ino poliics
44.6  is your fvori TV s ow
45.6  is your fvori ovi
46.6  is your fvori food
47.6 y r you qui
48.Do you lik o dnc
49.Cn I kiss you
50.Hv you rd of Mic l Jckson
51.Do you lik Jon Swr
52.Do you bliv in God
53.Do you bliv in Alins
54.If wnd o b  Grk goddss 6 o would c oos A n Apr di
55.Ar you good wi ncin isory
56.Do you know w o͛s   os sducion Egypin ldy o v vr livd
57.I͛ sring  diion group would you b inrsd
58.6 ͛s   ning of lif
59.Ou of curious   you kp up wi currn ffirs 6 o is going o b   nw govrnor of
O io
60.Did you vo
61.Do you  ink Ob will go for  scond r
62.If you wnd o g  nw cr, w ic on would i b
63.6 ͛s up wi   ndd Bus  cus
64.Hybrid or no, w  you do  ink
65.Any good usic  s dys
66. Do you  ink i͛s good o go s  ovi on  firs d
67.6  is   world͛s lrgs docrcy
68.6ould you go br opping in  is cold
69.Do you v  cr
70.Do you lik Fokkr͛s ovi sris
71.Do you lik coics
72.6 o is your fvori rvl c rcr
73.Do you v Fc book
74.6  did you drss up for Hllown  is yr
75.Ar you  Docr, Rpublicn or Indpndn
76. 6ould you wn o ng ou n wknd
77.How do you know your frind
78.6  is   n of   s ow wi s n s in
79.Do you wc uc TV
80.6  is   ls ovi you sw
81.6 o is Bn in   dyi
82.Do you know w  y fi is
83.Hv you rd   Bibl
84.Do you lik ysry ovis or s ows
85.Hv you rd of   s ow Poiro
86.Do you lik o rvl
87.Hv you bn o Europ
88.6ould you rvl solo
89.Do you lik iking
90.Do you lik cping
91.Do you lik kung fu
92.Do you lik ril rs
93.Do you lik cody cnrl
94.6  is your fvori Mic l Jckson song
95.Do you workou
96.6 ic gy do you workou
97.Do you lik guys   spk ny lngugs
98.Do you spk Frnc 
99.Do you lik Pokr
100. Do you lik plying crds