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About us


ICO’s activity is subject to the principle of financial equilibrium. 3%

Hence, ICO has been profitable since its creation in 1971. Direct loans
Moreover, ICO follows strict banking criteria when granting direct loans
loans. As a financial institution, ICO is supervised by the Central
Bank of Spain, pays taxes, and manages risk. ICO performs a
twofold function:
As a State-owned investment bank :
aSecond-floor facilities: applications for loans are filed with
banks and saving banks. 65%
aDirect financing programmes: enterprises apply to ICO directly Second floor loans

for financing. Total loans = 60,581 m.

As the State’s Financial Agency, ICO follows the Government’s specific instructions in the provision
of financing to victims of serious economic crises, natural disasters and other similar circumstances.


ICO provides special support for those activities which, on account of their social, cultural, innovative
or ecological significance, are deserving of priority attention. In this sense, ICO is a pioneer in the
financing of those sectors in which private financing is not sufficiently developed. This is achieved
aFinancing Spanish SMEs´productive investments
aLiquidity Facility for SMEs
aSustainable Economy Projects
aPromotion of Officially Sponsored Housing

None of the information displayed constitutes an offer of securities for sale, or recommendation to purchase, to hold or sell any securities in the United States. Instituto de Crédito Oficial has not registered,
and does not intend to register, any of its securities (nor the guarantee thereof have been or will be registered) under the United States Securites Act of 1933 or any applicable U.S State Securities Laws
or to conduct a public offering of securities in the United States of America. Instituto de Crédito Oficial is complying with rules concerning the exemption from the registration of its securities under the
United States Securities Act of 1933, by which those securities will be offered only for sales to “qualified institutional buyers” (QUIBs) pursuant to rule 144A. This information may be forbidden or limited
by legislation of some jurisdiction, if any, not limited or restricted to Canada, Japan or Australia.