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Hospital Management System


1. Billing System:
Billing System must provide services in a seamless and in effective way.The
system should be elegant and user-friendly.
i. Billing system provides inpatient , outpatient and
external billing where In patients will have more
privileges in case of bill payment.
ii. Billing system provides customers with distinct
modes of payment such as cash,credit and debit
iii. Billing system will provide proficiency to bill
the items under hospital(which will be used by
hospital) or under a name which will be claimed
iv. It should provide daily collection report.

2. Out Patient
It will provide bill for the out patient's who are all getting discharge from
the hospital.
This system also provide the facility to delete the out patient bills form this
The final option is generate bill for the outpatient.

a. Prepare bill for out patient.

b. Delete out patient bill.
c. Print out patient bill.

3. In Patient
In patient management provide the registration when the patient admitted
in to the hospital.
It will provide facility to change the patients room.

It gives the advance receipt for the patient after admitted in the hospital.

It should provide the final bill for the patients and also discharge summary
of the patients.

b.Room transfer
c.Advance receipt
d.Final bill
e.Discharge summary.

4. Reports Management
The System should allow the admin to generate the following report.

a.Financial Report:
i.Daily collection Report.

b.Analytical Report
i.Servicewise collection Report.
ii.Billed but service pending.
Iii.In patient occupancy report.