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The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson

Compiled by Sandra Hodson

The Theosophical Publishers, Inc .

.. Manila, Philippines
(C) Theosophical Publishers Inc
Manila, Philippines

First Published 1988

ISBN: 971-9113-0-0
I Geoffrey Hodson as a young man

This book is dedicated to my dearly beloved husband,

Geoffrey, to the Masters of the Wisdom - the Great White
Brotherhood - and to the enlighterunent of all humanity.

Sandra Hodson

I would like to express my profound and heartfelt gratitude to my dear

Theosophical friends: the late Dr Esther Zapata Doval Santos. all her
family - Pedring, Garise, Elena. Luisa. Roselmo - and sister Cleo
Gregorio of Manila in the Philippines for their part in the preparation and
publication of the occult Diary of my husband Geoffrey Hodson; Mrs
Virginia Hanson for the professional work she contributed in the early
stages; Mrs Antoinette Bollard, Mr Frank Eden. and Mr Michael Eden
who have devoted so much of their time and energies in assisting me in
the final editing and preparation of the text; Mrs Phyllis Gardner who
assisted with the typing of the manuscript; and others who collaborated in
valued ways.

A basic· teaching in the Ancient Wisdom called Theosophia is the

existence of perfected Men and Women Who are called Adepts. This
follows as a natural corollary of the occult view of man as a divine being.
Of this perfection, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself said, "Be ye therefore
perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. "1 In Christian
scriptures, They are referred to as "just men made perfect".2 As the son of
his Divine Parent, the seedlike divinity within man must, in the endless
progression of Life, "flower" in due time to the measure, the stature, and
fullness of his Divine Progenitor. 3 In Eastern philosophy, these perfected
Men are referred to as Mahatmas, meaning "great souls". Some of Them,
as Elder Brothers of the Race, take as Their pupils those awakening souls
who, by self-devised and self-directed effort, progress far ahead on the
Path of Hastened Unfoldment.
This book is irrefutable proof of the existence of these Great Beings
Whose everlasting arms enfold and guide every aspiring soul to the Path.
This compilation of Adeptic ministrations and instructions is a faithful
record of part of the very private inner life of Mr Geoffrey Hodson, which
his wife, Sandra Hodson, now presents after his death, as his gift to all
aspirants to Truth. Privacy is an inalienable right and to sacrifice it in the
interest of others merits the deepest respect and gratitude from all bene-
Internationally famous as a great seer and occultist, Mr Hodson never
admitted nor revealed his privileged intimacy with the Mahatmas, except
to his very close associates. His own enlightened and spiritually vital life
speaks for him more than words can say.

1 Malt. 5:48. 2 Heb. 12:23.

3cf. Eph. 4:13: "Till we all come in the Wlity of the faith. and of the knowledge of the
Son of God. Wlto a perfect man, Wlto the measure of the stature of the fullness of

His occult investigations reached from the atom to the highest planes
of consciousness. He was well known for his collaboration with, and
writings on, the Angelic Hierarchy and nature spirits. His clairvoyant
investigations are well documented and scientifically verified, including
work on prenatal life, palaeontology, anthropology, archaeology,
geology, and the cause and cure of disease. Naturally compassionate
and kindly, he vigorously espoused and campaigned for youth welfare
groups, the Boy Scout movement, and the Order of the Round Table. 1 He
also campaigned continually against cruelty and worked for kindness to
animals, in support of which he helped to organize and headed the Vege-
tarian Society in New Zealand. He spoke on family unity, health and
happiness, penal reforms, and world peace. A spiritual "torch-bearer", he
brought the light of the Eternal Wisdom to so many, transforming and
healing hundreds upon hundreds of lives all over the world.
Words fail. They cannot do justice to this man who devoted his
multifaceted capacities and spiritual powers to the service of his fellow
man. His creed of selfless service pemaps found its fullest expression in
his written works. Of these, the major books alone were conservatively
counted as 47 in number. He was the recipient of the Subba Row Gold
Medal for his valuable contribution to Theosophical literature. His
Diary, as compiled by Mrs Sandra Hodson, may be said to be the world's
most valul;lble legacy from so prolific and enlightened an author.
Mr Hodson was a guest of the Philippine Section of the Theosophical
Society on four occasions. During his three latter visits, constantly in the
company of the Hodsons was a small group in which my sister, Esther,
and I were fortunately included. Eventually we were drawn into a little
circle which Geoffrey called his "family". Ever since, we have carried on
a continuous correspondence with them. We were later privileged to
receive from him an offer to prepare for publication manuscripts of some
of his books, including this book which is his occult Diary.
Helping in the final stages of the publication of this work is a great
experience, a marvellous privilege that can only be acknowledged, not in
words, but by having it available to a world so much in need of spiritual
In his small book, A Yoga of Light, Mr Hodson wrote: "Voluntarily
imprisoned within you as Light is an omnipotent Power. Set it free. Let
the Light shine." Marshall Foch said: "The greatest weapon on earth is

1 An Order for children within the Theosophical Society.

the soul of man on fire." May this book enflarne the hearts of its readers.
May its radiance "set many souls on fire" so that they may become as
living torches for Theosophy in the world's battle of Light against dark-
ness. 'This may be said to be the supreme purpose of The Diary.

Oeo Z. Gregorio
General Secretary, 1970 - 1984
Theosophical Society in the Philippines


The following notes have been compiled to clarify tbe

meaning of some tenns frequently used in this book:

1. Throughout The Diary will be found such phrases as: "The Master
spoke to Geoffrey" or "the Master said". To avoid any misunderstand-
ing, may I make it clear that the ideas were not communicated audibly,
but rather at the mental and Causal levels. Quotation marks which
should legitimately appear around such words as "said" have been
deleted for the sake of simplicity. For a further explanation of this
process, see my introduction and .the entry of January 1977 - The
Sibylline Siddhi.
2. The reader will also find a number of passages marlced as having been
communicated by "An Adept". In these cases, the name of the Adept
was not recorded by myself at the time, even though Geoffrey always
recognized the particular Master.
3. All capitalizing of initial letters of pronouns referring to the Masters of
the Wisdom is the decision made by the compilers of this work, and
not the result of a request by the Masters Themselves. On those
occasions when the Master or Bethelda, in speaking to Geoffrey, used
the pronoun "our", it has been left lower case where Geoffrey was
understood to be included in the meaning.
4. Where humanity is referred to as "man" or an aspirant as "he", the
meaning includes both men and women, all being equal. For simpli-
city, the masculine fonn only is generally used. Pronouns relating to
devas and Deity are treated similarly.
5. Throughout The Diary there are references to "The Path". For those
readers unfamiliar with the Theosophical concept of the Path to
Hastened Unfoldment, the following short extract has been included
from The Path to the Masters of the Wisdom. by Geoffrey Hodson:


The essential human unit of existence, the Innennost human Spirit,

the Monad, manifests as an Inner Immortal Self or Ego and an outer
personality in mortal, bodily form.
The Inner Self manifests in and gains experience and knowledge
through the outer man. Partly by that means and partly by an interior
unfoldment, it perpetually evolves, being immune from death.
The outer physical fonn of man, on the other hand, develops to full
bodily maturity and then declines, dies, disintegrates, and disappears
The faculties and capacities of the outer self are received by and
perpetually preserved in the Inner Self, there being but one conscious-
ness and life in both.
The immediate objective of the Inner Self is development of faculty.
The long-tenn objective is all-round genius or the development to the
highest degree by the Inner Self of all possible human faculty. This
attainmeot is tenned Adeptship and is the goal of human existence.
The human Spirit, the Innermost Self, the Monad, is a fragment of
Divinity, a concentration of Universal Spirit, with which in origin,
nature, substance, and potentiality it is identical. It is as a spark in a
flame, a drop in an ocean, a microcosm within the Macrocosm. This is
the highest truth concerning men. "They are broken lights of Thee." (In
Memoriam? The full realization in consciousness of this truth of truths
is man's greatest possible illumination.
At the attainment of Adeptship, the identity of the Innennost Self of
man with the Innermost Self of the Universe, the Atma with the Param-
atma. is fully realized. Pseudo-individuality is dissolved. The Adept
abides in perpetual experience of identity with Universal Spirit This is
Perfection, Nirvana. or Salvation - Salvation from the illusion of separ-
ated individuality. This is the highest human attainment and the spiritual
"purpose" of existence.
The means of attainment consist of interior unfoldment and external
experience. Interior unfoldment is continuous, while repeated physical
rebirth or reincarnation provides the necessary time, opportunity, and
external experience.

I Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

A cosmic law of compensation, partly seen operating upon man as
cause and effect, ensures absolute justice to every man. The places and
conditions in which individuals and races are born, as well as those later
entered, are exactly the "right" places and conditions, for only in them
can justice be done and the experience required for the attainment of
Adeptship be obtained.
Already men and women have attained the state of Adeptship. Some
of Them remain on earth as Members of a highly organized Fraternity of
Agents of the purposes and laws of life and as Directors of planetary
Of these great Sages, some, in compassion for humanity, accept
individual men and women for training in the mode of life and thought
which increases the rate of evolutionary progress and is called The Path.
. These Adepts Who teach and train pupils are known as Masters.
They can be successfully approached by those who fulfil the necessary
conditions and apply for admission to Their Presence in the appointed
way. These conditions and the method of application are fully described
in ancient, mediaeval, and in modem Theosophical literature.


(The titles below represent a selection

only of entries for the reader's guidance.)

Foreword ix

Preface xiii

Introduction by Geoffrey Hodson xxiii

Introduction by Sandra Hodson xxix


1921 - 1929 THE EARLY YEARS 33

Early Development of Angel and Fairy Work 33
The Call to London 39


A Return Visit to Borobudur 43
Discipleship SO
Beauty 61
Poems of Homage and Dedication* 62-68


The Eternal Woman 81
The Pencil Incident 92
The Teacher's Task 108

*These titles do not necessarily appear as headings in the text; they indicate the subject
matter found within the range of pages given.

Master Polidorus Isurenus begins Teaching 112
Return to the Sanctuary 114
Our Blessed Lady Mary 115
The Path 125
The Lord Vaivasvata Manu 152
Recollection of being shown the Scroll by Master Morya 155
Initiation 160
The Sanat Kumara 164
Yoga and the Solar Logos 172
The Solar Logos 175
Nirvana 177


Clairvoyant Research into the Structure of Matter 181-183
The Sages of Kailasa 185
The World Mother 188
The Creation of the Gospels 191
Yoga and the Reality of Theosophy 193
The Master Morya and the Work of the Brotherhood 195
The World Problem Occultly Viewed 197
The AuricLillk with the Aspirant 200
The Masters 208
Egypt and the Middle East* 210-214
Yoga, Mental Stillness 214
A Vision of the Lord Shiva 216
Lord of the World 217
The Devas of Switzerland 224-229
Attempted Occult Investigations into the Life of Francis Bacon 229-239
Teaching Concerning the Arhat Degree 241-244
The Master the Prince Rakoczy 253

1973- 1975 RETURN TO NEW ZEALAND 255

Rose Devas in Healing and Mystery Ritual 256
The Ashram Centre 257
The Law of Karma 260
Geoffrey Hodson's Palestinian Life 263
Adeptic Direction 264
Our Lady Mary* 266-269

1976 274
The Presence of Master Morya 280
Articles for The Theosophist * 282-288
The Asala Festival 290
Teaching on World Mythology* 295-297
Buddhic Consciousness 298
The Esoteric Section* 301-304
Initiations and Higher Consciousness 306
The Septennial Gathering of the Brotherhood 307

1977 309
Article on Ceremonial 309
The Sibylline Siddhi or Yogic Power 313
The World of Mythology 318
The Grave World Situation 328
Invisible Helping 342
The Invitation to go to Krotona 348
Deva Investigation and Research* 354-359
Initiation within the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt 369
An Explosion of Love 373
Our Lord Christ as an A vatara 374
One-Pointedness - A Teaching for Aspirants 388

1978 390
The Continued Building of the Theosophical Society 393
Kundalini Shakti 394
A Call to Save the Human Race from Mutual Extinction 398
Ten Teachings Concerning Man 401
The Scroll of the Law 402
The Silent Watcher 404
Rules Governing the Occult Path* 407-410
The Archangel Bethelda 417
The World Mother Principle and the Angelic Hosts 419
The Path to Discipleship 426
The Atmic Adept 429

1979 431
The Transmission of Logoic Power in Evolutionary Processes 434
The Elixir of Life 441

The Monadic Name 444
A wakening and Reality 446
The Path to Discipleship is Never Closed 456-459

1980 460
The Masters' Agent 463
The Restoration of the Mystery Tradition 466
The Importance of Maintaining the Path Teaching 468
The Presence of Master Kuthumi* 473
The Importance of Steps 481
The One Alone (G.H.) 486
The Occult Light in Our Society 490
Angelic Co-operation and Ministration 495
Concerning the Lord Shri Krishna and Avatarhood 497
Only Theosophy can Save the World 500
The Undines 505
The One Alone (Master Morya) 508

1981 510
A Masonic Deva and the Great White Brotherltood 517
The HiddenJ..ife and Light of the World* 520
We Have'to Saturate the World with Theosophy 524
A Morning Guidance in Meditation - Cosmic Consciousness 527
Readmission to the Ancient Mysteries 528
The Cosmic Sun-Self 530

1982 - 1983 531

Tributes from Scientists 532
One World, One Humanity, One Life 534
How the Masters may become Realities for the Student
of Theosophy 543'

Abbreviations 549

Glossary 551

Bibliography 567

Index 569


I Geoffrey Hodson as a young man frontispiece

IT Handwritten introduction to The Brotherhood of Angels

" and of Men , by Dr Annie Besl;lnt 18

m Pen and ink portrait of the Master Polidorus Isurenus

by Geoffrey Hodson, 1945 116

IV Handwritten manuscript of the entry of 24 March 1945 122

V Geoffrey Hodson, about 1960 190

Any other biographical material in book or any
other form wiIl be unauthorized by myself. The only
checked accounts of my life are contained in this
volume authorized by myself.
Geoffrey Hodson

At her request, I hereby fully bestow upon my deeply beloved wife,

Sandra, to whom lowe so very much, permission to publish after I have
left the physical plane, accounts of certain of the more occultJ events in
my life which have been systematically recorded in my personal occult
'Diary. I have allowed her to do this for reasons put to me by her: to
'. interest and' to inspire people to undertake the study and teaching of
Theosophy. In addition, her purpose is to help others who are also
seeking to fmd and tread the Path of Hastened Unfoldment. In conse-
quence, an effective contribution to the work of the Parent Theosophical
Society with its Headquarters at Adyar, Madras, India, may be made. I
have agreed, since service in this unique movement is indeed a veridical
way leading all those who are utterly dedicated and "faithful unto death"
towards the swift achievement of Self-perfection.1
Drawing upon my superphysical experiences, generally written down
immediately after they occurred, and upon my own verbal accounts of
these, Sandra is producing an accurate history of one part only of my
inner life. Many of these events have been regarded by me as extremely
private; sacred, indeed. Nevertheless, I have agreed to their revelation
after my death (only), for the sake of giving assuqmce to others that they,
in their tum - if rightly moved - may seek to prove for themselves the
reality of the occult and spiritual teachings of Theosophy.
I here affirm that, throughout my lifetime and membership of sixty-six
years in the Parent Theosophical Society, at the time of writing, (1979),
except for a very small number of intimately active collaborators, I have
never presumed to claim direct knowledge of and personal communica-
tion with the great Mahatmas. When, however, the record is published

1 Occult: concealed, hidden from Ihe eye. The pure altruistic sense of Ihe word only is
intended throughout, as in all Geoffrey's writings. See Glossary - Occultist.
1 See my book The Pathway to Perfection.

(without making the slightest claim to personal worthiness) I now pennit
Sandra to include accounts of such deeply privileged occult and spiritual
relationships which, as she herself knows, have indeed become a veritable
part of my daily life. Despite my readily admitted imperfections and
limitations, I have agreed that, after my departure, a selection only of
these experiences should be shared in this book.
An important part of Sandra's motive, as also of my own, is, in
addition, to give assurance to members of the Parent Theosophical Soci-
ety - and to all others who may be interested - that the Great Masters of
the Wisdom have not withdrawn Their interest in the profou~dly impor-
tant movement established under Their Adeptic inspiration on the 17th of
November 1875, in New York City. I Indeed, They have continued to
bestow a considerable measure of Their unsurpassed knowledge of occult
philosophy and Their Adeptic wisdom upon certain of the members of the
Theosophical Society and through them on behalf of the world. May it
not reasonably be presumed that this will be continued for "the ameliora-
tion of the condition of man"?2
Sandra has been aware that I have received throughout a great many
years of my life, direct, fully conscious, intellectually understood ideas
and teachings from Members of the Hierarchy of earth's Adepts; for I
have long be~n thus privileged, my earliest experiences having occurred
in the year 1913, as this Diary faithfully records.) On two occasions this
took place physically. On one of these a Master caused Himself to appear
so clearly to my vision that I was enabled to make a very imperfect
attempted portrait sketch of Him, which is included in this book.4 In
addition,and more recently, the Master Morya materialized His face so
reasonably near to mine that I could see through the dark hairs of His
beard to the skin beneath. S
The Parent Theosophical Society itself has made available to the
world Adeptic expositions of Theosophia (Divine Wisdom), a procedure
which has been carried out since the founding of the Society, chiefly in

I See entry of 30 June 1975.

2 The Mahatma Letters to AP. Sinnett. Letter LXXXV, transcribed and compiled by
A.T. Barker.
3 See entry of 10 February 1935.
4 See PI ate III.
S See entries of 24 March 1976 and 8 April 1977.

the writings of H.P. BlavatskyJ and her valid literary successors. TIlis
practice, I venture to aftino, will continue so long as both the spiritual
and the philosophical purposes for which the Society was founded
are positively and genuinely adhered to. My own studies have con-
vinced me that Theosophia, its availability to mankind, and its acceptance
and application to life's problems are essential to the well-being of
humanity as a whole.
I am also deeply convinced that the Adept-inspired Parent Theosoph-
ical Society will continue to be held within the consciousness of the great
Masters and also that "so long as there are three men worthy of Our
Lord's blessing in the Theosophical Society, it can never be destroyed".l
Granted the above conditions and complete honesty of character, purpose,
and conduct of officials and regular members, I am convinced that this
security and acceptance of the Theosophical Society as an agency in the
world of the Great Brotherhood of the Adepts will not only continue, but
that its work will increase in effectiveness as also will the responses from
the Masters to the evocations from sincere truth-seekers and idealists
amongst mankind. The above-quoted passage assures this, and I venture
humbly to affirm - with due respect for the right to freedom of thought
and opinion of others - that the Masters of the Wisdom will never
withhold Their inspiration from Their "good ship", the Parent Theosoph-
ical Society.
Fortunately, one part of the precious Theosophical "cargo" consists of
survivals of the active Mystery Tradition. The Mystery Tradition, an-
other presentation of Theosophia, is in theSe days becoming increasingly
active as in the Orders of Chivalry, Freemasonry, and CO-Freemasonry
(an Order that admits women) for example, and in the growing interest in
the esoteric teachings of the Eastern religions. This ensures the added
ability to serve to all who, with the essential quality of wisely applied
selflessness, aspire to knowledge of Truth. For all those, the ever open
portal of the Temple - whether material, psychological, intuitional ("not
made with hands"),l or a combination of all of these - is passed through
and ceremonial training is bestowed. Thereupon may follow the touch of

I One of the founders of the Theosophical Society. the other being H.S. Olcott
1 LeIters from the Masters of the Wisdom, First Series, Letter XL, transcribed and
annotated by C. linarajadasa.
311 Cor. 5:1.

the Thyrsusl placed upon the crown of the head of the candidate by the
reigning Initiatory Official, a representative of the Hierophant of the
9reater Mysteries. However secretly in modern days, this immemorial
usage has continued to be an essential part of national, governmental, and
personal life, as more publicly were the Lesser Mysteries of Egypt,
Chaldea, Greece, and other lands - Eastern and Far Eastern, for example.
The above-mentioned original, esoteric, and symbolic Temples of the
Mysteries will, I believe, maintain their proffered direction and leader-
ship, and "open doors" to their "tyled" interiors, degree by degree, until
the goal of Superhuman Perfection or Adeptship is attained by ardent,
selfless, and determined aspirants.
I here repeat the great Master Morya's words: "You have still to learn
that so long as there are three men worthy of Our Lord's blessing in the
Theosophical Society, it can never be destroyed." As I have throughout
many years pondered this profound utterance, the following thoughts
have entered my mind: The passage of the Adept-inspired "ship", the
Parent Theosophical Society, has not by any means been peaceful in
character. On the contrary, it has sailed through stonny waters, some of
the breakers of which unfortunately still strike against the "bow" and
"sides" of the "vessel", and especially its "stern". Even so, because of its
extreme importance to the human race, the Parent Theosophical
Society wlu not be allowed to perish so long as the above-mentioned
conditions prevail. Fortunately, they still do prevail-in both the character
and the motives of those who have not only remained faithful, but who
have also "stayed aboard" and helped to steer the wonderful ''vessel'' on
its voyage with its precious "cargo" of Theosophia This, for me, ~ of
immense importance for ''the amelioration of the condition of man".
The Divine Wisdom is, indetd, I affinn, the ONE SAFEGUARD FOR
HUMANITY AS A WHOLE. This surely is of critical importance as the
human race passes through wavelike periods of war and peace, cruelty
and humaneness, power-seeking and selfless service.
Our movement is, at this time of writing, apparently being attacked by
one of its "stonns" or "stonn-waves". The nature of one of these appears
to consist of the diversion of the interest of a very large number of
members (all being free, of course) away from fundamental Theosophy,
especially The Secret Doctrine.2 These people find themselves attracted

I Thyrsus (Gr.): The Rod of Power in the hand of the HierophanL

2 H.P. Blavatsky's greatest work, I ven~ to affmn.

.-Ie to the literature and activities of seemingly associated societies. 1lris
t:educes the efficacy of Sections, Branches, and individual members, as
teachers of basic Theosophiar I am pennitted to express these personal
views because of the Chartered Statement that for members of the Theo-
sophical Society, "our bond of union is not a common belief, but a
common search for Truth". As I advance these views - if I may so
presume, warning myself as I do so - I find myself remembering Aesop's
fable of the dog which, whilst crossing a stream with a bone in its mouth,
saw its own reflection in the water. The bone seemed larger, and thus
deluded, the dog dropped and lost the real bone as it sought to grab the
reflection in the water.
Greatly favoured are those who, with never the slightest thought of
self-gain for either their present or their future lives, join the Parent
Theosophical Society, and throughout the years of their membership
remain steadfastly - immovably indeed - faithful to the original prin-
ciples and purposes, and to the time-adapted methods of their fulfIlment
These were agreed upon when the Society was founded and firmly estab-
lished according to the original ideas, ideals, provisions for its progress,
and for the outworldng of its objective, which was "TO POPULARIZE A
During the now-completed first century of its life, the mission of the
Parent Theosophical Society has been - and, I submit, must continue to
be - the sharing with fellow human beings of the unchanging age-old
foundation doctrines of Tbeosophia. The Greek name for these, Theo-
sophia (Divine Wisdom), was most appropriately given by Ammonius
Saccus, the great Neo-Platonic teacher in Alexandria between the second
and third centuries A.D.
If, and as long as, this ideal of faithful fulfIlment of the Adeptically
affirmed plan and uttermost loyalty to the intelligent outworking of the
basic task of our movement is adhered to, then, I submit, the Society will
continue to fulfil its twofold function: to make available the ageless truths
and their applications to human living; and to offer invaluable opportuni-
ties to all so moved to find and tread the ancient Pathway leading to
Discipleship of a Master of the Wisdom, the great Initiations, and to the
final liberation from all human limitations, or the attainment of

1 Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, First Series, Letter I, transcribed and anno-
tated by C. linarajadasa.

Before I close my contribution to this Introduction, fully aware of my
limited ability in these fields, I hereby vow that every account of an occult
experience shared with and recorded in this story of my inner life and here
presented by Sandra, is not only truthful in itself, but is as accurately
described as was possible for me. May these offerings of my inwardly
inspired visions, experiences, and understanding, and also my greatly
privileged associations with the deva kingdom, fulfil the purpose for
which Sandra has undertaken to produce this very partial description of
my occult life.

Geoffrey Hodson


My husband, Geoffrey, has given me permission to publish, after his

departure from the physical plane, shared confidences concerning what I
knew to be the deeply occult nature of his spiritually and intellectually
illumined Initiate life. These experiences, I feel assured, will in the main
be received with respect and, I hope, with genuine interest, as well as
being an inspiration to others in the unfoldment of their inner lives; for I
am convinced that aspiring seekers for the specialized knowledge which
Geoffrey possessed will indeed be wonderfully benefited, as I myself
have been.
This direct knowledge included knowing the existence upon our earth
of the Occult Hierarchy of Adepts - perfected Men and Women - and
therefore of Initiates on their way through the first five Great Initiations,
the fifth being that of the Adept. This spiritual progress is assured, I have
learnt, for those who in both motive and mode oftife are utterly selfless,
pure-hearted, and faithful unto death to the Divine Wisdom or Theo-
sophia. Such aspirants will never fail to receive at the right time and
place, and in forms suitable to their temperament and understanding, the
guidance that is needed for their personal happiness and their hastened
evolution to the occult and spiritual heights.
As the great Master Polidorus Isurenus of the Brotherhood of Luxor
has Q1ade clear, the central necessity is that the individual who success-
fully seeks true occult and spiritual unfoldment is Egoically or interiorly
self-moved, irresistibly as it were, from within, so that in truth, for him
or her, "there is no other Path at all to go". Without this, all the virtues
in the world will lack the inward fire which the Ego or spiritual Self alone
- when sufficiently developed - can and does provide, for then there
cannot possibly be any hesitation at all, and no other person can then
finally divert the aspirant from treading the central, Adept-founded and
Adept-inspired Path of Swift Unfoldment that leads to Adeptship.
Amongst the virtues to be acquired above all others, it is taught, is

humility, Geoffrey's guiding quality in which I found him unfailingly to
excel; for throughout his entire life he never felt himself to be either
superior to others or a specially chosen agent of the Masters of the
Wisdom. Nor did he ever seek for himself power, position, or office. On
the contrary, despite his consciously exercised occult powers or siddhis.
humility was the outstanding characteristic and notable impress of every
motive, thought, and conduct of his life. In consequence, apart from
myself and a small number of intimate colleagues, no one was ever
informed of, or even directly knew about, his lofty evolutionary status
and his capacity for direct knowledge.
Only on unavoidable ceremonial occasions did he ever permit those
present to be aware of his occult status. Even then, he never claimed it
personally or ever permitted any discussion or questions concerning his
intimate esoteric life. 'Ibis was not in the least an assumed humility,
rather was it expressive of the sense of oneness, the appreciation and
impersonal affection which he naturally felt towards his fellow human
In all cases of sickness and other needs, whenever his help was sought
- a continuing event - Geoffrey was clearly moved by a deeply compas-
sionate concern for the welfare, restoration of health, spiritual progress,
and general v.;ell-being of all his fellow men.
WheneVer research into a consulting person's privacy was necessary,
Geoffrey would use the appropriate kind of clairvoyance. Apart from
this, on no occasion whatever would he allow himself to pry or penetrate
into another's privacy. Indeed, I know full well that not once did he do
so, never thus demeaning himself or lowering his lofty standards.
Throughout the whole of his life since I first knew him, he consciously
and with very deep conviction responded to the statements made by the
revered Master Kuthumi: "The only object to be striven for is the amelio-
ration of the condition of man by the spread of truth suited to the various
stages of his development and that of the country he inhabits and belongs
to"l and "We have to popularize a knowledge of Theosophy". Indeed,
Geoffrey would hardly have agreed to my publication of this unique
document, were it not for the spiritual and occult impetus and help that
would be given to the Theosophical Society, its members, and countless

1The Mahatma Letters 10 AP. Sinnett. Letter LXXXV, ttanscribed and compiled by
A.T. Barker.

Before the "knocks"] method of obtaining Geoffrey's attention was
instituted, and when Geoffrey's mind was strongly concentrated upon his
work, the Master or high Initiate of the Brotherhood would sometimes
make Geoffrey aware of His Presence by sending a strong current of
energy sweeping down the side of his face. This means was still used
by the Master if Geoffrey was not alone and there was need to advise
him concerning the solution of a problem, or for advice to the person who
was with him, so that they should not be at all aware of the invisible
Personage or His interpolated verbal help. Geoffrey would respond
immediately by entering into what he called the "white-sheet" state of
hyper-awareness of consciousness, that of the absol utely stilled mind,
cleared of all mental biases and thoughts of its own - so that nothing
should colour, alter, or disturb the purity of his reception of the concepts
and their meanings received from the communicating Adept. I also learnt
that Geoffrey oofailingly placed his mind in this unoccupied state whilst
preparing to engage in occult research, but, let it ever be remembered,
always in full consciousness and in complete possession of all his
remarkable faculties 2- true Seership.
Throughout many years, Geoffrey recorded, or related to me to record,
the wonderful experiences he passed through while out of the body during
sleep. These were either events that occurred in the higher planes of
Nature, visions, or inner teachings impressed upon him by the exalted and
glorious inhabitants of the inner worlds - the Masters of the Wisdom and
the great devas. These experiences were recalled by Geoffrey with an
amazing degree of clarity, and the Master would contino the accuracy of
his recollection the following morning.'
As Geoffrey has explained, in sleep and in death the physical and
etheric bodies become inoperative, unconscious. The Ego is then five-
principled, and is able to function in the astral or mental bodies or both,
according to evolutionary stature, mode of life, and training. 4 The study
of Theosophy, regular meditation, and the practice of yoga, quicken the
evolution of the subtle bodies and increase self-mastery and effectiveness
in superphysical travel and action.

] See entry after 1 December 1975, also 8 February 1977.

2 See entry of January 1977 - The Sibylline Siddhi.
'See entry of 22 July 1979, for example.
4See entry of 22 JWle 1958 -Memory on Waking; also entry of 18 May 1977 -"Hence
the prophecy ... y~u would 'dream true'." - Master Polidorus Isurenus.

A true "dream" is experienced in the higher planes (mental and Causal
levels) and the memory of it is impressed indelibly on the consciousness.
Thus the "dreams" of a highly evolved person such as Geoffrey are fully
conscious waking experiences and quite distinct from the confused
and disconnected memories normally implied by the term "dreams",
which usually occur on the astral plane.
After Geoffrey had passed on, I decided to include certain passages in
which acknowledgement is made by the Masters of the Wisdom for his
contributions to Their work. Although his natural humility would have
prevented the publication of any praise to himself, I myself have added
certain communications which show, among other things, that the great
Masters are deeply appreciative of those who work selflessly and tire-
lessly in the spreading of Theosophia.
From the early recollections by Geoffrey of his childhood, the angel
experiences, communication and teaching, and on through the many
wonderful years when he became a messenger-agent of the Masters of the
Wisdom, a light illumined his life and chosen Path - the Light of the
Sanctuary of the Great Brotherhood of the Adepts. He was a bringer of
that Light to man and with it, awareness and knowledge of the reality of
those Superhuman Beings, the Perfected Ones, Who, during our un-
foldment guard, guide, and inspire us on the long homeward journey of
our pilgrimage back to the limitless source. of all Love, Wisdom, Peace,
and Joy.
May those who read the pages which follow, find the inspiration and
depth of realization that they, in their tum, may serve humanity and the
Great Ones. They may thereby tread that same Pathway that leads "to
Discipleship of a Master of the Wisdom, the great Initiations, and to the
final liberation from all human limitations - the attainment of
Sandra Hodson


[When eventual publication of biographical material was

being contemplated, I asked Geoffrey to put on tape the story
of his life, with special reference to his occult experiences.
Some portions were recorded in 1957 and others in 1979.
TIIis section is the result.]

One remembers - yes, one remembers especially - events which have

profound influence upon one's life. It seems to have been my destiny to
experience many such events, and they began at a very early age. Indeed,
I was perhaps only five or six years old when the first of these came to
me. It remains partly as a vivid dream-experience, for I was in a half-
dreaming, half-waking state. It seemed that, from within the sun itself, a
huge birdlike figure of fire, with a long tail shaped like that of a lyre bird,
descended and entered my whole body through the crown of my head.
almost setting up a blazing fire within me. Too young to sustain such a
visitation, I screamed in terror. As always, my mother came to comfort
me. From very early childhood I had often been frightened by ugly
elemental faces, grinning and grimacing at my bedside, and my mother's
wise and loving presence always dispelled my fears and brought me
Very much later in life, if I may move ahead temporarily, I gained
what I think is some understanding of this strange and rather shattering
experience. I was living with some tea planters in Ceylon, and used to go
up high into the mountains to meditate. On one such occasion, there
suddenly appeared what seemed to be a great Archangel from the sun
which hovered above but fairly close to me. Not frightened this time, but
filled with awe, I dared to examine this resplendent being, and I saw that
all the figures. shapes, colours, and forces of the famous wand of Hermes
were living and flowing upward through it and into its head. It was a kind
of living caduceus, built of intense fiery power, seeming to reach from
earth to sun. I was aware then that I was seeing a kind of solar intelli-
gence, a Kundalini deva.
Later, I wrote a description of this great being and, still later, a very
fine artist, Miss Ethelwynne Quail of South Africa, painted it from my
description. This painting appears in Diy book, The Kingdom of the Gods.
as Plate 27, a Kundalini deva. 1
Despite a number of rather unusual experiences, some of which I shall
describe later, I had a happy and wholesome childhood. I was born on the
12th of March 1886, of a family of landowners and gentlemen fanners in
Lincolnshire, the fen district of England. Our home, a large Tudor style
house with surrounding gardens, was situated in the centre of an estate of
over a thousand acres. Another part of the family estate, Candlesby Hall,
was located in the hills, the. Wolds, as they were called. There, in what I
might call our "headquarters home", lived my grandparents. The memory
is one of peace, beauty, and happiness - all in all, a fine place to begin an
Apart from the houses of the fannhands, our nearest neighbour was a
mile away, and the closest town over four miles distant. Families so
situated had to depend upon themselves for the activities that made up
their daily lives and for the happiness and well-being of the growing
children. I was one of five, so there was always ample opportunity for the
nonna! gi,;'e and take of fainily life. Our father was an expert at creating
interesting and pleasurable things for us to do, and he managed to touch it
all with a spirit of adventure. When he bade us goodnight, he would say,
"We'll have some fun tomorrow!" And we always did. There were
horses to ride as we accompanied him on his errands about the farm, dogs
to play with or take with us on long walks, birds and small animals to
discover and watch, and all the other exciting activities possible on a large
and busy farm.
Some of my happiest memories surround our Christmas festivities.
All the farmhands and our nearest neighbours were invited to our home,
and the servants and staff of gardeners shared with us, as part of the
family, in the Christmas tree and the joyous activities that took place in
our big drawing room. Father and Mother would stand side by side as
Father distributed the gifts and all of us revelled in that indescribable
sense of Christmas joy which everyone who has such memories will

I See also Plate 2. Clairvoyant Investigations. p. 21. by Geoffrey Hodson.

My mind goes back to this especially because our home was none
other than Bethlem Fann 1 in the parish of Wainfleet-St Mary's. So I, who
have developed into a devoted Christian, was "born in Bethlehem", so to
speak, and under Our Blessed Lady's name, a cherished facet of my
memories. Returning there from time to time, as Sandra and I have done,
I have found that the love I felt for the place has remained fresh and real.
In the midst of all the activities which went to make up a normal
growing boy's life, there was, from a very early period, a shining inner
thread of knowledge which brightened and inspired my days. This
remains as a sort of daydream recollection, yet it was nevertheless living
and true for me. It was the conviction that there existed somewhere a
secret Brotherhood of perfected Beings with a hidden headquarters from
which the Members went out into the world to teach and perform deeds of
mercy. I knew that when They met each other, They used certain signs
for mutual recognition; and when They became fatigued by Their efforts
to bring wisdom to human beings, They could return to Their secret
headquarters for rest and refreshment. Much later, through my studies of
Theosophical literature, I learned that there do indeed exist on our planet
not one, but many such hidden Sanctuaries which serve as headquarters
for groups of Adept Teachers. These Beings are the flowering of our
humanity, Who have earned the right to pursue Their individual evolu-
tion, but Who have chosen to remain in close contact with the world in
order that They may help those of us who have still to attain that exalted
state. I have reason to believe that my life has several times been
miraculously saved, and I dare to assume that Members of this Brother-
hood may have been responsible.
Perllaps it should be pointed out here that, in relating the often strange
and unusual happenings of both my younger days and my more mature
years, I do so according to my own understanding and interpretation,
using my intuition so far as that has been developed. I make this
statement in order to avoid distracting the reader hereafter by repeated
interpolations to this effect as the story proceeds. I ask that this be kept in
The first rather dramatic instance of mysterious rescue occurred when
I was seven or eight, after I had been sent away to boarding school at
Spilsby, about eight miles from Bethlem Farm. Bicycle riding was a

1 An abbreviation of Bethlehem.

favourite leisure-time occupation, and it was a thrilling experience to
explore the countryside. On one occasion, when I had cycled about three
miles from the school, I had to descend a very steep hill. The wheel of the
bicycle must have caught in some way; at any rate, I was thrown off and
apparently lost consciousness. I remember nothing at all until I regained
consciousness back at the school, with one side of my face severely
gravel-scarred. No one reported having found me and having brought me
there, and later studies and experiences have led me to believe that an
invisible protector was responsible. A few other instances will be related
at the appropriate places in my story.
After four years at the boarding school in Spilsby, I progressed to the
Bishop's Stortford Grammar School in Hertfordshire, and many unusual
experiences came to me during my studies there. Such instances were by
no means unusual for me throughout my boyhood, ;is were certain mysti-
cal experiences. I remember that, attending church with my mother, who
was organist and choirmistress at the Church of St Mary's, Wainfleet, I
learned about the existence of Jesus, and I came to know, or thought I
knew, that I would see Jesus Himself before I died. That has still to be
fulfilled,! but the memory is vividly with me. Also, at a very early.age, in
passing through the ceremony of Confirmation and for at least three days
afterwards, I lived as if surrounded by a sphere of golden light. That
experienc~, too, is still with me.
May t digress briefly to recall that, in connection with my Latin
studies, I frequently came upon mention of Rome. This reminds me of a
sudden recollection of a Roman incarnation which came to me one day in
later years when I was viSiting that city. I was seated with my hostess in
the ancient Pantheon, trying to open myself to whatever memory the
situation might evoke. Suddenly I saw the whole area surrounded by fire.
I exclaimed about it, and then described what seemed to me a very
curious thing. "They have some form of fire engines, because a lot of
people are coming and trying to put out the fire." My hostess told me
afterwards that she thought at the time, "That's quite wrong! The
Romans didn't have anything in the way of fire engines." But she was
intrigued and made a 'point to do some research. "There really was a fire
at the Pantheon," she assured me later, "and the Romans did have fire
extinguishing machinery."

! See entry and footnote of 18 August 1977.

To return to the recital of my earlier years, and specifically to the
religious attitudes and convictions which were so much a part of my life,
it is perhaps obvious that I grew up a truly devout Christian and, in
general. an unquestioning one. I thought much about the Christian
message but for me the Bible was absolutely true and every word of it had
to be believed literally. I was due for a drastic awakening.
When I was about twenty-four, I obtained employment at a business
house in Liverpool, and lodgings were found for me with a family across
the water in Canmere. I was very comfortably situated and came to like
the members of the family. The father, however, was a complete atheist
He saw me going to the church, which happened to be across the street
from the house, and decided to question me.
"Geoffrey," he asked me one day, "do you believe that there were two
of every animal in the Ark before the Hood?"
I replied confidently, "Of course I do. It's in the Bible."
"Well," he said, "the South American sloth at its fastest can move one
mile a day. It would have had to start two thousand years before the
Flood in order to get there in time to be taken into the Ark. Can you
believe that two of them reached there?"
This shook me considerably and I didn't know how to answer. He
persisted: "And do you believe, for example, that Joshua made the sun
stand still to make a longer day?"
Less confidently, perhaps, this time, I answered, "Of course I believe
it. It says so in the Bible." '
"Look, Geoffrey," he said patiently, "the movement of the sun has
nothing whatever to do with the length of the day. It's the rotation of the
earth on its axis that determines this. Now, in order to lengthen the day,
Joshua would have had to stop the earth from rotating, and then every
living object, including Joshua, would have taken off with the speed of
light to the east, and there would be no one left to record the incident.
What do you believe now?"
So pe went on, needling me with questions, until he completely
shattered my treasured faith in the Bible and left me a very, very miser-
able young man. My heart seemed empty and I did not know where to
I must have carried my unhappiness with me to my work, for one of
my older associates, a Quaker, seemed to understand my trouble. One
day he handed me a small book entitled Esoteric Christianity by Annie
Besant, then the great and deeply respected world President of the Theo-

sophical Society. My eager study of this book restored my faith in
Christianity and gave me an understanding of scripture as a blend of
history, symbology, and allegory. The insights which came from this
experience resulted later in an intensive study of allegories, mythologies,
and symbols, and awoke in me an awareness of the fact that they reveal
not so much historical events as profound and everlasting truths. My
continued interest in and study of these subjects has led to the writing of
no less than four books and two pamphlets on the hidden wisdom in the
Holy Bible; and, as I record this, I am at work, with my wife Sandra, in
writing an illustrated work dealing with the secret wisdom and truth not
only in scriptures but in world mythologies as well.
Later, I came to know Dr Annie Besant, but before that transpired I
was privileged to hear her lecture and to have, in that connection, a
profoundly moving experience. This was in March of 1912, shortly after
I had moved to Manchester. I was delighted when I saw advertised the
fact that Dr Annie Besant was to lecture in the famous Free Trade Hall
there, and of course I attended. Not only was I enthralled by the philo-
sophy she expounded but, as I watched her, I saw what I later came to
know was her aura, shining out from her far beyond the walls of the
building, filled with rich and wonderful colours and radiating streams of
bene<lj.ctibn to the world. So great was the impact of this experience that
I immediately joined the Theosophical Society.
This was not the last of the experience, however. Some time there-
after, I came upon a book written by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater
entitled Man, VisibLe and InvisibLe, and the frontispiece of that book
depicted the aura precisely as I had seen it during Dr Besant's lecture in
Manchester. Indeed, as I look back, I see that evening in the Free Trade
Hall as a decisive event in my life.
I became quite active in the Manchester Lodge of the Theosophical
~uciety, and after a time I was appointed as one of its visiting teachers
who were sent out to small groups in the surrounding towns. i My first
venture in this capacity was in the old township of Wigan, and my talk
was on the subject "Life After Death". Returning not long afterwards for
my second lecture, I found awaiting me on the steps of the meeting house
a lady in deep mourning, accompanied by her daughter. They urgently
requested an interview and I arranged to see and talk with them.

I Geoffrey began lecturing for the Theosophical Society before World War I and contin-
ued throughout his life until less than a year before his death.

The lady told me that, a few weeks before my lecture on "Life After
Death", her son lay dying and she was experiencing the deepest grief.
The attending physician had warned her to stay close by and she remained
in an adjoining room, with the door open between her and where her son
1 lay. An outside door led into the room which she occupied and, some-
time during the night, this door opened and two young men entered.
Apparently without noticing her, they passed on into the room where her
I son lay. After a time they emerged, and one of the young men spoke to
.her with great kindness. He told her not to grieve, as her son would not be
\ lost but would only leave his physical body. He then went on to explain
the nature of the life after death, and she felt greatly comforted and
consoled. Finally the two men left by the door through which they had
come in.
The son died shortly thereafter, and the mother was sustained by the
help she had received. She repeatedly related to the family, and even to
friends, the story of her strange visitors, so that they came to know her
helpers almost as well as she did. Then the mother and daughter attended
my lecture on "Life After Death" and sat in the front row. What was their
astonishment when there walked out onto the platform none other than
one of the young men who had visited her in her home! They wanted
to tell me the story and express their appreciation.
I was not then familiar with the Theosophical teaching concerning
"invisible helpers", but I came upon it soon afterwards, and thereafter
made it a practice to determine, before going to sleep each night, that I
would engage in this type of service. I must confess, however, that I had
in those early days no memory of having done so on the occasion related
to me by the very grateful mother.
Other recollections come to me in connection with my work in Man-
chester. During the ceremony of my admission to the Theosophical
Lodge in that city, I was only half aware of what was going on outwardly,
because I was watching a kind of dual vision. This appeared to consist of
a large, almost living pair of scales and, beside it, a ceremonial chair. The
President of the Lodge, a seeress and my valued occult instructor, noticed
my abstraction and afterwards asked me about it. I shared the vision with
her and she, most inspiringly and truly as I later came to know, inter-
preted it for me. The scales, she said, symbolized the working out of
much karma. both adverse and favourable, from previous lives, a balan-
cing of the different aspects. The chair, she felt, obviously symbolized
my future occult development.


One of the most striking and helpful experiences in my life came to me

at about this time. World War I had broken out, and I was inwardly tom.
My Theosophical studies had led me to a deep appreciation of the qUality
of compassion, and I shrank from enlisting and indeed from the whole
thought of the life of a soldier. I found no solution and my uncertainty
and distress continued. One night I awoke with the full memory of
having been in the Presence of a very great Master, robed and shining
with white light. His right hand was extended towards me, and in it was
an upward-turned shining sword. My doubts dissolved, and I knew at
once that my duty lay in the defence of the small country of Belgium, just
then being invaded by the Gennan anny. Almost immediately I joined
the Cavalry Regiment, I for I had learned to ride as a boy. Ever since that
time, I have seen clearly the difference between a war of aggression - ever
indefensible - and a war of defence, always justifiable, indeed essential, I
have come to think.
Later, while an officer. in the Royal Tank Corps in training in Dorset-
shire, I was a privileged visitor in the home of a prominent Theosophist in
Bournemouth. On one occasion, having arrived there after a tiring week
of training and a motorcycle ride of several miles, I retired to the room
which L'was pennitted to use on such visits for what I anticipated would
be a necessary rest. I had scarcely stretched out on the bed, however,
before I was wholly caught up m the consciousness of being in the
Presence of one of the great Masters of the Wisdom, the Master Kuthumi.
I remained there for a time in deep meditation. Finally I rose and, hearing
a sound outside my window, I looked out into the garden. There I saw a
large group of people being addressed by an elderly gentleman. I went
out and joined the group. I found the speaker to be none other than Mr
A.P. Sinnett, the recipient of many letters2 from that particular great
Adept and, so far as one knows, His pupil. This fact seemed to under-
score the earlier vision, and the whole incident gave me greater awareness
of the reality of the Master.

I Geoffrey related to me, that when the war drew to a close and the men of the cavalry
had to part from their horses, some of them had grown so fond of their animals,
preswnably being together throughout the battles, that they put their arms round their
horses' necks and wept
Z The Mahatma Leners to A.P. Sinnett. transcribed and compiled by A.T. Buker.

One day, about this time, I had come in from parade, probably driving
a tank, and was lying on my bunk.. To my astonislunent I had a super-
physical visit from my brother Stanley, who was then in France with the
Canadian Army. His head was bound up and I knew that he had been
mortally wounded. ShonIy afterwards, news came from my mother in
London that he had been killed in the Battle of Lens, which took place at
about the time of his visit to me.
On another occasion, when I was undergoing special training in the
use of a new tank in France, I was meditating near the church of St Martin
Les Deux Eglises at the edge of a small wood. I was suddenly over-
whelmed with the consciousness, however partial, of the awe-inspiring
majesty of the Supreme Deity, and I passed into really deep contempla-
Almost every day, when I was off duty, I went into the church at Les
Deux EgliseS', and there I would sit in the front pew and try to meditate.
The training I was undergoing was especially rigorous; the new type of
tank which we were learning to use was to enable us to take a team of
machine gunners ahead of the retreating enemy and put them in the
Gennan trench so they could operate from there as the Gennans came in.
Not only was the work exhausting but, although I was not very conscious
of it at the time, I suppose I was frightened, for the kind of action for
which we were preparing meant going right behind the Gennan lines, a
manoeuvre of extreme danger.
One day, as I sat in this church, trying to pray and looking at the
beautiful stained glass depiction of St Martin bestowing his cloak upon a
beggar, I became aware that the real Personage had ''moved from the
window" and had come to stand directly above and behind me. I felt a
great stream of healing grace and spiritual power descend upon me; and
then, almost as though he spoke in words, I received the absolute assur-
ance that, in whatever actions I might be engaged in the future, I would be
quite safe and would return home unharmed when the war was over. I
could scarcely believe that such a thing had happened to me, but the
conviction became so strong that my fear completely vanished.
The next day I returned to the church and the whole experience was
repeated; and this occurred on another occasion also. The nervous condi-
tion which had been tomenting me disappeared and I felt an inner
assurance of complete safety. This remained with me throughout the
harro~g experiences which followed, especially during the great Allied
advance in August, and right on until the close of the war.

There were, however, a few occasions in which it seemed that my end
had surely come. In one such instance I was walking ahead of my tank,
guiding it forward in the night in preparation for an attack. Suddenly I
discovered that I was backing into a great row of barbed wire. The tank
continued to move forward and would soon have crushed me underneath,
but by some miracle (I cannot explain it) the driver felt impelled to stop.
Thus did 1 escape by almost a hair's breadth.
Again, during the attack on the St Quentin Canal, I was in the nearby
village of Hargicourt. It was necessary for me to keep closely in touch
with all information about the enemy, and 1 gained a great deal of
valuable knowledge by going to the dugout where prisoners of war were
questioned. One piece of information was so important that I hurried
back to my tank in order to pass it on as quickly as possible. This tank,
incidentally, was the first to be equipped with radio for direct communi-
cation with headquarters. The village was under shellfire, and as I walked
rapidly down the street, a huge shell came over and seemed to be aimed
directly at me. There was pressure as of a hand between my shoulders,
and I was forced to lie flat on the ground. The shell came down a few
yards behind me, and all the power of the explosion passed over me. My
tin hat came off and rolled down the street, while 1 lay there for a time,
rather stunned. But 1 was unharmed except for a mild concussion which
lasted some three weeks but was not sufficiently severe to keep me from
the performance of duty.l
Of course, 1 shared in the general relief and gratitude when the war
came to an end.


My position with the Manchester branch of a large London interior

decorating firm had been held for me, and I thankfully returned there after
my discharge from military service. My Theosophical associations were
also still alive and vital. However, 1 soon found myself struggling with a
total lack of interest in business. The unique qUality of comradeship
which develops in groups sharing the stark. realities of war had so per-

I Jane Hodson told me that Geoffrey was sent for on the field of battle by Field Marshal

Haig and congratulated for his bravery in action. Geoffrey then introduced his men to
the Field Marshal and subsequently was recommended for the Military Cross.

meated me that it became increasingly difficult to adjust to the atmo-
sphere of commerce. I simply wanted to give everything away. For a
time, however, no other avenue opened for me.
Then came a wonderful and unsought relief, as on so many occasions
in my life. I received an invitation from the head of the world Y.M.C.A.
to become one of its active directors and to take over a post in some city
in England. TIns invitation came when I was on honeymoon with my
dear earlier wife, Jane, in the beautiful Lake District, and one of its
conditions was that I should go immediately to London for an interview.
Although this meant abrupt termination of a very happy time, Jane and I
decided that I should go. As a result of the interview I accepted the
appointment, resigned my position with the interior decorating firm, and
arranged to attend the school of instruction which preceded actually
taking over a Y.M.C.A. post. Eventually I was assigned as Y.M.CA.
secretary in the city of Preston, in Lancashire.
Unfortunately, the country was then in the throes of an outbreak of
strikes in a great many areas, and one industry after another was forced to
close. as a result. This inevitably affected the work of the Y.M.C.A., as
promise after. promise of financial help was withdrawn. The outlook
seemed bleak indeed.
Again, a kind of miracle intervened. I began to have very definite and
peculiar occult experiences, quite unsought as it happened, for the
Y.M.C.A. work with the young people in Preston absorbed most of my
time and energy.


Jane and I lived in a large old house just outside the city. A wonderful
pet, a rough-haired fox-terrier named Peter, shared our home and was
actually the means of a startling development in my life. He was highly
intelligent and very much a part of our lives. In winter he loved to lie near
the fire and could almost always be found there while we ourselves
relaxed during the evening hours.
However, one evening, to our surprise, he left the fireside and went to
the far end of the long room, where he stood for some time staring into a
comer. Very curious, we called him, but he did not respond. Now and
then his eyes would roll as though watching something flying about the
room; otherwise he stared at what, from our view, seemed empty space.

Finally Jane said, "00 go and see what Peter is looking at."
I went and sat beside our pet and put my ann about him. "What is it
you are seeing, Peter?" I asked. Then suddenly he and I together became
aware clairvoyantly of the presence of many members of the fairy king-
dom and a great deva which I believe brought them to us, using the
instinctual clairvoyance of Peter to attract my attention. I must describe
the experience in the light of later knowledge, for I did not then under-
stand it. The comer of the room was filled with the great glowing aura of
the deva, and in this aura, at about the level of our eyes, were a number of
nature sPirits. They kept moving about within the great cloud of light;
occasionally one would flash out about the room, alighting on the archi-
traves at the top of the door, or on some other object in the room. Then,
all at once, the auric cloud seemed to open and all the creatures within it
were freed to dart about the room. I went back to where Jane sat by the
fireplace and tried to describe to her what I had seen and was still seeing -
especially one brownie who tramped up and down the fireside carpet in a
most amusing manner.
Indeed, I was very greatly indebted to Jane in this particular relation-
ship as in all others; for from the first moment when I began to speak of
occult awakenings, visions, and experiences, she unfailingly both re-
sponded an<1 faithfully recorded every single one of them. In conse-
quence, J'Was both supported personally and assisted in the production of
all my books upon the subject of the kingdom of the fairy and the Angelic
Hosts. From described visions of fairies later carried out at Sheepscombe
to the quite sudden and totally unexpected establishment of the link with
the Maha-Deva Bethelda1 and receipt of His teaching, she carefully wrote
word for word every record of such experiences. Without this ever ready
aid, the books referred to could hardly have appeared.
Thus came about the beginning of my study of the kingdoms of faerie
arid angels, for the visitations continued through that long cold winter. At
that time, not knowing the significance of my life, I regarded myself
simply as an explorer in a new land, recording these happenings as
accurately as I could. Most of the descriptions eventually found their way
into my book, Fairies at Work and at Play.
. When spring came, Jane and I went out into the fields and woods and
onto the moors, carrying out these studies in the midst of Nature itself.

I Seep. 16.

I 'Ibis was indeed a wonderful time, during which I gained much know-
ledge of the kingdom of the angels through the different parts of England,

and especially in the Lake District and the mountains. In the midst of all
this, I was trying very hard to fulfil the Y.M.C.A. secretaryship but, due
to the continuing strikes, my success was not outstanding.


Again destiny seemed to intervene. A group of Theosophists in

London had evidently heard something of what had been happening, and
invited Jane and me to go to London and work with them in the establish-
ment of new methods in various fields of human welfare, including
medicine and the healing of the sick. I had an interview with our great
friend and brother, Mr Baillie-Weaver,) at his office in London, with the
result that I accepted the invitation.
We sold our house in Preston and went to London to live under the
auspices of this very wealthy group, among whom was at least one
millionaire and one member of the British aristocracy, Lady Muriel
Delaware. Both became fast friends and shared in the investigations into
healing techniques. I have written about all this elsewhere, but I may say
here that while I worked with a group of physicians in the study of the
procedures of healing, I became aware of the collaboration of Orders of
what I must regard as healing angels. Indeed, some quite remarkable
events, such as sudden heatings without much effort on my part, did
continually occur during the six years or more that I remained in this
work. The general nature of the undertaking was described and published
in the book, Some Unrecognized Factors in Medicine, edited by my very
close friend, Dr Tudor Edmunds. This is now available in Quest Books,
published by the Theosophical Publishing House.
Another undertaking during this time was a study of prenatal life, for
our researches into the deep-rooted sources of human illness pointed
again and again to the importance of this phase in the cyclic reincarna-
tions of the spiritual Self or human Ego. It was suggested, and I agreed,
that I should engage with these doctors in investigating the processes
which take place during this period. Fortunately, a special opportunity
was offered, as the wife of one of the physicians was expecting a child.

1A barrister and leading English TheosophisL

'This enabled me to watch the process of the embryo's development from
week to week. In addition, two of the co-operating doctors maintained a
large maternity home in the south of London, and provided me with
opportunities to carry out similar investigations there. Here, too, I
became aware of the co-operation of Orders of angels, including that
wondrous Representative of the Feminine Principle of Deity which we
have come to call the World Mother. I have recorded my findings in my
small work, The Miracle of Birth.
As this part of my life is being recorded, I think I should include here
my meeting with a highly clairvoyant lady, Mrs Mary de 1a Middleton.
She had heard of me and the experiments I was undertaking, and sent a
message through a friend inviting Jane and me to have afternoon tea with
her, which we did. I soon saw that she was a remarkable person, quiet,
unassuming, with large and wonderful eyes, and an inner poise. She
impressed me very deeply.
Her Master (Master Rakoczy) had instructed her to offer me guidance
in this work of diagnosis, healing, and occult research, which she subse-
quently did. She showed me how to awaken clairvoyance into activity
when required, how to focus consciousness at different levels, and how to
project certain forces into the subtle and even the physical bodies of
patients ~cording to their needs.
We made a practice of her coming once a week, and as I would go
through the list of patients with her, naming and describing them, she
could herself "see" and, where necessary, rediagnose the case, and help
me with the occult force to be used. She taught me so much that I greatly
needed to know, and therefore meeting Mrs de la Middleton was avery,
very important event in my life.


It was at about this time that another strange event occurred. 'This was
in August of 1925 and concerned arrangements that had been made for
Jane and myself, with a group of friends, to spend a holiday in a house
that had been reserved for us in Newquay, Cornwall. However, just as we
were preparing to leave for Cornwall, we received word from the owner
of the house that it was no longer available. It looked very much as
though our holiday would have to be abandoned or some alternative
arrangement made. We had not arrived at a decision when, much to our

surprise, a letter came from a complete stranger offering the use of a
cottage in the valley of Sheepscombe in Gloucestershire. The writer
stated that she had received, on two occasions, a strong impression that
she should write to us and offer us her home for the month of August and
for as long as we might need it. We accepted her offer and went down to
i . the beautiful valley "f Sheepscombe to find a well-built, commodious
cottage awaiting us, and a family nearby, ready to help us with the
household duties.


Indeed, it is quite impossible for me to describe the many extremely

beneficent results arising from the intuitive action of our hostess, Mrs
Florence TiEidiman. She was a member of the Theosophical Society and
evidently a true mystic in the real meaning of the word.
Almost as soon as Jane and I met this most generous helper, a strong
friendship developed with her and her family, resulting in voyages being
made together to Holland, and residence - again with us as her guests -
near the great European occult Centre of St Michael's, Huizen [NaardenJ.
Whilst verbally I have continued to express my deep appreciation and
gratitude to Mrs Tiddiman, I here wish to record publicly my deep feeling
of respect and thankfulness to her - my greatly valued friend and helper;
for from her spontaneous invitation arose everything which made
possible my fairy and angel books, beginning there with The Brotherhood
of Angels and of Men and culminating thus far in the illustrated work,
The Kingdom of the Gods.
Sheepscombe is a small village slightly over a hundred miles from
London, fortunately still unspoilt, probably because there is no highway
through it. The few houses are built of lovely Cotswold stone, and all
stand within the remains of what was once a large beech forest. The
whole valley is wonderfully peaceful, and when we were there it proved
to be very rich in fairy life, enabling me to continue the investigations I
had begun at Preston. It was a charming place, with green meadows,
fruitful orchards, flowering gardens, and even a little stream nearby which
ran through the valley. A village church added to the atmosphere of
tranquillity. So delighted were we with the place that we returned there
whenever we could for rest and relaxation. But it was on that first holiday
that an extraordinary experience came to me.


I ,

Jane and I were lying on a hillside at the edge of what remained of the
beech forest; I was dictating to her my observations as 1 studied the fairy
life about us, and I had noticed an especially beautiful fairy associated
with a tree about fifty yards in front of us. Quite suddenly, and entirely
unsought, I had a tremendous expansion of consciousness. It seemed that
the whole heavens opened and became filled with light, and I was caught
up into a height which I had never hitherto attained. All was radiant with
"The light that never was, on sea or land".l Gradually, as I tried to adjust
myself to this new experience in the higher consciousness (the Causal
level, at least, I believe it to have been), I ~came aware of the Presence of
a great angelic Being from Whose consciousness to mine there began to
flow a stream of ideas concerning the life, the forces, and the conscious-
ness of the universe as these realities express themselves in both angels
and human beings. So far as I was able to discern in the brilliant light, He
was supernally beautiful - is supernally beautiful, I should say, for the
link with Him has never been broken. (I use the masculine pronoun for
convenience only.) He was majestic, godlike, impassive, and utterly
impersonal. Eventually, He communicated to me that He might be
known by the name of Bethelda. A Hebrew friend of mine, an expert in
the Kabbalah, later gave the meaning of this name as "the Angel of the
House of God".
As teacher, Bethelda began to communicate to me knowledge about
the Angelic Hosts and especially the possibility of founding a great
movement which He Himself entitled "The Brotherhood of Angels and of
Men". 1 dictated to my wife Jane as the message came to me, missing
some parts because 1 was too far out of ordinary consciousness to bring it
all "down" into our customary speech. There poured into my mind in the
most beautiful language the whole concept of a time to come when
brotherhood would really be established among the humans of our earth
along with a companionship, a co-operation, a genuine brotherhood
between the angels and mankind.
And so a wonderful gateway opened into realms of light. Daily
entering that gateway. 1 became aware of the great ocean of the life and
force and soul of the universe and its myriad denizens - the spiritual

1 Elegiac Stanzas. by William Wordsworth.

Selves of men and Supennen and the vast company of Angelic Hosts, the
Shining Ones - all engaged in the creation of a celestial symphony, with
the Logos as the divine Composer, and great Beings Who assimilate the
mighty creative chords in Their primordial potency and re-echo them
through all Their ranks from the highest spiritual worlds to the realm of
everlasting archetypes. These are the great sound fonns, I learned gradu-
ally, upon which and by which the universe is modelled according to the
divine idea. The music of the creative song passes through the lower
worlds to where man responds to it, perceiving it as the varied fonns of
Nature. Thus it seemed to me that when the Master Musician enunciates
the great theme for His Solar System, a mighty paean sounds forth in
answer from the innumerable celestial beings. From and through them, as
the sound of myriads of harps touched by immortal hands, this music
pours forth to create - to shape - the material universe. Since the great
Artist of the universe perpetually creates, the symphony is forever being
composed and perfonned. Wondrously, and without the knowledge of
humans, all life dwells amidst these celestial harmonies, the music of the
spheres, but only he who hears "takes off his shoes".!
Such, in part, is the vision which once I had, lying on a hillside in
England. This vision still lives with me, and there has come with it the
knowledge that the Gods Who were once so near to the ancient races of
men were none other than the Angelic Hosts, that throughout the great
racial darkness They have still been near though unperceived, and that the
time will come when once again the Gods will walk with men. For that
day, man must prepare. Ugliness must be banished, war outlawed,
brotherhood must reign, beauty must be enshrined in human hearts and
revealed through human lives. Then to a humanity united in one fratern-
ity, the Gods will draw near, reveal Their immortal loveliness and lend
Their aid in building a new world, a new Temple in which all men may
perceive and adore the Supreme as BEAUTY.2
The messages continued during several visits until at last there was a
considerable manuscript. The challenge was staggering, for I did not feel
·at all adequate to be a leader in bringing about such a tremendous change
in human thought.

1 Aurora Leigh, by E.B. Browning.

2A similar passage appears in the Introduction to The Kingdom of the Gods, by
j Geoffrey Hodson.

I 17

Fortunately, at the time we completed the manuscript of messages

from Bethelda, no less a person than Dr Armie Besant, President of the
Theosophical Society, was in London. I sent some of the manuscript to
her and asked for her advice concerning whether I should continue to
receive these teachings and eventually publish them. Shortly thereafter, I
went to the home of Lady Delaware, where Dr Besant was staying, and
talked with her. She told me she had read the manuscript.
"Mr Hodson," she said, "this is just what we have been expecting. It is
one of the signs of the coming of the New Age."
"Does this mean, Dr Besant," I asked, "that I. who am without any
position whatever in the world, am to announce the formation of a
movement called 'The Brotherhood of Angels and of Men '?"
"I will test that," she replied, and was silent for some minutes. Finally
she said, "Yes, proceed, and I will support you. If you wish. I shall be
glad to write an introduction to your first volume. "I
Of course, I was deeply grateful. Humbly - on my knees. almost - I
thanked her. and then, most encouraged. I went down to the village of
SheepscoOlbe. The flow of ideas continued.
'I'llt first volume which resulted from these experiences. and for which
Dr Besant wrote the introduction. is entitled - as might be expected - The
Brotherhood ofAngels and ofMen. Four more angel books followed. the
last being The Supreme Splendour.
Thus. what began as an interesting personal study of the kingdom of
faerie led into communication with the kingdom of the angels and the
writing of several books and, indeed, all that has followed.
As we were leaving the valley for the last time before going on a world
lecturing tour, Bethelda gave me the only personal talk I have ever had
with Him . .. I have tried to live up to it. He said. "If you so wish. you
can be an ambassador from the angelic kingdoms to humanity and travel
around the world bringing to people as much of this message' in an
acceptable form as they are willing to take. I will still be willing to help
you, wherever you are. This is My name, Bethelda, and you can call upon
Me for aid." And never since that time, after the passage of all these
years, have I lost touch with Him.

I See Plate II.

~ /);.":, ~ .. rn •
.l~ f~N.'~'"
~p~. j
!~ /f1L ~~../~
~ ~:~ Hu.~-t'MtIL
I#I,'fJ., ?

f6-" ~ ~ I~
./""<,L U' , ... .at

J~~~-'r~ ZU
~.r.:r;- "'- "'U-rd:e..L~ Q ..".,r.~
~ ~ ~N.Io/~, A!"'';~'
~ 9~. ~ •• fA.U..,.J. ~-jQ"~
~t ".~ ~.~ .. b e ",- ""r-." t~­
~,?l....zw...,.+~,4-; ~ (~~
~ •• ~ ~ tJlJ.~ ~ AC;;: ~
~ ...".,6,,;,-o---OiA. ~~ ~..., ~
~~ ~, ,~, -&- ~ 6...., ..,.
~ ~-< .. ~ ~-&..r~, eo- ..u.
... ~ -IaA. ';"';~.~""''Y-- ~ ~ ...,
.... ~ ~ ~.Iii~1 -e "-f RiA..
~~~~u.~4 ..
~ ?~ ~ ~, <#. 4~ ..Q
~ ~e~ ~ ~4 ~c.. ~ ~"~,
~ ~M1'·~·'~~r?~
In that last communication with Bethelda in Sheepscombe, He showed
me the possibility of my taking this message, of the existence of the
angels and nature spirits as real beings, to mankind. I could give some
infonnation about their place in the economy of Nature, how they were
members of a parallel stream of evolving life, using this planet and solar
system side by side with humanity for their purposes of evolution and
work. This was the message that I was to take to the world which I was
now going to enter. I was leaving my retreat. I was leaving my time of
research and study, meditation, and communion with Him and other
angels, and now going right out into humanity and another kind of life
He told me that this was the purpose and meaning of all my contacts
with the angelic kingdom, from that first experience when a deva brought
the fairies into my room, on through all that happened thereafter. All
were outwotkings of a plan which could become my dharma.
As friends have expressed it, the devas have taken me into their ranks,
and asked me to be their accredited agent to whatever country I go. And
since that Sheepscombe communion, they come to me at once in greeting
... As far as I remember, in practically every country, the devas have
found occasion to give me welcome to that area of the planet.
Since then, I have travelled around the world, lectured to large audi-
ences in many countries, and taught many classes. Often I have been
asked to expound this whole idea of the existence of the fairy kingdom
and the Angelic Hosts and the wonderful possibility of a true brotherhood
of angels and of men. In a manner which I could not have foreseen, the
response has been remarkable, evidencing the hunger in the human heart
for assurance of life beyond the mundane physical world. A number of
groups in different parts of the world - I have no idea how many - are
using the invocation from The Brotherhood of Angels and of Men, espe-
cially the one for healing, in collaboration with the Angelic Hosts. So~ in
however small a way, the great movement has been established and
In 1929, events combined to bring that period of my life [occult
research and healing in London] to an end. And just at that time, when I
was uncertain what to do, there came an invitation from the. American
Section for us both to attend the septennial World Congress in Chicago.
We accepted, and travelled over with Miss Dara Codd and Mr Peter
Freeman, by ship to Canada, then to Chicago.

It was there that I received the angelic expression of greeting and
welcome to that great continent while I was on the roof of our hotel
overlooking the lake. A number of shining beings hovered above. caught
my consciousness and saluted. giving me the sense of readiness to sup-
port - a wonderful experience.
Following the Congress. we embarked upon lecture tours for four I

years. travelling practically the whole American Section except the

Northwest and Southeast. During that time. there were some memorable
occult incidents. discoveries made in research. and continued clairvoyant
diagnoses of disease and healing for individuals.
At this point. perhaps. I should mention that although I had tried my
very best to describe the angelic kingdom lucidly and accurately. I always
felt that mere words could not do justice to the splendour and beauty. the
wonder. of the more advanced members of these hosts. An artist was
needed - someone who could collaborate with me in depicting these great
beings on canvas. And then another kind of miracle took place.



After le~ring in the United States. Jane and I went to South Africa on
a lecture tour. and then on to India to the International Headquarters of the
Theosophical Society at Adyar. near Madras. where we stayed for a time
and participated in the work. Later we returned to South Africa. where
many people had expressed deep interest in the subjects on which I was
writing. The ship on which we travelled was a small one and it was
possible to become acquainted with other passengers. There was a family
on board. a Mr and Mrs Quail and their daughter. Ethelwynne. who knew
about Theosophy. and we at once fonned a happy quintet. They had
asked me whether I was the Geoffrey Hodson who had written the books
on fairies and angels. When I replied that I was. and that I hoped they had
found my books believable. one of them replied. "Of course we do! We
have read all your books and are deeply interested. II

Mr Quail was a leading South African architect. just then engaged in

building a hospital in Capetown. Their daughter. who had done some of
the statues in Capetown. was an artist in several fields. including paint- ;

ing. sculpture. and poetry. We found ourselves discussing the desirability

of illustrating a book with paintings of some of the magnificent members


of the Angelic Hosts, with the result that we agreed, when circumstances
permitted, we would get together for this purpose.
Jane and I were again in India when we received a cable from the
Quails: "We invite you as our guests to come and stay with us for six
weeks in order to paint the pictures of the angels." We made arrange-
ments to go immediately, and were warmly welcomed at "St James", the
lovely home of the Quails a little distance outside of Capetown.
Miss Ethelwynne Quail and I set to work on our project. Many of the
paintings were done from my descriptions of the angels as I remembered
them. Occasionally, we explored together and Ethelwynne would paint
as I was directly observing one of these great beings. In one instance we
spent three or four days in a beautiful horticultural garden just outside of
Capetown, where I described and Ethelwynne painted the angel of Castle
Eventually; the paintings were completed and our time in South Africa
came to an end. Jane and I accepted invitations to travel and lecture in
Australia and New Zealand. We had the paintings with us but, at that
time, no idea whatever where the money would come from to publish a
book in which they could be used.
But the work was not in vain. As we travelled. different people who
saw the pictures determined that they must be published. Subscriptions
were sought and contributions began to materialize. Members of the
Theosophical Society in Sydney and Java were particularly generous. At
last the Theosophical Publishing House at Adyar agreed to publish a book
with all the illustrations, and The Kingdom of the Gods became a reality.
Since that time. the book has gone through many printings and just now.
as I make this record, a new one has been released.
Of course, as I look at the pictures. I realise that no illustrations,
however beautifully done, could do justice to these marvellous beings.
some of whose auras reach for half a mile out over mountainsides. The
two-dimensional depictions - no matter how brilliant. and they are bril-
liant - cannot possibly catch the living splendour of the beings them-
selves. However. I continue to be deeply grateful for the opportunity to
offer to readers some hint. at least. of their supernal beauty and magnifi-


After the visit to South Mrica during which the deva paintings were
done, we accepted an invitation from Miss· Dara Codd, who was then
Secretary of the Australian Section, to visit and tour that country. We
arrived in April after a very rough voyage, and quickly began the work of
lecturing. Jane's health must now be seriously allowed for, because it
changed the pattern of my life considerably. She had been suffering since
1929, obselVably if slightly, from disseminated sclerosis which gradually
progressed. I had everything possible done, by every means we could
find in any country that we visited, to ameliorate the situation. It was in
Australia that she had to give up coming to lectures, playing the piano for
me, and participating in my public life at all. This was a very, very severe
blow to both of us.
Shortly after arriving in Australia, I experienced another of those
welcoming greetings which I received from the devas of the country. It
occurred in King's Parle, which is on an eminence overlooking the broad
Swan River at Perth. From there you could see the whole city and beyond
to the Darling Ranges, behind which lie the hinterland and the rest of
Australia. A large number of great golden devas appeared in the air some
distance away,.and gave me the customary kind of greeting and assurance
of such as~tance as was within their power throughout my tour. This
was a totally unexpected experience, and showed me again the reality of
the inner association with the deva kingdom in general, which the
Teacher Bethelda had really established for me. I found that ever after-
wards such recognition was always readily available.
It was at this time that Jane and I met a young Theosophist, Miss
Sandra Chase, whose mother had been a prominent social worker in
Perth, founding the Chase Homes for elderly people, which are still
operative. Sandra became drawn to both of us, and spent all the time she
could with us while we were in Perth.
One day she drew my attention to Jane's increasing disabilities, and
asked what I was going to do about it, since obviously I could not go on
lecturing and travelling much longer if I was to give my whole life to
nursing her. She offered to come as soon as she was able, if I liked, and
care for Jane. Well, she and Jane had become great friends, and this
seemed to me to be a very remarleable offer.

However, we sailed away from Perth to Adelaide without any deci-
sion. Then, when Sandra became free, Jane wired to her to come and join
the family.
Eventually, during the three or more years in Australia, Jane's health
completely broke down, and she could no longer stand. We did tour the
whole continent, however, and finally settled at the Manor. I worlc.ed for
two years in Sydney as president of the Blavatsky Lodge there. Then the
New Zealand Section invited me to tour that country. Sandra was in
charge of Jane, and they were happy together. We had a Dodge car in
which it was possible, by using a wheelchair and a little help from Sandra,
to take Jane for drives, reducing the sense of imprisonment for her.
Everyone at the Manor was exceedingly helpful and kind. So I accepted,
and went to New Zealand on 17 December 1940, landing at Wellington in
time for the Convention which was held at Christchurch. Miss Emma
Hunt was then General Secretary, and I embarked upon a tour for three
months in the main cities.
However, Jane's health began to decline rapidly, and Sandra cabled
me that if I did not go back, or if Jane could not be brought to me, she
probably would not live long. She was becoming seriously ill from
loneliness, never really having been parted from me in our marriage till
then. We both felt it very deeply when partings occurred. So Miss Hunt
found a house in Epsom, where many Theosophists live, and Sandra
brought Jane with all our possessions over on the Monterey. They settled
into that house while I was far away in Dunedin.
I arrived home to a situation of great sadness and severity. Jane's
decline was rather serious. The doctor, however, stabilized it to some
extent, and we were able to nurse her between us for some months,
though the effort was very great indeed . .. Her health continued to
deteriorate, and she at last saw that we could not go on any longer, and
asked me to place her in a nursing home, which I did. She no longer
suffered pain, and adjusted herselfto life in a private nursing home which
was made comfortable and as nice as possible for her, with my help and
Sandra's constant help when I was away.
The Second World War had broken out and prevented any further
touring, even if I had wanted to, although after staying beside Jane for one
year, I did start touring the New Zealand Section again. This cessation
from travel gave me a great opportunity for fuller study of Theosophical
literature. I read right through practically all the major worlc.s again: the
writings of H.P. Blavatsky and her successors including A.P. Sinnett and

G.R.S. Mead, whose writings I liked very much. TIlls led on to deeper
studies of occultism, books on Kabbalism and the Tarot and all the world
religions, and of special interest, the language of symbols. So I was
greatly indebted for this time in which to deepen my understanding and
such knowledge of Theosophy as I may have attained.
An interesting development occurred through which I became drawn
into the woric of animal welfare, concerning which I had not involved
myself very much, though Jane had been very active in it, and used to
lecture and broadcast upon it during our tours together. The newspaper
announced a meeting of people interested in vegetarianism. I happened to
notice the advertisement and, thinking that New Zealand was to be the
home of the new subrace, and that the Manu would welcome any refine-
ment of the people through diet, I attended the meeting. I took a back seat
but joined in where I could, and before long I found myself being invited
to come to take the chair and conduct the meeting, which I did. There was
so much enthusiasm that I put it to the meeting as to whether we should I.
found a New Zealand vegetarian society. The decision to do so was
unanimous, and we did, there and then. I found myself elected as
president, an office which I have held down to the time of dictating these
memoirs (1957).
As I toured the country on behalf of the Theosophical Society, I was
able to se~re the assistance of a great many members who were, of their
own free will, vegetarians, and to enrol many of them into membership in
this new society. The result was that it prospered. The Theosophical
membership devotedly came forth in the branches that were fonned in the
principal cities in New Zealand, with groups in the smaller places. It is
still an -active organization, producing a good quarterly magazine.
Then another animal welfare organization developed, in pursuit of the
idea of the world week for animal· welfare campaign, the first week of
October. Several of us had the idea of holding a kind of union with
delegates or representatives from the different animal welfare organiza-
tions, chiefly in Auckland then, to make the celebration as fine as we
possibly could. OUt of that idea grew the Council of the Combined
Animal Welfare Organizations of New Zealand, a unique body of c0-
operative animal welfare woricers, which also is active right down to
today. I am still holding the office of president.
By that time Jane's health had become stabilized, and the progress of
the disease apparently arrested by the treatments applied DY her New
Zealand doctor. She was comfortable in her nursing home and in herself,

so she insisted that I should now accept the numerous invitations to
revisit the different countries abroad for lecture tours. Sandra would be
there as company and to see to her extra wants. So I did accept, and have
toured almost continuously until now (1957), visiting Australia, the
United States of America, Canada, England, Holland, and India again.
As I continue this work of meeting the public all over the world, trying
to bring to them the teachings of Theosophy through lectures and per-
sonal consultations in their troubles, I find the effect of it all has been to
deepen into a profound and unshakeable conviction my belief that Theo-
sophy is the world's greatest need. I feel that if we follow the direction of
one of the great Adepts at the beginning of the experiment in the 1870s
and 1880s to "popularize a knowledge of Theosophy", the world problem
of dividedness would be solved, and the hearts of those who are in great
need spiritually, mentally, and physically would be healed; the way to
prevention of suffering would be shown.
So I've come to see the teaching of Theosophy as a profoundly
important mission. I have felt increasingly what a tremendous privilege
and opportunity it has been to respond to invitations to travel the world,
lecturing on the Divine Wisdom.
This realization deepened and grew upon me as some thirty years of
such work went on, joyous years. They, in a sense, came to a wonderful-
I don't like the word "climax", because it suggests "end" - consummation
for a time, for me, in an invitation from the President of the Theosophical
Society. Mr N. Sri Ram, to accept the position of Director of Studies at
the School of the Wisdom in the two different sessions of 1953-54 and
1954-55. This School of the Wisdom was brought into existence largely
under the inspiration of Mr C. Jinarajadasa, who conceived a special
school where members of the Society could come and live at Adyar and
study together, having the advantage of the Adyar library and various
speakers and authorities gathered there under a director. I quickly wel-
comed the invitation, and enjoyed directing two sessions of six months
each. Because students came from so many countries and spoke so many
different languages, I was forced to simplify my presentations of Theo-
sophy and make them a little easier to understand.
I might include here some of the interesting, not necessarily occult,
experiences with the students and by myself during this period in India.


. . . Farther southwards more beauty at Tiruvannamalai (notice the

prefix Tiro, holy) a very ancient and sacred temple centre at the foot of the
famous hill called Arunachala, brought to western knowledge by Paul
Brunton in his book In Search of Secret India, where he tells about it and
his contact with the Maharishi, Shri Ramana Maharishi, of whom I will
speak a little. The hill itself is supposed to be one of the oldest mountain-
masses in India, and has been regarded as a very sacred hill from long
ago. The word "Arunachal a" means "vision of light" or "beacon of
light", and is dedicated to and thought to be a centre of the power of the
Third Aspect of the Trimurti. which simply means "three powers", and is
the Indian or Sanskrit word for ''Trinity''. At the foot of it there is a very
ancient temple, one of the gates or gopurams being older than all the rest
On the other side of the hill remains the ashram of Shri Ramana
Maharishi whose story is very illuminating ... He used to teach in a large
room where he would lie upon a couch with the people on the floor all
around him. From all over the world people like Brunton came to him to
sit at his feet and ask him questions, listening to his learned addresses on
the spiritual life. I have heard many who knew him, testify to one
peculiarity of the sage. You did not have to ask your questions, merely sit
with him and the proper answer to them sooner or later arose in your mind
without any verbal question and answer. He was very deeply revered by
large numbers of people, and came to be called "Maharishi"; which
means "great Rishi".
I was granted the privilege of going into the room in which Shri
Ramana Maharishi lived. The little room was regarded as particularly
sanctified, and I sat there where all his things were: his crutch and a few
bowls, an incense holder for pujas. All seemed to have been kept as it
was when they took the body away. I then thought I would try to see if
his influence was still there as I feldt was, and would ask a question
mentally. So I meditated for quite a time till I felt myself definitely in
touch with him and seemed to see him in higher worlds. I held in my
mind the request to please enunciate a principle of spiritual development
After ~ time the following words effortlessly fonned themselves in my
mind: "Voluntarily imprisoned within you as light is an omnipotent
power. Set it free. Let the light shine." Those words may not seem so
very much to some people, but they produced a most profound and
illuminating effect upon me. I used them as an introductory sentence to

my little book on meditation, A Yoga of Light, which was written shortly
after that experience.
While I was being driven around Arunachala after I had visited
Maharishi's ashram, I turned to my Indian friends, one of whom was an
advocate living in Tiruvannamalai, and asked if this hill did not shelter
other holy men. He answered that it sheltered even greater than the
Maharishi. When I asked eagerly where they were, he said that they did
not reveal themselves, but were known to be up in the heights of the hill.
Some shepherds and village people sometimes saw them, and even took
them food. Then I urged for information as to there being one known to
be available to interview. My friends looked at each other for a few
moments, and answered that there was one called Shiva who they felt sure
woul.d receive me. We decided -to go at once.
Circling the hill, we turned off the main road along a narrow lane
between the trees, closer towards Arunachala Hill itself. Eventually we
came to a beautiful clearing in the forest where there was a tank, a stone
or concrete-lined pool. As we got out of our car, one of my friends
exclaimed that there was Shiva over to the right, and I saw an almost
naked man who rose as we approached. He was elderly, erect, very well
in health, his skin seeming to glow with vitality. He was slender, with
long white hair nicely combed down onto his shoulders, with longish
moustache and beard, also white. But his eyes were alight with humour
and affection, and again that same inner light of which I spoke; indeed,
more than that. The whole bearing of the man demonstrated that he had
conquered the weaknesses of man and was self-ruled. a kind of king. His
very walk showed the most perfect freedom from any weakness, limita-
tion, or fear of anything whatever.
He received us near his own hut under a thatched roof open at the
sides. We sat down.on the concrete flooring and he on a curved concrete
seat. He had made the hut and the lining of the pool by his own hands.
He smiled upon us, and my friends introduced me and asked if I could
have a conference with him. He smiled radiantly. assenting. So we began
to talk about spiritual matters. yoga. philosophy, and the things I love to
discuss. He was very friendly, and when I came again on another
occasion he seemed to show a warm liking for me. Finally I ventured my
most important question. If a person had learned to meditate and could
hold his consciousness for a reasonable length of time in a sense of unity
with the Qpe Supreme Spirit, the essence of the universe. the Atma, what
was the next step? How does one lose the consciousness of the body as he

and others were able to do, and become absorbed in the Paramatma?
He laughed out loud at me, and said he could not tell me that. I must
learn that and be shown, not merely told. Then he was silent again. Of
course he had talked through interpreters because he only spoke the local
language, Tamil. Suddenly he turned to look at me, and asked how long I
could give him. I thought a moment, then realized that I could come the
hundred and fifty miles from Madras for a weekend by car, if friends were
available to drive me each way. So I said that I could come only for
twenty-four hours. He said that it was not enough time, but to come.
To cut a long story short, I came. A good English-speaking disciple of
his was there on that next visit, a man who had been in the civil service
and had had similar yearnings. He had given up that life to become an
ascetic. A very beautiful looking man he was, too. He called himself
Asangha Maya (not bound by maya). We became quite close friends in
that twenty-four hours.
The Shiva, as he is called, admitted me into his own sanctum which
simply was this concrete hut where he slept. There he gave me certain
instructions. They were not about getting into samadhi. I must admit, or
else I failed to understand them. But it was a certain knowledge and
combination of actions which I am not at liberty to describe, for sinking
into deeper Illeditation, and for the arousing of Kundalini. As I had
already a<;tiieved some of that, the effect upon me was very striking. The
Kundalini almost shot up and my whole body was electrified by it in his
presence. The disciple sat by me and, when our hands or arms touched,
would exclaim that I was electrified, for he felt the electric power shoot-
ing from me.
Well, Shiva went to bed and to sleep in his hut, while Asangha Maya .
and I spent the night outside. I had brought a bed and mosquito curtain.
He lay down on the concrete seat, having acquired the faculty of sleeping
anywhere, he said. But we did not sleep. I went on practising under his
guidance the procedure which had been shown me, until I was reasonably
adept in it, though it is nothing difficult. I plied him with questions and
we talked about the spiritual life all night long in that warm Indian
summer night. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience, all
within the aura of Shiva whom I felt to be a very great man. I developed a
very close affection for him and he for me, as it was seen to be expressed.
He bas written to me through an interpreter, and I to him. When my
friends go to see him, he asks after me. His other followers in different
parts of the world similarly have had these privileges. I have spiritual-


mental contact with him more or less all the time. Here was a person who

I had actually done the things about which we read, and it was a wonderful
thing to be in his beautiful presence.
On another occasion, having heard that another holy man was visiting
!I Conjeeveram, I sent a request through a local Theosophist, to know
whether he would receive the students of the School of the Wisdom. That

I was none other than the reigning Shri Shankaracharya, administrative and
spiritual head of the whole monastic centre, or mutt as it is called, of the
l ancient temple centre at Conjeeveram. The office has been held in an
unbroken line since the days of Shri Shankaracharya Himself, twenty-
three or four hundred years ago, according to Subba Row, one of the early
Theosophists and occultists connected with our Society. The Lord Shri
Shankaracharya is regarded occultly as a voluntary incarnation of one of
the Lords of the Flame following the Lord Buddha to correct certain
misconceptions, using some of the Lord Buddha's subtle vehicles.
Amongst other things, He established four such temple centres and or-
dained, as we would say in Christianity, the first of an unbroken series of
representatives of Him to bear His Name and preside over these centres
continuously down the ages. As far as I know, this has been kept up, and
the finest human beings available are called to occupy these positions,
regarded as amongst the highest in India.
Our request for audience was granted. We arrived on a Sunday
morning, and in due time were led into his presence. He had chosen a
walled garden a mile or so outside the city of Conjeeveram. It was a
sacred place, because for long years a holy man had lived and died there.
We went in through the garden gate. Nobody seemed to be there at first,
until, over on one side, right across the garden, we saw a figure sitting on
a mat under a tree. He was in a yellow robe with a chaplet of leaves
around his head. In front of him was spread Japanese matting to which
we were led. The Europeans saluted him in the usual fashion, and the
Indians prostrated themselves before him.
We sat down and, as the leader, I expressed gratitude to him for
granting us this audience, addressing him as "Your Holiness", which is
his title among his people, and told him who we were. He spoke very
good English, but an interpreter helped, and he began to ask all the
students questions in tum. Interestingly enough, these questions were
about their Lodges and how many members, what they did, and what they
taught ...
All of us bore testimony afterwards to being bathed in an atmosphere

of peace in the presence of this slight figure. Looking at him you would
never have thought that he held one of the highest positions in ecclesi-
astical India, so humble was he, but he did. Towards the end I asked him
if he would give us all a message to take back to the world for ourselves.
He had a peculiar habit of closing his eyes and being silent for quite a
time after every question, clearly allowing his consciousness to slip back
to where it seemed to be normally living. in a higher realm. That was
very marked with him, it appeared to me. The eyelids were half-closed
much of the time until his full attention was arrested. Then the eyes were
open and alive. He said, "Fix your mind upon God. Keep it there always,
and whenever it tends to move away from the thought of God, bring it
back instantly, until at last it becomes a habit always to keep one part of
your mind contemplating God."
He also spoke of universal truths that other holy men had stressed. For
example, that you can do nothing in the spiritual life until you have purity
of heart. Shiv a said the same several times. Purity of heart is of the
utmost importance, meaning that there must be no thought of personal
gain or personal reward whatever from any attainment spiritually that
may be reached. Finally, this successor in office to the great original Shri
Shankaracharyaheld up his right hand and said, "This is the blessing."
And certainl~ some of the members of the School, next morning, when
we went~ver it all, bore testimony to having felt a descent of blessing.
As we withdrew from this unforgettable experience, one of the men
attendants came to me before we left the garden, and said that His
Holiness would see me alone for a few minutes if I wished. I felt very
highly honoured, of course. and went back, knowing that it was only
because I was the Director of Studies of the School of the Wisdom. He
asked if there were any questions that I, personally, would like to ask. He
made me feel completely at home with him, never any embarrassment at
all. I did ask a number of questions, but I wish I had been more prepared
for the opportunity. One felt that one did not have any questions in his
presence. As a result of Theosophical studies, one's mind isn't really
filled with questions.
I did ask him whether the Rishi Agastya was still in India, guarding it,
fulfilling His Office, still reachable by men, and could be seen. He went
off into silence, and then asked if I meant in the physical body. I
answered that that was said to be the belief. He went off again for some
time before answering. Then he said that the Rishi Agastya was still in
His physical body, but not here; that He lived in the Himalayas. Then

again he held up his hand and said, "This is the blessing." I further
thanked him on behalf of us all and withdrew.
I have been asked if I looked at his aura. I had not. I forbore to try to
look at him in any kind of a research method, because I felt it would be
unfitting and perhaps an impertinence. I was only aware that the slight
figure was sUlTOunded by a great light and that he was a highly advanced
person . .. Such were the rich extra-curricular activities of our school.


As Sandra has requested, I have related some of the major events

which have shaped my career during a very long and active life. Unan~
ticipated in every instance but bringing at the same time unshakeable
conviction of their reality, they have indeed often seemed in the nature of
miracles. Not the least of these is the fact that Sandra came to share my
life in due course after my dear first wife Jane was released from a
physical body which had come to mean only pain and suffering to her.
With untiring devotion, Sandra has continued to give me the benefit of
her superlative capacities and her unfailing understanding. She proposes
now the ultimate publication of this book, to which all the events and
experiences which I have related seem inevitably to have led. I leave it .
now in her hands.
Geoffrey Hodson




(Entries of 29 October 1921 - 28 March 1923)

29 October 1921 (9:20 p.rn.) Drawing Room, The Haven,

Preston, Lancashire, England

A devachanic visitor. The fonn is that of humankind at a period of

radiantly beautiful youth - thus far only, the appearance is human. After
that, the similarity ceases, the aura shining with a purity and radiance far
beyond that of creatures of clay. From around the head and shoulders
streams of force play upwards and outwards like hair streaming in the
wind, while over the nobly modelled brow the brilliance is so dazzling as
to almost blind the inner vision. The central fonn is that of a rather slim
youth, rose pink and almost transparent; the eyes, both in shape and
expression, convey more than a hint of nonhuman power - yet in them
there is dawning the softening influence of human love.
This combination produces an effect of indescribable beauty, as of a
God who voluntarily sacrifices immortality for love of mortal men. The
motive for this sacrifice is deep-rooted in an unshakeable detennination -
steel-like in its strength and power to fulftl the inner rulings of the soul.
The whole effect is that of one of the Gods of Ancient Greece, sprung into
life and sweeping Hennes-like from Olympus to the homes and hearths of
It is almost impossible to imagine this Godlike being clothed in the
dull flesh of man, the refulgence of that piercing gaze made dull by
fleshly eyes, that radiant purity bedimmed by passion-stained life, that
perpetual exaltation of the mind made subject to the pairs of opposites.
Yet that is the path upon which he proposes to set his feet. Bedimmed
will be the crown of glory set upon his head, lost for a time will be the

auric pinions and winged sandals of the God, while he walks a man
among men, clothed in robes material, a pilgrim to the outer ring.

21 November 1921, Sunday

Mentally seeking guidance as to the safety of communicating with the
deva and fairy kingdom, I receive a message: "Go forward. You are
divinely guided; reap wherever you are able."

Geoffrey: Exalted one, teach me the way of life.


Answer: The way of life, my brother, is not made up of one road, but of
many. Seven paths! together compose the road for human feet. From
these seven, many new roads are formed, for by their twists and turns,
their weavings and interweavings, a mystic pattern is woven. From this
pattern spring all the complexities of the spiritual life, so the path is not
one but manifold.
Occultist, mystic, server, actor, organizer, you may be, seeming to
have a foot now on this, now on that path. In your case, the closely
woven paths along which, in different incarnations, you have travelled are
each one Jinding their expression in your spiritual constitution today.
Fearlessly pursue them all, for could you but see it they are all one. Strive
then to be the perfect occultist, the perfect mystic, the perfect server,
. drinking deep from the fountains of life that well up within you from each .
of these sources of life. A mistake is made, my brother, by those who
regard the seven paths as separate and mutually destructive. In your case,
great progress may be made in each if you will but grasp the opportunities
each provides.
Occultist you may become; the seeds were sown in Egypt for the
occult life; there began the psychic phenomenal phase of your unfolding.
In three successive lives you studied and you strove for the psychic gifts
you now possess. Step by step, you will need to master the vestures of
the soul. Working now from below and now from above, as the mystic
within you is dominant or subordinate. Mystic you are, for mystic you
were, in Greece, in Asia Minor, and in Germany, rising in those lives to

tThe Seven Paths. See Man: Whence, How rmd Whither, p. 12, by A. Besant and C.W.

the heights of supreme devotion and adoration and being given by the
hand of your Teacher an entrance into that womb of Nature from which
all mystics are born. Of mediaeval mysticism you have a strong flavour.
That development and its stored-up harvest is affecting your spiritual
development at this particular period of your life, and the planets in their
courses combine to arouse and stimulate that side of your soul which
craves for union with the All.
The exaltation of the mystic will render far easier the patient Self-
unfoldment of the occultist-servant; also you now are obeying truly the
deepest instinct of your nature, living as a member of the E.S.' A mighty
impulse to serve took birth within you in Palestine. planted there by the
great Servant of us all. Obeying Him you wandered homeless and alone.
along the Mediterranean shores and into Europe, bearing the Light
kindled by Him. 2
Be of good cheer, my brother, the dawn approaches, the iron bands of
karma shall be loosed; the Self shall be set free.

2 November 1922 (9:40 p.m.) Drawing Room, The Haven

The swiftly moving drama of the soul's awakening forms a study of

entrancing interest seen from within. See how from birth to death
glowing radiance doth increase; this marlts the progress of unfolding life.
How valiant is his forward march. how steadfastly he braves the trials of
the Path; see now he falters. dim grow his eyes; a shadow falls about him.
encloses him in gloom. Gone now is the shining splendour. hid deep ..
within the darkness of the night. A blazing light shines all about hin:{
when, with eyes uplifted to the stars, the soul presses onward in the path"
of rectitude and truth, questing the goal. When once from deep within the
soul an answer has rung forth to the great appeal, he is enfolded in a
shining splendour which draws upon him the blessing of the saints and
the aid of the high Gods. Should he falter, the light is dimmed; should he
fall. the darltness descends; the blessing and the aid cannot pierce that
gloom. which must be dispersed from within. Even amid the gloom, the
throbbing, pulsing powers of the soul are expanding with a swifter growth

, E.S.: the Esoteric School of the Theosophical Society.

2 See enlTy of 6 JlDle 1975, second part.

since that moment when t1!e inward vow was made. No darkness,
however deep, suffices completely to enclose that upwelling life.
Hence it is that, after a brief period of effortless and redeeming
conduct here below, once more the head is slowly lifted up. Strong
aversion to all slothfulness is born; the robe of darlcness being cast aside,
the light of virtue and of effort most intense shines forth into the upper
air. From every fall an added power is gained; after each darkness a new
light is born.
Take courage, oh striving human soul. TIle prize is certain; not
endless is the Path, for God within you will bring you to your goal.
Strive, therefore, with all your might. Aim ever at constant equanimity,
an ever growing speed and such a fimmess of your foothold on the Path
that falterings and falls shall be no more. Aim high, ever higher; aim to
be a God. By virtue of your heritage divine, enter that splendid realm of
pure reason, that land where all knowledge of the manifold is gained in
the cognizance of One. Remember that the quality of the inspirations you
receive depends upon yourself as much as on the inspiring consciousness.
The further you expand and the purer you become, the greater will be the
measure of truth which you can receive. Let this be an added incentive,
not only that you yourself may more quickly tread the Path, but that you
may become a fitter channel for divine truth to man, 'llong the Hnes of
your partilular gift of receptivity. Keep your mind always at concert
pitch, thinking constantly on the highest and noblest subjects in your
leisure time. Deliberately withhold the mind from all subjects of a
sensual and fleshly nature; if you approach them in literature or general
reading, pass them by deliberately and refuse to give them entrance to the
mind. Think oftener of the noblest, loftiest topics and train the mind to
spiritual responsiveness and conquer the human tendency to think too
much of things of earth.

17 - 21 December 1922 (10:00 p.m.) Drawing Room, The Haven

(A note on the piano is sounded by Geoffrey. This note has

now become a permanency and is continually being sounded
forth from his physical and etheric bodies. Hence his very
frequent awareness of nature spirits, whether at home or out
of doors. It is the note of calling; it is the note to which the
fairy lcind must answer, the note of that stratum of life which

commences from the surface of the ground and rises upward
to the heavens. Therefore it is the note of the life of the little
folk. When it is sounded they recognize it because it cor-
responds to the note of the matter of their fairy forms.)

An Angel

A note of peace, a message of goodwill and of affection I bring to you

this night. I and my fairy children visit you with this message of our love.
Go forward into the New Year without fear. The shadows of earlier
months cannot harm you, and through them you will pass into the sun-
light of the summer days. The sunlight and deep joy await you as you
emerge from the shadows of winter time. You will have visitors whom
you love, and much happiness in your garden. Success awaits you after
all your strivings, and after success comes freedom. It will be partial at
first, and you do not necessarily move from here. Home becomes home
in a truer sense.
The events of the past year have been varied and, in some cases, very
trying. Scorpio has been stinging you both, whilst Saturn has held you in
his grip. The poison will be transmuted into virtue and from the grip of
Saturn you will spring into the wider life. These limitations must be got
rid of, those karmic debts be paid before this life begins. You are shaking
off the shackles of the past with much pain, but fear not, your joy shall be
the greater. Influences are at work from over the seas which shall be the
means of your liberation into the life you love. Messages are travelling to
and fro. Seek no further but go forward without fear. The darkness and
the suffering of the past year have not been in vain, and though much light
has shone upon you, a greater light will shine and you will fmally be
healed. There will be considerable travelling, but not a complete
removal. You will make new friends of the kind you desire, and your
life will begin gradually to run on the lines of your future work ... Be
steadfast and selfless and I will bestow a gift of greater power - to see and
know - in those realms which are hidden from the eyes of men. All
blessings. Good night.

28 March 1923 (6:15 p.rn.) Drawing Room, The Haven

A superphysical male visitor, tall, dark., with brilliant dark eyes, fum·
chin, rounded handsome features, ears a little prominent, dark. hair care-
fully brushed, frock coat, well-groomed, well-dressed air.
He says, "'be first essential in psychic research of the kind in mind is
privacy. This must be absolute. Disturbance should be all but impos-
sible. The conditions should be reproduced as nearly as possible at each
meeting, i.e., same room, surroundings, furniture, etc., and above all, the
same people. It is not wise to introduce a new personality into a psychic
research group, unless that one is very sympathetic and has some definite
contribution to make. Conditions are more than half the battle, especially
when you expect help from external incorporeal sources. I may say that if
you can provide the conditions and a highly altruistic motive, that help
will be forihcoming. You are far more likely to get good results with that
aid than without it, at the present stage of development of psychic power
in the group ...
"No research group is complete without its sibyl.l The days of the
oracles will return when you erect suitable temples (not made with
hands)2 where they can be heard. 1be divine hovers closely over our
battle-w~koo humanity. Scientific research alone provides a suitable
chalice m modem times. A new Blavatsky must be provided; I [the
communicant] am an old Italian pupil of hers."

19 April 1923

If an ideal, presented to the soul as a possibility of attainment, is not

accepted and attempts are not made to reach and express it, definite loss
of soul power results. Advice sought, obtained, but not followed
becomes a hindrance and a source of weakness. The karma of not
following the Light when once it is seen is darkness; that of not acting
upon advice given, is inability to receive further advice and act upon it

1 Sibyl: a fully conscious seer. See enll'y of January 1977 - The Sibylline Siddhi.
In Cor. 5:1.

JO April 1923


Harold Baillie-Weaver guarantees £400 per annum for us (Jane and

myself} if we will come to London and do healing work, without any
conditions or restrictions. The miracle has happened at lastl May we
ever be worthy.
Henceforth and for ever I must be utterly and irrevocably consecrated
to the service of humanity - to heal, teach, and save the world

1 May 1923


Induce the condition of Discipleship in your lower vehicles. Purity of

aura is all-important. You must not admit thought, feeling, word, or act
that is not perfectly pure. You must neither see nor hear the impure. You
must not read the impure or even the criminal; these must henceforth have
no place in you unless for the work. Then only can you seek and ask for
the Master's power without fear of desecration.

24 May 1923


(Monadic, ~goic, Personal)

1. The Monadic. The true Self, our Home, a radiant and free Self-
consciousness, 1 "always beholding the face of our Father which is in
Heaven". This we rarely contact at the present level of evolution. On
the great occasions of our lives a ray of the Monadic consciousness
penetrates the lower realms, lifting the personal to the Egoic and
illuminating the latter. Such occasions might be joining the Theo-
sophical Society, accepting a spiritual leader, marriage if it is a true

I Self-conscious: being conscious of and il1mnined by the higher Self or spiritual Ego,
rather than limited to the lower self as the nonnal usage of "self-conscious" infers.

union of souls, the first glimpse of the Master, and occasionally in
The purpose of the mantram of yoga discipline is to achieve that
contact, so that our personal life may be raised to the Egoic and our
meditationallife to the Monadic.
Regard the Monad as the Father, and continually aspire and reach
towards Him. Make regular and definite endeavour to cultivate
Monadic consciousness. Even failing to reach Him, we raise ourselves
in the effort, and an arrow aimed at Atma may reach Manas J or even
Buddhi. The matter is largely one of persistent effort and continual
Thought is the instrument ready to our hands. Give thought a
definite swing upward - always upward - until an automatic action is
induced and the thoughts continually revert to the highest we know.
The question is almost a mechanical one. So many foot-pounds of
thought-energy continually and concentratedly directed in the right
direction will inevitably produce a proportionate result
Right motive is all-important in dealing with the questions of prac-
tical interior magic - upon oneself.
2. The Egoic must gradually replace the personal; that is our immediate
task. Learn
,.. to live continually at the Egoic level. This is the secret of
the pawer and achievement of great souls (e.g., Annie Besant and the
incident of an unprepared lecture at Leeds; C.W. Leadbeater lecturing
when he had lost his voice from a sore throat). Continuous and
strenuous wolk. is possible only to Egoic consciousness; the physical
and personal could not stand the strain.
3. Personal. This is ourselves as we are most of the time, not as we are
at meetings, E.S. gatherings, and times of upliftment, but as we are at
home, at social gatherings, during holidays, and in our daily lives. We
are relaxed, letting the three bodies do pretty much as they like with
us. We engage in small talk, tittle-tattle, indulgences, chatter (oh, the
amount of chatter in the world!).

27 May 1923

Jane and I returning from an evening walk. I observed a cleva passing

overhead, apparently belonging to a grade parallel with the higher stages
of the Path. He was entirely white in colour, and his auric robes were of a

glistening snowy whiteness. His face was benignant and beautiful, and
the expression more kindly and human than that of some devas 1 had
observed. Something in our appearance attracted him and he hovered
over our heads. I gathered that he came from the arctic regions. He
appeared to speak as follows:
, "I am from the north, from the land of snowy wastes and fields of ice,
and travel to the west. 1 am one of the agents of the Lord of the North.
There too, life is growing, as are many people. May the blessing of the
Four Lords be upon you, and may the light that shines around you shine
upon your fellow man as 1 shine upon you." (Geoffrey had been to a
church service.)
The angel then descended until his aura enveloped us and poured force
down upon us, assisting the flow by a movement of the hands, several
times repeated; they were joined in front of his breast with fingers
pointing upward and were separated by a brisk movement downward and
outward. The effect of this upon us was similar to that of an electric
discharge. The auric flow very strongly resembled flowing white robes,
and the usual pinion-like radiations were not so noticeable.
The method of address and the luminous superactive aura were de-
cidedly devic. yet the general appearance, expression, and "feel" were
very much more human than has usually been the case with those few
members of the devakingdom which it has been my privilege to contact
The Traveller seemed to accompany us for some distance towards the
house, and then departed on the journey in a westerly direction.

15 -16 November 1925 Harrowgate, Yorkshire, England

(While lecturing for the English Section of the Theosophical Society)

I "dreamt" of being with Jane in a house with the Masters Morya and
Kuthumi 1 and Their friends. Master spoke to me of the power of love and .
said that He sent out His love to the world every day. I said, "You are
able to engulf the world with Your love - the power, knowledge, and love
to save the world."
He smiled in a rather self-deprecatory way. I referred to our feeling of
a descending blessing during the daytime and asked if He sent it. He said,
"That is private information!"

I The two great Masters Who inspired the founding of the Theosophical Society.

He allowed me to sit near Him and I felt the inexpressible happiness
and thrilling joy of being near Him.
... ... ... ... ...

Shortly after being received on Probationl by Master Kuthumi, I had a

vivid out-of-the-body experience of visiting Him again. He was seated in
the long room in His own house with several younger pupils who were
comfortably established near Him. On arrival, I was greatly privileged to
be placed on a raised cushion near Him on His left, and He talked to us
all. My body was awakened, causing me to be absent for a short time. It
then fell asleep again, and I immediately returned to the Master's room
and was privileged to be shown the same seat near Him, which He
indicated with a friendly smile and look. This filled me with very great
happiness, as does the memory still.
There were coloured cushions in the room, and I perceived a portion of
the architectural arrangement.
Later on I left and found myself on a high snow-covered mountain
pass with a deep valley below. From there came a red-cap lama2 who
approached me, saying, "You are a very unusual young man. We have
much that wo1,Jld interest you down below."
As he ~ke I realized that both he himself and his "centre" were of an
evil character, and that he was tempting me by promises of psychic
experiences, etc. Foolishly, I suppose, I made a powerful sign of the
Cross over and through him. This infuriated him and he said, "If you do
that again I will fix you." Stupidly, I did so, and for a few moments was
paralysed. However, I used a rather powerful method taught me by Mary
de la Middleton which immediately freed me, and I dashed across Asia
and Europe at high speed to my sleeping body in Harrowgate, Yorkshire,
England, where I was lecturing. The lama followed me in anger but I
managed to reach my body safely and woke up trembling, with the whole
double knowledge clearly in my mind.

1 TheSteps upon the Path of Initiation to Acieptship are given as Probation, Acceptance,
Sonship, and the Initiations. See The MtlSters rmd the Path. by C.W. Leadbeater; The
Pathway to Perfection. The CaU to the Heights. and The Path to the MtlSters of the
Wisdom, by Geoffrey Hodson. .
Z Red-cap lama of the dark powers in contradistinction to the yellow-cap lamas, agents
of the Powers of Light.

1929 -1940


[Much of the material resulting from the clairvoyant research

caniec;l out by Geoffrey Hodson in the late 1920s appears in
his angel books and others of this period. which are listed at
the back of this book.]

20 November 1932

During night after last public lecture in New York. remembered being
before Masters Morya and Kuthumi. the latter seated and the fonner
standing on His left. The American work was discussed and dispassion-
ately appraised; encouragement given for the future. we being regarded as
travelling Theosophic messengers.

Early 1930s


During a lecture tour of Java in 1933. a visit was made to the great
Buddhist shrine known as the Borobudur. The presence was realized of
the great presiding Deva - a very lofty being - and two poems were
written as a result. These were published in The Theosophist during
Return visits have recently been made to the shrine du.ring which we
were again received and an attempt made to obtain a description of the
Deva, as also to receive of His wisdom.
As He presents Himself to the writer. graciously descending to his
level, this great Deva is distinctly masculine and markedly Indo-Aryan in

appearance. He is probably a Deva of Wisdom, for the golden light of
Buddhi shines all about Him, glowing through the successive spheres of
soft rose, soft green, and dazzling white, of which His aura chiefly
consists. 1 An emanation of white fire shot through with gold surrounds
the inner fonn, then a great sphere of yellow is followed by the other
colourings, the whole displaying in qUality of colouring and in luminosity
the glory of a sunset sky. White rays, like searchlight beams, play out
from the central fonn, in the heart of which they seem to arise. Some of
these shine upwards, others laterally over Java and the sea beyond, the
others deep down into the earth, widening as they leave the central fonn.
All life, for many miles, especially devic life, is quickened by this
light and power of the Deva of Borobudur. He is, I think, the Head of the
devic life of the island, as also of the surrounding seas, a veritable Deva
King. Ever and anon a silver star flashes forth above His head, whilst
great forces, white and gold, flame-like and petal-shaped, play about His
feet as if He stood within a great lotus fonned of fire.
Within the central aura is a thought-fonn of the Lord Buddha, seated
in meditative pose. It is a vehicle, at the lower mental level, for the life of
the Lord, upon Whom the Deva appears to meditate perpetually.
Contact with the consciousness of this Great One gives rise to the
following thoughts, as if He preached for all aspirants a brief sennon on
enlightenment and the Path:
"Alth0~gh for men the attainment of enlightenment seems far away, in
realms beyond time's imprisonment, enlightenment for all is here and
now, within them as a living fact, a power of accomplishment.
"Thus, within your archetypal self, as in these stupas 2 which you see,
there sits a Buddha, fully fonned though partially concealed. The secret
of your own enlightenment is the presence within you of this Buddha-to-
be. As you must gaze within the stupa's fonn, piercing with your eyes its
covering, so with the eyes of thought and will gaze inward and perceive
that embodied wisdom which is yourself, the Buddha which you are in
timelessness and will make manifest in realms of time. Keep your soul's
gaze fixed upon this archetypal Buddha. Dwell daily, hourly in its
presence, until thought and will combine to bring to birth within your

I All the colours of the spectrum are present in this Deva' s aura, but those mentioned in
the description appear greatly to predominate. (G.H.) See Plate 26, The Kingdom of the
Gods, by Geoffrey Hodson.
2 Stupa: See Glossary.

outer self the Buddha of which your inner Self consists. Then let
imagination soar into your Buddhahood. Picture yourself as living now
the Buddha life, moving amongst men as did the Lord. Do this with will
and thought unchanging, until in very fact these two bring forth in you the
living Buddha.
''Thus shall time cease to imprison you. Thus shall future be blended ,-
with present, yourself at the centre, conscious of both as the eternal now.
Past I counsel you to forget, annihilate entirely, wipe from the tablets of
your mind, as scaffolding which having served the builder's need is taken
down and disappears. Past is dead for you. Present and future will
similarly disappear as you learn to live intensely in that fullness which is
the eternal now.
"Dark is the world; darker it may yet become. Grave dangers threaten
human life, human progress, human peace. The opposing forces gather
for a contlict which well may be the greatest and the last of the planetary
battles waged on earth. Should light conquer, should brotherhood and
peace prevail, as almost certainly they will, then the opponents of the
Law, organized as enemies of man, will meet with that defeat which will
put an end to mass hatred, mass brutality, and mass enmity to Light.
Thereafter the great Law shall prevail.
"Could you but see as We see Who, standing above the conflict,
represent the Law, how every unifying thought and deed of every man,
however humble if sincere, plays its important part - nay, I would say
tremendous part - in bringing victory to the side of Light and Law, your
work would be more inspired, your wills more ardent, your faith more
fiery, and your lives more full of power. Go forth therefore with added
force, with greater zeal, constant in self-discipline, lOSing self iIi service,
planning, thinking, working in the cause of Light and Law and in the
name of Those Who are the Light and have become the Law. On all your
work the blessing, the peace, the beauty, and the power of Borobudur.."
On another occasion He said:
"You will help in clearing away the mists of ignorance and supersti-
tion with which Java is enwrapped, by awakening the minds of the better
classes to a realization of the harm which the practice of blood sacrifice is
doing to the national soul and through that to the health and well-being of
the people; also in instructing them concerning the facts. The educational
authorities and the members of the Theosophical Lodges are the most
promising agents for such work. United, well-organized and well-
infonned groups of esotericists could help greatly by means of regular

and constant activity along the lines suggested. and in the daily radiation
of Power and Light over the island" \
• • • • •
(Meditation at the Borobudur)

"Learn to live intensely in that fullness which is the eternal now." In

these words the great Deva of Borobudur spoke of the goal of human life.
Meditation upon this reveals that everything is fully present all the time,
therefore every moment contains the whole. manifests the whole.
Time divisions and privations are created by thought. Above the
mental plane they disappear. Causally they still exist as concepts but not
as factors ruling consciousness which. at that level, is already independ-
Beyond the Causal, wholeness is conceived. Becoming is resolved
into a completed fullness of being. Since this fullness is unrelated to
time, it is present always. Hence every moment contains the whole.
Every second of consciousness is replete with the whole Solar System
from Adi to solid physical and from Manvantaric dawn to Manvantaric
night. Realization of this is purely a matter of consciousness. The fact
exists read$ to be known, like the sun to a blind man, like the ever
shiningness of the sun to a person who can rise above the rotation of a
All exists at once as does the whole Solar SyStem physically to a
consciousness in the Sun which is aware within and through all its rays.
All exists at once, in its fully developed state, to a consciousness beyond
time and space.
To live in the fullness of the moment - this is Nirvana, this is the goal.

12 December 1933 Adyar, Madras, India

(The International Headquarters
of the Theosophical Society)

Arrived at Adyar after tour of China, Philippines, Java, and Malaya.

16 -17 December 1933 Adyar

Do not fritter away strength in the small things of the personality. I

Develop interior calm, speech control, and strict adherence to facts.
Develop a passion for facts; avoid superfluities and frills. Pare your mind .
down to the bare bones of fact and truth.
Interior vision of the Master in E.S. meeting, 17th [Who said ~
Geoffrey], "Remember, I am ever present in your heart there and you are
ever present here in Mine."

• • • • •
''The great metropolis and see of Adyar" as Shakespeare! might have
truly named it. For it is the capital of a mighty empire, whose boundaries
extend beyond and over all other boundaries and frontiers on earth. The
Theosophical "Empire" embraces almost the whole of the civilized world', .
and Adyar is its capital. Were ever subjects so lightly ruled, ever a
diverse people so free and so united in proud loyalty and love as are the
people inspired and taught at Adyar?
May the spiritual sun never set upon our "Empire", for in that night it

17 July 1934 Durban, South Africa

(At the inaugural lecture of the Durban Youth Movement)

During the chainnan's remarks, I became suddenly and defmitely

aware of the consciousness of Dr Besant turned upod the gathering. First
Ray power, strong but very tender, descended upon the whole audience of
over one hundred young people. I felt lifted up into her consciousness
and this influenced my speech, the choice of words, and form of sen-
tences, especially at the beginning.
The response was enthusiastic, some 67 young people joining there
and then.

I cf. " •.. see of Rome." King John, Act V. Scene n. by Shakespeare.

8 August 1934

"Ice-cold impersonality must characterize all your relationships, espe-

cially with those who love you and to whom you are especially drawn.
Give the wannest possible friendship, yet within, remain emotionally and
mentally aloof, as leader, teacher, and friend to all. Thus is a great leader
"Stark realism must be the basis of all judgements. "

20 September 1934 s.s. Rand/ontein

The Masters are great "lighthouses", shining over the darkened seas of
life. Humanity, blind to Their shining, save for the few who first catch
gleams and later enter the beam and find their way to its source.
The Masters ~ World Planners for humanity as a whole. Not for any
special time or age, but for the duration of the world-period and perchance
beyond. Unmoved by temporary changes, as a mariner by an individual
wave, yet making allowances for every change, Their eyes on the Goal.
Undisturbed by apparent breakdown of the plan, the failure of a particular
instrument, the defection of a Napoleon, the nefarious traffic of a Bis-
marck, TheX apply a ceaseless, beneficent influence using every possible
instrument:' individual or group, knowing that the end is sure. Hence,
Their undisturbable calm, Their peace that passeth understanding.

13 October 1934 Wimbledon, London, England

A realm of consciousness was entered which was marked by a deep

stillness, a profound calm that was yet positive, above the world, beyond
the personal and the fleeting, in the realm of the Eternal. Beyond events,
changeless, motionless, yet full of power, the Self abides immovable in
this realm. No persons are observed here, nor any light as we term light,
for naught exists requiring light. Thinking, seeing, knowing are all
merged into one consciousness which is Being. Translated into terms of
mind and form, it is a realm of great seated Buddhas, dark as if of bronze,
sunk deep in meditation, motionless as if immovable, and from Them
power flowing not as light, but pure power. On meditation these become
ONE Buddha: The ONE.

Nothing ever happens in this realm, nor any change - only the state of
continuous being, existence apart from action, causes only, and they static
though dynamic. External awareness is reduced to a minimum; interior
calm, poised being: these are the states in which the consciousness
dwells. This still poise, immovable, must be maintained in personal
existence. Consciousness must be established in this realm. All day
long, awareness must be maintained there, the personality directed from
there, and no outer circumstance have power to disturb its calm.
I become conscious that I am steadily cleaving my way upwards
towards the very Heart of our Lord, the Spiritual Sun, the Life-Centre of
Creation, the Source. To be lost therein is my goal, which I shall one day
attain. I shall enter the ineffable radiance, as one enters the Holy of
Holies of a temple. A great longing for this exaltation and this union
turns my thoughts constantly to that One Light. I yearn increasingly to be
one with the Light and Life of God. The pains and trials of this transitory
life serve but to spur me on. The joys are as a foretaste of eternal bliss,
drawing me nearer to the Source.
Within this realm of Light I know the Master dwells. He is that Light
and in moving towards it, I move towards Him. The quest, however,
becomes increasingly impersonal.

15 October 1934


Impulse never pays; never act upon impulse. Always pause to con-
sider, allowing at least one day and one night to pass between the idea and
the action. Be careful during that time to eliminate all personal elements
from the idea, considering it with complete impartiality as if it were the
idea of someone else. As long as personal feeling remains, let action be

• • • • •

Every sentence and every action assumes added significance in the

presence of a leader. Leadership is always a dual problem and, for

success, depends equally upon the leader and the led. The actions and
reactions of the follower condition and frequently limit the conduct of the
The ideal follower'is unobtrusive, silent, inconspicuous, save on the
rare occasions when action is demanded of him [or her]. Even in his
devotion he is impersonal, asks nothing and is prepared to wait. Further-
more, he trusts his leader and is prepared to recognize a deeper wisdom
than his own, especially in actions which he cannot understand.
Yet the follower must not be blind, nor must 'his devotion ever become
an embarrass~ent to the leader. He should rather wait and watch than
obtrude. Even apparent neglect has its legitimate place in his education as
a follower.

16 October 1934

The One Mind is active, externally aware, responsive only at the

circumference. Within (higher dimensionally) there is a profound still-
ness, a great and undisturbable peace, silence, darkness, as of the womb
of matter, space, fonn. Energy passes continuously, but consciousness is
still. "I am tihat Mind, that Mind am I."
The Qne Mind does not appear to think; it contains the possibility of
every combination of thought-experience, but itself remains still, passive.
We think on its edge. It gives the impression of a very highly stretched
transparent membrane over a platonic solid octahedron. There is a
curious sense that it deliberately remains still, that we may think freely -
Egos inside and personalities outside with the membrane as human mind-
focus. Human Alma in the centre of the fonn and personality moving,
connected by a moving ray, on the outside of the surface.

18 October 1934 The White House, Wimbledon Common,

London, England


Discipleship is an intensification of the tests of the probationary

period. Every qUality in the disciple, whether favourable or adverse, is
strengthened by the more intimate relationship with the Master. Whilst

this increases the disciple's power for good, it also increases his personal
difficulties. One after another, his failings and weaknesses become
manifest. are apparently magnified. This process inevitably increases the
diffi~ulties of the disciple's personal life and sometimes leads him almost
to despair. Faults and errors, weaknesses, and even vices of which he
deemed himself incapable show forth in him, often causing him much
self-disparagement and pain. He should not, however, despair since his
inner life becomes increasingly rich and beautiful. His Egoic power
steadily increases under the influence of his Master, and by its aid he is
enabled to overcome. His weaknesses, both active and latent, must be
made unmistakably clear to him so that he knows of them and may
eliminate them from his nature.
Ignorance of weaknesses and limitations is one of the greatest barriers
to occult and spiritual development. The disciple must know himself
thoroughly, be modest and humble concerning his capacities and clear-
eyed concerning his limitations. The disciple must be wise concerning
himself. He must rely upon himself, seeking no external aid, must in fact
become his own guru.
The Master may be thought of as presiding with careful and affection-
ate interest over the alchemical process of the transmutation of all that is
base in the disciple, into the pure gold of purity and spirituality. The
Master guides the disciple as much as possible through his intuition
which is thereby developed, but life itself is his true teacher.. The disciple
must learn· to interpret his life-experiences, to learn from them and so
become wise. If he could but realize it, every experience, great or small,
may assist in the development of wisdom. Important tasks, contact with
important people, may be made supremely illuminating. Everyday lesser
. tasks and meetings, ordinary human interrelationships, can prove equally
instructive. The disciple should therefore study life, watch life intently,
observe his own reactions and responses to every incident great or small,
for thus he may learn and grow.
Especially should the disciple pay attention to small things, his per-
sonal appearance, conduct, his manner both with others and when alone,
the opening of a door, entry into a house or a room, manners, speech,
contact with animals, servants, shop assistants, children, friends: all of
these should bear the mark of Discipleship; that is, of impersonality, self-
control, refinement, dignity, purity, and spirituality; for these must be the
keynotes of the disciple's character.

7 November 1934

All human beings, even those on the threshold of Adeptship, are

unequally developed. Those whom the Masters use are chosen because of
one or more outstanding quality and capacity. These are almost inevit-
ably accompanied by certain anomalous defects, because the worker is
still human. The Masters are not blind to the defects, nor do They
condone, by Their continued use of the individual, the actions to which
they give rise. They use whatever material is at hand, employing the
qualities and capacities useful to Their work and thereby assisting in the
elimination of the defects.
A Master's encouragement should not be interpreted as acceptance of
the whole personality or approval of its obvious defects. The Master's
method would seem to be to draw out the capacities and to appear to
ignore the defects. Human critics, therefore, are valuable when their
judgement is sound, in supplementing encouragement or'good qualities
with attention to their opposite.
(It was whilst I was living at Wimbledon Common that the Master
Kuthumi "dictated" Meditations on the Occult Life.)

18 November
, 1934 Camberley, London, England

The Master's ecstasy! An intense, yet harmonious bliss which is

permanent. In His case it is the whole Buddhic body, glowing, golden,
sunlike, with the qUality of limitlessness like the sun and its radiance.
Every atom intensely alive, thrilling with a still, interior, inner life flow-
ing without obstruction through the whole body. Apparently it is this
continuous flow which produces the ecstasy. "Buddhi is bliss." Th~
effect of experiencing this in the night seems to have established an area
in the Causal body of this Buddhic matter, light, and qUality of bliss, to
which I can retire in contemplation. .
CuriOUSly, it appears to the brain consciousness as an oblong window
through which the Buddhic light is shining into the Causal body. Actu-
ally, it is more than that; concentration within it at once produces happi-
ness. An effect of sun-ness and of golden light pervades the mind. This
is associated with the Master, and His form, built of sun-radiance, is
perceived. He lives, moves, has His Being in, and is Buddhic.

20 November 1934

Murder by the State is not the best method of eliminating murder from
the State.
On judgement: The first essential in sound judgement is dispassion.
Second. the facts. Study all equally. not only those which favour the
Third. the central issues.
Fourth. the human factors inevitably colouring statements. actions.
and reactions.
Fifth. synthesis.
Facts alone are misleading; the circumstances. inner and outer. sur-
rounding them must also be known.

23 November 1934

As in the stilling of the tempest. it is the stonns of life which awaken

the sleeping divinity. Therefore. welcome the storms and attain the
maximum of awakening from each of them. The people through whom
they come are only the impersonal instruments of karma. Regard them
impersonally and. if possible, gratefully. Welcome the stonns and the
storm bringers. "Everest" cannot be climbed without either. A blow is
required to cause the spark to leap out of the flint. The Adept is fashioned
from the man under the hammer blows of Thor.

24 November 1934

The Ancient Wisdom must come forth through the lecturer. pure,
translucent, sparkling, yet deep and clear. There must be no striving,
especially for effect. The Truth and nothing but the Truth must flow
through an impersonal channel. The body very still and relaxed, gestures
few, ease, grace, and an even, gracious flow.

4 December 1934

For many Christians, the historical events of Christ's life and its
biblical interpretation fonn the basis of their religion. For the mystically
minded, however, and indeed every human soul, it is Christ as the
Revealer of the Universal Wisdom, as that Wisdom itself, which makes
the greatest appeal. He is not an historical figure only. He is "the way,
the bUth, and the life".l If one gains but a single flash of that Light which
is Christ Universal, one's life is changed: it is the Christ Light, ancient
but ever new, which every Teacher brings to the world. They are mighty
Saviours but the Light is mightier than They. This is the heart of
Christianity as of every other real religion, and in this bUth all faiths are
This flash, which is union with the Universal Christ, is the goal of the
religious life. The Teacher brings it nearer, makes it more easily attain-
able by consciousness in all kingdoms of Nature. This experience can be
gained deliberately, for its attainment is governed by laws as exact as
those to which the chemist must subscribe in the laboratory.
"Europe has a religion which satisfies her heart but not her head and a
philosophy which satisfies her head but not her heart" Theosophy - or
mystical Christianity- meets this need. Show the laws and the way to the
vision splendid which, when attained, dims all the world's radiance for
the happy ones who see. This experience and the yearning for it is a lost
passion in the world, lost because submerged in physical experience and
yeaming. The world is spiritually homesick; it has wandered so far that it
has forgotten its home.
The function of religion is to restore that memory and to show the way
home. Instead, it insists upon articles of faith and imprisons men in the
grip of creed, blinds them spiritually by the fear which threats of damna-
tion arouse in the ignorant. The tragedy is that creeds are of no impor-
tance whatever and vision is all-important in bUe religion.
o ye priests! How you fail - yet mean so well! Every story of the
Master's life shines with the bUe Light. The Bible is not a book of words;
it is a ray of the spiritual sun, alight, alive, Light-bringing, Life-giving,
and above all a key to prison doors.
Become interpreters; that is your task. The spiritually blinded man

1 John 14:6.

humes at dawn to the market place in search of wealth and never sees the
diamonds of dew sparkling on every blade of grass. To become an
interpreter of wisdom and of truth to men, an awakener of wisdom and
truth wi~ man - this is a truly religious, truly Christian, and truly
worthy work

11 December 1934

All sense of self-satisfaction and self-gratulation in work. must be

avoided. Neither is artificial humility, cloaking pride, any more desir-
able. Clear-sighted recognition of one's limitations produces a natural
humility which is a virtue indeed.
Praise and correction must be equally acceptable. Praise because it
encourages and correction because it draws attention to needed improve-
ments. We must neither be unduly elated by the one nor unduly cast
down by the other, regarding both impersonally.
However well one may have done, one can always do better.

* * * * *

Two lines from "The Hound of Heaven" by Francis Thompson assist

the solution:
"Ah Designer Infinite, must Thou char the wood
Ere Thou canst limn with it?"
"Is not my gloom after all
Shade of His hand outstretched caressingly?"

Nothing is born without loss. All pains are pangs of birth.

* * * * *

cf. Seneca: "The soul may be and is in the mass of men drugged and
sickened by the seductions of sense and the deceptions of the world. But

if in some moments of detachment and elation, when its captors and
jailors relax their guard, it can escape their clutches, it will seek at once
the region of its birth and its true home."
Is this a renunciation? Yes - of a single rose in order to possess a tree
that bears seven times seven.
If we only knew what awaits us, we would not hesitate a second.

* * * * *


Thus along the Path man moves to his supreme achievement, to that
coronation which marks his true kingship. Thus reverence is of supreme
importance, for "he who cannot bow his head shall not receive his
crown". Thus we make manifest the nobleness with which we are
endowed. Thus the as yet silent notes in the human chord are heard; thus
the unstruck music at last sounds forth.
Thus man shall eventually reach the goal and rejoice in that dawn
where the morning stars sing together and the Sons of God shout for joy. 1
Death exists only' in the eye that beholds it.
Material and form hide from us the eternal realities within them, just
as the veitof day conceals the ever shining stars.

* * * * *

In the occult life: That to which you cling, you lose;

That which you renounce, you retain.
Let go!
The aspirant must be prepared to experience the disloyalty of pledged
friends, to see a beloved and revered teacher and friend change suddenly
in an hour to a ruthlessly cold and polite stranger. The resultant pain must
be born without bitterness.
If the aspirant be truly loyal, the disloyalty of friends will not change
his loyalty to them. Their disloyalty is absorbed in and transmuted by his
trustworthiness. Loyalty is one of the synthetic qualities in which all
others are contained.
The would-be disciple, and even the accepted disciple of an Adept,

I cr. Job 38:7.

must be prepared to have his heart opened like a young rose by an almost
divine love and devotion evoked by a leader and then to have the tender,
sensitive petals ruthlessly crushed by a relentless coldness suddenly dis-
play~d, utterly unresponsive to his tenderest pleadings, his appeals re-
fused with a laugh of scorn. The pain and shock of this will clouc:! his
nights and days for years and darlcen the happy hours of his Discipleship,
sometimes almost to despair; and of this he may not say one complaining
word nor hope for healing balm. Cast out from that heaven, he must find
another which depends upon no other living being. His religion must be
• kindness, its highest expression friendship, its greatest virtue loyalty.

* * * * •

The Theosophical Society resembles somewhat a piece of mechanism,

like a watch, to which additions are continually being made. All people,
events, and movements are really part of the mechanism, and its wode.
should be regarded as such, that is, impersonally and dispassionately.
One's own place and movements within the mechanism should also be
regarded impersonally and dispassionately, as merely parts of the whole
and of small importance in themselVes. The hands of the watch appear
to be most important, but in reality they are not more so than a hidden and
motionless screw. More beautiful than the hands are tht' jewels, which
only the watchmaker sees.

21 January 1935 Bolton, England

When I come forth from the adored Presence of the Guru.

My heart is full of light
My mind is keen, alert, yet most serene.
My will is strong as if invincible,
And my soul is pure and also full of light;
When I come forth from the Presence of the Guru.

25 January 1935 Bolton

When a man steps out of the shade, the sun shines on him.
There is nothing personal in this.
When a man meditates upon the Master,
The Master's consciousness responds.
There is nothing personal in this.

30 January 1935 Bolton

Argument and discussion should be reduced to a minimum

And ultimately replaced by thought
Thought should be reduced to a minimum
And ultimately replaced by silence.
In silence, wisdom is born.

To bring"the Ancient Wisdom to the world is a difficult, often painful

task. We, within the ranks, should not wilfully or carelessly inflict pain
on each other.


4 February 1935 Manchester

The bridged consciousness is like a bridged string -:- tending constantly

to lose tune and requiring constantly to be tuned. Effort must not cease
after attainment\ but on the contrary needs to be greater if the illumination
is to be sustained. Do not rest on your oars.
The toll-gate is on a spring (matter) and tends always to close. The
tendency of matter must be conquered by repeatedly forcing the gate open
until at last the tendency is reversed. Hence, some form of daily medita-
tion is a necessity.
Therefore, whenever there is an inner experience during ceremonial.
dream, vision, meditation, Step, or art, meditation becomes more impor-
tant. These openings of consciousness by the individual affect the whole
race. One valuable way of helping humanity is to keep the channels open
in oneself. This is the value of the yogi in retreat. Mankind is one body
corporate. It is the office of Mercury (Buddhi) also to draw Venus
(Manas) back to himself. Hermaphroditus, from the embrace of Mars

(astral) and net of Vulcan (mental web and artificer of iron, i.e., powers of
astral). The world needs more and more Mercurys.l

10 February 1935 Manchester

Here, in 1913, I first saw the Master Kuthumi at my first E.S. meeting.
As we saluted, His face appeared in the middle of my head and I could
and did compare it with the coloured picture. Communication occurred
in a swift flash, I offering myself, He welcoming me back in the present
personality ("Welcome back to the Ranks, Geoffrey"), later accepting me
as a probationary pupil and eventually as His disciple. I was healed
instantly of a deep grief and moved for many days as if in a golden light
Adoration to Thee, 0 mighty Guru!

23 May 1935 Folkstone

(After an intensive lecture tour of England)

There are higher dimensions of consciousness but not of space.

The sun witlrlnl never sets.
A human being cannot understand a superhuman Being, nor can he
comprehend the conduct of the latter; therefore a man should never judge
and pronounce upon a Master. The Master uses a higher dimension - not
only level, but actual dimension - of consciousness. The man sees only
cross-sections of the Master's motives and actions cut by his three-
dimensional consciousness through the larger "mass". When the Master
in action produces effects in the man's world, the man cannot-hope fully
to comprehend, since plan and motive and much of the action are out of
his sight. Therefore man should never judge a Master.

14·July 1935 Maraisburg, South Africa

To be a pure channel, a translucent lens through which, untainted and

undimmed, the light of Truth which is Theosophy may be focused into

1 Mercurys: those enlightened with Buddhic consciousness; in ancient mythologies,

messengers of the Gods.
2 The Monad.

the mind of man - this is the ideal. Not the praise of fellow members nor
the applause of the public; to win those is easy to anyone possessing a
sound knowledge of Theosophy and "personality" - but to open doors for
others that they may pass through to their own light: this is the ideal of the
teacher. The lecture should contain material which will lift the hearers up
towards their own Egos which perpetually shine down; thus the inner
doors are opened. Also, material for profound thought - deep truths and
ideas upon which they can ponder afterwards. And, third, practical
guidance amid the difficulties and problems of life. But through all
must shine the pure light or Truth.

21 July 1935

Be in your personality what you are as an Ego.

Be in little things what you are in greaL
Be in particular what you are in general.
Be in your moments what you are in your mission.
Then will your future glory be foreshadowed in your present life.

25 July 1935 Maraisburg

To the thinking man life is a comedy.

To the feeling man, life is a tragedy.
To the intuitive man, life is a great QuesL

• ••• • •
Mental asceticism which nothing can sully;
Mental purity which nothing can stain;
Mental stability which nothing can disturb;
Mental clarity which nothing can obscure.

3 August 1935 Germiston

Humaneness and citizenship should be permanently in the curriculum

of every school.

4 August 1935


Steeped in peace, bathed in power,

Not of this world of time,
But of the eternal.

Beyond events, behind facts,

Above change.
Peace everlasting,
Power in perpetuity.

In such peace is Adyar established,

In such power maintained

* * * * *

Within this world of ours is another, almost its antithesis. It is a world

in which all the positives reign and the negatives are nol Light perpetual
shines therein, pervading with glory all beings and all thoughts and all
places. It is a realm of light, a world of radiance; and it is here and we are
in it now.
nus inner realm is all beauty, whether known interiorly or seen or
heard. Knowledge of it exalts the mind to ecstasy, to freedom, to
dancing, flying happiness, as of a freed bird or newborn butterfly, a-wing
i., sunlit summer air. Vision of it reveals beauty beyond portrayal by any
art, beauty irradiated by glory, living, conscious, exalting to bliss. Heard,
this realm within reveals its light and beauty as a wondrous symphony
perpetually performed. The hearer is at the centre of the universal
orchestra in the very midst of glorious music experienced at its source.
He who enters this world within. our world is not external to its light,
its beauty, and its song. He is one therewith, shines with the light
celestial, is part of the immortal beauty and a member of the. orchestra
which perpetually performs inspired improvisations on the theme which
is the WORD. He knows himself a centre and source of light, heart of
beauty, the very symphony of creation itself.
Little meaning has the world of negatives, of thoughts, events, and

things, of separateness and self, of shadow and of pain, to him who knows
and sees and hears the world of light and beauty and of song. There unity
precludes all sense of separateness and self, all shadow and all pain.
Tragedy that man lives so near this world, within in very fact, and yet
cannot know or see or hear!
Ignorant, blind, deaf! By what means may the veil be drawn aside for
you? How may you be helped to know?
Ignorance, blindness, deafness, were no doubt inevitable, but are they
still? Have we not outgrown the stage of separateness, passed the cycle of
forthgoing, entered on the way of return?
I feel that we have; that there is something wilful in our selfishness;
that we deliberately keep ourselves blind and deaf; that many, many more
of us could know and see and hear.
Yet to have and to hold (motto of the race) is inevitably to lose, whilst
to give is to gain for evermore. "Give" is the password to the realm of
light. Once within there is naught either to give or receive, for all is one
and one is all.
How teach this to a race which lives to get and knows not unity (?), is
blind to inner light and deaf to the eternal song? ''Through beauty," the
answer comes. Beauty will be the religion of the new age. Orpheus must
come agam within our hearts and lives and as His own most glorious Self.

* * * * *

Master, in the realm of knowledge, of beauty and of power

I kneel at Thy feet.
Seeing Thee as knowledge incarnate,
As beauty perfectly portrayed
As power of the Word.

Myself a seed of these,

A young plant.
Growing before Thee,
Thou, the Sun.

Small am I beside Thee.
Imperfect. undeveloped.
Ignorant. unbeautiful
and weak.

Yet. because a seed

Containing all.
Hopeful. with Thine aid
And by Thy light.
One day to be
As Thou are now -
A light to all the world.

First. I must simplify my lower self.

Must purify my soul.
Lest the growth be warped.
The beauty marred
And the song sung out of tune.

Better perchance to be less

And that less. simple
And true and pure
As Thou art most perfectly.

In love and gratitude

I bow at Thy feet.
Revered Guru.

* * * * *

At the centre of every sunrise. at the heart of every sunset, is the Sun.
The beauty of every dawn and every eve comes from the Sun.
The glory of every dawn. the mystery of every twilight.
The splendour of sunrise and the wonder of sunset-
These are the glory, the mystery, the splendour and the wonder
Of the Sun.

Shines the Sun in splendour at high noon,
His full· power revealed,
Gleams the sun in mystery at midnight,
Hidden by the earth, revealed by the Moon,
Splendour and mystery:
High noon and midnight -
All owe their being to the Sun.

The world within our world

Is all Sun.
Light perpetual
Shines at every point.
Every atom glows and gleams,
Filling the world within
With unfading splendour,
Immortal beauty,
Deep mystery,
Everlasting Light.
He who enters there becomes the Omnipresent Sun,
Shines there in glory,
Lives there in loveliness,
Knows himself the heart and centre
Of all light and power;
And knowing, is at peace,
Peace shot through with ecstasy,
Calm, filled full with joy.

Light perpetual,
Joy abounding,
Bliss unfading,
Such is the world within our world.

13 August 1935 Pretoria

I feel that my life is guided, not necessarily by a person but by a

principle. I go wherever the way opens up, have done so since the War
and probably before then. The way is now opened up until early 1938. It
leads through Durban, Adyar, Calcutta, and Java, to Australia. What

then, I know not, nor can be anxious. A way has opened up from South
Africa to Australia, but whether it is the way I know not, though in good
time I shall know. (1939: It was.)
What is this principle which guides me so unerringly? And does it
guide "all nations and all men? If so, why the failures? Because the
individuals involved have not obeyed but have intruded self and selfish
desire. A great lesson to be learned: not to obtrude self!
Was it all planned from "the beginning" and I just coming to it? If so,
were the failures in the plan? This would explain the absence of need to
initiate a plan - the fact that it is only necessary to accept invitations as
they come. A mystery indeed to the three-dimensional brain, but not to
the space-time Ego, which knows and says one word: "Inevitability".
Almost like Humpty Dumpty - symbol of the Augoeides - who said,
"Impenetrability". I give thanks to Life; I trust Life.

22 October 1935 Pretoria

Mental serenity, emotional calm, physical stability, personal poise.

The consciousness must be centred above and beyond the phantasmagoria
of the physical world in that realm where there is no-thing.

* * * * *

He loved beauty, he loved spirituality, and kept his thoughts pointed

towards the ideal - the epitaph I would like to deserve.

1 November 1935 Pretoria



A white-haired, clear-skinned, fresh-faced man with a small, pointed

beard, keen eyes, short features, and a habit of thinking within himself
before speaking - not a common attribute!
General Smuts began by saying that the movement was too nebulous,

not concrete enough. Unless it had a kernel, he said, it would not live. He
mentioned the youth hostel movement in England, succeeding because
the aims were concrete ...
Our talk moved to unity, internationalism, holism, the new age being
born, the desirability of unity here, etc. I spoke of these ideals as basic to
the Youth Movement, and reminded him they were taught in it. He
wanned to the conversation, saying, "Itis fine to see a young man (sic)
full of enthusiasm, giving himself to these ideals." He ended by advising
me to go on and issue a clarion call to youth.
A big Ego, definitely irradiated by the gold of Buddhi, I would
assume. I asked the Masters' blessing on him, his nation, and his life. A
very fine human being, not sufficiently appreciated by his own country-
No personal help for the movement as yet The Secretary of the Youth
Group to send him a coPy. of the annual report listing achievements.

2 November 1935

One great achievement of the Masters, which differentiates Them

from men, is continuity. This displaces the need for dependence upon
memory. Their Self-consciousness is unbroken; They are perpetually
aware. They have discovered that principle in Themselves which is
changeless and in that They are established. They have found the Eternal
- Themselves.

7 December 1935 Adyar, India

(Adyar Diamond Jubilee)

Man is made up of two parts,

One part gifts, one part character.
The world appraises by the one
The wise man by the other.
No gifts, however great,
No faculties, however brilliant,
Compensate for lack of character.

Gifts show what a man has,
Character what he is.
Possessing both, man is rich.
Lacking character, he is poor
However great his gifts.

Happy is the man who has gifts.

Happy is the man who has character.
Happy indeed is the man who has both gifts and character,
For the world is at his feet

2S December 1935 Adyar

Self-purification includes the complete elimination of all resentment.

The heart must be pure from this point of view; otherwise the Master
cannot abide there. There must be nothing between the personality and
the Ego, nothing between the Ego and the Master. A pure heart and ever
open channel is the ideal.

'" '" '" '" '"


In bliss I abide in the Presence of the Guru,

I worship in the golden temple of His heart

Therein is peace which nothing can disturb

And stillness absolute.

Time is not, nor space, nor fonn;

Only the radiance of far-shining love.

Duality is not, not I, not He,

Only the principle of love as light.

Not an enclosure, but a centre,

A source of universal love and light.
Elsewhere within Him there is power
Resistless, and intellect all-knowing.

But here within His heart
Is love which knows no boundaries,

Which shines on all, just and unjust,

High and low, sinner and saint.

* * * * *

One life in metal, gem and rock,

And shining, quickens it;

One life in plant, in flower and tree,

And shining, beautifies;

One life in every animal and bird,

All insects, winged and creeping things;

Knows each one of them and cares

With deep solicitude for all.·

And caring, h~lps by strengthening from within

And hastening growth.

At the centre of this love and light

I abide and learn one day to love

As He loves, Who loves all things

And loving, shares His love with all.

And sharing, lifts all things and beings up

To those tremendous heights which He has climbed.

To that great peak on which He stands

From which the light of love shines out on all the world.

10 March 1938 Melbourne, Australia
From one High Initiate to Another-
from the Inner Worlds to the Outer
(Transmitted to the latter by Geoffrey)

No one can make progress on the Path without the experience of

mental anguish. There are qualities and powers of men which only
anguish can reveal. They pertain to the manifestation of Buddhi in the
personality .
Gethsemane begins the moment the foot is set upon the Path and
continues to the end. Actually, the cause of the anguish is an illusion
viewed in the light of Egoic consciousness. There was no cause, but the
lower self is unable to perceive this at the time.
Part of the illumination of Adeptship consists of the discovery and
dispersal of this illusion. TIris process also begins the moment the foot is
set upon the Path, and is continuous unto the end. In the end the
individual looks back at all his suffering, perceives its purpose and
recognizes its fruits, whilst at the same time discovering that in the realm
of the real, that is, from the point of view of the Ego, the whole experi-
ence was beneficial and educative. TIris probably is the ideal attitude
when pain comes.

26 February 1940 The Manor, Sydney, Australia

It is possible to know and speak well the language of Theosophy and

yet be ignorant of its light, to know the words of the Ancient Wisdom but
not the musit. Theosophy is a force and it should be used only for "the
amelioration of the condition of man".!

• • • • •

There are two acid tests of an occultist: the extent of his fantasy, and
his capacity to remain unmoved by either appreciation or criticism. To

I Master Kuthwni in The Mahatma Letters to AP. Sinnett, LeIter LXXXV, transcribed
and compiled by A.T. Barker.

strip off everything except the essential: this is the task. Success, the
applause of public audiences, the praise of friends, the open friendship of
prominent people, the acceptance of books to be published, the inevitable
sense of satisfaction produced by these and all success, and a certain
unconscious inflation of one's opinion of oneself - all this must go.
One must step out of this as from a garment and stand naked before
one's higher Self and one's Master. Nothing must remain but the highest,
truest Self and its faculties. Then one must, in one's brain conscious-
ness. steadfastly hold to that vision of oneself. Nothing must have power
to dim it, to mar its clarity and truth. This is the central task of the
To compare oneself with those greater, and especially to look up to the
Master - His splendour. His real greatness, His power: how puny, infan-
tile one feels when one does this! One is just a groping. slow-moving
baby in the great art of the conduct of life and the work of occultism. Yet
the germ is there - thank God! The most difficult problem before the
successful worker is his success. It is almost impossible not to be
pleased, gratified, elevated. BUT ONE MUST NOT.

2 May 1940 '

Theosophy does not need the first person singular.

As the work of lecturing and teaching continues. one becomes more
and more deeply impressed with the very lofty nature of the calling of the
teacher, especially the teacher of the Ancient Wisdom. His is a high
office, a great privilege, a deeply spiritual function. He is an apprentice
preparing himself some day to serve in the teaching department of the
Inner Government of the World. His Exemplar, His ideal, is the Great
World Teacher Himself, the perfect Teacher of angels and of men. The
Lord Buddha, the Lord Maitreya, and the Master Kuthumi represent the
highest perfection, the finished example of the teacher's art. To Their
height the teacher of the Ancient Wisdom in the outer world aspires. If he
is steadfast to it, one day he will attain. Spiritually, he becomes one with
Them and with all great Teachers when he carries out his task, which is a
holy calling indeed The Theosophical teacher is as a King's messenger
who brings the message safely through all dangers. Theosophy is an
utterly impersonal science. Impersonal also is Theosophical work. Im-
personal therefore must be the Theosophical worker - and silent. One

must constantly re-examine one's work: and one's attitude to keep both
free from egoism and self-satisfaction, for these are two of the most
deadly poisons to the soul.

4 May 1940

Sometimes it is helpful to divest yourself of your past and be just a

soul aspiring to the light. It is often a great relief to do this, for so-called
mistakes and "falls" disappear, and there is a certain freshness, newness,
and brightness visible within the soul. It looks like a flame, mounting
steadily higher. Actually, the trammels of the past should not hamper us.
We should forget them, cast them off as a garment outworn, yet perceiv-
ing for a while their usefulness.

SMay 1940

If you think you have found a wise plan, look deeper and you will find
a wiser and a deeper wisdom.

9 May 1940

The occultist undertakes more than the man can perform - and in the
end performs it. The man may never hope to reach his Star, but like the
mariner he sets his course by it.

16 May 1940


There is a need of a philosophy showing the place and sublimation of

mistakes. To the spiritually sensitive, mistakes, when remembered, are a
constant prick. The memory of them and of their effects is humiliating,
fills one with regrets, produces acute rushes of shame. Doubtless these
pricks (they can be deep and unhealing wounds) serve also as goads to
spur us on to.greater efforts. But what of mistakes or falls, errors and

wrong judgements? What is to be done about them and the recurring
disturbances which they produce upon the poise of the soul? How does
the Ego view the enonnous list of falls and errors, wrong conduct which
must have occurred during hundreds of lives? Can they ever be undone?
Do they distress the Ego? Are they really errors or just natural manifesta-
tions of imperfection and so inevitable? At what stage does the individual
cease to make them (?) - not until Adeptship.

23 June 1940


I repeat that the test of an individual's evolutionary status is the extent

of his fantasy about himself. Adeptship really means the breaking and
final disappearance of fantasy. Crucifixion marks this attainment

2S June 1940

In the occlllt life, privileges, positions, and favours received from

without, whilst received with gratitude, are far less important than the
changes occurring within. "What is happening inside you?" is the
supremely important question, and never more so than when favour and
prefennent come your way. The silent unfolding of the mysterious flower
of life within the soul, its ;ncrease in beauty and fragrance, in delicacy
and sensitivity - this is the all-important experience, the true spiritual
sign of progress. "Look within" must ever be the motto of the occultist.
especially amidst outer successes.

26 June 1940


There can exist serious flaws in the nature of the aspirant and yet he
can continue to aspire and to work successfully. A glass vase will stand
and even hold flowers whilst cracked or broken right across, although a
movement may cause it to fall shattered to the ground. Fortunately, the

human soul is not brittle like glass. Also, it perpetually grows and mends
itself even after a fall. Nevertheless, the flaws must be eliminated as soon
as possible.

6 July 1940

Flaws in steel or glass can be fused out by reheating; so also, flaws of

character may be burnt out by the fire of the will turned upon them at high

8 July 1940

P ... replies ... and uses these memorable words: It's so easy for the
dark powers to iilf1uence any of us, without exception, both in our
weaknesses as well as in our qualities. We are generally inclined to
believe that it is the other party who is influenced by the dark forces. As a
matter of fact, the slime of darkness is no respecter of persons and, so far
as I have ever been able to judge, is extremely impartial in its attention.
Indeed, the more we repudiate the thought we could ever be assailed by
the dark forces, the more is it quite likely that we are temporarily in their
grip. "Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall."!

* * * * *

The Path is the most impersonal fact in the disciple's personal life. He
must learn to stand alone, utterly alone. He must rely upon his own
strength alone, his own vision and understanding alone. For in all tests
and trials, naught else can help him. He himself and his quest are
impersonal manifestations of an impersonal and ever ascending life force.
The fact of the focusing of this life into an individuality for a certain time
and a certain purpose does not alter the fact that it is itself impersonal ...

1 leor. 10:12.

Of a surety, the tests of a neophyte are searching and severe. The
lesson is, apparently, complete impersonality and imperviousness to the
opiilions of others, however high - the Masters always excepted.

* * * * *

What is reality? The Atma and nothing else; the flame of Atma which
at last descends into the centre of consciousness and bums there as a
flame. The real birth of the Christ is not of Buddhi alone. It is of Atma
sheathed in Buddhi, power clothed in wisdom, will at the heart of univer-
sal love, the Star above the Christ. This alone is the reality behind
individuality; the Atma is, above all things, as universal as the sun and its
When the aspirant at last finds his Atma, his kingship begins. When
he becomes his Atma, his coronation occurs. Then he is an Adept,
immortal, free.

23 July 1940 •

St Teresa of Avila truly says, "00 not think, though it may seem so,
that a virtue is acquired when we have not tested it by its opposing vice. "
And again, "If anyone detects in himself any tenderness about his good
name, and yet wishes to advance in the spiritual life, let him believe me
and throw this embarrassment behind his back; for it is a chain which no
file can sever." And again, "What keeps him back who does so much for
God? There it is: self-respect ... ". "Are we striving after union with
God? 00 we not wish to follow the counsels of Christ - who was loaded
with reproaches and falsely accused - and at the same time keep our own
reputations untouched? We cannot succeed, for these things are inconsis-
tent one with another." How difficult this is! The standards of the inner
life seem almost impossibly lofty.

26 July 1940


Strange superphysical experience of double time consciousness. I was

both in the present writing in the proper place in my war diary and
present at the end of the last war, participating in the last days' fighting
before the annistice. I was assisting in loading a bombing plane and
seeing all the lurid effects of gunfire and bombing as on November 10-11,
1918. Yet I was fully conscious in 1940 and was recording and knowing
the 1918 experience. Have already been in two places at once, but never
before in two times at once!

* * * * *

Even if you wear the richest vestments for the sake of the work,
underneath must be only the yellow robe [of the monk].

29 July 1940

The sufferings of others may be received with compassion, one's own

only with will. Buddhi for others, Atma for oneself (cf. The Voice of the
Silence, Fragment III, verse 261). To be misunderstood is part of the
"game". To be selflessly ''indifferent'' to all opinion concerning oneself
is to be free.

4 August 1940


He who would overcome must know how to "invoke the universal

Atma" and so for a time become a God omnipotent. For naught can
withstand that power. Desire itself, by that power, is shattered as by a
thunderbolt into a thousand fragments which can nevermore cohere.

23 August 1940


I learned to some extent the profound significance of dispassion where

the fruits of work. are concerned. The motto of the would-be occultist
must ever be "no fruits". Only the work and its motive matter. The fruits
are not the worker's concern. He must be unmoved by either success or
failure, detached, dispassionate.

2 October 1940

Wherever he is and whatever he does or does not, the disciple is

important, for he can always be of use to his Master both as a channel and
as an outpost of consciousness. Therefore he should always go where he
should, despite personal aversion, and he should always keep himself
open to the Master. His judgement of which occasions are important and
which are not is unreliable. An occasion which seems unimportant to the
disciple may be most important to the Master, and vice versa.

10 OctoIler 1940


The duality of human nature becomes very pronounced and observable

in times of great stress. The personality is influenced continually by its
karma, has periods of adversity, stress, trial, and even error, and periods
of success and happiness. Astrological influences play upon and affect it
The thoughts and actions of others produce their effects. The dharma of
the individual is being steadily work.ed O\,1t amidst the light and shade of
life. Thus, the personality lives amidst perpetual change, oscillates be-
tween daric.ness and light, between trial, difficulty, pain, and success,
. ease, and happiness. On occasion, the personality cries out, "How long,
o Lord, how long?" Stability, serenity, eventually result
The Ego on the other hand is free from moods, from change, doubt.
and uncertainty; from the ups and downs of life. It abides in a serene
poise, unaffected by any events or changes in the personality save those

of an extreme nature, such as a very bad fall or a great attainment. In
either case it remains the dispaSsionate centre of divine consciousness, far
beyond the limitations of mortal man. Ever increasing radiance; steady,
rhythmic, ever mounting power; deepening intensity of existence without
the slightest strain; wide grasp of evolutionary plan, position, and future,
ranging over all past lives and into those to come; fully aware of its divine
nature and infinite potentialities; wanting naught, possessing all; beyond
time limitations; spaceless; rooted in the etemal- the higher Self of man
is a mighty spiritual king whose dominion and powers ever increase,
whose bliss grows ever more intense, and whose wisdom mightily and
sweetly ordereth all things. Therefore, become and live as an Ego.

13 October 1940

1 meet C. Jinarajadasa. He has a great inner stillness, a most valuable

qUality to be developed to the highest pitch. One must attain to and
convey this sense of inner quiet, poise, stillness, especially in trials.
Through all experience there continues that mysterious and wonderful
process - the unfoldment of the soul of man; "everything comes to him
who renounces". .

29 October 1940


There are amongst mankind two classes of souls: those who have
surrendered and those who have not. The acid test is "Have you surren-
dered?" The vast majority of Egos at this stage are still in the state of
individuality-accentuation. The few have said to the Most High and His
ministers (as it were), "I surrender to You. I am Yours. My will is Your
will. My life is Your life. 1 ask naught ever again for self. I give all I
have and am to You." So, in Gethsemane, Jesus said, " ... not my will,
but thine, be done".l Yet this Gospel is but for the few as yet. For it is
the heart of the occult life. Only after surrender do the Great Law and

1 Luke 22:42.

the Great Life take you in charge utterly and you are "safe forever".
Spontaneity then becomes the characteristic of life, "give" the religion,
"absolute unself-consciousness of self" the one aspiration. "Let go!"
One must be ready to bow the head, even to what appear to be
injustices, to bow to all superiors in utmost humility. Renunciation is the
master key. "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."!
After surrender, all is open.
This, in part, is the message I shall give - some day.

12 November 1940

When St Teresa of Avila was bitterly and unjustly attacked by her

family through their lawyer who accused her of hypocrisy , she said, "May
God reward thee for the favour that you do me."

2 December 1940


St FraTlciS', concerning his trials, said, "My secret is my own. Endure

in silence under attack." St Teresa: "Learn to bear some little thing for
the love of God without everyone's knowing of it."

I Matt. 5:5.

1940 -1952


1941 New Zealand

On December 13. 1940. I sailed in the Maunganui to this new field of

work. The parting from Jane and Sandra and home life and friends in
Sydney was very painful and the domestic separation grew harder as time
went on. Jane. who had not been well. gre~ worse and was brought over
by Sandra in April and comfortably settled in at 3 Belvedere Street,
Epsom. where I joined them on May 31. 1941.

8 May 1941 St Claire, Dunedin

Outstanding experiences are the great friendliness and trust of the

leaders. especially Emma Hunt. the Crawfords. Mathers. Yates. and
Harry Banks. Harry was at once recognized as an old and loved friend.
and we worked together as a perfect team in deep affection. He drew me
back into church work.l concelebrating several times until I undertook the
priestly office with growing confidence and ever increasing joy and
uplifunent. Oneness with Our Lord Christ deepened and I now always
feel uplifted into the immensity of His glorious love and Presence at
every Celebration. My gratitude to Bishop Wedgewood and now to
Harry is unbounded.
The Theosophical Convention and Christchurch work were a success.
and although Dunedin is less spectacular. useful work is. I hope. being

* * * * *
I Geoffrey Hodson was a Priest of the Liberal Catholic Church.


The open wound is essential to outpoured power and grace. Suf-

fering is one of the gateways to the Kingdom of Heaven. Bliss is
another; intense effort, ardent aspiration, heroic faithfulness, and
largeness of vision, thought, and action are all other gateways. Endur-
ance is an essential quality. One must always be especially big in the
presence oflittIeness, generous in the presence of meanness, always heap-
ing coals of fire on those in error! and remaining silent when wrongfully
judged and accused, especially by leaders. Under attack we have always
to remember that the Master knows the facts and so there is no need of
defence of oneself, though always of the work.

* * * * *
White Lotus Day meeting in the lounge at Dunedin Lodge. I medi-
tated on H.P.B. and aspired to her greatness.
Do your best as a Theosophist to remove the ignorance of the world.
Do your best as a Theosophist to shed the light of Truth upon the world.
Do your best as a Theosophist to purify, refine, and strengthen your own
nature. Conc~ive of yourself as always in training for harder and greater
tasks than,those which you now perform, and live and work accordingly.
Meet "adverse" karma valiantly, philosophically, and without flinching.
Meet your "favourable" karma calmly and in self-control. Be not unduly
moved by either. At the centre always be still. Set the will to work on
your personal failings and eliminate them. Never be satisfied from day to
day until they are gone. Develop a valiant independence of all personal
favours, yet be grateful for them when they come. Inculcate in humanity
a staunch adherence to the highest moral principles ~d ideals. The moral
standard is everywhere too low. Put the seal of perfection on everything
you do.

1 To do good to a person who has offended or hanned one (Prov. 25:22).

12 May 1941

I awoke feeling greatly uplifted after the Vaishakh Ceremony.l My

consciousness was occupied with one idea which was, as it reached my
brain: "The whole world is born anew.tt I have a great sense ofupliftment
and feel that all channels are wider open and my inner consciousness

JOJune 1941

Everyone has his Achilles' heel. Find your own and safeguard your-
self. Adeptship is the state in which there is no Achilles' heel.

7 October 1941


Behind all womanhood exists the Eternal Woman, the one divine
manifestation as femininity. At its origin, it is cosmic, being the half of
all creation. The other half is the Eternal Man, and mysteriously these are
not two but one, for both emerge from a common source; they are expres-
sions of a unity which combines and includes them both. It is this basic
fact of unity within the One Source that is the root of attraction, whether
chemical, magnetic, or of gender in organic life. For these temporarily
separated twain-in-one are forever drawn back towards their primordial
unity, and this attraction is continuous and compulsive.
Thus, behind every individual woman there is the Eternal Woman.
Within and through the feminine personality is made manifest the spirit
of femininity, the archetypal woman. This is the highest in every woman.
Perpetually this is seeking ever fuller, ever more radiant, more tender,
.more fragrant expression through the wondrous flower which is an indi-
vidual woman.
What are the essential qualities of this archetypal woman? They are
sacrifice, tenderness, graciousness, divine radiance, heavenly fragrance,
beauty, and grace. They are wisdom, fathomless as a still dark pool of

1 See Glossary.

infinite depth. profound compassion and intimate concern for all living
things. ministration, healing love. They are joyous radiant girlhood.
graceful womanhood. creative. preserving. and transfonning motherhood.
Within the Heavenly Woman is an ascetic refinement of utter purity.
The archetypal woman is a yogini. however much she may sacrifice her-
self to express herself in matter. fonn. earth. and all productive processes.
Some part of her. the real part of her. is in no way touched by these. in no
way sullied. even through a life of prostitution. Though one with the very
soul of every woman. the archetypal woman is remote, out of reach. even ,
of the woman herself. save in her highest moments. Still more is she
remote from the very matter. fonn. experience through which she is par-
tially. imperfectly made manifest.
This archetypal woman becomes at last unified and fully expressed in
the woman Adept. It may be. and often is, temporarily expressed in and
through the human woman at her highest moments. Nevertheless. she
(the archetype) may be perceived and known at any moment through any
woman by those who have eyes to see. whether woman or man. To know
and see the archetypal Self in an individual is to love. True love. the
highest love. the love which would inspire the lover to die gladly for the
beloved. that love is born of vision of the divine archetype.
Every child unconsciously finds the spirit of womanhood in its
mother's love and care. This is why children suffer so deeply. if instinc-
tively. at the hands of their parents. For when they are wrongly treated or
misused by either. an offence has been committed against the spirit of
womanhood and manhood. motherhood arid fatherhood. Naturally the
child cannot reason thus or comprehend this fact but instinctively is aware
of a profanation of divinity.
In the holder of the divine Office of World Mother. a conscious union
occurs between the archetypal woman fully manifest in the woman Adept
and the cosmic principle of womanhood. This constitutes a descent,
fiery. pentecostal. of the Eternal Woman into its own purified and exalted
superhuman manifestation in time and space.
The potentiality of this hypostatic union exists in every woman and is
frequently foreshadowed throughout successive human lives as interior
illuminations. wondrous yet indescribable in visions ever beyond the pos-
sibility of communication to another. This is in part the mystery of
womanhood. this the secret life of every woman. that on occasion she
knows and is one with the Eternal Woman and has her mysterious life in
that realm wherein She abides.

Thus is revealed the yoga most appropriate to woman. Interiorly, it is
union with the Eternal Woman and externally it is to make manifest that
archetype in daily life. Mentally still, withdrawn from earthly life, she
opens the calyx of her higher Self to the descent of the rays of the Eternal
Self as woman. Knowing the union she closes the petals of spiritual love
upon the heavenly visitation and is one with the divine in silence, in
seclusion, in mystery.

27 November 1941

The first year's work in New Zealand draws to a close. It has been full
of effort, opportunity, expanding vision. In my life, I have witnessed four
momentary Transfigurations. One was Dr Annie Besant, at the first lec-
ture I heard her deliver at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England, in
1912. My whole life was changed and all my later activity sprang from
this. Homage to her! ... Evidently, transfiguration is physical as well as
spiritual, and at the third Initiation, the possibility of transfiguration at
any time is opened up.

16 February 1942


Last night I awoke with the vivid recollection of being in the Presence
of the Master Kuthumi. His remarks seemed to concern the fiery soul-
essence of Nature and of man, the akaska agni, perbaps, or essence of
both. I was enabled to see or rather realize myself (and Him) as this
substance, as the inmost Self, the Mahatattva - presumably Buddhi-
tattva. Everything was fused as if by fire into unity when this state was
approached from below, and on descent from it, everything seemed
heavy, dark, dull, like coagulations of mud in water.
The Master seemed to say, "This is the Creative Principle ceaselessly
at work in matter; this is the 'fire of creation. '" It was less verbal instruc-
tion than vital experience; "afterwards" my gratitude, love, and venera-
tion mounted to great intensity. In utter reverence I bow before the Guru.

* * • • •


Throughout 1942, world affairs have passed through many fluctua-

tions. After great initial success, Gennany is being driven back with
heavy losses in Russia. Japan strikes successfully at America in the
Pl,lcific during negotiations in Washington. She is now temporarily
master of the Pacific, and this morning comes news of the fall of
Singapore. Then doubtless will come attacks on D.E.I. [Dutch East
Indies], Australia, and New Zealand. America is harnessing all industrial
power to gigantic war production and sending aid to these countries.
An Adept "Friend" warned of all this last year, but assured me of my
family's perfect safety, and that New Zealand would not be successfully·
invaded - a very great support and consolation.

28 February 1942

A memorable day. Immediately after breakfast, received teaching and

direction of an authoritative character. Our joint work: is to discover
knowledge, to arrange knowledge and to spread knowledge. Teaching is
promised, and direction, especially after racial and individual karmas
have beeR met.
The ihfluence and atmosphere of this experience are distinct! y of Mas-
ter Kuthumi, possibly, as I feel, of Master Djwal Kul and of the Valley
and of the Occult World - the only Beings and the only world for us.

20 March 1942 Oamaru

An Adept

Tell your family that the whole danger of invasion by land forces of
Australia and New Zealand is now remote. The recent losses and others
to come make it too costly. Airattack may still be attempted on the
southern areas of Australia, but the resistance is becoming very strong.
You may say that the war has taken a definite tum and the tide from now

on will continue to flow in favour of the Allies, despite occasional set-

backs and losses.
American production and manpower are the deciding factors now, just
as British courage and skill and vision have held the fort till now and

Russian doggedness spells Hitler's doom from the east. He is to try a
gigantic thrust through the Caucasus for oil but after a first success, he
will fail as he did against Russia He and his anny are doomed, as you
dreamed truly the other night, remembering a summing up of the situation
j - which you attended. So your family are not to be in the least afraid;
neither are you; and the future is indeed brightening in many ways.
Theosophically, a gigantic task awaits the Society and its principal
workers, and the outlines of that task will soon be physically discernible
as they are superphysically already. It is a call to preach the Brotherhood
of Man, the occult truths, and the Path of Discipleship. A great wave of
public interest in Theosophy is to be expected, and growth of the Theo-
sophical Society in some countries as a result. Big events are in prepara-
tion, and a great worlc will have to be done. All your self-training will be
of inestimable value. But this is not immediate, and for a time things will
go on as they are.
Humanity must unite or perish.

19 April 1942


"0 Master! May I keep humble

And true and fine and pure in Thy sight
May the curse of egoism never fall upon me,
Nor the vice of pride ever take hold of me.
And may I ever remember to Whom I belong
And under Whom I live and worlc,
And so be worthy of my Discipleship.

The soul is truly healthy only when in a state of humility and self-
correction. The First Ray says, "Only when standing to attention."

9 May 1942

My life is an inconceivably slow apprenticeship for self-mastery, for

true attainment. One seeks ever a stable centre, a faultless wisdom, an

unfailing vision, an utter steadiness between and amidst happiness and
pain. I think I have found ·these blessings and their name thus far is
"work". As long as I am at work I am still, calm, steady, sure, imper-
sonal, happy in the "Great Stream".
The personality is the barrier, the weakness, the Achilles' heel, the
source of failure. The long slow apprenticeship must be continued, for
like grammar it will repay me later on. It is the work you will one day do
which is of significance, not yourself, and above all not the self of today.
We must cease to be concerned with ourselves, only with That of which
we fonn a part. "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it
abideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. "I

* * * * *

Sacrifice is the supreme virtue, the greatest contribution, the meaning

of "rejection of the stone"z and why that stone is the "keystone". The
worker voluntarily foregoes acceptance. The rejection is chosen
beforehand. Sacrifice is the stone, contributed to the Templar life.
Sacrifice is the very root of being, the essence of creativeness, the essen-
tial to creation.
Therefore let sacrifice, renunciation, ever be the keynote of life and
work, the master theme, the motif of motifs. Then it will also be the joy
of life. Let go the separate self, the individual life. Then the greater life
will be revealed and known.
Self-negation does not produce futile nullity. It is the only gateway to
fullness of being and to infinite potency. But to achieve and maintain
this, one must live in the realm of infinite thought and eternal uuth. "He
that loseth his life for my sake, shall find it unto life eternal."3 Give to
have. Serve to live. Renounce to perceive and receive. Share to enjoy.
See life whole and live for the whole and nevennore for the separate self

1 101m 12:24.
2 Masonic tenn.
3 cf. Matt. 10:39.

I 26 May 1942


No one can succeed unless he has a Holy Grail in the search for which
he can lose himself. To have each his quest, his Holy Grail, this is the
need of mankind. To lose himself in his quest is man's assurance of

11 June 1942


For those on the Second Ray, there is only one way - that of Wisdom
and Love. But you must learn to be completely tolerant and appreciative
of other ways of evolving, manifesting, and serving. One such way is that
of power, will (characteristic of the First Ray), and though it may appear
to be wrong, it may not always be so.
For First Ray people, power is their Holy Grail, their quest; great
cosmic power can flow through them and exalt them, and they must
express it in some way. Learn to see the necessity for power rightly
used; try to understand men of power, even when they appear to be
totally wrong. Avoid a hasty judgement. Be wise about power.

15 June 1942


In addition to all the listed qualities required for the Path is an unlisted
one which can bring success even in the absence of many others. It is
spiritual refinement, a fragrance of soul or a "high note in the chord" ever
sounding out. It is an aristocracy of Ego, a patrician quality which place~
the Ego amongst spiritual kings and princes, however lowly his physical
lot. It results from past loftiness and high attainment. It is "a pure
influence from the Almighty" which is the Monad, an utter refinement, a
loftiness of soul, a "racehorse" qUality.

* * * * *

One must not resent the "grinding process" or have the slightest feel-
ing against those whose function it has been to cany it out. They are the
soul's best friend. First Ray people can be strong and decisive, but they
must not be Queens (as in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland) who ever
cry, "Off with his head!"

20 June 1942


The great error is perpetually to judge other people, to presume to

assess them and their motives. Without a knowledge of their past and
future one cannot correctly judge other people, and it is wisdom to refrain
from the process; impertinence and folly not to refrain.
Behind gossip is judgement. Don't judge.

... ... ... ... ...


Third Ray wisdom is a great essential. Always one must be detached

and study the problem or situation impersonally. Innumerable factors
enter into every problem and into every individual motive and conduct.
and no human being cm accurately assess them all and so correctly judge
the situation. Therefore, even whilst studying, observing, be slow to
judge, especially adversely an~ from what may be an apparent mistake.

... ... ... ... ...


The Path is the doctrine of the fruitfulness of mistakes.

Mistakes are the most valuable experience because pain-producing
and so educative. The shortest, quickest path is to make mistakes and
learn from them. Many of the world's greatest have died in ignominy ...
Make a study of errors of the great and realize their fruitfulness. When

you see a weakness or error and go out to cure it, you manifest the
opposite virtue and right conduct Never hide from mistakes.
Most probably, in the long run, there are no mistakes. For every
mistake is right action in embryo. Capacity to make mistakes is capacity
for right action in process of germination and development. Every mis-
take is a channel through which added perception of rectitude will be
gained. Within every right action is the possibility of wrong action;
within every wrong action lies the possibility of right action. Hence, that
wrong action or mistake, however grievous its consequences to the actor
and others, is not wholly wrong and irretrievable. Nevertheless, our own
mistakes must never be lightly regarded; nor must they be overaccentu-
ated. They must be seen as mistakelessness-in-the-becoming. If we
never made mistakes we should never become mistakeless. The Adept is
one Who is mistakeless.

* * * * *

Never for a moment be deceived by outer success. When it comes, be .

acutely on guard. Success can be the greatest failure. Failure can be the
greatest success. Failures are powers in embryo.
Be ever ready to sacrifice, forego outer success. Don't seek it,
don't desire it, (ion't admit it. The dharma of all beings is to break
down separated form; for outer success nearly always conceals inner
Success always belongs to the circumference. Only the Adept has
success at the Centre and even that Centre recedes further and further

9 July 1942


"A diamond with a flaw is better than a common stone that is perfect."
(Chinese proverb)
The one determination of the true occultist is to know the flaws in his
[or her] own nature. Better far to go down in defeat and failure before the

world but with flaws revealed and acknowledged, than to die in public
acclaim, self-deluded and blind to one's flaws.
The occultist's epitaph: "He knew his weaknesses." The antithesis:
"He is under the maya of self-congratulation." No outer success must
ever be allowed to blind one to inevitable inner failure. Therefore, when-
ever success comes, use it at once to seek the flaws and manfully remove

31 January 1943, Sunday 3 Belvedere St, Epsom,

This week marks the beginning of the end of a period of householding
and the beginning of homelessness. t
Throughout 1942 I toured N. Z. whilst Jane's health seriously
declined. Sandra cared for her during my absence with unfailing love
and support. After the 46th N.Z. Convention at Wellington, I planned
to stay here and see Jane through. A rapid deterioration began with
acute pains until drugs were applied. After a fortnight of much difficulty
and suffering, she was placed in Lavington Nursing Home on the 29th of
January 1943, and our responsibility for her physical well-being was
transferred ...

23 February 1943

Plans afoot for Easter Conference. Keynote accepted by Emma Hunt:

The Dedicated Life. the only life worth living.
Realize that each must crown himself with the royal crown of Atma.

10 March 1943

(Vivid superphysical experience of visiting the Masters in a

house. The President, DrO.S. Arundale, was with us -Jane,
Sandra, and myself.)

The Master Morya was with us the most. Master Kuthumi retired to
another room opening out of that in which we were received. We four

were visitors pennitted to pay a call upon Them. The President seemed to
have an official position. Each of us, as every visitor, would see Them
and the experience differently, with certain objective facts in common,
but we would not necessarily share in the others' contact with the Masters
and, at any rate, would remember most clearly one's own, as 1 do.
Conversation was very open and easy. At first, as we approached,
the house was invisible. It was in mountainous, pastoral upland just off
a well-used trail, and one "saw" a maya over it as of a haystack and
open country. 1 recognized the path and exclaimed to our unremembered
guide (in some way one of Them): "I have been along here before'" It
was a long, white building off to the right, but concealed save to admitted
visitors. There was a hall and we entered a room on the left with a table
against the right wall. They "ate with us - broke bread".
It was perfectly clear that the Masters were living an intensely vivid,
inner life, full of its own activity all the time. They were graciously
turned outwards to us at the personal level. As Porphyry said of his
teacher Plotinus, "He was able simultaneously to live with others and
Mth himself."
I was greatly impressed by the Master's youthfulness; He seemed not
more than 28, and I remember "thinking" over to the President, "How
remarlcably young They look'" There was not a line on Their faces, and
the skin was perfectly smooth and very vital. They were strikingly
beautiful, and it was hard to keep one's eyes and mind from Their
. wonderful faces and outer being. I was not aware of auras.
Their complete unconcern - upeksha - absolute indifference, and
smiling ease, immovable equipoise, detachment, interior bliss impressed
me profoundly. Apparently They ... abide in absolute peace, "at ease"
throughout Their whole nature and with all Nature.
I cannot remember much conversation. 1 could not wholly repress
interest in Them as the Beings of the "Letters"l and I asked some ques-
tions (I fear too many) about that period. 1 received quite open and
interesting answers, but no "interest". 1 was told that the house had been
rebuilt on the old site..
Disinterestedness2 with personality, yet clearly being personalities

I The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett. transcribed and compiled by A.T. Barker. and
Lettersfrom the Masters of the Wisdom. transcribed and annotated by C. Jinarajadasa.
2 Disinterested: the older meaning (indifferent. uninterested) is intended here rather
than the modem meaning (not biased). Similarly. p. 310.

with characteristics. Master Morya gave me an object1 - very clear to me.
The act evoked instant gratitude and devotion. .. He talked quite freely


Master Kuthumi emerged from another room, now glowing with

golden light. I received the impression of a dedicated altar within it. He
walked up to me and handed Die a long used pencil of white wood. On it
were several signatures, including His own as in the Letters - "K.H." ...
I did not feel it was given, only shown to me and to be held. As we left,
later, I laid it down on the doorstep, not feeling that I oUght to keep it. I
cannot recall any significance in these two incidents of "gifts" unless the
pencil was a hint to write more, or a prophecy that I should one day write
for Him or at His direction. (On 13 February 1945 I was told by Him, Il,i'

''The Pencil was your work in the world as accredited agent for Us.")
These two incidents seem to be the most significant and to symbolize !
the purpose of the visit. Both seem to concern the future.
There was present a shorter man who lived there, an ()riental with
refined, somewhat Mongolian features, clean shaven. Could it be Master
Djwal Kul1 •
Mastel"Morya's face in profile remains as a strong memory. Master
Kuthumi's extraordinary beauty and grace, and chiefly His hair, free on
the shoulders, are remembered clearly.
At last both Masters withdrew and the third personage said, "We have
to go now." We four then withdrew. In the hall was a table on which was
a kind of cap commonly used in the district. I received the impreSSion
that the Masters went out unrecognized amongst the people. I was last
to leave and longed to stay. As I put the pencil down on the doorstep I
found my shoelaces untied. The right one broke and I left with the shoe
unfastened. The other three were waiting for me across the road which, in
a maya, now seemed to be in an English town. I looked long at the front
of the house, saw its number, 403, on the wall left of the door, but
couldn't find the name of the street or the town. Still, I felt that I had
been pennitted to know much. .. I know the house, although I would not
dream of intruding uninvited.

• I See entry of 13 February 1945.

There are incalculably great differences between the bodily personal-
ity of anyone and the real individual. This is especially the case in
embodied Adepts. There is a certain sublimated and beautiful human-
ness at the physical level, yet an inconceivably great Adeptship above.
Physically, there is an extraordinarily refined, strong, serene person
"cosmically at ease". Although the Masters, in this superphysical experi-
ence, must have been intensely active at many other levels and fully
aware of them, there was no slightest absent-minctedness. There was,
however, a sense that They lived wholly within Themselves, at the
"Centre", and that actually there was very little awareness (relatively)
away from that Centre. The Master Kuthumi radiated warm friendliness.
My fullest memory is of Master Morya, near Whom I sat all the time
following the meal.
The above impressions and all the wonderful abnosphere of the out-
of-the-body meeting are very clear. I d~ not wish to come out of it; it is
so very wonderful. I have the assurance of having seen reality ...
In spite of Their impressive greatness, the Masters have a human
sociability and friendliness and sense of fun which is delightful.

[On the 2nd of October 1976, at our home in Epsom, Auck-

land, just after my typing the above account of the Master
Kuthumi's handing Geoffrey the Pencil, Geoffrey received
the following communication from the Master Kuthumi,
Who spoke mentally to him as follows:]

"As you have said, and as you so well know from almost a lifetime of
experience, one of the tests - but not the only one, remember - of the
reality of an occult experience, is whether or not it fades from the mem-
ory, particularly in its details. Entry into supramental consciousness,
interrelationship with a Deva-Raja and, of course, an Adept or one near
thereto, produces an effect upon the personal mind of the awakened seer,
the Ego and Causal body and, of course, the Akasha of each of these and
the place 'where the events occur.
"Thus, prophecies of future events may at first appear to the recipient
.~ to be unlikely of fulfilment, even impossible, in fact, as in the case of the
'Pencil'. In such events, and especially when all the other components of
the experience prove both lasting and intellectually realistic, then an ap-
parently doubtful prophecy or other statement must be held in abeyance
in the mind and watchfully observed on occasion. If the other assurances

of certainty are met, then it is reasonable to assume that, however unlikely
at the time, the prophecies will be fulfilled, whether personal, group,
national, or international. .
"At the time I handed Geoffrey the Pencil, Sandra, and partly proph-
esied its later use symbolically, and when My Brother - Morya - showed
him the 'Historic Scroll' (or 'Roll')1 and pointed to his place in the future
as a successor to H.P.B. and others, the possibilities could hardly be
acceptable to Geoffrey at those times! Now, however, the truth of
both prophecies is abundantly clear. even though he never claims, and
probably never will claim during his lifetime to be repeating the words
of a Master."

12 March 1943

My 57th birthday, on which I feel a new dedication to the service of

the Masters and, by Their aid, to the world. The memory of my super-
physical experience two nights ago remains very strong indeed, and I am
living in the happiness of the experience.

1 April 1943
Recently received, at a Masonic meeting, the illumination of the
double pyramids, a great stabilizing and empowering symbol and shield.

13 April 1943
Two great virtues which are really one: in religious life, "self- ,
recollection", and in secular life, "heedfulness".

''For all your days prepare,

And meet them ever alike.
When you are anvil, bear;
When you are hammer, strike."

I See entry of 24 November 1946.

22 April 1943

Preparing my various addresses for the Easter Conference (in New

Zealand) on The Dedicated life. I realize that in all this work I am sharp-
ening my "tools" for the future. The Pencil which the Master Kuthumi
handed to me in that wonderful superphysical visit to His house was not
for me to use (at that time) and I rightly returned it. It was a model. First,
it was given by a Master; it was not my own. Second, it was white and so
unsullied by self or sense. Third, it was straight and sharp. Fourth, it was
not new but had been used. Fifth, it had other names than mine on it and
its shape is the symbol of spiritual power. Sandra says that it is the
symbol of my work, to bring through and write down divine inspiration,
continuing the work of predecessors. (This is now officially ratified.)
So I must sharpen my tools and learn to use them: will to finality;
wisdom to mistakelessness; intellect to perceptiveness and prescience;
mind to intuitiveness, clarity, and absolute long- and short-range logic,
perfection of reasoning; emotion to intuition and selfless universal love;
and body (the point) to complete efficiency in the expression of all these
and channelship for the Master's power. Such is my Pencil to be!

24 April 1943

Easter Conference well begun. The most important quality in a lecture

is not its cleverness, its power to win applause, its worldly success ...
Supremely important in a lecture is its power to elevate the conscious-
ness, stimulate higher mental activity in members of the audience, and
serve as a vehicle for the Master's influence.
The occultist must develop the most absolute, positive indifference to
personal reactions to him and his work. He must proceed upon his in-
wardly appointed way, balanced alike in favour or disfavour. Impersonal,
detached, seeking the approval of none save his Guru. fearing no disap-
proval as long as his best is always done, he becomes a conqueror of
Mara. Praise must at once place him on his guard, reference to him tum
him to ice, and he must straightway direct all applause to his Master
Who alone is responsible. He must be utterly indifferent, impersonal,

3 May 1943


Where does legitimate pride of craftsmanship end and self-satisfied

egoism begin? Where does careful examination and impersonal enquiry
into the actions of others end (with a view to understanding and avoiding
errors) and karmically self-injurious criticism of others begin?

6 May 1943


In Occultism, one must learn to take everything in one's stride,

especially rebuffs, disappointments, and pain. We create our rebuffs by
littleness and the errors which arise from it They are our own fault and
no one else's. Hold to that. Refuse to admit the possibility of the
slightest injustice, and stride on. All is Karma, Karma is all, and all is
well. Don't seek consolation, healing, sympathy: that is weakness.

10 May 1943 Tauranga


At Tauranga I communicated with the deva of the Mount and learned

much of the plan of devic activity. Perceived something of the spirit of
Bodhisattvahood. It is a combination of intense spiritual love for all,
divine wisdom and compassion founded upon an impelling will to save,
to enlighten, to heal, and to teach. It is most highly spiritualized and
refined. Whilst impersonal in itself it includes deep concern for all indi-
vidUals. It abides in bliss, in oneness. Its influence is known when
teaching impersonally and with love. It is the Second Aspect of the vast
consciousness of the Lord Maitreya in Whom all Bodhisattvahood. past,
present, and to come, is concentrated at its highest spiritual essence and
manifestation. It is the apotheosis of Divine Love, Wisdom, Light,
Ministry, Union. At its heart is fully realized Unity with the spiritual
Soul of all living things and beings. It is equally devic and human. as if a

96 I
Bodhisattva combined both kingdoms in Himself and manifested the per-
fected powers and attributes of both. Thus. He is Teacher alike of angels
and of men. He is a heavenly "mendicant. a sage. a healer. the King of
Kings. the Yogi of Yogis".l

8 June 1943

You cannot be a genius suddenly. Genius is preceded by practice.

work. plan under the direction of a Senior.
A great work to be done: "To infuse modern thought with the Eastern
(Chaldean-Tibetan) occultism and esoteric Buddhism and Hinduism."
Study, co-ordinate. and practise.

19 July 1943

Realize that I must gradually establish unbroken continuity throughout

the twenty-four hours in contact with Reality and continued work. A line
of fire must connect Atma-physical and grow in intensity and width. It is
this fire which bestows immortality and gives growing power to all work.
It is the LIFE LINE. It is the SELF in man. "I am THAT. THAT am I."

17 August 1943


In meditation at the study class (held in H.P.B. Lodge, Queen Street.

Auckland), at the level of One Life. I cognized for the first time what may
have been a Dhyan Chohan or Tattvic Lord. It was the unit of con-
sciousness of a whole plane, definitely a Being Whom I could address.
"beseeching" help for mankind. Yet I experienced. however faintly, a
unity with that glorious Being, even though almost infinitely below it in
evolution externally ... The mind translated the experience into formless
"form". An egg-shaped aura within which was the human form, and from

1 Master Kuthumi in The Mahatma Letlers to AP. Sinnetl, Letter XXXI, transcribed
and compiled by A.T. Barker.

the "shell" connection is extended in all directions inf"mitely as outflow-
ing waves. All was a single colour which was pure gold; a deep, rich
golden light shone through and from the Being throughout the universe
into which it extended. A very great upliftment resulted and an interior
happiness and voidness of consciousness.

30 August 1943


While at Rotorua, after conducting a Lodge study group, I returned to

my lodging and, in a state of contemplation, realized, "There is only the
flowing stream of Life. In individuals it develops attributes, qualities.
Only the highest of these endure as characteristics of individuality within
the ever flowing stream of life which is God's essence and is eternal.
'Those who love 'flow' together as streams running side by side within the
great Stream of the One Life. Death is a widening of the banks."

6 Septem.bt!r 1943


An individual may be grievously transgressing and still be in the Light

and within the Sanctuary as long as he is fighting. The presence of a
vice tendency in man is not a crime. The absence of a virtue in a man is
not a crime spiritually, as long as he is aspiring. Darkness descends,
crime is committed occultly only when the man deliberately chooses evil,
voluntarily panders to a weakness, ceases to fight. Then the soul is in
danger, e.g., desire for power; sensual indulgences; public corruption as a
deliberately chosen policy.

21 September 1943

Somewhat weighed down by a situation, on entering my room I saw it

was occupied by a Presence. I saw and sensed a form "dark" against the
evening light from the window. The room was "drenched" with power.

It was a highly spiritual being who spoke most bCautifully and consol-
ingly, encouraging me to endure and develop all possible qualities from
the difficulty which had arisen. "Bring forth will: in stability under
stress, in courage under fatigue, and in power when at work ..." A
message and a blessing from Them was brought in the most striking and
"phenomenal" experience so far.

23 September 1943

Receive impression that I am to enter a renewal of the cycle of 1923-

30 ... and it will last to the end of my life ... ? (In late 1944, Master
Polidorus Isurenus began teaching by the same method as Bethelda: so
above impression was true.)

4 October 1943


Trouble when on the Path should always be met with power and
in power. Troubles are to aspirants what blizzards on steep slopes are to
mountaineers. They call for greater effort and greater caution, and they
develop greater power. Storms are not to be feared, for they always pass.

9 October 1943

During this week I have realized the importance of absoluteness in

dedication. There must be nothing whatever held back; no personal plans
must ever be even as the faintest film between the worker and the Adept
"Planners". "Thy will, not mine, be done"! is the heart of Occultism.
The aspirant's will-power is exercised in self-training and self-mastery,
and must become omnipotent in that field. The personality is subjugated
to and by the will of the spiritual Ego, which in its tum is submitted to the
will of the King [the great Lord of the World].

I cf. Luke 22:42.

29 November 1943


Learn steadfastly to refuse "limelight" invitations. They are snares.

The Sage is "retiring like snow beneath the sun, lowly as the valley,
obscure like muddy water". (Lao Tzu) Don't reveal your self as such;
reveal impersonal truth.

4 December 1943


Always be on guard with fervent people. Never take them or their

enthusiastic appraisements of themselves and affairs. others. or situations
for granted. however sincere and well-meaning they appear to be. cf. Lao
Tzu: "They (the ancient Sages) were reserved as one who doubts his

9 December 1943


One must not be concerned with false statements and personalities. but
rather with the fair name. progress. and unified effort of the Theosophical
Temporary doctrinal leanings and memberships of organizations have
nothing to do with the case. We have a great movement designed to do
and doing a great work in the world. Unity means strength. Dignity and
courtesy give prestige. Breadth and tolerance ennoble. Let us maintain

13 December 1943


All-important is realism concerning one's true position on the Path,

one's monthly and yearly progress or otheIWise, the development and
increase of faculties (for which one should ever be avid); growing self-
mastery, clarity of vision, prescience, soundness of judgement, skill of
address in all matters, whether worldly or otherworldly; to the sole end of
the advancement of the Cause, one's true usefulness to the Brotherhood
and to one's fellow men, and the increase of refinement, sensitivity, spir-
itual responsiveness and channelship, as well as one's steady, continuous
growth in actual knowledge of the Sacred Science: these are amongst the
essentials of self-knowledge on the Path. ONE MUST BE UNDER NO

3 January 1944

Life opens the door of opportunity and there is no need of "thought for
the morrow".
It has been said, "We must not try to manipulate life; rather we must
find out what life demands of us, and train ourselves to fulfil these
demands. It is a long and humble business." I would add that we must be
continually fitting ourselves for - and watching for - the opportunities
which life will not fail to offer us, especially if our work is for others.

20 January 1944


There exists a Dhyan Chohanic Self (spiritual ensoulment of the

Monad) Who is the real "Father in Heaven", the Logos of the Soul, the
A ... of the Egoic B ... and personal C . .. As evolution proceeds, these
three gravitate towards each other, both in mutual influence and in con-
scious recognition from below. The Dhyan Chohan presumably is first
revealed either asa known Being (rare?) or as a spiritual impulse when

the Ego turns to the Path and is successful in bringing the personality
''into line". Thereafter, a ceaseless pressure towards spirituality is experi-
enced by Ego-personality, and the power of the Ego over the personality
increases. I think I begin faintly to realize this "A" as a LORD IN
PERPETUAL CON1EMPLATION, as resident within the Solar Atma
with consciousness seated in Solar Adi, i.e., of the System and so supra-
The shape is a semicircle over a triangle.
The intellectual power is awesome. Consciousness perpetually abides
in, and as, eternal truth and Adic principles of "creation". It is adamantine
in power and crystalline in diamond-hardness. It comprehends all things,
is "established forever". It is the true "Master" and apparently will be the
Self-Initiator at the Fifth, when the conscious blend is attained. Master
Kuthumi definitely suggests the existence of this other Self in the Letters.
"I invoke Thee and surrender to Thee, 0 All-pervading One."

* * * * *

When I mentally appealed for knowledge of the truth concerning

various teathings, I later "heard" the words, as if from Master Morya, .
"Read Our doctrine," meaning The Secret Doctrine. So I shall concen-
trate upon that work and adjust my lectures increasingly to its teachings.
Feel impelled to rewrite Kingdom of the Gods based upon The Secret
Doctrine, Volume 1 (Lipi/ca, etc.) and be ready to publish when war ends.

21 January 1944


"A false judgement against one is a point in one's favour." The higher
and greater· the false jUdgement, the greater the "favour". (cf. the
"rejected stone".)1

I See entry of9 May 1942-Sacr·fice.

1 February 1944 Auckland
An Adept

Do not fail to proceed systematically to master The Secret Doctrine

and to set out in your own language its basic teachings and their applica-
tions to life's problems. A new phase in your work approaches and you
must be prepared to enter it effectively . .. A renaissance of original
Theosophy is desired, and Sinnett's valuable work is to come to the fore
again. Take each doctrine and work out its implications, keeping strictly
to the original. Thus you will build a sure foundation for your future
Take the facts about death and devachan as originally given and
restate them, and so on through the basic teachings of reincarnation,
karma. rounds, races, cosmogenesis, deity, and deities. A powerful
current of Theosophical thought is desir¢ to flow through the post-war
mind of humanity. Begin to strike this note of the need for and value of
restatement of the bases of Theosophy.
(I must prepare articles for The Theosophist of the future, "The Secret
Doctrine and e.g. death." etc. - not limited to that book only.)

8 February 1944

Remembered conversation with Master Morya on this matter. Feel

impressed to master and re-present the original teachings. study diver-
gences and work them out. Feel sure the doctrinal situation must be
cleared up.
Impressed with Master Morya's tallness, strength, detached ease in
power, and yet interest in T.S. and workers.

* * * * *
There have thus far been two phases in the life of the Theosophical
Society. The first was pure revelation from the Masters to man via H.P.
Blavatsky and Letters. Teachings were acceptable because of the
source. The "Back-to-Blavatsky" movement remains in this phase.
Subba Row, C.W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant ushered in the second
main phase characterized by direct clairvoyant research and experience by
members. The E.S. training. yoga practices, and vegetarianism have

brought varying measures of direct interior experience to considerable
numbers of Fellows of the Theosophical Society. This experience re-
sembles and supports teachings of A.B., C.W.L., e.g. auras, thought-
forms, devos, the appearance of the Masters, etc. That which appears to
"Back-to-Blavatsky" people as blind subservience is not really so. It is
founded upon both intuition and similar findings.

27 February 1944


Regular Celebrations at Wellington are a great source of upliftment

This morning the Lord's Holy Presence was wonderfully revealed. I
knew that it was in very truth the "Lord Maitreya Buddha" . .. He
appears to my limited consciousness as a golden, glorious, shining Pres-
ence of unimaginable beauty, love, spirituality, and transcendent refine-
ment, as if there were naught lower than Buddhi and limitless extensions
above. He is all-embracing.
Of the reality of the Holy Eucharist and of the Consecration and Tran-
substantiation there can be no doubt. It is a glorious truth.

29 February 1944


Received the impression in early morning of the Solar System as small

and comprehensible. I saw that size is an illusion produced in the mind,
and that the sense of dimension is dependent upon the mental limitation
and viewpoint. The atom can appear as large as a Solar System, and the
latter as small as an atom. For a fleeting moment, the faint sense of the
Solar System and Planetary Schemes as a comprehensible totality, as
within the grasp as in the physical body, was experienced. Strangely, the
Master Kuthumi was associated with the Solar System as being one for
Whom it was normally thus comprehended and apprehended. It is a
bodily unit with sun as heart. "I am that Sun, that Sun am I." There are
Solar Dhyan Chohans Who are Planetary Scheme Logoi and Planetary
Dhyan Chohans Who are Logoi of the planes of the planets. It is a
wondrous Hierarchy.

1 March 1944


Have read two books on Edward Wilson who died with Scott in the
Antarctic. His faith: evolution pushed to its ultimate conclusion. First-
Ray qualities: undefeatable sportsmanship, buoyancy, indomitability.
Neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course
with joy. Indomitable courage - to be entirely careless of your own soul
and body in looking after the welfare of others.
"Slog on, just slog on," was Wilson's advice to Oates when he knew
his feet could no longer carry him and he was doomed.
The Ideal: "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."
Seventh Ray: ''The knightly spirit, stainless in honour, selfless in
devotion. "
The world needs these people, not only as physical explorers and
adventurers, but as spiritual explorers and adventurers as well.

5 March 1944 (9:00 a.m.) Wellington

An Adept


You are asked to prepare a statement of the best means of bringing

Theosophy to general public attention. The fact remains that after sev-
enty years of activity, the great masses of westem humanity are not yet
aware of the doctrines, particularly those of evolution - physical, cultural,
and spiritual; of causation, reincarnation, and Adeptship. Neither are they
aware of the existence of the Path of Discipleship. This is a serious
disadvantage to mankind and especially unfortunate as regards post-war
Set out, therefore, without recriminations, a general plan for bringing
mankind to a knowledge of Theosophy. Put the accent upon public
propaganda and apply the process to the different classes of society, the
wealthy, the educated, the struggling employees in industry, trade, and
the "submerged" worlters ... All these need Theosophy. To them, its
message of hope and guidance must be brought. To all must be offered,
in the most acceptable fonns, the precious truths of which the T.S. is the

custodian. Address yourself then to this task of drawing up a plan of
campaign with the one objective that the majority of mankind may know
the teachings of Theosophy.
The means are literature and lectures, books and addresses, pamphlets
and study classes. State the kind of each most likely to be effective, the
necessary preparations and publicity ...

10 March 1944

Yesterday I came to and passed a milestone in my life.

Mr. A. Leigh Hunt offered me the post of director and travelling
speaker for the Dominion Settlement Association, mentioning one and
even two thousand pounds a year - in fact, almost anything I asked. I
never felt the immense privilege of being a Theosophical Society man
more strongly than when I told him I was committed to the Theosophical
Society. I would rather, infinitely rather, be in poverty as a servant of the
T.S. than a millionaire in any other organization. As I left his office, I
saw the dead, dry dullness of worldng for pay and knew that, as long as
life offered the alternative, I could never go back thereto. There was no
struggle, no slightest temptation, no virtue whatever in the instant and
only decisi'on. Thank "God" (Life) for the T.S. and the opportunities it
brings. May I ever be worthy and ever keep my place in the ranks.

12 March 1944

My 58th birthday and a Sunday spent in Wellington, N.Z. Celebrated

and offered my respectful homage to the revered Guru from before the
altar. This year and onwards when the Master looks at me He must find
no self-pity. Beside the suffering of those who have been tortured and
have died for truth, my little pains are as naughL I brush them aside and
Granite imperturbability must be mine. Impersonality that seeks
naught for self, cares naught for self, never obtrudes or advertises self,
must be developed as an ineradicable trait persisting through all the days
of this life and all the years of lives to come. Upeksha is the goal -
absolute indifference (as regards myself, but never as regards the cares,'
sorrows, and burdens of others).

8 June 1944

[Geoffrey comments on the progress of the war (World War

II) which he has followed closely, iRcorporating the distinc-
tive events as a part of his Diary:]

Reports of 50 miles of beachhead in Normandy and 12 miles inland

being established "according to plan". Goebbels threatens another
Dunkirk. Counter-attacks not yet seriously felt. Allies ten miles north of
Rome. Montgomery, in charge of land forces, gives a prescription for
1. Allied solidarity; 2. offensive eagerness; 3. enthusiasm; 4. confid-
ence; 5. all-out effort. It is the same for the Path; early steps are only
beachheads. Real conflict lies ahead. Minor and major trials and errors
are valuable training. Beachheads (fu:st steps and expansions of con-
sciousness) can always be extended if plans, preparations, and power of
attacking armies suffice. They will fail otherwise. Plans are the rules and
maxims for the inner life. They must be literally implemented. Prepara-
tions consist of steady demolition of centres of weakness and indulgence
and attacks far behind on sources of supply to these centres - an inner
deep determination and action to eliminate them.

* * * * *

Strangely, power on the Path is not generally of personal offensive

action. It is of silence and of absence of any personal desire whatsoever,
e.g., desire for personal rehabilitation is a weakness which must be
completely eliminated, renounced, as a settled policy.
Power consists on its active side, of faculty for effective work in any
field, especially the chosen fields. Selflessness, self-control,detachment,
dispassion, constitute the real power of the aspirant to Adeptship.

18 June 1944

When distressed by strain and pain, tum at once to some continuing

current work of a creative nature and lose yourself in it; you will emerge

29 June 1944


Have strong experience as of a voice-saying, "Make ready. The call is

coming." I perceive the importance of this time of waiting in which I
must be preparing my character for future work, developing facuIty and
amassing material for lectures, classes, talks.
The character needs are impersonality, detachment, self-
disinterestedness, power, will, stability, and discernment. There must
be mastery of every situation.

5 July 1944


Especially must successes, major and minor, produce (be signals for)
retirement, silence, disappearance. The periods following successes are
very dangerous. Beware or success. Don't let barriers down then;
strengthen them, especially those of silence and inaction.

12 July 1944


At this time, the importance ofteaching-as a vocation becomes deeply

realized. The very word "teach" assumes profound significance, impor-
tance, beauty, as if it expressed the greatest thing in the world. I fonn the
following opinion:

The teacher of the law is placed under severe restrictions. His major
task is impersonally and accurately to offer for consideration established
principles, unchanging truths, fundamental laws. In doing this he speaks
from the higher mind and gives nothing of his own. He enunciates
axioms. There are few voices but many echoes.
He may, however, legitimately suggest ~ not dogmatically affirm -
possible and useful applications of principles to life. In this he speaks
from higher and lower mind and his personality therefore becomes
involved. His duty, in consequence, is clearly and continually to differen-
tiate between axioms and opinions. The teacher must be translucent to
the light of Truth.
The teacher's task is not personally and directly to mould opinion. It
is rather to supply the correct materials for the free formation of opinions.
He himself must not intrude. He is the impersonal voice of impartial
Truth. He is successful in the degree j.n which he provides opportunity
for the unbiased development of individual views from knowledge of
basic truth.
If well-informed, he may usefully say whether or not such views may
permissibly be formed from axioms. Nevertheless, in so doing, his re-
sponsibility is heavy. When he enunciates principles, he is safe. When
he moulds opinions, he is in danger. When he sways unduly or enforces
opinions, he has fallen. If the opinions formed are perfectly sound, he
does good. If they are unsound he is responsible for much harm. The
dogmatist is always on dangerous ground. The teacher of axioms is
always on safe ground. He can remain there, at the same time helping the
thought and conduct of others if he continually makes plain the differ-
ences between impersonal axioms and personal opinions and, at the same
~me, makes clear which of the two he is offering.
The great Teachers chiefly enunciate principles, leaving their applica-
tion to mankind.
Sometimes, in the service of a righteous cause, a teacher must run
risks, put his solution at the disposal of the cause. He may then seek to
mould opinion and direct action. But he must do two things under such
circumstances. He must take care that opinions and actions are right and
he must get back to first principles as soon as possible. White light - not
the coloured rays - is the teacher's contribution to human welfare.

13 July 1944


Atma does not love its fellow men in their separated human personal-
ities, for it knows itself as one with all. In its naked state its will is to
make power manifest, to overcome obstacles to fulfilment, to become
a flame. Pure First Ray people are realists. They don't pretend to
love everybody, especially ugly, brutish, selfish, cruel individuals. They
detennine to achieve immortality and to finish with earthly, mortal
limitations as soon as possible.
Atma clothed in Buddhi does love and feel at one with its fellow men.
The Second Ray ideal of attaining individual perfection and fulfilment is
indissolubly associated, fused with, the resultant benefit to mankind, to
God's plan, and the evolution of life as a whole. The Second Ray man
cannot help himself.
Atma-Buddhi clothed in Mafl!lS detennines only to comprehend all
things. The Third Ray individual realizes that all will quite naturally
attain at the appointed time just as he himself will.
First Ray 'Ill an runs great risks of seeking personal stature and so of
becoming' hard. prideful. separative.
Second Ray man is less susceptible and vulnerable to that danger. He
unifies even in error.
Third Ray can become cold, separative, individualistic.

23 July 1944

A Gnostic maxim: "Learn to know all but keep thyself unknown."

2 August 1944


Realized: Break the bondage of sense by willing renunciation. Break

the bonds of karma by loving service to the world.
I have recently taken up the study of the Egyptian religion and sym-

bolism, especially the Judgement Scene. A new region of knowledge,
particularly of the Sacred Language, has been opened up to me in conse-
quence. I am incorporating the material into members' study classes in
Auckland, and having pictures prepared.

27 August 1944


Always give ideas, however inspired, as one's own tentative

thoughts. Don't suggest to a leader that you do anything. Always wait
until asked. Never pennit the impression that you want to lecture,
appear, etc. Quite the contrary. Speak little and never interrupt. "Work
out in hours of darlrness what you see in. hours of light. "

• • • • •

"He who shall declare this supreme secret among My devotees, having
shown the highest devotion for Me, without doubt he shall come to Me.
"Nor is there any among men who perfonneth dearer service to Me
than he, nor any other shall be more beloved by Me on earth than he. "I

3 September 1944 Auckland

First Ray finds it hard to admit error and apologize!

All strong points must be completely concealed except when time for
action demands their employment. Realize your strength and then reserve
and conceal it. If forced to a reference by some appreciation, at once
point to someone possessing it in a far higher degree, to one's own disad-
vantage ...

I The Bhagavad Gila. Fifth and Revised Edition. Eighteenth Discourse, vs. 68-9,
translated by A. Besant

30 September 1944


A Teacherl very powerfully impressed me as follows:

"You are asked to undertake a special work. Begin to draw up policies
for attaining the various objectives of the T.S. These, as you are aware,
are as follows:

1. To spread the Wisdom Religion over the whole earth.

2. To restore the Ancient Mysteries for the guidance of the few who seek
the Path.
3. To influence the minds of leaders and principal agents in the fields of
religion, economics, education, politics, science, and the arts. Each of
these must be taken separately and plans formulated. The chief means
are personal contact by accredited Theosophists, lectures, and articles.
4. To carry American scholastic investigation into the sixth sense 2 much
further and show the rationale and mode of development of this power
(intuition) and especially the safeguards essential in that development.
To this end a pamphlet needs to be written, outlining these matters."

FollowJ!d advice to pursue comparative religion, showing the one

Wisdom Religion as having always existed on earth.

11 October 1944


Realize that there is psychological time, as well as physical time. That

essential time is marked by inner growth and not by hours and days.
Changes must occur within one to bring one successfully to the next
period. Happy are they whose psychological time coincides with and
accurately meets their physical time!

* * * * *
I An Adept, Whose name Geoffrey later came to know to be Master Polidoros Isurenus
of the Brotherhood of Luxor. See entry of 1 February 1945.
2 Scientifically checked clairvoyant research.


Realize how utterly mayavic1 physical events can be, especially to

outside observers. Greabless is marked by freedom from maya. One
must develop the power to pierce all illusion, to gain "implicit insight into
every first truth'?
The inner motives are the truth; the outer actions the maya. One
must be ever on guard against maya. The key is the motive, good, bad, or
indifferent Facts are pemaps the most mayavic of all the illusions by
which man is surrounded in order that he may develop perception.
The charges against ... were based on facts and even admissions. But
both were deceptive, illusion. The motive was pure, selfless, and that
was the reality.
Our Lord was accused of consorting with the dregs of society, includ-
ing a prostitute taken in the act. She even washed and annointed His feet!
She was not condemned by Jesus; was admitted to His group, and was
present at the Cross with His Mother and was the first human being to
whom He presented Himself after the Resurrection. He asked her not to
touch Him then and to carry a very personal message to the other mem-
bers of His group. All these are facts. But consider the motive of Jesus -
to save, to heal, to uplift, and to encourage. "They that are whole need
not a physician; but they that are sick."3 The facts are mayavic. The
motive is the reality.

5 December 1944


"A lecture should not be a display of knowledge but a gateway to

knowledge. It should be simple, clear, and eloquently delivered; it should
elevate as well as infonn, and it should above all inspire to personal
research. A lecturer should be a pure, impersonal channel for occult truth

1 Sk. illusionary. unreal.

2 The Mahatma Leners to A.P. Sinnett. Lener XXXI. transcribed and compiled by A.T.
3 Luke 5:31.

to mankind. His personality and his manner should appeal only through
the perfection of their channelship for wisdom and inspirational appeal.
Simplicity and directness should be the keynotes of both lecture and
lecturer. "
So said the Adept Teacher [Master Polidorus lsurenus] Who has done
me the great honour to begin to open for me the door to the esoteric
wisdom of Ancient EgypL This process followed some months of study
and began earlier this year; it has continued almost daily immediately
following breakfast in the quietude and harmony of Mrs F ... 's home.
He gives the impression of the greatest serenity and yet power of con-
sciousness. The teaching flows into my mind in good English with great
ease and without strain.
Interruptions (in the midst of this delicate occult procedure) make no
difference. There is no hurry, no abnormal state of consciousness. It is
the nearest thing to being ''talked to" I have yet experienced. Knowledge
of His Presence and readiness to teach comes from a descending shaft of
power into my head and a tingling of the skin of my cheeks. These are the
signals that the teaching is to begin. I see how important all preceding
study has been, for without yoga and the basic knowledge, I could not
receive these shared ideas from the Master.

6 December 1944 Aucklalld
Master Polidorus Isurenus


Your whole life in this incarnation was mapped out for you from the
beginning, and you, as an Ego, accepted the plan. You had earned a
healthy body in your life to stand the strain of disaster and later occultism.
Your boyhood was watched over and you were saved from death more
than once, as when you swallowed a penny and when your pony galloped
away. Your entry upon the Path was the sole consideration with you and
you were ready to work and to suffer, as indeed you have done. But your
reward is sure and draweth nigh. Together with your old friend, you are "
going to take up the occult life in real earnest before very long. The
shackles are falling away already, and you have made your own road by
your exertions. Soon you will be free to follow wholly your own chosen
path, the path of Light and of the Light-bringer.

You began that path eight thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt and
have followed it ever since. You found the Light and the doctrine of the
Light in both male and female incarnations in Ancient Egypt and later on
in Greece. Your path led through Palestine at the time of Christ Then
Alexandria and the Gnostics received you. Steadily you advanced in
occult science with but brief interludes of worldliness. most of them un-
fortunate . .. However the excursion was not all loss. as it brought
knowledge and experience and set your will for this incarnation towards
the occult life. You belong to the Temple and the Sanctuary and that is
why you responded as you did to Theosophy when first it came into your
life. as it was bound to do. For you had served the Light too well for it
to desert you for very long.
Your siddhi of intercommunication. thought transference. or faculty of
receiving. in full consciousness. soon came out. and your Archangel
Teacher [Bethelda] developed it by use: 1 Now it is operating again and
will develop further as your life becomes more established. You are a
messenger above all things. a bringer of the Light to man. The next
twenty years of your life will bring you to great spiritual and occult
heights and largely because of your capacity to receive direct the Light
which the Great Ones propose still further to give. This link now formed
between us will endure to the end. for I have been deputed as Their
messenger when They do not wish to speak direct. No longer need you
feel alone. You have drawn near to the heart of the worlc and are. in fact,
now received back into the Sanctuary; exile is done. You are back Home.
I am the Elder Brother Who receives the prodigal home. an old Friend
Who worlced and taught with you in your Egyptian and Alexandrian days.
So now assume self-confidence and speak your word. if with outer diffi-
dence as is your wont. yet with inward calm. To restore your confidence
and to reassure your heart I give these words to you ...

28 January 1945


At 9:20 p.m.. after returning from the Sunday public lecture. Our
Blessed Lady Mary came to talk to me. I became aware at the mental

I See "A Life Remembered", pp. 16-20.

level of the Presence of Our Lady, Who appeared as a highly spiritual,
wonderfully refined young lady of perhaps twenty-eight years. She spoke
in a voice of compelling sweetness and beauty and with the most engag-
ing charm, saying, "I was Miriam, the Mother of Jesus, and now hold the
Office of World Mother. 1 knew you in that life and befriended you. l 1
have given you messages in this life. Could you not collect all your
writings of Me and publish them as an aid to My cause amongst men?"
Her shining blue aura seemed to enfold me for a moment, and its light to
fill the room. A still peace pervaded me from the highest levels down to
the physical. lbis experience seems like an answer to an unspoken wish,
that 1 might again have contact with Her and receive direct assurance of
the correctness of the teachings concerning Her. 1 now feel utterly sure
and rededicate my life to Her service. 1 had invoked Her aid for a girl of
nineteen during a healing service a few days previously and felt a

1 February 1945

The Teacher Who came last September [30th] proved to be an Adept

of the Egyptian Branch of the Great White Brotherhood! (the Brother-
hood of Luxor). He was Philo Judaeus, the Alexandrian sage (c.30 B.C.
- c. A.D. 40, which means A.D. 70 to A.D. 140). He assures me of con-
tinuing guidance and of progress and responsibility in many hours of
teaching which consists largely of interpretations of the symbology of
Egypt, the New Testament and Freemasonry. He reveals the ... incarna-
tion which I study with great illumination and an utter sense of reality.
January 1945 proved to be a most wonderful month, including as it did
continuation and deepening of teaching; revelation of His name, Office,
and relationship to me. With my Master'S consent, 1 am in His School,
training for important future work. Egyptian and Palestinian incarnations
were given; decision verbally and inwardly taken and pronounced to be
correct; yoga of Kundalini at once given; great sense of added power in

1 See entry of 24 July 1975.

2The tenn "white" has nothing to do with colour. It alludes to the utter purity, shining
radiance of the totally puritied Adept throughout every atom of His or Her whole

I Pt.


III Pen and ink portrait of the Master Polidorus Isurenus

by Geoffrey Hodson, 1945
my worlc; description of Philo Judaeus by member of our audience as
overshadowing myself.
Sandra to begin typing and arranging teaching, which is wonderfully
rich, deep, and full. "Seventy years old" article l finished and dispatched;
further instruction to prepare a plan for bringing Theosophy to every class
of society.

• • • • •

... The Brotherhood of Luxor which was directing H.P.B. and H.S.O.
must be distinguished from ''The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor". This
[the latter] was a spurious organization started somewhere about 1883.
The papers about it in the Adyar records show that its principal agent in
U.S.A. was a certain ''M. Theon, Grand Master pro tern. of the Exterior
Circle". This person's real name was Peter Davidson, who, in the secret
instructions issued, signs himself ''Provincial Grand Master of the North-
ern Section" ...2
...the Theosophical Movement in the beginning was under the super-
vision of certain Adepts and Initiates who belong to that branch of the
Great White Brotherhood which is known as the Brotherhood of
Luxor .. ".

In the archives of the Theosophical Society is a letter from the Master

Tuitit Bey. It is the first one received by Colonel Olcott from the Brother-
hood and refers to three of its Adepts:

From the Brotherhood of Luxor, Section the Vth to Henry S. Olcott

Brother Neophyte, we greet thee.
He who seeks us, fmds us. TRY ...
Thy noble exertions on behalf of our cause now give us the right of
letting thee know who they were:

1 Geoffrey Hodson, "Seventy Years YOWlg" Pan I, The Theosophist. Volwne LXVI.
no. 8, May 1945, p. 58.
2 For further information, readers are referred to Letters from the Masters of the
Wisdom. Second Series, pp. 8-10, transcribed ~d annotated by C. Jinarajadasa.

SERAPIS BEY (Ellora Section)
POLIDORUS ISURENUSI (Section of Solomon)
ROBERT MORE (Section of Zoroaster)

By Order of the Grand •'.

Observatory of Luxor ..•

The Egyptian Adept who calls Himself Serapis Bey took charge of
the direction of affairs, and He gave instructions both to Colonel Olcott .~
and H.P.B ....2 ;

13 February 1945, Tuesday (3:30 a.m.)

(Sleepless. reading the Mahatma Letters) i
Master Kuthwni

It is I (Master Kuthumi) Whose attention has been arrested by your

perusal of My letters of the early days and by your thoughts and mem-
ories of Me. You do well to make the most of this waiting time to study
under Ou~ Egyptian Jirother (Master Polidorus Isurenus) Who is very
learned irt the Kabbalah and the scriptures of the Iews and of other civil-
izations. He is a sure and admirable Adept Guide, and you are fortunate
to have His assistance; for He will take you far into Our Mysteries and
help you greatly in your yoga and your wode. Trust Him and He will lead
you to great heights. He is free as I am not and has the necessary time to t
watch over you as you develop. Earnestly study all He gives you and put
it instantly into practice, as that is the way to make progress and to earn
more teaching.
I want you to make rapid progress after what must have seemed a long
delay whilst your karma was working itself out and your nature was being
transformed. Not only purity of heart and life but also wisdom in the
conduct of affairs born of profound experience are necessary for occult
progress and the wode that lies ahead of you as indicated by Our Brother.

1 Master Polidorus Isumms is the "Recorder of the Luxor Brotherhood" wbich corres-
ponds to the Maha-CItohon's Office in the Inner Government of the World, and in
reality the pat Egyptian Adept is on the Sraff of the Lord the Maha-Chohan.
2 T1u! Go"" Book of the TlwJsophical Society. pp. 12-1S, edited by C. Jinarajadasa.


The next cycle in the life of the T.S. opens very soon, in fact is open-
ing now, and your contact with the Egyptian Section is part of the
phenomena connected with it; a rebirth of the early years. Persevere
with your studies and your work, keep closely and daily in touch with
Him, adhere to your new resolve in thought and deed, and be content to
remain in the background apparently unrecognized at . . . and your
progress is assured. For of course, We have watched you all the time and
have noted especially the flame of your devotion to Us and to Our work of
the Parent Theosophical Society. And now it all begins to bear its own
natural fruit, without the necessity of interference, and especially of
expenditure of energy by Us. That karma which has hampered you
physically has helped you occultly and spiritually. You were patient and
so We were saved the necessity of communicating with you, which would
have used up valuable energy. For this patience and this devotion, We are
grateful, and now these qualities reap their own reward.
You have your own Teacher-Guru as well as your Master, and you
have gradually won for yourself your own place in the T.S. The effort has
been severe for karma weighed heavily upon you and you were unguided
for a long time. But faculty has been developed and knowledge gained.
You can now "hear" Us and make your own voice heard as you address
your audiences. Go on, then, just as you are and all will be made plain to
you and for you in just a little while.
My Brother Morya asks me to tell you that He has recognized you
from that day you joined the Theosophical Society in Manchester and
made your offering and gave your life to Us. He called you to Him and
made a link - the sandalwood box in your "dream" was its symbol- and
has kept it ever since; for He wants you in His service later on and
foresaw your future usefulness when first you joined.
The Teacher's art - Second Ray - and your possession of it from the
past and by nature brought you to Me in pupilhood. But the leader's art is
the First Ray and linked you with Him, and so you serve Us both and will
increasingly do so from now on; for We have learned to trust you in both
your steadfastness and your discretion, and Morya adds, "and in your
'steadiness under fire'." You were badly "shot at" ... and came through
well. It was your test as well as your karma and you came well through
both. Initiation will come in due course [to September 1947] ...

(Geoffrey: "Is there anything You want done, Master?")

We want the Theosophical Society to expand in every department
Expansion is to be the keynote of the new cycle of 70 years. We want to
see Theosophy applied to every human being. Every branch of human
activity needs Theosophy as indeed does every human being. Plan, then,
and wode on to bring Theosophy to mankind as your article said. The
Pencil was your wode in the world as accredited agent for Us, and the
President (G.S. Arundale) knows for he was there.

23 February 1945 (Leaving for Palmerston North

Master Polidorus lsurenus on tour of North Island)

My son, your setting forth upon this tour makes a new page in your
Theosophical career; for this time you will carry the influence of the
Masters with you in greater measure than ever before. You will also carry
Their wisdom and Their power in added measure, for the channels in
you are opened wider than heretofore, whilst your own contact with the
Masters' world is closer now than it has ever been in this life. You may
take it that you have the goodwill of the Brotherhood behind you and you
are quite definitely travelling on its behalf. There are no reselVations
now and that is a great step forward. Further steps depend upon time and
the workiIfg out of your own karma in the months that lie ahead. They
will not be unhappy months, and your year on the whole, despite some
anxieties, promises to be a good one ...
I shall continue the flow of teaching as is convenient for us both, and
we will take the pictures as media for that teaching. Intetpretations stimu-
late the intuition and offer Me opportunities for conveying many occult
truths. By and by these will take literary fonn in a somewhat useful
publication. But the time for that is not yet You must have a far more
complete knowledge of your subject than you possess at present, and so
write with authority. Meantime, give out as much as you can verbally and
perhaps in occasional articles, though even those may be held back for a
I want you to practise steadily and daily the meditations I gave you for
the putpOse of arousing and drawing up the three currents of F ohat. or
Kundalini ...
Keep yourself aloof from the intetplay of friction between person-
alities. You may, without failing the wode, decline to discuss such
matters, and it is better so since nothing can be done by you for their

amelioration, save to teach the Ancient Wisdom and portray to the indi-
viduals all that is highest and noblest, which means an impersonal,
unselfish attitude towards the Masters' work.. Let that be your note and
leave them to work. out their own karma, solve their own personal
difficulties, assured of your friendly sympathy and interest. Detach
yourself from the problems of groups, then you will avoid discomfort yet
not fail in the work. Go forth in Our name and by Our power, knowing
that your wife [Jane] is cared for by Us.

27 February 1945

Teaching continues and technique improves. Can watch picture,

receive interpretations, and write simultaneously. Begin to feel that at
last I have been granted and have established a foothold in the occult
world. Must never relax if it is to be maintained. Must work. ceaselessly
if it is to be extended; for this is only a beginning. The successful
inhabitant of the occult world must be ahamkara-less and ever ready to
put duty first, last, and always.

12 March 1945


This morning of my 59th year, I experience a renewed ardent aspira-

tion, which I expressed in thought to the Masters and the Adept Brother-
hood: to gather more and more "sheaves" until at last all mankind is on
the Path of Swift Unfoldment that leads to Adeptship. I see this as the
inner goal, as recognition of Theosophy by all mankind is the outer. So I
aspire on this 59th birthday to becoll1~ a great recruiter to the Ranks of the
World War II constitutes and has provided a unique opportunity; for
the self-assurance of mankind is shattered (cynical); doubt of the future
exists in many minds, despite pronouncements by leaders. All are seek-
ing happiness which is secure. The Path is the only way to such happi-
ness. Therefore, one must tell mankind in clearest tenns about the Path,
draw mankind to the Path. For the Path is the religion of the new World

22 March 1945

Master Polidorus Isurenus, blessed be His name, daily elevates and

expands my consciousness and floods my mind with teaching based on
Egyptian symbology.

24 March 1945

Next morning I awake in a great calm and the cenainty that the future
'is secure, not that I ever questioned that.
To Master Polidorus Isurenus I say, "Master, I have been trying to
reason it all out." He replies, "The means are Our concern, the self-
preparation is yours." Later, Master in a remarkable communication
explains why I am chosen (faculty and its usefulness in Their plans)
and answers all my questionings, save the phenomenal means and the
reaction of the leaders. These are no business of mine, but I am to receive
my instructions at the proper time and according to the circumstances of
that time ...

.' '" '" '" '" '"

Master Polidorus lsurenus

My son, the future progress of humanity is intimately involved in the

present progress of cenain individuals. Some men and women, by fol-
lowing a cenain line of interest (generally, though not always, the occult.
though it is so in your case), for several liVes, develop qualities and
faculties valuable to the whole race and which make them specialists in
their own line. Now, specialists are of great value to humanity, and
therefore of special significance to Us. We therefore use them as much as
their karma, willingness, and capacity pennit. In your case, you have
specialized in occult philosophy for scores and scores of lives. You have
developed siddhis, particularly that of receptivity of mind and brain to
superphysical thought currents from both devas and Supennen. Now this
makes you a specialist and that is why We are now preparing to make the
utmost use of you in the coming years.
The karma which keeps you back from Us is nearly outworn. Your
willingness, nay, devoted readiness, has never wavered for thiny years.

IV Handwritten manuscript of the entry of 24 March 1945
Is it then surprising that We choose you for certain special work. which
We have long ~ in view? Of course it is not, however strange it might
appear to the purely worldly mind and reason. You do right to use that
reason, for occultism is common sense, and We hope that you will
develop your powers of logic and always use them, especially in all Our
affairs entrusted to you. aut fully accurate conclusions depend, remem-
ber, on full knowledge of all factors involved. You cannot know these,
for some of them concern your past lives wherein you both worked
extremely hard for Us, or one of Us, and suffered very grievously indeed,
horrifyingly, in facL
These factors are taken into consideration as We are not heartless
towards those who serve Us but full of compassion for them and console
and heal whenever We can.
Your present life has not been without hardships, physical and occult,
and We recognize and desire to heal the resultant wounds, not always
fully deserved in this life, though always within your /carma. You still
suffer, and We come to your side. Then there is the future, both of this
life and of the lives to come between your present state and Adeptship,
which We wish to help you to attain, ardently aspiring thereto as you are.
It is a very important piece of work. which We have planned. It con-
cerns the further deliverance to mankind of another "fragment" of occult
truth and the further raising of the comer of the curtain hiding that truth
from unprepared mankind. You can help Us in this work because of the
faculties and /carma developed in your past. Therefore, My son, I have
been deputed to inform you of and prepare you for this work, and at the
same time to help and console and guide you in your present personal life.
That is the "common sense" of it all ...

29 March 1945 Wellington

Full moon of March. Easter Thursday.

I awoke feeling very happy, and during the day gradually remembered
having been with M.P.J.l lastmght. My impressions are of a young man,
tall, well-built, in radiant health, strength, and happiness. The sense of
freshness, exhilaration, of outer grace, ease, charm, and great friendliness

I Master Philo Judaeus, as my husband sometimes called Master PolidonlS Isurenus.

towards me and really wishing for and enjoying my company was
marked, whilst within Him was the strength of a coiled spring perfectly
controlled. He is youthful, extremely handsome and graceful, wearing a
loose white robe. We talked, but I cannot remember the subject, although
I think several questions were asked and even some tests made and
reported upon.
Other people were within the house where we met; it was white and,
I believe, pillared. It seemed to be near water . .. I remember, too,
the remarkable brilliance of His aura, particularly about His shoulders
and head. Youthful vigour, freshness, and inner serene bliss and great
personal friendliness for me are outstanding memories. May I live up to
and never forfeit this most highly treasured association with one of the
world's Adepts Who was myoId friend Philo Judaeus.
"Creative effort and careful study of experience produce progress on
the Path and develop wisdom."

* * * * *
Master Polidorus lsurenus

The throne of the Pharaohs was one of the stages on the way to
Adeptship'passed through by many Adepts. It gave access to the Myster-
ies and unparalleled opportunities for the development of wisdom and the
acquisition of faculties through experience. It was a most unique privi-
lege and opportunity and marked the tumii1g point for many Egos.
The Egyptian royalties and aristocracies were thus used by the
Authorities to push people along. The Mystery Schools and training
were fully available; Adepts and high Initiates were pennanently incarn-
ated in Egypt for thousands of years, and the whole great work of
training, Initiating, passing, and raising and perfecting went on without
intenuption throughout all that time. It was one of the planet's greatest
epochs, and because of its value it was maintained for such a very long
time. Another such epoch is to be initiated soon when the world settles
down after the war, if and when mankind establishes an efficient World
Court. The founding of the Parent Theosophical Society and the writing
of the first Theosophical books was the first step.
The T.S. is an organization of the greatest significance because it is the
instrument fashioned and used by the Masters gradually to reintroduce the
occult Wisdom to the world, and pave the way for the re-establishment of

the Ancient Mysteries. Far-reaching plans were evolved before and at its
founding and all outstanding Theosophical workers are significant agents
in their fulfilment. Indeed, all workers who prove of any real value are
participating in a tremendous work for the enlightenment and spiritual
quickening of man.
The Brotherhood want to hasten the deliverance of humanity from
pain-producing, cruelty-produced karma. They want to get the majority
of mankind out of the limitations and "evils" of lower Manas into the
freedom and "goodness", and so beneficence, of the higher mind and as
quickly and as soon as possible. That is the work of this period. Theo-
sophy is the power and the T.S. the instrument. Happy are those F.T.S.I
who perceive this and give themselves to this mighty work; for theirs
shall be the great reward.
Show the members all this, and arouse them to fuller and more active,
more intelligent, and more selfless participation in the Society's activ-
ities. Fire, intelligently directed zeal, selfless devotion, and untiring
effort: these are the qualities which lift an individual up and which, at
the same time, ensure the progress of the organization.
To be up and doing both as Egos and as personalities - that is the call
to F.T.S. in the post-war world. Happy are they who answer, for oppor-
tunity for occult progress and development shall be their reward and the
Masters will bestow it upon them.

* * * * *

When once the Path is undertaken, a scientific process of character

building is quickly and determinedly entered upon. Every weakness that
shows itself is attacked and its opposite strength developed. Every absent
qUality and faculty is studied and "applied for". Every applicable item of
wisdom is collected and stored. Every experience, both of failure and
success, is thoughtfully studied and the causes found. The achievements
and teachings of others more advanced are studied, assimilated and

I Fellows of the Theosophical Society.

Every opportunity of turning precept into practice is taken, and so the
aspirant gradually grows in knowledge, power, striking power, detach-
ment, serenity, and stability. So he marches 011. As to "personality",
upeksha - absolute indifference - gradually is developed. The whole
process of growing into an Adept is as deliberate as horticulture.

25 April 1945 Wanganui

Here work prospers and teaching continues.

This morning. Master Po1idorus lsurenus broke off from interpretation
of Egyptian pictures to give a wonderful dissertation upon the Path,
stressing the necessity for and describing the condition of utter stillness
and purity of mind essential to "new birth".

• • • • •

After a superphysical experience of meeting Master Morya and receiv-

ing directions and some books (~, I think) from a lower shelf of His
library, aruI &rter receiving the essay on the occult life from Master
Polidorus isurenus, I perceive that the Masters are chiefly concerned with
the Centre and far less with the circumference. They know that if They
liberate certain forces, give certain impulses from the Centre. effects will
be produced in due course at the circumference. So They are Beings of
the Centre. We are workers at the circumference. .
Our task. is to intuit Their decision. pick up Their indications, and
work them out as efficiently and perfectly as we can in the world. Some-
times they are wholly misinterpreted and the outworking of the impulses
They release is wholly marred. Bad workmanship and faulty intuition
spoil the work. The intrusion of "self-personality" is the great spoiler of
the Masters' work. Self-personality keeps a man at the circumference.
Impersonality keeps him near the Centre.

2 June 1945
(After a week at Hamilton)

Realize strongly that Reality is the greatest good; maya, the greatest
evil for the occult student Absolute reality must be sought and found.
There must be neither illusions nor delusions. If successful leadership is
to follow, then the facts must be known, as also the Masters' plans and
wishes without possibility of misconception. Until that is gained. action
can be faulty.

4 June 1945


The servant of the Masters needs to possess true knowledge of facts

concerning any field in which he is to serve. He must not be in doubt and
must be "docile".
Worlcing on a plan to bring Theosophy to every class of men as in-
structed. "We want a series of articles in The Theosophist." [Instruction
to Geoffrey from the Master Polidorus lsurenus.J

5 June 1945


I perceive that the daily routine of opening consciousness to the

Masters is of supreme importance. It corresponds to taking the sights
daily at noon, which checks the ship's position and corrects navigational
errors. Navigational errors, in their tum, reveal deficiencieS of compass,
chronometer, sextant and their manufacturers, also those of charts and
log, mistakes of officers and men, and methods of navigation concerned.
. Thus revealed. these deficiencies can be eliminated and their effects mini-
mized so that a straight, true course can be set
Being human. the aspirant tends continually to get off his course.
Meditation consists of "shooting the sun" which is the Monad, checking
course set by the owner, the Ego, correcting errors of navigation, i.e.,
daily life. Daily meditation is as essential to the occultist as daily shoot-

ing the sun is to the ship's captain. It must not be merely fonnal. It must
be actual if it is to help. Navigator must by training and experience attain
his technique. So must the occultist. St Paul said, <i••• work out your
own salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in
you ..."1

• • • • •
Master Polidorus Isurenus begins interpretations of Bible from Gen-
esis. Thus, a life work may have been initiated by Him. May absolute
accuracy and reality characterize the whole work.

6 June 1945


Truth, truth, truth is the God and the goal. Falsehood: delusion, illu-
sion is the devil and the enemy. Truth is the sole objective. Falseness is
irrevocably renounced, denounced, abjured forevennorc. Reality, reality,
reality must -ever be the will and the cry of the occultist. "Give me the
MAYA. "Our greatest trouble is to teach pupils not to be befooled by
appearances." (Master Morya in The Mahatma Letters.'f

18 June 1945

Realized man as a funnel with bowl opening from Causal up to infin-

ity. Tube begins at Manas II (constriction and entityship) and passes
through the astral to physical. The secret is to be the perrect funnel open
to infinity.

1 Phil. 2:12,13.
2 The MahalmaLeners toAP. Sinnett, LetterXLm, transcribed and compiled by A.T.

19 June 1945 Belvedere Street, Epsom,


After Master Polidorus 'Isurenus spoke I realized that the Adept is a

unified individual. All the principles from the physical to the Atmic have
been brought fully on to the same group of wavelengths. No discordant,
foreign vibrations, and therefore qualities, exist anywhere throughout His
whole nature. He is totally unified and utterly purified. His entire Being
is transparent and translucent to the Light of the Monad. His aura and
His consciousness are illumined with and by Monadic Light. He is the
Monad in terms of consciousness and in the sense that He is a unit, a
single skandha-less individuality, Monad-illumined, Monad-enfired,
This, in part, is the secret of Adeptship, namely unification, purifica-
tion both complete and unchangeable, and Monadic consciousness. This
is the impress left upon me by Master Polidorus Isurenus. The line of
communication between the Monad and the physical body is fully opened
and can nevennore be closed at whatever level the lowest body may be.

20 June 1945

Momentous Day. After a magnificent interpretation of Chapter 4

of Genesis by Master Polidorus Isurenus, and His urging me to greater
effort, as C. Jinarajadasa, who had an operation, may decline in activity,
and other occult circumstances producing urgency, I saw in a vision the
three great Centres and some subcentres of the Great White Brotherhood:
Tibet and China, Egypt and the Middle East, and Hungary. From each,
radiating lines of power were visible like pennanent rockets!

28 June 1945

Realized utter security and surety of Master Polidorus Isurenus whilst

receiving. Wrote two poems. Saw vision of sculptor at work in Ancient
Egypt, on what I believe was a statue of King Khephren, who I think was
Master Polidorus Isurenus. He has bestowed upon me great mental

3 July 1945

. . . the path to Occult Sciences has to be trodden laboriously and

crossed at the danger of life; that every new ~tep in it leading to the final
goal, is surrounded by pit-falls and cruel thorns; that the pilgrim who
ventures upon it is made frrst to confront and conquer the thousand and
one furies who keep watch over its adamantine gates and entrance -
furies called Doubt, Skepticism, Scorn, Ridicule, Envy and finally
Temptation - especially the latter; and that he, who would see beyond
had to first destroy this living wall; that he must be possessed of a heart
and soul clad in steel, and of an iron, never failing determination and yet
be meek and gentle, humble and have shut out from his heart every
human passion that leads to evil. (The Mahatma Letters to A.P.Sinnett.
Letter LXII.)

"To rise is to immolate oneself. Every summit is cruel."

6 July 1945


Remarkable teaching from Master Polidorus Isurenus on the Sacred

Language, Bible, the Jews, and Abraham. Saw Him clearly in His house,
a great, serene, victorious Man Who has blended microcosm with Macro-
cosm - the secret, I begin to believe, of Adeptship. The embodied Lha
(after whom Lhassa, Their residence, is called) is:
1. a personality with human traits and human characteristics, however
sublime, but maya-free;
2. an Initiated Ego, an immortal, liberated Adept;
3. a Dhyani Buddha of the Macrocosm overshadowing and ultimately
united with the Monad-Ego.

... ... ... ... ...


Nearly all leaders' and most ordinary people live in a maya about
themselves. In order to work successfully under maya-enclos!d leaders,

one must first discover their particular maya - generally illusions of
grandeur and self-importance - and then pander to it, tragic though the
admission sounds. The alternative is constant discord, interference with
their calm and efficiency and their work, culminating in banishment
History demonstrates this amply.
In order to live harmoniously with ordinary people, one must also
placate them continually and play up to their sensibilities and tacitly
accept their maya. This is very sad, but a very true fact where great work
has to be done. To be under these necessities as a worker is very useful
training. It forces one to subdue one's personality, to be free of self-
maya, and to be "gentle, humble, and shut out from the heart every human
passion that leads to evil". 1
Constant contact with the maya-ridden and constant necessity to
placate them indicate that this very lesson has to be learned and self-
personality eradicated. Never must the placation be based upon a lie,
however much the recipient may be self-deceived. Man is maya-ridden;
Adept is maya-free. The aspirant must be conqueror of both maya and
mara, essentially one. ''Reality'' must ever be his cry, his god, his goal.
This is the heart of the occult life.
The Tao doctrine and philosophy of}\fO-THING-NESS is the key.
''The whole personality must dissolve and melt away.''2 Ahamkara-
maya' is the great barrier to truth and victory.

11 July 1945

After interpretations of the story of Abraham which continue regu-

larly, Master Polidorus Isurenus gave the inner history of the Jews, much
of which is not written in the scriptures. Many pages have been excised.
They (the Jews) were chosen to be the repositories of occult Wisdom and
to deliver it to mankind, hence the occult help given and the succession of
Initiates who, as prophets, incarnated in the nation ...

1 A slight adaption of the original by Geoffrey to suit the contexL See entry of 3 July
2 Light on the Path. p. 16. by Mabel Collins.

3 Ahamkara-maya (Sk.): self-importance and self-delusion.

26 July 1945

After receipt of teaching from Master Polidorus Isurenus, realize Him

again as a youthful Adept in a state of deep inner happiness, living in
Egypt ...
The arrow is the Ancient Wisdom and the target is the mind of man,
and the bull's-eye is the human heart or intuition. Interpretation of Chap-
ter 22 of Genesis brings forth a reference to the Dhyan Chohanic Self,
the "A" to which the Monadic Sojourner on earth is as a "B".

* * * * *
Second article on "70 years old" appears in June Theosophist. 1 New
one on Cycles in the Theosophical Society. and future in preparation.
Writing humanitarian pamphlets.
Remarkable experience at class. "Saw" all members of audience,
about fifty-five, linked to me by a broad beam of golden light connecting
their hearts to mine. This I carried up through my head to the Master,
trying to take them all to Him. Later He commended the effort and
encouraged me to repeat it and serve as a link between Him and the world.
Said also that He is undertaking wider Sixth Subrace wort in which I
could help.

30 July 1945

Further remarkable communications on Sunday night, 10:30 p.m.,

from Master Kuthumi and Monday morning from Master Polidorus Isure-
nus, warning of dangers and change coming and of the necessity for skill
and care on the Path and in humanitarian crusade which is commended.
Conceive of a world "BrotherhOOd of Life League" with heart for symbol.
Master Kuthumi says my life-cycle coincides with a cycle in the life of
the T.S. and a harmonious interrelation will occur. "Be as serious as a
Sage, as wise as a Judge, and as calm as a captain of a ship should be."
Interpretation of Genesis continues daily. Chapter 24 very remark-

I Geoffrey Hodson. "Seventy Years Young" Part 2. The Theosophist. Volume LXVI.
no. 9. June 1945. p. 91.

4 August 1945


The realities of my life upon which I can rely utterly because they are
independent of events are: 1. The existence of Theosophy and the Theo-
sophical Society. 2. My study and growing knowledge of Theosophy and
my membership in the T.S. 3. Humanity sorely needing Theosophy and
ready to listen. 4. My accepted position as exponent. Given health, these
will not change. Founded upon these as a square base, the pyramid of my
life can be erected Added are: 5. The existence of the Masters Who want
to "popularize a knowledge of Theosophy". 6. Their readiness to use
human agents. 7. Their readiness to receive and train potentially useful
men and women. These three sides of the pyramid are also secure and
independent of events. 8. My acceptance as a disciple! and potentially
useful co-worker. This apparently is a secure reality. 9. Contact with
B.O.L. [Brotherhood of Luxor].
The past, then, is secure and favourable. The present is favourable
despite the suffering of my dear wife Jane. The future is unknown and
cannot be relied upon and must not be built upon. The deduction is that
I can count only for a time upon the continuance of my present privileged
position. The stem realities of the situation must ever be held before my
mind. The Masters are realists and They will use realists and hard and
useful workers. So must I be.

7 August 1945

Addressed 18° Chapter Surya, Auckland. During ceremony, saw

circle as base of huge golden cup opening out into the Causal and coinci-
dent with series of larger Grails up to Solar System.

11 August 1945

End of the most momentous week in world history. On 6 August

1945 the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in

I See entries of 10 September 1947 and 7 October 1977.

Japan, killing by atomic disintegration 100,000 people and destroying
most of the cities. Today brings news of the surrender after Russia had
also declared war and attacked in Manchuria. Hirohito's retention a con-
dition of surrender. Decision not yet announced, but acceptance seems
certain and peace at last.

14 August 1945

Above and beyond this world of activity is a realm of still power.

Therein the man of action must ever live. From there he must ever act
News in the paper of the passing of the President [of the Theosophical
Society, Dr George Sidney Arundale] on 12 August A new president
must be elected at once.
VJ. bay. 11:00 a.m.:
B.B.C. broadcast by Attlee announcing Japan's surrender. Peace has
returned after six years.

20 August 1945


After interpretation of Chapter 29, vs. 4-7, of Genesis, Master

Polidorus Isurenus says that at physical Initiation the powers of past
personalities are communicated to the present one. These old selves have
not vanished. They are indelibly imprinted upon the Astral Light and can
be evoked, stUdied, and redeemed by the Initiate. Errors cannot be erased,
but their agent must be redeemed and they [the errors] karmically
"undone" or balanced.
The Adept is in full possession of all the knowledge and the powers of
all past personalities who constitute an invisible museum-library at His
disposal. Magical evocations are of these imprints in the Astral Light and
not of the old personal egos.
The Initiate learns the art, studies his own past, absorbs its desirable
qualities, and redeems the undesirable. "The washing away of sins by the
blood of the Lamb" is deeply occult The Initiate's own awakened
Buddhi enables him to redeem the past in an occult and mystical sense.
Of course, no external Redeemer can perfonn this task, though the Initi-

ator greatly assists. Christ in this Office of Redeemer, thus viewed, is the
Initiator, a symbol of the Hierophant rather than of the Logos.

26 August 1945



After interpretations of Genesis 29, v. 14, et seq. by Master Polidorus

Isurenus, have a great expansion of consciousness. Feel myself in touch
with the Brotherhood of Luxor and the occult life of Egypt and see ...
as if ablaze with sun-glory. Then Master Serapis Bey speaks in short
sentences with "thee" and "thou" explaining that the first cycle of the T.S.
is reincarnating and Their influence coming in again through me. 1 At
night, at public lecture, again feel the Master unifying the audience with
Himself, blessed be His holy Name. Am conscious that a closer relation-
ship with Them has been established since the President's passing. Om
Gurudevaya namaha.

28 August 1945


After clarification by the Master Serapis Bey of relationships with and

impressions given to me, perceive that sharpness, keenness, fine respons-
iveness of consciousness is the ideal to be aimed·at Wrong attitudes,
mental obscurities, and overpersonalizati~ of thought and truths learned
from study, all bedull this sharp keenness and refinement of conjoined
Manas 1 and II. Every erroneous concept and conclusion retained in the
mind serves to blunt the mental perceptions, to becloud the clarity of
mental vision and to reduce the capacity for intelligence and understand-
ing. Oear thinking, utterly impersonal and strictly logical; complete
thinking right through to correctly formed conclusions - this is the func-
tional basis essential to the development of prescience, implicit insight

I See entry of 18 January 1976.

into first truth, wisdom. One big factor is the absolute detachment of the
self from the thought processes and concepts and their applications.
The aspirant must be ever keenly on guard against the slightest
falseness of thought, wrongness of deduction, and error in conclusion.
His mind must harbour no mental "mud", must be clear, perfectly trans-
lucent to truth. Deliberate lies befoul the mind. Unconscious error clouds
the mind. Self-personality renders perception of impersonal, exact truth
impossible. From now on, crystal clear thought, mind, consciousness,
utterance, and writing must be the goal. Lucidity like that of C.W. Lead-
beater is one of the fruits of clarity of mind.
Truthful thinking and speaking are the most important because an
untruth spoken is reflected in the mind as capacity for error which can
betray the reason. A lie told produces a corresponding weakness in the
mind-brain, makes the latter subject to error, maya, erroneous deduction.
Karma adds to this.

1 September 1945

C. Jinarajadasa has accepted nomination for the office of President of

the Theosophical Society. Master Polidorus Isurenus dictates article for
The Thiosophist on Spiritual Dynasties. J Bible interpretations continue
(Jacob's story). Address Howard League for Penal Reform.

8 September 1945

Very busy last month in Auckland with much animal welfare work
added to Theosophical lectures. Theosophical Order of Service and New
Zealand Vegetarian Society pamphlets written and published, reports and
plans for the future. Chaired World Week/or Animals campaign again
with widespread plans.

I Geoffrey Hodson, "Spiritual Dynasties", Part 2, The Theosophist. Volume LXVll,

no. 2. November 1945, p. 66.

20 September 1945

Awoke full of light and energy this morning. aura fiashiDg with royal
blue and the knowledge of having been with the Great Ones. Praise be to
Them and profoundest homage.

* * * * *
Maya-free. I will to be.
Maya-proof. detached. aloof.
Undeceived and so believed.
Open-eyed. tested. tried.
With delusion gone and wisdom won.
Healer. sage. pledged to wage
Warfare stark 'gainst powers dark.
And with all my might to bring the Light
To my fellow man.

29 September 1945

Invitation from Auckland Lodge. No. 407. 1 to Honorary Degree of

I.M.l Accept. "Gratitude to Thee. O.V.M.O.T.W. for further honours
and opportunity to serve under Thee. May I ever grow in capacity.
character. and worthiness. II

Instruction from Master Polidorus Isurenus that They want intensi-

fication of campaign for humaneness and World Federation of Animal
Welfare Societies that,do not compromise.

30 September 1945

Realize that to persuade. uplift. and illumine mankind. one must not
forget or neglect the fact that a great many people hold cherished beliefs.
inherited for the most part rather than thought out and experienced. In

t International Co-Freemasonry, Le Droit Hwnain, of the Ancient and Accepted Scot-

tish Rite that admits women to its ranks.
2 Capital letters. Masonic terms.

presenting the real truth, one must not irreverently or with seeming
casualness affront the sensibilities of one's audiences. Conviction inevit-
ably influences manner, method of presentation; ardent aspiration to save
and to heal gives fire and zeal to one's work, yet one must not become
dogmatic or appear oversure that one is so completely right. Theosophy
is an offering, a very precious gift of gold, frankincense, and myrrh which
the Masters lay at the feet, not force into the hands, of the dawning
intuition of modem man. So the teacher must ever offer for considera-
tion, and never seem dogmatically to insist upon Theosophical truths.

2 October 1945

I find my ideals and objectives gradually becoming unified into one

single purpose: to prevent and to relieve suffering on earth. Success
demands the prevention of cruelty and this now becomes my supreme
objective; for all suffering is the result of either cruelty or bodily abuse
and neglect. A Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty must come
into existence under the Patronage of and deriving its title from THE

13 October 1945


The task demanding the closest attention, the greatest and most con-
tinuous effort is that of the destruction of ahamkara (egotism). Hour by
hour, day by day, the would-be Adept must kill out self, destroy illusion,
ignore and refuse the satisfactions and renounce the rewards of separated
selfhood. Beside this continual self-immolation, all other discipline
of the occult life is easy and straightforward. For each achievement,
each selfless, impersonal thought, motive, and action can increase self-
personality by reason of the sense of personal attainment and success
which it produces. The worm of self renews and rebuilds itself continu-
ally, despite the cutting off of its tail. The "head" must be destroyed.

* * * * *


The surest way to prevent human suffering is to stop human cruelty

which is its cause. Cruelty comes from lust and ignorance. Teach and
inspire to self-purification and give wisdom and knowledge: these the
sovereign remedies for all human suffering. The lust is twofold: sadistic
satisfaction and desire to dominate. This double lust must be extirpated
and replaced by pure love from which springs aspiration to heal and serve
and to self-free liberation.

* * * * *

Sense of the One (Physical), instinctual perception of the One (astral),

conviction of existence of the One (Mental 2), Knowledge of the One
(Mental 1), Union with the One (Buddhi), Identity with the One (Alma) -
these are the steps to yoga.

* * * * *

The Beloved is the One Life, loved in all because the essence of the
Self. This One Life need not be personalized to be loved. It must not be
personalized to be known. It is the vital essential "Being" of all creation.
When the Self is identified with the One Life, it is free of the universe; it
is universalized.

16 October 1945

Human strife is now rampant in the world. In Palestine, Jew faces

Arab. In Java, Indonesians face Dutch. In Australia, a quarter of a
million workers are on strike. In England, tens of thousands of dock
workers hold up supplies of sorely-needed food. America announces her
determination to keep atomic bomb secret to herself. Millions of refugees
roam central Europe, homeless and foodless. Epidemics are feared.
Laval was shot. Quisling condemned to death. Russia, through Molotov,

rendered Conference of Secretaries of State almost abortive. Stalin's
health is declining. Thus mankind travails.

... ... ... ... ...


Rapid progress on the Path demands an attitude of mind of controlled

urgency, as if an international emergency existed and must be dealt with
at once. Actually, such an emergency does exist, if only on account of the
inconceivable cruelty practised continually and the appalling suffering
constantly endured by animals and men. Monadic-Egoic pressure upon
the personality must be maintained, realized, accepted, and applied by the
physical man. Intensity of effort is the key to rapid progress. Wisdom in
its application ensures success. The aspirant to Adeptship must live with
extreme care mentally, emotionally, verbally, and in conduct

... ... ... ... ...

Cons'pous of a marlced inner. change. A new level and height, not of
consciousness so much, but of power. An intense, fiery power from
within and above is now available at the level of the mind. It gives
stability, ability, and a sense of mastery over weaknesses. It is a power
that can be turned on to give intensity of will, to change an undesired
trend of thought and feeling. I realize that Manas II, astral, brain, and
body need not, nay must not, stiffen up to this power, but rather become
fully relaxed and let it play; that is the true technique - Ego intense and
personality at ease.

17 October 1945

The "new" inward power is the Immortal Principle. It is the Atma or

its shakti, of which I begin dimly to become aware and which, like an
Avatara, is descending upon and into the Ego and through that, faintly to
influence and be known by the personal ego in the brain. This is but a
beginning. Yoga, constantly practised, will bring the "seed" to the

"flower". 1llis experience, in its new definiteness and persistence, is the
harbinger and promise of conscious immortality.
To attain, one must be free of delusions, particularly that of a personal
God ruling and saving man and of any vicariousness which suggests the
abrogation of karma. One must also keep on with mounting intensity of
determination and effort. Burning-glass in~nsity is the secret of success.
As to the source of this new experience, it may be the effect of years of
attempted yoga and especially of the daily effort to communicate and
experience communicating with Master Polidorus Isurenus. Also it
may be largely due to Their assistance in response to daily dedication,
invocation, and teaching. Apparently, the Atma can enfire and so hasten
development of every principle, especially the physical cerebro-spinal
system and Manas. Carried sufficiently far this could bring physical
knowledge. It is clear to me that the Initiate leaders of the Theosophical
Society had their inner power greatly aroused. 1llis Atmic fire is to the
individual what atomic energy is to Nature.

28 October 1945 (6:35 a_m.)

The Master is a Father to the disciple. The devotion which He evokes

is that of a loving son who deeply reveres his Father. The Master is
realized in all the highest aspects of Fatherhood perfectly portrayed and
meeting the disciple's every need and summing up all his highest ideals.

17 November 1945 (10:20 p.m.)

Momentous date. Seventieth birthday of the T.S. 1llis evening, 70

years ago, They founded the Society. An old age is now ended and a new
age begins. May I have some place, however small, in this new age.
Held members' meeting at new Dunedin Lodge premises, gave some of
the events which have occurred and recurred in seventh and tenth years,
and tried to show significance of the day and hour. Oosing meditation
dedicated the new era of the Lodge and the new premises to the Masters.
Feel a great inflow of stimulating, almost exalting, life. Blessed for-
ever be They Who gave us the Wisdom and the T.S. Honoured forever be
H.P.B. and H.S.O. who endured that we might "live". All honour to them
and those valiant and wise ones who followed after and brought the ship

safely through. How blessed are we who inherit and reap from this
sowing! Onward must we go in our turn with wisdom and zeal to labour
for and in the same great Cause.

8 December 1945

This evening I was installed by ... Miss N.E. Ockenden, in the Chair
of K .. S.. I in Auckland Lodge, No. 407, in the Orient of N.Z. It has been
quite the happiest experience of my life of this kind. The ceremony and
the response to the invocations so impressively uttered by N.E.O. and the
marked sense of attention of Masters Kuthumi, Rakoczy, and Polidorus
Isurenus, exalted me spiritually. Yet there was a complete absence of the
slightest strain. I felt it was an entrance into the Degree and state
corresponding in some way, however small and microscopically. with the
Office of Solar Logos.
The colour is gold and the light and power are of the Sun, and majesty
is the quality; so it seemed to me. It is the true Degree of the Master
Builder and Ruler of a Solar System as the w..g t..s l clearly indicate,
especially the p .. h and also the p..n. I found that I knew one of the p..I
s ..ns, though I do not as yet know its significance. There would seem to
be a gloripus golden Solar Deva a~ched to the Office, somewhat like one
pictured'in the Tarot Trump Major ... The brethren were one and all
extraordinarily generous and affectionate and I feel a wonderful family
relationship with them all. Verily, I am part of the BrotheIhood which is
part of The Brotherhood (The Great White BrotheIhood of Adepts).
Master Polidorus Isurenus came (5 December) to tell me that I am to
be known best as an author, ~d will be given opportunity to write: "We
may take you off the platform for a time ... "1946, a favourable and
occult year and the last of the years of this cycle with quiet progress as its
keynote. "What is the will of the Masters" is the best of every activity.

1 Masonic !enns.

January 1946

Very successful 49th Convention of the T.S. in N.Z. with conferences

of the Vegetarian Society and the Theosophical Order of Service, and the
note of compassion and humanitarianism with the major note of The Will
to World Unity as suggested by Them [the Masters].

1 January 1946
An Adept


My brother, on this New Year's Day I greet you and yours and
give you Our Blessing from the Luxor Sanctuary. You have laboured
devotedly and well for Us and Our Cause, sacred to Us, and We are not
unmindful of this fact We are watching over you and yours and you are,
and will be, in Our care. Fear not for your future or the days immediately
ahead, for all is well with you karmicaJly and you have forged bonds of
unbreakable steel with Us and Our Brotherhood. .. All your present
activities are as training for a new life which awaits you later on. Mean~
time, be steadfast in your inner yoga . . . and travel this country as
Our messenger of Light. Then We can bless it and its people more
abundantly. Your warning to mankind is needed, and you must sound it
again but may frame it in a reference to the development of Buddhic
consciousness and its re~lts now occurring and so strike a spiritual note
at the end. Our blessings upon you, My dear son, and upon your devoted
(From the Brotherhood of Luxor)

3 January 1946

Instructed to complete and send to The Theosophist articles applying

Theosophy to every department of life, to follow quickly on Cycles in the
Theosophical Society already submitted.

21 January 1946


Awoke at 6:00 a.m. with mind powerfully stimulated and face and
eyes of Master Morya impressed upon it. Ideas present are: Theosophy is
a compound made up of a number of extremely dynamic ideas. These are
cosmogonic, of solar, terrestrial, human genesis; graphic, as cosmo-
graphy and of solar systems, planets, men; dynamic, describing emer-
gence, evolution, and return of cosmoi, solar systems, planets, and men;
legal, enunciating the laws governing the creation, evolution, and perfect-
ing of the above. As the school boy arrives at geographical knowledge
from books, maps, photographs, and moving pictures, but must visit the
place studied for full knowledge, so the student of Theosophy must
contact, apprehend, comprehend, apply practically, and finally experience
its component ideas, in order to become a gnostic. He passes through
successive stages of Theosophical study. These are discovery, examina-
tion, test by reason and application to life, and finally direct experience.
The last is the most prized, and the student is ever advised to seek that
inner perception and individual experience and comprehension by which
alone the a,cid test of the reality or otherwise of ideas may be applied.
As I write this, it seems both obvious and ponderous, but these are the
thoughts filling my mind. They are for use in the articles upon which I
am at work on the application of Theosophy to every aspect of human
life. Intellectual lucidity, mental power, clarity and penetration, capacity
for perfect logic, and instant detection of unreason and untruth - these are
the mental objectives for which I now strive, as also is the sublime
wisdom which is their product.

26 January 1946

Writing at Adeptic direction the articles applying Theosophy to every

department of human life. The one on education closed with "Let the
Inner Self shine forth." This should be the motto and maxim of every
educational institution.

4 February 1946 Vasanta House, 18 Belvedere Street,
Epsom, Auckland

First meeting in "Vasanta" of Sun Ritual Group based on Chapter IX

of The Angelic Hosts. Thirty present

6 February 1946

When free to do so, I will force my life to be a perfect channel for the
work of the Masters. Habits, sleep, diet, hours, will be co-ordinated and
subordinated to that single end - the maximum amount and maximum
efficiency in Their service. The world is mine oyster. Adeptship is the
pearl within.

9 February 1946

Master Polidorus Isurenus interpreting Genesis 37, v. 2, gives the

Macrocosmic interpretation of the elder brothers of Joseph as Asuras, and
their plot as the real Plan or statement of Law numerical and cyclical, of
the process of incarnation, Macrocosmic and microcosmic. This is the
Great Plan, the writing on the palette of Tehuti and on the wall before
King Nebuchadnezzar of the Medes and the Persians, i.e., unalterable.

17 February 1946

Adyar Day, when the Theosophical Society commemorates the pass-

ing of its first President, Col. Henry Steel Olcott, and also Brother Raja's
assumption of office as its current President - one of the very highest on
earth. May all blessings be upon him, our great brother and leader. His
health is reported to be much improved. Cabled. Miss Hunt and I spoke
at Sunday public lecture tonight, she on Adyar and I on "Theosophy, the
Heart of World Religions", celebrating Adyar Day.
Last night, at Miss Blanche Trevithick's, 96 Owens Road, attended
my first P.M.} meeting to receive Auckland's gift of the P.M. Jewel,

1 Masonic lenn.

beautifully engraved. Miss Nettie Ockenden. Mr G. Trevithick, and Miss
G.M. Hemus spoke favourably of my contributions - far too generously.
I gave thanks not only for the Degree and Jewel, but also for all the loving
kindness and family adoption received in New Zealand.

12 March 1946

My sixtieth birthday. Letters and presents. A pouring wet moming,

and I in the hut at 11 Grosvenor Terrace, Wellington. Master Polidorus
Isurenus has completed interpretations of Genesis, and apparently Exodus
is to follow. But He is graciously dictating The Kingdom oj the Gods
(new version) giving the Sephirothal origin of the universe and devas. It
proves to be Alexandrian Platonism expressed in some Kabbalistic terms.
At present, He has reached the Fifth Sephira, the mental artist-craftsman.
Last night I began a new Theosophical activity - a class of Theosoph-
ical Lecturers' Association members. Addressed them on public speak-
ing and heard two and commented. Am writing a Theosophical
Lecturer's Handbook, having finished booklets on Principles Governing
Happiness in Marriage for the Theosophical Women's Association, and
The Path .10 the Masters oj the Wisdom which I shall offer as a Jubilee
Convention souvenir (N.z.) ...

... ... ... ... ...

Master Polidorus Isurenus gives me information on some past lives. i
In order backwards, they are: England, 17th century, ending tragically in
middle age; India, 10th century, as a doctor; Rome and then the Jewish
life when we met. He (Master Polidorus Isurenus as Philo Judaeus in that
life) and Aristobulus weremy friends. He was an obscure Alexandrian
writer and philosopher. Aristobulus was son of Alexander Janneus, said
to be reigning at the time (true) of Jesus and a prince of Judea! Remark-
able, as I knew naught of Aristobulus save his name. Yet dates are
right. ..
... ... ... ... ...

Master Polidorus Isurenus



You came down to earth sixty years ago today. You came to earth
with a mission to teach humanity and an impulse to inquire into Truth.
You were born. from the temples of Chaldea, Egypt, Greece, and destined
to pick up the threads, skandhas, and knowledge of those temple lives.
The intermediate appearances in Rome, India, and England were less
occult than temporal, though a thread of occultism ran through them.
But the last temple life was the Jewish one of the flrst century, when
we met. Your Mother Egypt received you then in your last days and gave
you her peace, received you into the Sanctuary and laid you to rest ...
Aristobulus was your friend and re-Initiated you in your old age. Worldly
life then tested and strengthened you. Rome gave you stability, India
metaphysical faculty, for you were a doctor there of the Ayurvedic law,
studied herbs and minerals in both their occult and their physical proper-
ties, but lived out in the world, save for a learned guru. This was in the
tenth century, and followed after a long devachan. Then came the
English life in Tudor times as a landed gentleman, which ended tragically
in middle age. That death paid many karmic debts, and cleared the way
for this most fruitful life in which the wheel turns full circle and you are
back in occultism again. The Path is straight before you now and you are
back "Home".

2 May 1946


Realize that there is an egoism in thinking that one is not egotistic.

One must beware of this which might be called the supreme ahamkara or
egotism. "i have transcended egoism" can be egoistic and a maya. No-
thing-ness is hard to achieve. Better to say, "I am in the process of
transcending ahamkara." The experience of two nights ago of being with
the Master Rakoczy at His Temple remains vivid and has produced an
additional sense of occult power and will.

7 May 1946

Finish statement, "The Extreme Urgency of the Humanitarian Cause";

am considering printing and despatch to all Humanitarian Societies and
magazines. It makes a "new" approach through cosmic law of cause and
effect under which health and happiness of humanity are at stake.

• • • • •

The experience with Master Rakoczy remains fully vivid. The scene
is'indelibly imprinted in my mind ... Realize that cosmic F ohat is source
of all power. The Adept is one therewith and those of First and Seventh
Rays especially wield that power through ahamkara-less identification
therewith. It is a white, cold fire which plays like continuous lightning in
and through and around those who can tap and wield its potency, out-
lining their forms and ''tools'' in dazzling whiteness. His face is fully
before me, not as in a portrait but as it appears while officiating as Fohat-
empowered Hierophant - a wondrous "vision" indeed of overmastering,
ever triumpbant power directed by a Master-mind at overwhelming inten-
sity of c9hcentration.

* • • • •


Out of the body last night, I addressed a great multitude of all ages and
both sexes crowding around me and stretching out of sight. Amongst a
sheaf of written questions was: "Who is the listener?" I answered, "The
Logos, ever listening to the echo from the universe produced by His
creative voice and directing the creative 'sound' accordingly -like sonic
radar." The Monad of man is similarly "listening" to the chord, vari-
ations, harmonies, and discorcJs by which it is aware of Ego-personality
when in incarnation and directs its influence accordingly. Periods of
exceptional hamiony evoke Monadic power which produces genius and
quickens evolution. The Ego similarly listens to personality, but also to
the Monad and, when able, to the Logos. The personality which, for 3
long time, listens to the world without, and hears only its appeal and

responds thereto, gradually learns to listen more and more to the Ego,
then to the Monad (Arman). and eventually to Logos (Paramarman).
This is the true Mantra Yoga: to listen for, hear, and eventually relay
perfectly at all levels - especially the physical- the Divine Voice, cf.
"Elijah and the Still Small Voice" and ceremonial conversations which
ritually enact the above intercommunication from O.G.' (Physical) to
R.W.M. (Arma) and I.P.M. (Logos).
Speech is of immense importance and must be controlled and
perfected. Master speech and perfect voice, and the goal is won.

13 May 1946

The experience with Master Rakoczy still lives vividly and I am

conscious of added Fohatic power. Realized at lunch with Rotarians that
He is concerned with the man of the world in a way that perhaps my
Master is not. There was a flash of His blue and power during the lunch.

4 June 1946

Life and work in Auckland resumed. Receipt of teaching on Exodus

continued. Realize that the Adept abides in a state of cool stillness as far
as the "human" bodily personality is concerned, and of intense Atmic
power at levels above. The house in which Master Polidorus Isurenus
lives is steeped in silence. All is ordered to perfection. The machinery
of life is perfectly designed and runs with complete smoothness and
"noiseless ease". The art of life is practised with consummate skill, even
Attendance at 18° Surya Chapter 33, re-evokes the experience and
power of the meeting with Master Rakoczy. Am informed that I knew
Bacon and was received by Him into His "Rosy Cross" temple at
Gorhambury, making a close link with Him. Later told that I was a
Aavian at the declining period of the Roman Empire and, as a seeress,
travelled with my husband through Italy and south of France. The Con-
stantines were members of gens Flavia. I was a Roman matron.

, Masonic tenns.

2 July 1946

Returned from Hamilton after thirty-three meetings in three weeks!

4 July 1946


After receiving from Master Polidorus Isurenus interpretation of verse

18 of the 8th Chapter of Exodus. I realized that the Adept possesses
cosmic attributes. Adept consciousness has extensions beyond any
limitations which the word "Monad" might seem to imply. even into the
universe as a whole! Subplane by subplane. He ascends and also enters
into the cosmic planes. unifies Himself with them and draws on their
power. This is the secret of Adept theurgical power or technical omni-
potence. as well as of His omniscience and omnipresence. These are
derived from superterrestrial and later supersolar levels. Universalization
of consciousness is the work of the Adept and therefore is the ideal for
which to strive.
The Adept still has individuality and even personality. but suffers no
limitations in consequence. "Liberation" most perfectly describes Adept
attainment. Even though a body is used and imposes its restrictions.
Adept consciousness is both free in itself and capable of reducing those
restrictions to a minimum. The Adept is completely master of His instru-
ments and of the technique of their employment for all possible purposes.
I became aware. however faintly. of the cosmic attributes and liberated
state of Master Polidorus ISQrenus.

13 July - 2 August 1946

The article. "The Extreme Urgency of the Humanitarian Cause" being

sent out to 80 societies. Concentrating on literary work. especially "The
Humanitarian Cause" and "The Case for the Abolition of Vivisection".
Horrified by descriptions of the practice and deeply detennined to attack
it continually. skilfully. and powerfully. It must stop, if only from a
karmic point of view [great karmic suffering and adversity in fubJre

20 August 1946

New Zealand Vegetarian Society entered its fourth year on July 31st,
with 458 members, a growth of 69 in the third year. Re-e1ected President,
with Sandra and Miss Fmnis as Vice-Presidents. Finances sound. Sec-
ond Dominion Conference of the N.Z.V.S. to be held at Golden Jubilee
Convention of the Theosophical Society in New Zealand. Antivivisec-
tion and Theosophical Order of Service pamphlets now going through the
press. Two vegetarian pamphlets reprinted, and a third on diet commis-
Urged by Master Polidorus Isurenus to concentrate on literature - my
"passport to the physical Sanctuary and Sanctum Sanctorum". Master
Polidorus Isurenus's interpretations continue almost daily, the ten
plagues now being described. They relate allegorically the evolution of
the principles of man and cosmos.

28 August 1946


Remarkable midnight communication from Master. Was reading Five

Years ojTheosophy and perceived the value of personal knowledge born
of direct perception awakened and directed by a Master physically within
the Mysteries. When this has occurred the Ego will be freed and revealed
to the fully conscious personal self in its real Egoic nature, whether deva
or man. At the appointed time the Master will call the disciple. Then the
l11ystery of his own nature and Egoic Name will be revealed. l It is the

I only mystery there is, for the "Lost Word" for each one is simply one's
own name. Karma patiently endured brings insight and opportunity.
I broadcast a statement by Master Polidorus Isurenus on economics.

I 13 October 1946

Whilst Celebrating at Dunedin, I experienced a sense, however par-
tially, of All-One-ness. It began to dawn at the Gloria and deepened up to

I See Illuminations of the Mystery Tradition, compiled by Sandra Hodson.

"by Him were all things made ...". By then I was exalted into an
experience of universality of consciousness. I cannot describe it in its
reality. Transference to normal terms normalizes it, and it was tor me
completely new and so "abnormal". There was at the Causal level light,
freedom, stillness, expansion, and all without strain. There was also the
sense of tremendous power, the limits of which could be neither per-
ceived nor conceived. Some of this came "down" into the personality.
The physical body which was fatigued by the strain of the Christchurch
visit was empowered, and the service was conducted with a sense of ease.

28 October 1946


Four nights ago, out of the body, I was present when the Lord
Vaivasvata Manu l appeared in His physical form. He was tall, even
amongst the tall "men" with whom He moved, possibly six feet ten
inches. I waited and He came. He was dressed in a long darlc coat such as
Parsees wear. The portrait is like Him except that His hair seemed shorter
and smoother. I happened to perceive most His aspect of power which, in
absolute ease, was immense, though not exerted. The shoulders were
broad and the chest very large, giving a tapering effect to the figure. He
seemed like a Lord of the Earth as He appeared and walked on out of my
sight. I saw Him only for a minute and early in the night. Even so, I
awoke with the knowledge that the Lord Manu came. I was perhaps
twelve feet away and merely "among those present" - a very lofty privi-
lege and possibly a portent, the significance of which is not yet apparent
When seeing the physical form of the Lord Vaivasvata Manu, it is
interesting that whilst so doing one perceives only an exceedingly lofty
Adept "Personality"! Seeing His magnificent First Ray, Atmic-Will-
inspired form, I was not aware of His equally developed interior Will-
Wisdom-Love aspect, which is at one with the Solar Logos, and which is
immediately perceived in the case of the Lord Maitreya at the Consecra-
tion of the Holy Eucharist. Focusing full attention 00 the mighty power

I The Ruler of the Fifth Root Race. The Adept Who is the Representative Man of our


personality, one misses the Manu-Nirvani. 1 When the outer form is not
seen, the Inner Lord of Will-Love is glimpsed.
Dunedin, New Zealand, work in third week. Teaching received from
Master Polidorus Isurenus on Plagues IX and X. After teaching had
ceased, the impression was left that Moses - the person not the symbol or,
rather, the real author of the Pentateuch - was a Hierophant of the M yster-
ies who used the wandering of the Jews as a basis for revelation, as a later
Adept similarly inspired the Evangelists to use the story of Jesus. The
actual writing in both cases was done by a number of Initiates who were
given the idea, general plan, range of revelation, and symbols to be em-
ployed. The Idyll of the White Lotus by Mabel Collins is another example
of this method, used, however, by a single Adept, the Master Iamblichus-

7 November 1946

At lecture on meditation, I distinctly felt the overshadowing Presence

of the Master. The ideas did not change so much as the force with which
they were stated. I could feel the exertion of mental energy to drive them
into the minds of the audience. It was a mental ministration. In addition
to my head centres and mental body being used for that purpose, my heart
was opened and an attractive influence drew all the people into it as if into
the Master's heart which was one with mine. These two processes went
on together during part of the lecture. I felt fully aware of the Master'S
attention - and, as it were, Presence - using me in this way and was able
to note and register it without its affecting the flow of my ideas and laD~
The urgent need for regular meditation by everyone was especially
stressed, and the appeal was closed with the word "begin". Blessed is He.
Privileged am I. A somewhat similar event occurred during an address to
members on the preceding night. Descending, awakening power was its

I Manu is applicable to the presiding Spirit - if personalized, the Creator. Ruler and
Guide - of a Race. a Round. or a Globe. Nirvani: one who has reached the sphere of
Atmic consciousness.

9 November 1946


After receiving teaching on cycles, in interpretation of verse 13, Chap-

ter 12, Exodus, I found myself offering the gratitude of humanity to Him
(Master Polidorus Isurenus) for this revelation. As I did this, the debt
owed by humanity to the Elder Brethren was perceived in part. Through-
out innumerable ages, without intennission, They have ministered unto
mankind spiritually, mentally, and physically. Their very existence on
the planet is as a leaven which leaveneth the whole. Would that humanity
could realize and more consciously respond to the Presence and influence
of earth's Adepts! Luxor and Master Polidorus Isurenus seem very near
this morning, praise be! Humanity ought to live mentally upon its knees.
The pupil must ever do so.

13 November 1946

An hour and a half of reception of teaching of transcendent beauty and

wisdom in interpretation of the tenth plague and especially of Exodus 12,
v. 15. Adeptship .and omnipresence are described unforgettably, desPite
continuous barking of two dogs and the voices of children in the house.
Thanks be to Thee, 0 Master, Teacher, and Friend.

19 November 1946

Return by air to Auckland and very happy resettling into my room.

24 November 1946

Wonderful experience for two nights of being with Master Morya; of

being shown His Manu-line and invited to serve thereon under Him.


This morning I awoke remembering clearly being out of the body and
with the revered Master Morya in the room of His house from which the
small balcony projects. A long table occupied the centre, and from an-
other room on the left side, looking out of the window, He brought a large
roll or scroll. This He laid on the table, partially unrolled, and at a certain
place indicated in the series of recorded events upon the scroll the literary
collaboration of H.P. Blavatsky with Himself, Master Kuthumi, and other
Adepts. To my surprise - almost unbelieving astonishment - He showed
that it was written further along, or down the years, that I also would
similarly serve. I remembered His tall stature~ His kind friendliness, and
the view from the balcony of the wide river flowing down the Masters'
Valley, exactly as in the picture by the Master Djwal Kul. l
As I considered this recollection and relived the wonderful experience, .
I.realized that a prophecy by an Adept must be a true one. Nevertheless':
quite naturally in my present condition and mode of life - I was unable to
think of myself in such a lofty capacity.
The Master Morya unrolled the scroll into the past, as it were. I saw
names of great historical figures - Julius Caesar, for example, and others
earlier in time whose names I failed to remember. I was deeply impressed
by the marked further impression that, in some mysterious way, the scroll
was not only a historical table of events, but metaphysically "alive" and
linked with each recorded event, person. and Personage. Past, present,
and that which is nonnally known as future, were in some mysterious
way merged so that my name appeared upon it related to events unknown
to me and to take place in the future.

26 January 1947

Golden Jubilee Convention of the Theosophical Society in New Zea-

land has come and gone. It has been an unqualified success. Mr Sri Ram
produced a profound impression by his inner stillness, impersonality. and

I See The Masters and the Path. by C.W. l.eadbeater.

freedom from unessentials, or simplicity. His every utterance, to mem-
bers and to public, was distinguished and inspiring. Concert Chamber of
Town Hall was well filled (about 7(0) for the two lectures. Wellington,
Christchurch, and Dunedin were visited, and Section should step into the
second fifty years greatly inspired and stimulated. I felt honoured to have
been present and especially so to be very kindly treated by Sri Ram. I
recorded all meetings and speeches at request of the General Secretary.

6 March 1947

A motto occurs to me: Veritas, et nihil sed veritas. 1 This is indeed an

impelling and insistent urge: never to be self-deceived, to be undeceivable
and so never to deceive. Adherence to the truth as far as I know it is
surely the first essential. My prayer constantly is that amidst all the inner
experiences and preparations now occurring, I should be helped and
guarded as far as may be from self-deceit. Faith, meaning intuition, must
be fiery, like that of the Syrophocnician woman of Matthew 15:21-28.

26 March 1947

Awoke with the vivid memory of being with the Master Polidorus
Isurenus in,one of the Ancient Egyptian Temples, like Karnak, of passing
between great pillars and then turning to the right into a secret passage
and crypt - but no more. This evening, someone was deputed to awaken
my memory of the event, and I relived the whole wonderful experience.
After bowing to the Chair - an ancient throne - I turned with Him to the
south wall which grew light and then before me passed a great pageant of
Egyptian life from the Eighteenth Dynasty onwards to Cleopatra, and
when the darkness fell. .. I believe I greatly loved and tried to serve the
land of Khem.

I Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

28 March 1947

Perceive at least one clear purpose and reason in the forewarnings of

the last two years, viz. to prevent me from making any engagements.
Apparently a fifth sudden, dynamic change is to follow the four that have
already occurred: 1. Enforced leaving of school (loss of family fortune)
and entry into business life at the age of about fifteen years; 2. World War
I and joining the Army in October 1914; 3. Call from Pre~ton to London
in 1923; 4. Call to U.S.A. and lecturing in 1929. The nature of the work
to be done cannot yet be conceived. Presumably it will be another at-
tempt to bring the Ancient Wisdom to the attention of modem man and
possibly again With the aid of some form of supernormal illustration.

20 April 1947

Adeptic utterance: "As long as there is a continued supply of E.S.

members [the Esoteric School, closely allied With but administratively
separate from the Theosophical Society) We are satisfied." The E.S. is
indeed the heart of the wOfk.

23 April 1947


Realize that the occultist must not permit himself to be disturbed by

the events of his daily life, the ups and downs of human existence. His
inner life must continue serenely and in unbroken progress and un-
foldment His work must be maintained at an ever higher level, and
nothing which occurs to his personality must have power to hinder his
performance of all his duties. Meditation, study, writing, preparing and
delivering lectures, and other work must, in my case, go on in unbroken
and unbreakable continuation whatever happens in my personallife l and
all around me. This is STABILITY and it must be developed and main-

1 Geoffrey Hodson's beloved wife Jane suffered from a long drawn-out tennlnal illness
lasting - in hospitalization - for about twenty years. This was a continual source of
anguish to him.

The daily receipt of teaching from Master Polidorus Isurenus is of the
greatest possible benefit in this connection, and I am greatly privileged in
this most wonderful association. I have now reached Exodus 18, v. 13
(Judgement Days). Blessed be His name. "Truth, truth, truth" is the
insistent demand of my mind, and "Reality" the absolute necessity. Truth
and Reality are the right and left hand pillars of my arch. Only when they
are conjoined can there be true stability. The outer man is being tested in
this long interregnum. Intuition says, "Hold on; the future is assured,"
and events support the assurance.

27 April 1947

Last night delivered the last of seven lectures on "The Soul of Man in
the Modem World". Five of these consisted of material dictated by the
Master Polidorus Isurenus and also sent to The Theosophist. One, "The
Artist", has been published thus far. The study was undertaken upon
instructions from the Masters.
Am increasingly moved by a "passion" for truth and truth-ness. Espe-
cially in all inspirational and superphysical experiences and deductions
made from them, and actions based on them, there must be complete
truth-ness, utterly free from self-deception. Veritas. veritas et nihil sed
veritas becomes my motto. From the unreal lead me to the Real, 0
Teachers of the Race.

3 June 1947

Returned from Gisborne, Rotorua, Tauranga, where a lodge was

formed 1st June 1947. At Tauranga, realized future and so the reason for
all events from vision at admission to the T.S., through sandalwood box,
Pencil, footprints, and chart and L plans. All are preparatory and so
justified. The intellect is satisfied.
Exodus 30 being wonderfully interpreted as the Third Initiation.
I realized the need for: Stability immovable, by Atma; Profundity
immeasurable, by Paramatma; Power irresistible, by Atma-Paramatma;
Gentleness, warmth, humanity, by Buddhi. (Later: This was the result of

20 August 1947

Master Polidorus Isurenus reveals the reason for and nature of the
validity of Rites. The human kingdom is the first on the upward arc in
which life becomes conscious of and aspires towards its Source. This
aspiration is natural as evinced in the plant, which points its blossoms to
the SUD. SO man, approaching the florescent state, and afterwards in aspir-
ing thought, points the chalice of his Higher Self towards his Maker. The
human kingdom, therefore, is the one in which the subhuman is elevated,
offered to God.
When, therefore, a single man, the officiant, takes bread, elevates it
and offers it unto the Lord, he is perfonning ceremonially and symbolic-
. ally that which the human kingdom as a whole actually achieves and
perfonns on behalf of evolving life. Ceremonial is valid when accepted
by both Superhuman and Archangelic Ministers, and when it enacts
faithfully in time a natural process that is relatively timeless.

23 August 1947


Buddhi is the gateway to all planes above. As the vehicle of Atma.

which descends through it from above, it is also a channel or pathway for
consciousness to ascend into Atma from below. Once Atma is entered, if
only at the seventh subdivision of the seventh subplane, ascent to Adi
becomes possible. Therefore, Buddhi and Buddhic consciousness are the
keys to eternal power, wisdom, and knowledge, and so to immortality and
Adeptship. Adi-Atma constitutes the core of existence.
The first Initiation admits the candidate to the Buddhic plane, which is
the "Stream". It therefore makes possible the rest of the attainment
through all grades and planes beyond. The reason why the personal
vehicles above the physical and the human individuality which takes the
first Initiation become immortal is that Buddhi-Atma is let down into
them, thus immortalizing them.
Adi-Atma is the Elixir of Life, Buddhi is the bowl or the cup which
contains it. Higher Manas the stem by which it is both supported and
administered, whether to oneself or to others. The Initiated personality
down to the physical is the base. Thus the whole being is the Holy Grail.

10 September 1947 Tauranga


On the night of 10th September 1947, after having been Initiated, ...
my future mission was accepted by me. The power of Atma to hasten ali
circumstances in my life was indicated. I was told to observe the quick-
ening of events, for this is the outcome of the power of . .. After this
great event, the Initiatory Charge was given to me by the Master
Polidorus Isurenus as follows:


Learn to attune your consciousness to Him and to live in His power in

uttermost humility. This presentation happened whilst you were away.
He stretched forth His hand over you as you stood before Him . .. You
will work with Us under Him. A new attitude of inward dignity and of
indifference to outer events, persons, and things, even whilst serving
them, must be developed. Actually, this recognition by ... changes your
relationship to the world. Meditate upon it, please. Bring it into your
consciousness. It is the inner reality of Initiation and your forthcoming
admission to the I ... T . .. The words of the Rites now have for you
their full significance.
In addition, yoga is called for. It will consist of a mental act of
homage to Him and the attainment of a deepened realization of your
relationship with Him. He is one with your Monad. That Monad is
awakened to awareness of Him and of unity with Him. In the most real
sense, you are subject, servant, agent, and outer representative of . .. So
are We all, and it is this which holds the Brotherhood together. Self-will
has gone. Only His will remains, and for - and in - Us, His will is
This presentation in the rock-hewn Hall of Audience is of the very
greatest significance to you. It puts the seal upon your life and existence
from henceforth. You must meditate upon ... Such meditation largely
takes the form of stillness of mind anft heart In your stillness, thinking of
Him, His power and His Presence are realized. Learn to be still in the
Nameof ...
Though He is active in His Office, His consciousness is steeped in
stillness. He abides in silence except when duty calls. His Senior ...

abides in silence always. For silence is the uttennost power. Always
remember that. Learn and practise, then, the yoga of stillness in which
your mind and will are at one with His. No mental action or effort is
needed save to be still in communion with Him. As you attain this and
make it a part also of your daily life, a habitual state of consciousness, the
karmic "mills" will have power to grind you no more. Karma, both
favourable and adverse, there still must be. But it is of the personality and
hardly concerns you. Both kinds are really imposters, as Kipling wisely
said, inspired as he was in that poem by one of Us. The still peace, the
utter calm of ... must reign in your heart and mind. TItis will be your
"rock" against which the froth of life has no influence. Your whole nature
will thereby, thereafter, and thereupon become deepened immeasurably
and real power begin to be yours, the power of ...
I am happy to deliver this charge and to greet you in your new life,
lived henceforth under His hand. Woe be to an enemy that assails you
now. Before such you need only be still.

8 - 13 September 1947 Tauranga

Wonderful rest and recUperation after twelve meetings in eight days at

Hamilton. On Thursday, the 11th, whilst walking on the beach after
breakfast. I suddenly realized, however faintly, the omnipresence of ...
My bain received the idea diagrammatically as ... as a point of White,
fiery, Fohatic will, awareness high above the planet, which was within
and above the base of a cone of white radiance with the point as apex.
The Presence was strongly felt as all-pervading, a descending stream of
power-consciousness interpenetrating all planes of the whole planet.
Earlier, I had a marked impression of the Master Morya, as I now often do
on waking and when meditating. This realization of ... , however faint
and far off, is the highest experience which has yet corne to me.

24 November 1947


I perceive the extreme importance of watchfulness so that everything

in life may be handled with perfect strategical wisdom and tactical skill.

On the Path. this necessity is accentuated. Apart from the motive of min-
istration. spontaneity must give way to strategy. Otherwise one's actions
and words will betray one. Ultimately. skill will be so well developed
and wisdom so great that the possibility of error will be reduced to a
minimum and a measure of spontaneity may be pennitted. Until then. un-
premeditated action and speech must have no place in the aspirant's life..
1his is especially true concerning words, whether spoken or written. It is
one's words which betray one most often. Therefore. "Control of speech
is the first gateway to yoga." . . . One must never be off-guard.
Especially is this true when things. great or small. appear to be going
well. Often they are not. and the illusion that they are is dangerous. It
should. in fact. be regarded always as a bright red light. a danger sign.
Until one is an Adept, things are rarely. if ever. going well. The Path is
razor-edged. and the aspirant must bring that fact constantly before his
Self-conscious mind and hold it in full. sharp focus before him. Motives
apart, the real Judas is the tongue.

11 January 1948 Auckland

Remarkable experience whilst I was Celebrating the Holy Eucharist at

prayer "for the people here present". I saw that the Christ Presence in
the Host flashed out as in golden darts or rays to Himself in each one of
the people and became linked thereto. awakening. arousing the Christ
consciousness and power. Like sought like as if by magnetic law as the
prayer was uttered.

31 March 1948 Wellington

The Lord of the World. His will is "Victory for Light". He has seen
the Race through wars and darknesses of the fourth Root Race and first
five subraces of the fifth Root Race. Presumably one of His responsibil-
ities is to bring humanity through the very grave dangers and trials of
these Manasic (1/)1 periods into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, which
is life lived in Buddhic consciousness as by the Great White BrothedJood.

1 MQMS II: the lower materialistic mind.

He is the All-Commander; we are His officers, rank upon rank, and must
rise to supreme greatness in His service and surrender with a deep sense
of privilege to His will. Greatness in the King's service demands yoga
Greatness there must be.

1 April 1948

Wonderful experience of being used last evening. I was sitting writing

letters, with Mr and Mrs M ... when I felt power and found my aura
glowing with azure blue, which then flowed out into the three, shining all
about us. Feel very near to the revered Mahatma [Master Kuthumi] ever
since, blessed be His name.

6 May 1948 Napier


(Captive-bolt Weapon)

Deputation received by' Minister of Agriculture [Keith Holyoake],

with ready-drafted Bill: promised favourable sympathetic consideration.
Campaign for signatures to continue.

22 May 1948
Master Polidorus Isurenus

Why did Queen Hatshepsut write on her obelisk: "Let all men know
that this is the greatest thing in the world',? The obelisk is one of the
greatest of all occult symbols, for it is the pyramid elevated upon an
elongated or upraised cube. It is a symbol of the Adept Who has achieved
this elevation, having developed His vehicles to perfection and elevated
His consciousness from the physical at the base to the Monad represented
by the apex.
The pyramid is the symbol of perfection, Macrocosmic and micro-

1 Combined Animal Welfare Organizations.

cosmic, its proportions and shape being incapable of and beyond
improvement. It is the Archetype in solid form. The interior chambers
of the Great Pyramid are also archetypal, representing diagrammatically
the basic principles on which the human body is built and the universe
constructed. The obelisk is the same elevated. It is therefore man-god, or
the perfectly manifested archetype.
Queen Hatshepsut knew this, having been so taught in the Mysteries
of the Temple of Amon at Thebes, as also elsewhere. Therefore, on her
obelisk at what is now called Karnak - a very mystical word - she had
carved the symbols of the seven planes of Nature and the seven bodies of
man. She ended her life as a fully conscious Initiate. Egypt benefited
greatly from her reign, not only because of cultural advancement but
because she supported and was ever obedient to the Mysteries. Never
once during the whole of that life did she fail to obey a summons or
answer to a call. The archaeologists' views of Egyptian history are in the
main misleading. They have to depend upon those very few incidents
which were recorded and know nothing of all the rest with its immense
significance. Add to that the secrecy enjoined upon the Initiates and see
how limited the conclusions can be. The obelisk is the revelation of the
monument to that truly royal life.

1948 Auckland
Master PoIidorus lsurenus


The KING, the Sanat Kumara - Earth's Spiritual King - is the essen-
tial mediator without Whom there can be no access to Atma, planetary
and solar.. Therefore, all must be done in His name. The Buddha and
Bodhisattva mediate to Buddhi. The Master mediates to Causal. The
Adept is self-developed to the full at the planetary levels and so no longer
has a Master on earth. He then becomes a pupil of the Solar Logos and
enters the Solar Lodge as an E.A.' Chohan Initiation = F.C.; Maha-
Chohan = M.M. The Arhat becomes a pupil of a Maha-Chohan Who
sponsors him (or her) to the Solar Temple and its degrees, etc.

I Masonic tenns.

After the Ninth Initiation, the human and angelic are equally manifest
and used. The Dhyan Chohans of Planes, Rounds, Chains, Schemes,
Systems are Archangels. Their model is the butterfly "form". The
"wings" of the Solar Logos uphold the Solar System and stretch to the
extreme limits of the System.
The Hierophants and Adept Officiants are the "Accoucheurs" Who
bring the butterfly out of the chrysalis - Nature's "womb" - and the
Initiate out of the mother's body, which is the Causal body and which, at
that level, is Nature's womb in which is fructified the Atmic germ and
from which is born, after due gestation, the newborn Atma-Buddhic man,
the Christ within, ''the hope of glory".

14 June 1948 Auckland


The four great teachers of man are: successes, failures, events and
opportunities, and the actions we provoke in other people.

*' * * * *

Work of paramount importance is to banish human ignorance and so

wickedness and so suffering. THIS MUST BE DONE QUICKLY.

* * * * *

The Cross of Matter in the human is sixfold, and Atma in the middle of
the intersection is the "crucified Christos" - the divine nature in man
crucified on the cross of the fourfold personal nature: physical, etheric,
astral, and lower mental (prideful, critical, cruel, separative mind).

* * * * *

Realize that the personality is mere karma and that the individuality is
largely skandhas and the Atma is the Self with which karma-fashioned
Ego-personality must become one and so "crowned" as Arhat-Asekha.
The principles underlying patience and "play" (lila) must be found

• • • • •

Ceremonial as ordered activity is - rightly directed - real "play" which

is fulfilment in a relaxed ease. The ideal human life is continual,
constructive "play" which gives happiness, unity in self-forgetfulness,
freedom from strain, stress, constriction. Principles are the Point-
consciousness, the "Centre from which a M.M. l cannot err." Play is
self-fulfilment through right activity - a principle.

2 July 1948 Auckland


Studying the Kabbalah with great profit and teaching it to a class.

"When it is said that these scriptures were delivered by God first of all
to Adam in Paradise, and then to Moses on Sinai, it is meant that the
doctrine contained in them is that which man always discerns when he
succeeds in attaining to that inner and celestial region of his nature where
he is taught directly of his own Divine Spirit and knows even as he
is known." (Statement made by the Kabbalah as to the manner of its

I Masonic tenn.

4 July 1948 Auckland


Using Manas alone one can be limited to the circumference, even

though the existence of the Centre be recognized and the desirability of
reaching it be appreciated. Attainment and use of Buddhic consciousness
enables one to intuit conditions at, and the wisdom of, the Centre. In
occultism, after due Manasic consideration, everything should be
approached via Buddhi. Atma alone takes on"'to the actual Centre.
Therefore, to intellect and intuition there must always be added an
intensity of will.
After studying events, problems, work, and one's relationship with the
Adept Brotherhood intellectually and applying to them the faculty of
intuition, one must endeavour to stand at the Centre and to know the truth
by spiritual or Atmic Will. Remember that, like Manas and Buddhi, Atma
is a sCate and a kind of consciousness, although unlike anything known
Manasically. It is an intensity of Will-knowing, a fiery Atma-Vidya, an
awareness which is rooted in the Paramatman, the central One Self of
All. ,
Now, the Initiate uses the most valuable Higher Manas (abstract, in-
tuitive mind) and, in addition, has entered and is developing the Buddhic
vehicle and powers. The consciousness of the Brotherhood, whilst active
at those two levels, is, however, rooted in Atma. The goal of the Initiate
therefore is to develop and express his Atmic powers and vehicle. Then,
as he passes through the Grades, he moves from the circumference to
the Centre of the consciousness of the Brotherhood and then, to use an
'ancient phrase, "knows even as he is knoWn". The Atma ever calls and
its call is the music of the magic flute of the Lord Shri Krishna.
I visualize - vividly remember - the Brotherhood with Centre of
intense whiteness encircled by purest gold and, outside that, blue. The
King and Others were at the Centre. High Initiates in the gold and new
Brothers in the blue. The Centre condition called, and awoke an intense
aspiration, yearning, will to reach and be absorbed in the white fire and
radiance of the Throne and Him Who sat thereon, the LoId of Light

IS July 1948 Auckland


Realize increasingly and am more and more impressed by the fact

that truth and truthness alone bestow omnipotence. Without them, the
strongest occult power cannot succeed or prevail. Against an individual
rooted in Truth naught can prevail. The body may be destroyed but the
individual and that aspect of Truth for which he stood are invincible,
invulnerable, and inde~ructible.

* * * * *

Work, Theosophical and humanitarian, continuing. Eighteen thou-

sand signatures gained to petition and Bill before Cabinet

* * * * *

To teach a pupil one must have won his confidence by wisdom and
knowledge. If not, the pupil resists the process of instruction, becomes
self-defensive, self-justifying and, if prone, self-righteous. Resentment
and loss of trust in the teacher may result in a hopeless situation.

2 September 1948 Auckland


The Path moves "twixt cliffs of ice and iron" and the treader thereof
must have both ice and iron within him if he is to succeed. The ice and
the iron must affect only judgement and discipline! the severity being
veiled by unfailing kindliness.

15 September 1948 Auckland


Awakened from a long out-of-the-body experience of our being guests

with Masters Morya and Kuthumi. We were treated with complete
informality and even permitted to be perfectly at ease. Most vivid
memories were of Master Morya's great stature - very tall - so that I
remarked upon it to myself, the tremendous power within the calm ease of
· i·
the bodily person and life, and that He understands everything. We were
allowed to talk quite freely, and though I do not remember meals, I
remember our being seated at a table together. On one occasion I clasped
the Master Morya's hand for a few moments, and He gave a friendly
laugh and an answering grip. His magnetism set my arm and right side
tingling. The Master Kuthumi was less in evidence. I was permitted to
carry something for Him. I remember saying ... that we were the two
most privileged human beings ...
In a previous experience - interpreted by Master Polidorus Isurenus as
"Sonsbip" and Causal union - we were in our own house. In this one, we
were "staying with Th~m". Outstanding impressions are of complete
normality, total absence of strain or even heightened consciousness, and
the outer unconcern and calm ease, especially of the Master Morya. The
experience is totally real and very happiness-giving. I have no recollec-
tion of locality. The atmosphere was unusually still, utterly calm. Life
was quite leisurely and not at all intense outwardly ... The Master's
Presence is vividly before my mind with a deep sense of privilege and
happiness in knowing Him and being allowed near Him.
Five-and-a-half-years ago (10 March 1943) I had the superphysical
experience of being in a house with Masters Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal
Kul, together with George Arundale, Jane, and Sandra, and of receiving
the impression to prepare for responsibilities in the future. I was then
struck by the Master Morya's smiling ease and unconcern, upeksha. the
poise of indifference. Master Morya gave me an object. Master Kutbumi
gave me the Pencil as already recorded. I "dreamed" again of Master
Morya on 8 February 1944 and of His detached ease and power. I was
with Him out of the body on two successive nights on 23 and 24 Novem-
ber 1946 and was shown His Manu line ... footprints and Scroll.
Thus. successively at intervals - 10 March 1943, 8 February 1944,23
and 24 November 1946. 15 September 1948. as also in the early days of

my membership of the T.S. and Army, I was superphysically with the
great Chohan of the First Ray, Master Morya. The Egyptian Brotherhood
trained H.S. Olcott at first, and he "belonged to" the Master Morya.

18 September 1948 Auckland


The seven layers of KundaJini correspond to the seven planes and

states of consciousness. The arousing of each layer brings about entry
and awareness in the corresponding plane and state. The core is Adi.
The story of Samson being daily interpreted.

25 September 1948 Auckland

The New Zealand Section Headquarters [oCthe Theosophical Society]

opened, from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m. I spoke on Headquarters as a centre of
(spiritual) power.

4 October 1948 Auckland

World Week for Animals is in full swing. I have been visiting schools
with films.

26 October 1948

Humane ldlling for cattle and swine and Weinberg pen to be made
compulsory by law.

1 November 1948 Wellington

In morning meditation, receive enhancement of the will to know

beyond the application of principles alone - to become a knower of
Truth direct, a gnostic in reality for humanity's sake.

16 November 1948


The Rite of Initiation in both Lesser and Greater Mysteries brings

about "fertilization" by Alma of the Macrocosmic "seed" within the
matrix of the Augoiedes. of candidate. Hierophant. and Lord of the
World. Each Rite also arouses into heightened activity a chakram or
group of chakras. TIlis makes their activity more conscious for the
Initiate. adds self-awareness in the chakram to its existing instinctive.
pramc function.
The angel of each chakram also grows in stature as must therefore
(and with all reverence. be it said) the Dhyan Chohan of the plane and its
subplanes. There must be seven angels associated with each human
being. one with and at each chakram, also with each gland and centre. and
therefore with planetary and extraplanetary correspondences. Each such
angei represents and is a manifestation of both the Dhyan Chohan of a
plane and of the plane itself. franava with meditation arouses all these
correspondences into action. makes sevenfold man an increasing mani-
festation of noumena and phenomena of the seven planes. Initiation
galvanizes the whole meChanism of seven sets of seven components into
heightened activity and hastened development. In Sanctuaries and secret
schools of old and today, this is allowed and made to occur in the physical
brain and body. but not outside in worldly life. save in exceptional cases
and circumstances. particularly those in which the Initiate is of very stable
mind. strong body. and the circumstances permit of much seclusion.
Presumably. a thaumaturgist - supposedly possessed of the power of
working wonders with the help of the Angelic Hosts - comes to.know and
work through the angels of the chakras and so of planes. When not called
on. their auric wings (shaktis) are folded. When evoked and used. the
wings unfold for "flight" or active expression of powers ...

January 1949 Auckland

An Animal's Bill of Rights is being praised and printed by G. Rudd. I

am writing a leaflet for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.

10 January 1949
From the Master Morya


The supreme objective of yoga is skinlessness, edgelessness, total

submergence of the pseudo-individuality of the yogi in the boundless
ocean of eternal life. Every other result should be regarded as intermedi-
ate, leading only to absorption in the Supreme. Nothing less than this
is the goal of every true yogi. Mystics may frown upon undue interest
in Kundalini. chakras. and the gradual ascent of the planes and levels
of consciousness, layer by layer, for their way is the immediate self-
surrender, self-losing carried to such a pitch that "the bubble of self is
This is attained by intensity of love of God, or, Theosophically stated,
adoration, yearning, and aspiration directed to the Supreme with such
intensity and fire of devotion that the Auric Envelope breaks open and, if
the term may be used, "lets the Logos into the soul". For Christian
mystics, the Lord Christ is as the Logos, as is Shri Krishna for the Hindu
bhakti yogis.
The keynote and secret of success on this marga is fiery intensity
of self-abnegation, self-surrender, self-giving to the Deity itself, to .an
Avatara or one's Adept Guru. There is, however, no reason whatever
why this method should not also be followed by the occultist. Indeed it is
a valuable supplement to Raja Yoga. A successful combination of the
two is greatly to be desired.
In the Initiate, the human heart corresponds to the Second Aspect of
the Solar Logos, and after Initiation or corresponding development, is
especially linked and open to the Logos in His Aspect of perpetual
sacrificial outpouring of life motivated by a supernal and transcendental
love beyond normal human understanding.
The Office of Solar Logos must surely - if one may so presume -
involve the enactment throughout Maha-Manvantara of the drama of
Calvary. That is why meditation upon the crucified Christ and use of the
crucifix can lift the devotee out of this world and body into union with
God in His Second Aspect This Deity is Divine Effulgence, and the
physical sun is both its symbol and material expression as far as its
vivifying function is, concerned. One may valuably dwell more and more
deeply in thought upon the Eternal Oblation, the perpetual sacrifice of the

Solar Logos until dawning understanding, appreciation. and even sharing
of it is experienced. Thus, meditatively blending oneself with the Solar
Logos, one's heart is placed in the position of the sun as "heart" through
which His life is outpoured in golden radiance to fill the Solar System
with Solar Life. The aspiring devotee may usefully try to experience,
however faintly at first, the love of the Logos for His Universe, the
compassion of the Logos for the suffering which manifestation entails for
all unemancipated beings, animal and human, in an elevated, impersonal
sense, that the "dark" phases could presumably be passed through and the
"light" phases entered.
May it not be presumed, although with absolute impersonality, that He
himself, in experiences beyond all human comprehension, endures,
shares - cannot escape - the sufferings experienced by the life in any fonn
of being. Hence, perchance, successive Avataric visitations; for He is
consciously identified with all at however lofty a level, travails with all
that "He has made". All is Himself, His Body, His Being. One may well
deeply contemplate this mystery, one's heart being reverently unified
with the Heart of God, pass into, sink into, be lost in that wondrous Heart
of Love.

16 January 1949 Christchurch

The hard kernel of ahamkara must be extirpated. The deep roots of

self must be torn out, that the noisome weed may wither and die. These
are the timeless (apparently) tasks of the Initiate. A passion for reality
and a genius for realism must be developed.

February 1949

Master Polidorus Isurenus gave me a wonderful yoga ... to the end of

conscious union and the awakening and action of the corresponding
powers. This is to be perfonned daily for the rest of my life.

1 April 1949

Very successful yoga prodl}cing remarkable bodily relaxation and

mental equipoise. Nearly learned to use the "Capricomian Gate" of exit.
Experience that inner calm characteristic of C. Jinarajadasa and Sri Ram.

3 May 1949 Christchurch


... At the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist on 1st May, at the Gloria
and afterwards, my consciousness was opened out to perceive unity. Sun
and planets resembled an opened rose on a great cross of matter.

5 May 1949

I begin to realize the truth that "Nature has linked all parts of her
empire together by subtle threads of magnetic sympathy, and there is a
mutual correlation even between a star and a man. "1 The yoga is produ-
cing some realization of the presence within me of the active power of the
Planetary Regents ...
The anxiety concerning Jane, which has existed for twenty years, is
increasing. It is now very great, as is the liIrlitation of her tragic situation
lasting for so long. In the midst comes "Salvation" - a. glorious fact. 2

30 May 1949 Christchurch


During this period, I passed through certain vivid occult experiences.

At the Holy Eucharist, realized and saw correspondences between the
microcosm and the Macrocosm. The Rite is solar and cosmic, with the

1 Master Kuthwni in The Mahatma Letters to AP. Sinnett, Letter XLV, transcribed and
compiled by A.T. Barker. .
1 Initiation: See entry of 1~ September 1947.

Lord Maitreyal as Mediator. A "funnel" opens out from the personality
into Causal consciousness to the verge of Buddhi. revealing the Solar
Logos and Planetary Regents as a unit, a vast sphere containing all. Had

I momentary flashes of the experience of unity with the Solar Logos, to

Whom the Gloria is addressed and, through Him, with Himself as the
Planetary Regents. 'This was very general and no single Regent and
Hierarchy could be isolated and known. All indeed are "parts of one
stupendous whole" ...
Also I perCeived, during a celebration in Wellington (29 May 1949)
I the Solar Logos as a multidimensional living "monstrance'? Himself as
"Host" in a crystalline sphere at the heart and His power, life, and
consciousness, radiating in innumerable tongues of golden flame
throughout the Solar System - a wonderful and wondrous vision.
Then, for the first time, I experienced, out of the body and in full
consciousness on waking, the Vaishakh Ceremony of this year. I walked
in the procession, saw the leading Adept of great beauty and grace, with
reddish brown hair; the curved and sometimes straight lines followed by
the Initiates in single file, the uplifted Rod. I heard the resounding
invocation and the shouts of amazement of the pilgrims behind, saw the
gold-clad, seated Figure, and one rose on its stem, alive, fresh, falling
close to me. All Initiates were materialized and had a curious faraway
concentrated expression, with the centre of awareness on the Causal and
higher planes. 'This is a most vivid conscious experience and completely
satisfies me concerning C.W. Leadbeater's account ... '

3 June 1949 Christchurch


My meditation during bodily sleep appeared to concern the Solar

Logos, Who becomes increasingly a reality to me, especially since the
experiences of the Solar System as a sphere and the Logos as a Mon-
strance of effulgent glory. Some time ago, I had the experience during

1 The Bodhisattva 01' World Teacher.

2 Container of the Host (the c:onsecrated wafer).
, VaishDkJ&: See Glossary.

sleep of watching a vivisector experimenting coldly, unfeelingly, on a
fully conscious dog, opening up layer after layer of skin and muscle. The
pain, intolerable agony, of the dog seemed to travel vertically into the
heart of the Solar Logos Himself.
This morning I experienced a measure of oneness with Him and the
conviction that all pain in His system is His pain. Therefore all refonn is
sought on His behalf in order to relieve Him from pain. "I am the
gambling of the cheat,"! says Shri Krishna-Vishnu. He is also the vivi-
sector which is a double pain, since the Lord of All is forced into crime
and cruelty. This must be so because He is at one with all beings, is the
"Inner Ruler Immortal seated in the heart of all beings ...". He is also the
refonner, since "naught exists bereft of Me".z
Does the Solar Logos actually experience the sufferings of all sentient
beings on earth? In His immanence, presumably He must. In His
transcendence, presumably He does not. My vision of Him .as a living,
effulgent Monstrance, irradiating golden glory, makes it difficult to think
of Him, as the "Host" within, in any other condition than that of the
highest ecstasy. His physically embodied Self suffers and rejoices with
animals and men. His Adi Self, even if reflected or projected as far as
Buddhi-Causal, could hardly experience a negative. It has opened up
consciousness to Him, however slightly.

7 July 1949 Auckland

Work in Auckland continues, with an inflow of teaching on King

Solomon's Temple, which apparently was not only mythical, as The
Secret Doctrine says.3
I was appointed by Raja [C. Jinarajadasa], via Miss Hunt officially, as
National Director of the Theosophical Order of Service in New Zealand.
Another avenue thus opens.

I The Bhagavad Gila, Tenth Discourse, v. 36.

lIbid., v. 39.
3 See The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2 (Adyar Edition), p. 487, by H.P. Blavatsky.

.{ 17 July 1949

Very wonderful teachings are being shared by Master Polidorus

Isurenus, especially on Atmic Will - mental stillness.
I realize strongly the importance of knowledge and teaching in The
it Secret Doctrine. I must master this most marvellous work.

8 October 1952 Auckland

Regular practice of yoga before receipt of Master's teaching of Bib-
lical interpretations occasionally produces comprehension of the nature
of Nirvana.

* * * * *

The mantra, Aum Mani Padme Hum, is the formula for Nirvana . ..
The atoms of Nirvana are all atomic germs of beings with Monads in
the heart of them, as it were. This sea is all there is, everything else being
an illusion. Yet, strangely, the observer knows himself as an observer
and a Nirvani, and that this is the result of evolutionary progression.
Nirvana is not bliss, which appertains to Buddhi. Rather is it eternal
equipoise, absolute harmony.
The lower planes will be forced to yield to this power of equipoised
unity, and that is the evolutionary effect at the end of the correct numer-
ical cycle. In the meantime, they look like dark, discordant, broken-up;
areas of disintegration shot through with lurid, jagged flashes of yellow,
red, and brown, with Adepts standing as Nirvanic lighthouses in the
midst. exerting an energy which steadily brings harmony out of discord
and integration out of disintegration. The motto of the Masonic Order:
Ordo ab chaos, is a statement of the work. of the Nirvani and the influence
of Nirvana which, in a mysterious way, is intimately associated with the
~ physical universe.
The rupa planes, beginning with the fourth subplane below the men-
tal, mark. the boundary of divine harmony in our Chain and Planetary
Scheme. Below that, discord, disequilibrium begins. The delusion of
separated entityship and the unresponsiveness of the matter of the rupa

planes to the equilibrating forces from Nirvana constitute the "devil",
which simply means ahamkara and the unbalanced condition of the
gunas of matter.
Everyone in whom the Nirvanic star in the Causal body is awake and
active, is at work automatically to bring the chaos of the rupa worlds into
the order of the arupa worlds, a mighty mission and wonderful office.
'This is where valid ceremonial is of such great value. It generates and
establishes areas of order and communal consciousness which man calls
brotherhood. An operative Hierophant brings Nirvana down into the
mental and physical worlds, as also into the Causal and lower bodies of
the candidate.
Such in part is a purely intellectual reference to Nirvana. Of Nirvana
at its own level, all that can be said is that Nirvana IS, the verb having an
immense significance beyond the power of mind and other words to
convey. The Latin esse and the Sanskrit, asi, sat, and tad are descriptive
of essential existence and come nearest. All this is summed up wonder-
fully in sound, sense, and effect of chanting, in the Aum Mani, which
unlocks the door to the All-in-All.
The Gods, Tattvic Lords and Regents of Planets, Schemes, Systems,
and Signs are all present in this Atmic genn of everything, just as the
types of tissues and shapes of a full-grown body are present in latency in
the fertilized genn. They, the Gods, see themselves there somewhat as
one sees one's reflection in a mirror. At first the reflection is unlighted
but realized. Evolution lights it up until each supposedly external
intelligence sees himself perfectly in the Monad-Egos of perfected man.
Nirvanically, he is the Gods and the Gods are he. Our mental invocation
to the Gods as we chant hastens that attainment They are external Beings
and powers, at least in the lower subplanes of Nirvana, so to speak, and
on all planes below. But above that, they and the Nirvani are utterly and
completely ONE.



1953-54 Adyar, India


[An experience in Adyar, Madras, India, at the International

Headquarters of the Theosophical Society, at the first School
of the Wisdom conducted by Geoffrey as Director, 1953-54:]

When I was living at Olcott Bungalow, Adyar, and had been thinking
much of the great Avataras Who had visited India, including the Lord
Shri Krishna, I was strollirtg under the trees during my leisure time. As I
did so, to my wonder and uttermost reverence, I saw with inward vision
the figure of the Lord as a young man. I gained the impression that He
had been moving about that area. but He appeared to me to be motionless
and playing on His flute. His garments and bodily colours were ex-
tremely radiant, the colours sapphire blue and darlc. gold seeming to
. predominate. His skin was, however, not dark as legend and name have
indicated, but pale cream, as of a magnolia blossom, and of a great purity.,
All around Him for several yards there shone what I can only describe as a/
glowing splendour. He did not in any way regard me, although I seemed
mentally to "hear" or at least to be influenced by His voice saying, "He
who seeth Me everywhere and seeth everything in Me, of him will I never
lose hold and he shall never lose hold of Me. "I Psychologically stilled, I
found myself affirming, as it were, "He has not gone! He has never left
the world but still is here as a timeless, divine Presence, the omnipresent
spiritual Preserver, the Lord Vishnu Himself."
. The vision passed, but the experience has never left me, blended as it

1 The Bhagavad Gita. Sixth Discourse, v. 30.

were with the reported words of the Lord Christ spoken as He is said to
have ascended into Heaven:"... 10, I am with you alway, even unto the
end of the world."1
Even as I describe this experience, I remember and am in some
way associated in consciousness with the experience of seeing the Lord
Buddha at His attainment of Nirvana and the utterly strange and quite
mentally inexplicable conviction that this is also a continuing experience
and that, in some mystical and very truthful way, the great attainment of
Buddhahood by the Lord Gautama transcends time, is as it were a
timeless event that, it would seem, finds expression as the potentiality of
Buddhahood existent in every human being and mysteriously continues
to occur.



The Subba Row Medal (for outstanding contributions to Theosophical

literature) was awarded to Geoffrey Hodson in 1954. The Medal is held
in the archives of the New Zealand Section of the Theosophical Society.

22 June 1958
Master Polidorus Isurenus


One reason why memories of our night experiences are not remem-
bered on waking is that reasonably advanced people use the mental and
higher mental bodies, leaving the astral nature behind. This is partly done
because it could hamper the Ego in its activities during the sleep of the
body. The astral nature is inevitably conditioned by the experiences of
daily life, both pleasurable and painful, ease-giving and producing ten-
sion or distress. It would be a hindrance to take these conditions about
with us and particularly into the Master's Presence. In consequence, we
are very different in some respects out of the body, which in its turn

1 Matt. 28:20.

180 .
affects consciousness greatly. Free of these, as we are at night, we are
more effective and clearer-minded than when awake. Problems, feelings
towards people, limitations, and the tendency to concern ourselves with
unimportant, relatively trivial matters, and to argue and proclaim our
views as final truth - all these limit the expression of the Ego and makes
the bodily person much smaller than he or she really is. These tendencies
have to be eliminated so that the pure Egoic light and power are expressed
in the daily life.
One test of evolutionary stature consists of the degree in which the
Ego is thus expressed in daily life and available to the brain in conscious-
ness. When we return to our bodies, preparatory to waking up, we re-
enter the physical through the astral nature, inevitably influenced by the
condition of the body. One effect is to blot out memories of experiences
in the higher consciousness or, if not, to distort and misunderstand them.
Yoga is particularly valuable in overcoming these difficulties, particu-
larly chanting the Sacred Word with the appropriate thought We should
not assume that the absence of memory of higher states of consciousness
and of visions of the Great Ones means that they do not occur whilst the
body sleeps. They do occur. In sleep and in successful yoga the range of
consciousness is extended one plane. If, for example, whilst awake, we
can use the lower mental vehicle and consciousness freely, then when we
sleep the Causal body and consciousness become available in so far as we
have developed them. In successful yoga they are included in waking
consciousness, though physical awareness is reduced.

23 October 1958 New Zealand

Master Polidorus lsurenus


After you have taken all possible care to see and describe accurately,
you are right not to allow yourself to be disturbed by either contradictions
of the present findings of science or differences from Occult Chemistry
(C.W. Leadbeater). I watched you through most of your experiments ...
The doctor is right in saying that the angle of vision is decisive in the
appearance which the object presents to the obselVer. Degrees of magni-
fication also make a big difference. There was, however, no denial of

fact, and you are right to describe impersonally what you see without
attempt to correlate your obselVations with either physical or occult
physics ... The results will be cumulative and eventually, when all put
together, will be part of the edifice of truth concerning the structure of
The physics of the scientist is largely conjecture drawn from obselVa-
tion of phenomena. The physics of the occultist is the result of direct
obselVation. This is the great difference between them, and it is inevit-
able that a bridge between their findings is difficult to find or build as
yet It is, however, not occult but physical science that will have to adjust
its conclusions which, whilst explaining some phenomena, leave others
unexplained. Occult physics elucidates them all, but knowledge of it
must be slowly built up, and you are at work upon that process. If you
keep on, as you are advised to do, you will help towards breaking through
the barrier which divides the two schools of thought and the two
approaches to knowledge, external and interior.
We wish this research work to go forward and to be extended into
other fields, including the superphysical planes, forces, and Intelligences,
as also the operations of the life principle in the organic kingdoms of
Nature. Continuity of effort will make your work easier.

14 November 1958
Master Polidorus Isurenus

Let the soul take wings: clear the heart of hesitation and misgivings.
Open the heart to the light and love of God and the Masters, without
reserve. 11ris will help the health. Be free-hearted. This is important in
yoga. Fear naught. Become the free-winged soul that every aspirant to
perfection should be.
Practise stillness, as if listening, thereby giving the Ego an opportunity
to reveal itself to the brain-mind as understanding, light, and activity.
Thus will the knack be developed of communing with the Ego, thus
attaining bliss consciousness and a sense of "Godliness". The centre of
awareness should be in the middle of the head. This is 'The Hall of
Silence", where the "Voice" or the "flute" or "song of the nightingale"! -
which is the song of life itself - may be heard. One must be in a relaxed

1 The Voice of the Silence. Fragment I. v. 42. by H.P. Blavatsky.

bodily condition with a consciousness that is "listening" or "waiting" for
the arrival, as it were. of the divine Beloved.

* * * * *
Master Polidorus lsurenus


The sense and realization of the white Atmic power in the middle of
the head as the "King within", as you the omnipotent Self: learn both to
realize it more and more fully and to permit it to rule consciousness at
All is Atma, Atma is all. The Self is Atma and Atma is the Self. Self-
discovery simply means knowing yourself whilst wide awake as the white
unstainable One, the purest Essence of your existence.
Atma Yoga is the greatest Yoga there is.
For the Atma is limitless Light, quenchless. undimmable, eternal, the
Power that "maketh all things new" - a white radiance before which no
darkness can remain
The Atma erases all sorrow, all remorse, all memory of pain, all grief,
all fear. It is the Truth that makes one free. Therefore, concentrate more
and more upon the Atma and whenever a difficulty arises in the con-
sciousness or memory, instantly enter the Atma, affirm the Atma, become
the Atma, saying, "I am That, That am 1. Aum."

24 December 1958 New Zealand

. Master Polidorus lsurenus


It is better that you continue your clairvoyant researches mentally

uninfluenced by Us. The tasks you are undertaking are exceedingly
delicate ones. No thought from another must influence you. Use what
powers you have. Observe as accurately and carefully as you can and
describe as precisely as possible.
The Masters, therefore, will not tell you anything at the present stage
lest your mind should become biased. Furthermore, karma is profoundly

involved and you must have the full karmic advantages accruing from
successes. Therefore, keep on quietly without strain, using such powers
as you have; for this is all part of the One Great Work. You are aided but
not influenced mentally. Don't ask Us for knowledge about your sub-
jects. Wode hard to find out for yourself as each one of Us has done and
every occultist must do.
Do not concern yourself unduly with the body of present-day scientific
opinion, which still rests on very shaky ground. Do not look for or expect
revolutionary discoveries so much as foundation stones on which the
edifice of scientific knowledge may be erected through the ages. We are
not seeking to startle humanity with suddenly revealed provable facts.
Indeed, We carefully refrain from doing so. The real teacher indicates
ways of obtaining knowledge rather than bestowing facts alone.
Proceed then, in this general attitude and atmosphere, not allowing
your mind to be disturbed by anything. Your task is to observe and
describe. Others will evaluate.

10 January 1959


I see the great Hall at Karnak from inside and am especially struck by
the brilliant colours, terracottas and reds being most noticeable. All the
goddesses' head-dresses and their wings are accentuated and picked out
in brilliant blue. A procession is coming out, mostly robed in white with
the typical head-dress, and there are slaves carrying a platfonn or litter, on
which is the golden boat of Aroen-Ra. There is chanting in a very deep
bass, and it is tremendously impressive. Banners and symbols are being
carried on high poles. The procession goes down the sphinx avenue,
through the first pylon to the Nile, which is very clear and beautiful.
There are a great many more trees around the temple than now. Priests
are in the procession chanting, not Amen but "ORMAN" or "AWMAN"
and the "E" is not sounded. It is like "U" - "ORMUN".
There are great temples and residences across the Nile, all in light-
coloured stone. An enonnous city is there, with an avenue running up to
Deir-el-Bahri. There are highways branching off to the Ramesseum and
Medinet-Abu. The road to Deir-el-Bahri has a bend in it It aims-south
and then takes quite an angled tum and there are two temples ...

14 January 1959 New Zealand


I remember being amongst the snowy heights of the Himalayas last

night. My friend and I visited, amongst other peaks, Mt Kailasa, having
floated very easily side b)l side in the mental body but retaining the vision
of the physical planets. When thus travelling, we saw the edges of our
auras keep contact, and through this we were able to keep perfect mental
communication. The auric contact can be felt somewhat like holding
hands physically.
We went up a long valley to the foot of Kailasa, which is shaped
roughly like a great curve or half-circle with a peak at the summit when
approached from that side. We saw certain caves in which hermits lived
amidst the snow and ice, far above the world and all its affairs and cares.
There was a group of such sages presided over by a Senior. Their bodies
were mostly only just alive and very slightly conscious, although we
realized they could and do become physically awake at will. There was
one Who had long black hair, black eyebrows, beard, and moustache. He
was a Being of very great power, an Adept with an enormously vibrant,
brilliant, and far-reaching aura, virtually embracing the whole mountain-
side. They were not normally approachable, being withdrawn to an
extraordinary degree from the rupa planes and apparently living out their
lives in a kind of physical hibernation under this Great One, Who was
much more physically awake and active than most of the others. Their
bodies were warm in spite of the extremely low temperature and it
seemed that they live perpetually amidst snow and ice.
I think they were in grades because there was one who didn'1 appear to
be so evolved as some of the others, though sufficiently developed to
keep his body warm and to sustain Samadhi. His hair was very matted
and he looked dirty, but I realized these effects were due to prolonged
Samadhi, during which the hair had grown and the body become coated
with dried material exuded from the skin as waste toxins and perspiration.
He was physically unconscious and insensible and sat facing the mouth of
his cave some few yards back. The interior was rather dark and there was
some jutting rock which gave the appearance of shelves or seats. There
was a kind of terrace outside which really was part of the pathway of
ascent. Physical people such as pilgrims may pass and see him quite

immovable but alive. He was in one of the yoga postures - I think the
lotus asana.
Higher up the mountain, where no one could physically reside, lived
the more developed men, including the great Adept He looked as if
clothed in a freshly washed and ironed white linen garment, and His body
shone physically with a white radiance extending some inches from the
skin. He was able to be in Samadhi and physically alert and awake at the
same time, and His eyes and consciousness seemed to be turned towards
India as if He were responsible for it and ministering to it all the time. He
was definitely one of the Adept Members of the Great White Brotherhood
and of very high rank. His face was something like the mosaic pictures of
the Christ in certain Byzantine churches, powerful yet benign. We both
noticed the strange fact of the perfect freshness and cleanliness of body
and clothing and the fragrance which emanated from it. I think it was
sandalwood, though sweeter, as if attar of roses had been added. He was
on a raised platfonn or dais made of wood and about six inches high,
being just large enough to hold His body, which remained motionless,
though His eyes moved and were remarkably brilliant One received an
impression of timelessness and of being near to eternal truths in the
presence of the sages of Mt Kailasa.
I couldn't tear myself away from this region and the vision of the great
Rishi of Kailasa for a long time. I could see His heart chakram and
marvelled at it as well as the other force-centres of His body. But
especially wonderful was the heart. Very privately, I incline to the view
that this is the real ancient Rishi Agastya of the Hindu scriptures and that
any other physical being living in India would be a representative official
under Him. I think the body lives without food, or at any rate without
eating. If food is taken, it would be made by a Kriyashakti or transported
from somewhere else occultly. I was impressed by the sense of complete
liberation, not only of the Monad-Ego, but even of the body itself, from
all necessities and restrictions of any kind, individual power being virtu-
ally absolute.
Finally, I withdrew down the valley again, floating lightly and easily
and feeling awe-inspired by my experience. I followed the valley down
to a river and to earth's greenery again.
I am impressed by the perfect psychic purity of the regions visited at
such high altitude. Though I was unconscious of it, I knew that the cold
was intense and it seemed as if this very low temperature had an occult
and psychic sterilizing effect. On Kailasa itself, the purity was absolutely

apart from the powerful spiritualizing influence of the yogis and their
great Senior.
I see that the truly spiritual life ofIndia is, in reality, highly organized
and, I think, under this Great One of Kailasa. The true gnanis, the high
yogis, and the heads of mutts I and similar organizations are all linked
with the Regent of India, though some of them may not be aware of it
The Shanlcaracharya of Conjeeveram (Kanchi) knows about it, as do
several others. It is wise when travelling about India always to keep one's
eyes open for those who display true nobility of bearing and appearance
and, if so moved, to approach them.
I remember that I was very solemn as I floated rather slowly down the
valley from Kailasa, feeling that I had been richly blessed and the recipi-
ent of a great privilege. I paused on the way down, where the face of a ._
glacier was melting, and watched the change of condition and density of
the substances. I saw that the change from ice to water occurred in many
steps from hard ice to soft ice and so on.
My own freedom of movement was fairly complete, and I was free
also from the pressure of time, as if time in the superphysical bodies were
extended and depended far more upon consciousness than physical time,
which is so unalterably fixed. There was no sense of being limited
because of the enforced return to the body.
I visited other parts of India, including the great caves near Bombay
and Ajanta.

4 February 1959 New Zealand


The Masters may be approached in thought from below in recognition

of Their superior stature. Humility, devotion, and dedication characterize
this approach which is valid and fruitful. If, however, unity and the
universality of the one Spirit-Essence be even glimpsed, then the ap-
proach is from the level of that Spirit and that experience. The Alma is
shared by all. In the Adept it is a consciously wielded power, in the
aspirant it is at first intellectually and later intuitively perceived. Whilst
reverence and homage remain and humility in the presence of supreme

I Mutt: See Glossary.

greatness is natural, nevertheless, the approach to the Master is more from
the level of universal Spirit and less from the level of man towards
The aspirant conceives of himself as a co-worker, somewhat as
a soldier knows himself as part of a military machine and operation.
Superiority of rank is recognized, but a sense of unity of purpose, and in
battle of shared danger, is also experienced. Similarly, the would-be
disciple is in the front rank, as it were, in the greatest of all operations,
namely, opposition to the powers of darkness and the illumination of the
minds of all men.
Think also of the Master as .a mystical Presence within the Inner Self.
This is an unchanging Power and Light within one, which mayor may not
be associated with a Divine Personage.

16 September 1959 Vietnam


I remember an atmosphere and area of the arupa planes which con-

tains nothing else but the Feminine Principle and the spiritual essence of
all that constitutes the feminine in Nature and womanhood in the humari
kingdom. No male spirituality or force, influence, or aura, so to speak,
was included in this world of being, which could be described as all
feminine. Whilst arupa, it extends into the third subplane from below the
mental plane. ~ .
The mental image, which . bolic, is of a throne, dais, or circular
wooden pedestal like the lotus ases on which statues of the Lord Buddha
are placed. This would represent the lower mental part, an extension of
the world of the Feminine Principle. Upon this, symbolically, a glorious
figure is placed which is the World Mother Herself. She is almost
formless, but there is a distinct central feminine figure down which, from
the head to the feet and into the platform, a white rod of Atmic power is to
be seen. The heart chakram is a remarkable vision like a fully opened
lotus flower through which forces, spiritual powers, are flowing continu-
ally out. The throat and head. chakras are also wonderfully shining and
beautiful. The form has a distinctly Eastern appearance and is, I believe,
K wan Yin Herself.
The aura contains a great deal of golden yellow which interpenetrates

and extends beyond the womanlike fonn of great beauty and spiritual
grace. She is magnetized. Her consciousness ranges freely up to the
Atmic level though, for the purposes of Her Office, She functions chiefly
at the Causal level and on behalf of the Egos of humanity, and through
them in the human rupa worlds. This is all symbolized by the figure of
Kwan Yin on a pedestal, and devotees could catch glimpses of Her
looking like that
There is in Her aura and nature an area which is full of the laughter and
play of happy children. In another part there are mourning women. In
another, the abstract concept of the emergence of girlhood into adoles-
cence. Her central aura is all pure gold. Round this there is a sphere
of softest rose pink, beyond that leaf green, beyond that the glorious
Madonna blue. These blend into each other in a shimmering merging
of colours, the outer aura being iridescent like mother-of-pearl and the
opal. This probably is why the opal is Her stone, since She somewhat
resembles a glorious living opalescent jewel with the gracious radiant
fonn "within. The Madonna blue surrounds Her like a sky surrounding the
In Causal consciousness, large groups of ideas can be discerned and
expressed instantly or in a very short space of time. This comes through
to my brain as a penetrating look in the glorious eyes of the World
Mother, a glance in which full comprehension is conveyed.
The pedestal is like a living, wide-open lotus from one point of view,
and in some way the lotus is Her symbol, containing in its essential astro-
physical nature, as well as in its symbolism, the Third and Feminine
Aspect of Deity in preponderance.
lbis is sacred and divine, the Kwan Yin area of the arupa world,
wherein is Her Presence. I realize that Her own inner consciousness is in
perpetual ecstasy, even while at the same time sharing the sorrows of the
women and children of the world, which She seeks to alleviate through
their Egos. Devas and human helpers are near Her, associating them-
selves with Her work and carrying out Her wishes.
It seems possible that there are two World Mothers, one for the Fourth
Root Race and one for the Fifth Root Race. The fonner assumes the
Kwan Yin individuality and the latter that of the Virgin Mary, whilst at
the highest level the two are expressions of the one Divine Principle, like
,I twin Avataras of the Feminine Aspect of Deity, in the main ministering to
the East and the West
Early 1960s Auckland

(Advice to Aspirants of an Occult Group)

The aspiration to make the very most of this incarnation is most

important, for you and for the sake of humanity, for it is also Monadic,
and therefore should be maintained at its greatest degree of influence
upon your motives and attitude towards life. Your own awakening to and
acceptance of the Ancient Wisdom are also indications of the Monadic
influence, chiefly upon the mind. In this connection, as far as your busy
lives pennit and without placing undue restrictions upon your way of life,
please consider the advisability of bringing your knowledge of Theo-
sophy into orderly arrangement. This will imply a certain amount of
regular and carefully progressive study. which will be valuable to you in
many ways. The would-be occultist needs to have his or her ideas.
knowledge. and thought arranged in orderly and systematic progression.
Thus. all vagueness. and so vain speculation. can be avOided.
Books to read: First Principles of Theosophy by C. Jinarajadasa; A
Textbook of Theosophy and An Outline of Theosophy and other books by
C.W. Leadbeater; books by Annie Besant; and Lecture Notes of the
School of the Wisdom by Geoffrey Hodson. These will all provide you
with the necessary material for the attainment of a reasonably clear-cut
and orderly understanding of the Ancient Wisdom.
Membership in an occult group such as this one implies close occult
relationships in fonner lives and complete Causal togetherness wherever
the physical bodies may be on this planet. As long as the channel is
available. guidance and ministration may be sought and received. it being
possible always to seek them whenever seriously needed.
Whilst holding these ideas in your mind and also other natural implic-
ations. do not feel that you have come under any system of severe
restriction upon your ways of expressing your idealism and the conduct of
your daily lives. You are advised, however, to learn and live by the
"Golden Stairs"l and the "Four Great Truths".2
I See entry of December 1978 - The Golden Stairs.
2The Four Great Truths: n • • • that suffering is, that it arises from desiring, wanting and
craving and the sense of 'I' and 'me', that you escape from the burden of suffering
when you are liberated from your self and its desires, and I have told you of the
practical Eightfold Path by which this may be achieved". - Footprints of Gaulama the
Buddha, Chapter 10, p. 76, by M.B. Byles.

V Geoffrey Hodson, about 1960
Finally, the most important part of the universe and of every individ-
ual in it is the Monad. This means the essential spiritual Principle which
is both eternal and universal. It is only at the levels of the fonnal mind,
emotions, and physical body that the ideas of mortality and separateness
as individuals can exist. For all above these levels, the Spirit-Essence in
all beings is one and identical.
Maintain, develop, and expand a sense of deepening concern for the
welfare of humanity and let readiness to contribute to this, within the
ranges of your natural modes of self-expression, be the unfailing pur-
pose for your existence.
Selflessness should ideally be the keynote of the lives of all aspirants
to spiritual associations and hastened unfoldment



[Geoffrey says that whilst he is receiving the interpretations

of the Bible from the Master Polidorus Isurenus, and more
particularly afterwardS, he clairvoyantly sees the Gospels
being written. He describes this experience:]

A number of men, some of whom are bearded, are writing in a

, classroom, several at one table and others at their own desks, as it were.
. Each is responsible not only for putting the different parts of the original
source together but also for bringing out, however symbolically, the
occult and mystical meanings. This is done by so relating the various
incidents in the life of Jesus that an interior, time-free and universal Truth
is enunciated under the veil of allegory and symbol. Over them there is a
Senior whom they acknowledge as a Sage and whose directions they
unhesitatingly accept and follow.
These men are free, safe, and whilst working hard are not actually
driven by any haste. As they write, they compare their work with each
other and there are general discussions as to how the guidance of their
leader may best be followed. He appears occasionally, looks over their
shoulders, picks up a sheet or two of manuscript, reads it, comments, an j
suggests changes or additions.

The climate is hot; the ocean - presumably the Mediterranean - is
visible, as also is a long curved quay, which reminds me of attempted
restorations of the city of Alexandria. Ships are arriving at the port, some
of them with graceful high poops, very high masts, and very high sails;
some of them loaded with merchandise. Business must be very brisk at
this time, for a dozen or more ships are tied up, whilst others, great and
small, can be seen arriving and departing across the deep blue sea.
These men, Hebrews I think, live and work in an eastern part of the
city and not very far from its outskirts where, apart from some palm trees
and some irrigated fields, the desert begins. Here, quiet reigns in marked
contrast to the very great activity - maritime and commercial- character-
istic of the city itself, especially at and near the waterfront, where there
are storage sheds and sailing-gear factories and repair shops. All this
constitutes a veritable hive of industry, whilst further back there are very
fine white buildings, civic and governmental, and an educational centre. I
see many young and middle-aged men and women studiously engaged,
some reading scrolls, some studying what looks like Euclid, and some
making models of geometrical forms and even mechanical machines.
The impression is that this is one of the great centres at this time of world
. civilization and culture and, in a very private way, of occult study and
some forms of the Mysteries.

1960 Auckland
Master Polidorus Isurenus


Meditate upon the Monad as an immensely powerful concentration of

divine power. In terms of consciousness this will be experienced as
stimulation, occult tonic, and the entiring of the will. The whole process
is from within outward, not from above downward. To reach the Monad,
or "up" towards it, one really penetrates in thought deeper and deeper into
the innermost recesses, depths of one's nature, into the very heart, which
is the Monad itself.
The greatest of all siddhis is to know the Monad, whether experienced
as enhanced power of achievement and will to overcome, or subjectively
and even objectively, as an expansion of physical consciousness and an
increase of faculty and fine qualities of character.

The ultimate goal of yoga is always the deepening experience of the
Godhead within and without you, to mount the winding staircase which
leads within the temple which is man, who is the true King Solomon!

* * * * *
Master Polidorus Isurenus


The Monadic gem and centre is within the Ego and in the antah-
karana as 1 movable centre of awareness, the real passenger who uses the
bridge, the real man in fact. The centre from which an aspirant cannot err
is this Monadic gem in the Causal body which is its aura. Once it is
contacted - and that is the purpose of yoga - the way to the Monad is
found and this is the true Path which leads not to the Master or the
Sanctuary or to Initiation, but to the Monadic Self. The first step upon the
Path is the discovery of this manifestation as a centre of power and light
in the Ego of the true and immortal Monadic Self. This is the goal of the
great Search. So when meditating and chanting, assume first that you are
the Monad in the Causal body and do all from there as that God in you,
the true Father in Heaven.
As a fonn of yoga, meditate on the following: "I am the Monadic
Self." Then carry the Monadic Centre with you up into the Egoic, the
Buddhic (5), Atmic (6), and Monad itself. Identify yourself with the
Monad utterly then (or there) and remain perfectly still, poised in, united
with, the Monad itself. .. Work away at this until realization is attained.
It frees the consciousness. Later, learn to look out, as it were, into the
world of the Monads, the fiery realm of the Divine Sparks, and perceive
direct that which you learn as Theosophy.
For Theosophy is not an invented system of thought, a concocted
explanation of the Cosmos, as has erroneously been said. Theosophy is
the statement in tems of intellect of that which ever is, has been, and will
be: Cosmogonical processes, involutionary phases and stages, the play of
cosmic forces, the use and misuse by occult man in any cycle and
condition of manifestation of free will, the mighty cosmic irresistible
surge of outpoured cosmic life and all the results of that outpouring which
occur inevitably, as well as the Laws by which they occur - that is
Theosophy. It is no more invented by sages than gravitation was invented

by Newton or electricity by Faraday or evolution by Darwin. These men
were high yogis and, as: men on the Gnana-marga, they perceived that
which eternally is.
Reduced to mental terms, presented in logical sequences, eternal truth
becomes a scientific philosophy, nay, many such philosophies, each
accentuating one aspect of the one Truth. The aim of yoga, the goal of the
yogi, is to penetrate beyond the system of philosophy into the eternal
Truth which is behind, past the time-prisoned intellectual concept into the
eternal Monadic realization.
Thus, seek the Monad and the Monad alone. It is the only true, eternal
Self, the only true Teacher in the realm of eternal Truth and the only
Redeemer and Initiator. Discover it, rest on and in it, relying on naught
else in the whole universe. So will one liberate oneself and thereafter
thousands of one's fellow men.
We have to learn to live relentlessly as Monads, however long the
period of imaginative self-identification therewith must last. That period
must and will end, but to do so it must begin. Let us begin now to be
Monads and live as such, for that is the way to salvation . .. For the
radiance of the Monad is the light of the Logos and so of the Universe ...

31 July 1960


Mantras saturate the physical and superphysical bodies with the

thought and power of God. Eliminate all other thoughts; render the
personal vehicles and consciousness working in them subservient and
responsive to thoughts of the Deity and the influence of the Ego; unify all
vehicles into an inter-harmonized organism, physical and superphysical;
reduce the resistance of both the personality to the Ego and the tamas
guna to the Monad-Ego. It is like tuning the string of a musical instru-
ment so that it produces exactly the true note on the true pitch.

11 September 1960
Master Polidorus lsurenus


Develop a more relaxed mental and psychic approach to your duties

and services. Continue to serve as you naturally will, but be yourself
more and more fully, and cease trying to be what you think other people
want of you. You might, mentally, repeat such a simple affinnation as:

I am inwardly happy.
I am at peace.
I am immortal,
Self-shining, pure being.

Accentuate the thought and bring on the m'ood of interior happiness,

even mounting to joy. This, perhaps, is the best antidote to the present
almost unavoidable strains and the demands which cause them. Then
really let go inwardly, developing the paradoxical care-free state of mind,
even whilst fulfilling duties.

3 September 1961



Last night, out of the body in sleep, I had the experience of seeing the
Master Morya, seated at a table, highly concentrated upon work which
was both designed and indicated upon a chart. That is the purely tbree-
dimensional physical symbol which I brought through on waking. It is
the extremely limited physical and solid representation of what I experi-
enced, the very least of it, but nevertheless quite true as a symbol.
Mento-astrally, the Master is seated at a curved bench, the table being
the portion of it immediately in front of Him. Intricate designs, maps,
and charts are on the bench, somewhat like a navigator's cltarts and very
complex. There is an equatorial line running from the centre of His table
chart through the middle of all the others, which stretch away to His right
and are at least five in number. I cannot see any to the left. At this level


the chart on the table in front of the Master is electrodynamically alive
and extends below the table and above it, as if it were some kind of
machine. The charts are really all connected. The electrified chart in
front of Him represents the present, and those stretching to the right of
Him represent periods reaching further and further into the future.
The Master is setting going certain forces and movements which will
have effects in various directions, some of them not pointing away to the
right but straight in front of Him and at various angles. The extension of
the table to the right is not only slightly curved away from Him, but the
charts on them are slightly curved upward also, as if referring to some fact
such as the curvature of space. The Master was wholly absorbed in this
work, which occupied Him intensely.
Whilst watching this as an objective sight, I was also realizing the
more abstract and universal principle which it exemplified. This is what
the Brotherhood is actively at work upon, not only in relation to the
present situation on earth, but in the fulfilment of far-reaching plans for
both the present and more and more distant future periods.
The Brotherhood, I realize, does not have to react to any present
circumstances because it knew them in advance and is planning far ahead
all the time. This is because of knowledge of mathematically certain
forces and developments produced by the irresistible pressures exerted or
released from within the Cosmos and its parts, making irrevocably for
expansion. To use a metaphor, the Adept watching the hatching out of a
chicken would know in advance exactly where and what the lines of
cleavage would be on the shell. This would be because He knows what
pressures are being exerted from within, the exact areas and the degrees of
energy in each of them. So also the Brotherhood knows perfectly well
what is going to happen and has long since, and for far ahead, made plans
for iL If one asked the Master at some level where it would not disturb
Him, what one could do to help, the reply would be, "Hammer home the
Truth of Unity."
Now that account indicates how a "dream" can be accompanied by an
understanding of principles behind the dream phenomena. Summed up, it
answers the natural question, "Are the Masters helping in the present
crisis?" by a complete affinnative. Not that I ever needed to ask the .,
question, or ever have. Last night I went to the Master and saw Him
doing His part. I also had another superphysical experience or "vision"
which I will describe to you.
I saw the Great White Brotherhood as if its members were arranged in


concentric circles on an upturned bowl; the newer, younger members
were around the rim, the others according to rank in circles above them,
culminating in the centre where the Lord of the World is represented by a
column of white light, edged with gold. The whole is similarly lighted,
there being no secondary colours and no deep shades. The colouring
ranges from the white at the centre through gold, blue, to green, and is
lighted as if the bowl were transparent with an intense white light source
underneath or in the material of the bowl which, like everything else, is
self-luminous. This is purely symbolical, though accurate as such, since
the Brotherhood is so arranged, consisting of Initiates of various degrees.

6 December 1961
Master Polidorus /surenus


The aspirant to occult, spiritual knowledge and power is grimly

resolved to continue and fight through to final attainment, despite every
obstacle without and within. This decision, courageously and unyield-
ingly maintained, is the result of the lighted state in the brain. When a
Master obselVes an aspirant, receives and examines a neophyte. He
.always looks at these two factors when considering the amount and kind
of aid to be given, namely the degree in which the Ego is in the lighted
state and is influencing the personality on the one hand, and the karma.
especially concerning health and personal relationships on the other. The
former is the acid test ... 1

10 January 1962


The root cause of the troubles of the world might be expressed by the
one word "TIME". Everything that is happening, good, bad, and indiffer-
ent is typical of the age in which we live, the "hour on the evolutionary

I For a continuation of this passage. see 'The Yogic Ascent of Spiritual Heights', by
Geoffrey Hodson. At the time of going to press (1988) this book is unpublished as yet

clock". In fact, these troubles are inevitable and will remain so until
mankind passes from the present age into its successor. One might
almost say "They can't be helped."
Continuing in this very simplified, perhaps over-simplified view, the
work of the Great Brotherhood is to hasten the speed of human evolution,
to quicken growth, to get people out of this age into the next as soon as
possible. Restricting oneself to this very simple diagnosis, one might say
that the occult message of the day is "HURRY UP".
Whilst the Brotherhood and all good men and women, whether con-
scious or unconscious collaborators, do all they can to remedy world evils
and to reduce world suffering, the immediate single objective is to
quicken human evolution and so to change human consciousness. This
necessary change is from the desire personally to possess and enjoy, to
personal detachment and the merging of the self into the whole.
'This is where the ideal of the Path is of such very great importance.
Every successful yogi, spiritual aspirant, and disciple helps the whole
human race. 'This is chiefly, but not only, because in quickening his own
growth and change of consciousness, he helps all of humanity. Each one
who gets a little further on than the nonnal, each one who grasps the Plan
and sees humanity as a whole and serves it, each one who sinks self into
oblivion and lives for all mankind - such a person mightily aids the
human race. True, the immediate gain is not noticeable, but the "leaven"
is worldng. World-movements of co-operation are born and function,
however imperfectly. Nations, groups, and persons become inwardly
moved in these directions and exert an energy in the direction of entry
into the consciousness typical of the next hour or age. The dark forces
and men sunk in self and sense, on the other hand, oppose these influ-
ences and slow up the evolution of mankind. The call of the hour,
therefore, is for men and women who will tread the Path; for these are
racial-quickeners, speeding up the rate of progress and so liberating
mankind from the evil of ignorance, selfishness, and sensuality. "Find
and tread the Path" is the great call to man today, remembering that all
this is said purely from the occult point of view.
What is the experience which causes a person to seek, find, and tread
the Path? It is "dissatisfaction", "discontent", which is fortunately
becoming almost universal ...
The necessities for finding and treading the Path may be stated as

1. Learn to think for yourself. Value, but examine critically, all you have
been taught, particularly about religion.
2. Take stock of your character including your motives for all you do.
Clean up the character and reduce to a minimum the selfishness in
your motives.
3. Study the great writings on Mysticism and Occult Science.
4. Form the habit of cogitation in solitude on the deepest truths you
know. Let this lead to the regular practice of a suitable form of yoga
according to the ancient science.
5. FulfIl your duties in the world and with maximum efficiency, thereby
further developing and improving your character.
6. Acquire as many faculties as you reasonably can.
7. From deep down within yourself, from your heart and mind and will,
send out a call for help in your quest, for a true spiritual Master to
guide you. He will at once begin to help you, will have been doing so
already if you are in earnest. Eventually He will make Himself known
to you, generally at first through an agent of His, and ultimately in the
full Presence.
8. Never be satisfied with either yourself or your rate of progress. Whilst
preserving the due serenity of one who would become a Sage, press on
with discriminating wisdom.
9. Look out for others and aid them as you are being aided. Lend them
your strength and share with them your vision and if possible infect
them with your enthusiasm.

These are the general principles, again purely according to Occult

Science, underlying the present world need, its cause and its cure. The
work of the would-be servant of his fellow man is to spiritualize the
consciousness of mankind. This has always been and always will be the
chief work of every spiritual teacher, however lofty, however human.
If anyone should question the necessity for self-quickening and
spiritualizing the consciousness of mankind, the answer is "for the sake
of suffering humanity, these being the most effective preventions and
remedies". .
Teach also the "wheel of the Law".1

1 See The Masters and the Path. Chapter XIV, by C.W. Leadbeater.

4 February 1962


During the receipt of teaching in interpretation of verses 8-9 of Chap-

ter 10 of St Matthew, I was strongly conscious of the influence and
abnosphere of Egypt, as if my consciousness were taken there as the
teaching from the Egyptian Master continued.
In certain cases, the Master, as on former occasions, caused the ancient
cities to reappear from the Akasha so that I could see them. Some of these
stretched westward into what is now desert, notably one which reached
into the Quattara Depression. The adobe-like construction of the houses,
-the streets, and roads leading into and out of the city were thus visible.
We are now over !hebes which appears as a vast city with wide roads
reaching almost back to the cliffs where the Queen's Mortuary Temple
(Hatshepsut) exists. It is a thriving, exceedingly busy metropolis at thi~
time, ruled from the Ramesseum or another palace in that area which the '
Master is showing me and which is familiar to me as a memory of a
former life. Many scenes and incidents fill the region and my mind, but
for some reason the Master is concentrating His attention at the place
indicated, saying, "Here is where you lived, though your duties took you
throughout the city and across the Nile to Karnak and Luxor."
Across the river in another part of the city, about a mile away. there is
a large military establishment. including the supply of chariots in great
numbers, horses and schools for driving and general care of this form of
cavalry, which was highly developed and highly skilled, the horses being
schooled and men trained in shooting with the bow-and-arrow from
chariots moving at high speed. There is great exuberance and much
hilarity and pleasure in life amongst the personnel, whilst outside, the life
of the city of Thebes is quiet, orderly, and serene. Master said, "You
lived at Thebes at its highest and best."

28 February 1962


One part of the value of a direct link with an Adept through member-
ship of a valid Order, is that it helps to bridge an otherwise almost

impassable gulf. The difference between the state of consciousness of an
Adept and of a man living in the world, even a Theosophist and E.S.
member, is very great indeed.

1. The Adept is always fully conscious in the arupa worlds, and aware
that He, as Atma, is a temporarily individualized expression of the
Universal Atma. He lives in this condition, never losing conscious-
ness of divinity and unity. He is indeed one with life, yet lives not as a
personal individuality any more. If He has a physical body, it requires
only a fragment or minute amount of His S~lfhood to run it, so perfect
is the technique of its management. Those who conceive of or claim
to have the experience of meeting a physical personality of a Master
really contact hardly any of the true individuality of the Adept. He is
not there, but elsewhere. He is not only superconscious but He is
cosmically conscious.
2. The man or woman, however devoted and pare in motive and life, who
is obliged to manage fully a body and its upkeep, is forced to live in a
totally different world. Material purposes and objectives, gain, and an
inevitable selfishness in however slight degree, characterize his outer
personality. In this condition he cannot know the Masters' world, for
indeed there is a great gulf between the two worlds.
3. The interests of the Adept are wholly spiritual. He is only concerned.
or at least very largely, with the spiritual evolution taking place on the
planet. The material evolution is left to Nature whose special work it
is. The Adept is a quickener of spiritual unfoldment. Man, on the
other hand, is inevitably a money earner, a guardian of himself and his
dependants whom he defends against hunger, thirst. nakedness, and
homelessness. This opposition of interests, this complete dissimilar-
ity cf aims contributes to the gulf between the two worlds and their
4. The condition of the mental, astral. and physical worlds, psychical and
physical, is repelleJ!t and even painful to the Adept. He lives in a
delicately poised state of complete and very sensitive harmony. The
world of men is a discordant world. TIlis also contributes to the gulf
between them.
5. The Adept can overcome all these resistances and difficulties, though
generally at considerable cost of psychic force and even pain. He does
so, therefore, as infrequently as possible, and only for very special and
important reasons.


1. The Masters continually watch over humanity. One part (only) of

Their watchfulness is for two types of people. One of these consists of
reincarnated disciples and Initiates. Another includes those who are
awakening spiritually.
2. The Master deliberately re-forms for the new personality the occult
link with the reincaroated disciple particularly in the new astral and
mental bodies. This is done by calling the disciple into His Presence
and placing Himself en rapport with the personal auras, forming con-
necting lines of force which automatically act as two-way radio
beams, as it were. When desirable, this is also done for devotees and
servants of the Masters from former lives, who~ dharma and choice
indicate occult pursuits for the new life.
The Master also establishes the relationship of observer with those
who are advanced as Egos and are awakening spiritually and becom-
ing genuine idealists and altruists in their personal lives.
3. The beginning or resumption of the occult life may show itself as a
sincere and intelligent prayerfulness, an overmastering determiilation
to live rightly and to help others where possible. Such an attitude
attracts the attention of the watching Masters. These attributes of
character and forces playing in the personal bodies in their tum begin
to build a bridge from the human side to the world and atmosphere of
the Adepts. The latter respond fully, and, if the idealist persists, a
bridge will be buill
4. Such a link will not be as close at first as that between Master and
disciple, which is unique.

When the T.S. and E.S. are joined purposefully, a personal link. an
auric contact, is formed; for these movements have as part of their objects
to bring human beings across the gulf into the Masters' world and
condition. It can be an immense benefit. even saving lives of effort and
evolutionary development. When the Adepts found such movements.
They continue to keep a close watch upon all who join them. and espe-
cially those with deep sincerity. and with realism. fervour, and capacity to
This link can remain dormant and does so in many cases. though the
Master still watches over the person and even helps them materially,
psychically, and occultly.

Thus, admission to these Societies and orders can be of very great
benefit both to the Ego in its unfoldment through the ages, thus being
quickened, and to the personality whose occult life can be initiated and
consciousness in the astro-menta1 body be stimulated and strengthened so
that he or she is wide awake at night and even by day.
When a person gets this far, the width of the gulf, so to say, is greatly
reduced. The Master is much more easily able to reach him and vice
versa, as also to use him as a channel.
The perplexing problem is recognized by the Adepts that, whilst much
of this is intellectually and intuitionally acceptable, direct experience is
A vivid "dream" is generally given, more than one in fact, arising from
a real meeting, the memory of which the Master Himself takes steps to
ensure when the person awakes. After such experiences and memories,
the aspirant must forge along courageously as the great Adepts have done
and every aspirant from the beginning of the world and human life
upon it
This is a more difficult and complex matter than is generally under-
stood. There are clearly defined limits beyond which an Adept cannot go
in forcing a person's evolution, providing him with occult experiences
too far ahead in time of the condition in which they will be more frequent
and then normal. Some of the aspects of this problem might well be
stated from both the human and the Adept points of view:

I. The aspirant very naturally aspires to spiritual experience and to see

and even know the Master clearly, face-to-face, if superphysically.
A physical meeting is, of course, a kind of longing and hope which
are very natural. Karma rarely grants this in the case of a full
Adept-Master, particularly for Western people who are not occultly
awakened by yoga or by nature.
2. This longing to see a Master might not always be quite pure and free
from selfishness and desire for the resultant prestige and gratification.
3. In addition, there is the danger that the experience of seeing the Master
may induce pride and a sense of being better than other people.
4. Furthermore, the experience itself may temporarily oversensitize
the human being to his detriment. He could become unbalanced,
nervously strained, and lose his sense of proportion and perspective.
Anyone of these disturbances or distortions might seriously spoil an

The Adept, on His side, whilst perhaps ready to meet an aspirant who
sincerely seeks the Path, is restricted not only by the above considera-
tions, but by others. Amongst these are the following:

1. The Adept Fraternity long ago agreed, was even forced to conclude,
that for its own sake and for humanity's sake, its members must
seclude Themselves from mankind.
2. When the occult laws governing Adept-life on this planet were
recodified by Tsong-Kha-Pa about the twelfth century, a strict rule
was established, that the Adepts should live quite apart from men and
unknown by them and invisible to them. This was not due to any
feeling of separateness or lack of love for humanity, but because it
was, all circumstances considered, wise to do so. Experience proves
this to be the case indeed.
3. When, therefore, an exception is to be made, and the rule modified or
even broken, in some cases, senior Adepts must be consulted and give
consent. Their decisions are always made with a view to the welfare
and progress of humanity and ONLY SO.
4. The manifestations of the Adepts in the first fifteen years or so of the
Society's life were examples of such modifications of rules ...
5. In order to appear to a person physically by astral travel and material-
ization, a very great deal of occult power and psychical energy is used
up. This is so valuable and so greatly needed at this time that severe
restrictions are placed upon its use.
6. Karma plays its all-powerful and virtually unyielding part, as is well
known. Fortunately that is in the hands of man, and by devoted and
reasonably intelligent collaboration with the Masters the karma of
meeting Them can be generated.

Such are some of the considerations from the point of view of the
Adept. Nevertheless, the Masters do both call aspirants to Their Presence
during bodily sleep quite frequently, and do communicate verbally when
a serviceable channel is available. Admittedly these are rare but they do
exist. Even in using them, all of the above considerations also apply.
Finally, it is important and perhaps encouraging to know that the f

Masters know Their devotees and those among men who practise yoga
and live the yoga-life. They not only know them but shepherd and help
and guide them, even improving their material circumstances where
karma permits.

When once a person has truly dedicated himself to a Master or the
Great Brotherhood, his dedication is unfailingly accepted. This is espe-
cially the case when the action is the result, as it nearly always is, of an
impulse from the Inner Self. Some of the matter of the aura begins to
vibrate at the rates or wavelengths of the aura of the Master, if only in the
degree in which response is possible. As time passes, the area affected
is greater as also is the degree of response, the depth, as it were, of the
change. Eventually, almost the whole aura becomes like that of the
Master, however much smaller and less. luminous it may be. This link is
most valuable to both the devotee and the Master, for the fonner can reach
the Master in personal as well as Egoic awareness, and the Master can
reach the chela and use him or her in a number of ways. These may
include a general influence and likeness to the Master's Presence.
If First Ray, for example, then the person will carry power wherever
he goes and tend to evoke it from within those who can respond. The
Second Ray aspirant carries compassion, pity, and lovingness wherever
he goes, and so on through the Rays and their qualities.

24 April 1962


Whilst Adeptship as an evolutionary status, and the Adepts Who have

reached it, may usefully be studied, especially because Moksha is man's
future state, it will be useful also to consider the Great Brotherhood a~ a
unit, a single entity which it is. At the level of the Atma, differences
between Monadic rays an9 even Monads themselves have virtually disap-
peared. In Nirvanic or Atmic consciousness, particularly the Paranirvana
of the three higher subplanes, it is virtually impossible to experience
separated selfhOod. Only Oneness and Allness are conceivable to the
Nirvani. Even the word "consciousness" falsifies the situation, if only
because it suggests something else of which one is aware. There is no
"something else" at that level, but only Allness, entirely undifferentiated.
Every Arhat experiences the beginning of this merging into the All,
but has to ascend subplane by subplane of the Atmic world. He is held
back all the time by his humanityship, his karma, his habits, and the
almost entirely preponderant sense and even assurance of selfhood by
which the world-mind is saturated and dominated. The struggle for

freedom from this obsession - for such it really is - becomes intense as
the time of deliverance draws nearer.. The stories of the sufferings and
deaths of heroes and saviours are dramatic portrayals of this conflict.
Hercules dying within the shirt of Nessus, as well as the passion of Jesus,
are good examples. Once the battle is won, the relief and the bliss (not in
the least as a sensation, however) are indescribable. The Asekha Adept
has won freedom from all those limitations and restrictions upon con-
sciousness, and often for a long time remains in a high Samadhi. com-
pletely out of the world-mind, utterly beyond its pernicious influence.
Every successful yogi temporarily touches this condition. Those who
go into retreat and prolonged trance Samadhi. stay in it for long or short
periods at will, bringing back the reflection of the condition when they
awake to physical awareness. Indeed, the aim of all yoga is to touch,
however slightly at first, this glorious condition in which all the Adepts
perpetually dwell. If They keep bodies and must manage them and carry
out physical duties on behalf of the Brotherhood, They do so without any
interruption of the lofty Nirvanic state. Whilst a great many choose to
become absorbed forevermore in the Allness of Nirvana. adopting the
Dharmakaya Vesture, as it is called, some others make the great renunci-
ation, one which is quite beyond any human conception or understanding.
Those Who take pupils and to that extent throw Themselves open to the
world-mind, psychic atmosphere, and evil. suffer most intensely in Their
lower manifestations and vehicles. Their pupils are very often the great-
est source of such suffering, because They have deliberately brought
Themselves into full rapport with them.
Whilst the Adept and other members of the Great White Brotherhood
have personal individualities, the Brotherhood itself is Causal. Buddhic.
and Atmic. It might be thought of as an upturned funnel with a very wide
mouth, gradually narrowing tube at the apex of which is the Lord of the
World. There, the tube opens out into a smaller upturned funnel into
which the powers and energies of the Solar Logos are continually pour-
ing. at least those which have been apportioned to this Planetary Scheme,
.Chain, Round, and more especially, Globe. This is only a diagram,
remember, the fact being that such forces exist at the Centre and flow out,
as in a sphere.
At the Buddhic and Atmic levels to which every Adept has attained,
the knowledge of unity greatly preponderates over the Causal idea of
individual components or Members of the Brotherhood. So it is a unit,
indissolubly united, incalculably powerful, and pervaded by the most

absolute assurance and certainty. It is to be assumed that at the septennial
Assemblies, only those capable of functioning reasonably well in the
Causal body hear the call and can attend. The Assemblies are not to be
thought of as a Parliament at which policy is discussed and laws enacted;
for the Brothemood is an embodiment of the one and only policy which is
evolution, and the laws with which it deals are Nature's laws, everlasting
and unchanging.
Now, the lower Manas is within reach of Causal consciousness and
therefore world problems can be known, generally in essence and prin-
ciple, but when necessary in detail. They are, of course, never new
because the consciousness of the Brothemood is all-knowing and all-
foreseeing, especially in the case of the higher Adepts.
The discovery of atomic energy and the attainment of space flight
were long ago foreseen, as are the later developments of which the present
ones are only the faint beginnings. Action is taken when man endangers
his own evolutionary progress and threatens his own future. Then the
Brothemood would step in. Just as it prevented the enslavement of the
world by the dark powers . . . so it will restrict their influence and
successes - is, in fact, already doing so. One of the means is to place a
measure of its power behind those nations which can safeguard human
evolution and human freedom. In consequence, those nations grow in
strength until the crisis is past.
From these points of view the Lord of the World is rightly named "the
King", for He is indeed the absolute Ruler over all life on this planet and
His will is law. He is, indeed, Will incarnate, Alma most perfectly made
manifest in a vehicle at the highest levels and using only the upper
subplanes of matter to build the denser vehicles. The central fact about
the Adept, then, is that He is an Atmic Being with all that that implies in
tenns of power, and with fully unfolded Buddhic and Causal vehicles as
instruments for the expression of that power, all wise and all understand-
If you think of the physical plane as the circumference or outer skin of
a sphere and the Alma as at the Centre, then the head, as it were, of the
Adept is forever in the Centre and when incarnate, His feet on the inside
of the surface of the sphere. All men are thus constituted and have their
Alma at one with the Centre. Whilst still men, however, they are uncon-
scious at that level and only rarely conscious at the Buddhic with the
leaders entering the Causal. That is one reason why in all yoga it is so
important to meditate upon the Alma in order more and more to come to

know it, be established in it, and be able to wield it through the lower
vehicles with wisdom and intelligence.
In all the affairs of ordinary life the ideal is everywhere to assist in the
fulfilment of the divine policy of the Brothemood, which is the policy of

3 May 1962
An Adept


Make clear in your study and teachings concerning tl.~ nature of the
Adept - a very important and vital topic - the distinction between the
known physical personality with its bodily appearance and name on the
one hand, and the true Adept functioning asAtma, Buddhi, Manas, on the
other. This wonderfully unfolded Higher Triad manifests on the higher
mental plane in an intensely luminous and radiant vehicle built of the
material of the highest subplanes of the mental plane. This distinction is
important, for there, and there alone, the true Adept exists and is to be
seen and known. Real and full communion with Him can only occur at
the Buddhic level, that is to say, by the exercise of the purest intuition and
not by any reasoning pr:ocess. Still higher, meaning still deeper into the
interior nature of the Adept, shines the Atmic Being, the true Maha-Atma,
the just man made perfect, the rare efflorescence of the human race.
The outer physical Master is still using a human personality, true it is,
utterly and completely purified of all human dross, but still in the appear-
ance of a man, as the portraits show. The body can be in one of three
states at least:

1. A wide-awake, extremely sensitive and refined human being, humor-

ous, extraordinarily intelligent, highly intuitive, particularly in the
degree in which the Buddhi is illuminating the brain. The eyes display
this, but also on occasion, the interior Atma as a remarkable light
shining through them. In addition, there is always great dignity of
person, poise, and a certain grandeur, as of a natural royalty, character-
izing His physical self.
2. The body may be resting, not wholly asleep but with the Inner Self
much withdrawn. In this condition He is fully aware physically and

responds to approaches from the physical world. In addition, while in
this state, He can at any moment make manifest His Mahatmic Self in
the body and make use of any Adept-siddhi at will.
3. Nearly but not quite asleep. In this state the eyes are partially closed
and He is oblivious to the physical plane, His bodily senses being
temporarily paralysed as it were. From this state, when He so decides,
~ permits the body to sleep, then being wholly withdrawn except for
the sutratma. VI":Jilst at this level, He carries out His duties on behalf
of the Great White Lodge, including any business which He must
transact, directions to His chelas if He so decides. He can then also
communicate telepathically with any other Adept in any other part of
the world and with pupils who have been trained for the purpose. In
addition He may plan forthcoming activities and movements, whilst
all the time being also aware at the Causal and higher levels.

Having passed the Flfth Initiation, which mysteriously He confers

upon Himself, He cannot fall back, fail, or ever act in any important
matter with even the slightest trace of self-will. In this sense He is
inenant, cannot be mistaken on any subject to which He turns His
attention. He possesses a very highly developed power of conoentration,
far beyond anything of which a human being is capable. His will
resembles a shaft of white fire which can be focused to the finest point
when so rendered active and concentrated.
Remember, also, to instruct your fellow students that all of this devel-
opment, power, and capacity is within every human being and is stirring
into activity in the races as evolution proceeds. Every man is an Adept-
in-the-becoming and that Adept exists within him now, somewhat as the
flower is present in the unopened bud and the whole plant in the seed. As
the hothouse can hasten the unfoldment of the flower, so the occult life,
and especially yoga, can quicken the evolution of the aspirant and bring to
flower ahead of the nonna! time for the race, the Adept-to-be.
It is helpful to try and realize the nature of this interior, perfected One,
to commune with it, as it were, establishing relations with it and so
drawing it out of its sleeping latency and then granting to it freedom of
action and control of the outer self.
Thus one may find out even fairly early, the Adept that is one day
going to be, the line one will follow and the Office which one will take.
More especially, of course, there should be contemplated the choice of

vesture, whether Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, or Nirmanakaya. 1
Actually these developments and choices are far less individual ac-
tions at any given time than the natural outcome and effect of the develop-
ment of the Inner Self. They may even be decided in some mysterious
manner from within, doubtless by the Monad, as soon as individualiza-
tion is complete. A Manu-to-be will naturally become the head of a tribe,
the Bodhisattva-ta-be its priest. and the Maha-Chohan-to-be the King's
councillor and general manager first of a tribe and later of a confederacy.
Whilst many changes, modifications, and mixtures of functions and
developments will thereafter occur, the underlying Monadic type and
temperament will tend to emerge and influence the personality. This is
discernible right up to Adeptship and afterwards, and will influence the
preponderant aspect of the divine in each great Adept, as also the Path and
Vesture which will be chosen. But remember, and keep reminding your
fellow students, that the Inner Mahatma is the real Adept, the true Master,
even though the named personality Whose portrait may be possessed or
seen, is also a very glorious Being, "a Golden One", in fact.

About 1963 Luxor, Egypt

A High Initiate
of the Greater Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

I greet you in our ancient land where our deepest ties and links were
re-formed and strengthened from earlier days, both personal and in the
occult life. It is happiness-giving to me to see you living in such ease
here, where Thebes once stood. I go with you to the tombs and temples
noting, not without regret, that the fonner glory has all gone except where
it has been immortalized in the religious and funereal art of ancient
Khem. The temple Initiates of those days, who included the architects
and artists, took great care whilst composing praises to and the history
,of kings, to keep on repeating the occult symbols so that the Ageless
Wisdom might ever live for those who have eyes to see. Now you can
talk of Egypt with a sense of deeper reality, for you have stood in your old
apartments even though the family home has long since vanished beneath
the desert sands and the inundations by the Nile. Books and photographs

1 See The Voice oflhe Silence. Fragment II, v. 141, by H.P. Blavatsky.

can do much, but to see and touch and move amongst ihese grand relics of
the ancient days give life and reality to knowledge gained from books.
Isn't it wonderful to sit and watch the great river flowing by and to sail
upon her, as so often you did of old in well-appointed family ships!

* * * * *
Master Kourious

The ancient shrines are still here and guarded occultly, both for their
value as existent in the world and for the future.
I Who speak to you am far away in central Europe with the great
Master Who is its Adept-Head. Others are travelling and making every
legitimate effort that the tinder-like danger areas do not burst into flame.
But Our Brotherhood is still represented in Egypt and so in Luxor by the
few men who really know, as no archaeologist can wholly know, not only
the great historical but also the mystical past of the land of Khem. Every
great civilization and Centre of the Mysteries will rise from the ashes of
the past and the time will come when Egypt will again be a centre of
culture and occultism ...
Remember that monuments crumble, but the Akasha does not change
and your lives are indelibly imprinted amidst the splendid scenes im-
pressed there long ago; and Mother Nile, in a mystic sense, is Mother to
you both, for she represents life and the possibility of life, both physical
and spiritual.
I am not one Whom you have met, as yet, but know you from of old.
Your Egyptian Teacher Who was once the great Hebrew ambassador,
scholar, and Occultist, is also far away in another land, but you will hear
from Him also. The three names on the certificate of Colonel Olcott were
far from a complete list of the MemberS of this Branch of the Great
Brotherhood. He, your Friend, Who is now exceedingly preoccupied,
will soon talk to you and more interestingly and pertinently than I am able
to do. He is exerting Our power to minimize the danger in Crete and
prevent a rupture in the relationships between Turkey and Greece. At
present this is occupying almost the whole of His attention, though He is
not alone in the task, the Lebanese Section also assisting.
But I thus greet and welcome you at Luxor, so that y.ou may know that
Our attention is upon you and Our interest in your visit is very great
Although We all know of every major activity of Our Brotherhood, We

are also specialists in a way, hence I myself Who am wearing a Greek
body but not that of Hilarion, was not very much concerned with the
Theosophical Society-aspect of Our manifold activities •..
The role of Light Bringer, whether of a person or a movement, is
always a difficult one, chiefly because of the limitations of human nature
during this Kali fuga. But I know that the Society will survive and
experience a resurgence of its power and influence in the world.

* * * * *
Master Polidorus Isurenus

l greet you from across the blue waters where in Cyprus there is a
temporary lull in the fighting, though smouldering passions and national
rivalries constitute a tinder-box indeed. We cool down the astral atmo-
sphere, We influence when pennissible the psychology ofleaders, poten-
tial trouble-makers, and future saviours of the troubled situation. It is like
keeping the soft-pedal down whilst a military symphony is being played
on a piano, and the same kind of work is being done by Members of the
Brotherhood in other lands, where signs of danger are less visible but
none the less real.
I rejoice to find you in the very places where you loved and where
you sorrowed and succeeded three-and-a-half thousand long years ago.
Here you contacted the deeper aspects of the secret wisdom, received
instructions from your Seniors ... and took part in stately, purposeful
ceremonials in half-lighted halls and crypts, some of which have vanished
completely and a few of which remain. Here, also, you made links with
many with whom you have worked in this life and will work later on ...

About 1963 Beirut, Lebanon

Master Jesus of Lebanon

There is a Centre of Our Hierarchy here in the general area known as

Lebanon. From here, at Our Occult Observatory I greet you psychically if
not physically. No public road and no guided tour will bring you directly
within reach of Us, but the lines of occult communication are very good.
There are lines of direct spiritual and mental communication established
ages ago with Lebanon, the original, almost prehistoric Founder and

Order of the Druses,l and the Himalayan Brotherhood and thence to
Shamba1la. From here one such line goes direct to Cyprus and central
Europe and the Ashram of the Hungarian Master. Another goes direct
from here to the Brotherhood and its Members m Egypt, all being part of
a great system of occult communication which has functioned perfectly
for untold ages. Adepts can communicate independently of those; but the
lines ofleast resistance are as I have described them. Word reached Us of
" your commg, and I thus take the first opportunity of communicating with

About 1963
An Adept


1be blessing and protection of Pallas Athene means that of the Greek
Branch of the Great Brotherhood. and the high devas associated with its
work. Yes. indeed. you have done well and learned much here m Greece.
and will always. henceforth. be enriched by these your wide travels. As
you now see. there is a great thought-fonn m the mental world of the
Goddess Pallas Athene. It is alive with the spiritual forces which brought
about the rise and long continuance of the Greek civilization with all that
it gave to humanity. and the geniuses who mcarnated to produce its
greatness. There will one day be a resurgence of the old. great civiliza-
tions according to cyclic law. So Egypt and Greece will live again when
their new days dawn upon the earth. These contacts here have re-
awakened valuably. forces and memories m your inner psychology. I
shall remain near throughout your voyage and coming flights. for this is
part of the eternal link between those who have laboured. loved. and
suffered mtimately together through many lives. some of them m great
positions of high standing. some secret and occult, whilst others have

I "The Druses are a large Sect nwnbering about one hundred thousand adherents living
on Mt Lebanon in Syria. Their Rites are very mysterious, and no traveller who has
written anything about them knows for a certainty the whole 1rIlth. They are the Sufis
of Syria . .. They... keep friendly as far as possible with both Christians and
Mahammedans, respect the religion of every other sect or people, but will never
disclose their own secrets." - The Theosophical Glossary and The Secret DoctrifU!, by
H.P. Blavatsky.

been strangely normal and at a more purely human level. So it will ever
continue in unbroken and ever deepening intimacy.

8 February 1963


The stillness of the mind refers not only to the reduction to vanishing
point of the activity of the mind in thought-processes, important though
this is. The real silence in which alone the "Voice" of the silence may be
heard also includes the reduction to a minimum and final disappearance
of the idea of "self", "selfuess", of existing as an individual, self-
conscious being.
One way to achieve this is to fix the mind and heart on the Guru or
other great spiritual Being, up to and including the Solar Logos, so that
thought of Him, and devotion directed towards Him, necessarily reduce
and even obliterate the thought of oneself. This is one reason why those
who follow Bhakti Yoga can have great success; for they direct an almost
fiery current of devotion-thought to their Lord, and are carried along that
current into His Presence, and in consequence forget themselves, which is
the secret. Though it may sound negative, forgetting self because ab-
sorbed in a great idea or a great Being, induces the state of mind of what
might be called "self-fasting", "self-forgetting", orlosing oneself in a
larger Self. This procedure combined with mental quietude leads to the
ideal condition for spiritual awareness. All yoga practice should be done
first and thoroughly, but with full relaxation, and then the effort should
cease in both physical and mental silence as if absorbed and lost in a great
stillness. To help in this, the universe may first be thought of as a
condition or ocean of stillness, silence, even being blank from the point of
view of sound. These are only images which may help some tempera-
ments to "fall" into the silence state. It is a very good practice which
might well be added to and followed after all normal yoga.
If ever a foretaste of the divine stillness is granted during yoga, if a
feeling of stillness is experienced, then all practice should, not forcefully
but' gradually, die down, and the waiting state be allowed to supervene.
The stillness may then deepen and eventually the knack. of it may be
developed or acquired. Remember, though, that this is but a threshold
state, and not something to be held on to for itself alone.

One of the possible further experiences is to find oneself rather like a
remote watcher, and the consciousness may be allowed to identify itself
with this inner witness or watching consciousness even while the quiet-
ude remains undisturbed. ~ow, these are words only, and designed to
suggest pathways to be explored and leading to states beyond those
already attained.
Another experience is somewhat like entry into a universe or ocean of
glowing Light-Life, of swimming or plunging or diving deeper and
deeper towards its depths. No thought must be allowed to arise, however,
except that of "One Life", or "The Life". Then try to be swallowed up in,
lost in, this Life. Or there may come a tremendous thrill of power into the
midst of the stillness until one feels oneself to be all power, nothing else
in any part of one but power.
If a mental activity or procedure is really necessary - and this may
legitimately be so for some - then such sentences may be meditated on or
mentally uttered as, "Oh Lord of universal Power, I am one with Thee,
filled with Thy Power." This should be followed by a continuance of the
mental stillness with only that experience of identity of universal power
being permitted.
Similarly, one may say, "Oh Lord of Universal Life, or Light," and
continue the sentences appropriately. At some stage thereafter, even that
thought must stop, because consciousness is above and beyond thought,
lost and merged in a far higher state, as described. Remember, no yogic
effort is ever wasted, or even fruitless. One minute of thought, a single
chanting of the Sacred Word with the thought of unity, one minute of
pranayama - any of these is bound to produce its effect, and strangely,
a short, sharp, strong effort can sometimes be more effective in both
clearing channels and inducing Causal consciousness, than a prolonged
endeavour, particularly if the body is tired or the inind wanders. The
ideal, however, is a steadily continued effort with yoga, meaning realiza-
tion of oneness as the yogi's goal, and increased effectiveness in the
service of mankind, as the goal on behalf of others.

5 December 1964


Whilst chanting and meditating on the cosmos, I found myself

suddenly confronted by a clear Presence in the fonn of the Lord Shiva.
My highest consciousness was formless and meditating on the cosmic
omnipresent Alma, but my less abstract mind, normally in abeyance at
this stage, was intruded upon, as it were, by a colossal cosmic figure of
the Lord Shiva, with the crescent moon shining above His head, the
trident in His right hand, His eyes literally alight and afire with the
cosmic Alma, and the ajna chakram shining brilliantly between them and
on the forehead. Translating the experience into words, and therefore
greatly limiting and marring it, the great Lord seemed to communicate:
"You have evoked My form and awakened My attention by your
Atmic meditations; for I am the embodiment and manifestation of the one
supreme Maha-Alma, the interior, all-pervading, divine Spirit. The uni-
verses, all that is in them, and yourselves consist essentially of Myself,
Maha-Atma, the One Spirit-Presence. Meditate on Me and I will aid you.
Continue on My yoga pathway and by trident and serpent and moon I will
elevate you into union with Myself as the eternal essence of all that exists;
for I am That, That am I. This Shiva form is an illuSion created for the
_ignorant who are as yet unable to perceive and know My essential Self.
Meditate on Me. Become absorbed in Me, not as form alone, for all
forms are unreal and changeable, but upon the one eternal and unchanging
Reality which men call God. The staff of My trident is the core of your
being and physically your spine. The three prongs and the serpent twined
about My neck are emblems of all triplicities in the universes, the Lords
thereof, and of men. The fiery creative power ascends within the yogi to
its position in My Rishi-formulated image, round My neck, and on My
As these ideas arise the figure changes to that of the Egyptian deity,
uraeus-crowned, and holding the sceptre; Athene, too, with spear and
serpent shield and all the gods and goddesses of every land and every
time: these are all but permutations of the One Lord, Maha-Shiva, the
divine Spirit, which is the essential life of all that exists. All this is seen
in the form of a supernal vision as if in the heavens above the earth, to
which I gained access by the special meditation. At the same time, there
is the knowledge that beyond all form and states of form and form-

consciousness, there is the formless Spirit of the Cosmos. It is rather like
the Acropolis and the limitless sJc.y above. '

7 December 1964 New Zealand

Master Polidorus Isurenus


Maintain singleness of inner purpose amidst multiplicity of outer

activities. Keep remembering your Ego as well as when meditating. It is
the continuousness of the meditative thought which brings about the
"marriage" (of Monad-Ego and physical brain).
Add to your yoga periods (after practice) a quiet receptiveness or
spiritual listening, not for any phenomenal occurrence - whether high or
nonnal - but to create more receptivity to the highest influences.
The fruits of yoga are not occult sensations only. These have their
place, but other fruits are peace, hannony, psychological ease in which
much progress has lately been made and, when you can reac!t it, pure
Remember that the highest part of the Ego, its inmost Centre -the
Anna - is always rooted in the eternal and is in a state of meditation after a
certain stage of enlightenment has been reached.

1965 New Zealand

Master Polidorus Isurenus


Let us steep ourselves in the thought of the Lord of the World, in His
power as the Alma of the planet and of every human Ego; as the shining
glory of Shekinah of the planet, and of every human Ego; as the Kingly
Will of the planet, of the Occult Hierarchy, and of every human Ego.
He is the summation into unity of the Atmic fire of all the Monads,
sixty thousand million, for whom this planet is a field of evolution. Each
Monad is an individual entity, a Lord of the World, a Solar and Cosmic
Logos, potentially. One day, every Monad will attain to those evolution-
ary heights [under the Law of Reincarnation and Karma],

The Lord of a World co-ordinates, helps to project and direct the Atmic
shaft by which each Monad reaches and is expressed in the fivefold
universe from Alma to physical. That Atmi! shaft of each Monad is the
real spiritual Selfhood of every Ego, the core of Egoic being, the essence
of divinity, the projection, presence, and power of which are essential to
Monadic manifestation in each and any of the five worlds. Without the
Monadic shaft, the Monad would remain relatively quiescent within "the
bosom of the Father" - meaning the Solar Logos - and totally unmani-
fested as far as the five worlds are concerned. One part of the Office of
the spiritual King is to co-ordinate into a unity within Himself aU these
Atmic shafts, and in this Office He is all Alma. all Atmic Fire, all Atmic
Will. Passing through Him, as it were, these shafts descend into the
fivefold universe, or rather the five planes of the planet of which He is
Lord. Thereafter, under His direction, the devas attach the five permanent
atoms to the shaft.
The descent into matter. and later into form of Monadic power, life,
and consciousness, then occurs. under the guidance of the three classes of
Pitris and with the aid of the form-building function of the devas. Both of
these involutionary agents serve under His direction as far as this. His
planet. is concerned. By this means, He - the great'planetary Dhyan
Chohan - both obtains and retains directive charge of every manifested
Monad in His keeping. and in this sense "rules" His world and subjects,
and aids mightily all Monads by sharing with them and allowing them to
draw freely upon His own perfected Alma.
That which the World Teacher Maitreya does through the Buddhi.
within the Ego of man, the Lord of the World does through and within the
Alma of man. Both lend Their own perfected vehicles and powers at
these two levels to the Monads in whom, up to the First Initiation, these
powers are dormant. Without this aid, evolution would be far slower. and
the work of the Pilris and devas far less effective, because less co-
ordinated. and the attainments at the end of each cycle far less lofty. So
these great spiritual "Bridegrooms" of the Monad-Egos of mankind, by
"marrying" and becoming interiorly united with them, save them a great
deal of the slow toilsomeness of the cyclic pilgrimage to perfection. This
is the true Atonement.
The same principle is carried on at still higher levels, when the
Monads become conscious therein, by Solar and Cosmic Dhyan
Chohans. This, in fact, is one part of Their work: in the fulfilment of
Their Offices.

We Who adopt proteges in the inner life in order to help them spiritu-
ally, become "Bridegrooms" at the astral and mental levels, especially the
three highest subplanes, and so assist the Ego to reach and direct the
physical personality. The Master, in His turn, becomes the "Bridegroom"
of the accepted disciple at the Causal level, and especially at Sonship,
thereby aiding the personality. So, all occult ministration is done from
within the individual who is served.
To help people We have to unify Ourselves with their Egos and
through the Egos from above only with the three highest subplanes of
the~r mental and astral bodies. We have to try to bring the individual's
own Atma down through the Ego into the highest aspects of the personal
nature. In doing this. the greatest care must be taken to touch only the
upper parts of the aura and of the personal consciousness, that which
responds to beauty, truth, and idealism.

19 October 1966
Master Polidorus lsurenus


Science, although still operating and investigating at the physico-

material level, is extending human thought in the direction of extraphys-
ical and extra-sensory directions and dimensions. Obtain and give a list
of these; then your exposition will be strengthened. The strictly occult
realms, the fonn-building, life-stimulating, and landscape deva and devas
are most acceptable. Gandharvas should be placed in the first of these
categories, because of their part in the operation of the Logos Principle.
Actually, the Fonn-Builders are by far the largest Order, and of more
public and general interest because they include those agencies which
restore injured fonns to the original panern and shape under the operation
of word-force. This should be made clear to members of the Theosoph-
ical Society. Healing devas function under this principle of the restora-
tion of fonn and the preservation of the exact pattern.
The picture of Our Lady Mary, the World Mother, might suggest
Roman Catholic tendencies, especially when projected in Christian coun-
tries. Before its projection, or the commentary, a statement is advisable
that the T.S. is completely independent of all organized religions, even
though members belong to many. In France, however, and some other

Catholic countries, the presentation is acceptable.
The Gandhtuvos and 1be Form-Builders are the chief Orders of the
Angelic Hosts, with Karma Devos equal to
them preferably presented
next, thus keeping the concept at 1be cosmic and universal levels. From
them you may proceed to the more personal associatioos with man,
ending up always with the idea given by your Angel Teacher of future
collaboration between angels and men. You might usefully include that
angels cannot, in this age, become physically discernible; but the range of
human perceptions can be increased to include clairvoyant pereept:ions of
them. The whole subject can very usefully be reintroduced into your
public work in America and elsewhere. Meetings of members and stu-
dents also offer good opportunities.

5 December 1966 Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

An Adept

As far as you are able, do not encourage or even allow Theosophists to

anticipate, wait for, and rely upon dramatic manifestatioos in the last
quarter of the century. An effon will be made for power to be liberated,
but it is not likely to be spectacular, neither are its results to be immediate.
. . . Immense good has been done in spreading into the world-mind
and the minds of large numbers of individuals, 1beosopbical teachings
and ideals, including that of the Path . .. There will be help in the last
quarter [of the century] and even certain great personalities who might
appear at certain times. In coosequence, an upsurge of spiritual and
intellectual awakening, interest, and effort is likely.

11 December 1966 Austin, Texas, U.s.A.

From One High Initiate to Another
from the Inner Worlds to the Outer
(transmitted to the latter by Geoffrey)

I watch you when you are talking SO earnestly and working so com-
pletely unselfishly in all you do. This is the way and there is no other way
by which the "Golden Stairs" may be trodden, and you most surely are
treading them step by step towards the mystical and symbolical Temple
of the Secret Wisdom.

Already you are a member of that Temple, a "living stone" within it
and granted absolute right to move within it and live within it at all times
with welcome assured. For it is your Temple and many others', being the
true "House of the Lord" on the "Hill of the Lord", in which and on which
all those enter who have passed through the tests and received the Great
Initiations which make the Ego "safe forever", as the ancient doctrine
. teaches. Press on, for you are on the upward path ascending steadily step
by step. The Master Rakoczy and Our Lady - Who is a Reality, 1 assure
you - are still your sponsors and will be, every step of the way, to the
summit of human evolution.
Remember always, it is the Ego which attains, and it is the Monad
which is the essential Self within the Ego, as you have been finding out,
both in your meditations at night and by day. When you chant and
perform your various yogas, do it all as a Monad-Ego, with the accent on
the Monad. "I am That, That am I." We are all Monads and this is the
aspect of our being which is of prime importance, more so, in fact, than
the Ego, which mystically "dies" at the First Initiation, and will disappear
entirely by the Fifth.. or rather, as the Fourth is passed through.
Master Rakoczy asked me to tell you to live "near Him" at, Krotona,
especially - though always, of course - and particularly on the night of
Christmas Eve, when He will call you to Him. There is to be a gathering
of the Masters during Christmas, and He will take you, after a time, with
Him. I shall be there as well. Think a great deal of the Masters and live
with Them from now on, though I know you always do this. Forget as
many of the clouds as you can, and just refuse them room in your mind
until you can forget them altogether. Forgetfulness is a very great power
when developed in the way I have just described. Forget, forget, forget
Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate all thoughts of shadows and darkness and
faults until they disappear or are reduced to little specks, minute and
almost invisible, and without power to become any larger ever again.
Thus they will fall away, belonging as they do to time and place and the
Think of yourself as what you want to be, and so mould yourself as
your ideal. Thought is the sculptor. While watchfulness is important,
thought of yourself as the ideal which you want to be is the most
important Visualize yourself just as you want to be - fonn the habit of
thinking of yourself in that way only.
I have limitations too, not being an Adept But if it helps you to think
of yourself as like me, then do so. Of course, we are all intensely

individual at the level of higher and lower Manas. That will be so for a
long way on the Path, though, as Monads, we are all very much the same,
surprisingly so in fact. Think of yourself too, as the Monad, the Monad-
Alma and these two fully filling the MonaJ-Ego. Then think of the
personal self as the Monad-Alma-Ego, shining perfect and pure. Thought
is the mallet, which the Monad-Ego uses to chip away gradually all the
"marble" which hides the Monad-Self in all its immortal beauty and
Reject out of hand and automatically all else when thinking of your-
self. That is the way. Keep at it in the "studio" of the world which is that
Path to which God has called you - as the Prayer Book puts it

21 February 1967 New Zealand


The idea that a human being can evolve to and attain Adeptship in a
female body and personality, is age-old and completely true. That certain
of the supposed Goddesses - spouses of God - embodied the principles of
divine Motherhood and ministered to mankind is founded upon such an
occult possibility. Highly spiritual women with this mission before them
are extremely rare in that they attain to that perfect purity which involves
a complete abnegation of self, or rather a total outgrowing of all the
limitations imposed upon consciousness by the feeling of separation from
others. To these virtues are added a transcendent and divine compassion,
not only for their own sex, but for every sentient being which can and
does suffer, and an intense longing and self-dedication to the reduction of
cruelty and pain and every other fonn of human misery.
Thus, hyper-inspired by all that is loftiest and noblest in human nature
- especially in women's nature - on achieving Adeptship, such a Monad-
Ego-personality now united into one conscious Being, becomes as an
Avatara for the feminine, or negative, polarity of the Logos and the
power, life, and currents of the divine Breath and divine Life-Force of
Kundalini. The neutral and opposite polarities are equally present in Her
Person, but the conseIVing, protecting, enclosing, and saving attributes
are accentuated to produce an Official worthy of the title "The World

Despite the loftiness of this conception, it is necessary to remember
that such an exaltation of all that is highest and noblest and most beautiful
in womanhood still uses a representative personality through which Her
own higher principles, illumined and inspired by the "descent" of the
same qualities of the Logos, function in the wotld of man. 1bis is the true
spiritual Madonna in whatever fonn She may decide to reveal Herself to
Thus, whilst away from a sleeping body and meeting Her, one would
see a divinely beautiful human fonn, a perfect woman in fact, lovely in
every aspect. One should remember that although beautiful, She is none
the less strong, not only with the power of Her own Monad, but also with
that of the Logos - all those other attributes are also present in exaltation
in Her.

28 July 1967
From One High Initiate to Another
(transmitted to the latter by Geoffrey)

Do not think of spiritual progress in tenns of yogic attainment only,

valuable and imponant as this can be. But even more impottant in some
ways - many ways, indeed - is the unfoldment within one of a natural
spiritual grace. It is compounded of sheer human kindness, ready concern
for others, especially those in need, and a kind of affectionate nearness
which heanens people and saves them through many dark hours and
loneliness. In this wonderful way, without ever knowing it, people can
grow beautifully and naturally - a lovely way to grow.

1968 Paris, France

While I was in Paris in April of 1968, a great deva communicated to

me. This deva wears a wonderful crown and belongs to the Seventh Ray
in general and also to an occult group working in the city of Paris. He
said, "There is a powerful occult group of men at work in Paris. It is a
continuance of a very old foundation, panly Masonic, with which the
Comte de St Gennain was associated as inspirer and Teacher."
The deva stated that he retains his association magnetically and super-
physically with this group, saying, "The members are mostly, but not

entirely, physical descendants of the original group founded in the four-
teenth century. Eliphas Levi was a member, and learned his Christian-
type Kabbalism there. Van Helmont and other famous occultists were
members. Very strict discipline is administered, some members having
been expelled and their minds closed to memory because of black magic
tendencies such as occultism for monetary gain. Their sign is ... being a
secret agency of the Adepts. Other similar groups exist in the older
European cities. Paris is famous in occult history for various groups such
as that of Cagliostro, but most of them have died away through lack of
worthy and occultly capable successors.
"As you know, deep occultism in the fullest sense is attractive to only
a very few who are occult-minded. Most people want to play with
occultism and very few want seriously and completely to live occult lives
and remain unknown as far as their occultism is concerned. Some groups,
however, continue to exist and always will, even though some members
are very much inward-turned in pursuit of knowledge of the hidden forces
in Nature and man, and in gaining mastery I)fthose forces."
This deva has a great deal of primrose yellow in its main aura and
white and electric blue forces flowing up from shoulders and crown of the
head. It is quite familiar with human yogis and accustomed to watching
and helping their meditations and rituals.
In the human group there are rites which are deliberately designed to
awaken Kundalini and the chakras. These groups are Masonic. at heart,
and popular Freemasonry actually has the same objectives.


(Entries of 19 June - 1 July 1968)

19 June 1968 Interlaken, Switzerland


I sense, but do not yet see or contact in consciousness, a lofty overlord

or Maha-Deva of the Alps. These nearer mountains appear to me to
include numbers of different ranges or groups of mountains. Over each of
these, very highly evolved landscape devas preside, each being intimately
associated with and functiOning under the Maha-Deva referred to, itself
manifesting under and as an emanation of the total landscape Deva-Raja

of the planet. This extremely lofty Being is in charge of all landscape
devas and their operations in all parts of the world.
I seem to be aware, however slightly, of this very great Being and
receive the idea that even if a mountain range or peak is under the sea or
partially so as an island, this also would be under the ministration and
direction of the Planetary Deva-Raja.
I conceive that there exist, both in principle and in function, groups of
highly evolved Archangels and angels who receive solar power through
the mediation of the planetary Maha-Deva. They then project or drive it
into the earth, so that the whole globe - meaning in this case the unfold-
ing life of the natural mantle of the earth - is being subjected to this
stimulation by the Solar Logos through Hierarchies of this order of
Beings whom I call generally "landscape devas".
As far as my observations go, we are now in a region over which, from
an area to the left and behind Jungfrau from our position, there is a senior
deva of great power under which the devas of each lofty range, peak, and
lesser areas, ~ recipients of and directors for this solar, planetary, and
more local alpine power.
Thus viewed at the arupa and rupa levels - and doubtless at those still
higher beyond my reach - this region is plentifully inhabited'or "alive"
and populated with such mountain devas. That which I am now tracing is
thus in the charge of a very lofty landscape deva whose presence is
located (in mental terms) further back over a range which includes this
Such devas are extremely impersonal, almost severe in character and
very highly concentrated upon their tasks of serving as relay power-
stations for the solar energy. The aura of this particular deva includes
much of the range and reaches down like a wonderful "waterfall" of
light and colour, gold, green, with flashes of blue to three-quarters of
the way down to the foot of the mountain. Interpreted in terms of brain-
consciousness, its body is high above the highest peak. The moment I
touch its consciousness I am at once elevated out of the individual into
the general prinCiple which I described at first. It now grants me a
measure of its attention. It sweeps its consciousness in the direction of
a much greater and more glorious deva, located many miles away,
mentally saying. "The senior Lord of this particular area is over there." I
now catch sight, through to consciousness, of this much more highly
developed deva working from a much higher level than I can reach. This
deva is a great senior with an area under its charge covering twenty or

more miles in all directions. This nearer deva now gives me the signal
known as the Deva of the Pointing Hand,l showing that by some interior
communication it has become aware of this solution (sign) arranged long
We should remember that the lower slopes of the mountains and the
valleys also have their importance from this devic point of view, although
the inherent life-force is more diffused and spread out beyond the mineral
into the plant kingdom of Nature. From this I learn that a mountain is
specially important for the worlt of the landscape devas because the life-
force in the mineral matter of the mountain is more highly concentrated
and restricted i.tJ. space and therefore more readily reached by the devic
energies and powers than that in plants. As he indicates this, I notice that
all along this great forest on the lower slopes there are hosts of lesser
devas of varying stature moving about among the trees with which they
are associated. I see that this principle may safely be applied everywhere
and visualize the flow of the quickening solar electric force as like the
finest luminous "rain" descending upon the landscapes everywhere, par-
ticularly if thus regarded from the mental level, where the whole area
around us now is being subjected to such streams of stimulating power.
There is a mountain there to the left over which a similar deva is also
in charge. It is at least 100 ft tall (the central form) whilst the aura almost
encloses the whole mountain half-way down and in all directions. The
chief colours are white, blue, green, with a concentration and crown of
golden yellow within, around, and above the shoulders and head - all
being extremely brilliant and making the deva look like a wonderful king.
Very much restricted, this causes me to think. of the Statue of Liberty,
though the uprushing forces are much closer together above the deva's
head than in the statue.
I receive an indication something like this: "Although the quickening
of evolution continues throughout the ages, under His will (presumably
that of the Solar Logos) time is without Significance." He now takes me
partly into his consciousness, and I see therein no sense of any limitation
of time, the concept of the passage of time not being part of the awareness
of these beings who are beyond it. Seemingly in contradiction, in my
purely human mind I perceive a certain sense of urgency but this rather
concerns intensity of effort than of pressure or hurry in time.
In the region of Jungfrau to which I now pay attention, farther back,

1 See The Brotherhood of Angels and of Men. by Geoffrey Hodson.

some miles behind the part of the mountain visible to us, I have seen that·
there is a great mountain deva from whose consciousness and function I
receive the idea of "Watcher". This is one of the great devic Overlords of
a vast region rather than of the Jungfrau itself, which is nevertheless
obviously under its influence and that of several mountain devas. This
Overlord is at a level beyond my range of consciousness, but I receive the
impression that it is Atmic, extremely powerful, as if it were a veritable
incarnation of power itself, not only directing channelled power but also
in its own being, as it were, a power-source. Thus viewed, the whole
region is perpetually receiving this strong descent of power in general
which I described somewhat as "power-rain". As I watch the Jungfrau, I
perceive that there is a slightly lower subsidiary peak where there is
stationed another very mighty, but nevertheless secondary, power-de"a.
That forest over there is extremely interesting as a field of research
because it is thickly populated with other kinds of devas associated with
ihe life in trees and grasses. This inner life is spread out almost like an
extremely fine, golden liquid in which the presence, movement, and
directed forces, together with the auras of tree devas, create ripples, like
stirring a liquid, though at a level finer than the gaseous, i{ this can be
imagined. Of course, all humans and members of the animal kingdom
receive this same stimulation but do not seem to be as responsive as the
mioerallife-force. Perhaps this is because the quickening sQlar power is
deliberately restricted and attuned to that particular manifestation of the
divine life now evolving at the lowest level on earth, the mineral. From
this one I get an assent and it says, "The mountain deva consciousness is
more restricted in range (to the mineral), whilst plant kingdom devas have
a wider range of movement and attunement and so can more readily affect
humanity and animals." (He withdraws.)

1 July 1968 Geneva


A brief glimpse only of this great Being from the cable-car station on
Le Brevent, Chamonix, revealed it as a mighty and majestic "Deva
King", whose outstanding characteristic was of immense power.
It appeared to be wielding or invoking, transfoIming and distributing
very great life-quickening energy received at lofty levels, doubtless the

·Atmic plane. TIlis energy was being radiated over the whole massif and
far beyond.
The stature of the Deva was scarcely measurable at the great distance
away from the "dome" summit The majestic head and eyes of this great
Being were of an intense brilliance, and the impression upon me was one
of awe-inspiring power upon which one could hardly bear to gaze.
The Deva's consciousness was far beyond anything I could hope to
~ntact. Every effott produced the same impression of awe-inspiring,
Godlike power, as an attribute of the Deva, as also of that force for which
it was an agent
The dazzling white and electric blue aura was seen to be moving
across the great alpine landscape in a somewhat slow and deliberate
sweeping motion. TIlis doubtless was also part of its age-long mysterious
ministration to the divine life hidden in the mountain massif below.
Although the time of this obseJVation was necessarily brief, the
experience still lives quite clearly and powerfully in my consciousness,
elevating it towards those supernal heights from which its ministrations
would seem to be conducted.

... ... ... ... ...


Yesterday, while taking lunch at the United Nations building in

Geneva, on the balcony of the uppermost floor with local T.S.members, I
found myself being greeted by a number of landscape angels associated
with Mt Blanc and surrounding peaks towards which I was looking across
the lake. My attention was evoked by the familiar, brilliant flashes high
in the air over the region, these proving to emanate from a lofty Arch-
angel and associated hosts. Greetings flashed between us in recognition
of former occult associations with Le Grand Sal~ve. If the Causal and
Buddhic "flash" be translated into thought and words, they might be as
"Greetings from those of us whom you contacted before. The concept
of co-operation between angels and men might well receive a new
impulse from now on."
In addition I perceived intuitionally the National Angel of Helvetia,
whom I contacted earlier. TIlis Being is far above the lofty mountain
angel in spiritual stature, and beyond the range of intercommunication,

probably because [it exists] at a level - presumably Atmic - where no
conceptual thinking occurs. It was perceived as power incarnate,
kinglike, with hosts of representatives - all gleaming with the white fire
of that lofty realm. Whilst they canied out behests, the National Angel
appeared to remain completely motionless, robed in power - an incama-
tion of the WllL of the Solar Logos.
These experiences prove highly stimulating and evocative of the high-
est within me. The thought also arose to include reference to the Angelic
Ministers in the Solar ffierarchy, recognition of and collaboration with
them, as part of the lectures, teachings, and writings.
I also sensed the presence of an arupa deva as watcher for the Brother-
hood at the United Nations. Whilst a general blessing is bestowed upon
the Organization there, this angel can draw the attention of the Brother-
hood to special activities going on and particular opportunities and needs
for Adept inspiration and help. This deva is not so much pennanendy
established over the building, as maintaining an intimate rapport with all
that takes place there.
The same, of course, is likely to be trot at New York., but the world
movement grows large with extremely divergent types, nations, and so
national interests and motives. This will pass as the newly independent
peoples grow in maturity.


(Entries of 30 August - 7 September 1968)

30 August 1968 St Michael's Church,

St Albans, England

[Geoffrey Hodson attempts to put his consciousness down

below the altar foot-piece, and finds no sign, as far as he
can now see, of any burial or remains of Francis Bacon.
Geoffrey has had no previous experience in the investigation
of sealed tombs or other underground areas. He therefore
warnS that his impressions should be regarded as tentative
results of experimental researches in these fields, he himself
claiming no degree of reliability resulting from previous

My impressions are:

That the whole story of Lord Bacon's decease, of the experiment with
snow, the subsequent chill and death in Lord Arundel's house, was a
cleverly constructed allegory, in the classic style and symbolism, and
really a myth.

That no bones of Lord Bacon have lain here. That by secret means, the
disguised person of Francis Bacon, in perfect health and full and self-
decided consciousness, left the land of his birth and city of his office,
and went overseas.

That there, in the seclusion of the Sanctuary, he entered upon an even

fuller life of spiritual and intellectual activity - and the fulfilment
thereof - than was ever possible amidst the stresses and distresses
inseparable from so much, though not all, ofhis daily life in England.
Of that life he was able to proclaim, "It is fmished." This was true,
however, only in the sense described.

A further impression (carefully to be examined on future occasions) is

that he was received as a great representative of the Brotherhood, who
had fulfilled his mission as a visible man, researcher and revealer in
this world; also as a leader, inspirer, and lofty (if not England's
loftiest) servant of mankind.
Thereafter, Francis Bacon entered upon his true life as a Spirit
and "intellect-Monad-Ego" unfolding the inner Godhead. This con-
tinued abroad in the conditions and surroundings and the companion-
ships which were wholly conducive to the fulfilment of his self-
manifestation both as Francis Bacon and his true spiritual Self.

If my impressions are correct, then Francis Bacon was a soul nearing

the end of its pilgrimage through the world of matter which is the world
of dream. He therefore needed seclusion from the world of men in order
that in other ways (and by other means than those of his great and
glorious life as man, and almost superman) the latter evolutionary state
would be prepared for. In the completion of the cycle of time, the true
mystical death, resurrection, and ascension (in contradistinction to the
historical myth) could lead his spirit to its true, and this time recognizable
and acknowledged, Royalty.

From this first seeking for light concerning the objectives of the
Francis Bacon Society, in St Michael's Church and before his statue, the
impression is received that, whilst Francis Bacon worshipped here and
willed his burial here (at least for public understanding) his body was not
in fact laid here. His mother was buried here, I think, but not he himself.
It is likely that a number of his R.C. brethren all conspired to fulfil his
wishes, nay, determinations. This they did for the sake of posterity,
history, and the satisfaction of the very human desire for the completion
of a human story, natural as it is. This account of his supposed death was
composed even as he, in his own way, would have written the story of his
manufactured end.

3 September 1968 Gorhambury, St Albans

[We are sitting in the drawing room of Lord Verulam's

house on the Gorhambury estate. Geoffrey Hodson holds
Bacon's own personal volume of Euclid and describes what
he sees as follows:]

First scene: a long room, richly carpeted, books all round it on shelves,
a window behind me, a door away to the right in the mlcldle of one of the
longer sides of the room, a table, oaken with, I think, carved legs and
sides. Seated at it a man with books on the table, one being propped up in
front of him. To his right are some concentJjc forms like .the platonic
solids, though I can only identify I:l tetragram. I think there is one paper
,. on which he is sketching, as he refers to the book. He rubs out occasion-
ally and then makes another sketch. He reads with this book a little to his
left, writes on papers to his right and refers back and forth to ensure
accuracy, looking at the geometrical solids. He leans back in his arm-
chair. closes his eyes and ruminates. mentally constructing many intricate
thought-forms and drawings. There is a clock on the side of the door
facing him. and he is conscious of the demands of time and seeks
maximum study in the time available.
There are country noise~ coming through the open window. such as
birdsong and the sounds of cattle and. I think, the rustle of leaves, for it is
windy. There is an opening in the wall opposite to the window which is
behind me (as observer). and near which he is sitting. The bookcases do
not continue across (this break) which reveals what looks like a built-in

sideboard or cupboard of dark wood. On it refreshment marerials and
liquids can be seen.
He now rises, draws on his gloves, takes up his hat, and walks towards
the door, glancing back almost regretfully at having to leave. He then has
an idea and steps back to his table and his studies for a moment, briefly.
He goes out, as it were, the Lord and Master over others, to whom he calls
in a strong and resonant but not unkind voice, giving orders.
From all this, I deduce that he whom I am seeing is indeed Lord
Bacon, and I am led to him by this book I am holding. He is in good
health, stands erect and walks strongly and finnly. I could follow him but
it would take hours to do so. I think the door led into the inner courtyard,
if all this is indeed at the old Tudor House. The wall opposite the door
has two windows; if I am right this room is Lord Bacon's library but only
a part of it in one of his studies.
In his consciousness there is another house or home, I think in Lon-
don, where he is now going. I think we have to find another place, more
secret, more secluded, where the literary creations were conceived and
Here now, is another scene: He is declaiming, repeating, walking
about, occasionally assuming postures and gesticulating dramatically be-
fore a group of five men who are writing avidly as if not to miss one
word. A play is being composed and written.
Now I must stop; but I venture to think that from this first preliminary
glance, and indeed through this book and these pag~, I tnay very well be
placed in touch with two aspects or more of Sir Francis Bacon. He is
obviously superior in almost every way, especially intellectually and
spiritually, to those other men whom I saw. They recognize and WOIK, as
in service, for one far greater than themselves, thus fonning a dedicated
group. The gathering is not all serious; since there are shouts of laughter
now and again, and nods of appreciation and even wonder.

[Question by Mrs King: "Will you establish ownership of

Bacon's Euclid, and then see if the marginal notes in Coke's
reports are in the same handwriting as Bacon' s1 Or rather if
the marginal notes are Bacon's, and if this book also belonged
to him1" Geoffrey Hodson holds Coke's reports. He says:]

Yes, I think so. This is Bacon's handwriting and it is his book. It

belongs to his library.

I see again the figure of a man. He is going to a shelf and replaces the
book (I could even tell you on what shelf it is!) before leaving the room.
This man is apparently going somewhere, being differently dressed as if
for a journey. He has a high collar, a hat with a feather in it, and wears a
ceremonial sword.
I will now look out into an inner courtyard, built around. Oh, yes,
there are offices and servants' quarters, I suppose. Oh, much work is
going on down at the far end. I see smoke, a fire being used for some
N.B. I am inclined to acCept the idea that this second man might be
Sir Thomas Meautys.

4 September 1968 Holy Trinity Church,

Stratford on Avon

Two visits were made to the Shakespeare tombs and monument at

Stratford. Experimental projection of consciousness ~ William
Shakespeare's tomb suggested a high degree of emptiness. Some debris
appeared to be on the floor of the tomb under which bones might lie. No
. presence of documents or manuscripts was detected. Attempting to read
the Akashic Records, interments were seen, these appearing to be natural
in character with no element of secrecy or concealment being discernible.
Somewhat later Geoffrey' Hodson "saw" an apparently furtive entrance
of some three or four men by the side door of the chancel. These men
appeared to open the tomb and remove something from it, the chief
impression being of the removal of bones, in spite of the curse on the
epitaph. These remains were apparently removed by the men through the
side door, carrying them as if in some sac~g or sailcloth. Thereafter the
record was found to be so much overlaid with general impressions of
burials and other human traffic, that Geoffrey Hodson found it difficult to
follow the movements of the men outside the church door. He thinks it
probable, however, that the remains were taken to a boat moored against
the river's bank and carried away. All this appeared to be done at night,
and very secretly, with watchers guarding the procedure. Some of the
company appeared to be well-dressed and to be acting purposefully.
As far as Geoffrey Hodson could see, the grave of Anne Shakespeare
had not been disturbed. Finally, he thinks that some relic of the exhuma-
tion, such as bones or a dropped ornament - a ring for example - might

still lie at the bottom of the tomb. His closest scrutiny failed to reveal to
him at last, the presence of evidence concerning authorship, and he
doubts whether aid in the solution of the problem, which would be
convincing, is likely to be found. However, he makes these suggestions
with some deference.

6 September 1968 The Bodleian Sheldonian Theatre,

An Adept Oxford

Pay very careful attention to the Burton tomb and area, and advise the
Society to explore for possible relics or a direct link with Bacon and the
problem. Observe for your own interest the traditional scholastic influ-
ence and magnetic forms from the arupa into the rupa planes pervading
the Bodleian and surrounding institutions. Note that this is under the
Maha-Chohan and the Master Rakoczy as one of His centres for the
dissemination of not only learning but more important, the powerful
spirituo-mental (I) impulse towards the intellectual development, pro-
gress, and culture of humanity. There are other kinds of centres than
purely occult ones. These concern the development of the other aspects
of human nature.
This city and its consecrated and long-used edifices serve the Master
for the transmission to successive generations of this fructifying power to
keep alive and greatly stimulate the intellectual and cultural development
of the human race. It is a supranational centre since people from many
nations come here.
You would only have confirmed that the withdrawn volumes, now
kept here, did belong to Bacon's library and were used by him. They are
of course charged with his special spiritual, intellectual, and personal
influences and characteristics. They would be useful as entrances into the
"Person" and so "Ego" of Bacon, which is one of your objectives.
To solve this problem the more you can know of the Francis Bacon
personality the better, for of course he designed everything including
secrecy, deception (in the highest meaning of that term) - protective
camouflage - very deliberately.

... ... ...

Geoffrey Hodson sees Bacon as a "Magisterium" amongst a group of
men who were in those days his servants and willing and even grateful
subservants and servitors.
He also sees the Order of the K.T.S. of the Helmet. They are holding a
ceremony in a secluded Temple. Part of the ritual included mock-combat
with imitation spears. This symbolized the battle of Spirit against matter,
and of the human spirit against the human personality, which had sym-
bolically to be destroyed, meaning the death of its power to inhibit the
function and expression of Buddhi-Manas (f.) or spiritual intuitiveness.
After the mock-battle, there was left lying on the floor the supposedly
deceased newly accepted knight, who then rose as if from the dead in
semi-ceremonial fashion. Thereafter the Chapter was closed and there
was rejoicing, a business meeting, and orders from Francis Bacon for the
fulfilment of the Great Design.
So successful was this that the dual project of concealed authorship
and later simulated death, were fulfilled to the letter. In all this, Francis
Bacon was really almost superhuman in his power to organize and lead
his followers through that double procedure.

* * * * *
Christchurch Cathedral, Oxford


Find architects' drawings, if any exist, and the records of en-

tombments and names and places of burials within four square yards of
the monument. Remember the design was that the pages should be
deliberately concealed and that, therefore, the repository may be strange-
a receptacle perhaps and not necessarily a tomb. X-rays or other and later
methods of discovery might reveal the hiding place. It is of first impor-
tance to search among authentic records of burials at that time, and every
minute piece of evidence concerning the exact repository and loca-
tion of Burton's body.
I receive the impression of a deposit by night and in secret by a group
of Elizabethan men, with candles and a lantern, depositing many books
and many loose pages and other relics in this particular area. Reminding
my readers of my remarks concerning the interior of tombs and sealed
areas, and of the consequent possibility of error, I would suggest photo-

graphy or other technical methods of investigation to be applied to the
pillar, and to the subterranean areas around it, if such kind of research is

... ... ... ... ...

Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey, London

There flashes the vision of a trembling spear of golden light pointing

directly under this tomb, rather to the rear.
Various ideas contributed to the decision to conceal:

1. For Bacon's safety.

2. To ensure absolutely that the original manuscripts at least should be
preserved intact, and free from alteration by later and even corrupt
3. The total work attributed to Shakespeare, being of such very great
(even extreme) value, it must imperatively be preserved
4. That the profound occultism and power-bestowing "veiled" know-
ledge might in its tum be conserved.

This concept of the words is of equal if not greater value as part of the
riches of humanity, than are the gracious, poetic, and dramatic words,
lines, and total compositions within which they are concealed. Thus the
Baconian writihgs were treasures within treasures, and therefore, for
humanity's sake, had to be preserved from los~ by concealment, from
profanations, and from the dangers of adverse actions and accidents, such
as fire or flood.
The group of dedicated and enlightened men - the Rosicrucians and
others of those times - knew all this; and in dedicated service to humanity
they took the necessary steps, and for the most part they buried the
documents below the ground. Under spiritual guidance they also received
the vision of a future age, when this dual treasure would play its ap-
pointed part in breaking open, as if by a "spear" of power and light, the
hardened, materialistic minds of men, notably those of the centuries
which would follow. Thus time enters into this problem, in that the cycle
of human living, thinking, and acting, and the orthodox religion which
would follow the Baconian era, would contain men hardly able to respond
to the inner idealism and potent knowleage contained in the works.

Another cycle was foreseen in which more responsive minds, more
thoughtful seekers .for truth would be born.. These men and women will
be trustworthy recipients of both declared and concealed works, which
contain guidance in the fashioning af the New Age, in cycles only then
dawning, and in those to follow.
In other words, although the works have appeared and have in general
been saved, more remain to be found; the plays and sonnets are far from
being all. Guidance will be given in the discovery of the hidden wisdom
underlying and available within the outer vesture of the literature which is
so magnificent The poems, essays, and other contemporary inspired
writings, when rightly and deeply read, reveal both the wisdom of the
ages and its practical application to human living, especially as the age of
Light begins to dawn. The "spear" is the flashing wisdom-light: like all
power it trembles (technically it "vibrates") as it flashes forth from its
own realms into the world-mind in general, and into those minds in
particular of men and women who can receive it. The very name of the
supposed author means in this sense "trembling light". That name, with
these significances and with this knowledge of symbolism in mind,
largely influenced Bacon in his choice of a reputed author and a pseudo-
nym. Through his benefit [kindness] to humanity he wished to have
available a trembling Ray or Spear of Light from the inner to the outer
worlds and minds of men. He is therefore worthy to be regarded as one of
the very greatest benefactors of the human race, whose value to humanity
can hardly be overestimated.

7 September 1968 Old School House,

Aldworth, Berkshire



Impressions received by Geoffrey Hodson whilst examining this

manuscript which consists entirely of drawings and symbols:
The author, I think, is the same man (presumably Francis Bacon) who
was earlier seen at the end of a tunnel, in a cell, writing. He is smiling as
if both enjoying his mental and higher mental state, and revealing truth
while concealing it (as in a charade). His thought seems to be somewhat
as follows: "Wisdom, which gives power and knowledge (which in tum

give strength) must be delivered under the rose."
Geoffrey attributes the authorship of this book to Francis Bacon in his
Self-inspired and divinely inspired state of consciousness. In this condi-
tion he differs greatly from the outer man living the apparently outer life.
The long tunnel and the cell may be symbols of the transition of the
former into the latter, although various impressions do indicate the actual
use of a place of retreat, within the secrecy of which alone he could give
himself up to inward inspiration and "vehicleship" from on high.
1bis book is only a portion of a larger one similarly produced, namely
by the impartation of wisdom in symbolical fonn, thus evoking the
reader's or viewer's intuition whereby and wherewith symbol becomes
transfonned into the Light of unchanging truth and law.
As in other attempted contacts, Geoffrey Hodson again receives the
impression that the writer (Francis Bacon) is conscious of the limitations
of time, and that he must hasten if this part of his life's work is to
approach its fulfilment. Yes, lost works or secret works were also
produced, one day perchance to be found. In this book, Francis Bacon
would seem to have regarded his life-work to be a unity composed of
many self-integrated parts; everything he did being thus directed and
produced. Even sketches, playlets, poems, plays, and great literary works
were integral parts of a whole which included all his symbolism, ceremo-
nialism, and the occult Orders.
Another impression repeatedly received is that Francis Bacon himself
was not only hastening but was almost driven; as if the great spiritual
forces and truths, upon which the Ancient Mysteries were fonned (to
liberate and reveal respectively), were at work on him and in him like a
If this is true, as Geoffrey Hodson believes, then Bacon succeeded in
providing the first steps towards the re-opening of those Mysteries to
modem man, and is still engaged in that work ... the Great Work.
Concerning the book under examination, he thinks that the pages are
to be regarded as in some way successive, and that the later ones contain,
or rather refeno, deeper layers of Truth than the earlier ones. In other
words, the book is also systematic. Proffered interpretations could be of
very great value in modem days.

* * *

On leaving the Old School House, Geoffrey Hodson felt moved to say
that he thinks this faculty of discerning the actual site of secretly depos-
. ited manuscripts and other objects, will undergo a gradual development if
further used. Only during these few days in the eighty-second year of his
life has he attempted to use the kind of clairvoyance necessary to achieve
the following:

1. To see through tomb-stones and other opaque matter.

2. To read the Akashic Record of the area, which especially depicts the
time when the deposits were supposedly made.
3. To respond intuitively to guidance from various sources, such as those
men who were intimately associated with Francis Bacon and possibly
more evolved Beings, and so to receive some direction concerning the
project in general and the procedures for local research.

All the above have been applied to th~ problem, and with some
apparently useful results, e.g., the feigned death, the empty tomb at St
Michael's, the book of Euclid, and the suggestion that the Burton Tomb
and Westminster Abbey are significant locations in the sea.rch and re-
search. Had Geoffrey Hodson's faculties been sharper and previously
used, he thinks that he could have found better results, and that further
practice would develop a greater faculty, should it become part of his
work. He offers these thoughts to those who honoured him with the
invitation to collaborate with them, and who provided support and hospit-
ality. .




The gathering was in the northern hemisphere and seemingly in the air
and higher planes over North India. So-called "couriers" kept coming
and going in the service of the presiding Beings - Adepts. These messen-
gers were White, shining members of the Angelic Hosts, though some
superhuman Beings also participated in this activity.
At a certain stage in the proceedings, everyone became completely

still, almost as if frozen into immobility in yogic silence and quietude.
The gathering at this time could be likened to a radar "dish" built of
human beings, highly evolved and specialized (Initiated),· silenced to
receive inflowing power at the highest levels - mostly beyond my capa-
city to see and interpret. The effect upon my consciousness was as if the
floor of the great "stadium" began to be covered with an intensely
brilliant gold and fiery "liquid", layer upon layer, reaching down to the
level of the physical earth and even penetrating far below it.
This is probably a materializing and symbolizing memory of the
inpouring from extraterrestrial sources, notably the Sun and the Solar
Logos and His Ministers, of a kind of transcendent fiery power for the
service of all life unfolding on earth, physically and superphysically. I
received and remember an impression of the Sun as a "Being" rather than
an orb of light as seen physically - a limited perception of a projection to
planetary planes of the attention of the Solar Logos and His Archangelic
Ministers in awe-inspiring power.
It seemed that all bowed, even the highest Adepts, whether inwardly
or in the bodily sense I cannot say, but there was a united obeisance. The
great Presence filled the sky, hovering over the earth and both enfolding
and saturating it superphysically with solar power and life and light ...
My consciousness was and is filled with many thoughts, items of
knowledge, in fact. Amongst these is the realization that, unlike its
physical condition, the planet earth is not separated from the rest of the
solar system and particularly the Sun which, if only for a moment of
illumination, was known as a unit within the vast Being and life of
/shvara, or th~ Solar Logos.
All beings as "cells" and perhaps "molecules" in the vast body and
aura of the Lord of the Sun were seen to be filled with His life and to be
part of Him, as are molecules and cells of one's physical body. This was
one part of the night's experiences, so very imperfectly remembered and
understood. The keynote was that those present, including the younger
souls, entered into the Samadhi-state of realized oneness and knowledge
of the all-enclosing and preserving Lord of the Sun as a transcendent
Individuality Who, at this time especially, revealed Himself to all who
could know Him.
The second remembered part of the great occasion consisted of some
kind of Baptism of Solar Fire. I think the candidates were laid down in
the Solar Fire-force which was concentrated upon the planet during the
proceedings. The candidates were almost unconscious in their mental

bodies which became saturated with this wondrous force, and as Initiate-
Egos they experienced what could perhaps be described as an interior
"sunrise", not distan~d rising above a horizon, but occurring deep
within their natures.
Otherwise expressed, the Atma was tremendously enhanced by an
inflow of the Solar Atma or Paramatma as a kind of golden, liquid fire .
. This was not an official Step, I perceive, but a benediction received and,
of course, a preparation for a Step by Baptism in or of Solar Fire.
The personalities of the candidates were unconscious, the whole ex-
perience taking place principally at the Atmic and Buddhic levels and
greatly affecting the Egos in the Causal bodies. They came back to con-
sciousness and were presented to some of those present, everyone being
in a highly exalted and illumined state. There was an entire absence of
both sequential thinking in time and of any emotion whatever, the whole
being blissful but far beyond anything that could be described as feeling.
The "Baptism" was an extraordinary spectacle and experience. The
partly entranced mental body of a candidate was laid flat in the reservoir
of Solar Ufe-Ught-Fire, which seeped into and was absorbed by it as if
being soaked up. The Ego participated but was not entranced and knew
what was occurring. This Initiatory spectacle which I witnessed was an
enactment in actuality of the myth of Danae; for the "shower of gold" is
the very "Fire of God", whilst Danae is the Initiate-Ego, and the "tower"
the mortal vehicle in which the Ego is, so to speak, imprisoned.
All during the following day I was almost continually conscious of the
touch of power on my body and of being urged to write.

6 April 1969 Auckland, New Zealand

Master Polidorus Isurenus


Not only chant the Awn; become the Awn!

In his higher Self, the Arhat is made one with the company of the
"Gods". This means that he is not only a human Monad-Ego, communic-
ating with and collaborating with the Archangels and Their Hosts, but is
also consciously one with Them, part of Their life and kingdom as They
are part of his. As the Sephiras are all emanations of the Logos and

therefore parts of Him, so the Monad-Ego of man realizes. knows that
self-same unity between himself and all the mighty hosts of the angels.
Their Atmic-Buddhic-Manasic vehicles are made Qj the same substances.
supplied from the same single source. At the Atmic level to which, during
the ceremony. the Arhat is elevated. the actual oneness of consciousness
and life is known as a living Truth. For the Arhat. ever after. "Gods" and
men are one. their very essence being part of the Eternal Principle.
The "Avitchi" of the Fourth Initiation is simply rescue work. The Ego
finds itself amongst those lost and broken souls who by sheer. deliberate.
self-chosen wickedness and selfishness. persisted in as a kind of purpose
for living. are in the depths of "hell". in a state of consciousness in which
there is no light and no hope of light, in which there is no Life-Principle
and so only a living "death". This is a condition - waveless, indeed - in
which such people find themselves after death of the physical bodies.
The Arhat approaches them on a saving and redeeming mission and
because he himself has not so lived. he retains even whilst in the depths.
his own vital. illumined. Egoic awareness. He is voluntarily in the
Avitchi-state. but not of it, and so can return. Whilst there, he mentally
appeals. offering himself as a rescuer for anyone sufficiently conscious of
and regretful of error to grasp his outstretched hand and so be "saved". So
the entry into Avitchi of the Arhat is not an entry into Avitchi itself as
"hell"-consciousness.· but as a mission offering redemption to "lost"
souls. meaning mental and astral bodies.
The achievement of the Arhat Initiation is. however. dependent upon
successful passage through the "hell" of aloneness followed by
enormously exhilarating realization that one ever has been. is. and ever
will be. one with the Godhead. It is this which makes possible the rest
of the procedure of the Fourth Initiation.
The Arhat-Monad-Ego becomes the Logos and in a brief period
passes through and experiences the forthgoing and return - death and
resurrection - of the outpoured Logoic and Monad-bearing Life-wave.
The Arhat-Monad experiences in a timeless moment what the Logos
experiences during Maha-Manvantara, but. of course, in miniature, as it
were. The Solar Logoi are evolving and also passing through. at lofty
levels beyond our conceiving. great Initiations of which these Initiations
are reflections. This may be thought of as the heart and key of the Arhat
Rite. namely. the Monad-Ego is fully conscious of identity with the
Logos and shares in the experience of Logoic forthgoing and return.

Actually, the last words spoken from the Cross, "Eloi, Eloi, Lama
Sabachthani"l should be thus translated: "My God, My God, how Thou
dost glorify me!" For it is this which happens and this we must say when
writing of the Crucifixion of Jesus.
Now, the difficulty associated with the Fourth Degree, unless the
Initiate, or Arhat, rather, is living in a Sanctuary, is that the full effects of
it are only gradually realized. This is so chiefly to preserve from strain.
Arhatship is, of course, a great benediction for the Monad-Ego which
reaches it. It is also a time of possible psychic strain, as the tremendous
power gradually manifests itself in the personality.

About October 1969 Perth, West Australia


[Geoffrey recollects standing before a number of the Great

Ones and receiving this teaching at the beginning of the
Australian work, in which evidently much inner interest is
felt and expressed on behalf of the Brotherhood. An Adept
Whom Geoffrey does not recognize especially greeted him
and received him into His Presence and activity, He being
the Adept in charge of Egos evolving in Australian bodies.
It was as ifhe had been presented and paid his respects to the
King, Lord, or Ambassador-in-Chief of a country. At this
level there are no "places" such as an ashram, garden, or
temple, these forms being transcended in.consciousness. He
concludes that the audience occurred at the Causal level, in
"Heliou Basileuma, the radiance of Apollo, the Kingdom of
the Sun".]

Amongst the teachings concerning the Arhat Degree of the Greater

The widely stretched, open arms of Christ upon the cross indicate also
deeper levels of every personal proclivity, tendency, and inherent attri-
bute whenever these could influence and even limit either inner attitude

1 Mark 15:34.

or outer conduct. The whole personal nature and Ray tendenq.es, for
example, are transcended quite naturally, and the whole Logos of the
Soul or Monad-Atma is freely and fully expressed without inhibitions.
This is a very great liberation.
The "Open Heart"l symbol also expresses this total Monadic mani-
festation, and this is essential to the attainment of Adeptship in which no
faintest tinge of any kind of classification or terms of reference must
remain. The Adept, be it remembered, is a complete and total manifesta-
tion of the whole Logos at the level of the Fifth Initiation. Thereafter, the
more widely expanded field of Logoic expression is achieved, culminat-
ing, of course, in being a Logos.
The antahkarana of an Arhat is between Buddhi and Amra, whilst in
the First Degree Initiate it is between Higher Manas and Buddhi. In the
Adept it is between Atma and the Monad and so the Logos. Arhat Yoga is
Logos Yoga, just as Initiate Yoga is Atma Yoga, which is still practised
The ~rhat has to acquire the habit of affirming and thinking of himself
as Monad-Ego, as a child of the Logos, He the parent and the seven
Principles of the Sun as the "Home". Thus shall he finally penetrate more
and more deeply into the heart of being. The Arhat has to try to elevate
consciousness, if only in imagination, into the Sun, physical and spiritual,
"Our Lord the Sun". This is Solar Yoga, the Yoga of the Arhat and
Arhatship, together with the three preceding Initiations, is as it were, a
milestone or position of near attainment on the road to Adeptship.
So it is ever to be remembered that the ultimate truth and the ultimate
goal consists of ALLNESS or limitless width, depth, and height. In
manifestation there must be classifications, such as the Rays or primary
Monadic attributes. So, in the Great Brothemood of Adepts, there is an
Arhat classification, grouping, and particular ~d of instruction, yoga,
state of consciousness, or outlook. .

I The "Open Heart" or "Sacred Heart" represents the outpoured love of the Lord Jesus
quist for all that lives.

1969 Perth, Western Australia


I noticed the little dog Rexie, whom we had known and who had died
about one year ago. He was inside the lower part of the aura, or auric
"dress", of his mistress. The little dog would not continue to exist astrally
indefinitely by himself, being in reality not much more now than a shell,
though just enough awake to know that he was with his beloved mistress.
When animals die, they continue for a time proportionate to their
evolutionary development and the existence of someone on the astral
plane - or, rather, with an astral body - who can hold them together, who
aids them to extend their life-span long beyond the nonnal period. After a
few months, the superphysical bodies of domestic animals begin to fade
out and the intelligent life flows back into the Group Soul. They begin to
look as if they are disintegrating when this process starts; then the little
fonn - which is only just a shell - breaks ~p and all the atoms go back
into the free elemental essence to be used again.
But Rexie loved his mistress so much that when he be$an to feel
himself "dying" in his little astral body, he nestled into her aura, which
comforted him. He is still doing this, but is beginning to fade out He is
actually rather far gone, in fact. But there is just a tiny bit of him still
there, like a gentle heartbeat, so that he knows where he is, and his
mistress lets him stay, thus making the transition easier for him. But he is
going very rapidly now and soon will be gone; for he was not individual-
ized, clever littl~ fellow though he was. I could see Rexie like a reddish-
brown coloured little creature round the lower part of the auric "dress".

Approximately early 1970s

The Angel Teacher Bethelda


Teach truth; refuse to discuss personalities upon which truth does not
depend. Stress and persistently proclaim freedom of thought within the
Theosophical Society as long as it does not hann either the Movement or
other people, and carefully avoid discussions. .. That was a good
example of "dipping down" [Geoffrey's making the sentence correct]

from Causal to mental consciousness. You may well think out other ~ays
with the purpose of showing the practical value, not only of Causal
consciousness, but also the ability to enter and draw upon it even in the
midst of a task demanding concrete thought
Salutations to you and congratulations on your world mission and
travel, and especially upon the most valuable and valued meditation ~l
combined with healing invocations for suffering ones which provide not
only benediction and help for them, but also opportunities ·whereby the
many Orders of Angels upon which you call may, and definitely do,
collaborate. This is a service of priceless value in all its aspects and
especially to the profoundly venerated Queen of the Angels Herself, and
Her hosts.

30 June 1971 Aldworth, Berkshire, England

Whilst walking in an open field on the crest of the Berkshire Downs

this moming, my attention was suddenly attracted to the presence and
vision of a great angel - silver and gold - hovering high in the air before
and above me. As I saluted in response, the sky was suddenly full of
angels gathered around the first one, making a glorious company of
shining ones, somewhat.less evolved, it would seem, than the first one
seen. On capturing my fun attention in salutation, it seemed as if all
chanted to me, "Come back, come back to your own native land, come
back to us, come back to us!"
As I responded with the mental assurance of our return, my mind was
strongly attracted to the valley and Bethelda with the thought that there
was further work to be done with Him.

14 September 1971 Krotona, Ojai, California,

Master Kuthumi U.S.A.

Yes, I am in the same body and expect to be so for at least a hundred

years and more. Some of Our Shaberons have bodies which are over five
hundred years old and perfectly efficient. The Adept, you know, has
discovered and partaken of the Elixir of Life.
Try, as you are dOing, to preserve your own body as long as you can,
useful as it is both to Us and to yourself. For it is a humanity and Adept-

serving body ... (He smiles at me.) Write on, remembering that Pencil I
gave you so long ago. It was a mystery then, wasn't it? Now most, but
not all, of the mystery has become reality. Our blessings upon you here
and at this moment, and also when and wherever you go,1nitiated channel
that you are.

1971 Krotona, Ojai, California


As work on the book, The Priestly Ideal. was approaching its end,
superphysically I was at what appeared to be a library and museum of
antiquities. I was shown some comparative passages in both the Liberal
Catholic Church Liturgy and very old documents, some of which con-
sisted of unbound sheets rather resembling the Dead Sea Scrolls. I was
infonned that these were preserved rituals of the Ancient Mysteries, more
particularly Egyptian, and I think Chaldean and other countries in the
Middle East. Although I could not read them, my "Friend"l helped me to
distinguish certain parts of these ancient rituals which had correspond-
ences with Christian liturgies, notably that of the Liberal Catholic
Druidism, it seems, is the most modern and most direct fonn of the
preserved Mysteries, especially in the secret rites. I see a portrait ... of
all Adept resembling closely the portrait known to some as that of the
Master Jesus.
This out-of-the-body experience, which seemed to me to have taken
place in a Retreat in Lebanon, introduced me to a great Personage Whose
existence is unknown outside the circle of Initiates ...

23 September 1972 St Michael's Centre,

The Archangel Bethelda Huizen (Naarden), North Holland

Before you leave Europe, may I reaffinn our most intimate link as
Monads, dedicated to the Source of all living beings at all levels of

1 Master Polidorus Isurenus.

evolution from mineral to man. I hold all your visits as far as mere
geography is concerned, continually in My mind and Self and assure you
of the fullest use of the high degree of channelship which you provide in
the mental, emotional, and physical worlds. Only there does the need
exist Here, in the worlds within those worlds, all is well, shining with
the purest Light, beams from the One ever stainless Source. Continue,
My brother, your noble endeavours both to realize ever more deeply that
One pure Source and to express that realization in your lives of service
and "mission" amongst your fellow men.
As you see and have more than once been reminded, distance has no
significance in our association. Yes, Geoffrey, the trees are there as I see
you now perceive them, but we are ever world-wide, treeless, placeless,
nationless, even worldless in our real natures, for as you know, this planet
earth has no confining power for ourselves, free as we are and ever will be
of all imprisoning circumstances and ideas.
Continue your message, I pray you, which is Our message, of the
Brotherhood of Angels and of Men. I knew all your ideas in Germany
and even received the vibrations of your closing words: "A Brotherhood
of Angels and of Men". Continue, for this is indeed your mission,
intimately at one as it is with Our mission for humanity and every living
being. I am and ever will be easily within your reach, respecting as 1 do,
however, the greater ease.of communion and communication which ex-
isted and exists in and at ~ valley.l Rest assured that your prayers,
Sandra, for angel guardianship for our Geoffrey, are ever heard and will
be ever answered; for his mission is very far from ended yet; neither is
the conclusion at all near in terms of earthly time. In Our timeless world,
of course, it never ends nor ever will.
Yes, My Brother, words from Java may well be published suitably.
Angel guardianship, angel healing, and angel inspiration of the intellect
will ever be fully available to you and each one of those for whom, by
you, it may be and is sought. I read your thought, but remember that even
our valley is "everywhere".
(I was philosophically hoping that the valley might still be visited
again - physically, of course. Bethelda saw this, h~ll:ce his closing

I The valley of Sheepscombe. See ·'A Life Remembered", p. 14.

About December 1971 - January 1972
Master Polidorus Isurenus

You are enfolded in the love and the light and the power of your fellow
Initiates of the Great White Brothemood on Earth, and nothing need
disturb those who are riding upon the great evolutionary wave ...

An Adept


(A Message through Geoffrey)

Whilst expressing my deep sympathy for you in all the great and long-
continued sufferings and trials through which you are passing, I venture
to remind you that you have voluntarily placed yourself upon the ancient
Pathway which leads in advance of the nonnal evolutionary procedure to
Initiation and Adeptship. In consequence, the life of every great Initiate
and prospective Saviour of man has inevitably to be lived. It is just,
therefore, as Jesus - though pemaps at a later stage than your present one
- passed through His grievous Gethsemane and Golgotha. In Gethse-
mane, according to the Gospel story, He shrank. from the sufferings which
had already begun when He found His nonnally trusted disciples asleep
in the hour of His need. His hesitation was assuredly but brief since He
surrendered His personal will to that of the Father saying, " ... not my
will, but thine, be done."l Thereafter, He steadfastly stepped forward
towards Jerusalem.
Such, My dear fellow student, is the unchanging and unalterable
Pathway which you are now treading. Such for every true-hearted and
stalwart seeker for the Light is the Gethsemane which - adapted to
personal karma, payment of which is being hastened - must be experi-
enced and endured. In your present most serious plight. the demands of
which I in no wise wish to minimize, you are not alone but stand with
every other true and faithful occult aspirant who has in the past experi-
enced, and at this time is experiencing, the testing and purifying trials

I Luke 22:42.

which lead to the goal, the Path to which, as Monad-Ego and personality,
you have irrevocably chosen to tread.
My message to you, therefore, can only consist of one word, even
whilst I share your tribulation. That word is ENDURE, to which I may
Especially would I recommend careful self-examination, day by day, with
a self-determination towards the possible acquirement in the highest
degree of the art of being wholly and at all times harmoniously acceptable
to those with whom you find yourself in personal contact
In your darkness, I assure you that in your true Self and in the qualities
of character, which you so outstandingly and admirably display through-
out your difficulties, you are truly robed in Light. Dark though your way
seems to be and really is at the personal level, you are nevertheless both
shining inwardly and moving quite rapidly towards your entry into the
Egoic Light. Your every tear is recognized and your depression and
despair, so bravely endured, regarded with the most compassionate sym-
pathy and concern by both Myself and My Brothers. God bless you ~d
keep you steadfast until that day, which I assure you will really come,
when you are free to order your life according to your own will and to
enjoy the company of those you love so much and who so deeply love and
admire and respect you. May I advise you to maintain a clear picture of
your great Master contiIlU4!.l1y
-....... in your heart and mind.

About October 1972 Krotona, Ojai, California


Geoffrey tells me that this healing deva is involved with all the present
invoked healing forces and also linked with the Archangel Bethelda, the
inspirer of his angel books. He is stationed in front of and above Geoffrey
during the beautiful healing meditations and descent of the healing forces.
He directs the power. Geoffrey describes the upper part of the angel as
being all white, while rose, green, and blue, amongst other scintillating
colours, form the lower part of the aura. In his consciousness, in relation
to Geoffrey's, there is the whole greenery of Sheepscombe Wood. The
angel communicates to Geoffrey:
"Your thought and power and our thought and power flash swiftly, but
please grant a little more time between names.

"Your reference to Tehuti is well made since, under the influence of
the Being and Order which Tehuti represents, you performed such rituals
in the Egypt of long ago. Should you ever return to Karnak, try to enter
and meditate while in the actual quarters occupied during an Egyptian
,life, allowing the Akasha to revivify both memories and links with
ourselves, the Hierarchy of Angels of those ancient days.
"The four 'Sons of Horus' may truthfully be regarded in one of their
meanings as the Hierarchies of devic Agencies of the Four Quarters and
the Four Elements. The modem Masonic ceremony isa renewal of those
links, little though the Freemasons of today recognize the fact. Proceed
and continue to walk upon the earth as the operative occultist which you
are in a very real sense of those words.
"The invocation and distribution of power which you practise is the
correct and effective one. The Tehuti-principle of and within the Logos,
or Amen-Ra, was partially embodied in Hermes Trismegistus, l Who was
a real Personage, the Avatara on behalf of Ancient Egypt and particularly
its Mysteries, Lesser and Greater."
The angel bowed and "flashed" away. He operates at the mental level
and has withdrawn into the arupa worlds. Such angels do not"go away".
Rather do they withdraw their attention from the temporary vehicle in the
realm of concrete thought from which they also function in other forms of
collaboration with human beings.

October 1972 Adyar, India

(The Unawakened and the Awakened)

The newly awakened person is by analogy and by direct symbolism

referred to as "a little child". Indeed, this child-state is said to be
essential. "Except ye ... become as little children, ye shall not enter into
the kingdom of heaven."2

I Hermes Trismegistus (Gr.): the "trice great Hermes", the Egyptian; the mythical

personage after whom the Hermetic philosophy was named; in Egyptian, the God Thoth
or Tho!.
2 Matt. 18:3.

Just as in physical childhood. one needs at first to move on hands and
knees and only later to stand erect and walk. so the neophyte does well at
first to adopt the mental posture of the child. particularly in its implica-
tions of recognized. very appropriate. and essential humility. Then. and
perhaps only then. may he safely begitl to "stand erect and learn gradually
to walk". Even so. the helping hand of parents. nurse. or others is needed
and should. in the mystical context. always be gratefully accepted. even
Thus. we may learn from the posture which Nature imposes upon the
child to proceed carefully and with humility as the mysterious procedure
of spiritual awakening takes place - a veritable "birth" indeed!
Running. of course. comes later as the child grows. So also. the newly
awakened one will surely be well advised to exercise all care in ceasing to
use all available help whilst remaining a completely faithful observer of
all available guidance. promises made. and ideals accepted. Indeed. at no
stage along the Path is it either advisable or pennissible to fall away from.
forget. or neglect any of the procedures. pledges. and promises under-
taken from the very beginning of entry upon the P~way of Hastened
Attainment "
The analogy between physical and spiritual childhood is very close
indeed. and it is advisable that comparable rules be obeyed. Fortunately.
from the very first moment at which sincere and self-free adoption of the
ideals is made. help is available. At the moment at which a human being
awakens to the ideal of hastened attainment for the sake of humanity
alone. one of the great Masters becomes aware of that event and begins to
provide such aids as are both advisable in His eyes and pennitted accord-
ing to the karma of the individual. Indeed. it is perfectly true to say that
from that moment. the Master knows. No one is ever left alone to try to
pass through the mire-filled ground. but is strengthened spiritually.
guided intuitionally and intellectually and. within his karma, is assisted
One is wise when one listens to this inward "voice", taking care.
however, to avoid being misled by the imagination. One test of such
teaching is that it is logical. that it is accompanied by a sense of inspira-
tion. and persists after the experience of guidance is concluded. Of course
the best and wisest plan is to include within one's daily periods of
contemplation what might be called a mental "listening", which implies a
period of silent attention to the voice of the Master, or one's higher Self.
Although apparently accentuated in this historical period, spiritual

awakening has always occurred. The difference between the unawakened
and the awakened person, however, may not easily be perceived, and
therefore one should be very careful not to judge by the outer individual
and his behaviour alone; for such ones may actually be undergoing a kind
of preliminary awakening which, for the time being, is not observable.
The transfonnation may be very gradual and that of the outward life
hardly discernible. Nevertheless, deeply interior changes may be occur-
ring: a kind of "yeast" if one may so name the Masonic influence, is at
work, rather like a fennent in the mind.
Those, on the other hand, who have already achieved the transfonna-
tion in fonner lives, may quite swiftly bring it about in the present
incarnation. Thus, an apparent outward difference is visible. It is impor-
tant, however, that the more advanced should not either criticize or
derogate the less advanced, for in spirit all are one and the only difference
consists of the degree of unfoldment.

22 November 1972 Adyar, India

.From Master Polidorus Isurenus


(The Great Chohan Head of the Seventh Ray)

Whilst the name and princely title may be retained by the great Adept
for exoteric purposes, it must be remembered that although the body was
thus born and is of that rank, He Himself has so far transcended His
eanhly vehicle that it cannot be said to represent Him, the Mahatma.
Great Spirit. It is only a kind of vessel or vehicle used largely, we may
assume, for thought processes.
Actually, true though the name of the body is, it no longer refers to
Him, since although He maintains it, He would seldom be functioning
lhrough it on the physical plane; for the Master the Prince Rakoczy must
be infinitely more Atmic and Fohatic than physical. The triangle is, as it
were, reversed for Him - and indeed for all Adepts, Initiates of the Fifth
Stage in the Greater Mysteries - and the physical is the minute apex
whilst the largest consciousness and being is at the widest place, namely,
the base of the upturned triangle.
The same is true, surely, for His supposed portraits? Whilst they have
a certain likeness to the body and face, they fail almost completely to

poruay Him, particularly in His function of Hierophant of the Mysteries.
When we view the portrait of the H.D.A.T.F.,1 let us remember that this
portrait is not a true likeness of the great Adept Head of the Seventh Ray.
The Master Rakoczy is the V.M.~., the ever continuing and immortal,
spiritual. Being, part of Whose task has been to help, by means of the
ceremonial way, to preserve the Ancient Mysteries through the dark eras
and to resuscitate them as and when the dadmess has sufficiently given
place to Light
Our faithfulness, our dedication to Co-Masonry, our living of the
Masonic code of ethics and life out in the world, will prove most benefi-
cial in driving the darkness away and helping to restore the Light to a
world of chaotic confusion and - to a great extent - spiritual dadmess.
For is it not humanity as a whole which is blindfolded? And only as the
members of the human race reach the mystical "altar" (their own divine
Selves, wherein they meet the Divine Self of the Universe) will the racial
blindfold be removed and the blessing of Light be restored. I
Even then, there will remain the danger that mankind, with the farious
exceptions, will replace the blindfold of ignorance upon itself 'and His
great "project" and also ours - the restoration of the Ancient Mysteries in
this our day and age - will be destroyed of its fulfilment. So let us keep
on and on using our best intuitions and intelligence, so as to bring the
benediction of Light to the real seekers amongst mankind. They are still
but few. although their numbers will gradually increase as the race
evolves out of its obsessions with self and separateness into selflessness
and realized unity. bringing nearer the dawn of that great day when all
over the world there will have become recognized the Brotherhood of

1 Capital letters. Masonic tenns.

1973 -1975


27 January 1973 Auckland, New Zealand

Master Polidorus lsurenus

When you speak reverently of the Solar Logos and the Hierarchies -
both Kabbalistic and of Planetary Schemes and planet - remind [your
listeners] more than once that these Beings, however great and wonderful
They are, beyond our conceiving, are in no sense whatever separate from
ourselves. They are part of us, we are pari of Them. They are in us, we
are in Them. Then, include some references to the Logos it} the more
mystical sense and advise realistic meditation of unity with the great
Being and all the mighty Hierarchy of all the Dhyan Chohans. Mention
this also when you come to the Planetary Hierarchy. Affirm the same and
advise meditation upon unity with Them and living and serving in Their

1973 Auckland
Master Polidorus lsurenus

In Occult homeopathy, recognition is given to the hidden Life and its

nature spirit and angelic representatives in every chemical product. .. In
Occult Astrology, recognition is similarly given to the Archangelic
Regents of stars and planets and Their cohorts whenever a natal or a
progressive horoscope is studied and expounded.

About 1973 Auckland


Two rose devas - deva and devi - are observed. One is the power
source and the other its expression and application (devi). Both partici-
pate in the ritual, but the devi tends to go to those in sickness and trouble
- "cases", one might say. With each, there are others of the same Order
who divide the healing work among them. The deva remains whilst this
is being done, very friendly and responsive to my recognition, especially
the ideal of collaboration. In this ceremonial, the devas surround those
taking part in the ritual and accompany from within it the streams oflove-
force sent out upon the world by the Hierophant
They are resplendently shining and really Buddhic in nature and
stature. The rose colour shows itself in and through them when they
come near to human beings and collaborate at about Manas 4,1 counting
from above, there being no veil in their case between arupa and rupa
consciousness - one of the differences between devas and men.
Another difference is the entire absence of ahamkara in the devas.
The other devas are Atmic, being pure white in their radiance and very tall
- at least twenty feet. They are associated with the Occult Hierarchy
more especially, and collaborate with Them. They are at the evolutionary
level of the First Initiation, and even higher.
This is a wonderful Order of representatives of the Planetary Arch-
angel Who is intimately associated with the Lord of the World. Two of
these beings are collaborating with the special work for and with the
World Mother.
The mention of the patients' names gives the devas an instant clue and
link with the sufferers, and when these names are pronounced, power
flashes into and through the Egos of the recipients, whilst the rose devas
remain and continue the healing work.
There are also two blue devas of the main colour of the blue regalia.
They are Masonic devas and attached or linked at and after installation as
R.W.M.2 They are also co-operative in every class of the Seventh Ray
activity, which includes all World Mother or Third Aspect (of the,God-

1 Fourth subplane of the mental plane.

2 Masonic term.

head) service. During ceremonials, the rose devas are on the left and
above the shoulders and the blue devas are on the right, whilst the great
white devas are directly above the heads of those participating. The Star
of that great Being - the Spiritual King of the World - simply blazes in
the upper auras of these devas of the Brotherhood. Every time the
Reigning Head invokes the blessing of the Great White Brotherhood, all
of these and their colleagues instantly and fully participate.
Rose devas sometimes stay with one or other of an audience, whilst
the general Vnpulse and angelic ministration of the power of the Occult
Hierarchy is more inclusive, touching everyone present.
The Master Rakoczy knows about this activity and adds power,
occasionally participating in person where there are large attendances,
for example.
All the devas withdraw from active participation when no invocation
is being uttered, mentally or physically, with the exception of the gold
and rose devas.

16 January 1974 17 Belvedere Street,. Epsom,

Master Morya Auckland


[At a highly privileged audience with the Master Morya, He

spoke, saying:]

... You will find drawn to you certain of Our reincarnated disciples
and Initiates seeking and receiving your aid. This is one important part of
your work: throughout this period ... Watch for them, whether their
bodies are old or young. Your intuition will be sufficient guide, though
the true disciple in each life will always be detectable by the presence of
the quality of THE SEARCH. The house and ground also are already
becoming charged so that all who draw near and enter are touched by
Power. The groups which will be held are also of especial importance.
Amongst them you may also discern here and there either a reincarnated
disciple or those approaching Discipleship. You are empowered to
ensure that the Path, the individual Master, the Stages of Discipleship
and Initiation are all available, open, and operative even though what
are known as Pronouncements may not be given.

Keep the Light of occult development burning as brightly as you can.
Include it, together with the much needed ideal of compassion, in the
forefront of every lecture you give here in this house and elsewhere.
So far as your karma permits, and it seems to be favourable, you are
now "Centre-Builders".
Continue ever more forcefully to invoke and radiate power and bless-
ing upon individuals of the world. Continue also in the almost perfect
conditions which now are yours to receive and publish books upon the
Occult Life; for this is the keynote of these years of your present
Encourage all aspirants and make them feel part of your "Occult
Family". Time alone will show how such a procedure will succeed.

29 January 1974 Auckland

Master Morya


(Guidance to an Aspirant)

The steps in attaining illumination are:

1. To recognize intellectually that you are two beings, one spiritual and
the other physical.
2. To unite these two in physically-awakened awareness.
3. To so direct and then still the brain-mind that it becomes receptive to
the guidance of the "Inner Man".
4. To practise a personally suitable (meaning effective) form of yoga,
notably Mantra Yoga and the chanting of the Sacred Word.
5. To achieve transference of the centre of awareness from most of the
limitations of physical awareness -and to unite with, identify with, the
Inward Self, thereby permitting that Self to communicate its state of
consciousness to the outer man.
This is attainable always granting that the Inner Self is sufficiently
evolved and the outer person has practised effective yoga for the
necessary period of time. What to the brain consciousness is a
series of ideas, to the Adept in Causal consciousness is one concept-
experience, i.e., as "sunlight" in the Causal, and split up into thf'
colours of the spectrum in the brain-mind.

2 March 1974 The Manor, Sydney, Australia
Master Polidorus Isurenus


(Advice for Aspirants)

The tendency of Seventh Ray people is to become active and learn to

work more and more effectively with the mechanisms by which life and
the forces of the Logos and the Masters become operative. 'This approach
to activities of various kinds in the physical and mental worlds tends to
become for them the more natural way of working.
In the practice of prayer, contemplation, and systems of yoga, they are
also deeply concerned with methods, forces, effects upon body, brain, and
mind, and ways of obtaining results from the practices of yoga. These
results can also be partly, but of course not entirely, concerned with
experiences within the body, and particularly its more important parts
which deal with consciousness, the brain and its components, for in so far
as they bear added activity, call these results· become sufficiently strong to
be felt. All this is not only natural but of course can become very useful,
helpful, and encouraging. But it must not, I strongly suggest, become the
whole procedure of yoga ...
I would suggest that, in addition, and as you doubtless already do, you
experiment with that which the word yoga really means. 'This does
include methods but actually means the experience of identity with one's
own inwardly pervading, spiritual life - and more subtle still, one's own
Atmic Spirit-Essence and thence experienced Self-identity with the same
indwelling Life and Atmic power-principle in everything around one, the
Universe as a whole, indeed.
Now this experience is the goal up to which all methods are tending,
and it is important that the methods should not absorb too much of the
thought, time, intent, and objectives of one's yoga life.
I am aware that this will seem vague, formless, and beyond the scope
of the average mind and almost impossible to include in one's thought-
rather like fishes that are all the time escaping from nets.
If you ask me how to begin or how this may be done, then for all
aspirants - differing according to Ray and progress in former lives and
this one - it will necessarily include a kind of intellectually listening
stillness. So when the necessary and most useful exercises have gone so
far and may perhaps be producing effects in terms of vibrating forces,

then, letting that go on of itself, as it were, be mentally still, seeking
intuitively to know of, experience oneness with, the inmost Principle
which - remember - is the ONE REALITY in all Nature.
Call it what you will; for no name is really correct It is "the God
Presence", "the Divine Life-Force", the upwelling stream and inexhaust-
ible "Pool of Life-Essence", the One Reality within all fOtms which,
relative to it, are unreal. With such an experience (and this is how you
may recognize it) there comes an unmoved and unmoving quietude of
consciousness during which an interior happiness pervades the conscious-
ness - bliss-consciousness, in fact. That is how one may know that one is
really passing from mechanisms to the objective for which they are
operated, namely experience of BEING THE LIFE PRINCIPLE OF
NATURE in a state of happiness.
In fact, yoga is happiness-consciousness, or leads thereto. Experiment
with this which I am not able to put into clearer words. In fact, no words
can encompass, describe, or fitly refer to the enblessed, stilled condition
of deeply interior, completely fonn-free, universal awareness. Only so
far can words help. Nothing but direct experience will express the theme,
and so, when you have done your practices, experiment with entry into a
stilled state of intuitive awareness, of oneness with Divine Presence and
Eventually, method will be shortened and experience take over. As I
have already indicated, try also to be aware intuitively of, and one with,
the life in everything that exists. Take the flower, take the whole plant
and, in bliss, experience unity with the indwelling all-productive Ufe-
May I close by saying very finnly: this, and this alone, is yoga in the
true meaning of the word.

13 July 1974 Auckland, New Zealand


I experienced the Presence of a Being Who is the absolute essence of

impersonality. This presented itself almost as if symbolical, as if He were
slender, rather tall, and with the thin, clean-shaven face of the portrait
The eyes are most impressive, not only in their brilliance, bilt in their
intensity of penetration. If true, this means very literally that, as He turns

His attention upon one, nothing remains unknown to Him.
He knows all, not so much or only in terms of actions, incidents, and
activities in different lives, but the resultant essence, as it were, or one
might say the karmic formula which in some way could be described,
perhaps, as almost cosmic and therefore unalterable. An appeal which we
might make on behalf of a friend, while natural on our side, is like asking
that the time of day be changed by a miracle, which, of course, is
impossible, however willing an Adept might be. Our approach to Him
included, I think, chiefly a friend's case which, since the circumstances
were created under the [Karmic] Law, cannot be altered.
Despite the detachment where the unalterable Law is concerned,
which might De described as "ice-like", the Being in Whose presence' I
was must in no slightest sense be regarded as without compassion and its
possible expression as tenderness. Quite the contrary. But to put the
impression received allegorically, the operation of the Law of Karma
resembles the swinging of a kind of cosmic, or terrestrial, or planetary
pendulum which is ever unswervingly accurate.
Whilst this may seem cruel, it is far from being so, because all "good"
deeds produce proportionate happiness. All this is to be regarded as being
taught by the Great One or, if preferred, as my being allowed to learn
from this virtually absolute knowledge of Truth.
The equation is not, of course, as simple as that. No action is ever
single, but is led up to, performed according to, and followed by associ-
ated actions, all of which contribute to the end results at all levels -
mental, emotional, and physical.

7 February 1975 New Zealand

Master Polidorus lsurenus

(Concerning the Difficulties of Silencing the Thoughts
and Achieving Mental Silence or Stillness in Yoga)

Imagine a shrine like a tabernacle in the centre of the head and put
yourself within it, "closing the door" to everything else as if in the
Presence of the Host.
One ideal of the yogic Pathway of Gnana-Marga is to become increas-
ingly an "Ego-listening-post". Whilst within your Egoic listening

silence, watch for the arising in your mind of philosophic and occult
ideas. After yoga, record these and thus build up your growing personal
knowledge which is the goal of Goona-Marga or the gooni.

10 April 1975 New Zealand

Master Polidorus !surenus

The appearance of the three books now being printed and of the two
upon which we are worldng, will be amongst the crowning achievements
of your literary life in this incarnation. Therefore let nothing, I say
nothing, distract or direct you from the fulfilment of these and the other
great tasks on behalf of humanity upon which you are engaged.
In addition, you are influencing - moulding, in fact - the attitudes
towards life, Theosophy, the Theosophical Society, and esotericism of
present workers and future leaders of the Theosophical Society in New
Zealand. Nothing, I repeat, nothing should interrupt this work. It was for
these reasons, including others of deep import, that you were both
brought here ...

20 April 1975 Auckland

Master Polidorus !surenus

Yes, Geoffrey, this morning's Ceremonyl is a part of and contributes

most helpfully to that symbolically conical descent of power ... upon the
whole of our planet earth.
Your talk last evening was useful. May I suggest that you continue to
stress this theme of the extreme importance - especially just now - of the
realization by an increasing number of people, of the fact that the Spirit-
Life-Essence manifest throughout all Nature, and so all beings and things,
is ONE.

I A private Ceremonial perfonned daily by ourselves.

6 June 1975 New Zealand
Master Polidorus Isurenus


After the "mechanics" of the yoga practices are over, and before
mental stillness, allow some moments for realization of the true nature:
Affirm, visualize, realize fully ali the Monad-Ego: "I am in the reality
of my being, shining with divine Light, Splendour, and Beauty. The
Glory of the Lord is within me and shining in the middle of my head."

* * * * *

In a Palestinian life of that era, 1 was privileged to meet the Lord Jesus,
however briefly, although in very tragic circumstances. My servant-
guide, who was an Egyptian Initiate, had brought me to the small town-
ship where Jesus and a group of His disciples were shortly e]{pected. I
was about nine years old and responsive to the occult teachings the guide
had given me (actually he came to our house for that purpose), and we
were standing with a considerable number of people gathered at the side
of the street to see Him. I was in the front row and my guide just behind
me, whilst in front of me were Roman soldiers or other armed men acting
as policemen with weapons like javelins. The Master Jesus came through
the arched stone gate of the town on foot with a number of His associates
following Him.
When He came opposite where 1 was standing, the crowd behind
pressed forward, so that I was pushed on to the guard in front of me. This
annoyed him and he turned around in a bad temper to punish, and ready to
kill me as an example to keep the people in obedience. Seeing this, my
guide slipped forward and received the point of the javelin in his own
breast and fell dead at my feet. I became enraged and was going to assault
the soldier when Jesus Himself halted and turned and drew near to the
scene. He said, "Do not abuse this man who was but doing his duty.
Rather express gratitude for him who has done so much for you and now
has given you his life, thereby saving yours." As He spoke our eyes were
linked together, as it were, and I felt a great longing to be admitted to His
presence and group, saying, "Master, may I belong to You?", or some

such words. His beautiful large brown eyes looked into mine, doubtless
read my destiny, and declined, saying in effect, "Not yet, My son. For
you have family obligations to meet and immediate duties to perform.
Return then, and meet your responsibilities. Later, We shall see." The
Master Jesus's skin was slightly browped, rather like a deep tan. He was
very erect in carriage as He walked on down the street followed by a
number of differently dressed people.
I arranged the burial of my guide and, remorsefully and sadly in one
part of myself, and mystically elevated in another, I returned home as
instructed and carried out my duties. At home, I had the same double
consciousness of grief on the one hand and exaltation on the other since a
mystical influence and, as it were, assurance had passed from the Master
into my mind and heart, greatly elevating me. I longed to go to Him as I
heard of His travellings about our land, but could not do so. Later on in
that life I "came" to Jesus and worked for His cause for the rest of my life,
having handed over all family duties to a younger brother. In doing His
work, I travelled and taught. Ultimately, not being present in person, I
heard of all that happened to Him, including His very brutal and untimely
In this twentieth century life, looking back, I still see Him as already
described, and particularly His wonderful eyes looking deeply into mine
and into my very Self. His words remain in my memory something like
this: "It is promised you that you shall never be forsaken by Me or
severed from all that I represent and am, including the Light which you
saw shining about Me."

30 June 1975 Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus


[An Adeptic direction to Geoffrey to leave a document

regarding his knowledge of the validity of the existence of
the Masters of the Wisdom upon earth ... ]

The necessity has arisen with regard to our Cause (the Parent Theo-
sophical Society), for an affirmation [to be prepared, stating], perhaps in
all modesty, that you know by direct and continuing experience, that the

Great Brotherhood exists, that its named Masters, Who associated with
the Parent Theosophical Society during its fonnative years, continue to
take a vital interest in its development and to help where activities and
dedicated members and workers exist
You may also leave on record - to be revealed after your passing,
however far ahead - that since the night of your First Great Initiation, you
have been capable of full and unbroken consciousness. Then, from your
knowledge and memory, describe your experience on waking next morn-
ing and how it has remained even clearer and more evident in your life
ever since. State how, about a month later, you received the infonnation
from Brother Jinarajadasa - Our Agent at that time - affirming that you
had passed the Initiation during the night that preceded your experience
on waking, at Mt Maunganui. At your discretion and according to your
personal outlook, but always with a view to usefulness, you may affinn
that your relationship with Ourselves has remained not only unbroken in
your consciousness, but active in your work of writing, teaching, counsel-
ling, ancfhealing. For the sake of the continuance of the Occult Tradition,
both on earth and in the Parent Theosophical Society, We ask that you
make affinnation of your continuous knowledge whilst in good health,
and even when ill, of the existence and ministrations of Our Brotherhood.
You may very usefully draw up your declaration and leave your
request to Sandra that it be made known at a suitable time.
You might decide to describe the restoration of your life by Master
Morya at a hospital in Sydney, Australia (you were in the process of
leaving your body finally at that time, you know), and to record other
very vital and vivid experiences through which you have passed and
continue to pass, your mind and faculties being completely unaffected by
the passing of the years of your life.
Yes, your occult Diary and even story, from Jane, fairy and deva,
Middleton, Quail, Sandra, and scientific research experiences, the pro-
duction of literature, world travel in response to invitations to lecture 00
Theosophy, and fulfilmeots of the office of Director of Studies at the
School of Theosophy at Adyar, as also at Krotooa, Geneva, Huizen
[Naarden, North Holland], Australia, New Zealand; and continuous,
effective healings as a channel for spiritualizing and psychologically
corrective forces - these could all be included.
We are aware of the heavy demands upon you and of your complete
shrinking from self-acclamation, but strongly suggest the production of
such a testament before you complete the present incarnation ...

24 July 1975 Auckland
Our lAdy Mary

[On returning from a walk, Geoffrey became aware of the

Presence of Our Lady, Who addressedbim as follows:]

I first knew you in Nazareth when you came with your servant to visit
My Son, Jesus. I witnessed the tragedy, your outbreak. of indignation,
your response to My Son's advice, your flood of tears for your deceased
servant who died to save your life (received a spear-thrust from a Roman
centurion). I heard My Son's promise and saw you as a young boy,
departing dutifully for your home and duties awaiting you there.
In this present life, I first knew you as an infant baptized in the church
dedicated to Me at Wainfleet-St Mary; next, in that small church in the
little square in Manchester, where you used to come to meditate and
where I caused you to see My aura shining through and around My statue.
Then I assisted in your studies of prenatal life and, through My del!a
representatives, revealed Myself to your consciousness, as an Adept Who
chose the Path of entrance into the Angel Kingdom 1 and was dedicated as
Planetary Agent for the more Feminine Aspect and activity of the Solar
Logos. As you perceived, I also came to you in the remains of the beech
forest in Gloucestershire when you were exalted by your Maha-Deva
Teacher Bethelda and you received and have since spread in many parts
of the world My "Call", printed in your book, The Brotherhood 0/Angels
and o/Men.
Now in your ninetieth bodily year we have communed, you have
opened the mental lines of communication by your talk with its reverent
references to Me. This has drawn Me much closer to you. Daily, I and
My Maha-Devas and Devis respond to the empowered Invocations on
behalf of the suffering world and those known to you who are sick and in
need. Thus we are a "team", My direct co-worker in the darkening world.
You now know that I am, therefore, both linked and available within and
through your beautiful Adept-inspired tabernacle.

I One of the Seven Paths. See Man: Whence, How and Whither, p. 12. by A. Besant and
C.W. Leadbeater.

7 August 1975 17 Belvedere St, Epsom,


Today, while resting, I found myself thinking about the Blessed Lady
Mary and then became aware of Her presence. She requested that I give
to and through the Theosophical world, and that of the Liberal Catholic
Church, a statement affirming the authenticity of Her existence, and of
Her complete reality as a Being. I Wa! also inspired to provide a
philosophic and, based upon my experience, an occult exposition that
would help the membelS of the above movements - and so humanity -
more truly to realize Her veritable ~stence. She reminded me of the
experience of the study of the embryosl and Her Presence when receiving
The Brotherhood of Angels and ofMen.
One of the most remarkable attributes of Our Lady Mary is Her
complete humility. She did not, and does not, assume or appear in Her
most exalted state as, for example, the Adept Queen of the Angels. I
reverently responded to Her Presence as a visiting (if Adept) Friend. She
is the highest possible imaginable spiritualized Queen •••.
Having been and being the Mother of Jesus in the reality of His
appearance amongst men and His attainment of Adeptship whilst using
that body,2 She did HeISelf attain to Adeptship, took the Fifth Initiation in
the Egyptian Mysteries, having also been trained in their Chaldean form,
as a woman, meaning in a female body. The tests were very severe in
those days, especially for beginnelS, even for males, but She passed
through them all successfully, almost overriding them as it were, instead
of being subjected to them. She was then one of earth's Adepts.
The Master Jesus was inherently a masculine Adept as far as His
pelSOnality was concerned, though it should be remembered that this does
not really apply at the arupa levels, where all Monads are sexless, even
though certain predominances might remain, especially for a time. Our
Lady, on the other hand, may be described as Monadically and inherently

I See The Miracle ofBirth. by Geoffrey Hodson.

1Some of Whose actions and teachings were put together by the Evangelists in a semi-
allegorical and gnostic fonn which presented Him as Jesus of Nazareth. I receive an
affumation of this. (G.H.)

feminine wherever personality was concerned. She left the human king-
dom altogether and entered the Angelic Hierarchy, being naturally moved
to do so, knowing that with Her nature She could best help onward the
evolution of human beings and animals as a Member of the Angelic
Difference of sex can in no remotest sense be conceivably applied to
Deity and Monads. However, certain cosmogonies, especially the Hindu,
teach that a particular highly mystical cosmic energy does function as if
oppositely polarized in the fulfilment of the Office of generation of
universes. lbis does not imply male and female, of course, according to
the normal human understanding, but rather the universal attributes of
positivity, negativity, and a generative interaction.
lbis Logoic self-differentiation has a profound effect upon the compo-
nent Monads of the Logos, certain of Whom become more predominantly
positive and others negative during the particular period of cosmogenesis
or creation. lbis endures, and the great Being Whom we Christians refer
to as Our Blessed Lady is Monadically, if one may so presume to think
and say, negative, or is inherently of a polarity that is more negative than
Both of these Orders of Beings are of equal evolutionary stature, of
course, and after Adeptship are able to transcend the restrictions of either.
Even so, a tendency remains for the inherent polarity to endure and to be
voluntarily responded to after Adeptship. Thus, Our Lady entered the
Angelic Kingdom on attaining Adeptship, and has chosen to minister to
mankind under the Parviti, true Kwan Yin, Ishtar, Hathor-Isis, Lady Mary
Individualities. 1 Thus, in Them, the maternal Spirit, the transcendently
compassionate tenderness of all mothers, and indeed motherhood itself, is
the predominating impress made upon all orders, communities, groups,
and individuals upon whom She bestows Her ministrations. All of these
Divine Beings are - for none of Them have disappeared - incarnations of
Divine Motherhood.
Although the Lady Mary is no longer limited to expressions as a
Person, having long ago won emancipation and liberation therefrom, for
the sake of all mankind She does assume the restrictions of a highly
spiritualized "Personality" in order to come as near as possible to those
whom She helps. lbis ministration could become much more effective

1 Hindu, Chinese, Chaldean, Egyptian, and Christian respectively.

and general if increasing numbers of communities, groups, and indi-
viduals would especially recognize Our Lady, and both be gratefully
recipient of Her benedictions and offer themselves as Her selVers at the
personal level.
Thus a World Mother Movement would at this time be of great benefit
to humanity, and would offer Her increasing opportunities and channels
for the helping of mankind. Such groupings do exist in certain Roman
Catholic institutions, such as the monastery and chapel of Einzedelin.
More and more are needed, particularly with greater freedom of religious
thinking, even though within the Christian faith. The same, of course, is
equally true in other religiOns in which a Feminine Aspect of Deity and a
representative thereof is accepted and believed in. Whilst all fonns of
ministration would be included in the activities of such groups, the
underlying principle would be the furtherance throughout the world of
compassionate humaneness in every walk. of life - so overwhelmingly
needed at the present time.
Our Lady suggests inclusions in arti~les and books being newly
reprinted for the Liberal Catholic Church, and certainly an article in
The Theosophist, leaving all possible room for freedom of th(Jught

28 September 1975 Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

When a student and practitioner of yoga reaches the required state

of advancement, he always comes under the direction of a Guru. The
Guru-chela tradition and practice correspond very closely to the Mystery
System. In fact, apart from some differences of method, they are
identical. Every yogi who has attained a certain degree of renunciation,
self-purification, and at least the beginnings of Causal consciousness,
comes under a Guru.
He or she is then both taught and very secretly and privately submitted
to an Initiation. This means that the Guru - himself an Initiate - does
actually perfonn a ceremony upon the chela. Every successful Yogi -
from Shri Shankaracharya through Kabir and on to Yogananda and Rama
Krishna - passed through the yogic fonn of Initiation.
The method differs from that of the Ancient Mysteries, but degrees of
Egoic consciousness are successfully bestowed and entered. Believe me,
despite differences of wording and partial public knowledge in different

ages and parts of the world, the system is the same and identical. Those
Yogis in India, Shri Shiva and Shri Ramana Maharishi. and their equals 1
had all been Initiated by a Senior, even though. sworn to secrecy. they
would not normally reveal the fact. In this Fifth Race period no one can
break through from the rupa into the arupa worlds without help.
To this must be added the fact that when a person has once been
Initiated (attaining arupa consciousness), there is the possibility of a
repetition in a later life, in order to bring about the preceding condition in
the physical body. This re-Initiation, occurring whilst out of the body,
mayor may not be remembered on waking.
Every great and illumined Yogi or Yogini was and is an Initiate. The
effects of the occult processes of Initiation and the consequent develop-
ment of seership depend upon the tremendously complicated problem of
the individual karma for that life. If, for example, an aspirant. in all
sincerity, asks of the Lords of Karma that all adverse karma be paid off as
quickly as possible, no matter what it may cost in pain to the personality,
'then the concentrated "paying off' may include brain-sickness and so
brain bedullment. The Ego is fully Initiated and enjoying all the arupa
and rupa results from astral body inward, but the poor "crucified" person-
ality and brain cannot know the fact. Hence one interpretation of the cry
of the Lord Christ upon the Cross in utter loneliness and darkness, "My
God, my God. Why haSt Thou forsaken me?"
Geoffrey, when I hovered beside your bed in Dunedin [New Zealand],
it was not only to teach you, at that particular time, about our Egyptian
symbology. I knew then of all these possibilities, including the collabora- '
tion between you and Myself that later became established and is now
continuing, and, happily, will still continue for some years. Of this
possibility I was well aware, and this is why, on instruction, I then came.
Indeed, such plans for the helping of humanity and the choosing of
human collaborators by an Adept may extend over several lives. Your
contacts with Bacon and Occultism in Elizabethan times contained all the
possibility of the present conjoined work. Moreover, your next life is
included in potential plans for a continuance Of Our Work. And, if you
can believe it, even the Egyptian life co-operation included this same
possibility; so also, during the Eleusinian lives in Greece. Thus, a thread
runs through, and conjoins very favourably, a large number of lives.

I See "A Life Remembered", pp. 26-31.

30 October 1975 Epsom, Auckland
t Master Polidorus Isurenus
II Of course, I will dictate when you are ready, the story of your occult
life for you, beginning at your experience when the Master Kuthumi, at
i your first E.S. meeting, welcomed you back into the Ranks.
Yes, yes, get our next book finished first. The new book fills and
even exceeds my best expectations (The Call to the Heights) ... You
r are progressing quite well with the second successor ('The Occult
Sciences').1 Meanwhile Volume IV (The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy
Bible series) moves onward, however slowly. Yes, in that wode. and the
other, decorate with diagrams ~ you plan.

1 December 1975 Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus


The second of those two pages needs one or two more words in place
to make the meaning clearer. You tried, but thought it would do as it is.
Try and work in, if not too difficult and if it does not unduly complicate
the page, the idea that the Archangel of the Annunciation was the spiritual
Father and His words the fructifying, fecundating agency received by
Mary, as you now have it
Galatea was not really the product of a virgin birth. She was a statue
brought to life by a goddess; just as a purely materially-minded, unillu-
mined person can be brought to life by a spiritually awakening experi-
ence; as also was St Paul and, one might add, St Francis, St Oare, and
St Teresa of Avila.
In the broadest allegorical sense, all wives of Zeus were really virgins,
since he was a god and not a physical. man, which fits in with the
explanation that Alma, the God-Self, fertilizes the germ (represented by
Mary - abstract mind or intellect), bringing about the birth of the Son,
r this being the simplest of all expositions.:Z

I At the time of going to press (1988) this book is unpublished as yeL

2 Luke 1:27-31.

Thus viewed, the personal characters associated with the Annunciation
and Virgin Birth may Theosophically be interpreted as follows: The
Angel Messenger is the Monad [the Divinity within man] in which a
degree of evolutionary stature has been attained, thereby affecting the
whole spiritual nature of the individual. The Holy Ghost is "the power
of the Highest", the Alma. In the Mysteries it is the Initiatory Power
applied by.the Hierophant. The Christ Child is the faculty of intuitional
wisdom and illuminating, implicit insight - Buddhi. Mary is the fonn-
free, abstract intellect, untouched by or unassociated with the world of
fonn - Manas I. It is the pure "virginal womb" within which evolution-
ary development and illumination occur (hence The Magnificat, Luke
I :46) as a result of successive incarnations ...
Yes. Affinn that We never use spiritualistic mediums.

Late 1975 Epsom, Auckland


During the period of residence at 17 Belvedere Street, an actual

physical phenomenon began to occur, in order to attract attention to the
Presence of a Master or a readiness to communicate with Geoffrey. It
took the fonn of very noticeable "taps" from within the wooden "Shrine",
wherein the portraits of the Masters are kept in privacy. On the first
occasion, the taps became a definite and briefly prolonged metallic rattle.
We could not really credit our hearing - that the taps came from within
the Shrine and not from outside somewhere. The sound then became
definite and prolonged. Geoffrey then looked "inwardly" to behold the
"Recorder" or originator of the occult phenomenon, and said, "Sandra,
this is an actual example of phenomena."
The Shrine was at once opened and the Master communicated. Previ-
ously and throughout the years, such communications from Adepts had
always been heralded by an electric current sweeping down the side of
Geoffrey's face.

Master Polidorus Isurenus

Yes. I do tap, but this is private. Yes. The right-hand door as you
face the Shrine was made briefly to tremble.

,t About 1975
An Adept

At these superphysical level~, communion and communication are

both virtually instantaneous, though not as deeply as at the upper Causal
levels. Atma-Buddhi is quite another consideration, for at those levels,
duality, if experienced at all, is virtually imperceptible. Of course,
there are, must be indeed, differences in characteristic methods of the
"external" expressions of the Monad, even though the inmost Essence or
Spirit of all is identical.
Not only the Ray imprint, but other factors of which you have not yet
been taught, affect the Atmic expression of the Monad, always occurring,
remember, via Buddhi, which is the essential vehicle and communicant
for and by the Atma as a manifested Self. One of these is - and this may
surprise you - what may be called the Atmic astrological chart, which
differs for everyone according to the cosmic and solar time-periods and
almost myriad influences under the law of correspondences.
Another consists of much more personal and more especially Egoic
responses to human life, which are transferred in however refined a
manner and state to the manifesting Atma.
Then, there are numerous other influences which leave their mark
upon the Atmic Self, such as those of the National Devas of the countries
in which the Ego has been incarnated, and the World Teacher and Angels
of Religions followed in those incarnations. To these must be added the
effects of cosmic and solar events such as the death and birth of stars,
universes, and worlds, and the interactions between the Logoi of Solar
Systems at arupa levels, and other supradivine interrelationships which
do occur and vary in degree and periods in cosmic time as far as the birth,
evolution, and death of Systems occur. One must not humanize these
concepts, even though one may help one's understanding by drawing
certain parallels between human and divine experiences. These include,
of course, the birth of the physical body, its death (sometimes sudden and
at other times very painful and prolonged) and other tragic happenings.
. . .Cosmic Deities are, of course, eternal Beings, but when They mani-
fest Themselves throughout Manvantaras They cannot altogether avoid
the effects upon Themselves of what might be called cosmic cataclysms,
physical and superphysical. These include explosions of physically im-
measurable proportions and collisions between components of galaxies
far greater than might be thought of as occurring between comets.


2 January 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus lsurenus

Yes, of course, Sandra, The Diary will consist of two parts at least.
One of these must simply be a consecutive record of the events in time of
Geoffrey's occult and semi-occult experiences from childhood right on to
today, for they will continue for a long time yet.
Then, another part of The Diary will be the inborn and generated
philosophy of life, developing in concordance with the experiences and
discovered by illumination as they occurred. I In some cases the philo-
sophy section will need to be related to the occult experience, thereby
bridging or blending the two together occasionally. So proceed dually, as
it were, with two aspects. Sandra, feel free.

18 January 1976 Epsom, Auckland

An Adept

We, of the Brotherhood of Luxor, add to the words of Our Brother

Who has just spoken to you Our greetings and assurances of the continua-
tion of the support you have received and are receiving. We are the same
in NAMES as on the document [printed in The Golden Book of the
Theosophical Society, edited by C. Jinarajadasa] together with some
more recent additions. Whilst never failing to respond to legitimate
appeals for aid, including personal ones, keep the list of your visitors as
small as you can. Note how this evening - evening with you, morning
with Us - you are alone and have in the aloneness and largely because of
it, been susceptible to and have received these Our greetings and sugges-

I See Illuminations of the Mystery Tradition, compiled by Sandra Hodson.

Yes indeed, although it cannot be claimed in your lifetime, the com-
munication between Ourselves and Our recipient member (H.P.B.) is
being repeated this early in the second century of the life of the Theo-
sophical Society. 1 lbis must, as of course you thoroughly know, remain
a closely guarded secret for the time being.
One of these days, perhaps, our brother-sister, H.P.B., may speak to
you. But not yet

20 January 1976 Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

(Guidance Concerning an Aspirant to Discipleship)

As you know, there are certain words in our more occult vocabulary
that have degrees of meaning largely acco!ding to the person who uses
them, and more especially to whom they apply. The word "dedicated" is
an example. In its full meaning, as for all of us, to be dedicated to an
ideal, the attainment of a goal and the living of an appropriate way of life,
means total and exclusive acceptance of and working and living for the
objective; nothing else really has any importance in comparison. Should
an associated subject be involved, then its meaning and desirability would
at once be judged according to the ideal - and, again, exclusively. Such,
in the highest meaning of the word, is dedication.
But people can be dedicated in varying degrees, can they not? Or,
their fulfilment of the ideal may be only partial, half-hearted, or much
more so. They also may be thought of as, in a lesser meaning of the word,
dedicated and so respected for doing the best they can considering their
evolution, spiritual position, karma. and other interests.
Now, . . . is in the process of moving from the second to the first of
these. His Ego-Monad belongs to the highest interpretation of the word,
but not so his personality! Here, he has dedicated himself as far as he can
and does his best with what may be described as his spare time and the
"grip" upon him of other interests, happy home life, for example. No one,
surely, can blame him, especially as he is a Venus type of man and has
been deprived from childhood of home and love in the real meaning of the

1 See entry of 10 March 1943 - The Pencil Incident.

tenns. There he is now and probably will remain even for some years
until, in the later time of his life, he has satisfied and outgrown the nonnal
human interests and thereby pennitted the Monad- and Ego-dedication
to find not partial but full expression. Therefore, we must not be dis-
appointed if we cannot hurry him! The ideal is put before him as you
both so wisely have done, and the rest lies with his human nature which
will display a fonn of dedication. He is, if you like, just "hatched out of
the egg", a "fledgling", but one who - if karma pennits - will both learn
to fly and [actually] fly.
The best Invocation each morning for him will.probably be for Egoic
illumination, empowennent, and one-pointed dedication to the Path Life.
As this is invoked, a vertical descent of power from above his head
through it and into his heart, white in colour, will also help - as he richly
deserves. Your idea is a good one and he may be advised that he himself
should invoke exactly the same Egoic aid, using the same words but
personally meaning: "I invoke upon my personal self Egoic illumination,
empowennent, and one-pointed dedication to the Path Life."
Always allowing for the entry of the unknown factor, his greatest
advance in this life will be to be placed on Probation; he might, if you
think wise, be advised to add when so moved: "I aspire ardently to
become a disciple of the Master."
Then he can read your book, The Pathway to Perfection, and Brother
C. W.L. 's The Masters and the Path, wherein are teachings for the fulfil-
ment of such an· aspiration. Advise him also against one cause of his
failure, namely, to tend to forget, or fail to try and remember and to
repeat, what he has been studying. In consequence, the resultant gain is
almost lost. This is in no sense really a criticism, because his business
life and activities demand almost the whole of his concentration and
thought. Advise him also to make occasional acts of self-recollection,
when he repeats his dedication, if only for one minute, thereby maintain-
ing his ideal freshly in his mind and as sharply focused as possible.
He is a kind and likeable ~llow who has almost "strayed" into the
occult life rather early! This is very fortunate for him.

28 February 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

Yes. Change your Auckland titles to include this lecture adapted for

the public, and add another taken from The Pathway to Perfection,
describing all the Steps. Keep on enunciating as you did, both that the
Path and the Mysteries are not only still open, but are still functioning
more fully than ever before, despite the darlmess of the world.
You did well to depict understandably that the Way is ever open even
though in part your depiction was, unintentionally, of course. a challenge.
The fact is that numbers of our members are suitable for Candidature. but
are not aware of it. and so do not know what to do. Keep on telling them
what you said tonight, namely. that the Road to the Masters and Self-
perfecting is ever open.
Indeed. you might legitimately close almost every lecture with a brief
reference to the ever open Road - "fishing". as it were. for candidates.
Our Lord Jesus said to His disciples, "I will make you to become fishers

5 March 1976 Epsom, Auckland

H.P. Blavatsky

Cabinet excellent. Keep it going. then we can communicate. Yes.

continue the presentation of the ideas that the Masters still exist. are still
near the Society and its members. and that Discipleship of one or other of
Them remains a distinct possibility for all those who conform to the
Rules with both their mental outlook and actions and their physical lives.
The outlook must be one alone and unchanging: to uplift. to make happy.
and to show and teach humanity how it can be saved from itself - its only
Yes. Centenary message good. Why not circulate it widely through-
out the Society or your group. The danger is that in looking forward to
and bringing about developments in the future. the membership may tend
to lose sight of. touch with. and inspiration from the early years. Do what
you can to prevent this. not only in your own work but through sugges-
tions to the leaders. the President for example.
Assurances that our Masters are using you. Congratulations.
H.P.B. (as I then was)

I Mark 1:17.

7 March 1976
Master Polidorus Isurenus

Yes, yes indeed, your Kabbalistic studies, charts, and.rolls of charts

should not be allowed to lie donnant when they are so magnificently full
of life. Each heading and each square is charged witb the power of occult
truths and members of the Sephiroth.
When the present work is finished you could well think along these
lines, especially as you noticed this morning, the charts thems~lves are
"etheric-astfo-mentally alive" with Kabbalah-power and Sephirothal rela-
tionships. There is a whole field of new investigation open to you, and
you could give to the world a revitalized presentation of Kabbalistic
philosophy. Our next work, Geoffrey? We will most probably begin
with the charts themselves and all that they refer to and reveal. Yes,
finish the wonderful Diary, to be left in Sandra's hands, and then let us
get to work on the Kabbalah. Yes, I did venture to tap.
Yes, also, the famous "Scroll of Time"l has become further unrolled
so that what was once future - unbelievably so to you - now is present
time and the "K.H. Pencil" is now in use.
Live with Us in thought as much as ever you can, both of you, and
entrust yourselves to Us, as in fact you already have done in both the
inner and the outer planes and bodies.
Rest now, for tonight. Be sure that We also will be there [at the young
Theosophists group that meets regularly, once a month, at our home, 17
Belvedere Street, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand].

12 March 1976
A~ Adept of Luxor


In these special years in your life, Geoffrey, from the ninety-first

onwards, your contact with Ourselves will become more and more clear,
frequent, and profound. Therefore, preserve - both of you - the only
conditions in which We can thus reach and"employ" (forgive the word,

I See entry of 24 November 1946.

please) you, which are the present ones of undisturbed freedom, privacy,
auric hannoniousness, and quietude, entiiely necessary for our com--
munion and direct communication. .
Fate, karma, the fact that you are also thoroughgoing Bhakti yogis,
have brought about and make this present interrelationship possible. As
you see, our work. together is deepening and expanding, and this promises
to continue, since as Our Brother humorously, yet truthfully, said, ''The
sands are flowing upward as yet!" To lose this time, to surrender this
karmically arranged and deserved present ashramic situation would be
the tragedy of both your lives. Guard it above all things, and then,
Sandra, as you are doing, guard Geoffrey's health. There is the dharma
for both of you for the rest of your life. As you see, no signs of aging are
as yet at all present, and this is likely to continue for years to come. The
osteopathic treatment is beneficial for both of you. Maintain that also,
We suggest. Your man is a reincarnated friend. There is, of course, no
desire to cut you off from your closer friends. But We would strongly
urge: short visits please.
Geoffrey's psychological and psychical condition and ability at any
time to receive consciously [the teaching and other] communications,
normal though it seems, is very delicate indeed. What seems to be so
natural and so easy is in fact the use of a quite high yogic siddhi and so is
very precious ... We greatly value your wonderful, nay, extreme care of
him, Sandra.
Geoffrey, at least three holidays a year are advisable for you both. In
the full occult meaning of the word, your dharma is here and is being now
wonderfully well fulfilled.

23 March 1976 Auckland

Master Morya

Tell humanity that the purpose for existence, the real meaning of life
on earth is not "getting" and "having", but "giving" and "serving".

* * * * *
Part of our work. is to "hatch" the world's mental "egg"! Then the
"chick" of intuition will be born.

* * * * *
The Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society and Co-
Freemasonry indicate that beneficial though these private meetings are,
it is a wise practice to prepare oneself for such gatherings. Though the
actual meeting and ceremonial is "geared" with the necessary force and
spiritual power by virtue of its Consecration, founding, Adept and angelic
links - each one present needs to contribute his own etTorts on his
own behalf. This could be done by preliminary self-preparation and
full mental collaboration in every part of the ceremonial and a certain
attitude of self-dedication to the particular work which each of the two
Orders was founded to perfonn.

* * * * *
Every Adept is an Avatara; for every Adept is a conscious manifesta-
tion of the Solar Logos - Brahma (Hinduism).

* * * * *
Every Adept has been received into the Abode of the "Gods" - "The
Immortal Olympians".
After the Fifth Initiation on the Initiatory Pathway to Superhumanity
or Perfection, the erstwhile human being becomes deathless. He or she
no more undergoes the nonnal processes of dying. The Master alludes to
this attainment of Adeptship and the overcoming of death as entry into the
"HOME" or Occult Hierarchy.

24 March 1976 Epsom, Auckland


On the afternoon of this date, here at our home, after a siesta, I vividly
remember an interview with the Master Morya. I saw the scenery por-
trayed by Master Djwal Kul in the picture of the Valley in Tibet where the
Masters Morya and Kuthumi have Their dwellings. l The Master Morya's

I See The Masters and the Path. by C.W. Leadbeater.

body is marvellously perfect in every way, particularly in muscular resili-
ence, or youthfulness. Later in the day, when I was wide awake, the
Master Morya visited me in His subtle body! in our room in Epsom. He
deliberately brought His face quite near to mine in order to demonstrate to
me that He appears quite unchanged from one hundred years ago and the
Schmeichen portrait of Him. He evoked from me an experience which I
can only describe as Will-Love. He must have been partly materialized
because I was able to observe the texture of His skin, the hairs of His
head, and the wonderful "light" of His eyes.
I used the special method in consciousness developed recently - and
used thereafter - of receiving consciously Adept instruction and teaching
in a reclining posture instead of spine erect as fonnerly. This grants me
the absolute bodily relaxation that my
advancing years demand.

28 March 1976
Master Morya

[Geoffrey was conscious of the Presence of the Master

Morya and then of the Master's face very close to his own.
The Master Morya said to Geoffrey:]

None, no one, can see, find, visit either Ourselves or Our retreats
against Our wills, which are totally predominant in this matter of Our
personal lives.
Similarly, no one flying over, travelling, or wandering upon the Gobi
Desert can see the remains of the buildings of what was once the Great
White Island in the Gobi Sea.2 This intrusion, My son, into Our personal
privacy and that of the Government of the Brotherhood as a whole, is
forbidden and with such potency that the greatest of the inventions of
scientists of today and tomorrow cannot enable one single person to enter
Our realms against Our wishes.
This is the only claim We make - that of uninvadable privacy.
Even Our disciples and fellow Initiates, up to a certain Degree, who do
visit Us, can never do so, can never find Us and Our retreats again unless

! Subtle body: superphysical body.

1 See The Secret Doctrine. (Adyar Edition) Volwne 3. p. 319. by H.P. Blavatsky.

(In answer to my question of bow that privacy is preserved, the Master
By the imposition of a maya which not even the strongest minds of the
most advanced non-Initiate can penetrate or dispel. It is so, My brother, I
thus assure you.

10 April 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus


In Our activities, We are guided not only by opportunities and even

the existence of suitable agents at any given time, but also - strange
though it may sound, but not to you - by circumstances. In the wise
adjustments of situations in the world, and in certain aspects of Our work
- the occult, for example - We have learned to observe what might be
termed the "Play of Destiny".
Circumstances in the lives of all those outside of the Sanctuary change
- actually are somewhat wavelike - and in order to be reasonably success-
ful, We choose what might be called "the crest of a wave" in the lives,
activities, and general evolutionary development of mankind
Thus, the time - one hundred and twenty and one years ago - was, in
this sense, ripe for a reasonable measure of success in what was, in fact, a
very extraordinary attempt and even experiment. It has done an immense
amount of good - immeasurable in fact - particularly for those persons
who were able to respond to and apply to their lives the teachings given.
It has so far failed in its sublime purpose of establishing Universal
Brotherhood on earth, as you are only too well aware, but it succeeded
in bringing to the attention of very large numbers of people the know-
ledge of Our exi~tence, of the Hastened Pathway, and the joining of Our
Ranks as the goal of human development. The inner movements were
formed and have helped throughout the one hundred years ...
The concept, inspired by the message and article dictated to you, of a
more or less immediate endeavour to restore practical Occultism to the
present activities of the Theosophical Society is a very good and noble
one and, of course, all help obtained that is usable will be employed

gratefully. We will see the responses evoked by the article. l
In addition, as you were recently saying, individuals are laCking who
can be used in such an endeavour. Nevertheless, with your united aid we
are now making one! If, as a result, the circumstances change from
adverse to favourable as far as the restoration of the Mysteries for the
public is concerned, then further steps will be taken by Us.
Please continue your sense of urgency in this matter and your mental
delving into existing possibilities. These may favourably influence one
of the deciding factors, namely, CIRCUMSTANCES. So, dear col-
leagues, let us wait a while and see the response to the article ...
Of course, We need more disciples (meaning conscious co-workers,
Initiates-in-the-becoming, and Initiates) out in the world, as it were.
Keep your eyes open for promising people here and abroad. Draw them
nearer to yourself and "open" them to the practical possibilities of occult
progress indicated in the article.
The old phrase, "strike while the iron is hot", plays a large part in the
formulation and fulfilment of Our plans. Of course, it is always possible
for persons to make even the coldest iron wanner than it was and even
bring it to a great heat!

16 April 1976 New Zealand

Our Lady Mary


When a person reaches Adeptship the personality of old and especially

the personal inclinations become merged in or with the vast Being known
as the Solar Logos. Adepts are no longer Themselves at all from this
point of view, especially that of Offices assigned and fulfilled, even
though traces of the last human personality remain, especially as long as
the body lasts in which Adeptship was reached. "ALL ONENESS",
alone, justly describes the consciousness and state of being of the Adept
Happy are those human beings who are beginning to experience fore-
shadowings of this surrender and mergence of self-ness in the ALL

1 Geoffrey Hodson, '''To Afnrm the Continuance of the Mystery Tradition' - A Fourth
Object of the Theosophical Society?", The Theosophist. Vol. 97, no. 11. August 1976,

ONENESS which governs, rules utterly, the life and worlc of every
Adept. Indeed, We are not "people" any longer but, to use "light" for a
simile, are just as Rays emanating from within and radiating from without
the Solar Logos, the Great Lord of Light. Every human being who would
hasten along the evolutionary path can do no better than meditate and
with ever increasing fidelity put into action the wondrous Principle of
ALL ONENESS. Yes, you are quite right. This is the true yoga in both
consciousness and life - ALL ONENESS.

* *
Geoffrey says, "The different visions and differing appearances and
positions which people of various religions and countries attribute to the
World Mother are all adaptions of visions and teachings chosen as most
suitable and given to these various members of world religions. None of
them, even the most beautiful Madonna statue or picture, really portrays
the official Holder of that Office of World Mother, Who, nevertheless,
responds to and pennits Herself to be mentally moulded by our religious
conceptions, and Who pennits Herself to be seen in fonns acceptable and
helpful to those who are accorded the appropriate vision."

17 April 1976 Auckland

Our Lady Mary

Each Adept, as you are aware, on attainment pursues both a particular

path of Self-expression that is decided largely by the nature of the Monad,
and fulfils the associated duties sometimes but not always as an Adept
Official. The Lords Manu, Bodhisattva, and Maha-Chohan and Their
immediate Adept Collaborators are examples of this system.
I, in My tum, continuing to express innate Monadic accentuations,
serve as far as I am capable in the Department known as "World Mother".
This encompasses the whole of femininity throughout the animal and
human kingdoms, the extremely subtle and sensitive procedures of
Nature during pregnancies in both kingdoms and, more especially in the
human, the actual procedure of the delivery of the child and the experi-
ences through which every mother passes. In the animal kingdom this is
reasonably natural, but in the human, for various reasons into which I will
not go here - karma being the most important amongst them - assistance

is necessary and is provided for the mental, astral, and physical bodies
and nervous systems of every mother on earth. No single one is ever
. outside of the ministrations under Myself and sometimes by Myself
supplied and applied by the angelic members associated with My Office
of World Mother.
Admittedly, mankind today, mystics and occultists apart, know
naught of these spiritual and superphysical occurrences associated with
motherhood, but as the race evolves, humanity - especially women - will
become more and more aware of these necessities and ministrations. Any
published work, therefore, which draws attention to them now is of
practical value to all mothers and mothers-to-be.
Please continue writing and draw upon Me when needed.

22 April 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

Concerning the "Fourth Objective" article,! yournext step is to present

the article much as you said it tonight, together with the rest of the
material, to The Theosophist and see what are the reactions, if any ...
As for the possibility that you could officiate occultly, this depends
almost entirely upon the reaction to the article of those concerned in the
T.S., as also of any individuals who might find themselves awakened and
moved to place themselves under you. One of Us will then always
intelVene and "guide" [give directions for occult progress]. Rest assured
that this will occur. Try to get the article off and also circulated through-
out your group as soon as possible.

7 May 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

Regarding the Fourth Object article,! this is a ballon d' essai - a trial
balloon! The result of the trial cannot as yet be wholly foreseen. Two
possibilities are that either the General Council responds and suggests

I Geoffrey Hodson, "'To AfimR the Continuance of the Mystery Tradition' - A Fourth
Object of the Theosophical Society?", The Theosophist, Vol. 97, no. II, August 1976,

action or, failing that, groups ask for some procedure within the Society
and its lodges. In most cases, the direct appeal would be to yourself as
leader. You would, we know, respond, accept, and act according to the
nature of the requests and also Our own views, which you are always to
be relied upon to seek and follow. At best, organized response might
occur and at least groups and even individuals would communicate with
you. In the latter case, We would guide and respond to legitimate
First then, the appearance of the article. Second, the responses, and
third, any action by yourself which would seem to be called for and you
would feel called upon to take. In the meantime, at all your meetings here
- youth, yoga, and Co-Masonry - advance the central idea, even quoting
and requoting the title of the article. Responses, if any, may possibly
indicate what may be expected of you.

SMay 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Geoffrey, when preparing his lecture on the Lord Shri Krishna,

entered, however partially, into union with Him, seeing Him as both
child of Vrindavana and the Divine Creator of the Universe, as if by the
power of sound. There then arose in Geoffrey's mind the salutation to the
Lord, "0 Singer of a thousand divine songs."

10 May 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

As soon as the article appears, write to ... 1 infonning ... in very strict
confidence, but for ... 's guidance, that the whole Plan was presented to
your mind by the Masters. Ask ... then seriously to think of ways and
means whereby a beginning might possibly be made along the lines of the
article. This could include collections by groups or persons of statements
from H.P.B. throughout all her writings. These could then be arranged
and presented in article or pamphlet forms, or both, to be made available
to everyone who favourably responded.
Then, if friends were available or publishing houses would act, these

I A high official in the Theosophical Society.

collected affinnations could be printed and sold and advertised outside
the T.S. where and when funds allowed. Thus, gradually, the public
could learn of the existence of the possibility of Discipleship. If this
comes about, as is hoped, it will be a critical, even climactic, period in the
Movement to fulfil the idea. However, this is all in the future as yet and
we must wait upon TIME.
Your book, The Pathway to Perfection, is suggested for study by
prospective aspirants to Discipleship and Initiation because it is easily
understandable by beginners, while The Voice of the Silence would not so
readily be grasped, used though it must be on suitable occasions.
If there is a response, then would not something like a team be
necessary in order to adjudge and respond to public advances?
In conclusion this evening, remember that the whole project is admit-
tedly a ''trial balloon" and be at this stage, and later on, in no sense
disappointed or cast down by meagre results. Actually, the founding of
the T.S. was similarly regarded at first and so remained - nearly disap-
pearing - until the publication of Isis Unveiled. The first attempt in Egypt
failed completely.

22 May 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus



The changes towards your future work together are moving favourably
just now. Fortunately, no further personal action on your side is necessary
at this time. You have issued a message from Ourselves of great potential
importance in the fulfilment of Our plans for possible developments in
the impact of the T.S., and so of Theosophy, upon the human mind of
The emphasis at all times must always be upon the basic teachings
(such as your oft-used summing up), their practical applications to
human life, and especially the methods by which maximum effective-
ness upon the human mind· may be achieved and maximum Egoic
progress made by individual contributors. This last naturally leads on

to the resumption under Ourselves, and not hosts of pretenders, of the true
Mystery Tradition.
These are the two approaches to be accentuated now. The fonner has
always been done by you and now the gradual, careful, and wise presenta-
tion of the Mystery Tradition and its possible drawing of people into the
Outer Coun, and care for them after arrival, is a very important task. This
is being done by you both and We suggest that in your correspondence on
.the subject to the carefully chosen few, you should include the suggestion
of both having one's eyes open for possible "recruits", and to the watchful
care and training of those who respond.
Yes, of course, the members may be very few at first. But there will
be some genuine and reliable ones - some of those in your group, for
example. To them you may feel inclined to put the ideas of Reincarna-
tion, Karma. and Evolution to Adeptship practically applied to daily life.
One should very wisely and very discriminately be ready to encourage -
never to force, no pressure ever being advisable in this field - those who
intuitively (actually in memory from fonner lives) respond to the idea of
Fonunately, such a concept and prospect requiTes no pressure or
unusual demand, but rather an open-eyed "lookout" for returning Initi-
ates, as We might express it There are a great many now in incarnation,
you know, and so very largely without means of resuming the Ancient
Quest along Mystery lines.
Yes, those within the T.S. do have the E.S .... to guide them. but there
are far more outside of the Society who are "on the verge", so to say.
You may, We think, expect developments along these lines, however

6 June 1976 Auckland

The Master Rakoczy

Yes, Geoffrey, I became aware of the reading of your Diary and

collected quotations, remembering with you those early days in London.
Do proceed with the publication of all material that may pennissibly
appear. .. So find typists with whom the intimacies may be preselVed
and who may take up the whole worlt of typing and preliminary arrange-
ments. And now retire and come to Me.

17 June 1976 Auckland
Master Polidorus Isurenus



In choosing to include daily invocations on behalf of fellow men in

one's life, it is important that the motive should arise from a genuine and
deep personal concern for both the healing from suffering of particular
persons and the welfare of the human race as a whole. The deeper the
feeling towards one's fellow men, the more effective will be the prayers.

July 1976
Master Polidorus Isurenus


Prepare during some leisure time if any, a Masonic statement that all
Freemasons, whether they believe it or not, are in fact engaged upon a
modem continuation of the Mystery Tradition. Preserve this last state-
ment as part of contributions to what follows from the article.
The difference today from olden days is that in these times the bodily
selves of candidates are not aware of their positions as Egos, whilst in
olden times they were made aware. Ultimately, all tests must be passed
through by the candidate in full waking physical consciousness.
Freemasons and Co-Masons are the most promising people for the
fulfilment of the ideal of the first article. l Somehow or other, this idea
must be infiltrated throughout both movements, making Masons aware
that in fact they are continuing the Mystery Tradition. Work this up,
present it to Me and we will proceed in that direction. All responses to
the Fourth Object article to be directed to Co-Freemasonry.
Numbers are nearing the Portal, for although the world knows it not,
the Mystery Tradition is in a different way, but very similarly also, quite

I The Theosophist. August 1976. See footnote p. 283.

active in the modem world. What We are aiming for is that more and
more people should know this Truth and prepare themselves.

7 July 1976 Auckland


Geoffrey recorded to me verbally that on one or more occasions he

remembered, on awakening, an out-of-the-body experience following the
Asala Festival, of attendance at the home and garden of the Lord
Maitreya. ' Geoffrey stated, "As far as my memory goes, not only Adepts,
but a considerable· number of aspirants to Adeptship - devotees of the
Lord Buddha, the Lord Maitreya, and the Masters of the Wisdom - were
also present and listened to the discourse. Most of them, in physically
influenced memory, were floating in their subtle bodies, as it were, in the
air above the Lord's garden on the southern slopes of the Himalayan
Mountains. "

19 July 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus !surenus

The Masonic work is far more important than probably is realized.

Not, of course, by both of you who appreciate it, but by some of the
members of your class. This second contribution, when published, will
be very highly valued for the simple reason that you will be providing for
Masons not only such occult teaching as they can respond to, but arousing
and awakening some to serious, very serious indeed, search for and entry
upon the Mystery life in real earnest. This is what We are hoping for in
many fields and from many people, as your first article indicates.
Very interesting will it be to see what response is evoked and from
how many people - yes, and what they do when they feel the general
impulse. This will all become naturally revealed and both of you will be
called upon to help, no doubt. So, in every esoteric talk especially,
whatever your subject, always add something about the Mystery Tradi-

I As described by C.W. l..eadbeater in The Masters and the Path. Chapter XIV.

tion and entry into it being available today as always .. , So, also, in your
public lectures on religions, show that in all of them, whatever the
method, there resides the call and the key to the Gateway leading to the
Outer Court [of the Mysteries of Initiation] and to the Temple itself.
When you talk of the Tohungas and their teachers, show that this has been
and is representative of the same tradition in the region of the Pacific
Ocean. Admittedly, great care and much wisdom are needed in talking
about these things to the general public, members of which can so easily
misunderstand and misapply.
Warn against mediumship, particularly in this respect, and about
movements that are dependent upon mediumship' for their supposed
Freemasonry is a spiritually and occultly rewarding field, and, of
course, E.S. members have all, in effect, taken what can prove to be a first
step. This is still more true in ... when again the message is that what
happens visibly and ceremonially can and does happen actually.
We suggest that you keep this note in all your talks from now on, very
much as you have already done, however guaroedly. The Brotherhood is
seeking disciples.

12 August 1976 Epsom, Auckland

An Adept

(Given by a Member of t~e Brotherhood of Luxor
for a Particularly Tragic Case, a Devout Christian)

Place the person in the following special category of invoked aid:

"Powerful spiritual enlightenment and transfonnation of mind".
"We offer to the invoked powers for special healing: May ... (mention
name in full) be given powerful spiritual enlightenment and transfonna-
tion of mind."
Take up to half a minute or so after using the Invocation as above.
State the name again in full; visualize a descent of white healing power
into the person, holding it there, up to a quarter or half a minute every
A MEDITATIVE PRAYER [given to the person]:
"Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ, I offer myself and my life to You. May

Your Divine Power and Wisdom enlighten me and strengthen me to live
my life on behalf of others in Thy Holy Name. Amen."
Advice for the person involved:
This should be repeated morning, midday, and before going to sleep,
with strong realization.
Say to the person: "Instead of struggling with your life in your own
hands alone, place yourself and your life in the service of God and His
Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord."
Advise that the person try to maintain this meditative discipline, not,
of course, in words alone, but very sincerely and truly in dedicated
devotion to Our Lord.
This is her true salvation, namely to cease from living her life as
turned inward upon herself alone but instead increasingly turned outward,
as a true servant of Our Lord, the Blessed Saviour of the World. We of
the Brotherhood, as also of course her family, and including yourself, are
deeply concerned and compassionately very sorry for her.

24 September 1976 Waitangi, Northland

An Adept Member
of the Brotherhood of Luxor

... The Parent Theosophical Society must grow into a very efficient,
very effective world movement for the spreading of Theosophy in the full
meaning of that word, including practical applications to life.
In one way - desperately tragic though it is - the declining world
situation offers the Parent Theosophical Society its greatest opportunity.
For is not everyone asking, "What is the solution?"

26 September 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Morya

Quote the Adept's own words before signing the original document:
"As long as the Rules (of the Occult life) are kept".
In almost every other idealistic movement in the world, to say nothing
of the supposed idealists, a marlced tendency exists "to slip from observ-
ance of original vows".
These vows, be it remembered, are in no sense personill but wholly
impersonal Statements based on recognition of rules that absolutely gov-
ern both spiritual progress and acceptance into Pupilhood.
Of course, in the occult life, acceptance of and adherence to decisions,
vows, and pledges in and by one's mind and inner nature are even more
important than obedience to printed rules, extremely important although
these also are.
In occultism, though never wishing to probe into a person's privacy,
the Adept knows instantly whether the outward vow is being inwardly
adhered to. Outward words alone without the inner intention are of
limited value, though useful, no doubt, as indications at least of a begin-
Karmically, however, the outward utterance of a pledge of obedience
to occult rules which is followed by disobedience of them, whether
subjective, objective, or both, poses serious barriers to onward progress.
When a Master "looks"· at a potential co-worker, He cannot fail to
become aware of such serious, deliberate, and even flagrant indifference
to rules and pledges.
The application of all this to aspirants whose karma and evolutionary
position cause them to be living in the outer world, and not within the
seclusion and protection of the Ashram, can prove to be very difficult
indeed. Eventually, however, the Ashram life is wholly available, after
which any temptations remaining cannot and must not be responded to.

10 October 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Morya

It is Our wish, whilst recognizing the demands upon your health and
strength are always to receive full and careful attention, that you now
proceed as regularly as you can with the continuation of the book on
world mythologies. We wish the first volume of this work, with the very
valuable illustrations, to be in the hands of our publishers - Indian or
American as you yourselves consider wise - as soon as possible.
The material you now have is very considerable and the Labours of
Hercules, the fabulous activities of Perseus and Theseus and others of the
great heroes might well provide further subject matter. Eventually, We
presume, the more outstanding and obviously inspired and occult myths
of the othernations might follow. We are aware that this has already been
considered by you both and is your tentative plan.

We communicate now to assure you of its complete acceptance, even
welcome, by Ourselves with the aid of Our inspired Egyptian Brother
(Master Polidorus Isurenus).
This communication is in no sense intended to imply the slightest
pressure upon you both, busy as you continually are, but to inform and
assure you of Our close interest in this next work; for in this especially,
you [Geoffrey] fulfil the Office suggested by the "gift of the Pencil" and
the indication on the "Roll" of the continuance of the Office held and
work done by H.P. Blavatsky, Our former representative, and of whom
you are already a successor.
The home classes are very valuable, especially since the whole house
is now thoroughly saturated with Our influence, and We are in con-
sequence, with a minimum output of energy, able to bring Our influence
to bear upon those who study with you here.
The Esoteric Section [the Master Morya the Inner Head], whilst
extremely important, need not be regarded as unduly demanding upon
you. Four meetings a year may again be considered sufficient ...
. Healing and counselling also remain as essential parts of your work,
and thus We suggest your next year may usefully and advisedly be
Rest assured throughout that Our watchful care and aid will always be
with you as also will Our responses to your important personal and
international Invocations day by day.
Thus, knowing that We are somewhat early in terms of time, another
wonderful year in Our names awaits you both ...
Our greetings as ever from the relatively far north.

11 October 1976 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

[A tap was heard within the Shrine, and Geoffrey received

the following:]

The requisite statement is that the Masters of the Wisdom, for over
sixty years, have formed the centre and the heart of your life, wholly
devoted to Them as every day has ever been. Without this, nothing would
or could have happened, with or without a Shrine. '

19 October 1976 Epsom, Auckland
Master Polidorus Isurenus

Whatever you think. Sandra, will add to the presentation of Geoffrey

as Our agent and a Self-illumined man, should be included in The Diary.

24 - 2S October 1976

[During the night, when at wolk on the Greek myth book,

Geoffrey - in an out-of-the-body experience - visited an
Adept of the Brotherhood of Luxor in one of the "Hidden
Communities" of the Adept Hierarchy upon earth. The
meeting took place in the library-Archives at Luxor. He
related this wonderful interview as follows:]

When the Master Polidorus Isurenus unrolled ~ displayed a huge

wall-sized chan, it became "alive" with the associated Akashic Record,
and this· fascinating story of the myths of Egypt and Greece became
revealed as living history.
I entered the Master's or the Brotherhood's study, or library, which
was lined with deep square receptacles, in each of which were kept the
scrolls of differing world myths - India, Egypt, Greece, Scandinavia -
which became revealed to me. These are, however, not charts alone but
also historical Akashic Records of the physical history, the living activ-
ities of the Brotherhood during related epochs in world history.
When, for example, one concenttates occultly upon a name or an
event, the actual Akashic Record becomes visible. Hence, my experience
one night long ago when, in the Presence of a Member of the Adept
Brotherhood of Luxor, He caused the wall of the underground room to
appear to become transparent and I beheld a procession of the Eighteenth
Egyptian Dynasty, as in beautiful technicolour ...
When one enters the library, one finds it to be on all sides, and above
and below, "alive" with living history itself. The room might justly be
named the library of Earth's Historical ArchiVes, physical, super-
physical, and spiritual. Master Kuthumi is in charge of the Historical
library or Archives in the cave beneath the· Master Morya's house, but
preserved physical objects are there as well.
I was deeply impressed by the respoosibility borne by the Adelns Who

are in charge of this Akashic Library of living history of the Fourth Round
earth life; for, remember, it is not only the physical, but also the super-
physical history from the highest levels down to the physical. In con-
sequence, the nonnally invisible "forces" revealed to me also were true
meanings of the so-called fairy-tales or myths of Egypt and Greece. The
Master then instructed me regarding the myth book - to fill in the list of
every "amour" of Zeus, all of which were actually the work of the Logos
in spiritualizing the consciousness of the life in every kingdom of Nature,
especially, of course, including the human. The Master spoke as follows:
"The Divine Masculine Principle in Nature (personified by Zeus) ever
seeks to quicken the evolution of the life evolving in all substances
('feminine') and beings up to the level of Adeptship. This especially
applies to human beings, and the so-called 'sexual intercourse' between
Deity and a human female is merely a fablelike or symbolic way of
portraying this ceaseless function of Deity on behalf of all life. The
members of the deva kingdom, with their almost complete absence of
the self-limiting sense of separated personal identity, are a possible
exception. Indeed, as has been discovered when studying this subject,
advanced devas are found themselves to be actively participating in this
procedure of evolution-quickening. Certain orders of them - possibly all
- convey the stimulating power into Nature, more particularly in the
mineral and plant kingdoms where, presumably, the inertia of substance
delays the attainment and development of consciousness. Every included
'amour' is susceptible of interpretation in these tenns, thereby removing
from a Divine Being the 'slur' of illicit sensual sexuality."
The Master went on to say, ''Thus, the opening paragraphs of our myth
book i will be designed to lead into this study, showing the reader that we
are not just playing with 'fairy-tales' but, on the contrary, are deeply
penetrating into and studying cosmogenesis in all its aspects.
"One cannot but be impressed by the accuracy and closeness by which
the often seemingly nonsensical actions are perfonned. Actually, they are
most sensible, logically inevitable, in fact, as by our books we seek to
"The Lord Zeus was not a profligate and unfaithful husband. Rather
was he a very active impregnator of Nature's products with his divine
and, at first, instinctual spiritualizing influences.

I The Concealed Wisdom in World Mytlwlogy, by Geoffrey Hodson.

"Fill in every amour with named recipient, Aphrodite: correctly place
Eros and his bow and arrows moved by love; Europa, Leda, Danae. His
remarkable children demonstrate how effective his spiritualizing mani-
festations can be when the amour is successful: Castor and Pollux become
'Stars' (Adepts). At their best they were godlike and divine and when
less so they were heroic. Give examples and name them.
"Thus," the Master continued to relate, "just as the physical sun
permeates the solar system with discharged electromagnetic energies, so
also at all levels above the gaseous the Logos (Zeus) permeates the
Universe and all that it contains with spiritualizing energies. Each of
these orders of quickening powers affects matter, the bodies or vestures of
souls, and the consciousness within them with inspiring and illuminating
influences, emotional, intellectual, intuitively perceptible, will-power-
enforcing, and recharging forces and motives. These and others are
discernible, even though meditation is required to contact their inner
history at various superphysical levels. In fact, this study demands occult
investigation at level above level from physical to A.tmic. When there are
resistances, oppositions, inertia (Titans) and so on, link them as closely as
possible with the mythological personages.
"Hephaestus - armourer and blacksmith of the gods and heroes -
represents the devas and their contributions to the 'shaping' of matter (the
metals) in response to the divine impulse. His casting out from Olympus
and fall to earth represents the response of the Devic Hierarchy, notably
Gandharvas. They use sound as the 'implements' in their 'forge', where-
with to assist in awakening responsiveness in matter, forms, and beings of
the sub-Olympian (Universe or Space) responding to the 'Word' through-
out all the kingdoms of Nature. Devas are thus active in each of them as
collaborators with the One Will (Zeus).
"The natural, permissible jealousy of Hera, wife of Zeus, symbolizes
the inherent - and in the subhuman and pre-Initiate human kingdoms,
despiritualizing - effect of desire and possessive egoism."
The Master revealed to me also the true meanings of the so-called
"fairy-tales" of Egypt. This great Adept went on to say, "In Egyptian
mythology, this is all somewhat similarly portrayed. Each Monarch, for
example, was the child of Amun, Ptah, etc., who had intercourse with the
King's mother in the Temple in one presentation. Hence, to the populace,
the Monarch was a manifestation of God Himself. Another approach to
the same idea will be worked out later."

29 October 1976 Epsom, Auckland
Master Polidorus Isurenus

Geoffrey, try to work on the book as often as you can, even though the
difficulties are natural and well understood by Us (pressure of work).
Yes, I do have an important addition - or rather,"entrance into the
book" - to dictate when next conditions are good enough. The present
approach is, and will prove to be, very important indeed. True, all your
introductory comments on the Sacred Language from all your books on
the subject wonderfully prepare the way. We have to be ready, however,
to protect our work and ourselves, especially you and Sandra, against
those who might tend to laugh scornfully, saying, "Myths are myths and
had better be left there!" (Master smiles benignly.)
My warm salaams to you both.

(On the morning of 30 October 1976, the "opening remarks" to the

myth book were received from Master Polidorus Isurenus.)

5 November 1976 Epsom, Auckland


[Geoffrey called to me to write a description, as far as could

be expressed in words, of his entry into the higher conscious-
ness, or Buddhic awareness. In terms of the locality within
the waking brain, the experience exists in the middle of the
head behind the eyes - mid-brain, thalamus approximately.
Attempting to describe this experience, he dictated as

Whilst affirming, meditatively, identity· with THAT - meaning

(partially) the One, All-inclusive and All-pervading and All-present
Spirit-Essence of the Universe, I transcend (without altogether losing
knowledge of) my Ego-personality, and "touch" in consciousness the
Bliss-Aspect of that "One Alone"! It is still there within me as an
utterly impersonal bliss-state, not as in the case personally due to any
action, achievement, or cause, but a single, or almost single bliss.

Blessedness, beyond anything ever known on earth. It is described by
Dante very well as "the smile of the Universe", but not on anybody's
face; for it is a perpetual interior state of "smiling", blessedness, or bliss.
Although it is a limitless condition of the interior aspect of the Uni-
verse, and doubtless its Logos, I know that I was, as I began by saying,
only "touching" it then, and still am. But this touch in itself is remarkable
beyond any possibility of appropriate description, except, if I dare, as an
infinite "ocean" of never ceasing, deep, still happiness, existent in itself
and by itself and of itself.
I presume the experience will never leave me though I cannot sustain
the consciousness of it which depends on complete withdrawal from both
externals and the existence of anything "else but a UNITY. I have, as it
were, mentally left it now, though I know that it is, and will be, forever
present within me as a part of me. In physical tenns, it would be as if one
f were unceasingly in a state of smiling ease, unaffected by circumstances,
ever going on inside one. In a familiar phrase, "bliss consciousness",
.{ which I have just touched, as I have said.
The effect of that so-called touch is marvellous, Since, knowing of the
existence now of the bliss state (Physically) I can memorize it, as it were,
think myself back into it and, when successful, touch and enter it again.
I think the body was asleep part of the time, but when I "awoke;' the
interior process was still going on, though ''muted'' or far away; neverthe-
less still there, very definitely. I can see that the body must be comfort-
able and reasonably well, the emotions content, and the mind at ease, and
consciousness thrown open to this inward state.
The part of the mind that tends to analyse and describe the experience,
as if diagrammatically, produces a very peculiar picture! Across the
middle of it, or rather three-quarters below from the top, would be the
surface of the earth, with its phenomena, trees, etc. A deep trench has to
be imagined down into the depths of the picture, the bottom. One's feet
are there, one's head just above the surface, and straight up above is a
verp.cal, direct line into what would be the upper air and penetrating into
the Sun, with its tremendous radiance reaching in far-flung lines to the
edge of the picture. In this state one is in the middle of the Sun, as it
were, diagrammatically.

11 November 1976 Epsom, Auckland
Master Polidorus Isurenus

It is of immeasurable importance that nothing should ever disturb -

and of course ever take away - the seclusion and privacy in which, at this
moment you can reach Me, and at all others, I can reach you. This is the
supreme necessity in our work together for the rest of your two lives. The
same, of course, applies to communications from the other Members of
the Adept Brotherhood, certain of Whom communicate with you on
occasion. This would be impossible without your present completely
assured and maintained seclusion and privacy. Never deprive yourself -
and so Ourselves - of this benefice ...

12 November 1976 Epsom, Auckland

An Adept

[To Geoffrey, who had been contemplating the exalted status

of Adeptship:]

You will never leave the world entirely as long as there remains a
single person on earth who needs you. True, an Adept is "free" - has
conquered and so is internally in a state of freedom, His beneficent karma
very greatly exceeding and overbalancing all possible adversities. There-
fore, indeed, He is as sometimes pictured, smilingly free. What is more,
if He does remain on earth, He labours at His own level and in His own
way for the similar attainment of freedom by all others. Such a one
cannot permit Himself fully to enjoy His freedom as long as one single
human being remains bound - yes, if you like - to the "wheel of birth and
death". 1 Although it may sound selfish, the most effective way to bring
others to freedom is to free oneself. Every Adept is truly free within and
as Himself and partakes of this in a state of bliss or supernal happiness
that cannot be described.
So, the freedom for all mankind from that wheel, with all the limita-
tions and all the sufferings experienced by one who is bound thereto, is
the supreme objective of Adeptship and of every Adeptic Movement,

1 See The Masters and the Path. Chapter XIV. by C.W. Leadbeater.

including the Theosophical Society; for the knowledge of the Ancient
Wisdom is largely, but not wholly, provided that men and women will
study, absorb, and apply it to their lives, and so - and only so - win
freedom in their tum from the inexorable wheel. Continue, as We know
you will, to lead your fellow human beings on to knowledge and prac-
tice of Theosophy.

December 1976
An Adept

Yes, Geoffrey, when at Convention you refer to the conditions neces-

sary to be worthy of admission to the Temple of the Mysteries, add to
your list and accentuate that of uttermost selflessness through and
throughout one's whole nature. Before that wondrous door will open,
especially into the Greater Mysteries, every shred and trace of self-
seeking and use of occult opportunities for personal profit in any depart-
ment of one's life whatever is not only a disgrace but is an impassable
barrier to progress beyond a certain point or degree.
Yes, quote the Master Morya, as you remarked to Sandra.
Your obligations to the seeking ones and the sick ones must of course
be met to the full. I know, however, that you will make much progress
with your booki as thereafter is reasonably possible to you both. The
book is growing, will grow, and will be completed to make a very
considerable impact upon the minds of a great many people, some of
whom would not be attracted to occultism without such a form of intro-
duction - the great myths, I mean.

3 December 1976
The Master Morya .r

The closing of the E.S. would be a tragedy, if only because member.:

ship in it, attendance at its meetings, the vision of the portraits, th~
acceptance of the teachings and disciplines, are distinct indications -.
proof, in fact - that the member has both found a link with the Masters

1 The Concealed Wisdom in World Mythology, by Geoffrey Hodson.

and the Masters with him, thereby fulfilling the Law to which you do so
often and rightly refer: no one is ever overlooked.

For this purpose alone, of those members who join the E.S .... there
undoubtedly are those who are approaching and others who have reached
the evolutionary stage at which Adeptic response to idealism is assured
and occurs, who receive the answers to their prayers, the outstretched
hand of the Teacher. r
In addition, the letter, whilst having some good points, almost entirely
ignores the great class of aspirants to the higher life who are bhalctis,
devotees, in fact. For these, all the arguments in the world and all the
destructive conclusions of others are as nothing. It would be a great
mistake if ever the T.S. were to lose the E.S.
Say sO, Geoffrey, underlined; FOR TIllS MUST NOT OCCUR.
Large numbers of Egos, some of them reincarnated from the Mystery
Schools of old, are coming into the world and the T.S. at this time, who
are far less doctrinaire students and exponents of Theosophy than ideal-
ists and devotees ascending along the mystic pathway. These must not be
left without a base and centre from which their aspirations may be
fulfilled, and this would be the case if the E.S., Co-Masonry, and ... were
to be closed.
Our idea is surely better, for We seek to destroy naught but only to
build the T.S. as an increasingly Theosophy-teaching organization.

* * * * *
Master Polidorus Isurenus

The substance of this morning's letter with suitable introduction,

additional matter, perhaps, and conclusion might well be useful as an
article for The Theosophist. 1 Among the possible titles might be (the
choice is left with you both):

1. The E.S. as a Source of Spiritual Inspiration and Guidance.

2. The E.S. as a Channel between the Masters and its Members.
3. The Value of Shrine-rooms.

1 The article was submitted to The Theosophist and was subsequently published in
Theosophy in New Zealand. July 1979, and The Theosophical Link (Australia),
February-March 1980.

4. The Dual Purpose of the T.S.: To Popularize Theosophy and to SelVe
as a Link. (an available link, channel) between Aspirants to Disciple-
ship and the.Masters.
5. The E.S. as a Portal to the Temple of the Mysteries and Hierophant

The concept of the Seven Rays indicates that not all seekers for Truth
are searching for philosophy alone. For some, this selVes as a necessary
firm foundation for the intelligent expression of devotion to a religious
ideal, being, or principle, such as the Godhead. Others require more
definitely a reliable philosophic direction for a life of selVice to one's
fellow men. Others seek more importantly the knowledge and guidance
on the Pathway to interior self-command, illumination, and ultimate
realization of oneness with the eternal, universal life. The ideal of
orderly, precise, regular, ceremonial self-expression, selVice, and search
holds a marked (or decisive) place in the thoughts and ideals of those who
also have awakened and answered to the spiritual Call.
Whilst the activities of the T.S. offer opportunities in some of these
fields, particularly the discovery of Truth and the selVice of mankind, as
an organization it does not provide the direct occult and spiritual training
and self-expression for those of other temperaments. The existence of
and admission to the E.S. can - indeed has and still does - provide the
more especial teaching and direction for those who by temperament and
perhaps experiences of the same in former incarnations, seek to tread the
mystic and occult Pathways. .
Millions of people in fonner lives became associated in varying
degrees with the Mystery Tradition, and it is but natural for them again
to seek the portal of the Temple, approach, and again be admitted to the
Anaktoron or Holy of Holies within. For all such, the E.S. makes
available the very opportunities, guidance, and training needed to again
tread the Pathway of Hastened Evolution and, one day, ever more effect-
ively assist fellow men to attain Adeptship. True, the E.S. is to be
regarded as but a preparatory institution, giving as it does instruction in
the way of life, of thought, self-discipline, and meditation, along which
each member is left free to proceed to the discovery of the Spiritual Self,
the One Self, and the truth of the Unity which ever exists between them.
Whilst in one sense the E.S. may not be described literally as a
physical ashram, monastery, or convent - even though for many
members of the E. S. their homes are as ashrams - nevertheless, it

does definitely give such aid as those institutions make available and - ,
extremely important to the majority of members-pennits the continuance
of life out in the world.
The E.S. has, almost from its beginning, been described as the "heart"
of the T.S. and, if the above descriptions are accepted, it does become for·
many of its members the very "heart" of their lives in the emblematic!
sense. To divide these two - the T.S. and the E.S. - would inevitably
remove a great deal, if admittedly not all, of the mystical and the spiritual
heart from the Theosophical movement in the world of today.
If only from one other point of view, the insistence upon a strict
vegetarian diet and abstinence from the wearing of furs for members of
the E.S. does make a practical contribution - however slight - to the
reduction of the inconceivable brutality and cruelty characteristic of the
relationships between men and animals on this our earth. For this alone,
the existence and the function of the E.S. constitutes a valuable contribu-
tion to the evolution of mankind upon our earth.

Late December 1976 Auckland

Master Polidorus lsurenus

You are quite right, Sandra, in regarding your work in producing The
Diary of Geoffrey's life as of great importance and for the very reasons
you have enunciated, namely: assurance that the Masters continue to train
and to use a human agent as vehicle for Their teaching and yogic and
psychological influences.
I recognize the heavy demands upon you both, but wonder whether -
however briefly, at a particular time - both books could not continue side
by side as it were. 1 The Diary will not make such demands upon
Geoffrey's brain as does reception of ideas for books, though of course
literary work itself is tiring. So continue pulling together and arranging in
as correct a sequence as possible such of Geoffrey's occult experiences as
lend themselves to support for the above described objective. Through
him, I will also help you in this on appropriate occasions, bringing to
mind, for example, certain temporarily forgotten expansions and assisting
in descriptions of the others in appropriately occult language:

1 The Diary and The Concealed Wisdom in World Mythology, by Geoffrey Hodson.

l. His vision of his deceased brother, Stanley.
2. His fellow Scottish tank commander in the cave.
3. Even his experience on the eve of his first actual tank action when he
sought to become the rightly activated soldier and, on looking up as he
lay beside his tank, saw two wounded soldiers, one Gennan and one
British, supporting each other along the road to the rear and his Ego-
brain exclaimed, "The Brotherhood of Man!"
4. Somewhat earlier appearance within his head of the full "incarnated"
portrait of the Master Kuthumi on entering the School (E.S.) and the.
Master's words to him, "Welcome back to the Ranks, Geoffrey."
5. His experience with Mrs and Miss Case concerning the life after death,
at Wigan, England.
6. The copying action of the tree nature spirit at Thirlmere [Lake district,
England] and, on that occasion, the sudden vision of the deva of
7. Of course, the first and totally unexpected vision of Bethelda must be
clearly and vividly described with references to following experiences,
not only in Sheepscombe but in many distant parts of the world.
8. Then, if he can recall them, some of the dramatic occult healings
might be described, Geoffrey going back into his memory for these.
9. Yes, the loss of his home (in teenage boyhood) and very painful
experiences in London thereafter, were of course decided by karma . ..

* * * * *
Master Polidorus Isurenus


You may speak of the Master, the Prince Rakoczy, as a great Lord of
Fohat or cosmic electric fire. He is - more especially, but not only - one
of the "Sons of Activity" Who are invoked.
They are really "the Sons of Fohat" which is the fiery power that
energizes the whole universe and is the driving force in man. Up to a
certain stage in evolution (that of the middle of the Fifth Race) this force
operates as the mental, emotional, and physical driving power, the elec-
tricity which drives the machine of the human personality. It is then
called Kundalini, or the Serpent Fire, and is symbolized by serpents as
shown on aprons of certain (ceremonial) stages. It is still a universal

rather than a consciously used human poWer.
As the next evolutionary phase is entered, that of the Sixth subrace of
the Fifth Race and of the Sixth Race, the higher mental and Buddhic
bodies also become CIlCJlW.ed and awakened as vehicles of human aware-
The Path of Holiness is then sought, found. and trodden, and the (
Master Rakoczy becomes personally concerned with the aspirant. Fohat
as Kundalini now becomes a persopal force, sUrs in the physical and
higher bodies, lets in the Ego, and speeds up human evolution. j
The Master Rakoczy, as Head of the Seventh Ray, the Fohatic Ray, is
then associated with the awakening individual and assists him directly or
through His representative in this particular part of his development;
hence the ... Rite in modem days, and hence Freemasonry, etc.
The Master is also, of course, a very wonderful supedluman Being,
highly developed in every aspect of human nature, a glorious, perfected ."

man, a very high Adept Not only Third, but also Second and First
Aspects are therefore fully and perfectly developed and expressed in Him.
Thus, although He [the Master Rakoczy] deals with creative forces of the
Solar System and planet, He is also a great Lord of Wisdom and Love,
and an embodiment of the Cosmic Will. He is also a Master, an Adept
Who takes pupils.

* * * * *
Master Polidorus Isurenus


Each of the great Initiations is lead up to, and prepared for, by

preparatory assistance from the Guru. which includes preliminary Rites
reflected. if incompletely, in the "bridge" Degrees in Masonry and Co-
Freemasonry. These preparations resemble the major Rite in some
respects and have as their purpose and effect the bringing of maximum
Adept aid to the candidate who is forcing evolution ahead of the Race,
Round, and Chain, and so to prepare him or her to pass the all-seeing and
penetrating eye of the Senior Members of the Occult Hierarchy. Then,
when one of Them passes the candidate, He himself takes up the Thyrsus,
whether wand, sword, or Rod of Power, and performs in full power and
ratification the actual and final Initiatory Ceremony of the Degree. All

this is then entered in the age-old and imperishable record carefully
maintained by the Hierarchy.
Initiates vary and whenever two particular conditions exist, prepara-
tory Ceremonies are less necessary. One of these is full response to the
more or less private assistance given by the Adept-Guru, and the other is,
of course, the historical fact-that the candidate has passed through at least
the preparatory Rites, if not the full ones, in fonner lives. If a person has
taken the Third Initiation and advanced towards the Fourth in fonner
lives, then in this one he is able to consummate Arhatship and begin the
preparation for the Asekha Rite. These are many and include worldly
experience and physical illumination with Buddhic consciousness gradu-
ally until the highest is reached. Then the Monad itself takes over the
function of all Gurus and preparatory Rites and, in effect at least, takes ,
the Arhat out of the human into the Adept-state and kingdom of Nature.
That is why He is called the "Self-Initiated One".
Fully successful Arhats who have passed through successive grades of
Arhatship, seven at least, and Adepts, perpetually experience this bliss.
When once fully attained, or rather made manifest in the brain-mind, it is
never wholly lost again, even amidst the stresses and strains of the so-
called "passion" of the Arhat degree. To produce this Causal-Buddhic
consciousness experienced as bliss is the Ultimate purpose of yoga.

... ... ... ... ...


Last night I was in the company of quite a number of very great

superhuman Beings, one characteristic of Them being stillness, a sort of
remarkable "living quietude". I don't remember being spoken to or
taught anything - merely permitted to be there.
Master Polidorus Isurenus commented, "You attended the septennial
gathering of the Brotherhood, which has been held during the last twenty-
four hours and even longer in some ways, which might perllaps in the
human sense be called 'subcommittees' - meaning groups of Adepts
concerned with certain situations."
They all seemed to be dressed in white and to be very remarkable
Beings, each possessed of a great and dynamic strength and power, but
completely still, calm, as far as Their minds and natures were - and are -
concerned. Those with Whom I became associated were all standing, or

even as it now seems, "floating" with Their feet just above the "ground".
The level of Their consciousness is at the Atmic, and whilst operative in
the Buddhic and higher Manasic planes and bodies, They are undisturb-
ably serene.
Unlike us, however, They exist and so abide mentally, knowing that
the slightest measure of emotion, for example, would intrude upon and
reduce the absolute clarity of Their minds and so the effectiveness of
Their planning and even actions. In our time sense, such a gathering
would occupy at least a week, after which each withdraws in the personal
sense, though never from the great Lord of the World in His own inner
I was present during the time of bodily sleep, and this is part of the
impression and memory that has been with me ever since throughout this
day. It seems to me to be - in our ordinary terms and ways of thinking -
very, very far removed from earthly life or even parliaments, for naturally
there is what might be called a superhuman detachment associated with
the sense of occult power, and of stillness which I have remembered and
of which I am still aware. Of course, this in no sense means that the
Adepts of the planet are so detached and living in Their own wondrous
worlds that they are not concerned with and participating in earth life. On
the contrary, the whole "conference", I gather, concerns human evolution
at this time and They are deeply concerned with humanity and all that has
to do with sentient life. This includes both long-term plans for beneficent
intrusions upon that evolution, and planned activities such as the found-
ing of the Theosophical Society in 1875 as well as other beneficent
movements, especially those which help the mind of mankind towards
right thought


1976-77 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus lsurenus


The article on ceremoniaP might well begin with a stage-by-stage

reference to human love of ritual, e.g., pageantry in peace times and also
military parades. Include in the pageantry regal parades and displays,
together with military guards, mounted and on foot, with appropriate
musical accompaniments. Then lead on to church 1lI1d orders of knight-
hood, culminating in coronation, with your existing material on both.
Then lead into your writings on religious ritual and Masonic ceremo-
nial, using your own excellent material. Then the Ancient Mysteries in
Greece and elsewhere and, finally, the Portal still exists, its Guardians
await all those sincerely prepared and are ready to open wide the door
into the true Mysteries which are equally external and internal. In the
Lesser Mysteries the accent is on the former, whilst in the latter, the
whole procedure includes the accentuation of the interior. Eventually the
necessity for ritual itself is outgrown, all results being produced by
combined will-power and intelligence based on direct knowledge of the
truths, powers, forces, and intelligences involved.
Thus, ceremonial of all valid kinds is useful both for its immediate
effects and for the expansion of consciousness which it produces in those
sufficiently awake to respond to its visible and invisible influences and
A danger exists, however, that one may become so absorbed in the
ceremonial itself (and the personal advantages it offers) as to become

1 Geoffrey Hodson, "SoW"Ces of World Ceremonials and Maximwn Effectiveness in

their Performance", The American Theosophist, Vol. 65, no. 5, May 1977, p. 128. See
also entry of 17 July 1977.

unresponsive to - even disinterested [uninterested] in - its REAL purpose
(here the church warnings will be useful; define both). Theosophy and 1
the Theosophical Society are very valuable because they teach both.



The serpent is the symbol of wisdom because wisdom glides unseen

everywhere. seeking entry into the mind of man; the serpent glides
through the forest and the fields. silent. certain of its way.
Receive it rightly and it will illumine. Misuse it and it will sting. Do
not attack the serpent Be still and it will glide near you. and you will see
its movement and its beauty. Its venom will either destroy or heal.

... ... ... ... ... 1

Master Polidorus lsurenus

In the midst of a universe which is perpetually in movement. there

exists a prinCiple that is forever still. of which the pyramid is a symbol.
Contemplation of (and even participation in) the underlying laws.
processes. and activities of Intelligences reveals the means by which
universes. and so worlds and people. all come into existence when born
within and from the Divine Mind. This might be called the Theosophy of
Cosmic. Universal. and Planetary relationship.

... ... ... ... ...

Master Polidorus lsurenus

The purpose for the existence of the Theosophical Society is solely to

teach Theosophy. This demands mature-minded people moved by ideal-
ism. Mature minds will advance the work of the Society. Immature
people could ruin it. This is realism and vitally necessary to the welfare
and work of the Theosophical Society. Let us proceed accordingly.

310 .
1977 Auckland
Master Polidorus Isurenus

The great principle governing human evolution is that man as an

individual must be left free. Nevertheless. the Masters of the Wisdom
ensure that the guidance necessary to obtain and maintain peace. health.
and happiness is always available.

... ... ... ... ...



God-Self. myself - One Self

God-Life. my Life - One Life.

1977 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

It is important for the occultist not to be a judge over the actual

conduct of others - even Theosophists. Those matters must be left to
those who are concerned with them.
We occultists are concerned (principally) with the other world. the
world of the souls of men and women and with the Egos incarnated in
them. The link between these two - Ego and soul - and. if it may be,
body. must be preserved from disruption, especially in times of extreme
crisis and suffering.
One reason for this, amongst others, is that it is the disruption of the
association and the suffering of the bodily person which turns people
from the right-hand to the left-hand path. Rage, outrage. fiery antagon-
ism. and oppositely. deeply interior hatred against those responsible for
the agony - it is these which can "jolt" the personality out of touch with
the Ego. As a result, driven by the experience described. a person can
become an enemy of society, quite wrongly a hater of his fellow men.
It is important that the Egoic contact be neither overshaken nor
broken, and it is this unifying, "holding together" of outer and inner
Selves that is a very important part of the work of the occultist
He or she should never join those who drive people beyond their

ability to receive adversity, attack, accusation. Always must the occultist
remain judicially calm in equipoise and so assist in the maintenance of a
working relationship between Ego and brain.
It is wise guidance not to stand before and fight your attacker, but to
stay away, to ignore. lbis may sound subtle and delicate and so it is; for
the worle of the occultist is ever and ever to hold people together, to
harmonize, and so to save. Blind hatred is a terrible thing, and once it
gets hold of a person, it can destroy him for that incarnation and even
onward. Open-eyed love builds, illumines, and saves people always
when very tactfully employed.

* * * * *
Master Morya

Your Diary will be like a continuation of the Mahatma Letters! ...

and will greatly validate all that which has already been revealed. lbis
will be very helpful - hence the idea.

* * * * *
Master Polidorus Isurenus
[Communication for Sandra]

Of course, the actual language in which Geoffrey receives My teach-

ings is only the vehicle for instructions which I give him out of his body
when we talk over all these ideas and sometimes look up the Akashic
Records, and so into the minds of the authors of ancient times, to see what
they really did mean and were trying both to reveal and to conceal.
The concealing principle is almost as important as that of revealing,
especially where the subject matter can lead to the discovery of the
attainment of power, yet this had to be made available to mankind, for
this is the law - the law of Light. you may call it if you wish - under
which all spiritual discoveries must be shared.
The whole symbolical language arose out of this dual necessity for
revelation under pressure of law, and concealment - also in obedience to
law - of information which is potentially dangerous.

1 The Mahatma Leiters to A.P. Sinnett, transcribed and compiled by A.T. Barker.

January 1977 Onerahi, Whangarei, Northland
Master Polidorus /surenus


(Communication for Sandra for The Diary)

Supernormal powers attained by the practice of yoga may be classified

into one or the other of three orders:

1. Totally unconscious - trance mediumship;

2. Semi-conscious - mediumship;
3. Fully conscious, reported conversation - sibylship.

In the last of these three, the communication is made directly to the

higher and lower minds of the recipient who is completely awake and
. conscious, knowing full well the process that is taking place and quite
deliberately participating in iL
The word sibyl, thus used, has rather come to be misunderstood and
even descriptive of a certain mentally retarded state or person. Whilst this
may have been true, or partly true, of some of the more public sibyls of
ancient days, it was and is in no sense even slightly true as a description
of an advanced yogi-sibyl, for he - as is always the case with Geoffrey -
receives clearly in his mind, and then his brain, every idea and even word
that is communicated to him by a fellow yogi of the same standing, or by
an AdepL
Thus viewed, Geoffrey's books are rightly published over his personal
name - for he himself, aided by his Adept Collaborator, Egoically arrives
at an understanding of the thought-stream, or rather enters an illuminated
state and, aided when necessary, translates the ideas into the best English
at his disposal at the time in his fonnal mind, and after having achieved
these yogic siddhis. verbally dictates them to his personal recorder.
In some cases - many indeed - the truths were made known to
Geoffrey in fonner lives so that their awakening to his conscious mind in .
this life is, partly at least, a recovery of his own knowledge attained by
study and during philosophical education in previous incarnations.
Nevertheless, Geoffrey does, by yoga. place himself in a mentally
receptive, yogic condition, and it is then that the Teachers awaken the
chosen knowledge - interpretations of allegories and symbols chiefly - in
his Egoic consciousness when necessary. They further assist by aiding

the transference of the ideas first into reasoned thoughts and then into
verbal statements of them. All this which, by the way, occurs instantan-
eously and continuously, proceeds from the beginning to the close of
every communication.
Such, from these points of view, is the siddhi of true sibylship by
means of which Geoffrey's interpretive books have been written, as also
certain articles and even lecture notes.
Ideally, the hypersensitive sibyl should be dwelling in a totally
secluded ashram, but the Teachers require a messenger who is in touch
with the world, and so - generally all uilknown as the faculties are -
living an apparently normal life amongst his or her fellow men.
These remarks are offered both in explanation of the occult procedure
of sibylship and to provide complete justification for Geoffrey's use of
his own name as the author of his books, whether sibylline or otherwise.
Throughout the whole of this sibylline function, Geoffrey is in such
complete control of body and mind as to be able without difficulty to
clarify or repeat any statement which to the recorder may seem unclear,
rephrasing it if necessary. He is able even to enquire of the occult
informant whether the new phrasing meets with His approval or not, or to
require either restatement
or enlargement.' Never, under any considera-
tion whatever, has Geoffrey permitted his mind and waking con-
sciousness to be controlled to the very slightest degree by anyone
physical or superphysical.
Apparently this collaboration and tuition, and the resultant literary and
verbal contributions to human knowledge and thought, were well known,
if not ordained from before Geoffrey's birth. If so, then it was for the
fulfIlment of these purposes that the descent of the "Bird of Fire" into his
body as a child occurred; also the numerous instances of his life being
saved when otherwise he would have died; the meeting with the two
seeress teachers, Mrs Booth and Mrs de la Middleton, who taught and
guided him so effectively during the two most important occult phases
of this incarnation, namely the beginning and continuance of membership
. of the Parent Theosophical Society (1912) and entry upon the highly
specialized occult work. to which he was invited in 1923 in London.
Therefore, Sandra, in The Diary, please be sure to make clear concem-

I During the teaching procedure, Geoffrey would sometimes say. "Oh. Sandra. I have
lost the thread. Wait a minute . .. Yes. Master? Oh now I have it again." He would
then proceed from the point of departure in completely sequenced thought.

ing Geoffrey's writings the following: Every single idea that is trans-
ferred to Geoffrey is always absorbed, fully comprehended, and then
consciously formulated into his best English. The process, therefore, in
no slightest degree resembles mediumship, because he himself thinks out
every single contribution received from the mind of one of Us [the Adept
Teachers], himself fully understands, and is mentally illumined by it
before and during the process of its communication. Thus it may truly be
said that Geoffrey himself knows exactly each and every truth that he
receives or hears and dictates. At suitable places repeat this statement.

[To conclude this utterance of the Master Polidorus Isurenus

concerning Geoffrey's fully conscious sibylline siddhi, I
append the following passage which includes statements
made by the great Mahatmas to show Their abhorrence and
Their continual denial of the use of mediumship as a means
of communication by Them to human beings:]


Adeptic communications make quite clear that under no circumstances

does an Adept ever use spiritualistic mediums as channels of communica-
tion. All suggestions to the contrary are false, as every true occultist is
fully aware.
Their words to this effect are:
"Mediumism, as practised in our days, is a more undesirable gift than
the robe of Nessus." 1
"The blood of the centaur, Nessus, soaked into the shirt of Herakles,
producing upon him an agony as though he were in a burning fire, and
ultimately brought about his death.tt2
"Imperator cannot preach the occult Sciences and then defend
mediumship ... "3
. "But the medium and the chela are diametrically dissimilar and the
latter acts consciously ... "4

1 Isis Unveiled, Vol. 1, Chapter xm, by H.P. Blavatsky.

2 Greek mythology. Note: Herakles, equivalent to Heracles.
3 The Mahatma Letters to AP. Sinnett, Letter IX, transcribed and compiled by A.T.
4 Ibid., Letter XCill.

"And now. you may understand why we oppose so strongly Spiritual-
ism and mediumship."1
In consequence. literature containing communications claimed to have
been received by enttanced mediums from those Adepts Who participated
in the founding of the Theosophical Society. must therefore be recognized
as spurious.



Question: Please tell me why mediumship is so hannful. why it is so

dangerous, and why the messages cannot be trusted to be truthful. Some
of the mediums here tell us that the Masters speak through them, many
Masters. Are we to believe them? Is this likely to have any truth about it
at all? Some who go to these mediums regularly may be being taken in
and cheated.
Answer: Obsessing entities on the astral plane use these Masters'
names (any names) in order to gain increasing power over, and depend-
ence from, their unfortunate mediums. NO ADEPT EVER USES A
I receive continuing requests from persons so afflicted for exorcism
from obsessing entities. If the enclosing veils of the mental or etheric
bodies are tom, then it may be beyond my limited capacities to save them
from madness or p~ychological derangement. Mediumship is a symptom
of the absence of detemtination to discover and live exact truth for

1 January 1977 Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

The distance between the Master and the aspirant is not one of space; it
is moral and spiritual only. Similarly, the barriers between them are not
mountain chains; they consist of qualities of character. The separation is
within the aspirant and this can and must be overcome. He must strip

1 TM Mahatma Leaers to A.P. Sinnett. Letter XVI, transcribed and compiled by A.T.

himself "to the bone". Everything personal must go. Stem simplicity is
the ideal.

22 January 1977 Epsom, Auckland

Master Polidorus Isurenus

Occult progress during incarnation and before Adeptship is reached is

always dual, remember, if not triple. The Monad progresses - erroneous
though the term would seem to be - but in ways beyond human compre-
hension. One may think of this as an extension of the range of respon-
siveness on its own plane, e.g., from other planets, other Rounds, other
Chains, but one must defInitely say, not other Universes when in incarna-
The second form of evolutionary development refers entirely to the
Ego and the increase in both inner capacity and outer power to affect the
mind accordingly. This might be called "Egoic Steps", Atma, Buddhi,
and Manas I being involved. Ultimately, this progress does reach the
brain-mind, giving added capacities there in various ways and compart-
ments of personal understanding.
The third, of course, concerns the personality itself and indicates that
the mento-astral nature and, of course, vehicles, have advanced in occult
capacities. These could include facility in grasping ideas, in-depth com-
prehension of them, and a general clearing away or lighting up of areas
in the mind which hitherto have been, as it were, imperfectly lighted,
even shaded - quite deeply in some cases. This is a very valuable step
and, when conjoined with and expressive of the Egoic advancement, is a
very notable achievement. Or, to be more truthful, this happens within
one like a form of growth in any cellular body. At the brain level it
could eventually cause that exclamation, "Oh, now I understand!" The
Ego-mind more especially becomes aware of an added dimension of
Entrance upon this stage is a very important one from another point of
view, namely that it constitutes an open gateway or portal to the next
"area of consciousness" in the widest sense. .

* * * * *

Master Polidorus /surenus


Noble and highly beneficent motives, words, and deeds, spoken and
perfonned in uttennost sincerity, long continued and oft-repeated, can
"drench out" or overbalance effects from undesirable deeds [in the present
and past lives] so that their results upon evolutionary progress and condi-
tions are very much - even entirely - o