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w w w.ro u g h g u i d e s .c o m
C di
Compiled by Lexus with Fernando Léon Solís
Lexus Series Editor: Sally Davies
Rough Guides Reference Director: Andrew Lockett
Rough Guides Series Editor: Mark Ellingham

First edition published in 1995.

Reprinted in 1995, 1996, 1998 and 2004.
This updated edition published in 2006 by
Rough Guides Ltd,
80 Strand, London WC2R 0RL
345 Hudson St, 4th Floor, New York 10014, USA
Email: mail@roughguides.co.uk.
Distributed by the Penguin Group.

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Introduction 5

Basic Phrases 8

Scenarios 13

English - Spanish 31

Spanish - English 125

Menu Reader
Food ........................................................................................................... 203
Drink ......................................................................................................... 227

How the Language Works

Pronunciation ..................................................................................... 235
Abbreviations ..................................................................................... 235
Nouns ....................................................................................................... 236
Articles ..................................................................................................... 237
Adjectives and Adverbs ............................................................ 238
Possessive Pronouns .................................................................. 243
Personal Pronouns ........................................................................ 244
Demonstratives 247

Verbs 248

Questions .............................................................................................. 261

Dates ......................................................................................................... 261
Days ........................................................................................................... 262
Months ..................................................................................................... 262
Time ........................................................................................................... 262
Numbers ................................................................................................. 263
Conversion Tables .......................................................................... 266


T he Rough Guide Spanish phrasebook is a highly practi-

cal introduction to the contemporary language. Laid out
in clear A-Z style, it uses key-word referencing to lead you
straight to the words and phrases you want – so if you need
to book a room, just look up ‘room’. The Rough Guide gets

N I n t r o d u c t i o n
straight to the point in every situation, in bars and shops, on
trains and buses, and in hotels and banks.
The main part of the Rough Guide is a double dictionary:
English-Spanish then Spanish-English. Before that, there’s a
section called Basic Phrases and to get you involved in two-
way communication, the Rough Guide includes, in this new
edition, a set of Scenario dialogues illustrating questions and
responses in key situations such as renting a car and asking
directions. You can hear these and then download them free
from www.roughguides.com/phrasebooks for use on your
computer or MP3 player.
Forming the heart of the guide, the English-Spanish sec-
tion gives easy-to-use transliterations of the Spanish words
wherever pronunciation might be a problem. Throughout this
section, cross-references enable you to pinpoint key facts and
phrases, while asterisked words indicate where further infor-
mation can be found in a section at the end of the book called
How the Language Works. This section sets out the funda-
mental rules of the language, with plenty of practical exam-
ples. You’ll also find here other essentials like numbers, dates,
telling the time and basic phrases. In the Spanish-English
dictionary, we’ve given you not just the phrases you’ll be likely
to hear (starting with a selection of slang and colloquialisms)
but also many of the signs, labels, instructions and other basic
words you may come across in print or in public places.
Near the back of the book too the Rough Guide offers an
extensive Menu Reader. Consisting of food and drink sec-
tions (each starting with a list of essential terms), it’s indispen-
sable whether you’re eating out, stopping for a quick drink, or
browsing through a local food market.
¡buen viaje!
have a good trip!
Basic Phrases
yes please
sí por favor
no thanks, thank you
OK gracias
vale [grath-yass]
[balay] that’s OK, don’t mention it
no hay de qué
[ ī day kay]
¡hola! yes please
[ola] sí, por favor
good morning no thanks
buenos días no gracias
good evening how are you?
buenas tardes ¿cómo estás?
[bwenass tardess]
I’m fine, thanks
good night bien, gracias
buenas noches [b-yen grath-yass]
pleased to meet you
goodbye encantado de conocerle
adiós [day konothairlay]

(hello) ¡hola! excuse me
[ola] (to get past)
con permiso
see you! (to get attention)
¡hasta luego! ¡por favor!
[asta lwaygo] [fabor]
(to say sorry)

sorry I'd like a ...
perdone quisiera un/una...
[pairdonay] [kees-yaira...]
pardon (me)? could I have ...?
(didn’t understand/hear) ¿cómo? quisiera ...
¿qué? how much is it?
[kay] ¿cuánto es?
what did he say?
¿que ha dicho?
[kay a]
(toast) ¡salud!
I see
(I understand) ya comprendo
I don’t understand when?
no entiendo ¿cuando?
[ent-yendo] [kwando]
do you speak English?
¿habla inglés? ¿dónde?
I don't speak Spanish
¿no hablo español?
[ablo espan-yol]

could you say it slowly?

¿podría decirlo despacio?
[podree-a detheerlo despath-yo]

could you repeat that?

¿puede repetir eso?
[pwayday repeteer ayso]

could you write it down?

¿puede escribírmelo?
[pwayday eskreebeermaylo]

Scenarios š Spanish
1. Accommodation
is there an inexpensive hotel you can recommend?
쑺 ¿puede recomendarme un hotel que no sea caro?
[pwayday rekomendarmay oon otel kay no say-a karo]

lo siento, parece que todos están completos 쑸

[lo s-yento parethay kay todoss estan komplaytoss]
I’m sorry, they all seem to be fully booked

can you give me the name of a good middle-range hotel?

쑺 ¿puede decirme un hotel de precio normal?
[pwayday detheermay un otel day preth-yo normal]

déjeme un momento que mire ¿prefiere estar en el centro? 쑸

[dayHaymay oon momento kay meeray pref-yeray estar en el thentro]
let me have a look, do you want to be in the centre?

if possible
쑺 si es posible
[see ess posseeblay]

¿le importa estar un poco lejos del centro? 쑸

[lay eemporta estar oon poko layHoss del thentro]
do you mind being a little way out of town?

not too far out

쑺 no demasiado lejos
[no demass-yado layHoss]

where is it on the map?

쑺 ¿dónde está en el mapa?
[donday esta en el mapa]

can you write the name and address down?

쑺 ¿puede escribir el nombre y la dirección?
[pwayday eskreebeer el nombray ee la deerekth-yon]

I’m looking for a room in a private house

쑺 estoy buscando una habitación en una casa privada
[estoy booskando oona abeetath-yon en oona kassa preebada]

Scenarios š Spanish
2. Banks
bank account la cuenta bancaria [kwenta bankar-ya]
to change money cambiar dinero [kamb-yar deenairo]
cheque el cheque [chaykay]
to deposit ingresar [eengressar]
euro el euro [ay-ooro]
pin number el pin [peen]
pound la libra [leebra]
to withdraw retirar [reteerar]

can you change this into euros?

쑺 ¿puede cambiarme esto a euros?
[pwayday kamb-yarmay esto a ay-ooross]
¿cómo prefiere el dinero? 쑸
[komo pref-yairay el deenairo]
how would you like the money?
small notes big notes
쑺 billetes pequeños 쑺 billetes grandes
[bee-yaytayss pekayn-yoss] [bee-yaytayss grandayss]
do you have information in English about opening an account?
쑺 ¿tiene información en inglés sobre cómo abrir una cuenta?
[t-yaynay eenformath-yon en eenglayss sobray komo abreer oona kwenta]
sí ¿qué tipo de cuenta quiere? 쑸
[see kay teepo day kwenta k-yayray]
yes, what sort of account do you want?
I’d like a current account permítame su pasaporte, por favor 쑸
quisiera una cuenta corriente [pairmeetamay soo passaportay por fabor]
[keess-yaira oona kwenta korr-yentay] your passport, please
can I use this card to draw some cash?
쑺 ¿puedo sacar dinero con esta tarjeta?
[pwaydo sakar deenairo kon esta tarHayta]
tiene que ir al mostrador de caja 쑸
[t-yaynay kay eer al mostrador day kaHa]
you have to go to the cashier’s desk
I want to transfer this to my account at the Banco Santander
쑺 quisiera enviar esto a mi cuenta en el Banco Santander
[keess-yaira emb-yar esto a mee kwenta en el banko santandair]
de acuerdo, pero tendremos que cobrarle la llamada 쑸
[day akwairdo pairo tendraymoss kay kobrarlay la yamada]
OK, but we’ll have to charge you for the phonecall

14 download these scenarios as MP3s from:

Scenarios š Spanish
3. Booking a room
shower la ducha [doocha]
telephone in teléfono en el [telayfono en el kwa
k rto]
the room cuarto
payphone in teléfono público [telayfono poobleeko
the lobby en el vestíbulo en el bayssteeboolo]

do you have any rooms? ¿para cuántas personas? 쑸

쑺 ¿tiene habitaciones libres? [para kwantass pairsonass]
[t-yaynay abeetath-yonayss leebrayss] for how many people?
for one / for two 쑺 sí, tenemos habitaciones libres
쑺 para una/para [see tenaymoss abeetath-yonayss leebrayss]
[para oona/para doss] yes, we have rooms
쑺 ¿para cuántas noches? just for one night
[para kwa
k ntass nochayss] sólo para una noche 쑸
for how many nights? [solo para oona nochay]
how much is it?
쑺 ¿cuánto es?
[kwanto ess]
90 euros con baño y 70 sin baño 쑸
[nobenta ay-ooross kon ban-yo ee setenta seen ban-yo]
90 euros with bathroom and 70 euros without bathroom
does that include breakfast?
쑺 ¿está incluido el desayuno?
[esta eenkl-weedo el dessa-yoono]
can I see a room with bathroom?
쑺 ¿puedo ver una habitación con baño?
[pwaydo bair oona abeetath-yon kon ban-yo]
ok, I’ll take it
쑺 vale, me la quedo
[balay may la kaydo]
when do I have to check out?
쑺 ¿cuándo tengo que salir?
[kwando tengo kay saleer]
is there anywhere I can leave luggage?
쑺 ¿puedo dejar el equipaje en algún sitio?
[pwaydo dayHar el ekeepaHay en algoon seet-yo]

www.roughguides.com/phrasebooks 15
Scenarios š Spanish
4. Car hire
automatic automático [owtomateeko]
full tank depósito lleno [deposseeto yayno]
manual manual [manwal]
rented car el coche alquilado [kochay alkeelado]

I’d like to rent a car ¿para cuánto tiempo? 쑸

쑺 quisiera alquilar un coche [para kwanto t-yempo]
[keess-yaira alkeelar oon kochay] for how long?
two days I’ll take the ...
쑺 dos días 쑺me llevo el ...
[doss dee-ass] [may yaybo el…]
is that with unlimited mileage? sí 쑸
쑺 ¿es sin límite de kilómetros? [see]
[ess seen leemeetay day keelometross] yes
¿me permite su carnet de conducir? 쑸
[may pairmeetay soo karnay day kondootheer]
can I see your driving licence please?
y su pasaporte 쑸
[ee soo passaportay]
and your passport
is insurance included?
쑺 ¿está incluido el seguro?
[esta eenkl-weedo el segooro]

sí, pero usted tendría que pagar los primeros cien euros 쑸
[see pairo oostay tendreea kay pagar loss preemaiross th-yen ay-ooross]
yes, but you have to pay the first 100 euros
¿puede dejar una fianza de cien euros? 쑸
[pwayday dayHar oona fee-antha day th-yen ay-ooross]
can you leave a deposit of 100 euros?
and if this office is closed, where do I leave the keys?
쑺 y si esta oficina está cerrada ¿dónde dejo las llaves?
[ee see esta ofeetheena esta thairrada donday dayHo lass yabayss]

las pone en esa caja 쑸

[lass ponay en ayssa kaHa]
you drop them in that box

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Scenarios š Spanish
5. Communications
ADSL modem el modem ADSL [modem
at arroba [arroba]
dial-up modem el modem de [modem day
marcador manual markador manwal]
dot punto [poonto]
Internet internet [eentairnet]
mobile (phone) el móvil [mobeel]
password la contraseña [kontrassen-ya]
telephone socket el adaptador [adaptador para
adaptor para el teléfono el telefono]
wireless hotspot el punto de [poonto day akthaysso
acceso inalámbrico eenalambreeko]

is there an Internet café around here?

쑺 ¿hay por aquí un cibercafé? zero five
[ī por akee oon theebairkafay] cero cinco
can I send email from here? [thairo] [theenko]
쑺 ¿puedo enviar emails desde aquí?
one six
[pwaydo emb-yar emailss desday akee]
uno seis
where’s the at sign on the keyboard? [oono] [say-eess]
쑺 ¿dónde está la arroba en el teclado?
[donday esta la arroba en el teklado] two seven
dos siete
can you switch this to a UK keyboard? [doss] [s-yaytay]
쑺 ¿se puede cambiar a teclado británico?
[say pwayday kamb-yar a teklado breetaneeko] three eight
can you help me log on? tres ocho
쑺 ¿puede ayudarme a conectarme? [tress] [ocho]
[pwayday ayoodarmay a konektarmay]
four nine
can you put me through to ...? cuatro nueve
쑺 ¿puede ponerme con…? [kwatro] [nwaybay]
[pwayday ponairmay kon…]
I’m not getting a c
connection, can you
쑺 no puedo conectarme ¿puede ayudarme?
[no pwaydo konektarmay pwayday ayoodarmay]
where can I get a top-up card for my mobile?
쑺 ¿dónde puedo comprar una tarjeta para el móvil?
[donday pwaydo komprar oona tarHayta para el mobeel]

www.roughguides.com/phrasebooks 17
Scenarios š Spanish
6. Directions
hi, I’m looking for Calle Real hi, Calle
쑺 hola, estoy buscando la Calle Real Real, do
[ola estoy booskando la ka-yay ray-al] you know
where it is?
lo siento, nunca he oído hablar de ella 쑸 hola, la
[lo s-yento noonka ay oeedo ablar day ay-ya] Calle Real,
sorry, never heard of it ¿sabe
hi, can you tell me where Calle Real is? dónde
쑺 hola, ¿puede decirme dónde está la Calle Real? está?
[ola pwayday detheermay donday esta la ka-yay ray-al] [ola la ka-yay
ray-al sabay
yo tampoco soy de aquí 쑸 donday esta]
[yo tampoko soy day akee]
I’m a stranger here too

where? which direction?

¿dónde? ¿por dónde?
[donday] [por donday]

쑺 a la izquierda en el segundo semáforo

[a la eethk-yairda en el segoondo semaforo]
left at the second traffic lights
쑺a la vuelta de la esquina 쑺 luego es la primera calle a la derecha
[a la bwelta day la eskeena] [lwaygo ess la preemaira ka-yay a la dairaycha]
around the corner then it’s the first street on the right

a la derecha cerca justo después siguiente

[a la dairaycha] [thairka] [Hoosto [seeg-yentay]
on the right near despwess] next
allí delante de just after
[a-yee] [daylantay day] todo recto
over there in front of más allá [todo rekto]
[mass a-ya] straight
atrás en frente de further ahead
[atrass] [en frentay day]
back opposite pasado el… a la izquierda
calle gire [passado el…] [a la eethk-
[ka-yay] [Hee-ray] past the ... yairda]
street turn off on the left

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Scenarios š Spanish
7. Emergencies
accident el accidente [aktheedentay]
ambulance la ambulancia [amboolanth-ya]
consul el cónsul [konsool]
embassy la embajada [embaHada]
fire brigade los bomberos [bombaiross]
police la policía [poleethee-a]

쑺 ¡socorro!
can you help me?
쑺 ¿puede ayudarme?
[pwayday ayoodarmay]
please come with me! it’s really very urgent
쑺 ¡por favor, venga conmigo! es de verdad muy urgente
[por fabor baynga konmeego ess day bairda mwee oorHayntay]
I’ve lost (my keys)
쑺 he perdido (las llaves)
[ay pairdeedo (lass yabayss)]
(my car) is not working
쑺 (mi coche) no funciona
[(mee kochay) no foonth-yona]
(my purse) has been stolen
쑺 me han robado (el monedero)
[may an robado (el monedairo)]
I’ve been mugged
쑺 me han robado
[may an robado]
¿cómo se llama? 쑸
[komo say yama]
what’s your name?
¿me permite su pasaporte? 쑸
[may pairmeetay soo passaportay]
I need to see your passport
I’m sorry, all my papers have been stolen
쑺 lo siento, me han robado todos los documentos
[lo s-yento may an robado todoss loss dokoomayntoss]

www.roughguides.com/phrasebooks 19
Scenarios š Spanish
8. Friends
hi, how’re you doing? muy bien ¿y tú? 쑸
쑺 hola ¿qué tal? [mwee b-yen ee too]
[ola kay tal] ok, and you?

yeah, fine not bad

쑺 pues bien 쑺 no estoy mal
[pwess b-yen] [no estoy mal]

d’you know Antonio?

쑺 ¿conoces a Antonio?
[konothayss a antonio]

and this is Marta si, ya nos conocemos 쑸

쑺 y ésta es Marta [see ya noss konothaymoss]
[ee esta ess marta] yeah, we know each other

where do you know each other from?

쑺 ¿de qué os conocéis?
[day kay oss konothay-eess]

we met at Gonzalos’s place

쑺 nos conocimos en casa de Gonzalo
[noss konotheemoss en kassa day gonthalo]

that was some party, eh? genial 쑸

쑺 menuda fiesta ¿eh? [Hayn-yal]
[maynooda fee-aysta ay] the best

are you guys coming for a beer? estupendo, vamos 쑸

쑺 ¿venís a tomar una cerveza? [estoopendo, bamoss]
[bayneess a tomar oona thairbaytha] cool, let’s go

no, he quedado con Lola 쑸

[no, ay kaydado kon lola]
no, I’m meeting Lola

see you at Gonzalo’s place tonight

쑺 nos vemos esta noche en casa de Gonzalo
[noss baymoss esta nochay en kassa day gonthalo]

hasta luego 쑸
[asta lwaygo]
see you

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Scenarios š Spanish
9. Health
I’m not feeling very well
쑺 no me siento bien
[no may s-yento b-yen]

can you get a doctor?

쑺 ¿puede llamar a un médico?
[pwayday yamar a oon maydeeko]

쑺 ¿dónde le duele? it hurts here

[donday lay dwaylay] me duele aquí 쑸
where does it hurt? [may dwaylay akee]

쑺 ¿es un dolor constante? it’s not a constant pain

[ess oon dolor konstantay] no es un dolor constante 쑸
is the pain constant? [no ess oon dolor konstantay]

can I make an appointment?

쑺 ¿puedo pedir cita?
[pwaydo pedeer theeta]

can you give me something for ...? yes, I have insurance

쑺 ¿puede darme algo para…? 쑺 sí, tengo seguro
[pwayday darmay algo para] [see tengo segooro]

antibiotics el antibiótico [anteeb-yoteeko]

antiseptic la pomada antiséptica [pomada anteessaypteeka]
cystitis la cystitis [theesteeteess]
dentist el dentista [denteesta]
diarrhoea la diarrea [d-yarray-a]
doctor el médico [maydeeko]
hospital el hospital [ospeetal]
ill enfermo [enfairmo]
medicine la medicina [medeetheena]
painkillers analgésicos [analHayseekoss]
pharmacy la farmacia [farmath-ya]
to prescribe recetar [rethaytar]
thrush las aftas [aftass]

www.roughguides.com/phrasebooks 21
Scenarios š Spanish
10. Language difficulties
a few words unas palabras [oonass palabrass]
interpreter el intérprete [eentairpraytay]
to translate traducir [tradootheer]

le han rechazado la tarjeta de crédito 쑸

[lay an rechathado la tarHayta day kraydeeto]
your credit card has been refused
what, I don’t understand; do you speak English?
쑺 ¿cómo? no comprendo; ¿habla usted inglés?
[komo no komprendo abla oostay eenglayss]
esto no es válido 쑸
[esto no ess baleedo]
this isn’t valid
could you say that again? slowly
쑺 ¿puede repetir? despacio 쑸
[pwayday repeteer] [despath-yo]

I understand very little Spanish

쑺 comprendo muy poco español
[komprendo mwee poko espan-yol]

I speak Spanish very badly

쑺 hablo español muy mal
[ablo espan-yol mwee mal]
no puede pagar con esta tarjeta 쑸
[no pwayday pagar kon esta tarHayta]
you can’t use this card to pay

쑺 ¿comprende? sorry, no
[komprenday] no, lo siento 쑸
do you understand? [no lo s-yentoi]
is there someone who speaks English?
쑺 ¿hay alguien que hable inglés?
[ī[ alg-yen kay ablay eenglayss]
oh, now I understand is that ok now?
쑺 ah, ahora comprendo 쑺 ¿está todo bien ya?
[ah a-ora komprendo] [esta todo b-yen ya]

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Scenarios š Spanish
11. Meeting people
쑺 hola

hola, me llamo Blanca 쑸

[ola may yamo blanka]
hello, my name’s Blanca

Graham, from England, Thirsk

쑺 soy Graham, de Thirsk, Inglaterra
[soy graham day thirsk eenglatairra]

no lo conozco ¿dónde está? 쑸

[no lo konothko donday esta]
don’t know that, where is it?

not far from York, in the North; and you?

쑺 no lejos de York, en el norte, ¿y usted?
[no layHoss day york en el nortay ee oostay]

soy de Salamanca; ¿está aquí solo? 쑸

[soy day salamanka esta akee solo]
I’m from Salamanca; here by yourself?

no, I’m with my wife and two kids

쑺 no, estoy con mi mujer y mis dos hijos
[no, estoy kon mee mooHair ee meess doss eeHoss]

what do you do? a la informática 쑸

쑺 ¿a qué se dedica? [a la eenformateeka]
[a kay say daydeeka] I’m in computers

me too
yo también
[yo tamb-yen]
here’s my wife now
쑺 aquí está mi mujer
[akee esta mee mooHair]
encantada de conocerla 쑸
[enkantada day konothairla]
nice to meet you

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Scenarios š Spanish
12. Post offices
airmail correo aéreo [korray-o a-airay-o]
post card la postal [postal]
post office correos [korray-oss]
stamp el sello [say-yo]

what time does the post office close? a las cinco entre semana 쑸
쑺 ¿a qué hora cierra Correos? [a lass theenko entray semana]
[a kay ora th-yaira korray-oss] five o’clock weekdays

is the post office open on Saturdays? hasta mediodía 쑸

쑺 ¿Correos abre los sábados? [asta med-yodee-a]
[korray-oss abray loss sabadoss] until midday

I’d like to send this registered to England

쑺 quisiera enviar esto certificado a Inglaterra
[keess-yaira emb-yar esto thairteefeekado a eenglatairra]

sí, claro, van a ser 10 euros 쑸

[see klaro ban a sair d-yeth ay-ooross]
certainly, that will cost 10 euros

and also two stamps for England, please

쑺 y también dos sellos para Inglaterra, por favor
[ee tamb-yen doss say-yoss para eenglatairra por fabor]

do you have some airmail stickers?

쑺 ¿tiene pegatinas de correo aéreo?
[t-yaynay pegateenass day korray-o a-airay-o]

do you have any mail for me?

쑺 ¿tiene correo para mí?
[t-yaynay korray-o para mee]

cartas paquetes lista de correos

letters parcels poste restante

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Scenarios š Spanish
13. Restaurants
bill la cuenta [kwenta] menu el menú [menoo]
table la mesa [mayssa]

can we have a non-smoking table?

쑺 ¿nos da una mesa de no fumadores?
[noss da oona mayssa day no foomadorayss]
there are two of us there are four of us
쑺 somos dos 쑺 somos cuatro
[somoss doss] [somoss kwatro]
what’s this? es pescado 쑸
쑺 ¿qué es esto? [ess peskado]
[kay ess esto] it’s a type of fish
es una especialidad de la zona 쑸
[ess oona espeth-yaleeda day la thona]
it’s a local speciality
entre y se lo enseño 쑸
[entray ee say lo ensayn-yo]
come inside and I’ll show you
we would like two of these, one of these, and one of those
쑺 queremos dos de éstos, uno de éstos y uno de aquéllos
[kairaymoss doss day estoss oono day estoss ee oono day akay-yoss]
쑺 ¿y para beber? red wine white wine
[ee para bebair] 쑺 vino tinto 쑺 vino blanco
and to drink? [beeno teento] [beeno blanko]
a beer and two orange juices
쑺 una cerveza y dos zumos de naranja
[oona thairbaytha ee doss thoomoss day naranHa]
some more bread please
쑺 un poco más de pan, por favor
[oon poko mass day pan por fabor]
쑺 ¿les ha gustado la comida? excellent, very nice!
[layss a goostado la komeeda] ¡estaba estupenda! ¡muy buena! 쑸
how was your meal? [estaba estoopaynda mwee bwayna]
쑺 ¿algo más? just the bill thanks
[algo mass] sólo la cuenta, gracias 쑸
anything else? [solo la kwenta grath-yass]

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Scenarios š Spanish
14. Shopping
¿en qué puedo servirle? 쑸
[en kay pwaydo sairbeerlay]
can I help you?
can I just have a look around? yes, I’m looking for ...
쑺 ¿puedo echar sólo un vistazo? 쑺 sí, estoy buscando ...
[pwaydo echar solo oon beestatho] [see estoy booskando]
how much is this? treinta y dos euros 쑸
쑺 ¿cuánto es esto? [tray-eenta ee doss ay-ooross]
[kwanto ess esto] thirty-two euros
OK, I think I’ll have to leave it; it’s a little too expensive for me
쑺 vale, creo que tendré que dejarlo; es demasiado caro para mí
[balay kray-o kay tendray kay deHarlo ess demass-yado karo para mee]
¿y esto? 쑸
[ee esto]
how about this?
can I pay by credit card?
쑺 ¿puedo pagar con tarjeta de crédito?
[pwaydo pagar kon tarHayta day kraydeeto]
it’s too big it’s too small
쑺 es demasiado grande 쑺 es demasiado pequeño
[ess demass-yado granday] [ess demass-yado pekayn-yo]
it’s for my son – he’s about this high
쑺 es para mi hijo – es más o menos así de alto
[ess para mee eeHo ess mass o maynoss assee day alto]
쑺 ¿va a querer algo más? that’s all thanks
[ba a kerair algo mass] 쑺 eso es todo, gracias
will there be anything else? [ayso ess todo grath-yass]
make it twenty euros and I’ll take it
쑺 si me lo pone a veinte euros me lo quedo
[see may lo ponay a bay-eentay ay-ooros may lo kaydo]
fine, I’ll take it
쑺 vale, me lo quedo
[balay may lo kaydo]

abierto caja cambiar cerrado rebajas

open cashdesk to exchange closed sale

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Scenarios š Spanish
15. Sightseeing
art gallery la galería de arte [galairree-a day artay]
bus tour visita en autobús [beesseeta en owtobooss]
city centre el centro [ entro]
closed cerrado [ airrado]
guide la guía [gee-a]
museum el museo [moossay-o]
open abierto [ab-yairto]

I’m interested in seeing the old town

쑺 quisiera ver el casco antiguo
[keess-yaira bair el kasko anteegwo]
are there guided tours? lo siento, está completo 쑸
쑺 ¿hay visitas guiadas? [lo s-yento esta komplayto]
[ ī beeseetass gee-adass] I’m sorry, it’s fully booked
how much would you charge to drive us around for four hours?
쑺 ¿cuánto nos cobraría por darnos un paseo de cuatro horas?
[kwanto noss kobraree-a por darnoss oon passay-o day kwatro orass]
can we book tickets for the concert here?
쑺 ¿podemos reservar aquí las entradas para el concierto?
[podaymoss resairbar akee lass entradass para el konth-yairto]
쑺 sí ¿a qué nombre? ¿qué tarjeta de crédito? 쑸
[see a kay nombray] [kay tarHayta day kraydeeto]
yes, in what name? which credit card?
where do we get the tickets? recójanlas a la entrada 쑸
쑺 ¿dónde nos dan las entradas? [rekoHanlass a la entrada]
[donday noss dan lass entradass] pick them up at the entrance
is it open on Sundays? how much is it to get in?
쑺 ¿abren los domingos? 쑺 ¿cuánto cuesta entrar?
[abrayn loss domeengoss] [kwanto kwesta entrar]
are there reductions for groups of 6?
쑺 ¿hay descuentos para grupos de seis?
[ ī deskwentos para grooposs day say-eess]
that was really impressive!
쑺 ¡ha estado genial!
[a estado Hen-yal]

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Scenarios š Spanish
16. Trains
to change trains hacer transbordo [athair transbordo]
platform el andén [andayn]
return el billete de [bee-yaytay day
ida y vuelta eeda ee bwelta]
single el billete de ida [bee-yaytay day eeda]
station la estación [estath-yon]
stop la parada [parada]
ticket el billete [bee-yaytay]

how much is ...?

쑺 ¿cuánto es …?
[kwanto ess]
a single, second class to ...
쑺 un billete de ida, en clase turista a ...
[oon bee-yaytay day eeda en klassay tooreesta a]
two returns, second class to ...
쑺 dos billetes de ida y vuelta, en clase turista a ...
[doss bee-yaytayss day eeda ee bwelta en klassay tooreesta a]
for today for tomorrow for next Tuesday
쑺 para hoy 쑺 para mañana 쑺 para el próximo martes
[para oy] [para man-yana] [para el prokseemo martayss]
El Talgo tiene suplemento 쑸
[el talgo t-yaynay sooplemento]
there’s a supplement for the Talgo
¿quiere reservar el asiento? 쑸
[k-yairay ressairbar el ass-yento]
do you want to make a seat reservation?
tiene que hacer transbordo en Córdoba 쑸
[t-yaynay kay athair transbordo en kordoba]
you have to change at Córdoba
is this seat free?
쑺 ¿está libre este asiento?
[esta leebray estay ass-yento]
excuse me, which station are we at?
쑺 perdone ¿en qué estación estamos?
[pairdonay en kay estath-yon estamoss]
is this where I change for Málaga?
쑺 ¿es aquí donde tengo que hacer transbordo para Málaga?
[es akee donday tengo kay athair transbordo para malaga]


English š Spanish
direcciones [leebrayta day

English š Spanish
A deerekth-yoness]
admission charge la entrada
a, an* un, una [oon, oona] adult el adulto
about: about 20 unos veinte advance: in advance por
it’s about 5 o’clock son adelantado
aproximadamente las cinco aeroplane el avión [ab-yon]
[aproxeemadamentay] after después (de) [despwess
a film about Spain una day]
película sobre España after you usted primero
[sobray] [oostay preemairo]
above ... encima de ... after lunch después del
[entheema day] almuerzo
abroad en el extranjero afternoon la tarde [tarday]
[estranHairo] in the afternoon por la tarde
absolutely (I agree) ¡desde this afternoon esta tarde
luego! [desday lwaygo] aftershave el ‘aftershave’
accelerator el acelerador aftersun cream la crema para
[athelairador] después del sol [krayma para

accept aceptar [atheptar] despwess]
accident el accidente afterwards después [despwess]
[aktheedentay] again otra vez [beth]
there’s been an accident against contra
ha habido un accidente [a age la edad [aydath]
abeedo] ago: a week ago hace una
accommodation alojamiento semana [athay]
[aloHam-yento] an hour ago hace una hora
accurate exacto agree: I agree estoy de
ache el dolor acuerdo [day akwairdo]
my back aches me duele la AIDS el SIDA [seeda]
espalda [may dwaylay] air el aire [a-eeray]
across: across the road al otro by air en avión [ab-yon]
lado de la calle [ka-yay] air-conditioning el aire
adapter el adaptador acondicionado [a-eeray
address la dirección [deerekth- akondeeth-yonado]
yon] airmail: by airmail por avión
what’s your address? ¿cuál es [ab-yon]
su dirección? [kwal] airmail envelope el sobre
address book la libreta de aéreo [sobray a-airay-o]
airport el aeropuerto m aymay v oobay
English š Spanish
ch chay
[a-airopwairto] d day n aynay w oobay doblay
to the airport, please al e ay ñ ayn-yay x aykeess
aeropuerto, por favor f ayfay oo y ee gr-yayga
airport bus el autobús del g Hay p pay z thayta
aeropuerto [owtobooss] h achay q koo
aisle seat asiento de pasillo i ee r airray
[as-yento day pasee-yo]
alarm clock el despertador already ya
alcohol el alcohol [alkol] also también [tamb-yen]
alcoholic alcohólico although aunque [a-oonkay]
Algeria Argelia [arHaylee-a] altogether del todo
all: all the boys todos los always siempre [s-yempray]
chicos am*: I am soy, estoy
all the girls todas las chicas a.m.: at seven a.m. a las siete
all of it todo de la mañana [day la man-yana]
all of them todos ellos amazing (surprising) increíble
[ay-yoss] [eenkray-eeblay]
that’s all, thanks eso es todo, (very good) estupendo

gracias [ayso] ambulance la ambulancia

allergic: I’m allergic to ... [amboolanth-ya]
soy alérgico/alérgica a ... call an ambulance! ¡llame a
[alairHeeko] una ambulancia! [yamay]
allowed: is it allowed? ¿está America América
permitido? American (adj) americano
all right ¡bien! [b-yen] I’m American (man/woman) soy
I’m all right estoy bien americano/americana
are you all right? (fam) ¿estás among entre [entray]
bien? amount la cantidad [kanteeda]
(pol) ¿se encuentra bien? [say (money) la suma
enkwayntra] amp: a 13-amp fuse el fusible
almond la almendra de trece amperios [fooseeblay
almost casi day – ampairee-oss]
alone solo amphitheatre el anfiteatro
alphabet el alfabeto [anfeetay-atro]
and y [ee]
aa j Hota s aysay angry enfadado
b bay k ka t tay animal el animal
c thay l aylay u oo ankle el tobillo [tobee-yo]

anniversary (wedding) el alg-yen eenglayss]

English š Spanish
aniversario de boda there wasn’t anybody there
[aneebairsar-yo day] allí no había nadie [a-yee no
annoy: this man’s annoying abee-a nad-yay]
me este hombre me está anything algo
molestando [estay ombray may]
annoying molesto dialogues
another otro
can we have another anything else? ¿algo más?
room? ¿puede darnos nothing else, thanks nada
otra habitación? [pwayday más, gracias
– abeetath-yon]
another beer, please would you like anything to
otra cerveza, por favor drink? ¿le apetece beber
[thairbaytha] algo? [lay apetethay bebair]
antibiotics los antibióticos I don’t want anything,
[anteeb-yoteekoss] thanks no quiero nada,
antifreeze el anticongelante gracias [no k-yairo nada]

antihistamine el apart from aparte de [apartay
antihistamínico [antee- day]
eestameeneeko] apartment el apartamento,
antique: is it an antique? ¿es el piso
antiguo? [anteegwo] appendicitis la apendicitis
antique shop la tienda de [apendeetheeteess]
antigüedades [t-yenda day appetizer la entrada
anteegway-dadess] aperitif el aperitivo
antiseptic el antiséptico [apereeteebo]
any: have you got any bread/ apology la disculpa
tomatoes? ¿tiene pan/ apple la manzana [manthana]
tomates? [t-yaynay] appointment la cita [theeta]
do you have any change?
¿tiene cambio? [kamb-yo] dialogue
sorry, I don’t have any lo
siento, no tengo [s-yento] good afternoon, sir, how
anybody cualquiera [kwalk- can I help you? buenas
yaira] tardes, señor, ¿en qué
does anybody speak English? puedo servirle? [bwenass
¿habla alguien inglés? [abla tardess, sen-yor en kay pwaydo

llegado ya mi fax? [a yegado]
English š Spanish
I’d like to make an we arrived today llegamos
appointment quisiera pedir hoy [yegamoss oy]
hora [kees-yaira pedeer ora] art el arte [artay]
what time would you like? art gallery el museo de bellas
¿a qué hora le viene bien? artes [moosay-o day bay-yass
[a kay ora lay b-yaynay b-yen] artess]
three o’clock a las tres (smaller) la galería de arte
I’m afraid that’s not [galairee-a]
possible, is four o’clock artist (man/woman) el pintor/la
all right? me temo que no pintora
será posible, está bien a las as: as big as tan grande como
cuatro? [may taymo kay no [granday]
saira poseeblay] as soon as possible lo antes
yes, that will be fine sí, posible [antess poseeblay]
está bien ashtray el cenicero
the name was ...? ¿su [thayneethairo]
nombre era ...? [nombray ask preguntar [pregoontar]
aira] I didn’t ask for this no había
pedido eso [abee-a – ayso]

apricot el albaricoque could you ask him to ...?

[albarikokay] ¿puede decirle que ...?
April abril [pwayday detheerlay kay]
are*: we are somos; estamos asleep: she’s asleep está
you are (fam) eres [airess]; dormida
estás aspirin la aspirina
(pol) es; está asthma el asma
they are son; están astonishing increíble [eenkray-
area la zona [thona] eeblay]
area code el prefijo [prefeeHo] at: at the hotel en el hotel
arm el brazo [bratho] at the station en la estación
arrange: will you arrange it for at six o’clock a las seis
us? ¿nos lo organiza usted? at Pedro’s en la casa de
[organeetha oostay] Pedro
arrival la llegada [yegada] athletics el atletismo
arrive llegar [yegar] Atlantic Ocean el Océano
when do we arrive? ¿cuándo Atlántico [othay-ano]
llegamos? [kwando yegamoss] attractive guapo, atractivo
has my fax arrived yet? ¿ha [atrakteebo]

aubergine la berenjena (back part) la parte de atrás

English š Spanish
[berenHayna] [partay day]
August agosto at the back en la parte de
aunt la tía [tee-a] atrás
Australia Australia [owstral-ya] can I have my money back?
Australian (adj) australiano ¿puede devolverme el
I’m Australian (man/woman) soy dinero? [pwayday daybolbairmay
australiano/australiana el deenairo]
automatic (car) automático to come/go back volver
[owtomateeko] [bolbair]
automatic teller el cajero backache el dolor de espalda
automático [kaHairo] [day]
autumn el otoño [oton-yo] bacon el bacon [baykon], la
in the autumn en otoño panceta [pantheta]
avenue la avenida [abeneeda] bad malo
average (not good) regular a bad headache un fuerte
[regoolar] dolor de cabeza [fwairtay – day
on average por término kabaytha]
medio [tairmeeno mayd-yo] badly mal
awake: is he awake? ¿está

(injured) gravemente
despierto? [desp-yairto] [grabemayntay]
away: go away! ¡lárguese! bag la bolsa
[largaysay] (handbag) el bolso
is it far away? ¿está lejos? (suitcase) la maleta [malayta]
[layHoss] baggage el equipaje
awful terrible [terreeblay] [ekeepaHay]
axle el eje [ayHay] baggage check la consigna
B baggage claim la recogida
de equipajes [rekoHeeda day
baby el bebé [baybay] bakery la panadería
baby food la comida de bebé [panadairee-a]
[day] balcony el balcón
baby’s bottle el biberón a room with a balcony una
[beebairon] habitación con balcón
baby-sitter la niñera [neen- [abeetath-yon]
yaira] bald calvo [kalbo]
back (of body) la espalda Balearic Islands las Baleares

English š Spanish
[balay-aress] [estairee-ya]
ball (large) la pelota beach umbrella la sombrilla
(small) la bola [sombree-ya]
ballet el ballet beans las judías [Hoodee-ass]
banana el plátano runner beans las judías
band (musical) la orquesta verdes [bairdess]
[orkesta] broad beans las habas
(pop) el grupo [abass]
bandage la venda beard la barba
[benda] beautiful bonito
Bandaid® la tirita because porque [porkay]
bank (money) el banco because of ... debido a ...
bank account la cuenta [debeedo]
bancaria [kwenta] bed la cama
bar el bar I’m going to bed now me voy
a bar of chocolate una barra a acostar ya [may boy]
de chocolate [day chokolatay] bed and breakfast habitación
barber’s el barbero [barbairo] y desayuno [abeetath-yon ee
Barcelona Barcelona desa-yoono]

[barthaylona] bedroom el dormitorio

basket el cesto [thesto] [dormeetor-yo]
(in shop) la cesta beef la carne de vaca [karnay
bath el baño [ban-yo] day baka]
can I have a bath? ¿puedo beer la cerveza [thairbaytha]
bañarme? [pwaydo ban-yarmay] two beers, please dos
bathroom el cuarto de baño cervezas, por favor
[kwarto] before antes [antess]
with a private bathroom con begin empezar [empethar]
baño privado [preebado] when does it begin? ¿cuándo
bath towel la toalla de baño empieza? [kwando emp-yetha]
[to-a-ya day] beginner el/la principiante
battery la pila [preentheep-yantay]
(car) la batería [batairee-a] beginning: at the beginning al
bay la bahía [ba-ee-a] principio [preentheep-yo]
Bay of Biscay el Golfo de behind detrás
Vizcaya [day beethkaya] behind me detrás de mí
be* ser [sair]; estar [aystar] beige beige [bay-eess]
beach la playa [pla-ya] Belgium Bélgica [baylHeeka]
beach mat la esterilla de playa believe creer [kray-air]

below abajo [abaHo] cumpleaños! [feleeth]

English š Spanish
belt el cinturón [theentooron] biscuit la galleta [ga-yeta]
bend (in road) la curva [koorba] bit: a little bit un poquito
berth (on ship) el camarote [pokeeto]
[kamarotay] a big bit un pedazo grande
beside: beside the ... al lado [pedatho granday]
de la ... a bit of ... un pedazo de ...
best el mejor [meHor] a bit expensive un poco caro
better mejor bite (by insect) la picadura
are you feeling better? ¿se (by dog) la mordedura
siente mejor? [say s-yentay] bitterr (taste etc) amargo
between entre [entray] black negro [naygro]
beyond más allá [a-ya] blanket la manta
bicycle la bicicleta bleach (for toilet) la lejía
[beetheeklayta] [leHee-a]
big grande [granday] bless you! ¡Jesús! [Haysooss]
too big demasiado grande blind ciego [th-yaygo]
[demass-yado] blinds las persianas [pers-
it’s not big enough no es yanass]

suficientemente grande blister la ampolla [ampo-ya]
[soofeeth-yentemayntay] blocked (road, pipe) obstruido
bike la bicicleta [beetheeklayta] [obstrweedo]
(motorbike) la motocicleta (sink) atascado
[mototheeklayta] block of flats el bloque de
bikini el bikini [beekeenee] apartamentos [blokay day]
bill la cuenta [kwenta] blond rubio [roob-yo]
(US: banknote) el billete [bee- blood la sangre [sangray]
yaytay] high blood pressure la
could I have the bill, please? tensión alta [tenss-yon]
la cuenta, por favor blouse la blusa [bloosa]
bin el cubo de la basura [koobo blow-dry (verb) secar a mano
day] I’d like a cut and blow-dry
bin liners las bolsas de basura quisiera un corte y un
binding (ski) la atadura marcado [kees-yaira oon kortay
bird el pájaro [paHaro] ee]
biro® el bolígrafo blue azul [athool]
birthday el cumpleaños blusher el colorete [koloraytay]
[koomplayan-yoss] boarding house la casa de
happy birthday! ¡feliz huéspedes [wespaydess]
boarding pass la tarjeta boot (footwear) la bota
English š Spanish
de embarque [tarHayta day (of car) el maletero [maletairo]
embarkay] borderr (of country) la frontera
boat el barco [frontaira]
body el cuerpo [kwairpo] bored: I’m bored estoy
boil (water) hervir [airbeer] aburrido
boiled egg el huevo pasado boring aburrido
por agua [waybo – agwa] born: I was born in
boiler la caldera [kaldaira] Manchester nací en
bone el hueso [wayso] Manchester [nathee]
bonnet (of car) el capó I was born in 1960 nací en
book el libro [leebro] mil novecientos sesenta
(verb) reservar [resairbar] borrow pedir prestado
can I book a seat? ¿puedo may I borrow ...? ¿puede
reservar un asiento? [pwaydo prestarme ...? [pwayday
– as-yento] prestarmay]
both los dos
dialogue bother: sorry to bother
you lamento molestarle

I’d like to book a table for [molestarlay]

two quisiera reservar una bottle la botella [botay-ya]
mesa para dos personas a bottle of house red una
[kees-yaira resairbar oona botella de tinto de la casa
maysa] [day]
what time would you bottle-opener el abrebotellas
like it booked for? ¿para [abraybotay-yass]
qué hora le gustaría bottom (of person) el trasero
reservarla? [kay ora lay [trassairo]
goostaree-a resairbarla] at the bottom of the ... (hill/
half past seven las siete y road) al pie del/de la ... [p-yay
media del/day]
that’s fine de acuerdo [day box la caja [kaHa]
akwairdo] box office la taquilla
and your name? ¿y su [takee-ya]
nombre es ...? [ee soo boy el chico
nombray] boyfriend el amigo
bra el sujetador [sooHetador]
bookshop, bookstore la bracelet la pulsera [poolsaira]
librería [leebrairee-a] brake el freno [frayno]

brandy el coñac [kon-yak] bring traer [tra-air]

English š Spanish
bread el pan I’ll bring it back later lo
white bread el pan blanco devolveré después [lo
brown bread el pan moreno daybolbairay despwess]
[morayno] Britain Gran Bretaña [bretan-
wholemeal bread el pan ya]
integral British británico
break (verb) romper [rompair] I’m British (man/woman) soy
I’ve broken the ... he roto británico/británica
el ... [ay] brochure el folleto [fo-yeto]
I think I’ve broken my ... creo broken roto
que me he roto el ... [kray-o bronchitis la bronquitis
kay may] [bronkeeteess]
break down averiarse [abairee- brooch el broche [brochay]
arsay] broom la escoba
I’ve broken down he tenido brother el hermano [airmano]
una avería [ay – abairee-a] brother-in-law el cuñado [koon-
breakdown la avería yado]
breakdown service el servicio brown marrón
brown hair el pelo castaño

de grúa [serbeeth-yo day groo-a]
breakfast el desayuno [desa- [castan-yo]
yoono] brown eyes los ojos castaños
break-in: I’ve had a break-in [oHoss]
han entrado los ladrones en bruise el cardenal
mi casa [an – ladroness] brush (for hair, cleaning) el
breast el pecho [paycho] cepillo [thepee-yo]
breathe respirar (artist’s) el pincel [peenthel]
breeze la brisa [breesa] bucket el cubo [koobo]
bridge (over river) el puente buffet car el vagón
[pwentay] restaurante [bagon
brief breve [braybay] restowrantay]
briefcase el portafolios buggy (for child) el cochecito de
[portafol-yoss] niño [kochaytheeto day
bright (light etc) brillante [bree- neen-yo]
yantay] building el edificio [edeefeeth-
bright red rojo vivo [roHo yo]
beebo] bulb (light bulb) la bombilla
brilliant (idea, person) brillante [bombee-ya]
[bree-yantay] bull el toro

bullfight la corrida de toros dialogue
English š Spanish
bullfighter el torero [torairo] does this bus go to ...?
bullring la plaza de toros ¿este autobús va a ...?
[platha day] [estay owtobooss ba]
bumper el parachoques no, you need a number ...
[parachokess] no, tiene que coger el ...
bunk la litera [leetaira] [t-yaynay kay koHair]
bureau de change (oficina
de) cambio [ofeetheena day business el negocio [negoth-yo]
kamb-yo] bus station la estación de
burglary el robo con autobuses [estath-yon day
allanamiento de morada owtoboosess]
[a-yanam-yento] bus stop la parada de autobús
burn la quemadura [kemadoora] bust el pecho [paycho]
(verb) quemar [kemar] busy (restaurant etc) concurrido
burnt: this is burnt está I’m busy tomorrow estoy
quemado [kemado] ocupado mañana [man-yana]
burst: a burst pipe una cañería but pero [pairo]
rota [kan-yairee-a]

butcher’s la carnicería
bus el autobús [owtobooss] [karneethairee-a]
what number bus is it to ...? butter la mantequilla
¿qué número es para ...? [kay [mantekee-ya]
noomairo] button el botón
when is the next bus to ...? buy (verb) comprar
¿cuándo sale el próximo where can I buy ...? ¿dónde
autobús para ...? [kwando puedo comprar ...? [donday
salay] pwaydo]
what time is the last bus? by: by bus/car en autobús/
¿a qué hora es el último coche
autobús? [kay ora – oolteemo] written by ... escrito por ...
could you let me know by the window junto a la
when we get there? ¿puede ventana [Hoonto]
avisarme cuando lleguemos by the sea a orillas del mar
allí? [pwayday abeesarmay [oree-yass]
kwando yegaymoss a-yee] by Thursday para el jueves
bye ¡adiós! [ad-yoss]

English š Spanish
C [may]
camcorder la videocámara
[beeday-o kamaira]
cabbage el repollo [repo-yo] camera la máquina de fotos
cabin (on ship) el camarote [makeena]
[kamarotay] camera shop la tienda de
cable car el teleférico cámaras fotográficas [t-yenda
[telefaireeko] day]
Cadiz Cádiz [kadeeth] camp (verb) acampar
café la cafetería [kafetairee-a] can we camp here? ¿se
cagoule el chubasquero puede acampar aquí? [say
[choobaskairo] pwayday – akee]
cake el pastel [pastayl] camping gas canister la
cake shop la pastelería bombona de butano [bootano]
[pastelairee-a] campsite el camping
call (verb) llamar [yamar] can la lata
(to phone) llamar (por a can of beer una lata de
teléfono) cerveza [thairbaytha]
what’s it called? cómo se can*: can you ...? ¿puede ...?
llama esto? [say yama]

he/she is called ... se can I have ...? ¿me da ...?
llama ... [may]
please call the doctor llame I can’t ... no puedo ...
al médico, por favor [yamay] Canada el Canadá
please give me a call at 7.30 Canadian canadiense [kanad-
am tomorrow por favor, yensay]
llámeme mañana a las siete y I’m Canadian soy canadiense
media de la mañana [yamamay canal el canal
man-yana] Canaries las Islas Canarias
please ask him to call me por [eeslass kanar-yass]
favor, dígale que me llame cancel anular [anoolar]
[deegalay kay may yamay] candies los caramelos
call back: I’ll call back later [karamayloss]
volveré más tarde [bolbairay candle la vela [bayla]
mass tarday] canoe la piragua [peeragwa]
(phone back) volveré a llamar canoeing el piragüismo
[yamar] [peeragweesmo]
call round: I’ll call round can-opener el abrelatas
tomorrow me paso mañana cap (hat) la gorra

(of bottle) el tapón carry-cot el capazo [kapatho]
English š Spanish
car el coche [kochay] carton el cartón
by car en coche carwash el lavacoches
carafe la garrafa [labakochess]
a carafe of house white, case (suitcase) la maleta
please una garrafa de vino [malayta]
blanco de la casa, por favor cash el dinero [deenairo]
[day beeno] (verb) cobrar
caravan la caravana [karabana] will you cash this for me?
caravan site el camping ¿podría hacerme efectivo un
carburettor el carburador cheque? [podree-a athairmay
card (birthday etc) la tarjeta efekteebo oon chaykay]
[tarHayta] cash desk la caja [kaHa]
here’s my (business) card cash dispenser el cajero
aquí tiene mi tarjeta (de automático [kaHairo
visita) [akee t-yaynay – day owtomateeko]
beeseeta] cashierr (man/woman) el cajero/
cardigan la rebeca [rebayka] la cajera
cardphone el teléfono de cassette la cassette [kaset]
tarjeta [telayfono day tarHeta]

cassette recorder el cassette

careful prudente [proodentay] castanets las castañuelas
be careful! ¡tenga cuidado! [kastan-ywaylass]
[kweedado] Castile Castilla [kastee-ya]
caretaker el encargado Castilian castellano [kastay-
car ferry el ferry, el yano]
transbordador de coches castle el castillo [kastee-yo]
[kochess] casualty department las
car hire el alquiler de coches urgencias [oorHenth-yass]
[alkeelair day] cat el gato
car park el aparcamiento Catalonia Cataluña [kata-
[aparkam-yento] loon-ya]
carpet la moqueta [mokayta] catch (verb) coger [koHair]
carriage (of train) el vagón where do we catch the bus
[bagon] to ...? ¿dónde se coge el
carrier bag la bolsa de plástico autobús a ...? [donday say
[day plasteeko] koHay]
carrot la zanahoria [thana- cathedral la catedral
or-ya] Catholic (adj) católico
carry llevar [yebar] cauliflower la coliflor

cave la cueva [kwayba] dialogue

English š Spanish
ceiling el techo [taycho]
celery el apio [ap-yo] do we have to change
cellarr (for wine) la bodega (trains)? ¿tenemos
[bodayga] que cambiar de tren?
cemetery el cementerio [tenaymoss kay kamb-yar]
[thementair-yo] yes, change at
Centigrade* centígrado Córdoba/no it’s a direct
[thenteegrado] train sí, cambie en
centimetre* el centímetro Córdoba/no, es un tren
[thenteemetro] directo [kamb-yay]
central central [thentral]
central heating la calefacción changed: to get changed
central [kalayfakth-yon] cambiarse [kamb-yarsay]
centre el centro [thentro] chapel la capilla [kapee-ya]
how do we get to the city charge (verb) cobrar
centre? ¿cómo se llega al cheap barato
centro? [say yayga] do you have anything
cereal los cereales [theray-aless] cheaper? tiene algo más

certainly desde luego [desday barato? [t-yaynay]
lwaygo] check (US) el cheque
certainly not desde luego que [chaykay]
no [kay] (US: bill) la cuenta [kwaynta]
chair la silla [see-ya] see bill
champagne el champán (verb) revisar [rebeesar]
change (money) el cambio could you check the ...,
[kamb-yo] please? ¿puede revisar el ...,
(verb) cambiar [kamb-yar] por favor? [pwayday]
can I change this for ...? check book el talonario de
¿puedo cambiar esto cheques [chaykess]
por ...? [pwaydo] check-in la facturación
I don’t have any change no [faktoorath-yon]
tengo nada suelto [swelto] check in facturar
can you give me change where do we have to check
for a 20 euro note? ¿puede in? ¿dónde se factura? [donday
cambiarme un billete de say]
viente euros? [pwayday kamb- cheek la mejilla [meHee ]
yarmay oon bee-yaytay day bay- cheerio! hasta luego [a
eentay ay-ooross] ay ]

cheers! (toast) ¡salud! [saloo] plain chocolate el chocolate
English š Spanish
cheese el queso [kayso] negro [naygro]
chemist’s la farmacia [farmath- a hot chocolate la taza de
ya] chocolate [tatha]
cheque el cheque [chaykay] choose elegir [eleHeer]
do you take cheques? Christian name el nombre de
¿aceptan cheques? [atheptan] pila [nombray day peela]
cheque book el talonario de Christmas Navidad
cheques [day] [nabeeda]
cheque card la tarjeta de Christmas Eve Nochebuena
banco [tarHayta] [nochay-bwayna]
cherry la cereza [thairaytha] merry Christmas! ¡Feliz
chess el ajedrez [aHedreth] Navidad! [feleeth]
chest el pecho [paycho] church la iglesia [eeglays-ya]
chewing gum el chicle cider la sidra [seedra]
[cheeklay] cigar el puro [pooro]
chicken el pollo [po-yo] cigarette el cigarro [theegarro],
chickenpox la varicela el cigarrillo [theegarree-yo]
[bareethela] cigarette lighter el encendedor

child (male/female) el niño [enthendedor]

[neen-yo]/la niña cinema el cine [theenay]
children los niños circle el círculo [theerkoolo]
child minder la niñera [neen- (in theatre) el anfiteatro
yaira] [anfeetay-atro]
children’s pool la piscina city la ciudad [thee-oo-da]
infantil [peestheena city centre el centro de la
eenfanteel] ciudad [thentro day]
children’s portion la ración clean (adj) limpio [leemp-yo]
pequeña (para niños) can you clean these for me?
[rath-yon pekayn-ya – ¿puede limpiarme estos?
neen-yoss] [pwayday leemp-yarmay]
chin la barbilla [barbee-ya] cleaning solution (for contact
china la porcelana [porthelana] lenses) el líquido limpiador
Chinese (adj) chino [cheeno] para las lentillas [leekeedo
chips las patatas fritas leemp-yador – lentee-yass]
chocolate el chocolate cleansing lotion la crema
[chokolatay] limpiadora [krayma leemp-
milk chocolate el chocolate yadora]
con leche [lechay] clear claro

clever listo cloud la nube [noobay]

English š Spanish
cliff el acantilado cloudy nublado
climbing el alpinismo clutch el embrague [embragay]
cling film el plástico de coach (bus) el autocar [owtokar]
envolver [day embolbair] (on train) el vagón [bagon]
clinic la clínica coach station la estación
cloakroom el guardarropa de autobuses [estath-yon day
[gwardarropa] owtoboosess]
clock el reloj [reloH] coach trip la excursión (en
close (verb) cerrar [therrar] autobús) [eskoorss-yon]
coast la costa
dialogue on the coast en la costa
coat (long coat) el abrigo
what time do you close? (jacket) la chaqueta [chakayta]
¿a qué hora se cierra? [kay coathanger la percha [paircha]
ora say th-yairra] cockroach la cucaracha
we close at 8 p.m. on [kookaracha]
weekdays and 1:30 p.m. cocoa el cacao [kaka-o]
on Saturdays cerramos a coconut el coco
las ocho de la tarde entre

code (for phoning) el prefijo
semana y a la una y media [prefeeHo]
los sábados [therramoss – day what’s the (dialling) code for
la tarday entray] Málaga? ¿cuál es el prefijo de
do you close for lunch? Málaga [kwal]
¿cierra al mediodía? coffee el café [kafay]
[th-yairra – med-yodee-a] two coffees, please dos cafés,
yes, between 1 and 3.30 por favor
p.m. sí, entre una y tres y coin la moneda [monayda]
media de la tarde [entray Coke® la Coca-Cola
– day la tarday] cold frío [free-o]
I’m cold tengo frío
closed cerrado [thairrado] I have a cold tengo catarro
cloth (fabric) la tela [tayla] collapse: he’s collapsed se ha
(for cleaning etc) el trapo desmayado [say a desma-yado]
clothes la ropa collar el cuello [kway-yo]
clothes line la cuerda para collect recoger [rekoHair]
tender [kwairda para tendair] I’ve come to collect ... he
clothes peg la pinza de la ropa venido a recoger ... [ay
[peentha day] beneedo]

collect call la llamada a cobro concert el concierto [konth-
English š Spanish
revertido [yamada – rebairteedo] yairto]
college la Universidad concussion la conmoción
[ooneebairseeda] cerebral [kommoth-yon
colour el color thairebral]
do you have this in other conditionerr (for hair) el
colours? ¿tiene otros colores? acondicionador de pelo
[t-yaynay] [akondeeth-yonador day paylo]
colour film la película en color condom el condón
comb el peine [pay-eenay] conference el congreso
come venir [bayneer] confirm confirmar
dialogue ¡enhorabuena!
where do you come from? connecting flight el vuelo de
¿de dónde es? [day donday] conexión [bwaylo day koneks-
I come from Edinburgh soy yon]
de Edimburgo connection el enlace

come back volver [bolbair] conscious consciente [konth-

I’ll come back tomorrow yentay]
volveré mañana [bolbairay] constipation el estreñimiento
come in entrar [estren-yeem-yento]
comfortable cómodo consulate el consulado
compact disc el compact disc [konsoolado]
company (business) la contact (verb) ponerse en
compañía [kompan-yee-a] contacto con [ponairsay]
compartment (on train) el contact lenses las lentes de
compartimento contacto, las lentillas [lentess
compass la brújula [broo- – lentee-yass]
Hoola] contraceptive el
complain quejarse anticonceptivo
[kayHarsay] [anteekonthepteebo]
complaint la queja [kayHa] convenient a mano
I have a complaint tengo una that’s not convenient eso no
queja viene bien [b-yaynay b-yen]
completely completamente cookk (verb) cocinar
[komplaytamentay] [kotheenar]
computer el ordenador not cooked poco hecho

English š Spanish
[echo] [parayHa]
cooker la cocina [kotheena] a couple of ... un par de ...
cookie la galleta [ga-yayta] courgette el calabacín
cooking utensils los utensilios [kalabatheen]
de cocina [ootenseel-yoss day courier el/la guía turístico
kotheena] [gee-a]
cool fresco [fraysko] course (main course etc) el plato
cork el corcho of course por supuesto
corkscrew el sacacorchos [soopwesto]
corner: on the corner en la of course not ¡claro que no!
esquina [eskeena] [kay]
in the corner en el rincón cousin (male/female) el primo
cornflakes los cornflakes [preemo]/la prima
correct (right) correcto cow la vaca [baka]
corridor el pasillo [pasee-yo] crab el cangrejo [kangrayHo]
cosmetics los cosméticos cracker la galleta salada
cost (verb) costar [ga-yayta]
how much does it cost? craft shop la tienda de
¿cuánto cuesta? [kwanto artesanía [t-yenda day

kwesta] artesanee-a]
cot la cuna crash el accidente
cotton el algodón [aktheedentay]
cotton wool el algodón I’ve had a crash he tenido un
couch (sofa) el sofá accidente [ay teneedo]
couchette la litera [leetaira] crazy loco
cough la tos cream (on milk, in cake) la nata
cough medicine la medicina (lotion) la crema [krayma]
para la tos [medeetheena] (colour) color crema
could: could you ...? creche la guardería infantil
¿podría ...? [gwardairee-a]
could I have ...? quisiera ... credit card la tarjeta de
[kees-yaira...] crédito [tarHayta day]
I couldn’t ... (wasn’t able to) no
podía ...
country (nation) el país dialogue
(countryside) el campo can I pay by credit card?
countryside el campo ¿puedo pagar con tarjeta?
couple (two people) la pareja [pwaydo]

(verb) cortar
English š Spanish
which card do you want to
use? ¿qué tarjeta quiere I’ve cut myself me he cortado
usar? [kay – k-yairay oosar] [may ay]
yes, sir sí, señor [sen-yor] cutlery los cubiertos [koob-
what’s the number? ¿qué yairtoss]
número es? [noomairo] cycling el ciclismo
and the expiry date? ¿y la [theekleesmo]
fecha de caducidad? [fecha cyclist el/la ciclista
day kadootheeda] [theekleesta]

crisps las patatas fritas (de D

crockery la loza [lotha]
crossing (by sea) la travesía dad el papá
[trabesee-a] daily el periódico [pair-yodeeko]
crossroads el cruce [kroothay] damage: damaged estropeado
crowd la muchedumbre [estropay-ado]
[moochay-doombray] I’m sorry, I’ve damaged this
crowded lleno [yayno] lo siento, he estropeado esto

crown (on tooth) la funda [s-yento – ay]

[foonda] damn! ¡maldita sea! [say-a]
cruise el crucero [kroothairo] damp (adj) húmedo
crutches la muleta [moolayta] [oomaydo]
cry (verb) llorar [yorar] dance el baile [ba-eelay]
cucumber el pepino (verb) bailar [ba-eelar]
cup la taza [tatha] would you like to dance?
a cup of ..., please una taza ¿quiere bailar? [k-yairay]
de ..., por favor dangerous peligroso
cupboard el armario [armar-yo] Danish el danés [danayss]
cure la cura [koora] dark k (adj: colour) oscuro
curly rizado [reethado] [oskooro]
current la corriente [korr- (hair) moreno [morayno]
yentay] it’s getting dark está
curtains las cortinas oscureciendo [oskooreth-yendo]
cushion el cojín [koHeen] date*: what’s the date today?
custom la costumbre ¿qué día es hoy? [kay – oy]
[kostoombray] let’s make a date for next
Customs la aduana [adwana] Monday vamos a quedar para
cut el corte [kortay] el lunes que viene [bamoss a
decidido [todabee-a no aymoss

English š Spanish
kedar – kay b-yaynay]
dates (fruit) los dátiles detheedeedo]
[dateeless] decision la decisión [detheess-
daughter la hija [eeHa] yon]
daughter-in-law la nuera deck k (on ship) la cubierta [koob-
[nwaira] yairta]
dawn el amanecer [amanethair] deckchair la tumbona
at dawn al amanecer deduct descontar
day el día deep profundo
the day after el día siguiente definitely claramente, ¡desde
[seeg-yentay] luego! [klaramentay desday
the day after tomorrow lwaygo]
pasado mañana [man-yana] definitely not desde luego
the day before el día anterior que no [kay]
[antair-yor] degree (qualification) la carrera
the day before yesterday [karraira]
anteayer [antay-a-yair] delay el retraso
every day todos los días deliberately a propósito
all day todo el día delicatessen la charcutería
in two days’ time dentro de

dos días delicious delicioso [deleeth-
have a nice day! ¡que pase un yoso]
buen día! [kay pasay oon bwen] deliver repartir
day trip la excursión [exkoors- delivery (of mail) el reparto
yon] Denmark Dinamarca
dead muerto [mwairto] dental floss el hilo dental
deaf sordo [eelo]
deal (business) la transacción dentist el/la dentista
it’s a deal trato hecho [aycho] dialogue
death la muerte [mwairtay]
decaffeinated coffee el café it’s this one here es ésta de
descafeinado [kafay deskafay- aquí [day akee]
eenado] this one? ¿ésta?
December diciembre [deeth- no, that one no, esa [aysa]
yembray] here? ¿aquí?
decide decidir [detheedeer] yes sí
we haven’t decided
yet todavía no hemos dentures la dentadura postiza

English š Spanish
[posteetha] [kwanto ess el sairbeeth-yo day
deodorant el desodorante kwatro orass]
department el departamento diabetic (man/woman) el
department store los diabético [dee-abayteeko]/la
grandes almacenes [grandess diabética
almathayness] diabetic foods la comida para
departure la salida diabéticos
departure lounge la sala de dial marcar
embarque [day embarkay] dialling code el prefijo
depend: it depends depende [prefeeHo]
[dependay] diamond el diamante
it depends on ... depende [d-yamantay]
de ... [day] diaper el pañal [pan-yal]
deposit (as security) la fianza diarrhoea la diarrea
[fee-antha] [d-yarray-a]
(as part payment) el depósito diary (business etc) la agenda
description la descripción [aHenda]
[deskreepth-yon] (for personal experiences) el

dessert el postre [postray] diario [d-yar-yo]

destination el destino dictionary el diccionario
develop (photos) revelar [deekth-yonar-yo]
[rebelar] didn’t
see not
dialogue die morir
diesel el gasoil
could you develop these diet la dieta [d-yayta]
films? ¿puede revelar I’m on a diet estoy a dieta
estos carretes? [pwayday I have to follow a special diet
– karraytess] tengo que seguir una dieta
when will they be ready? especial [kay segeer – espeth-yal]
¿cuándo estarán listos? difference la diferencia
[kwando] [deefairenth-ya]
tomorrow afternoon what’s the difference? ¿cuál
mañana por la tarde [man- es la diferencia? [kwal]
yana por la tarday] different diferente [deefairentay]
how much is the four-hour this one is different éste es
service? ¿cuánto es el diferente [estay]
servicio de cuatro horas? a different table otra mesa

disaster el desastre [desastray]

English š Spanish
difficult difícil [deefeetheel] disco la discoteca
difficulty la dificultad discount el descuento
[deefeekoolta] [deskwento]
dinghy el bote [botay] is there a discount? ¿hacen
dining room el comedor descuento? [athen]
[komaydor] disease la enfermedad
dinner (evening meal) la cena [enfairmeda]
[thayna] disgusting repugnante
to have dinner cenar [repoognantay]
direct (adj) directo dish (meal) el plato
is there a direct train? ¿hay dishcloth el paño de cocina
un tren directo? [ ī ] [pan-yo day kotheena]
direction la dirección [deerekth- disinfectant el desinfectante
yon] [deseenfektantay]
which direction is it? ¿en qué disk (for computer) diskette
dirección está? [kay] [deeskaytay]
is it in this direction? ¿es por disposable diapers los pañales
aquí? [akee] (braguita) [pan-yaless brageeta]

directory enquiries disposable nappies los
información [eenformath- pañales (braguita)
yon] distance la distancia [deestanth-
dirt la suciedad [sooth-yayda] ya]
dirty sucio [sooth-yo] in the distance a lo lejos
disabled minusválido [layHoss]
[meenoosbaleedo] distilled water el agua
is there access for the destilada [agwa]
disabled? ¿hay acceso district el distrito
para minusválidos? [ ī disturb molestar
akthayso] diversion (detour) el desvío
disappear desaparecer [desbee-o]
[dessaparethair] diving board el trampolín
it’s disappeared divorced divorciado [deeborth-
ha desaparecido [a yado]
dessaparetheedo] dizzy: I feel dizzy estoy
disappointed desilusionado mareado [maray-ado]
[deseelooss-yonado] do hacer [athair]
disappointing decepcionante what shall we do? ¿qué
[dethepth-yonantay] hacemos? [kay athaymoss]
how do you do it? ¿cómo se
English š Spanish
hace? [say athay] please call a doctor por
will you do it for me? ¿me lo favor, llame a un médico
puede hacer usted? [pwayday [yamay]
athair oostay]
where does it hurt?
how do you do? ¿qué tal? ¿dónde le duele? [donday
[kay] lay dwaylay]
nice to meet you right here justo aquí
encantado de conocerle [Hoosto akee]
[day konothairlay] does that hurt now? ¿le
what do you do? (work) ¿a duele ahora? [lay dwaylay
qué se dedica? [say] a-ora]
I’m a teacher, and you? yes sí
soy profesor, ¿y usted? [ee take this to the chemist’s
oostay] lleve esto a la farmacia
I’m a student soy [yaybay – farmath-ya]

estudiante [estood-yantay]
what are you doing this document el documento
evening? ¿qué hace esta [dokoomento]
tarde? [athay] dog el perro [pairro]
we’re going out for a drink; doll la muñeca [moon-yayka]
do you want to join us? domestic flight el vuelo
vamos a salir a tomar una nacional [bwaylo nath-yonal]
copa; ¿nos acompaña? donkey el burro [boorro]
[bamoss – akompan-ya] don’t! ¡no lo haga! [aga]
don’t do that! ¡no haga eso!
do you want cream? [ayso]
¿quiere crema? [k-yairay see not
krayma] door la puerta [pwairta]
I do, but she doesn’t yo doorman el portero [portairo]
sí, pero ella no [pairo double doble [doblay]
ay-ya] double bed la cama de
matrimonio [matreemon-yo]
doctor el/la médico double room la habitación
we need a doctor doble [abeetath-yon doblay]
necesitamos un médico doughnut el dónut [donoot]

down: down here aquí abajo a cold drink una bebida fría

English š Spanish
[akee abaHo] can I get you a drink? ¿quiere
put it down over there beber algo?
póngalo ahí [a-ee] [k-yairay]
it’s down there on the right what would you like (to
está ahí a la derecha [dairecha] drink)? ¿qué le apetece
it’s further down the road está beber? [kay lay apetaythay]
bajando la calle [baHando la ka- no thanks, I don’t drink no
yay] gracias, no bebo [grath-yass no
downhill skiing el esquí alpino baybo]
[ayskee alpeeno] I’ll just have a drink of water
downmarket (restaurant etc) voy a beber sólo agua [boy
barato – agwa]
downstairs abajo [abaHo] drinking water agua potable
dozen la docena [dothayna] [agwa potablay]
half a dozen media docena is this drinking water? ¿esto
[mayd-ya] es agua potable?
drain el desagüe drive (verb) conducir
[desagway] [kondootheer]

draught beer la cerveza de we drove here vinimos en
grifo [thairbaytha day] coche [beenemoss en
draughty: it’s draughty hay kochay]
corriente [ ī korr-yentay] I’ll drive you home te llevaré
drawer el cajón [kaHon] a casa en el coche [tay yebaray
drawing el dibujo – kochay]
[deebooHo] driver (man/woman) el
dreadful horrible [orreeblay] conductor [kondooktor]/la
dream el sueño [swayn-yo] conductora
dress el vestido [besteedo] driving licence el permiso
dressed: to get dressed de conducir [pairmeeso day
vestirse [besteersay] kondootheer]
dressing (for cut) el vendaje drop: just a drop, please
[bendaHay] (of drink) un poquito
salad dressing el aliño [aleen- [pokeeto]
yo] drug la medicina
dressing gown la bata [maydeetheena]
drink (alcoholic) la copa drugs (narcotics) la droga
(non-alcoholic) la bebida drunk (adj) borracho
(verb) beber [bebair] drunken driving conducir

en estado de embriaguez early temprano
English š Spanish
[kondootheer – embr-yageth] early in the morning por la
dry (adj) seco [sayko] mañana temprano [man-yana]
(sherry) fino I called by earlier vine antes
dry-cleaner la tintorería [beenay antess]
[teentorairee-a] earring el pendiente [pend-
duck el pato yentay]
due: he was due to arrive east este [estay]
yesterday tenía que llegar in the east en el este
ayer [tenee-a kay yegar a-yair] Easter la Semana Santa
when is the train due? easy fácil [fatheel]
¿cuándo tiene el tren la eat comer [komair]
llegada? [kwando t-yaynay we’ve already eaten, thanks
– yegada] ya hemos comido, gracias
dull (pain) sordo [aymoss]
(weather) gris [greess] eau de toilette el agua de
dummy (baby’s) el chupete baño [agwa day ban-yo]
[choopaytay] EC la CE [thay-ay]
during durante [doorantay] economy class la clase turista

dust el polvo [polbo] [klassay]

dusty polvoriento [polbor- Edinburgh Edimburgo
yento] [edeemboorgo]
dustbin el cubo de la basura egg el huevo [waybo]
[koobo day] eggplant la berenjena
duty-free (goods) (los [berenHayna]
productos) duty free either: either ... or ... o ... o ...
duty-free shop la tienda de either of them cualquiera de
duty free [t-yenda day] ellos [kwalk-yaira day ay-yoss]
duvet el edredón elastic el elástico
elastic band la goma elástica
E elbow el codo
electric eléctrico
electrical appliances los
each cada electrodomésticos
how much are they each? electric fire la estufa eléctrica
¿cuánto es cada uno? [kwanto] electrician el electricista
ear la oreja [orayHa] [elektreetheesta]
earache: I have earache tengo electricity la electricidad
dolor de oídos [o-eedoss] [elektreetheeda]

elevator el ascensor do you speak English? ¿habla

English š Spanish
[asthensor] inglés? [abla]
else: something else algo más enjoy: to enjoy oneself
somewhere else en otra parte divertirse [deebairteersay]
how did you like the film?
would you like anything ¿le gustó la película? [lay
else? ¿quiere algo más? goosto]
[k-yairay] I enjoyed it very much, did
no, nothing else, thanks you enjoy it? me gustó
nada más, gracias mucho, ¿le gustó a usted?
[may – moocho – lay – oostay]
email el email
embassy la embajada enjoyable entretenido
[embaHada] enlargement (of photo) la
emergency la emergencia ampliación [ampl-yath-yon]
[emairHenth-ya] enormous enorme [enormay]

this is an emergency! ¡es una enough suficiente [soofeeth-
emergencia! yentay]
emergency exit la salida de there’s not enough no hay
emergencia bastante [ ī bastantay]
empty vacío [bathee-o] it’s not big enough no es
end el final [feenal] suficientemente grande
(verb) terminar [tairmeenar] [soofeeth-yentementay]
at the end of the street al that’s enough es suficiente
final de la calle [day la ka-yay] entrance la entrada
when does it end? ¿cuándo envelope el sobre [sobray]
termina? [kwando tairmeena] epileptic epiléptico
engaged (toilet) ocupado equipment el equipo [ekeepo]
(telephone) comunicando especially especialmente
(to be married) prometido [espeth-yalmentay]
engine (car) el motor essential imprescindible
England Inglaterra [eemprestheendeeblay]
[eenglatairra] it is essential that ... es
English inglés [eenglayss] imprescindible que ... [kay]
I’m English (man/woman) soy EU UE [oo-ay]
inglés/inglesa euro el euro [ay-ooro]

Eurocheque el eurocheque
English š Spanish
[ay-oorochekay] exactly! ¡exactamente!
Eurocheque card la tarjeta [exactamentay]
eurocheque [tarHayta] exam el examen
Europe Europa [ay-ooropa] example el ejemplo [eHaymplo]
European europeo [ay-ooropay- for example por ejemplo
o] excellent excelente
European Union la Unión [esthelentay]
Europea [oon-yon] excellent! ¡estupendo!
even (including) incluso except excepto [esthepto]
[eenklooso] excess baggage el exceso
even if ... incluso si ... de equipaje [esthayso day
evening (early evening) la tarde ekeepaHay]
[tarday] exchange rate el cambio
(after nightfall) la noche [nochay] [kamb-yo]
this evening esta tarde/noche exciting emocionante [emoth-
in the evening por la tarde/ yonantay]
noche excuse me (to get past) con
evening meal la cena [thayna] permiso

eventually finalmente (to get attention) ¡por favor!

[feenalmentay] [fabor]
ever alguna vez [beth] (to say sorry) perdone
dialogue exhaust (pipe) el tubo de
escape [toobo day eskapay]
have you ever been to exhausted (tired) agotado
Barcelona? ¿ha estado exhibition la exposición
alguna vez en Barcelona? [exposeeth-yon]
[a] exit la salida
yes, I was there two years where’s the nearest exit?
ago sí, estuve allí hace dos ¿cuál es la salida más
años [estoobay a-yee athay próxima? [kwal]
– an-yoss] expect esperar [espairar]
expensive caro
every cada experienced con experiencia
every day todos los días [espair-yenth-ya]
everyone todos explain explicar [espleekar]
everything todo can you explain that?
everywhere en todas partes ¿puede explicármelo?
English š Spanish
express (mail) urgente
(train) expreso [esprayso] face la cara
extension (phone) extensión factory la fábrica
[estens-yon] Fahrenheit* Fahrenheit
extension 221, please faint (verb) desmayarse [desma-
extensión doscientos yarsay]
veintiuno, por favor she’s fainted se ha
extension lead el alargador desmayado [say a desma-yado]
extra: can we have an extra I feel faint estoy mareado
one? ¿nos puede dar otro? [maray-ado]
[pwayday] fair la feria [fair-ya]
do you charge extra for that? (adj) justo [Hoosto]
¿esto tiene recargo? fairly bastante [bastantay]
[t-yaynay] fake la falsificación
extraordinary [falseefeekath-yon]
extraordinario [estra-ordeenar- fall el otoño [oton-yo]
yo] see autumn
extremely extremadamente

fall caerse [ka-airsay]
[estremadamentay] she’s had a fall se ha caído
eye el ojo [oHo] [say a ka-eedo]
will you keep an eye on my false falso [fal-so]
suitcase for me? ¿puede family la familia [fameel-ya]
cuidarme la maleta? [pwayday famous famoso
kweedarmay la fan (electrical) el ventilador
malayta] [benteelador]
eyebrow pencil el lápiz de (hand held) el abanico
cejas [lapeeth day thayHass] (sports) el/la hincha [eencha]
eye drops el colirio fan belt la correa del
[koleer-yo] ventilador [korray-a del
eyeglasses las gafas benteelador]
eyeliner el lápiz de ojos fantastic fantástico
[lapeeth day oHoss] far lejos [layHoss]
eye make-up remover el
desmaquillador de ojos dialogue
eye shadow la sombra de ojos is it far from here? ¿está
lejos de aquí? [day akee]
no, not very far no, no I’m feeling better me siento
English š Spanish
muy lejos [mwee] mejor [mayHor]
well how far? bueno, felt-tip (pen) el rotulador
¿cuánto? [bwayno kwanto] fence la valla [ba-ya]
it’s about 20 kilometres fender el parachoques
unos veinte kilómetros [parachokess]
ferry el ferry
fare el precio [prayth-yo] festival el festival [festeebal]
farm la granja [granHa] fetch: I’ll fetch him yo iré a
fashionable de moda recogerle [eeray a
fast rápido raykoHairlay]
fat (person) gordo will you come and fetch
(on meat) la grasa me later? ¿quiere venir a
father el padre [padray] buscarme más tarde?
father-in-law el suegro [k-yairay beneer a booskarmay
[swaygro] mass tarday]
faucet el grifo [greefo] feverish con fiebre
fault el defecto [f-yaybray]
sorry, it was my fault lo few: a few unos pocos
a few days unos pocos días

siento, fue culpa mía [s-yento

fway koolpa mee-a] fiancé el novio [nob-yo]
it’s not my fault no es culpa fiancée la novia
mía field el campo
faulty defectuoso [dayfektwoso] fight la pelea [pelay-a]
favourite favorito [faboreeto] figs los higos [eegoss]
fax el fax fill (verb) llenar [yenar]
(verb: person) mandar un fax a fill in rellenar [ray-yenar]
(document) mandar por fax do I have to fill this in?
February febrero [febrairo] ¿tengo que rellenar esto?
feel sentir [kay]
I feel hot tengo calor fill up llenar [yenar]
I feel unwell no me siento fill it up, please lleno, por
bien [may s-yento b-yen] favor [yayno]
I feel like going for a walk filling (in cake, sandwich) el
me apetece dar un paseo relleno [ray-yeno]
[apetaythay – pasay-o] (in tooth) el empaste
how are you feeling today? [empastay]
¿qué tal se encuentra hoy? film (movie, for camera) la
[kay tal say enkwentra oy] película
dialogue that’s fine, thanks está

English š Spanish
bien, gracias
do you have this kind of
film? ¿tiene películas de finger el dedo [daydo]
este tipo? [t-yaynay – day finish (verb) terminar
estay] [tairmeenar], acabar
yes, how many exposures? I haven’t finished yet no
sí, ¿de cuántas fotos? he terminado todavía [ay
[kwantass] tairmeenado todabee-a]
36 treinta y seis when does it finish? ¿cuándo
termina? [kwando termeena]
film processing el revelado fire: fire! ¡fuego! [fwaygo]
[rebelado] can we light a fire here? ¿se
filter coffee el café de filtro puede encender fuego aquí?
[kafay day feeltro] [say pwayday enthendair – akee]
filter papers los filtros it’s on fire está ardiendo [ard-
filthy sucísimo yendo]
[sootheeseemo] fire alarm la alarma de
find (verb) encontrar incendios [day eenthend-yoss]

I can’t find it no lo encuentro fire brigade los bomberos
[enkwentro] [bombaiross]
I’ve found it lo he encontrado fire escape la salida de
[ay] incendios [day eenthend-yoss]
find out enterarse [enterarsay] fire extinguisher el extintor
could you find out for me? [esteentor]
¿me lo puede preguntar? first primero [preemairo]
[may lo pwayday pregoontar] I was first fui el primero
fine (weather) bueno [bwayno] [fwoo-ee]
(noun) la multa [moolta] at first al principio
dialogues the first time la primera vez
how are you? ¿cómo first on the left la primera a la
estás? izquierda [eethk-yairda]
I’m fine, thanks bien, first aid primeros auxilios
gracias [b-yen grath-yass] [owkseel-yoss]
first aid kit el botiquín
is that OK? ¿va bien así? [boteekeen]
[ba] first class (travel etc) de primera

(clase) [preemaira klasay] florist la floristería
English š Spanish
first floor la primera planta [floreestairee-a]
(US) la planta baja [baHa] flour la harina [areena]
first name el nombre de pila flower la flor
[nombray day] flu la gripe [greepay]
fish el pez [peth] fluent: he speaks fluent
(food) el pescado Spanish domina el castellano
fishing village el pueblo [kastay-yano]
de pescadores [pweblo day fly la mosca
peskadoress] (verb) volar [bolar]
fishmonger’s la pescadería can we fly there? ¿podemos
[peskadairee-a] ir en avión allí? [podaymoss eer
fit (attack) el ataque [atakay] en ab-yon a-yee]
fit: it doesn’t fit me no me fly in llegar en avión [yegar]
viene bien [b-yaynay b-yen] fly out irse en avión [eersay]
fitting room el probador fog la niebla [n-yebla]
fix (verb) arreglar foggy: it’s foggy hay niebla [ ī ]
(arrange) fijar [feeHar] folk dancing el baile
can you fix this? ¿puede tradicional [ba-eelay tradeeth-
arreglar esto? [pwayday]

fizzy con gas folk music la música popular
flag la bandera [bandaira] [mooseeka popoolar]
flannel la manopla follow seguir [segeer]
flash (for camera) el flash follow me sígame [seegamay]
flat (noun: apartment) el piso food la comida
(adj) llano [yano] food poisoning la intoxicación
I’ve got a flat tyre tengo un alimenticia [eentoxeekath-yon
pinchazo [peenchatho] aleementeeth-ya]
flavour el sabor food shop/store la tienda
flea la pulga de comestibles [t-yenda day
flight el vuelo [bwaylo] komesteebless]
flight number el número de foot* el pie [p-yay]
vuelo [noomairo day] on foot a pie
flippers las aletas [alaytass] football (game) el fútbol
flood la inundación (ball) el balón
[eenoondath-yon] football match el partido de
floorr (of room) el suelo [swaylo] fútbol
(of building) el piso for para, por
on the floor en el suelo do you have something

for ...? (headache/diarrhoea etc) extranjero/la extranjera

English š Spanish
¿tiene algo para ...? forest el bosque [boskay]
[t-yaynay] forget olvidar [olbeedar]
I forget no me acuerdo [no
dialogues may akwairdo]
I’ve forgotten me he
who’s the chicken paella olvidado [ay olbeedado]
for? ¿para quién es la fork el tenedor
paella con pollo? [k-yen ess (in road) la bifurcación
la pa-ay-ya con po-yo] [beefoorkath-yon]
that’s for me es para mí form (document) el impreso
and this one? ¿y ésta? [ee] [eemprayso]
that’s for her ésa es para formal (dress) de etiqueta [day
ella [aysa – ay-ya] eteekayta]
fortnight quince días [keenthay]
where do I get the bus for fortunately afortunadamente
Granada? ¿dónde se coge [afortoonadamentay]
el autobús para Granada? forward: could you forward
[donday say koHay] my mail? ¿puede enviarme el

the bus for Granada leaves correo? [pwayday emb-yarmay
from Plaza de España el el korray-o]
autobús para Granada forwarding address la nueva
sale de la Plaza de España dirección [nwayba deerekth-yon]
[salay day] foundation (make-up) la crema
base [krayma basay]
how long have you been fountain la fuente [fwentay]
here for? ¿cuánto tiempo foyer (of hotel, theatre) el hall
lleva aquí? [kwanto t-yempo [Hol]
yayba akee] fracture la fractura [fraktoora]
I’ve been here for two France Francia [franth-ya]
days, how about you? free libre [leebray]
llevo aquí dos días, ¿y (no charge) gratuito [gratweeto]
usted? [yaybo – ee oostay] is it free (of charge)? ¿es
I’ve been here for a week gratis?
llevo aquí una semana freeway la autopista
forehead la frente [frentay] freezer el congelador
foreign extranjero [estranHairo] [konHaylador]
foreigner (man/woman) el French francés [franthess]

French fries las patatas fritas in front delante [delantay]
English š Spanish
frequent frecuente in front of the hotel delante
[frekwentay] del hotel
how frequent is the bus to at the front delante
Seville? ¿cada cuánto tiempo frost la escarcha
hay autobús a Sevilla? [kwanto frozen congelado [konHaylado]
t-yempo ī ] frozen food los congelados
fresh fresco fruit la fruta
fresh orange el zumo de fruit juice el zumo de frutas
naranja natural [thoomo de [thoomo]
naranHa natooral] fry freír [fray-eer]
Friday viernes [b-yairness] frying pan la sartén
fridge el frigorífico full lleno [yayno]
fried frito it’s full of ... está lleno de ...
fried egg el huevo frito [day]
[waybo] I’m full estoy lleno/llena
friend (male/female) el amigo/la full board pensión completa
amiga [pens-yon komplayta]
friendly simpático fun: it was fun fue muy

from de, desde [day, desday] divertido [fway mwee

when does the next train from deebairteedo]
Tarragona arrive? ¿cuándo funeral el funeral [foonairal]
llega el próximo tren de funny (strange) raro
Tarragona? [kwando yayga] (amusing) gracioso [grath-yoso]
from Monday to Friday de furniture los muebles
lunes a viernes [day] [mwaybless]
from next Thursday desde el further más allá [a-ya]
próximo jueves it’s further down the road está
más adelante [adelantay]
where are you from? ¿de
dónde es usted? [day donday how much further is it to
ess oostay] Cáceres? ¿cuánto queda
I’m from Slough soy de para Cáceres? [kwanto
Slough [soy day] kayda]
about 5 kilometres unos
front la parte delantera [partay cinco kilómetros

fuse el fusible [fooseeblay] gay el gay

English š Spanish
the lights have fused se han gay bar el bar gay
fundido los plomos [say an] gears la marcha
fuse box la caja de fusibles gearbox la caja de cambios
[kaHa day fooseebless] [kaHa day kamb-yoss]
fuse wire el plomo gear lever la palanca de
future el futuro [footooro] velocidades [belotheedadess]
in the future en lo sucesivo general general [Heneral]
[sootheseebo] gents (toilet) el aseo de
caballeros [asay-o day kaba-
G yaiross]
genuine (antique etc) genuino
gallon* el galón German alemán
game (cards etc) el juego German measles la rubéola
[Hwaygo] [roobay-ola]
(match) el partido Germany Alemania
(meat) la caza [catha] [aleman-ya]
garage (for fuel) la gasolinera Gerona Gerona [Herona]

[gasoleenaira] get (fetch) traer [tra-air]
(for repairs) el taller (de will you get me another one,
reparaciones) [ta-yair day please? me quiere traer otro,
reparath-yoness] por favor [may keeairay]
(for parking) el garaje [garaHay] how do I get to ...? ¿cómo se
garden el jardín [Hardeen] va a ...? [say ba]
garlic el ajo [aHo] do you know where I can get
gas el gas them? ¿sabe dónde las puedo
(US) la gasolina comprar? [sabay donday lass
gas cylinder (camping gas) la pwaydo]
bombona de gas
gasoline la gasolina dialogue
gas permeable lenses las
lentillas porosas can I get you a drink?
[lentee-yass] ¿puedo ofrecerle algo de
gas station la gasolinera beber? [pwaydo ofrethair-lay
[gasoleenaira] – day bebair]
gate la puerta [pwairta] no, I’ll get this one; what
(at airport) la puerta de would you like? no, ésta la
embarque [embarkay] pago yo; ¿qué le apetece?
English š Spanish
[kay lay apaytaythay]
a glass of red wine un vaso
de vino tinto [baso day how much do you want for
beeno teento] this? ¿cuánto quiere por
esto? [kwanto k-yairay]
get back (return) volver 10 euros diez euros [d-yeth
[bolbair] ay-ooross]
get in (arrive) llegar [yegar] I’ll give you 8 euros le doy
get off bajarse [baHarsay] ocho euros [lay]
where do I get off? ¿dónde
tengo que bajarme? [donday give back devolver
– kay baHarmay] [debolbair]
get on (to train etc) subirse glad alegre [alegray]
[soobeersay] glass (material) el cristal
get out (of car etc) bajarse [kreestal]
[baHarsay] (tumbler) el vaso [baso]
get up (in the morning) (wine glass) la copa
levantarse [lebantarsay] glasses las gafas
gift el regalo gloves los guantes
gift shop la tienda de regalos

[t-yenda] glue el pegamento
gin la ginebra go (verb) ir [eer]
[Heenaybra] we’d like to go to the
a gin and tonic, please swimming-pool nos gustaría
un gintónic, por favor ir a la piscina [peestheena]
[Heentoneek] where are you going?
girl la chica [cheeka] ¿adónde va? [adonday ba]
girlfriend la novia [nob-ya] where does this bus go?
give dar ¿adónde va este autobús?
can you give me some [estay]
change? ¿me puede dar let’s go! ¡vamos! [bamoss]
cambio? [may pwayday – she’s gone (left) se ha
kamb-yo] marchado [say a]
I gave it to him se lo dí a él where has he gone? ¿dónde
[say] se ha ido? [donday – eedo]
will you give this to ...? I went there last week fui allí
¿podría entregarle esto a ...? la semana pasada
[entregarlay] [fwee a-yee]
go away irse [eersay]

go away! ¡váyase! gradually gradualmente

English š Spanish
[bayasay] [gradwalmentay]
go back (return) volver [bolbair] grammar la gramática
go down (the stairs etc) bajar gram(me) el gramo
[baHar] granddaughter la nieta
go in entrar [n-yayta]
go out salir grandfather el abuelo [abwaylo]
do you want to go out grandmother la abuela
tonight? ¿quiere salir esta grandson el nieto [n-yayto]
noche? [k-yairay – nochay] grapefruit el pomelo [pomaylo]
go through pasar por grapefruit juice el zumo de
go up (the stairs etc) subir pomelo [thoomo]
goat la cabra grapes las uvas [oobass]
God Dios [d-yoss] grass la hierba [yairba]
goggles las gafas protectoras grateful agradecido
gold el oro [agradetheedo]
golf el golf gravy la salsa
golf course el campo de golf great (excellent) muy bueno
good bueno [bwayno] [mwee bwayno]

good! ¡muy bien! [mwee that’s great! ¡estupendo!
b-yen] [estoopendo]
it’s no good es inútil a great success un gran
[eenooteel] éxito
goodbye adiós [ad-yoss] Great Britain Gran Bretaña
good evening buenas tardes [bretanya]
[bwenass tardess] Greece Grecia [grayth-ya]
Good Friday el Viernes Santo greedy comilón
[b-yairness] Greek k (adj) griego [gr-yaygo]
good morning buenos días green verde [bairday]
[bwaynoss] green card (car insurance) la
good night buenas noches carta verde
[nochess] greengrocer’s la frutería
goose el ganso [frootairee-a]
got: we’ve got to ... tenemos grey gris
que ... [taynaymoss kay] grill la parrilla [parree-ya]
have you got any apples? grilled a la parrilla
¿tiene manzanas? [t-yaynay] grocer’s (la tienda de)
government el gobierno [gob- comestibles [t-yenda day
yairno] komesteebless]

ground el suelo [swaylo] half an hour media hora
English š Spanish
on the ground en el suelo [mayd-ya ora]
ground floor la planta baja half a litre medio litro
[baHa] about half that
group el grupo aproximadamente la mitad
guarantee la garantía de eso [aproximadamentay – day
is it guaranteed? ¿está ayso]
garantizado? [garanteethado] half board la media pensión
guest (man/woman) el invitado [pens-yon]
[eembeetado]/la invitada half-bottle la botella pequeña
guesthouse la casa de [botay-ya pekayn-ya]
huéspedes [day wespedess] half fare el medio billete
guide el/la guía [gee-a] [mayd-yo bee-yaytay]
guidebook la guía half price la mitad del precio
guided tour la visita con guía [meeta del preth-yo]
[beeseeta] ham el jamón [Hamon]
guitar la guitarra [geetarra] hamburger la hamburguesa
gum (in mouth) la encía [amboorgaysa]
[enthee-a] hammer el martillo [martee-yo]
gun la pistola hand la mano

gym el gimnasio [Heemnas-yo] handbag el bolso

handbrake el freno de mano
H [frayno day]
handkerchief el pañuelo [pan-
hair el pelo [paylo] handle (on door) la manilla
hairbrush el cepillo para el [manee-ya]
pelo [thepee-yo] (on suitcase etc) el asa
haircut el corte de pelo [kortay] hand luggage el equipaje de
hairdresser’s (men’s) la barbería mano [ekeepahay]
(women’s) la peluquería hang-gliding el ala delta
[pelookairee-a] hangover la resaca
hairdryer el secador de pelo I’ve got a hangover tengo
[day paylo] resaca
hair gel el fijador (para el happen suceder [soothedair]
pelo) [feehador] what’s happening? ¿qué
hairgrips la horquilla [orkee-ya] pasa? [kay]
hair spray la laca what has happened? ¿qué ha
half* la mitad [la meeta] pasado? [a]
happy contento health food shop la tienda

English š Spanish
I’m not happy about this esto naturista [t-yenda natooreesta]
no me agrada [may] healthy sano
harbour el puerto [pwairto] hear oir [o-eer]
hard duro [dooro]
(difficult) difícil [deefeetheel] dialogue
hard-boiled egg el huevo
duro [waybo] can you hear me? ¿me
hard lenses las lentillas duras oye? [may oy-ay]
[lentee-yass] I can’t hear you, could you
hardly apenas [apaynass] repeat that? no le oigo,
hardly ever casi nunca podría repetirlo [lay oygo
hardware shop la ferretería podree-a]
hat el sombrero hearing aid el aparato del
hate (verb) odiar oído [o-eedo]
have* tener [tenair] heart el corazón [korathon]
can I have a ...? ¿me da ...? heart attack el infarto
[may] heat el calor
heater (in room) el calefactor

do you have ...? ¿tiene ...?
[t-yaynay] (in car) la calefacción
what’ll you have? ¿qué va a [kalayfakth-yon]
tomar? [kay ba] heating la calefacción
I have to leave now tengo heavy pesado
que dejarle ahora [dayHarlay heel (of foot) el talón
a-ora] (of shoe) el tacón
do I have to ...? ¿tengo could you heel these?
que ...? ¿podría cambiarles los
can we have some ...? ¿nos tacones? [kamb-yarless
pone ...? [ponay] – takoness]
hayfever la alergia al polen heelbar el zapatero [thapatairo]
[alairHee-a al polayn] height la altura
hazelnut la avellana [abay-yana] helicopter el helicóptero
he* él hello ¡hola! [ola]
head la cabeza [kabaytha] (answer on phone) ¡dígame!
headache el dolor de cabeza [deegamay]
headlights el faro helmet el casco
headphones los auriculares help la ayuda [a-yooda]
[owreekoolaress] (verb) ayudar [a-yoodar]

help! ¡socorro! to him a él
English š Spanish
can you help me? ¿puede with him con él
ayudarme? [pwayday a- for him para él
yoodarmay] that’s him ése es (él) [aysay]
thank you very much for your hip la cadera [kadaira]
help gracias por su ayuda hire: (verb) alquilar [alkeelar]
helpful amable [amablay] for hire de alquiler
hepatitis la hepatitis [alkeelair]
[epateeteess] where can I hire a bike?
her*: I haven’t seen her no la ¿dónde puedo alquilar una
he visto [ay] bicicleta? [donday pwaydo]
to her a ella [ay-ya] his*: it’s his car es su coche
with her con ella that’s his eso de él [ayso day],
for her para ella eso es suyo [soo-yo]
that’s her ésa es (ella) [aysa] hit (verb) golpear [golpay-ar]
that’s her towel ésa es su hitch-hike hacer autostop
toalla [athair owtostop]
herbal tea el té de hierbas [tay hobby el pasatiempo [pasat-
day yairbass] yempo]

herbs las hierbas hold (verb) sostener

here aquí [akee] [sostaynair]
here is/are ... aquí está/ hole el agujero [agooHai ]
están ... holiday las vacaciones [
here you are (offering) tenga o ]
hers* (el) suyo [soo-yo], (la) on holiday de vacaciones
suya home la casa
that’s hers es de ella [day ay- at home (i n myhous e) en casa
ya], es suyo/suya (i n mycount yr ) en mi país
hey! ¡oiga! [pa-ees s]
hi! (hello) ¡hola! [ola] we go home tomorrow
hide (verb) esconder [eskondair] volvemos a casa mañana
high alto [bol aymos s]
highchair la silla alta para honest honrado [onrado]
bebés [see-ya – baybayss] honey la miel [m- y el]
highway (US) la autopista honeymoon la luna de miel
[owtopeesta] [loona da]
hill la colina hood (US) el capó
him*: I haven’t seen him no le hope la esperanza
he visto [lay ay] [es paiant ha]

I hope so espero que sí dialogues

English š Spanish
[espairo kay]
I hope not espero que no how are you? ¿cómo está?
hopefully it won’t rain no fine, thanks, and you? bien
lloverá, eso espero [no yobaira gracias, y usted
ayso] [b-yen – ee oostay]
horn (of car) la bocina
[botheena] how much is it? ¿cuánto
horrible horrible [orreeblay] es? [kwanto]
horse el caballo [kaba-yo] 10 euros diez euros [d-yeth
horse riding la equitación ay-ooross]
[ekeetath-yon] I’ll take it me lo quedo
hospital el hospital [may lo kaydo]
hospitality la hospitalidad humid húmedo [oomedo]
[ospeetaleeda] humour el humor [oomor]
thank you for your hospitality hungry hambriento [ambr-
gracias por su hospitalidad yento]
[soo] I’m hungry tengo hambre

hot caliente [kal-yentay] [ambray]
(spicy) picante [peekantay] are you hungry? ¿tiene
I’m hot tengo calor hambre? [t-yaynay]
it’s hot today hoy hace calor hurry (verb) darse prisa [darsay
[oy athay] preesa]
hotel el hotel [otel] I’m in a hurry tengo prisa
hotel room: in my hotel room there’s no hurry no hay prisa
en mi habitación del hotel [ī]
[abeetath-yon] hurry up! ¡dese prisa! [daysay]
hour la hora [ora] hurt doler [dolair]
house la casa it really hurts me duele
house wine el vino de la casa mucho [may dwaylay moocho]
[beeno day] husband mi marido
hovercraft el aerodeslizador hydrofoil la hidroala [eedro-ala]
[a-airodesleethador] hypermarket el hipermercado
how como [eepairmairkado]
how many? ¿cuántos?
how do you do? ¡mucho
gusto! [moocho]
English š Spanish
I I want to improve my Spanish
quiero mejorar mi español
[k-yairo – espan-yol]
I yo in: it’s in the centre está en el
ice el hielo [yaylo] centro
with ice con hielo in my car en mi coche
no ice, thanks sin hielo, in Córdoba en Córdoba
gracias [seen] in two days from now dentro
ice cream el helado [elado] de dos días [day]
ice-cream cone el cucurucho in five minutes dentro de
de helado [kookooroochoo] cinco minutos
iced coffee el café helado in May en mayo
ice lolly el polo in English en inglés
idea la idea [eeday-a] in Spanish en español?
idiot el/la idiota [eed-yota] is he in? ¿está?
if si inch* la pulgada [poolgada]
ignition el encendido include incluir [eenklweer]
[enthendeedo] does that include meals?
ill enfermo [enfairmo] ¿eso incluye las comidas?

I feel ill me encuentro mal [ayso eenkloo-yay]

[may enkwentro] is that included? ¿está eso
illness la enfermedad incluido en el precio?
[enfairmayda] [eenklweedo en el prayth-yo]
imitation (leather etc) de inconvenient inoportuno
imitación [day eemeetath-yon] [eenoportoono]
immediately ahora mismo incredible increíble [eenkray-
[a-ora meesmo] eeblay]
important importante Indian (adj) indio [eend-yo]
[eemportantay] indicator el intermitente
it’s very important es muy [eentairmeetentay]
importante [mwee] indigestion la indigestión
it’s not important no tiene [eendeeHest-yon]
importancia [t-yaynay indoor pool la piscina
eemportanth-ya] cubierta [peestheena koob-
impossible imposible yairta]
[eemposeeblay] indoors dentro
impressive impresionante inexpensive barato
[eempres-yonantay] infection la infección [eenfekth-
improve mejorar [mayHorar] yon]

infectious infeccioso [eenfekth- I insist insisto

English š Spanish
yoso] insomnia el insomnio
inflammation la inflamación [eensomn-yo]
[eenflamath-yon] instant coffee el café
informal (occasion, meeting) instantáneo [kafay
informal [eenformal] eenstantanay-o]
(dress) de sport [day] instead: give me that one
information la información instead deme ese otro
[eenformath-yon] [daymay aysay]
do you have any information instead of ... en lugar de ...
about ...? ¿tiene información [day]
sobre ... ? intersection el cruce [kroothay]
[t-yaynay – sobray] insulin la insulina
information desk la [eensooleena]
información insurance el seguro [segooro]
injection la inyección [een- intelligent inteligente
yekth-yon] [eenteleeHentay]
injured herido [ereedo] interested: I’m interested in ...
she’s been injured está herida estoy interesado en ...
in-laws mi familia política

interesting interesante
[fameel-ya] [eenteresantay]
inner tube (for tyre) la cámara that’s very interesting eso es
de aire [a-eeray] muy interesante [ayso ess
innocent inocente [eenothentay] mwee]
insect el insecto international internacional
insect bite la picadura de [internath-yonal]
insecto [day] Internet el Internet [eentairnet]
do you have anything for interpret actuar de intérprete
insect bites? ¿tiene algo para [actoo-ar day eentairpretay]
la picadura de insectos? [t- interpreter el/la intérprete
yaynay] interval (at theatre) el descanso
insect repellent el repelente into en
de insectos [repelentay day] I’m not into ... no me gusta ...
inside dentro de [day] [may goosta]
inside the hotel dentro del introduce presentar
hotel may I introduce ...? le
let’s sit inside vamos a presento a ...
sentarnos adentro [bamoss] invitation la invitación
insist insistir [eenseesteer] [eembeetath-yon]

invite invitar [eembeetar] jersey el jersey [Hairsay]
English š Spanish
Ireland Irlanda [eerlanda] jetty el muelle [mway-yay]
Irish irlandés [eerlandayss] Jewish judío [Hoodee-o]
I’m Irish (man/woman) soy jeweller’s la joyería [Ho-yeree-a]
irlandés/irlandesa jewellery las joyas [Hoyass]
iron (for ironing) la plancha job el trabajo [trabaHo]
can you iron these for me? jogging el footing
¿puede planchármelos? to go jogging hacer footing
[pwayday] [athair]
is* es, está joke el chiste [cheesstay]
island la isla [eessla] journey el viaje [b-yaHay]
it ello, lo [ay-yo] have a good journey! ¡buen
it is ... es ...; está ... viaje! [bwen b-yaHay]
is it ...? ¿es ...?; ¿está ... ? jug la jarra [Harra]
where is it? ¿dónde está? a jug of water una jarra de
[donday] agua [agwa]
it’s him es él juice el zumo [thoomo]
it was ... era ...; estaba ... July julio [Hool-yo]
[aira] jump (verb) saltar

Italian (adj) italiano [eetal-yano] jumper el jersey [Hairsay]

Italy Italia jump leads las pinzas (para la
itch: it itches me pica [may] batería) [peenthass – batairee-a]
junction el cruce [kroothay]
J June junio [Hoon-yo]
just (only) solamente
jackk (for car) el gato just two sólo dos
jacket la chaqueta [chakayta] just for me sólo para mí
jar el tarro just here aquí mismo [akee
jam la mermelada meesmo]
[mairmaylada] not just now ahora no [a-ora]
jammed: it’s jammed está we’ve just arrived acabamos
atascado de llegar [yegar]
January enero [enairo]
jaw la mandíbula [mandeeboola] K
jazz el jazz
jealous celoso [theloso]
jeans los vaqueros [bakaiross] keep quedarse [kedarsay]
jellyfish la medusa [medoosa] keep the change quédese con

el cambio [kay-daysay – kamb- (verb) besarse [baysarsay]

English š Spanish
yo] kitchen la cocina [kotheena]
can I keep it? ¿puedo kitchenette la cocina pequeña
quedármelo? [pwaydo [pekwayn-ya]
kedarmelo] Kleenex® el kleenex®
please keep it por favor, knee la rodilla [rodee-ya]
quédeselo [kaydayselo] knickers las bragas
ketchup el ketchup knife el cuchillo [koochee-yo]
kettle el hervidor [airbeedor] knitwear los géneros de punto
key la llave [yabay] [Henaiross]
the key for room 201, please knock k (verb: on door) llamar
la llave de la habitacion [yamar]
doscientos uno, por favor knock down atropellar
[day la abeetath-yon] [atropay-yar]
key ring el llavero [yabairo] he’s been knocked down le
kidneys los riñones [reen- han atropellado [lay an atropay-
yoness] yado]
kill matar knock over (object) volcar
kilo* el kilo [bolkar]
kilometre* el kilómetro

(pedestrian) atropellar [atropay-
how many kilometres is it yar]
to ...? ¿cuántos kilómetros know (somebody, a place)
hay a ...? [kwantoss – ī ] conocer [konothair]
kind (nice) amable [amablay] (something) saber [sabair]
that’s very kind es muy I don’t know no sé [say]
amable [mwee] I didn’t know that no lo
dialogue do you know where I can
find ...? ¿sabe dónde puedo
which kind do you want? encontrar ...? [sabay donday
¿qué tipo quiere? [kay teepo pwaydo]
I want this/that kind quiero dialogue
este/aquel tipo [k-yairo
estay/akel] do you know how this
works? ¿sabe cómo
king el rey [ray] funciona esto? [foonth-yona]
kiosk el quiosco [kee-osko] sorry, I don’t know lo
kiss el beso [bayso] siento, no sé [s-yento – say]
[say athay]
English š Spanish
L later más tarde
I’ll come back later volveré
label la etiqueta [eteekayta] más tarde [bolbairay]
ladies’ (toilets) el aseo de see you later hasta luego
señoras [asay-o day sen-yorass] [asta lwaygo]
ladies’ wear la ropa de later on más tarde
señoras latest lo último [oolteemo]
lady la señora [sen-yora] by Wednesday at the latest
lager la cerveza [thairbaytha] para el miércoles lo más
lake el lago tarde
lamb (meat) el cordero laugh (verb) reirse [ray-eersay]
[kordairo] launderette/laundromat la
lamp la lámpara lavandería [labandairee-a]
lane (motorway) el carril [karreel] laundry (clothes) la ropa sucia
(small road) la callejuela [ka- [sooth-ya]
yay-Hwayla] (place) la lavandería
language el idioma [eed-yoma] lavatory el lavabo [lababo]
language course el curso de law la ley [lay]

idiomas [koorso day] lawn el césped [thesped]

large grande [granday] lawyerr (man/woman) el
last último [oolteemo] abogado/la abogada
last week la semana pasada laxative el laxante [laxantay]
last Friday el viernes pasado lazy perezoso [pairethoso]
last night anoche [anochay] lead (electrical) el cable [kablay]
what time is the last train to lead (verb) conducir
Toledo? ¿a qué hora es el [kondootheer]
último tren a Toledo? [kay where does this lead to?
ora] ¿adónde va esta carretera?
late tarde [tarday] [adonday ba – karraytaira]
sorry I’m late siento llegar leaf la hoja [oHa]
tarde [s-yaynto yegar] leaflet el folleto [fo-yayto]
the train was late el tren leakk (in roof) la gotera [gotaira]
llegó con retraso [yaygo] (gas, water) el escape [eskapay]
we must go – we’ll be late (verb) filtrar [feeltrar]
debemos irnos – llegaremos the roof leaks el tejado
tarde [debaymoss eernoss tiene goteras [teHado t-yaynay
– yegaraymoss] gotairass]
it’s getting late se hace tarde learn aprender [aprendair]

least: not in the least de leg la pierna [p-yairna]

English š Spanish
ninguna manera [day lemon el limón [leemon]
neengoona manaira] lemonade la limonada
at least por lo menos lemon tea el té con limón [tay]
[maynoss] lend prestar
leatherr (fine) la piel [p-yel] will you lend me your ... ?
(heavy) el cuero [kwairo] ¿podría prestarme su ...?
leave (verb) irse [eersay] [prestarmay]
I am leaving tomorrow me lens (of camera) el objetivo
marcho mañana [may] [obHeteebo]
he left yesterday se marchó lesbian la lesbiana
ayer [say] less menos [maynoss]
may I leave this here? ¿puedo less expensive menos caro
dejar esto aquí? [pwaydo dayHar less than 10 menos de diez
– akee] less than you menos que tú
I left my coat in the bar me he [kay too]
dejado el abrigo en el bar [ay lesson la lección [lekth-yon]
dayHado] let (allow) dejar [dayHar]
will you let me know? ¿me lo
dirá? [may]

I’ll let you know se lo diré [say
when does the bus for lo deeray]
Montoro leave? ¿cuándo let’s go for something to eat
sale el autobús para vamos a comer algo [bamoss a
Montoro? [kwando salay] komair]
it leaves at 9 o’clock sale a let off: will you let me off at ...?
las nueve ¿me para en ...? [may]
letter la carta
leek el puerro [pwairro] do you have any letters for
left izquierda [eethk-yairda] me? ¿tiene cartas para mí?
on the left a la izquierda [t-yaynay]
to the left a la izquierda letterbox el buzón [boothon]
turn left gire a la izquierda lettuce la lechuga [lechooga]
[Heeray] lever la palanca
there’s none left no queda library la biblioteca [beebl-
ninguno [kayda] yotayka]
left-handed zurdo [thoordo] licence el permiso
left luggage (office) la lid la tapa
consigna [konseegna] lie (verb: tell untruth) mentir

lie down acostarse [akostarsay], I like you me gustas
English š Spanish
echarse [aycharsay] I don’t like it no me gusta
life la vida [beeda] do you like ...? ¿le gusta ...?
lifebelt el salvavidas [lay]
[salbabeedass] I’d like a beer quisiera una
lifeguard el/la socorrista cerveza [kees-yaira oona
life jacket el chaleco thairbaytha]
salvavidas [chalayko I’d like to go swimming me
salbabeedass] gustaría ir a nadar
lift (in building) el ascensor would you like a drink?
[asthensor] ¿le apetece beber algo?
could you give me a lift? [apaytaythay bebair]
¿podría llevarme en su would you like to go for a
coche? [yebarmay – kochay] walk? ¿le apetece dar un
would you like a lift? ¿quiere paseo? [lay – pasay-o]
que le lleve? [k-yairay kay lay what’s it like? ¿cómo es?
yaybay] I want one like this quiero
lift pass el forfait [forfa-ee] uno como éste [k-yairo – estay]
a daily/weekly lift pass un lime la lima [leema]
forfait de un día/una semana

lime cordial el zumo de lima

light la luz [looth] [thoomo day]
(not heavy) ligero [leeHairo] line la línea [leenay-a]
do you have a light? (for could you give me an outside
cigarette) ¿tiene fuego? line? ¿puede darme línea?
[t-yaynay fwaygo] [pwayday darmay]
light green verde claro lips el labio [lab-yo]
[bairday] lip salve la crema de labios
light bulb la bombilla [bombee- [krayma]
ya] lipstick el lápiz de labios
I need a new light bulb [lapeeth]
necesito una bombilla nueva liqueur el licor
[netheseeto – nwayba] listen escuchar [eskoochar]
lighter (cigarette) el encendedor litre* el litro
[enthendedor] a litre of white wine un litro
lightning el relámpago de vino blanco [day beeno]
like (verb) gustar [goostar] little pequeño [paykayn-yo]
I like it me gusta [may] just a little, thanks sólo un
I like going for walks me poco, gracias
gusta pasear [pasay-ar] a little milk un poco de leche

English š Spanish
[lechay] [konseegna owtomateeka]
a little bit more un poquito lollipop el chupa-chups®
más [pokeeto] [choopa-choopss]
live (verb) vivir [beebeer] London Londres [londress]
we live together vivimos long largo
juntos [beebeemoss Hoontoss] how long will it take to fix
it? ¿cuánto tiempo llevará
dialogue arreglarlo? [kwanto t-yempo
where do you live? ¿dónde how long does it take?
vive? [donday beebay] ¿cuánto tiempo se tarda?
I live in London vivo en [say]
Londres [beebo] a long time mucho tiempo
lively alegre [alaygray] one day/two days longer un
liver el hígado [eegado] día/dos días más
loaf el pan long distance call la
lobby (in hotel) el vestíbulo conferencia [konfairenth-ya]
[besteeboolo] look: I’m just looking, thanks
lobster la langosta sólo estoy mirando, gracias

local local you don’t look well no tienes
can you recommend a local buen aspecto [t-yayness bwen]
wine/restaurant? puede look out! ¡cuidado! [kweedado]
recomendarme un vino/un can I have a look? ¿puedo
restaurante local [pwayday mirar? [pwaydo]
rekomendarmay oon beeno/oon look after cuidar [kweedar]
restowrantay] look at mirar
lock la cerradura [thairradoora] look for buscar
(verb) cerrar [thairrar] I’m looking for ... estoy
it’s locked está cerrado con buscando ...
llave [thairrado kon yabay] look forward to: I’m looking
lock in dejar encerrado [day- forward to it: tengo muchas
Har enthairrado] ganas [moochass]
lock out: I’ve locked myself loose (handle etc) suelto [swelto]
out he cerrado la puerta con lorry el camión [kam-yon]
las llaves dentro [ay – la pwairta lose perder [pairdair]
– yabayss] I’ve lost my way me he
lockerr (for luggage etc) la perdido [may ay pairdeedo]
consigna automática I’m lost, I want to get to ...

estoy perdido/perdida, luxurious (hotel, furnishings) de
English š Spanish
quiero ir a ... [k-yairo] lujo [looHo]
I’ve lost my bag he perdido luxury el lujo
el bolso [ay]
lost property (office) (la M
oficina de) objetos perdidos
[ofeetheena day obHaytoss
pairdeedoss] machine la máquina
lot: a lot, lots mucho, muchos [makeena]
[moocho] mad (insane) loco
not a lot no mucho (angry) furioso [foor-yoso]
a lot of people mucha gente Madrid Madrid [madree]
[Hentay] magazine la revista [rebeesta]
a lot bigger mucho mayor maid (in hotel) la camarera
I like it a lot me gusta mucho [kamaraira]
[may goosta] maiden name el nombre de
lotion la loción [loth-yon] soltera [nombray day soltaira]
loud fuerte [fwairtay] mail el correo [korray-o]
lounge (in house, hotel) el salón is there any mail for me? ¿hay
(in airport) la sala de espera [day correspondencia para mí?

espaira] [ ī korrespondenth-ya]
love el amor see post
(verb) querer [kairair] mailbox el buzón [boothon]
I love Spain me encanta main principal [preentheepal]
España [may] main course el plato principal
lovely encantador main post office la oficina
low bajo [baHo] central de correos [ofeetheena
luck la suerte [swairtay] thentral day korray-oss]
good luck! ¡buena suerte! main road (in town) la calle
[bwayna] principal [ka-yay preentheepal]
luggage el equipaje [ekeepaHay] (in country) la carretera
luggage trolley el carrito principal [karretaira]
portaequipaje [porta- mains (for water) la llave de
ekeepaHay] paso [yabay day]
lump (on body) la hinchazón mains switch (for electricity)
[eenchathon] el interruptor de la red
lunch el almuerzo [almwairtho] eléctrica [eentairrooptor day]
lungs los pulmones Majorca Mallorca [ma-yorka]
[poolmoness] make (brand name) la marca

(verb) hacer [athair] what’s the matter? ¿qué pasa?

English š Spanish
I make it 50 euros creo que [kay]
son cincuenta euros [krayo kay mattress el colchón
– theenkwenta ay-ooross] May mayo [ma-yo]
what is it made of? ¿de qué may: may I have another one?
está hecho? [day kay – aycho] ¿me da otro? [may]
make-up el maquillaje [makee- may I come in? ¿se puede
yaHay] entrar? [say pwayday]
man el hombre [ombray] may I see it? ¿puedo verlo?
manager el gerente [Hairentay] [pwaydo bairlo]
can I see the manager? may I sit here? ¿puedo
¿puedo ver al gerente? sentarme aqui? [sentarmay
[pwaydo bair] akee]
manageress la gerente maybe tal vez [beth]
manual (car with manual gears) el mayonnaise la mayonesa [ma-
coche de marchas [kochay] yonaysa]
many muchos [moochoss] me*: that’s for me eso es para
not many no muchos mí [ayso]
map (city plan) el plano send it to me envíemelo
(road map, geographical) el mapa

March marzo [martho] me too yo también [tamb-
margarine la margarina yen]
market el mercado [mairkado] meal la comida
marmalade la mermelada
de naranja [mairmelada day dialogue
married: I’m married (said by did you enjoy your meal?
a man/woman) estoy casado/ ¿te ha gustado la comida?
casada [tay a goostado]
are you married? (said to a man/ it was excellent, thank you
woman) ¿está casado/casada? estaba riquísima, gracias
mascara el rímel [reekeeseema]
match (football etc) el partido
matches las cerillas [thairee- mean (verb) querer decir
yass] [kairair detheer]
material (fabric) el tejido what do you mean? ¿qué
[teHeedo] quiere decir? [kay k-yairay]
matter: it doesn’t matter no
dialogue melon el melón
English š Spanish
men los hombres [ombress]
what does this word mend arreglar
mean? ¿qué significa esta could you mend this for me?
palabra? [kay] ¿puede arreglarme esto?
it means ... in English [pwayday arreglarmay]
significa ... en inglés men’s room el servicio de
[eenglayss] caballeros [sairbeeth-yo day
measles el sarampión [saramp- menswear la ropa de caballero
yon] mention (verb) mencionar
meat la carne [karnay] [menth-yonar]
mechanic el mecánico don’t mention it de nada [day]
medicine la medicina menu el menú [menoo]
[medeetheena] may I see the menu, please?
Mediterranean el ¿puede traerme el menú?
Mediterráneo [pwayday tra-airmay]
[medeetairranay-o] see menu readerr page 202
medium (adj: size) medio message: are there any
messages for me? ¿hay algún

medium-dry semi-seco [sayko] recado para mí? [ ī ]
(sherry) amontillado [amontee- I want to leave a message
yado] for ... quisiera dejar un
medium-rare poco hecho recado para ... [kees-yaira day-
[aycho] Har]
medium-sized de tamaño metal el metal
medio [taman-yo mayd-yo] metre* el metro
meet encontrar microwave (oven) el (horno)
(for the first time) conocer microondas [orno meekro-
[konothair] ondass]
nice to meet you encantado midday el mediodía [mayd-
de conocerle [day konothairlay] yodee-a]
where shall I meet you? at midday al mediodía
¿dónde nos vemos? [donday middle: in the middle en el
noss baymoss] medio [mayd-yo]
meeting la reunión [ray-oon- in the middle of the night a
yon] mitad de la noche [meeta day
meeting place el lugar de la nochay]
reunión [loogar] the middle one el del medio

midnight la medianoche menta

English š Spanish
[mayd-ya-nochay] mints los caramelos de menta
at midnight a medianoche [karamayloss day]
might: I might es posible minute el minuto [meenooto]
[poseeblay] in a minute en seguida
I might not puede que no [segeeda]
[pwayday kay] just a minute un momento
I might want to stay another mirror el espejo [espayHo]
day quizás decida quedarme Miss Señorita [sen-yoreeta]
otro día [keethass detheeda miss: I missed the bus he
kedarmay] perdido el autobús [ay
migraine la jaqueca [Hakayka] pairdeedo]
mild (taste) suave [swabay] missing: one of my ... is
(weather) templado missing me falta uno de
mile* la milla [mee-ya] mis ... [may — day]
milk la leche [lechay] there’s a suitcase missing
milkshake el batido falta una maleta
millimetre* el milímetro mist la niebla [n-yaybla]
minced meat la carne picada mistake el error

[karnay] I think there’s a mistake
mind: never mind ¡qué más me parece que hay una
da! [kay] equivocación [may parethay kay
I’ve changed my mind he ī oona ekeebokath-yon]
cambiado de idea [ay kamb- sorry, I’ve made a mistake
yado day eeday-a] perdón, me he equivocado
[may ay ekeebokado]
dialogue misunderstanding el
do you mind if I open the mix-up: sorry, there’s been
window? ¿le importa a mix-up perdón ha habido
si abro la ventana? [lay una confusión [a abeedo oona
eemporta – bentana] konfoos-yon]
no, I don’t mind no, no me mobile phone el teléfono
importa [may] móvil [telayfono mobeel]
modern moderno [modairno]
mine*: it’s mine es mío modern art gallery la galería
mineral water el agua mineral de arte moderno [galairee-a
[agwa meenairal] day artay]
mint-flavoured con sabor a moisturizer la crema

hidratante [krayma eedratantay] morning la mañana [man-yana]
English š Spanish
moment: I won’t be a moment this morning esta mañana
vuelvo enseguida [bwelbo in the morning por la mañana
ensegeeda] Morocco Marruecos
monastery el monasterio [marrwaykoss]
[monastair-yo] mosquito el mosquito
Monday lunes [looness] mosquito repellent el
money el dinero [deenairo] repelente de mosquitos
month el mes [repelentay]
monument el monumento most: I like this one most of all
[monoomento] éste es el que más me gusta
(statue) la estatua [estatwa] [estay – kay mass may goosta]
moon la luna most of the time la mayor
moped el ciclomotor parte del tiempo [ma-yor
[theeklomotor] partay del t-yempo]
more* más most tourists la mayoría de
can I have some more water, los turistas [ma-yoree-a day]
please? más agua, por favor mostly generalmente
more expensive/interesting [Haynairalmentay]
más caro/interesante

mother la madre [madray]

more than 50 más de motorbike la moto
cincuenta motorboat la (lancha) motora
more than that más que eso motorway la autopista
[kay ayso] [owtopeesta]
a lot more mucho más mountain la montaña [montan-
[moocho] ya]
in the mountains en las
dialogue montañas
mountaineering el
would you like some montañismo [montan-yeesmo]
more? ¿quiere más? mouse el ratón
[k-yairay] moustache el bigote [beegotay]
no, no more for me, thanks mouth la boca
no, para mí no, gracias mouth ulcer la llaga [yaga]
how about you? ¿y usted? move: he’s moved to another
[ee oostay] room se ha cambiado a otra
I don’t want any more, habitación [say a kamb-yado
thanks no quiero más, – abeetath-yon]
gracias [k-yairo] could you move your car?

¿podría cambiar de sitio su debo beber alcohol [daybo

English š Spanish
coche? [podree-a kamb-yar day bebair alko-ol]
seet-yo] mustard la mostaza
could you move up a little? [mostatha]
¿puede correrse un poco? my* mi; (pl) mis
[pwayday corrairsay] myself: I’ll do it myself lo haré
where has it moved to? yo mismo [aray yo meesmo]
¿adónde se ha trasladado? by myself yo solo
[adonday say a]
movie la película [peleekoola] N
movie theater el cine [theenay]
Mr Señor [sen-yor]
Mrs Señora [sen-yora] nail (finger) la uña [oon-ya]
Ms Señorita [sen-yoreeta] (metal) el clavo [klabo]
much mucho [moocho] nailbrush el cepillo para las
much better/worse mucho uñas [thepee-yo –oon-yass]
mejor/peor [ma-yor/pay-or] nail varnish el esmalte para
much hotter mucho más uñas [esmaltay]
caliente [kal-yentay] name el nombre [nombray]

not (very) much no mucho my name’s John me llamo
I don’t want very much no John [may yamo]
quiero mucho [k-yairo] what’s your name? ¿cómo se
mud el barro llama usted? [say – oostay]
mug (for drinking) la taza [tatha] what is the name of this
I’ve been mugged me han street? ¿cómo se llama esta
asaltado [may an] calle?
mum la mamá napkin la servilleta [sairbee-
mumps las paperas [papairass] yayta]
museum el museo [moosay-o] nappy el pañal [pan-yal]
mushrooms los champiñones narrow (street) estrecho
[champeen-yoness] [estraycho]
music la música [mooseeka] nasty (person) desagradable
musician el/la músico [desagradablay]
Muslim (adj) musulmán (weather, accident) malo
[moosoolman] national nacional [nath-yonal]
mussels los mejillones nationality la nacionalidad
[meHeeyoness] [nath-yonaleeda]
must*: I must tengo que [kay] natural natural [natooral]
I mustn’t drink alcohol no nausea la nausea [nowsay-a]

navy (blue) azul marino [athool dialogue
English š Spanish
near cerca [thairka] have you ever been to
is it near the city centre? Seville? ¿ha estado alguna
¿está cerca del centro? vez en Sevilla? [a – beth]
[thentro] no, never, I’ve never been
do you go near Las there no, nunca, nunca he
Ramblas? ¿pasa usted cerca estado allí [ay – a-yee]
de Las Ramblas? [oostay
– day] new nuevo [nwaybo]
where is the nearest ...? news (radio, TV etc) las noticias
¿dónde está el ... más [noteeth-yass]
cercano? [donday – thairkano] newsagent’s el kiosko de
nearby por aquí cerca [akee] prensa [day]
nearly casi newspaper el periódico [pair-
necessary necesario [nethesar- yodeeko]
yo] newspaper kiosk el kiosko de
neck el cuello [kway-yo] prensa [day]
necklace el collar [ko-yar] New Year el Año Nuevo
necktie la corbata

[an-yo nwaybo]
need: I need ... necesito un ... Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año
[netheseeto] Nuevo [feleeth]
do I need to pay? ¿necesito New Year’s Eve Nochevieja
pagar? [nochay-b-yayHa]
needle la aguja [agooHa] New Zealand Nueva Zelanda
negative (film) el negativo [nwayba thelanda]
[negateebo] New Zealander: I’m a New
neither: neither (one) of them Zealanderr (man/woman) soy
ninguno (de ellos) [neengoono neozelandés/neozelandesa
day ay-yoss] [nayo-thelandayss]
neither ... nor ... ni ... ni ... next próximo
nephew el sobrino the next turning/street on
Nerja Nerja [nairHa] the left la siguiente calle a la
net (in sport) la red izquierda [seeg-yentay ka-yay a
Netherlands Los Países Bajos la eethk-yairda]
[pa-eesess baHoss] at the next stop en la
network map el mapa siguiente parada
never nunca [noonka] next week la próxima semana
next to al lado de [day]

nice (food) bueno [bwayno] no way! ¡ni hablar! [ablar]

English š Spanish
(looks, view etc) bonito oh no! (upset, annoyed) ¡Dios
(person) simpático mío!
niece la sobrina nobody nadie [nad-yay]
night la noche [nochay] there’s nobody there no hay
at night por la noche nadie ahí [ ī – a-ee]
good night buenas noches noise el ruido [rweedo]
[bwaynass] noisy: it’s too noisy hay
demasiado ruido [ ī daymas-
dialogue yado]
non-alcoholic sin alcohol
do you have a single room [alko-ol]
for one night? ¿tiene una none ninguno
habitación individual para non-smoking compartment no
una noche? [t-yaynay oona fumadores [foomadoress]
abeetath-yon eendeebeedwal] noon el mediodía [mayd-yo-
yes, madam sí, señora dee-a]
[sen-yora] no-one nadie [nad-yay]
how much is it per night? nor: nor do I yo tampoco
normal normal

¿cuánto es la noche?
[kwanto] north norte [nortay]
it’s 35 euros for one night in the north en el norte
son treinta y cinco euros north of Girona al norte de
la noche [tray-eentī theenko Girona
ay-ooross] northeast nordeste [nordestay]
thank you, I’ll take it northern del norte [nortay]
gracias, me la quedo [may northwest noroeste [noro-estay]
la kaydo] Northern Ireland Irlanda del
Norte [eerlanda del nortay]
nightclub la discoteca Norway Noruega [norwayga]
[deeskotayka] Norwegian (adj) noruego
nightdress el camisón nose la nariz [nareeth]
night porter el portero nosebleed la hemorragia
[portairo] nasal [emorraH-ya]
no no not* no
I’ve no change no tengo no, I’m not hungry no, no
cambio [kamb-yo] tengo hambre [ambray]
there’s no ... left no queda ... I don’t want any, thank you
[kayda] no quiero ninguno, gracias
English š Spanish
it’s not necessary no es
necesario [naythesar-yo]
I didn’t know that no lo sabía o’clock* en punto [poonto]
not that one – this one ése no occupied (toilet) ocupado
– éste [aysay – estay] [okoopado]
note (banknote) el billete [bee- October octubre [oktoobray]
yaytay] odd (strange) raro
notebook el cuaderno of* de [day]
[kwadairno] offf (lights) apagado
notepaperr (for letters) el papel it’s just off calle Corredera
de carta está cerca de calle Corredera
nothing nada [thairka day ka-yay]
nothing for me, thanks para we’re off tomorrow nos
mí nada, gracias vamos mañana [bamoss]
nothing else nada más offensive (language, behaviour)
novel la novela [nobayla] insultante [eensooltantay]
November noviembre [nob- office (place of work) la oficina
yembray] [ofeetheena]

now ahora [a-ora] officerr (said to policeman) señor

number el número [noomairo] [sen-yor]
I’ve got the wrong number often a menudo
me he equivocado de not often pocas veces
número [may ay ekeebokado [baythess]
day] how often are the buses?
what is your phone number? ¿cada cuánto son los
¿cuál es su número de autobuses? [kwanto]
teléfono? [kwal – telayfono] oil el aceite [athay-eetay]
number plate la matrícula ointment la pomada
nurse (man/woman) el OK vale [balay]
enfermero [enfairmairo]/la are you OK? ¿está bien?
enfermera [b-yen]
nursery slope la pista de is that OK with you? ¿le
principiantes [day preentheep- parece bien? [lay paraythay]
yantess] is it OK to ...? ¿se puede ...?
nut (for bolt) la tuerca [twairka] [say pwayday]
nuts los frutos secos that’s OK thanks (it doesn’t
matter) está bien, gracias
I’m OK (nothing for me) yo no

quiero [k-yairo] on the plane en el avión

English š Spanish
(I feel OK) me siento bien [may [ab-yon]
s-yento] on Saturday el sábado
is this train OK for ...? ¿este on television en la tele [taylay]
tren va a...? [estay – ba] I haven’t got it on me no lo
I said I’m sorry, OK? he dicho llevo encima [yaybo entheema]
que lo siento, ¿vale? [ay – kay this one’s on me (drink) ésta
– balay] va de mi cuenta [ba day mee
old viejo [b-yayHo] kwenta]
the light wasn’t on la luz
dialogue no estaba encendida [looth
– enthendeeda]
how old are you? ¿cuántos what’s on tonight? ¿qué
años tiene? [kwantoss an- ponen esta noche? [kay]
yoss t-yaynay] once (one time) una vez [oona
I’m twenty-five tengo beth]
veinticinco at once (immediately) en
and you? ¿y usted? [ee seguida [segeeda]
oostay] one* uno [oono], una
the white one el blanco, la

old-fashioned pasado de moda blanca
[day] one-way: a one-way ticket
old town (old part of town) el to ... un billete de ida para ...
casco antiguo [anteegwo] [bee-yaytay day eeda]
in the old town en el casco onion la cebolla [thebo-ya]
antiguo only sólo
olive la aceituna [athay- only one sólo uno
eetoona], la oliva it’s only 6 o’clock son sólo las
black/green olives las seis
aceitunas negras/verdes I’ve only just got here acabo
[bairdess] de llegar [yegar]
olive oil el aceite de oliva on/off switch el interruptor
[athay-eetay day oleeba] [eentairrooptor]
omelette la tortilla [tortee-ya] open (adjective) abierto
on* en [ab-yairto]
on the street/beach en la (verb) abrir [abreer]
calle/la playa when do you open? ¿a qué
is it on this road? ¿está en hora abre? [kay ora abray]
esta calle? I can’t get it open no puedo

abrirlo [pwaydo] de servicio [abair-yado, fwaira
English š Spanish
in the open air al aire libre [a- day sairbeeth-yo]
eeray leebray] ordinary corriente [korr-yentay]
opening times el horario other otro
[orar-yo] the other one el otro
open ticket el billete abierto the other day el otro día
[bee-yaytay ab-yairto] I’m waiting for the others
opera la ópera estoy esperando a los demás
operation (medical) la do you have any others?
operación [opairath-yon] ¿tiene usted otros? [t-yaynay
operatorr (telephone: oostay]
man/woman) el operador/la otherwise de otra manera
operadora [manaira]
opposite: the opposite our* nuestro [nwestro],
direction la dirección nuestra; (pl) nuestros,
contraria [deerekth-yon kontrar- nuestras
ya] ours* (el) nuestro, (la) nuestra
the bar opposite el bar de out: he’s out no está
enfrente [day enfrentay] three kilometres out of town a
tres kilómetros de la ciudad

opposite my hotel enfrente

de mi hotel outdoors fuera de casa [fwaira
optician el óptico day]
or o outside ... fuera de ...
orange (fruit) la naranja can we sit outside?
[naranHa] ¿podemos sentarnos fuera?
(colour) (color) naranja [podaymoss]
orange juice (fresh) el zumo de oven el horno [orno]
naranja [thoomo day] over: over here por aquí
(fizzy, diluted) la naranjada [akee]
[naranHada] over there por allí [a-yee]
orchestra la orquesta [orkesta] over 500 más de quinientos
order: can we order now? (in it’s over se acabó [say]
restaurant) ¿podemos pedir ya? overcharge: you’ve
[podaymoss] overcharged me me ha
I’ve already ordered, thanks cobrado de más [may a – day]
ya he pedido, gracias [ay] overcoat el abrigo
I didn’t order this no he overlook: I’d like a room
pedido eso [ayso] overlooking the courtyard
out of order averiado, fuera querría una habitación que
dé al patio [kairree-a oona

English š Spanish
could you page Mr ...?
abeetath-yon kay day] ¿podría llamar al Señor (por
overnight (travel) de noche [day altavoz) ...? [yamar]
nochay] pain el dolor
overtake adelantar I have a pain here me duele
owe: how much do I owe you? aquí [may dwaylay akee]
¿cuánto le debo? [kwanto lay painful doloroso
daybo] painkillers los analgésicos
own: my own ... mi propio ... [analHayseekoss]
[prop-yo] paint la pintura
are you on your own? (to a painting el cuadro [kwadro]
man/woman) ¿está solo/sola? pair: a pair of ... un par de ...
I’m on my own (man/woman) [day]
estoy solo/sola Pakistani (adj) paquistaní
owner (man/woman) el [pakeestanee]
propietario [prop-yetar-yo]/la palace el palacio [palath-yo]
propietaria pale pálido
pale blue azul claro [athool]
P pan la cazuela [kathwayla]
panties las bragas

pants (underwear: men’s) los
pack: a pack of ... un paquete calzoncillos
de ... [pakaytay day] [kalthonthee-yoss]
(verb) hacer las maletas (women’s) las bragas
[malaytass] (US: trousers) los pantalones
package el paquete [pantaloness]
[pakaytay] pantyhose los panties
package holiday el viaje paper el papel
organizado [b-yaHay (newspaper) el periódico [pair-
organeethado] yodeeko]
packed lunch la bolsa con la a piece of paper un trozo de
comida papel [trotho day]
packet: a packet of paper handkerchiefs los
cigarettes un paquete de kleenex®
cigarrillos [pakaytay day parcel el paquete [pakaytay]
theegaree-yoss] pardon (me)? (didn’t understand/
padlock el candado hear) ¿cómo?
page (of book) la página parents: my parents mis
[paHeena] padres [padress]
parents-in-law los suegros dialogue
English š Spanish
park el parque [parkay] who’s paying? ¿quién
(verb) aparcar paga? [k-yen]
can I park here? ¿puedo I’ll pay pago yo
aparcar aquí? [pwaydo – no, you paid last time,
akee] I’ll pay no, usted pagó
parking lot el aparcamiento la última vez, yo pago
[aparcam-yento] [oostay – oolteema beth]
part la parte [partay]
partner (boyfriend, girlfriend etc) el pay phone el teléfono público
compañero [kompan-yairo] [telayfono poobleeko]
party (group) el grupo peaceful tranquilo [trankeelo]
(celebration) la fiesta peach el melocotón
pass (in mountains) el puerto peanuts los cacahuetes
[pwairto] [kakawaytess]
passenger (man/woman) pear la pera [paira]
el pasajero [pasaHairo]/la peas los guisantes [geesantess]
pasajera peculiar (taste, custom) raro
pedestrian crossing el paso de

passport el pasaporte
[pasaportay] peatones [pay-atoness]
past*: in the past pedestrian precinct la calle
antiguamente peatonal [ka-yay pay-atonal]
[anteegwamentay] peg (for washing) la pinza
just past the information [peentha]
office justo después de la (for tent) la estaca
oficina de información pen la pluma [plooma]
[Hoosto despwayss day] pencil el lápiz [lapeeth]
path el camino penfriend (male/female)
pattern el dibujo [deebooHo] el amigo/la amiga
pavement la acera [athaira] por correspondencia
on the pavement en la acera [korrespondenth-ya]
pavement café el café terraza penicillin la penicilina
[terratha] [peneetheeleena]
pay (verb) pagar penknife la navaja [nabaHa]
can I pay, please? la cuenta, pensioner el/la pensionista
por favor [kwenta] [pens-yoneesta]
it’s already paid for ya está people la gente [Hentay]
pagado the other people in the hotel

los otros huéspedes del hotel phone book la guía telefónica

English š Spanish
[wespedess] [gee-a]
too many people demasiada phone box la cabina
gente [daymas-yada] telefónica [kabeena]
pepper (spice) la pimienta phonecard la tarjeta de
[peem-yenta] teléfono [tarHayta day
(vegetable) el pimiento taylayfono]
peppermint (sweet) el phone number el número de
caramelo de menta [karamaylo teléfono [noomairo]
day] photo la foto
per: per night por noche excuse me, could you take a
[nochay] photo of us? ¿le importaría
how much per day? ¿cuánto hacernos una foto? [lay
es por noche? [kwanto] – athairnoss]
per cent por ciento [th-yento] phrasebook el libro de frases
perfect perfecto [pairfekto] [day frasess]
perfume el perfume piano el piano [p-yano]
[pairfoomay] pickpocket el/la carterista
perhaps quizás [keethass] pick up: will you be there

perhaps not quizás no to pick me up? ¿va a ir a
period (of time, menstruation) el recogerme? [ba –
período [pairee-odo] rekoHairmay]
perm la permanente picnic el picnic
[pairmanentay] picture el cuadro [kwadro]
permit el permiso [pairmeeso] pie (meat) la empanada
person la persona [pairsona] (fruit) la tarta
personal stereo el walkman® piece el pedazo [pedatho]
[wolman] a piece of ... un pedazo de ...
petrol la gasolina [day]
petrol can la lata de gasolina pill la píldora
[day] I’m on the pill estoy tomando
petrol station la gasolinera la píldora
[gasoleenaira] pillow la almohada [almo-ada]
pharmacy la farmacia [far- pillow case la funda (de
math-ya] almohada) [foonda]
phone el teléfono pin el alfiler [alfeelair]
[telayfono] pineapple la piña [peen-ya]
(verb) llamar por teléfono pineapple juice el zumo de
[yamar] piña [thoomo]
pink rosa
English š Spanish
– day]
pipe (for smoking) la pipa [peepa] please don’t no, por favor
(for water) el tubo [toobo] pleased to meet you
pipe cleaners los limpiapipas encantado de conocerle [day
[leemp-yapeepass] konothairlay]
pity: it’s a pity es una lástima pleasure: my pleasure es un
pizza la pizza placer [plathair]
place el sitio [seet-yo] plenty: plenty of ... mucho ...
is this place taken? ¿está [moocho]
ocupado este sitio? [estay] there’s plenty of time
at your place en tu casa tenemos mucho tiempo
at his place en su casa [taynaymoss – t-yempo]
plain (not patterned) liso that’s plenty, thanks es
plane el avión [ab-yon] suficiente, gracias [soofeeth-
by plane en avión yentay]
plant la planta pliers los alicates [aleekatess]
plaster cast la escayola [eska- plug (electrical) el enchufe
yola] [enchoofay]
plasters las tiritas (for car) la bujía [booHee-a]
plastic plástico (in sink) el tapón

(credit cards) las tarjetas plumber el fontanero

de crédito [tarHaytass day [fontanairo]
kraydeeto] p.m.* de la tarde [day la tarday]
plastic bag la bolsa de plástico poached egg el huevo
plate el plato escalfado [waybo]
platform el andén pocket el bolsillo [bolsee-yo]
which platform is it for point: two point five dos coma
Saragossa, please? ¿qué cinco
andén para Zaragoza, por there’s no point no merece la
favor? [kay] pena [mairaythay la payna]
play (in theatre) la obra points (in car) los platinos
(verb) jugar [Hoogar] poisonous venenoso
playground el patio de recreo [benenoso]
[pat-yo day rekray-o] police la policía [poleethee-a]
pleasant agradable [agradablay] call the police! ¡llame a la
please por favor [fabor] policía! [yamay]
yes please sí, por favor policeman el (agente de)
could you please ...? ¿podría policía [aHentay day]
hacer el favor de ...? [athair police station la comisaría de

policía correo? [emb-yarmay]

English š Spanish
policewoman la policía postbox el buzón [boothon]
polish el betún [betoon] postcard la postal
polite educado [edookado] poster el poster [postair], el
polluted contaminado cartel
pony el poney post office Correos [korray-oss]
pool (for swimming) la piscina poste restante la lista de
[peestheena] Correos [leesta]
poor (not rich) pobre [pobray] potato la patata
(quality) de baja calidad [day potato chips las patatas fritas
baHa kaleeda] (de bolsa)
pop music la música pop pots and pans (ie cooking
[mooseeka] implements) los cacharros de
pop singer el/la cantante de cocina [day kotheena]
música pop [kantantay] pottery (objects) la cerámica
population la población [thairameeka]
[poblath-yon] pound* (money, weight) la libra
pork la carne de cerdo [karnay power cut el apagón
day thairdo] power point la toma de

port (for boats) el puerto corriente [day korr-yentay]
[pwairto] practise: I want to practise my
(drink) el Oporto Spanish quiero practicar el
porterr (in hotel) el conserje español [k-yairo – espan-yol]
[konsairHay] prawns las gambas
portrait el retrato prefer: I prefer ... prefiero ...
Portugal Portugal [pref-yairo]
Portuguese (adj) portugués pregnant embarazada
[portoogayss] [embarathada]
posh (restaurant) de lujo [looHo] prescription (for chemist) la
(people) pijo [peeHo] receta [rethayta]
possible posible [poseeblay] present (gift) el regalo
is it possible to ...? ¿es president (of country) el/la
posible ...? presidente [preseedentay]
as ... as possible tan ... como pretty mono
sea posible [say-a] it’s pretty expensive es
post (mail) el correo [korray-o] bastante caro [bastantay]
(verb) echar al correo price el precio [preth-yo]
could you post this for me? priest el sacerdote [sathairdotay]
¿podría enviarme esto por prime ministerr (man/woman) el

primer ministro [preemair]/la
English š Spanish
primera ministra purple morado
printed matter los impresos purse (for money) el monedero
[eempraysoss] [monedairo]
priority (in driving) la (US: handbag) el bolso
preferencia [prefairenth-ya] push empujar [empooHar]
prison la cárcel [karthel] pushchair la sillita de ruedas
private privado [preebado] [see-yeeta day rwaydass]
private bathroom el baño put poner [ponair]
privado [ban-yo] where can I put ...? ¿dónde
probably probablemente puedo poner ...? [donday
[probablementay] pwaydo]
problem el problema could you put us up for the
[problayma] night? ¿podría alojarnos esta
no problem! ¡con mucho noche? [aloHarnoss – nochay]
gusto! [moocho goosto] pyjamas el pijama [peeHama]
program(me) el programa Pyrenees los Pirineos
promise: I promise lo prometo [peereenay-oss]

pronounce: how is this

pronounced? ¿cómo
se pronuncia esto? [say
pronoonth-ya] quality la calidad [kaleeda]
properly (repaired, locked etc) quarantine la cuarentena
bien [b-yen] [kwarentayna]
protection factorr (of suntan quarter la cuarta parte [kwarta
lotion) el factor de protección partay]
[protekth-yon] quayside: on the quayside en
Protestant (adj) protestante el muelle [mway-yay]
[protestantay] question la pregunta
public convenience los aseos [pregoonta]
públicos [asay-oss poobleekoss] queue la cola
public holiday el día de fiesta quick rápido
[day] that was quick sí que ha sido
pudding (dessert) el postre rápido [kay a]
[postray] what’s the quickest way
pull tirar there? ¿cuál es el camino más
pullover el jersey [Hairsay] rápido? [kwal]
puncture el pinchazo fancy a quick drink? ¿te

apetece algo rápido de cutánea [airoopth-yon

English š Spanish
beber? [tay apetaythay – day kootanay-a]
bebair] raspberry la frambuesa
quickly rápidamente [frambwaysa]
[rapeedamentay] rat la rata
quiet (place, hotel) tranquilo rate (for changing money) el
[trankeelo] cambio [kamb-yo]
quiet! ¡cállese! [ka-yaysay] rather: it’s rather good es
quite (fairly) bastante [bastantay] bastante bueno [bastantay
(very) muy [mwee] bwayno]
that’s quite right eso es cierto I’d rather ... prefiero ... [pref-
[th-yairto] yairo]
quite a lot bastante razor la maquinilla de afeitar
[makeenee-ya day afay-eetar]
R (electric) la máquina de afeitar
eléctrica [makeena]
razor blades las hojas de
rabbit el conejo [konayHo] afeitar [oHass]
race (for runners, cars) la carrera read leer [lay-air]
ready preparado

racket (tennis etc) la raqueta are you ready? ¿estás listo?
[rakayta] [leesto]
radiatorr (of car, in room) el I’m not ready yet aún no
radiador [rad-yador] estoy listo [a-oon]
radio la radio [rad-yo]
on the radio por la radio dialogue
rail: by rail en tren
railway el ferrocarril when will it be ready?
rain la lluvia [yoob-ya] ¿cuándo estará listo?
in the rain bajo la lluvia [kwando]
[baHo] it should be ready in a
it’s raining está lloviendo couple of days estará listo
[yob-yendo] dentro de un par de días
raincoat el impermeable [day]
rape la violación [b-yolath-yon] real verdadero [bairdadairo]
rare (steak) (muy) poco hecho really realmente [ray-almentay]
[mwee – aycho] that’s really great eso es
rash (on skin) la erupción estupendo [ayso]
really? (doubt) ¿de verdad? de la matrícula [noomairo
English š Spanish
[day bairda] day]
(polite interest) ¿sí? relatives los parientes [par-
rearview mirror el (espejo) yentess]
retrovisor [espayHo retrobeesor] religion la religión [releeH-yon]
reasonable (prices etc) remember: I don’t remember
razonable [rathonablay] no recuerdo [rekwairdo]
receipt el recibo [retheebo] I remember recuerdo
recently recientemente [reth- do you remember?
yentementay] ¿recuerda? [rekwairda]
reception la recepción rent (for apartment etc) el alquiler
[rethepth-yon] [alkeelair]
at reception en recepción (verb) alquilar
reception desk la recepción to/for rent de alquiler
receptionist el/la rented car el coche alquilado
recepcionista [rethepth- [kochay alkeelado]
yoneesta] repairr (verb) reparar
recognize reconocer can you repair it? ¿puede
[rekonothair] arreglarlo? [pwayday]
repeat repetir

recommend: could you

recommend ...? ¿puede usted could you repeat that?
recomendar ...? [pwayday ¿puede repetir eso? [pwayday
oostay] – ayso]
record (music) el disco [deesko] reservation la reserva
red rojo [roHo] [resairba]
red wine el vino tinto [beeno I’d like to make a reservation
teento] quisiera hacer una reserva
refund el reembolso [ray- [kees-yaira athair]
can I have a refund? ¿puede dialogue
devolverme el dinero?
[pwayday debolbairmay el I have a reservation tengo
deenairo] una reserva
region la zona [thona], la yes sir, what name please?
región [reH-yon] sí, señor, ¿a qué nombre,
registered: by registered por favor? [sen-yor a kay
mail por correo certificado nombray]
[korray-o thairteefeekado]
registration number el número reserve reservar [resairbar]

dialogue a cobro revertido [yamada

English š Spanish
– reberteedo]
can I reserve a table for reverse gear la marcha atrás
tonight? ¿puedo reservar revolting asqueroso [askairoso]
una mesa para esta noche? rib la costilla [kostee-ya]
[pwaydo – maysa – nochay] rice arroz [arroth]
yes madam, for how rich (person) rico [reeko]
many people? sí, señora, (food) sustancial [soostanth-yal]
¿para cuántos? [sen-yora ridiculous ridículo [reedeekoolo]
– kwantoss] right (correct) correcto
for two para dos (not left) derecho
and for what time? ¿y para you were right tenía razón
qué hora? [kay ora] [rathon]
for eight o’clock para las that’s right eso es [ayso]
ocho this can’t be right esto no
and could I have your puede ser así [pwayday sair]
name please? ¿me dice su right! ¡bien! [b-yen]
nombre, por favor? [may is this the right road for ...?
deethay soo nombray] ¿por aquí se va bien a ...?

see alphabet for spelling [akee say ba b-yen]
on the right a la derecha
rest: I need a rest necesito un turn right gire a la derecha
descanso [netheseeto] [Heeray]
the rest of the group el resto right-hand drive con el
del grupo [groopo] volante a la derecha [bolantay]
restaurant el restaurante ring (on finger) la sortija
[restowrantay] [sorteeHa]
restaurant car el vagón- I’ll ring you te llamaré [tay
cafetería [bagon kafetairee-a] yamaray]
rest room los servicios ring back volver a llamar
[sairbeeth-yoss] [bolbair a yamar]
see toilet ripe (fruit) maduro
retired: I’m retired estoy rip-off: it’s a rip-off es un timo
jubilado/jubilada rip-off prices los precios
[Hoobeelado] altísimos [prayth-yoss]
return (ticket) el billete de ida risky arriesgado [arr-yesgado]
y vuelta [bee-yaytay day eeda river el río
ee bwelta] road la carretera [karretaira]
reverse charge call la llamada is this the road for ...? ¿es ésta

la carretera que va a ...? [kay es la mejor ruta? [kwal ess la
English š Spanish
ba] mayHor]
down the road en esta calle rubber (material) la goma
[ka-yay] (eraser) la goma de borrar
road accident el accidente rubber band la goma elástica
automovilístico [aktheedentay rubbish (waste) la basura
owtomobeeleesteeko] (poor quality goods) las
road map el mapa de porquerías [porkairee-ass]
carreteras rubbish! (nonsense) ¡tonterías!
roadsign la señal de tráfico [tontairee-ass]
[sen-yal day] rucksack la mochila
rob: I’ve been robbed ¡me han rude grosero [grosairo]
robado! [may an] ruins las ruinas [rweenass]
rock la roca rum el ron
(music) el rock rum and coke el ron con
on the rocks (with ice) con coca-cola®
hielo [yaylo] run (verb: person) correr [korrair]
roll (bread) el bollo [bo-yo] how often do the buses
roof el tejado [teHado] run? ¿cada cuánto pasan los
roof rack la baca autobuses? [kwanto]

room la habitación [abeetath- I’ve run out of money se me

yon] ha acabado el dinero [say may
in my room en mi habitación a – deenairo]
room service el servicio de rush hour la hora punta [ora
habitaciones [sairbeeth-yo day] poonta]
rope la cuerda [kwairda]
rosé (wine) vino rosado S
roughly (approximately)
approximadamente [–mentay] sad triste [treestay]
round: it’s my round es mi saddle (for horse) la silla de
turno [toorno] montar [see-ya day]
roundabout (for traffic) la (on bike) el sillín [see-yeen]
rotonda safe seguro [segooro]
round trip ticket el billete de safety pin el imperdible
ida y vuelta [bee-yaytay day [eempairdeeblay]
eeda ee bwelta] sail la vela [bayla]
route la ruta [roota] sailboard el windsurf
what’s the best route? ¿cuál sailboarding el windsurf

salad la ensalada he said ... ha dicho ...

English š Spanish
salad dressing el aliño para la could you say that again?
ensalada [aleen-yo] ¿podría repetirlo?
sale: for sale en venta [em scarff (for neck) la bufanda
baynta] (for head) el pañuelo [pan-
salmon el salmón [sal-mon] ywaylo]
salt la sal scenery el paisaje [pa-eesaHay]
same: the same mismo schedule (US) el horario
[meesmo] [orar-yo]
the same as this igual que scheduled flight el vuelo
éste [eegwal kay estay] regular [bwaylo regoolar]
the same again, please lo school la escuela [eskwayla]
mismo otra vez, por favor scissors: a pair of scissors las
[beth] tijeras [teeHairass]
it’s all the same to me me es scotch el whisky
igual [may – eegwal] Scotch tape® la cinta
sand la arena [arayna] adhesiva [theenta adeseeba]
sandals las sandalias [sandal- Scotland Escocia [eskoth-ya]
yass] Scottish escocés [eskothayss]

sandwich el sandwich I’m Scottish (man/woman) soy
sanitary napkin la compresa escocés/escocesa
[kompraysa] scrambled eggs los huevos
sanitary towel la compresa revueltos [wayboss rebwayltoss]
Saragossa Zaragoza scratch el rasguño
[tharagotha] [rasgoon-yo]
sardines las sardinas screw el tornillo [tornee-yo]
Saturday sábado screwdriver el destornillador
sauce la salsa [destornee-yador]
saucepan el cazo [katho] sea el mar
saucer el platillo [platee-yo] by the sea junto al mar
sauna la sauna [sowna] [Hoonto]
sausage la salchicha seafood los mariscos
say: how do you say ... in seafood restaurant la
Spanish? ¿cómo se dice ... marisquería [mareeskairee-a]
en español? [say deethay en seafront el paseo marítimo
espan-yol] [pasay-o mareeteemo]
what did he say? ¿que ha on the seafront en línea de
dicho? [kay a] playa [leenay-a day pla-ya]
I said ... he dicho ... [ay] seagull la gaviota [gab-yota]

search (verb) buscar apartamento
English š Spanish
seashell la concha marina self-service autoservicio
seasick: I feel seasick estoy [owtosairbeeth-yo]
mareado [maray-ado] sell vender [bendair]
I get seasick me mareo [may do you sell ...? ¿vende ...?
maray-o] [benday]
seaside: by the seaside en la Sellotape® la cinta adhesiva
playa [pla-ya] [theenta adeseeba]
seat el asiento [as-yento] send enviar [emb-yar]
is this anyone’s seat? ¿es de I want to send this to
alguien este asiento? [day alg- England quiero enviar esto a
yen estay] Inglaterra [k-yairo emb-yar]
seat belt el cinturón de senior citizen el/la pensionista
seguridad [theentooron day [pens-yoneesta]
segooreeda] separate separado
sea urchin el erizo de mar separated: I’m separated estoy
[aireetho] separado/separada
seaweed el alga separately (pay, travel) por
secluded apartado separado

second (adjective) segundo September septiembre [sept-

[segoondo] yembray]
(of time) el segundo septic séptico
just a second! ¡un momento! serious serio [sair-yo]
second class (travel) en service charge el servicio
segunda clase [klassay] [sairbeeth-yo]
secondhand de segunda service station la estacion de
mano [day] servicio [estath-yon day]
see ver [bair] serviette la servilleta [sairbee-
can I see? ¿puedo ver? yayta]
[pwaydo] set menu el menu del día
have you seen ...? ¿ha [menoo]
visto ...? [a beesto] several varios [bar-yoss]
I saw him this morning le vi Seville Sevilla [sebee-ya]
esta mañana [lay bee] sew coser [kosair]
see you! ¡hasta luego! [asta could you sew this back
lwaygo] on? ¿podría coserme esto?
I see (I understand) ya [kosairmay]
comprendo sex el sexo
self-catering apartment el sexy sexy

shade: in the shade a la ha dado calambre [may a

English š Spanish
sombra – kalambray]
shake: let’s shake hands shock-absorber el
choque esa mano [chokay amortiguador [amorteegwador]
aysa] shocking escandaloso
shallow (water) poco profundo shoes los zapatos [thapatoss]
[profoondo] a pair of shoes un par de
shame: what a shame! ¡que zapatos
lástima! [kay] shoelaces los cordones para
shampoo el champú zapatos [kordoness]
a shampoo and set un lavado shoe polish la crema para los
y marcado [labado ee] zapatos [krayma]
share (verb: room, table etc) shoe repairer’s la zapatería
compartir [thapatairee-a]
sharp (knife) afilado shop la tienda [t-yenda]
(taste) ácido [atheedo] shopping: I’m going shopping
(pain) agudo voy de compras [boy]
shattered (very tired) agotado shopping centre el centro
shaver la máquina de afeitar comercial [thentro komairth-yal]

[makeena day afay-eetar] shop window el escaparate
shaving foam la espuma de [eskaparatay]
afeitar shore la orilla [oree-ya]
shaving point el enchufe short (time, journey) corto
(para la máquina de afeitar) (person) bajo [baHo]
[enchoofay – makeena] it’s only a short distance
she* ella [ay-ya] queda bastante cerca
is she here? ¿está (ella) aquí? [kayda bastantay thairka]
[akee] shortcut el atajo [ataHo]
sheet (for bed) la sábana shorts los pantalones cortos
shelf la estantería [pantaloness]
[estantairee-a] should: what should I do?
shellfish los mariscos ¿que hago? [kay ago]
sherry el jerez [Hereth] he shouldn’t be long no
ship el barco tardará mucho [moocho]
by ship en barco you should have told me
shirt el camisa debiste habérmelo dicho
shit! ¡mierda! [m-yairda] [debeestay abairmelo]
shock el susto [soosto] shoulder el hombro [ombro]
I got an electric shock me shout (verb) gritar

show (in theatre) el espectáculo side street la callejuela
English š Spanish
[espektakoolo] [ka-yay-Hwayla]
could you show me? ¿me lo sidewalk la acera [athaira]
enseña? [may lo ensen-ya] sight: the sights of ... los
showerr (in bathroom) la ducha lugares de interés de ...
[doocha] [loogaress day eentairess]
with shower con ducha sightseeing: we’re going
shower gel el gel de ducha sightseeing vamos a hacer un
[Hel] recorrido turístico [bamoss
shut (verb) cerrar [thairrar] a athair]
when do you shut? ¿a qué sightseeing tour el recorrido
hora cierran? [a kay ora turístico
th-yairran] sign (notice) el letrero [letrairo]
when do they shut? ¿a qué (roadsign) la señal de tráfico
hora cierran? [sen-yal day]
they’re shut está cerrado signal: he didn’t give a signal
[thairrado] no hizo ninguna señal [no
I’ve shut myself out he eetho]
cerrado y he dejado la llave signature la firma [feerma]
dentro [ay – ee ay dayHado la

signpost el letrero [letrairo]

yabay] silence el silencio
shut up! ¡cállese! [ka-yesay] [seelenth-yo]
shutterr (on camera) el silk la seda [sayda]
obturador silly tonto
(on window) la contraventana silver la plata
[kontrabentana] silver foil el papel de aluminio
shy tímido [teemeedo] [aloomeen-yo]
sick (ill) enfermo [enfairmo] similar parecido
I’m going to be sick k (vomit) [paretheedo]
voy a vomitar [boy a bomeetar] simple (easy) sencillo
side el lado [senthee-yo]
the other side of town al otro since: since yesterday desde
lado de la ciudad [day la th- ayer [desday a-yair]
yooda] since I got here desde que
side lights las luces de llegué aquí [kay yegay akee]
posición [loothess day poseeth- sing cantar
yon] singer el/la cantante
side salad la ensalada aparte [kantantay]
[apartay] single: a single to ... un billete

para ... [bee-yaytay] esquí [pantaloness day eskee]

English š Spanish
I’m single soy soltero [soltairo] ski-pass el abono
single bed la cama individual ski pole el bastón de esquí
[eendeebeedwal] [day]
single room la habitación skirt la falda
individual [abeetath-yon] ski run la pista de esquí [eskee]
sink (in kitchen) el fregadero ski slope la pista de esquí
[fregadairo] ski wax la cera de esquís
sister la hermana [airmana] [thaira]
sister-in-law la cuñada [koon- sky el cielo [th-yaylo]
yada] sleep (verb) dormir
sit: can I sit here? ¿puedo did you sleep well? ¿ha
sentarme aquí? [pwaydo dormido bien? [a – b-yen]
sentarmay akee] I need a good sleep necesito
sit down sentarse [sentarsay] dormir bien [netheseeto]
sit down! ¡siéntese! sleeper (on train) el coche-cama
[s-yentaysay] [kochay-kama]
is anyone sitting here? ¿está sleeping bag el saco de
ocupado este asiento? [estay dormir [day]

as-yento] sleeping car el coche-cama
size el tamaño [taman-yo] [kochay-kama]
(of clothes) la talla [ta-ya] sleeping pill la pastilla para
ski el esquí [eskee] dormir [pastee-ya]
(verb) esquiar [esk-yar] sleepy: I’m feeling sleepy
a pair of skis un par de esquís tengo sueño [swayn-yo]
[day] sleeve la manga
ski boots las botas de esquiar slide (photographic) la
skiing el esquí [eskee] diapositiva [d-yaposeeteeba]
we’re going skiing vamos a slip (under dress) la
esquiar [bamoss – esk-yar] combinación [kombeenath-yon]
ski instructor (man/woman) slippery resbaladizo
el monitor/la monitora de [resbaladeetho]
esquí slow lento
ski-lift el telesquí [teleskee] slow down! ¡más despacio!
skin la piel [p-yel] [despath-yo]
skin-diving el buceo slowly despacio
[boothay-o] could you say it slowly?
skinny flaco ¿podría decirlo despacio?
ski-pants los pantalones de [detheerlo]

very slowly muy despacio soft-boiled egg el huevo
English š Spanish
[mwee] pasado por agua [waybo
small pequeño [peken-yo] – agwa]
smell: it smells! (smells bad) soft drink el refresco
¡apesta! soft lenses las lentes blandas
smile (verb) sonreir [sonray-eer] [lentess]
smoke el humo [oomo] sole (of shoe, of foot) la suela
do you mind if I smoke? ¿le [swayla]
importa si fumo? [lay – foomo] could you put new soles on
I don’t smoke no fumo these? ¿podría cambiarles las
do you smoke? ¿fuma? suelas? [kamb-yarless]
snack: I’d just like a snack some: can I have some water?
quisiera una tapa solamente ¿me da un poco de agua?
[kees-yaira – solamentay] [may – day]
sneeze el estornudo can I have some rolls? ¿me
snorkel el tubo de buceo da unos bollos? [bo-yoss]
[toobo day boothay-o] can I have some? ¿me da un
snow la nieve [n-yaybay] poco?
it’s snowing está nevando somebody, someone alguien

so: it’s so good es tan bueno [alg-yen]

[bwayno] something algo
not so fast no tan de prisa something to drink algo de
[preesa] beber [bebair]
so am I yo también [tamb-yen] sometimes a veces [baythess]
so do I yo también somewhere en alguna parte
so-so más o menos [maynoss] [partay]
soaking solution (for contact son el hijo [eeHo]
lenses) el líquido preservador song la canción [kanth-yon]
[leekeedo] son-in-law el yerno [yairno]
soap el jabón [Habon] soon pronto
soap powder el jabón en I’ll be back soon volveré
polvo [em polbo] pronto [bolbairay]
sober sobrio [sobr-yo] as soon as possible lo antes
sock el calcetín [kaltheteen] posible [antess poseeblay]
socket (electrical) el enchufe sore: it’s sore me duele [may
[enchoofay] dwaylay]
soda (water) la soda sore throat el dolor de
sofa el sofá garganta
soft (material etc) suave [swabay] sorry: (I’m) sorry perdone


English š Spanish
sorry? (didn’t understand)
¿cómo? can I speak to Pablo?
sort: what sort of ...? ¿qué ¿puedo hablar con Pablo?
clase de ...? [kay klassay day] [pwaydo]
soup la sopa who’s calling ¿quién
sour (taste) ácido [atheedo] llama? [k-yen yama]
south el sur [soor] it’s Patricia soy Patricia
in the south en el sur I’m sorry, he’s not in, can I
South Africa Sudáfrica take a message? lo siento,
South African (adj) no está, ¿quiere dejar
sudafricano algún recado?
I’m South African (man/woman) [s-yento – k-yairay dayHar]
soy sudafricano/sudafricana no thanks, I’ll call back
southeast el sudeste [sood- later no gracias, llamaré
estay] más tarde [yamaray mass
southwest el sudoeste [soodo- tarday]
estay] please tell him I called
souvenir el recuerdo por favor, dígale que he

[rekwairdo] llamado [deegalay kay ay
Spain España [espan-ya] yamado]
Spaniard (man/woman) el
español [espan-yol]/la española speciality la especialidad
Spanish español [espeth-yaleeda]
the Spanish los españoles spectacles las gafas
[espan-yoless] speed la velocidad [belotheeda]
spanner la llave inglesa [yabay speed limit el límite de
eenglaysa] velocidad [leemeetay day]
spare part el repuesto speedometer el velocímetro
[repwesto] [belotheemetro]
spare tyre la rueda de spell: how do you spell
repuesto [rwayda day] it? ¿cómo se escribe? [say
spark plug la bujía eskreebay]
[booHee-a] see alphabet
speak: do you speak English? spend gastar
¿habla inglés? [abla] spider la araña [aran-ya]
I don’t speak ... no hablo ... spin-dryer la secadora
[ablo] splinter la astilla [astee-ya]
spoke (in wheel) el radio [rad-yo]

spoon la cuchara starter (of car) el motor de
English š Spanish
sport el deporte [dayportay] arranque [arrankay]
sprain: I’ve sprained my ... (food) la entrada
me he torcido el ... [may ay starving: I’m starving me
tortheedo] muero de hambre [may
spring (season) la primavera mwairo day ambray]
[preemabaira] state (in country) el estado
(of car, seat) el muelle [mway- the States (USA) los Estados
yay] Unidos [ooneedoss]
square (in town) la plaza station la estación del
[platha] ferrocarril [estath-yon]
stairs las escaleras [eskalairass] statue la estatua [estatwa]
stale (bread, taste) pasado stay: where are you staying?
stall: the engine keeps stalling ¿dónde se hospedan? [donday
el motor se para a cada rato say ospaydan]
[say] I’m staying at ... me hospedo
stamp el sello [say-yo] en ... [may ospaydo]
I’d like to stay another two
dialogue nights me gustaría quedarme
otras dos noches [may

a stamp for England, – kedarmay – nochess]

please un sello para steak el filete [feelaytay]
Inglaterra, por favor steal robar
what are you sending? my bag has been stolen me
¿qué es lo que envía? [kay han robado el bolso [may an]
– embee-a] steep (hill) empinado
this postcard esta postal steering la dirección [deerekth-
standby el vuelo standby step: on the steps en las
[bwaylo] escaleras [eskalairass]
star la estrella [estray-ya] stereo el estéreo [estairay-o]
(in film) el/la protagonista sterling las libras esterlinas
start el principio [preentheep- [estairleenass]
yo] steward (on plane) el auxiliar
(verb) comenzar [komenthar] de vuelo [owkseel-yar day
when does it start? ¿cuándo bwelo]
empieza? [kwando emp-yaytha] stewardess la azafata [athafata]
the car won’t start el coche sticking plaster la tirita
no arranca [kochay] still: I’m still waiting todavía

estoy esperando [todabee-a] stream el arroyo [arro-yo]

English š Spanish
is he still there? ¿está todavía street la calle [ka-yay]
ahí? [a-ee] on the street en la calle
keep still! ¡quédese quieto! streetmap el mapa de la
[kaydaysay k-yeto] ciudad [thyooda]
sting: I’ve been stung algo me string la cuerda [kwairda]
ha picado [may a] strong fuerte [fwairtay]
stockings las medias [mayd- stuck atascado
yass] the key’s stuck la llave se ha
stomach el estómago atascado [yabay say a]
stomach ache el dolor de student el/la estudiante
estómago [day] [estood-yantay]
stone (rock) la piedra [p-yedra] stupid estúpido [estoopeedo]
stop (verb) parar subway (US) el metro
please, stop here (to taxi driver suburb el suburbio
etc) pare aquí, por favor [paray [sooboorb-yo]
akee] suddenly de repente [repentay]
do you stop near ...? ¿para suede el ante [antay]
cerca de ...? [thairka day] sugar el azúcar [athookar]

stop doing that! ¡deje de suit el traje [traHay]
hacer eso! [dayHay day athair it doesn’t suit me (jacket etc)
ayso] no me sienta bien [no may
stopover la escala, la parada s-yenta b-yen]
storm la tormenta it suits you te sienta muy
straight: it’s straight ahead bien [tay – mwee]
todo derecho [dairecho] suitcase la maleta [malayta]
a straight whisky un whisky summer el verano [bairano]
solo in the summer en el verano
straightaway en seguida sun el sol
[segeeda] in the sun en el sol
strange (odd) extraño out of the sun en la sombra
[estran-yo] sunbathe tomar el sol
strangerr (man/woman) el sunblock k (cream) la crema
forastero [forastairo]/la protectora [krayma]
forastera sunburn la quemadura de sol
I’m a stranger here no soy de [kemadoora]
aquí [day akee] sunburnt quemado [kemado]
strap la correa [korray-a] Sunday domingo
strawberry la fresa [fraysa] sunglasses las gafas de sol

sun lounger la tumbona
English š Spanish
sunny: it’s sunny hace sol (adj: taste) dulce [doolthay]
[athay] (sherry) oloroso
sun rooff (in car) el techo sweets los caramelos
corredizo [korraydeetho] [karamayloss]
sunset la puesta de sol [pwesta swelling la hinchazón
day] [eenchathon]
sunshade la sombrilla swim (verb) nadar
[sombree-ya] I’m going for a swim voy a
sunshine la luz del sol [looth] nadar [boy]
sunstroke la insolación let’s go for a swim vamos a
[eensolath-yon] nadar [bamoss]
suntan el bronceado [bronthay- swimming costume el
ado] bañador [ban-yador]
suntan lotion la loción swimming pool la piscina
bronceadora [loth-yon bronthay- [peestheena]
adora] swimming trunks el traje de
suntanned bronceado baño [traHay day banyo]
suntan oil el aceite bronceador switch el interruptor

[athay-eetay] [eentairooptor]
super fabuloso switch off apagar
supermarket el supermercado switch on encender [enthendair]
[soopairmairkado] swollen inflamado
supper la cena [thayna]
supplement (extra charge) el T
sure: are you sure? ¿está
seguro? table la mesa [maysa]
sure! ¡por supuesto¡ a table for two una mesa para
[soopwesto] dos
surname el apellido [apay- tablecloth el mantel
yeedo] table tennis el ping-pong
swearword la palabrota table wine el vino de mesa
sweater el suéter [swetair] [beeno day maysa]
sweatshirt la sudadera tailbackk (of traffic) la caravana
[soodadaira] de coches [karabana day
Sweden Suecia [swayth-ya] kochess]
Swedish (adj) sueco [swayko] tailor el sastre [sastray]
sweet (dessert) el postre take (lead) coger [koHair]

(accept) aceptar [atheptar] tape (for cassette) la cinta

English š Spanish
can you take me to the [theenta]
airport? ¿me lleva al (sticky) la cinta adhesiva
aeropuerto? [may yayba al a- [adeseeba]
airopwairto] tape measure la cinta métrica
do you take credit cards? tape recorder el casete [kaset]
¿acepta tarjetas de crédito? taste el sabor
[athepta tarHaytass day kraydeeto] can I taste it? ¿puedo
fine, I’ll take it está bien, lo probarlo? [pwaydo]
compro [b-yen] taxi el taxi
can I take this? (leaflet etc) will you get me a taxi?
¿puedo llevarme esto? ¿podría conseguirme un
[pwaydo yebarmay] taxi? [konsegeermay]
how long does it take? where can I find a taxi?
¿cuánto se tarda? [kwanto say] ¿dónde puedo coger un taxi?
it takes three hours se tarda [donday pwaydo koHair]
tres horas [orass]
is this seat taken? ¿está dialogue
ocupado este asiento? [estay

as-yento] to the airport/to Hotel Sol
a hamburger to take away please al aeropuerto/al
una hamburguesa para llevar hotel Sol, por favor
[yebar] [a-airopwairto/otel]
can you take a little off how much will it be?
here? (to hairdresser) ¿puede ¿cuánto costará? [kwanto]
quitarme un poco de 20 euros viente euros [bay-
aquí? [pwayday keetarmay – day eentay ay-ooross]
akee] that’s fine, right here,
talcum powder el talco thanks está bien, aquí
talkk (verb) hablar [ablar] mismo, gracias [b-yen akee
tall alto meesmo]
tampons los tampones
[tamponess] taxi-driver el/la taxista
tan el bronceado [bronthay-ado] taxi rank la parada de taxis
to get a tan broncearse [day]
[bronthay-arsay] tea (drink) el té [tay]
tank k (of car) el depósito tea for one/two please un
[deposeeto] té/dos tés, por favor
tap el grifo teabags las bolsas de té

texto) [mensaHay]
English š Spanish
teach: could you teach me?
¿podría enseñarme? [ensen- than* que [kay]
yarmay] smaller than más pequeño
teacher (primary: man/woman) el que [pekayn-yo]
maestro [ma-estro]/la maestra thanks, thank you gracias
(secondary: man/woman) el [grath-yass]
profesor/la profesora thank you very much muchas
team el equipo [ekeepo] gracias [moochass]
teaspoon la cuchara de té thanks for the lift gracias por
[day tay] traerme [tra-airmay]
tea towel el paño de cocina no thanks no gracias
[pan-yo day kotheena]
teenager el/la adolescente dialogue
telephone el teléfono [telayfono] thanks gracias
see phone that’s OK, don’t mention it
television la televisión no hay de qué [ ī day kay]
tell: could you tell him ...? that: that man ese hombre
¿podría decirle ...? [aysay ombray]

[detheerlay] that woman esa mujer

temperature (weather) la [mooHair]
temperatura [temperatoora] that one ése
(fever) la fiebre [f-yebray] I hope that ... espero que ...
tennis el tenis [espairo kay]
tennis ball la pelota de tenis that’s nice (clothes, souvenir etc)
[day] es bonito
tennis court la pista de tenis is that ...? ¿es ése ...? [aysay]
tennis racket la raqueta de that’s it (that’s right) eso es
tenis [rakayta] the* el, la; (pl) los, las
tent la tienda de campaña theatre el teatro [tay-atro]
[t-yenda day kampan-ya] their* su; (pl) sus [sooss]
term (at university, school) el theirs* su, sus; (pl) suyos [soo-
trimestre [treemestray] yoss], suyas; de ellos [day ay-
terminus (rail) la estación yoss], de ellas
terminal [estath-yon tairmeenal] them* (things) los, las
terrible terrible [terreeblay] (people) les
terrific fabuloso [fabooloso] for them para ellos [ay-yoss]/
text (message) el mensaje (de ellas

with them con ellos/ellas contra terceros [tairthaiross]

English š Spanish
I gave it to them se lo di a thirsty: I’m thirsty tengo sed
ellos/ellas [say] [seth]
who? – them ¿quién? – ellos/ this: this man este hombre
ellas [k-yen] [estay]
then entonces [entonthess] this woman esta mujer
there allí [a-yee] this one éste/ésta
over there allí this is my wife ésta es mi
up there allí arriba mujer
is/are there ...? ¿hay ...? [ ī ] is this ...? ¿es éste/ésta ...?
there is/are ... hay ... those: those men aquellos
there you are (giving something) hombres [akay-yoss]
aquí tiene [akee t-yaynay] those women aquellas
thermometer el termómetro mujeres [akay-yass]
[tairmometro] which ones? – those ¿cuáles?
thermos flask el termo [tairmo] – aquéllos/aquéllas
these: these men estos [kwaless]
hombres thread el hilo [eelo]
these women estas mujeres throat la garganta

can I have these? ¿me puedo throat pastilles las pastillas
llevar éstos? [may pwaydo para la garganta [pastee-
yebar] yass]
they* (male) ellos [ay-yoss] through a través de [day]
(female) ellas [ay-yass] does it go through ...? (train,
thick grueso [grwayso] bus) ¿pasa por...?
(stupid) estúpido [estoopeedo] throw (verb) tirar
thieff (man/woman) el ladrón/la throw away (verb) tirar
ladrona thumb el dedo pulgar
thigh el muslo [mooslo] [daydo]
thin delgado thunderstorm la tormenta
thing la cosa Thursday jueves [Hwaybess]
my things mis cosas [meess] ticket el billete [bee-yaytay]
think pensar
I think so creo que sí [kray-o dialogue
I don’t think so no lo creo a return to Salamanca un
I’ll think about it lo pensaré billete de ida y vuelta
[pensaray] a Salamanca [day eeda ee
third party insurance el seguro bwelta]

tissues los Kleenex®
English š Spanish
coming back when?
¿cuándo piensa volver? to: to Barcelona/London a
[kwando p-yensa bolbair] Barcelona/Londres
today/next Tuesday hoy/el to Spain/England a España/
martes que viene [oy/el Inglaterra
martess kay b-yaynay] to the post office a la oficina
that will be 12 euros son de Correos
doce euros [dothay ay- toast (bread) la tostada
ooross] today hoy [oy]
toe el dedo del pie [daydo del
ticket office (bus, rail) la taquilla p-yay]
[takee-ya] together junto [Hoonto]
tide la marea [maray-a] we’re togetherr (in shop etc)
tie (necktie) la corbata venimos juntos [beneemoss]
tight (clothes etc) ajustado can we pay together?
[aHoostado] ¿podemos pagar todo junto,
it’s too tight es demasiado por favor? [podaymoss]
estrecho [daymas-yado] toilet los servicios [sairbeeth-
tights los panties yoss]

till la caja [kaHa] where is the toilet? ¿dónde

time* el tiempo [t-yempo] están los servicios? [donday]
what’s the time? ¿qué hora I have to go to the toilet
es? [kay ora] tengo que ir al servicio [kay]
this time esta vez [beth] toilet paper el papel higiénico
last time la última vez [eeH-yayneeko]
[oolteema] tomato el tomate [tomatay]
next time la próxima vez tomato juice el zumo de
four times cuatro veces tomate [thoomo]
[bethess] tomato ketchup el ketchup
timetable el horario [orar-yo] tomorrow mañana [man-yana]
tin (can) la lata tomorrow morning mañana
tinfoil el papel de aluminio por la mañana
[aloomeen-yo] the day after tomorrow
tin opener el abrelatas pasado mañana
tiny diminuto tonerr (for skin) el tonificador
tip (to waiter etc) la propina facial [fath-yal]
tired cansado tongue la lengua [lengwa]
I’m tired estoy cansado/ tonic (water) la tónica
cansada tonight esta noche [nochay]

tonsillitis las anginas in town en el centro

English š Spanish
[anHeenass] [thentro]
too (excessively) demasiado just out of town en las afueras
[demass-yado] de la ciudad [afwairass]
(also) también [tamb-yen] town centre el centro de la
too hot demasiado caliente ciudad
[kal-yentay] town hall el ayuntamiento
too much demasiado [a-yoontam-yento]
me too yo también toy el juguete [Hoogaytay]
tooth el diente [d-yentay] track (US) el andén
toothache el dolor de muelas tracksuit el chándal
[day mwaylass] traditional tradicional [tradeeth-
toothbrush el cepillo de yonal]
dientes [thepee-yo day traffic el tráfico
d-yentess] traffic jam el embotellamiento
toothpaste la pasta de dientes de tráfico [embotayam-yento
top: on top of ... encima de ... day]
[entheema day] traffic lights los semáforos
at the top en lo alto trailer (for carrying tent etc) el
top floor el último piso

remolque [remolkay]
[oolteemo] (US: caravan) la caravana
topless topless [karabana]
torch la linterna [leentairna] trailer park el camping
total el total train el tren
tour el viaje [b-yaHay] by train en tren
is there a tour of ...? ¿hay una
gira por ...? [ ī oona Heera] dialogue
tour guide el/la guía turístico
[gee-a] is this the train for ...? ¿es
tourist el/la turista éste el tren para ...? [estay]
tourist information office sure exacto
la oficina de información no, you want that platform
turística [ofeetheena day there no, tiene que ir a
eenformath-yon] aquel andén de allí
tour operator la agencia de [t-yaynay kay eer a akayl – day
viajes [aHenth-ya day b-yaHess] a-yee]
towards hacia [ath-ya]
towel la toalla [to-a-ya] trainers (shoes) las zapatillas
town la ciudad [th-yooda] de deporte [thapatee-yass day
English š Spanish
deportay] lay molestay]
train station la estación de trousers los pantalones
trenes [estath-yon day trayness] [pantaloness]
tram el tranvía [trambee-a] true verdadero [bairdadairo]
translate traducir [tradootheer] that’s not true no es verdad
could you translate that? [bairda]
¿podría traducir eso? [ayso] trunk (US) el maletero
translation la traducción [maletairo]
[tradookth-yon] trunks (swimming) el bañador
translator (man/woman) el [ban-yador]
traductor/la traductora try (verb) intentar
trashcan el cubo de la basura can I have a try? ¿puedo
[koobo day la basoora] probarlo? [pwaydo]
travel (verb) viajar [b-yaHar] try on: can I try it on? ¿puedo
we’re travelling around probármelo?
estamos viajando [b-yaHando] T-shirt la camiseta [kameesayta]
travel agent’s la agencia de Tuesday martes [martess]
viajes [aHenth-ya day b-yaHess] tuna el atún [atoon]
traveller’s cheque el cheque tunnel el túnel [toonel]

de viaje [chaykay day b-yaHay] turn: turn left/right gire a la

tray la bandeja [bandayHa] izquierda/derecha [Heeray]
tree el árbol turn off: where do I turn off?
tremendous tremendo ¿dónde me desvío? [donday
trendy moderno [modairno] may desbee-o]
trim: just a trim please (to can you turn the heating off?
hairdresser) córtemelo sólo un ¿puede apagar la calefacción?
poco, por favor [kortaymelo] [pwayday – kalefakth-yon]
trip (excursion) la excursión turn on: can you turn the
[eskoors-yon] heating on? ¿puede encender
I’d like to go on a trip to ... la calefacción? [enthendair]
me gustaría hacer una turning (in road) el desvío
excursión a ... [may – athair] [desbee-o]
trolley el carrito TV la tele [taylay]
trouble problemas tweezers las pinzas [peenthass]
[problaymass] twice dos veces [baythess]
I’m having trouble with ... twice as much el doble
tengo problemas con ... [doblay]
sorry to trouble you perdone twin beds las camas gemelas
que le moleste [pairdonay kay [Haymaylass]

twin room la habitación doble unemployed desempleado

English š Spanish
[abeetath-yon doblay] [desemplay-ado]
twist: I’ve twisted my ankle United States los Estados
me he torcido el tobillo [may Unidos [ooneedoss]
ay tortheedo el tobee-yo] university la universidad
type el tipo [ooneebairseeda]
a different type of ... un tipo unleaded petrol la gasolina sin
diferente de ... [deefairayntay plomo [gasoleena seen]
day] unlimited mileage sin límite
typical típico de kilometraje [seen leemeetay
tyre la rueda [rwayda] day keelometraHay]
unlock abrir [abreer]
U unpack deshacer las maletas
[desathair lass malaytass]
until hasta que [asta kay]
ugly (person, building) feo [fay-o] unusual poco común
UK el Reino Unido [ray-eeno [komoon]
ooneedo] up arriba
ulcer la úlcera [oolthaira] up there allí arriba [a-yee]

umbrella el paraguas he’s not up yet (not out of bed)
[paragwass] todavía no se ha levantado
uncle el tío [todabee-a no say a laybantado]
unconscious inconsciente what’s up? (what’s wrong?) ¿qué
[eenkonsth-yentay] pasa? [kay]
underr (in position) debajo de upmarket (restaurant, hotel, goods
[debaHo day] etc) de lujo [day looHo]
(less than) menos de [maynoss] upset stomach el malestar de
underdone (meat) poco hecha estómago
[aycha] upside down al revés
underground (railway) el metro [rebayss]
underpants los calzoncillos upstairs arriba
[kalthonthee-yoss] urgent urgente [oorHentay]
understand: I understand lo us*: with us con nosotros
entiendo [ent-yendo] for us para nosotros
I don’t understand no USA EE. UU., Estados
entiendo Unidos [ooneedoss]
do you understand? use (verb) usar [oosar]
¿entiende usted? [ent-yenday may I use ...? ¿podría usar ...?
oostay] useful útil [ooteel]

usual habitual [abeetwal] veal la ternera [tairnaira]
English š Spanish
the usual (drink etc) lo de vegetables las verduras
siempre [day s-yempray] [bairdoorass]
vegetarian (man/woman) el
V vegetariano [beHetar-yano]/la
vending machine la máquina
vacancy: do you have any [makeena]
vacancies? (hotel) ¿tiene very muy [mwee]
habitaciones libres? very little for me un poquito
[t-yaynay abeetath-yoness para mí [pokeeto]
leebress] I like it very much me gusta
vacation las vacaciones mucho [may goosta moocho]
[bakath-yoness] vest (under shirt) la camiseta
see holiday [kameesayta]
vaccination la vacuna via por
[bakoona] video el video [beeday-o]
vacuum cleaner la aspiradora view la vista [beesta]
valid (ticket etc) válido villa el chalet [chalay]

[baleedo] village el pueblo [pwayblo]

how long is it valid for? ¿hasta vinegar el vinagre [beenagray]
cuándo tiene validez? [asta vineyard el viñedo [been-yaydo]
kwando t-yaynay baleedeth] visa la visa
valley el valle [ba-yay] visit (verb) visitar [beeseetar]
valuable (adjective) valioso I’d like to visit Valencia ... me
[bal-yoso] gustaría ir a Valencia [may]
can I leave my valuables vital: it’s vital that ... es de vital
here? ¿puedo dejar aquí mis importancia que ... [day beetal
objetos de valor? [pwaydo eemportanth-ya kay]
dayHar akee meess obHaytoss day vodka el vodka [bodka]
balor] voice la voz [both]
value el valor voltage el voltaje [boltaHay]
van la furgoneta [foorgonayta] vomit vomitar [bomeetar]
vanilla vainilla [ba-eenee-ya]
a vanilla ice cream un helado W
de vainilla [elado]
vary: it varies depende
[daypenday] waist la cintura [theentoora]
vase el florero [florairo] waistcoat el chaleco [chalayko]

wait esperar [espairar] Walkman® el walkman

English š Spanish
wait for me espéreme [wolman]
[espairaymay] wall (inside) la pared [paray]
don’t wait for me no me (outside) la tapia
espere [may] wallet la billetera [bee-yetaira]
can I wait until my wife/ wander: I like just wandering
partner gets here? ¿puedo around me gusta caminar
esperar hasta que llegue mi por ahí [may goosta – a-ee]
mujer/compañero? [pwaydo want: I want a ... quiero un/
– asta kay yaygay] una ... [k-yairo]
can you do it while I wait? I don’t want ... no quiero ...
¿puede hacerlo mientras I want to go home quiero
espero? [pwayday athairlo m- irme a casa [eermay]
yentrass] I don’t want to no quiero
could you wait here for me? he wants to ... quiere ...
¿puede esperarme aquí? [k-yairay]
[espairarmay akee] what do you want? ¿qué
waiter el camarero [kamarairo] quiere? [kay]
waiter! ¡camarero! ward (in hospital) la habitación

waitress la camarera [abeetath-yon]
[kamaraira] warm caliente [kal-yentay]
waitress! ¡señorita! [sen- I’m so warm tengo mucho
yoreeta] calor [moocho]
wake: can you wake me up at was*: it was ... era ... [aira];
5.30? ¿podría despertarme estaba ...
a las cinco y media? wash (verb) lavar [labar]
[despertarmay] can you wash these?
wake-up call la llamada para ¿puede lavarlos? [pwayday
despertar [yamada] labarloss]
Wales Gales [galess] washerr (for bolt etc) la arandela
walk: is it a long walk? ¿se [arandayla]
tarda mucho en llegar washhand basin el lavabo
andando? [say – moocho en [lababo]
yegar] washing (clothes) la ropa sucia
it’s only a short walk está [sooth-ya]
cerca [thairka] washing machine la lavadora
I’ll walk iré andando [eeray] [labadora]
I’m going for a walk voy a dar washing powder el detergente
una vuelta [boy – bwelta] [detairHentay]

washing-up liquid el
English š Spanish
reach the traffic lights
(detergente) lavavajillas siga recto hasta llegar al
[daytairhentay lababaHee-yass] semáforo [asta yegar]
wasp la avispa [abeespa] turn left gire a la izquierda
watch (wristwatch) el reloj [Heeray]
[rayloH] take the first on the right
will you watch my things for tome la primera a la
me? ¿puede cuidarme mis derecha [tomay]
cosas? [pwayday kweedarmay see where
watch out! ¡cuidado! we* nosotros, nosotras
[kweedado] weakk (person, drink) débil
watch strap la correa [daybeel]
[korray-a] weather el tiempo [t-yempo]
water el agua [agwa]
may I have some water? ¿me dialogue
da un poco de agua? [may
– day] what’s the weather going
waterproof (adjective) to be like? ¿qué tiempo va

impermeable [eempairmay- a hacer? [kay – ba a athair]

ablay] it’s going to be fine va a
waterskiing el esquí acuático hacer bueno [bwayno]
[eskee akwateeko] it’s going to rain va a llover
wave (in sea) la ola [yobair]
way: it’s this way es por aquí it’ll brighten up later
[akee] despejará más tarde
it’s that way es por allí [despayHara – tarday]
is it a long way to ...? ¿queda wedding la boda
lejos...? [kayda layHoss] wedding ring el anillo de
no way! ¡de ninguna manera! casado [anee-yo]
[day – manaira] Wednesday miércoles
dialogue week la semana
a week (from) today dentro
could you tell me the way de una semana [day]
to ...? podría indicarme el a week (from) tomorrow
camino a ...? [eendeekarmay] dentro de una semana a
go straight on until you partir de mañana [man-yana]
weekend el fin de semana were*: we were estábamos;

English š Spanish
[feen] éramos [airamoss]
at the weekend el fin de you were estabais [estaba-
semana eess]; erais [aira-eess]
weight el peso [payso] they were estaban; eran
weird extraño [extran-yo] [airan]
weirdo: he’s a weirdo es un west el oeste [o-estay]
tipo raro in the west en el oeste
welcome: welcome to ... West Indian (adj) antillano
bienvenido(s) a ... [antee-yano]
[b-yenbeneedo(ss)] wet mojado [moHado]
you’re welcome (don’t mention what? ¿qué? [kay]
it) de nada [day] what’s that? ¿qué es eso?
well: I don’t feel well no me [ayso]
siento bien [may s-yento b-yen] what should I do? ¿qué hago?
she’s not well no se siente [a-go]
bien [say] what a view! ¡qué vista!
you speak English very well [beesta]
habla inglés muy bien [abla what number bus is it? ¿qué
autobús es ese? [aysay]

– mwee]
well done! ¡bravo! [brabo] wheel la rueda [rwayda]
this one as well éste también wheelchair la silla de ruedas
[estay tamb-yen] [see-ya day rwaydass]
well well! (surprise) ¡vaya, when? ¿cuándo [kwando]
vaya! [ba-ya] when we get back cuando
volvamos [bolbamoss]
dialogue when’s the train/ferry?
¿cuándo es el tren/ferry?
how are you? ¿cómo está? where? ¿dónde? [donday]
very well, thanks muy I don’t know where it is no sé
bien, gracias [mwee b-yen] dónde está [say]
– and you? – ¿y usted? [ee
oostay] dialogue

well-done (meat) muy hecho where is the cathedral?

[mwee aycho] ¿dónde está la catedral?
Welsh galés [galayss] it’s over there está por ahí
I’m Welsh (man/woman) soy [a-ee]
galés/galesa could you show me where

it is on the map? ¿puede mooHair]
English š Spanish
enseñarme en el mapa will*: will you do it for me?
dónde está? [pwayday ensen- ¿puede hacer esto por mí?
yarmay] [pwayday athair]
it’s just here está justo ahí wind el viento [b-yento]
[Hoosto a-ee] window (of house) la ventana
see way [bentana]
(of ticket office, vehicle) la
which: which bus? ¿qué ventanilla [bentanee-ya]
autobús? [kay] near the window cerca de la
ventana [thairka day]
dialogue in the window (of shop) en el
escaparate [escaparatay]
which one? ¿cuál? [kwal] window seat el asiento junto
that one ese [aysay] a la ventana [as-yento Hoonto a
this one? éste [estay] la bentana]
no, that one no, aquél windscreen el parabrisas
[akel] windscreen wiper el
limpiaparabrisas [leemp-ya-

while: while I’m here mientras parabreesass]

esté aquí [m-yentrass estay windsurfing el windsurf
akee] windy: it’s so windy hace
whisky el whisky mucho viento [athay moocho
white blanco b-yento]
white wine el vino blanco wine el vino [beeno]
[beeno] can we have some more
who? ¿quién? [k-yen] wine? ¿podría traernos más
who is it? ¿quién es? vino? [tra-airnoss]
the man who ... el hombre wine list la lista de vinos
que... [kay] [leesta day beenoss]
whole: the whole week toda la winter el invierno [eemb-yairno]
semana in the winter en el
the whole lot todo invierno
whose: whose is this? ¿de winter holiday las vacaciones
quién es esto? [day k-yen] de invierno [bakath-yonayss
why? ¿por qué? [kay] day]
why not? ¿por qué no? wire el alambre [alambray]
wide ancho (electric) el cable eléctrico
wife: my wife mi mujer [mee [kablay]

wish: best wishes saludos

English š Spanish
wrap: could you wrap it up?
[saloodoss] ¿me lo envuelve? [may lo
with con embwelbay]
I’m staying with ... estoy en wrapping paper el papel
casa de ... [day] de envolver [day
without sin [seen] embolbair]
witness el/la testigo wrist la muñeca [moon-
[testeego] yayka]
will you be a witness for write escribir [eskreebeer]
me? ¿acepta ser mi testigo? could you write it down?
[athepta sair] ¿puede escribírmelo?
woman la mujer [mooHair] [pwayday]
wonderful estupendo how do you write it? ¿cómo
[estoopendo] se escribe? [say eskreebay]
won’t*: it won’t start no writing paper el papel de
arranca escribrir
wood (material) la madera wrong: it’s the wrong key no
[madaira] es ésa la llave [aysa la yabay]
woods (forest) el bosque this is the wrong train éste no

[boskay] es el tren [estay]
wool la lana the bill’s wrong la cuenta
word la palabra está equivocada [kwenta
work el trabajo [trabaHo] – ekeebokada]
it’s not working no funciona sorry, wrong number
[foonth-yona] perdone, me he equivocado
I work in ... trabajo en ... de número [pairdonay, may ay
world el mundo [moondo] – day noomairo]
worry: I’m worried estoy there’s something wrong
preocupado/preocupada with ... le pasa algo a ... [lay]
[pray-okoopado] what’s wrong? ¿qué pasa?
worse: it’s worse es peor [kay]
worst el peor X
worth: is it worth a visit? ¿vale
la pena visitarlo? [balay la
payna beeseetarlo] X-ray la radiografía [rad-
would: would you give this yografee-a]
to ...? ¿le puede dar esto a ...?
[lay pwayday]

vuestra; (pl) vuestros,
English š Spanish
Y vuestras
(polite, sing) su; (pl) sus
yacht el yate [yatay] [sooss]
yard* (courtyard) el patio yours* (fam, sing) tuyo [too-yo],
year el año [an-yo] tuya
yellow amarillo [amaree-yo] (fam pl) vuestro [bwestro],
yes sí vuestra
yesterday ayer [a-yair] (polite, sing) suyo [soo-yo],
yesterday morning ayer por suya; de usted [day oostay]
la mañana [man-yana] youth hostel el albergue
the day before yesterday juvenil [albairgay Hoobayneel]
anteayer [antay-ayair]
yet Z
zero cero [thairo]
is it here yet? ¿está aquí zip la cremallera [krema-yaira]
ya? [akee] could you put a new zip
in? ¿podría cambiar la

no, not yet no, todavía no

[todabee-a] cremallera? [kamb-yar]
you’ll have to wait a little zoo el zoo(lógico) [tho(loHeeko)]
longer yet todavía tendrá
que esperar un poquito
más [kay espairar oon pokeeto]

yobbo el gamberro [gambairro]

yoghurt el yogur [yogoor]
you* (fam, sing) tú [too]
(pol, sing) usted [oostay]
(fam, pl) vosotros [bosotross]
(pol, pl) ustedes [oostaydess]
this is for you esto es para
with you contigo/con usted
young joven [Hoben]
your* (fam, sing) tu; (pl) tus
(fam, pl) vuestro [bwestro],
The following are words you might well hear. You shouldn’t be
tempted to use any of the stronger ones unless you are sure of
your audience.
burro m [boorro] thickhead
cabrón! [kabron] bastard!
¡capullo! [kapooyo] dickhead!
cojones [koHonayss] balls
es pan comido [ess pan komeedo] it’s a piece of cake
estar borracho como una cuba [estar borracho komo oona kooba] to
be drunk as a skunk
estar como una cabra [estar komo oona kabra] to be as mad as a hatter
estar de broma [estar de broma] to be joking
!de puta madre! [day poota madray] fucking great!
!Dios mío! [dee-oss meeo] my God!
gilipollas [Heeleepoyass] dickhead
guay [gwī ] cool
¡hijo de puta! [eeHo de poota] son of a bitch!
!joder! [Hodair] fuck!
¡largo! [largo] beat it!
mamón [mamon] idiot
!maricón! [mareekon] poof!
!me cago en la puta! [may kago en la poota] fucking hell!
¡me importa un bledo! [may eemporta oon blaydo] I don’t give a damn!
mierda! [m-yairda] shit!
!ni hablar! [nee ablar] no way!
¡no digas tonterías! [no deegass tontaireeass] don’t talk nonsense
!no me digas! [no may deegass] you don’t say!
!no me jodas! [no may Hodass] you must be bloody joking!
¡qué coñazo! [kay kon-yaTHo] what a drag!
!qué va! [kay ba] not at all!
tío m [teeo] bloke
tía f [teea] woman
tonto [tonto] silly
!venga ya! [baynga ya] come on!
¡vete al carajo [baytay al karaHo] sod off!
!vete al infierno! [baytay al eenfy-airno] go to hell!
¡vete a tomar por culo! [baytay a tomar por koolo] fuck off!
Spanish š English
A acceso a los andenes to the
acceso playa to the beach
a to; at; per; from acceso prohibido no
abajo [abaHo] downstairs admittance
abierto [ab-yairto] open accidente m [aktheedentay]
abierto de ... a ... open from accident
... to tener un accidente to have an
abierto las 24 horas del día accident
open 24 hours accidente de coche [kochay]
abogado m/f lawyer car accident
abonos mpl season tickets accidente de montaña
aborrezco [aborethko] I hate [montan-ya] mountaineering
ábrase aquí open here accident
ábrase en caso de emergencia accidente de tráfico road
open in case of emergency accident
abrebotellas m [abray-botay- accidente en cadena [kadayna]
yass] bottle-opener pile-up
abrelatas m tin opener acelerador m [athelairador]

abrigo m coat accelerator, gas pedal
abrigo de pieles [p-yayless] acelerar [athelairar] to
fur coat accelerate
abril m April acento m [athento] accent
abrir to open aceptar [atheptar] to accept
abróchense los cinturones acera f [athaira] pavement,
fasten your seatbelts sidewalk
abstenerse de fumar no acerca de [athairka day] about,
smoking concerning
abuela f [abwayla] acero m [athairo] steel
grandmother acetona f [athaytona] nail
abuelo m grandfather polish remover
abuelos mpl grandparents ácido (m) [atheedo] sour; acid
aburrido boring; bored acompañar [akompan-yar] to
aburrirse [aboorreersay] to be accompany
bored; to get bored le acompaño en el
acabar to finish sentimiento condolences
acabo de ... I have just ... acondicionador de pelo m
acantilado m cliff [akondeeth-yonador day paylo]
acceso a ... access to ... hair conditioner
aconsejar [akonsay-Har] to
Spanish š English
advise aficionado a [afeeth-yonado]
acordarse [akordarsay] to keen on
remember afortunadamente [-mentay]
acostar: irse a acostar [eersay] fortunately
to go to bed afueras fpl [afwairass] suburbs
acostarse [akostarsay] to lie agarrar un colocón to get
down; to go to bed sozzled
al acostarse when you go to agárrese aquí hold on here
bed agencia f [a-Henth-ya] agency
actriz f [aktreeth] actress agencia de viajes [b-yaHess]
acuerdo m [akwairdo] travel agency
agreement agenda f [a-Henda] diary
estoy de acuerdo I agree agítese antes de usar(se)
de acuerdo OK shake before use
adaptador m adaptor agosto m August
adelantado: por adelantado agradable [agradablay] pleasant
[adelantado] in advance agradar to please
adelantar to overtake agradecer [agradethair] to

adelante [adelantay] come in thank

además de [ademass day] agradecido [agradetheedo]
besides, as well as grateful
adentro inside agradezco [agradethko] I thank
adiós [ad-yoss] goodbye agresivo aggressive
admitir to admit, to confess agricultor m farmer
adolescente m/f [adolesthentay] agua f [agwa] water
teenager agua de colonia [kolon-ya] eau
aduana f [ad-wana] customs de toilette
aduanero m [adwanairo] aguantar: no aguanto ...
customs officer [agwanto] I can’t stand ...
aerobús m [a-airobooss] local aguja f [agooHa] needle
train agujero m [agooHairo] hole
aerodeslizador m [a-airo- ahora [a-ora] now
desleethador] hovercraft aire m [a-eeray] air
aerolínea f [a-airoleenay-a] aire acondicionado [akondeeth-
airline yonado] air-conditioning
aeropuerto m [a-airopwairto] ajedrez m [a-Hedreth] chess
airport ajustado [a-Hoostado] tight
afeitarse [afay-eetarsay] to ala f wing

alambre m [alambray] wire

Spanish š English
department store;
alarma f alarm warehouse
dar la señal de alarma [sen- almohada f [almo-ada] pillow
yal] to raise the alarm almuerzo m [almwairtho] lunch
albergue m [albairgay] country alojamiento m [aloHam-yento]
hotel; hostel accommodation
albergue juvenil [Hoobeneel] alojamiento y desayuno [desa-
youth hostel yoono] bed and breakfast
albornoz m [albornoth] alpinismo m mountaineering
bathrobe alquilar [alkeelar] to rent; to
alcohómetro m Breathalyzer® hire
alegre [alegray] happy alquiler m [alkeelair] rental
alegro: ¡me alegro de verte! alquiler de barcos boat hire
[bairtay] nice to see you! alquiler de bicicletas
alemán [alay-man] German [beetheeklaytass] bike hire
Alemania f [aleman-ya] alquiler de coches [kochess]
Germany car rental
alérgico a [alair-Heeko] allergic alquiler de esquís [eskeess]
to (water-)ski hire

aletas fpl [alay-tass] flippers alquiler de sombrillas [sombree-
alfarería f [alfarairee-a] pottery yass] sunshade hire
alfiler m [alfeelair] pin alquiler de tablas surfboard
alfombra f rug, carpet hire
algo something alquiler de tumbonas
algo más something else deckchair hire
algodón m cotton; cotton alquileres rentals
wool, (US) absorbent cotton alrededor (de) [alray-day-dor]
alguien [alg-yen] somebody; around
anybody alta costura f haute couture,
algún some; any high fashion
alguno some; any alto high; tall
alianza f [al-yantha] wedding ¡alto! stop!
ring en lo alto at the top
alicates mpl pliers altura f altitude; height
alimentación f [aleementath-yon] altura máxima maximum
groceries, foodstuffs headroom
allá: más allá [a-ya] further aluminio m aluminium
allí [a-yee] there amable [amablay] kind
almacén m [almathen] amamantar to breastfeed

amanecer m [amanethair]
Spanish š English
andar to walk
sunrise, daybreak andén m platform, (US) track
amargo bitter a los andenes to the trains
amarillo [amaree-yo] yellow anduve [andoobay] I walked
ambos both anémico anaemic
ambulancia f [amboolanth-ya] anestesia f [anestays-ya]
ambulance anaesthetic
ambulatorio national health anfiteatro m [anfeetay-atro]
clinic amphitheatre
América del Norte f [nortay] angina (de pecho) f [an-Heena]
North America angina
América del Sur [soor] South anginas fpl tonsillitis
America anillo m [anee-yo] ring
americano American anoche last night
amiga f friend anochecer m [anochethair]
amigo m friend nightfall, dusk
aminorar la marcha to slow ante m suede
down anteayer [antay-a-yair] the day
amor m love before yesterday

hacer el amor to make love antepasado m ancestor

amortiguador m [amorteegwador] antes de before
shock-absorber antes de que before
amperio m [ampair-yo] amp antes de ayer [a-yair] the day
ampliación f [amplee-ath-yon] before yesterday
enlargement antes de entrar dejen salir let
amplio loose-fitting passengers off first
ampolla f [ampo-ya] blister anticonceptivo m
analgésico m [anal-Hayseeko] [anteekonthepteebo]
painkiller contraceptive
análisis clínicos mpl clinical anticongelante m [anteekon-
tests Helantay] antifreeze
anaranjado [anaran-Hado] anticuado [anteek-wado] out
orange of date
ancho wide anticuario m antiques dealer
ancho m width, breadth antigüedad: una tienda de
anchura f width, breadth antigüedades [t-yenda day
¡anda ya! get away!, come anteegway-dadess] an antique
off it! shop
andaluz [andalooth] Andalusian antiguo [anteegwo] ancient

antihistamínico m [antee-

Spanish š English
apasionante [apass-yonantay]
eestameeneeko] antihistamine thrilling
anulado cancelled apearse de [apay-arsay] to
anular to cancel get off
añadir [an-yadeer] to add apellido m [apay-yeedo]
año m [an-yo] year surname
Año Nuevo m [nwaybo] New apenado distressed, sorry
Year apenas [apaynass] scarcely
día de Año Nuevo m [dee-a] apenas ... (cuando) [k-wando]
New Year’s Day hardly ... when
¡feliz Año Nuevo! [feleeth] apetecer: me apetece [may
Happy New Year! apetaythay] I feel like
apagar to switch off apetito m appetite
apagar los faros to switch off apodo m nickname
one’s lights apoplejía f [apoplay-Hee-a]
apagar luces de cruce stroke
headlights off aprender [aprendair] to learn
apagón m power cut aprensivo fearful,
apague el motor switch off apprehensive

your engine apresurarse [-arsay] to rush
apague las luces switch off aproveche: ¡que aproveche!
your lights [aprobay-chay] enjoy your
aparato m device meal!
aparatos electrodomésticos aproximadamente [-mentay]
electrical appliances about
aparcamiento m [aparkam-yento] aquel [akel] that
car park, (US) parking lot aquél that (one)
aparcamiento privado private aquella [akay-ya] that
parking aquélla that (one)
aparcamiento reservado this aquellas [akay-yass] those
parking place reserved aquéllas those (ones)
aparcamiento subterráneo aquellos [akay-yoss] those
underground parking aquéllos those (ones)
aparcamiento vigilado aquí [akee] here
supervised parking aquí tiene [t-yaynay] here you
aparcar to park are
aparecer [aparethair] to appear árabe [arabay] Arabic
aparezco [aparethko] I appear aragonés Aragonese
apartamento m apartment araña f [aran-ya] spider

arañazo m [aran-yatho] scratch
Spanish š English
árbol m tree artículos para el colegio
arcén m [arthen] lay-by schoolwear
ardor de estómago m artista m/f artist
heartburn artritis f [-treeteess] arthritis
área de servicios m service asador m restaurant
area, motorway services specializing in roast meats
arena f [arayna] sand and/or fish
Argelia f [arHaylee-a] Algeria ascensor m [asthensor] lift,
armario m cupboard elevator
armería f [armairee-a] asegurar to insure
gunsmith’s aseos mpl [asay-oss] toilets,
arqueología f [arkay-oloHee-a] rest room
archaeology así like this; like that
arrancar to start up así que so (that)
arreglar to mend; to sort out, asiático Asian
to arrange asiento m [ass-yento] seat
arrepentido sorry asma m asthma
arriba up; upstairs; on top aspiradora f hoover®

arroyo m stream asqueroso [askairoso]

arte m [artay] art disgusting
artesanía f crafts astigmático long-sighted
artículos de artesanía mpl arts asturiano [astoor-yano]
and crafts Asturian
artículos de baño [ban-yo] asustado afraid
swimwear asustar to frighten
artículos de boda wedding atacar to attack
presents atajo m [ataHo] shortcut
artículos de deporte sports ataque m [atakay] attack
goods ataque al corazón [korathon]
artículos de limpieza heart attack
household cleaning products atascado stuck
artículos de ocasión bargains; atasco (de tráfico) m traffic
second hand goods jam
artículos de piel leather goods atención [atenth-yon] please
artículos de playa beachwear note
artículos de regalo gifts ¡atención! take care!,
artículos de viaje travel goods caution!
artículos para el bebé atención al tren beware of

Spanish š English
trains hitch-hiker
ateo [atay-o] atheist automotor m local short-
aterrizaje m [atairreethaHay] distance train
landing automóvil m car
aterrizaje forzoso [forthoso] automovilista m/f car driver
emergency landing autopista f motorway, (US)
aterrizar [atairreethar] to land highway
atestado m report autopista (de peaje) [pay-aHay]
atletismo m athletics (toll) motorway/highway
atracar to assault, to hold up auto-servicio m [owto-sairbeeth-
atracciones turísticas fpl yo] self-service
[atrakth-yoness] tourist autorizada para mayores de
attractions 18 años for adults only
atraco a mano armada m autorizada para mayores
hold-up de 14 años y menores
atractivo attractive acompañados authorized
atrás at the back; behind for those over 14 and young
¡atrás! get back! people accompanied by an
la parte de atrás [partay] the adult

back autorizada para todos los
está más atrás it’s further públicos suitable for all
back autostop m hitchhiking
años atrás years ago hacer autostop to hitchhike
atravesar to go through autovía f [-bee-a] dual
atravieso [atrab-yayso] I go carriageway, (US) divided
through highway
atreverse [atrebairsay] to dare AVE m high-speed train on
atropellar [atropay-yar] to the Madrid-Seville line
knock over avenida f avenue
atroz [atroth] dreadful avergonzado [abairgonthado]
audífono m [owdeefono] embarrassed
hearing aid avería f [abairee-a] breakdown
aun even averiado out of order
aún [a-oon] still; yet averiarse [abairee-arsay] to
aunque [a-oonkay] although break down
autobús m [owtobooss] bus avión m [ab-yon] aeroplane
autobús sólamente buses only por avión by air
autocar m coach, bus avisar to inform
auto-estopista m/f [-estopeesta] aviso m information

banco m bank; bench
Spanish š English
aviso a los señores pasajeros
passenger information bandeja f [bandayHa] tray
avispa f wasp bandera f [bandaira] flag
ayer [a-yair] yesterday bañador m [ban-yador]
ayer por la mañana [man-yana] swimming costume
yesterday morning bañarse [ban-yarsay] to go
ayer por la tarde [tarday] swimming; to have a bath
yesterday afternoon bañera f [ban-yaira] bathtub
ayuda f [a-yooda] help baño m [ban-yo] bathroom;
ayudar to help bath
ayuntamiento m [ayoontam- baraja f [baraHa] pack of cards
yento] town hall barato cheap, inexpensive
azafata f [athafata] air hostess barba f beard
azul (m) [athool] blue barbacoa f [barbako-a]
azul claro light blue barbecue
azul marino navy blue barbería f [barbairee-a] barber’s
barbero m barber
B barbilla f [barbee-ya] chin
barca de remos f rowing boat
barcas para alquilar boats to

baca f roof rack

bahía f [ba-ee-a] bay rent
bailar [ba-eelar] to dance barco m boat
ir a bailar to go dancing barco de vela sailing boat
baile m [ba-eelay] dance; barra de labios f [lab-yoss]
dancing lipstick
bajar [baHar] to go down barrio m [barr-yo] district, area
bajar de to get off bastante [bastantay] enough
bajarse [baHarsay] to get off bastante más quite a lot
bajo [baHo] low; short; more
under(neath) bastante menos [maynoss]
balcón m balcony quite a lot less
Baleares [balay-aress] basura f litter
Balearics bata f dressing gown
balón m ball bate m [batay] bat
balón volea [bolay-a] batería f [batairee-a] battery
volleyball batería de cocina [kotheena]
baloncesto m [balonthesto] pots and pans
basketball batín m dressing gown
balonmano m handball bautismo m [bowteesmo]

blusa f blouse

Spanish š English
bebé m baby boca f mouth
beber [bebair] to drink bocina f [botheena] horn
bello [bay-yo] beautiful boda f wedding
benvengut [benvengoot] bodega f [bodayga] wine
welcome (in Catalan) cellar; wine bar
besar to kiss boite f [bwat] night club
beso m kiss bolígrafo m biro®
betún m [betoon] shoe polish bolsa f bag; stock exchange
biblioteca f [beebl-yotayka] bolsa de plástico plastic bag
library; bookcase bolsa de viaje [b-yaHay] travel
bici: ir a dar una vuelta en bici bag
[bwelta en beethee] to go for bolsillo m [bolsee-yo] pocket
a cycle bolso m handbag, (US) purse
bicicleta f [beetheeklayta] bomba f bomb
bicycle bomberos mpl [bombaiross] fire
bien [b-yen] well brigade
¡bien! good! bombilla f [bombee-ya] light
bien ... bien either ... or ... bulb
bombona de gas f camping

o bien ... o bien either ...
or ... gas cylinder
bienes mpl [b-yayness] bonito (m) nice; tuna fish
possessions bonobús book of 10 reduced-
¡bienvenido! welcome! price bus tickets
bifurcación f [beefoorkath-yon] bordado embroidered
fork borracho drunk
bigote m [beegotay] bosque m [boskay] forest
moustache bota f boot
billete m [bee-yaytay] ticket botas de agua [agwa]
billete de andén platform wellingtons
ticket botas de esquiar [eskee-ar] ski
billete de banco banknote, boots
(US) bill botella f [botay-ya] bottle
billete de ida single ticket, botiquín m [boteekeen] first
one-way ticket aid kit
billete de ida y vuelta [bwelta] botón m button
return ticket, round trip botón desatascador coin
ticket return button
blanco (m) white boxeo m [boksay-o] boxing

boya f buoy
Spanish š English
bragas fpl panties
brazo m [bratho] arm
bricolaje m [breekolaHay] DIY c/ (calle) street
brillar [bree-yar] to shine c/c (cuenta corriente) current
brisa f breeze account
británico British caballeros mpl [kaba-yaiross]
brocha de afeitar f [afay-eetar] gents, men’s rest room
shaving brush caballo m [kaba-yo] horse
broche m [brochay] brooch cabello m [kabay-yo] hair
bronce m [bronthay] bronze cabeza f [kabetha] head
bronceado m [bronthay-ado] cabida ... personas capacity
suntan ... people
bronceador m [bronthay-ador] cabina telefónica f telephone
suntan oil/lotion booth, phone box
bronquitis f [bronkeeteess] cable alargador m [kablay]
bronchitis extension lead
brújula f [brooHoola] compass cabra f goat
Bruselas Brussels cabrón m bastard
bucear [boothay-ar] to (skin-)

cacahuetes [kakawaytess]
dive peanuts
buceo m [boothay-o] skin- cachondeo m [kachonday-o]
diving laugh
¡buenas! [bwaynass] hello! lo digo de cachondeo I’m
bueno [bwayno] good; good- only joking
natured cada every
buenas noches goodnight cadena f [kadayna] chain
buenas tardes good evening cadera f [kadaira] hip
buenos días [dee-ass] good caduca ... expires ...
morning caer [ka-air] to fall
bufanda f scarf caerse [ka-airsay] to fall
bujía f [booHee-a] spark plug cafetera f [kafetaira] coffee pot
bulto m piece of luggage cafetería f cafe, bar-type
burro m donkey restaurant
buscar to look for caída f [ka-eeda] fall
busqué [booskay] I looked for cago: ¡me cago en diez!
butacas stalls [d-yayth] for heaven’s sake!
buzón [boothon] letter box, caja de cambios f [kaHa]
mail box gearbox
caja f [kaHa] cash desk; cashier

Spanish š English
calzada deteriorada poor road
caja de ahorros [a-orross] surface
savings bank calzada irregular uneven
cajera f [kaHaira], cajero m surface
cashier calzados shoe shop
cajero automático calzoncillos mpl [kalthonthee-
[owtomateeko] cash dispenser, yoss] underpants
(US) automatic teller cama f bed
calambre m [kalambray] cramp cama de campaña [kampan-ya]
calcetines mpl [kaltheteeness] campbed
socks cama de matrimonio double
calcetines de algodón cotton bed
socks cama individual single bed
calcetines de lana woollen cámara f camera; inner tube
socks cámara fotográfica camera
calculadora f calculator camarera f [kamaraira]
calefacción f [kalefakth-yon] waitress; chambermaid
heating camarero m waiter
calefacción central [thentral] camarote m [kamarotay] cabin

central heating cambiar [kamb-yar] to change
calendario m [-dar-yo] calendar cambiarse (de ropa) [kamb-
calidad f quality yarsay] to get changed
caliente [kal-yentay] hot cambio m change; exchange;
calle f [ka-yay] street exchange rate
calle comercial [komairth-yal] cambio de divisas currency
shopping street exchange
calle de dirección única cambio de moneda currency
[deerekth-yon] one-way street exchange
calle peatonal [pay-atonal] cambio de sentido junction,
pedestrianized street take filter lane to exit and
calle principal [preentheepal] cross flow of traffic
main street caminar to walk
callejón sin salida m cul-de- camino m path
sac, dead end camino cerrado (al tráfico)
callo m [ka-yo] corn (on foot) road closed to (traffic)
calmante m tranquillizer camino privado private road
calor m heat camión m lorry, truck
hace calor it’s warm/hot camioneta f van
calvo bald camisa f shirt

camiseta f T-shirt; vest capilla f [kapee-ya] chapel
Spanish š English
camisón m nightdress capitán m captain
campana f bell capó(t) m bonnet, (US) hood
camping m camping; cara f face
campsite; caravan site, (US) caramelos mpl [karamayloss]
trailer park sweets, candies
campo m countryside; pitch; caravana f caravan
court; field carburador m carburettor
campo de deportes sports cárcel f [karthel] prison
field cardenal m bruise
campo de futból football carne f [karnay] flesh
ground carné de conducir m [karnay
campo de golf golf course day kondootheer] driving
Campsa State-owned oil licence
company carnet de identidad m identity
canadiense [kanad-yensay] card
Canadian carnicería f [karneethairee-a]
Canal de la Mancha m English butcher’s
Channel caro expensive

Canarias fpl [kanar-yass] carpintería f [karpeentairee-a]

Canaries joiner’s, carpenter’s
cancelado [kanthelado] carrera f [karraira] race
cancelled carrete m [karraytay] film (for
cancelar [kanthelar] to cancel camera)
cancha f court; pitch carretera f [karretaira] road
canción f [kanth-yon] song carretera comarcal district
canguro m/f [kangooro] baby- highway
sitter carretera cortada road
canoso greying; grey blocked, road closed
cansado tired carretera de circunvalación
cantar to sing by-pass
cantina f buffet carretera de doble calzada
canto m singing two-lane road
caña f [kan-ya] small glass of carretera nacional national
beer highway
caña de pescar fishing rod carretera principal main
capaz: ser capaz (de) [sair highway
kapath] to be able (to) carril m lane
capazo m [kapatho] carry-cot carrito m trolley, cart

Spanish š English
carrito portaequipajes [porta- Castilian; another word for
aykeepaHess] baggage trolley the Spanish language
carta f letter; menu Castilla [kastee-ya] Castile
cartel m poster castillo m castle
cartelera de espectáculos f casualidad: por casualidad
[kartelaira] entertainments [kaswaleeda] by chance
guide Cataluña [kataloon-ya]
cartera f [kartaira] briefcase; Catalonia
wallet catarro: tengo catarro I’ve got
carterista m pickpocket a cold
cartero m postman, mailman católico (m) Catholic
cartón m cardboard; carton catorce [katorthay] fourteen
casa f house caucho m [kowcho] rubber
en casa at home causa f [kowsa] cause
en casa de Juan at Juan’s a causa de because of
casa de huéspedes cayó [ka-yo] he fell
[wespedess] guesthouse caza f [katha] hunting
casa de socorro emergency cazadora f [kathadora] bomber
first-aid centre jacket, blouson
casado married

cazar [kathar] to hunt
casarse [kasarsay] to get cazo m [katho] saucepan
married ceda el paso give way, yield
cascada f waterfall ceder el paso [thedair] to give
casi almost way
casino m leisure club; casino ceja f [thayHa] eyebrow
caso m case celoso [theloso] jealous
en caso de que in case cementerio m [thementair-yo]
caso urgente [oorHentay] cemetery
emergency cena f [thayna] dinner
casete f, cassette f [kaset] cenar to have dinner
cassette cenicero m [thayneethairo]
casete m, cassette m cassette ashtray
player central telefónica f [thentral]
caspa f dandruff telephone exchange
castaño (m) [kastan-yo] sweet centro comercial m [thentro
chestnut; brown komairthee-al] shopping centre
castañuelas fpl [kastan-waylass] centro urbano/ciudad m
castanets [th-yooda] city/town centre
castellano [kastay-yano] ceñido [then-yeedo] tight-

Spanish š English
fitting [wespedess] boarding house,
cepillo m [thepee-yo] brush low-price hostel
cepillo de dientes [d-yentess] chaleco m waistcoat
toothbrush chalecos salvavidas life-
cepillo del pelo hairbrush jackets
cera f [thaira] wax chalet m [chalay] villa
cerámica f [thairameeka] champú m shampoo
ceramics chandal m tracksuit
cerca de [thairka] near chaparrón m shower;
cercanías m [thairkanee-ass] downpour
local short-distance train chaqueta f [chakayta] cardigan;
cerilla f [thairee-ya] match jacket
cero [thairo] zero chaquetón m [chaketon] jacket;
cerrado [thairrado] closed three-quarter length jacket
cerrado por defunción closed charcutería f delicatessen
due to bereavement charlar to chat
cerrado por descanso del cheque m [chaykay] cheque,
personal closed for staff (US) check
holidays cheque de viaje m [day b-yaHay]

cerrado por obras/reforma/ travellers’ cheque

vacaciones closed for chica f girl
alteration/renovation/ chicle m [cheeklay] chewing
holidays gum
cerradura f [thairradoora] lock chico m boy
cerramos los ... we close chillar [chee-yar] to shout
on ... chino Chinese
cerrar [thairrar] to close chiringuito m [cheereengeeto]
cerrar con llave [yabay] to lock open-air bar
cerrojo m [thairroHo] bolt chiste m [cheestay] joke
certificado m [thairteefeekado] chocar con to run into
certificate; registered letter chocolate con leche m
cervecería f [thairbethair-ee-a] [chokolatay kon lechay] milk
bar specializing in beer chocolate
cerveza f [thairbaytha] beer chocolate de hacer [athair]
césped m [thesped] lawn plain chocolate
cesta f [thesta] basket chubasco m sudden short
cesto de la compra m shower
shopping basket chubasquero m [choobaskairo]
CH (casa de huespedes) f cagoule
chupa-chups® m lollipop

Spanish š English
claro clear
Cía. (compañía) company ¡claro! of course!
cicatriz f [theekatreeth] scar clase f [klasay] class
ciclismo m [theekleesmo] clavo m nail
cycling claxon m [klakson] horn
ciclista m/f [theekleesta] cyclist clima m climate
ciego [th-yaygo] blind climatizado [-thado] air-
cielo m [th-yaylo] sky conditioned
cien [th-yen] hundred clínica f hospital; clinic
ciencia f [th-yenth-ya] science cobrador m conductor
ciento ... [th-yento] a hundred cobre m [kobray] copper
and ... cocer [kothair] to cook; to boil
cierren las puertas close the coche m [kochay] car
doors en coche by car
cierro [th-yairro] I close coche-cama m sleeper,
cigarrillo m [theegarree-yo] sleeping car
cigarette cochecito m [kochetheeto] pram
cinco [theenko] five coche comedor dining car
cincuenta [theen-kwenta] fifty coche de línea [leenay-a] long-

cine m [theenay] cinema distance bus
cinta f [theenta] tape; ribbon coche de niño [neen-yo] pram;
cintura f [theentoora] waist pushchair, baby buggy
cinturón m [theentooron] belt coche-restaurante m
cinturón de seguridad seat [-restowrantay] restaurant car
belt cocina f [kotheena] kitchen;
circo m [theerko] circus cooker
circulación f [theerkoolath-yon] cocinar [kotheenar] to cook
traffic; circulation cocinera f [kotheenaira],
circulación en ambas cocinero m cook
direcciones two-way traffic código de la circulación m
circule despacio drive slowly [theerkoolath-yon] highway
circule por la derecha keep to code
your right código postal postcode, zip
circunvalación f code
[theerkoonbalath-yon] ring road codo m elbow
cistitis f [theesteeteess] cystitis coger [koHair] to catch; to take
cita f [theeta] appointment cojo (m) [koHo] I catch; I take;
ciudad f [thee-oo-da] town, person with a limp
city cola f tail; queue

Spanish š English
hacer cola to queue up to you
colchas fpl bedspreads compañera f [kompan-yaira]
colchón m mattress girlfriend
colchoneta inflable f compañero m mate;
[eenflablay] air mattress boyfriend
colección f [kolekth-yon] compañía f [kompan-yee-a]
collection company
colegio m [kolayH-yo] school compañía aérea [a-airay-a]
colgante m [kolgantay] pendant airline
colina f hill comparar to compare
collar m [ko-yar] necklace compartir to share
colocar to place, to put completamente [-mentay]
color m colour completely
columna vertebral f spine completo full, no vacancies
combinación f [kombeenath-yon] complicado complicated
petticoat compra: hacer la compra
combustible m [komboosteeblay] [athair] to do the shopping
fuel compramos a ... buying rate
comedor m dining room comprar to buy

comenzar [komenthar] to begin comprender [komprendair] to

comer [komair] to eat understand
comerciante m [komairth-yantay] no comprendo I don’t
shopkeeper; dealer understand
comida f lunch; food; meal compras: ir de compras to go
comidas para llevar take-away shopping
meals compresa m [kompraysa]
comienzo [kom-yentho] I sanitary towel, sanitary
begin napkin
comisaría f police station comprimido efervescente m
comisaría de policía [polee- soluble tablet
thee-a] police station comprimidos tablets
como as; like computadora f computer
¿cómo? pardon?; how? comunicando engaged; busy
¿cómo dice? [deethay] con with
pardon? concha f shell
¿cómo está? how are you? concierne [konth-yairnay] it
¿cómo le va? [lay] how are concerns
things? concierto m [konth-yairto]
como quieras [k-yairass] it’s concert
conmoción cerebral f [konmoth-

Spanish š English
condición: a condición de que
[kondeeth-yon] on condition yon thairebral] concussion
that conocer [konothair] to know
condón m condom conozco [konothko] I know
conducir [kondootheer] to drive conque [konkay] so, so then
conductor m, conductora f conserje m [konsairHay] janitor,
driver porter
conduzca con cuidado drive conservas fpl jams, preserves
with care consérvese en sitio fresco
conduzco [kondoothko] I drive store in a cool place
conejo m [konay-Ho] rabbit consigna f [konseeg-na] left
confección f [konfekth-yon] luggage (office), baggage
clothing industry check
confección de caballero [kaba- consigna automática left
yairo] menswear luggage lockers
confección de señoras ladies’ consigo with himself; with
fashions herself; with yourself; with
confecciones fpl ready-to- themselves; with yourselves
wear clothes consulado m consulate

conferencia internacional f consulta médica surgery,
[konfairenth-ya eentairnath-yonal] doctor’s office
international call consúmase antes de ... best
conferencia interurbana long- before ...
distance call contable m/f [kontablay]
confesar to admit, to confess accountant
confirmar to confirm contacto: ponerse en contacto
confitería f [konfeetairee-a] con to contact
sweetshop, candy store contado: pagar al contado to
conforme [konformay] as pay cash
estar conforme to agree contagioso [kontaH-yoso]
conformidad f agreement contagious
congelado [konHaylado] frozen contaminado polluted
congelador m [konHaylador] contar to count; to tell
freezer contener [kontenair] to contain
congelados mpl [konHayladoss] contenido m contents
frozen foods contento happy
conjunto m [konHoonto] group; contestar to reply, to answer
band contigo with you
conmigo with me continuación: a continuación

Spanish š English
[konteen-wath-yon] then, next corriente peligrosa dangerous
continuar [konteen-war] to current
continue corrimiento de tierras danger:
contorno de cadera m hip landslides
measurement cortadura f cut
contorno de cintura cortar to cut
[theentoora] waist cortarse [kortarsay] to cut
measurement oneself
contorno de pecho bust/chest cortauñas m [korta-oon-yass]
measurement nail clippers
contra against corte de pelo m [kortay]
contradecir [kontradetheer] to haircut
contradict corte y confección [konfekth-
contraindicaciones fpl contra- yon] dressmaking
indications cortina f curtain
contraventanas fpl shutters corto short
control de pasaportes m cosa f thing
passport control coser [kosair] to sew
convalecencia f [konbalethenth- costa f coast

ya] convalescence costar to cost

¡coño! [kon-yo] fuck! costilla f [kostee-ya] rib
copa f glass costumbre f [kostoombray]
coquetear [koketay-ar] to flirt custom
corazón m [korathon] heart cráneo m [kranay-o] skull
corbata f tie, necktie crédito m credit; unit(s)
cordero m [kordairo] lamb creer [kray-air] to believe
cordones mpl [kordoness] crema f [krayma] cream
(shoe)laces crema base [basay]
correa del ventilador f [korray- foundation cream
a] fan belt crema de belleza [bay-yaytha]
correo m [korray-o] mail cold cream
correo aéreo [a-airay-o] airmail crema hidratante [eedratantay]
correo urgente [oorHentay] moisturizer
express crema limpiadora [leemp-
correos m post office yadora] cleansing cream
Correos y Telégrafos Post cremallera f [krema-yaira] zip,
Office zipper
correr [korrair] to run creyó [kray-yo] he believed
corrida de toros f bullfight crisis nerviosa f [nairb-yosa]

Spanish š English
nervous breakdown cuarto de baño [ban-yo]
cristal m [kreestal] crystal; glass bathroom
cristalería f glassware cuarto de estar sitting room
crítica f criticism cuarto piso fourth floor, (US)
criticar to criticize fifth floor
cruce m [kroothay] junction, cuatro [kwatro] four
intersection; crossing; cuatrocientos [kwatro-th-
crossroads yentoss] four hundred
cruce de ganado danger: cubierta f [koob-yairta] deck
cattle crossing cubierto (m) covered;
cruce de ciclistas danger: overcast; meal
cyclists crossing cubiertos mpl cutlery
crucero m [kroothairo] cruise cubo m bucket; cube
Cruz Roja f [krooth roHa] Red cubo de la basura dustbin,
Cross trashcan
cruzar [kroothar] to cross cucaracha f cockroach
CTNE f Spanish national cuchara f spoon
telephone company cucharilla f [koocharee-ya]
cuaderno m [kwadairno] teaspoon

notebook cuchilla de afeitar f [koochee-ya
cuadrado [kwadrado] square day afay-eetar] razor blade
cuadro m [kwadro] painting cuchillería f [koochee-yairee-a]
de cuadros checked cutlery
cual [kwal] which; who cuchillo m [koochee-yo] knife
¿cuándo? [kwando] when? cuelgue, espere y retire la
¿cuánto? [kwanto] how much? tarjeta hang up, wait and
en cuanto... as soon as... remove card
¡cuánto lo siento! [s-yento] I’m cuello m [kway-yo] neck; collar
so sorry! cuenco m [kwenko] bowl
¿cuántos? how many? cuenta f [kwenta] bill; account
cuarenta [kwarenta] forty cuentas corrientes current
cuartel de la guardia civil m accounts
civil guard barracks cuento m [kwento] tale
cuartilla f [kwartee-ya] writing cuerda f [kwairda] rope; string
paper cuero m [kwairo] leather
cuarto (m) [kwarto] quarter; cuerpo m [kwairpo] body
fourth; room cuesta (f) [kwesta] it costs;
cuarto de hora [ora] quarter slope
of an hour cueva f [kweba] cave

cuidado (m) [kweedado] take
Spanish š English
care; look out; care daños mpl [dan-yoss] damage
cuidado con ... caution ... dar to give
cuidado con el perro beware dar el visto bueno a [bwayno]
of the dog to approve
cuidado con el escalón mind dcha. (derecha) right
the step de of; from
cuidar to look after; to nurse de 2 metros de alto two
culebra f snake metres high
culpa f fault, blame; guilt debajo de [debaHo] under
es culpa mía it’s my fault deber (m) [debair] to have to;
culturismo m body building to owe; duty
cumplas: ¡que cumplas deberes mpl [debairess]
muchos más! many happy homework
returns! débil weak
cumpleaños m [koomplay-an- decepción f [dethepth-yon]
yoss] birthday disappointment
cuna f cot, (US) crib decepcionado [dethepth-yonado]
cuneta f [koonayta] gutter disappointed

cuñada f [koon-yada] sister- decidir [detheedeer] to decide

in-law décimo [detheemo] tenth
cuñado m brother-in-law decir [detheer] to say; to tell
cura m priest declaración f [deklarath-yon]
curado cured; smoked declaration; statement
curar to cure; to dress declarar to declare, to state
curarse [koorarsay] to heal up dedo m [daydo] finger
curva f bend; curve dedo del pie [p-yay] toe
curva peligrosa dangerous defectuoso [defekt-woso] faulty
bend degustación f [degoostath-yon]
cuyo [koo-yo] whose; of café specializing in coffee
which dejar [dayHar] to leave; to let
dejar de beber to stop
D drinking
delante de [delantay] in front
D. (Don) Mr of
damas fpl ladies’ toilet, ladies’ delantera f [delantaira] front
restroom (part)
danés Danish delantero front
danza f [dantha] dancing; la parte delantera [partay] the

Spanish š English
front (part) disappear
delgado thin desastre m [desastray] disaster
delicioso [deleeth-yoso] desayunar [desa-yoonar] to
delicious have breakfast
demás: los demás the others desayuno m [desa-yoono]
demasiado [demass-yado] too breakfast
demasiados too many descansar to rest
demora f delay descarado cheeky
dentadura postiza f [posteetha] descarrilar to be derailed
dentures descolgar el aparato lift
dentista m/f dentist receiver
dentro (de) inside descubierto [deskoob-yairto]
dentro de dos semanas in discovered
two weeks’ time descubrir to discover
depende [dependay] it depends descuelgue el auricular lift the
dependiente m/f [depend-yentay] receiver
shop assistant descuentos [deskwentoss]
deporte m [deportay] sport discounts
deportes de invierno mpl descuidado [deskweedado]

[eemb-yairno] winter sports careless
deportivo [deporteebo] sports desde (que) [desday] since
deportivos mpl trainers desde luego [lwaygo] of
depósito m tank; deposit course
deprimido depressed desear [desay-ar] to want; to
derecha f right wish
a la derecha (de) on the right ¿qué desea? [kay desay-a]
(of ) what can I do for you?
derecho: todo derecho desembarcadero m
straight ahead [desembarkadairo] quay
derribar to wreck, to desfile de modelos m
demolish [desfeelay] fashion show
desacuerdo m [desak-wairdo] desgracia: por desgracia
disagreement [desgrath-ya] unfortunately
desafortunadamente deshacer las maletas [dess-
[-amentay] unfortunately athair] to unpack
desagradable [-dablay] desinfectante m [-tantay]
unpleasant disinfectant
desagradar to displease desmaquillarse [desmakee-
desaparecer [desaparaythair] to yarsay] to remove one’s

Spanish š English
makeup desvestirse [desbesteersay] to
desmayarse [desmayarsay] to undress
faint desviación f [desb-yath-yon]
desnudo naked diversion
desobediente [desobayd-yentay] desvío m [desbee-o] detour,
disobedient diversion
desodorante m [-rantay] desvío provisional temporary
deodorant diversion
desordenado untidy detener [detenair] to arrest;
desorientarse [desor-yentarsay] to stop
to lose one’s way detergente en polvo m
despachador automático m [detairHentay] washing powder
ticket machine detergente lavavajillas
despacho de billetes m [bee- [lababaHee-yass] washing-up
yaytess] ticket office liquid
despacio [despath-yo] slowly detestar to detest
despedirse [despedeersay] to detrás (de) behind
say goodbye devolver [debolbair] to give
despegar to take off back; to vomit

despegue m [despay-gay] di I gave; tell me

take-off día m [dee-a] day
despejado [despayHado] clear día festivo public holiday
despertador m [despairtador] diamante m [d-yamantay]
alarm clock diamond
despertar to wake diapositiva f [d-yaposeeteeba]
despertarse [-tarsay] to wake slide
up diario (m) [d-yar-yo] diary;
despierto [desp-yairto] awake daily newspaper
desprendimiento de terreno diarrea f [d-yarray-a] diarrhoea
danger: landslides días azules [athooless] cheap
despreocupado [despray- travel days
okoopado] thoughtless días festivos public holidays
después [despwess] afterwards días laborables weekdays
después de after dibujar [deebooHar] to draw
destinatario m addressee dibujos animados mpl
destino m destination [deebooHoss] cartoons
destornillador m [destornee- diccionario m [deekth-yonar-yo]
yador] screwdriver dictionary
destruir [destr-weer] to destroy dice [deethay] he/she says;

Spanish š English
you say dirección única one-way
dicho said traffic
¿qué ha dicho? what did you dirección prohibida no entry
say?; what did he/she say? director m, directora f
diciembre m [deeth-yembray] manager; director;
December headteacher
diecinueve [d-yetheenwaybay] dirigir [deereeHeer] to direct;
nineteen to lead
dieciocho [d-yethee-ocho] disco m record
eighteen disco compacto compact disc
dieciséis [d-yetheesay-eess] disco obligatorio parking disk
sixteen must be displayed
diecisiete [d-yethees-yaytay] disconformidad f
seventeen disagreement
diente m [d-yentay] tooth discoteca f disco, discotheque
dieron [d-yairon] they gave; disculparse [deeskoolparsay] to
you gave apologize
dieta f [d-yayta] diet disculpe [deeskoolpay] excuse
diez [d-yeth] ten me

difícil [deefeetheel] difficult disculpen las molestias
diga tell me we apologize for any
dígame [deegamay] hello, yes inconvenience
digo I say discurso m speech
dije [deeHay] I said discusión f [deeskoos-yon]
dijeron [deeHairon] they said; discussion; argument
you said discutir to argue
dijiste [deeHeestay] you said diseñador de modas m [deesen-
dijo [deeHo] he/she said; you yador] fashion designer
say distancia f [deestanth-ya]
diminuto tiny distance
Dinamarca f Denmark distinto different
dinero m [deenairo] money distraído [deestra-eedo] absent-
dinero suelto [swelto] small minded
change distribuidor m [deestreebweedor]
Dios m [dee-oss] God distributor
¡Dios mío! [mee-o] my God! distrito postal m postcode,
dirección f [deerekth-yon] zip code
direction; address; steering; disuélvase en agua dissolve
management in water
Spanish š English
divertido entertaining; funny dos two
divertirse [deebairteersay] to doscientos [doss-thyentoss] two
have a good time hundred
divisas fpl foreign currency doy I give
divorciado [deeborth-yado] droga f drug
divorced droguería f [drogairee-a]
divorciarse [deeborth-yarsay] to drugstore; household
divorce cleaning materials
divorcio m [deeborth-yo] divorce ducha f shower
doble [doblay] double ducharse [doocharsay] to have
doce [dothay] twelve a shower
docena (de) f [dothayna] dozen dudar to doubt; to hesitate
dólar m dollar duele [dwaylay] it hurts
doler [dolair] to hurt dulce [doolthay] sweet; gentle
dolor m pain dunas fpl sand dunes
dolor de cabeza [kabaytha] durante [doorantay] during
headache duro (m) hard; tough guy;
dolor de garganta sore throat five peseta coin
dolor de muelas toothache

dolor de oídos [o-eedoss]

doloroso painful e and
domicilio m [domeetheel- ebanistería f [ebaneestairee-a]
yo] place of residence; cabinetmaker’s
commercial headquarters echar to throw
domingo m Sunday echo de menos a mi ... [dee
domingos y festivos Sundays maynoss] I miss my ...
and public holidays echar al buzón [boothon] to
¡dominguero! [domeengairo] post, to mail
learn to drive! echar el cerrojo [thairroHo] to
don Mr bolt
donaciones donations echar al correo [korray-o] to
donde [donday] where post, to mail
doña [don-ya] Miss; Mrs echarse la siesta [echarsay] to
dorado gold, golden have a nap
dormido asleep edad f age
dormir to sleep edificio m [edeefeeth-yo]
dormitorio m [dormeetor-yo] building
bedroom; dormitory edredón m quilt, eiderdown;

emisión f [emeess-yon]

Spanish š English
educado polite programme; emission;
EE.UU. (Estados Unidos) USA distribution date; issue
efectivo: en efectivo in cash emocionante [emoth-yonantay]
eje m [ayHay] axle exciting
eje del cigüeñal [theegwen-yal] empalme m [empalmay]
crankshaft junction
ejemplo m [eHemplo] example empaquetado m [empaketado]
por ejemplo for example packing
el the empaste m [empastay] filling
él he; him empeorar [empay-orar] to get
elástico elastic worse
electricidad f [elektreetheeda] empezar [empethar] to begin
electricity empinado steep
electricista m [elektreetheesta] empleada f [emplay-ada],
electrician empleado m shop assistant,
eléctrico electric employee
electrodomésticos mpl empujar [empooHar] to push
electrical appliances en in; at; on; by

elegir [elayHeer] to choose enagua de medio cuerpo f
ella [ay-ya] she; her [enagwa day mayd-yo kwairpo]
ellas they; them underskirt
ellos they; them enamorados: día de los
embajada f [embaHada] enamorados m St Valentine’s
embassy Day
embarazada [embarathada] encantado delighted
pregnant ¡encantado! pleased to meet
embarque m [embarkay] you!
embarcation encantador lovely
embotellado en ... bottled encantar to please
in ... encendedor m [enthendedor]
embotellamiento m [embotay- lighter
yam-yento] traffic jam encender [enthendair] to light;
embrague m [embragay] clutch to switch on
embudo m funnel encender luces de cruce
emergencia f [emairHenth-ya] switch headlights on
emergency encendido m [enthendeedo]
emergencias casualty; ignition
emergencies enchufe m [enchoofay] plug;

Spanish š English
socket understand
encienda las luces switch on entierro m [ent-yairro] funeral
your lights entonces [entonthess] then;
encierro [enth-yairro] bull- therefore
running in Pamplona, the entrada f entrance, way in;
bulls loose in the streets ticket
encima [entheema] above entrada por delante entry at
encima de on (top of ) the front
encontrar to find entrada libre admission free
encontrarse (con/a) [-trarsay] entrada gratis admission free
to meet entrar to go in
encuentro (m) [enkwentro] entre [entray] among; between
meeting, encounter; I find entre sin llamar enter without
enero m [enairo] January knocking
enfadado angry entreacto m [entray-akto]
enfadarse [-darsay] to get intermission
angry entretanto meanwhile
enfermedad f [enfairmeda] enviar [emb-yar] to send
disease envolver [embolbair] to wrap

enfermedad venérea up; to involve

[benairay-a] VD equipaje m [ekeepaHay]
enfermera f [enfairmaira] nurse luggage, baggage
enfermero m male nurse equipaje de mano hand
enfermo [enfairmo] ill baggage
enfrente de [enfrentay] opposite equipajes mpl left-luggage
enhorabuena: office, (US) baggage check
¡enhorabuena! [enorabwayna] equipo m [ekeepo] team
congratulations! equitación f [ekeetath-yon]
dar la enhorabuena a to horse riding
congratulate equivocado [ekeebokado]
enlace m [enlathay] wrong
connection; wedding equivocarse [ekeebokarsay] to
enlatados mpl canned food make a mistake
enorme [enormay] enormous equivocarse de número to dial
enseñar [ensen-yar] to teach the wrong number
entender [entendair] to era [aira] I/he/she/it was; you
understand were
entero [entairo] whole erais [aira-eess] you were
entiendo [ent-yendo] I éramos we were

esmalte de uñas m [esmaltay

Spanish š English
eran they were; you were
eras you were day oon-yass] nail polish
eres you are esmeralda f emerald
erupción f [airoopth-yon] rash; eso [ayso] that
eruption eso es that’s it, that’s right
es he is; you are ésos those ones
ésa [aysa] that one esos those
esa that espalda f back
ésas those ones espantoso dreadful;
esas those frightening
escala f intermediate stop; España f [espan-ya] Spain
scale; ladder español (m) [espan-yol]
escalera automática f Spanish; Spaniard
escalator española f Spaniard, Spanish
escaleras fpl stairs woman/girl
escalón lateral ramp; uneven especialista m/f specialist
road surface; no hard especialmente [espeth-
shoulder yalmentay] especially
escandaloso shocking espejo m [espayHo] mirror

Escandinavia f Scandinavia esperar [espairar] to wait; to
escarcha f frost hope
escayola f [eska-yola] plaster espere [espairay] please wait
cast ¡espéreme! [espairemay] wait
escocés [eskothayss] Scottish for me!
Escocia f [eskoth-ya] Scotland espere tono más agudo wait
escoger [eskoHair] to choose for higher pitched tone
esconder [eskondair] to hide espeso [espayso] thick
escribir to write esponja f [esponHa] sponge
escrito written esposa f wife
escuchar to listen; to listen to esposo m husband
escuela f [eskwayla] school espuma de afeitar f [afay-eetar]
escuela de párvulos shaving foam
kindergarten esquí m [eskee] ski; skiing
escurrir a mano to wring by esquí acuático [akwateeko]
hand waterski; waterskiing
ése [aysay] that one esquiar [eskee-ar] to ski
ese that esquina f [eskeena] corner
esencial [esenth-yal] essential esta this
esfuerzo m [esfwairtho] effort ésta this one

estación f [estath-yon] station;
Spanish š English
éstos these ones
season estoy I am
estación de autobuses estrecho narrow; tight
[owtoboosess] bus station Estrecho de Gibraltar m
estación de servicio [sairbeeth- [Heebraltar] Strait of Gibraltar
yo] service station estrella f [estray-ya] star
estación de trenes train estrellarse contra [estray-yarsay]
station to run into
estación principal central estreno m [estrayno] new film
station release
estacionamiento vigilado estreñido [estren-yeedo]
supervised parking constipated
estacionamiento limitado estreñimiento m [estren-yeem-
restricted parking yento] constipation
estacionarse [estath-yonarsay] estropear [estropay-ar] to
to park damage
estadio de fútbol m [estad-yo] estudiante m/f [estood-yantay]
football stadium student
Estados Unidos mpl United estudiar [estood-yar] to study

States estupendo wonderful, great

estampado (m) pattern; estúpido stupid
printed etiqueta f [eteekayta] label
estanco m tobacconist’s ... de etiqueta formal ...
estanque m [estankay] pond europeo [ay-ooropay-o]
estaño m [estan-yo] tin; pewter European
estar to be evidente [ebeedentay] obvious
estárter m [estartair] choke exactamente [-mentay] exactly
estas these ¡exacto! exactly!
éstas these ones excelente [esthelentay]
estatua f [estatwa] statue excellent
este m [estay] east excepto ... except ...
este this excepto domingos y festivos
éste this one except Sundays and holidays
esterilizado [estaireeleethado] excepto sábados except
sterilized Saturdays
esto this exceso de equipaje m [esthayso
estómago m stomach day ekeepaHay] excess baggage
estornudar to sneeze exceso de velocidad
estos these [belotheeda] speeding

excursión f [eskoors-yon] trip falda f skirt; hillside

Spanish š English
expedir [espedeer] to dispatch falda pantalón culottes
explicación f [espleekath-yon] falso false
explanation falta f lack; mistake; defect;
explicar explain fault
explorar to explore no hace falta que ... [athay]
exportación f [esportath-yon] it’s not necessary to ...
export falta de visibilidad poor
exposición f [esposeeth-yon] visibility
exhibition familia f [fameel-ya] family
exprés m slow night train famoso famous
stopping at all stations farmacia f [farmath-ya]
expreso m fast train; special chemist’s, pharmacy
delivery farmacia de guardia [gward-ya]
exterior (m) [estairee-or] emergency chemist’s/
exterior, outer; foreign; pharmacy, duty chemist
overseas faro m light; headlight;
extintor (de incendios) lighthouse
m [eenthend-yoss] fire faro antiniebla [anteen-yebla]

extinguisher fog lamp
extra 4-star, (US) premium favor: a favor de [fabor] in
extranjera f [estranHaira] favour of
foreigner por favor please; please do;
extranjero (m) [estranHairo] excuse me
foreign; abroad; overseas; febrero m [febrairo] February
foreigner fecha f date
en el extranjero abroad fecha de caducidad
extraño [estran-yo] strange [kadootheeda] expiry date
fecha de caducación
F [kadookath-yon] expiry date
fecha de nacimiento [natheem-
fábrica f factory yento] date of birth
fabricado por ... made by ... fecha límite de venta sell-by
fácil [fatheel] easy date
factura f bill; invoice ¡felices Pascuas y próspero
facturación f [faktoorath-yon] Año Nuevo! [feleethess
check-in paskwass ee prospairo an-yo
facturar el equipaje [ekeepaHay] nwaybo] merry Christmas
to check in and a happy New Year!
felicidad f [feleetheeda]
Spanish š English
happiness fingir [feenHeer] to pretend
¡felicidades! [feleetheedadess] fino fine; delicate
happy birthday!; firma f signature; company
congratulations! firmar to sign
felicitar [feleetheetar] to firme deslizante slippery
congratulate surface
feliz [feleeth] happy firme en mal estado bad
¡feliz cumpleaños! [koomplay- surface
an-yoss] happy birthday! flaco skinny
feo [fay-o] ugly flequillo m [flekee-yo] fringe
feria de ... ... fair flor f flower
ferias fpl [fair-yass] fair floristería f florist
ferretería f [fairraytairee-a] flotador m rubber ring
hardware store flotadores mpl [flotadoress]
ferrobús m local short- lifebelts
distance train folleto m [fo-yayto] leaflet
ferrocarril m railway, railroad fonda f (simple) restaurant;
festividad f celebration boarding house

festivos bank holidays, public fondo m bottom; background

holidays en el fondo (de) at the
fibras naturales [natooraless] bottom (of )
natural fibres fontanero m [fontanairo]
fiebre f [f-yebray] fever plumber
fiebre del heno [ayno] hay footing m jogging
fever forma f form
fiesta f public holiday; party en forma fit
fiesta de ... feast of ... foto f photograph
fiesta nacional [nath-yonal] hacer fotos to take
bullfighting photographs
fila f row fotografía f photograph;
filtro m filter photography
fin m [feen] end; purpose fotografiar [fotograf-yar] to
a fin de que [day kay] so that photograph
fin de semana weekend fotógrafo m photographer
fin de serie [sair-yay] fotómetro m light meter
discontinued articles francamente [-mentay] frankly
final m [feenal] end francés [franthayss] French
final de autopista end of Francia f [franth-ya] France

franqueo m [frankay-o] postage

Spanish š English
fregadero m sink fueras [fwairass] you were;
fregar: fregar los platos to do you went
the washing up fueron [fwairon] they were;
freír [fray-eer] to fry they went; you were; you
frenar [frenar] to brake went
freno m [frayno] brake fuerte [fwairtay] strong; loud
freno de mano handbrake fuerza f [fwairtha] force;
frente f [frentay] forehead strength
fresco fresh fui [fwee] I was; I went
frigorífico m fridge fuimos [fweemoss] we were;
frío [free-o] cold we went
hace frío [athay] it’s cold fuiste [fweestay] you were;
frontera f [frontaira] border you went
frutería f fruit shop/store; fuisteis [fweestay-eess] you
greengrocer were; you went
fue [fway] he/she/it went; fumadores smoking
he/she/it was; you went; fumar to smoke
you were funcionar [foonkth-yonar] to

fuego m [fwaygo] fire work
¿tiene fuego? have you got a funcionario m [foonkth-yonar-yo]
light? civil servant
fuegos artificiales [arteefeeth- funeraria f undertaker’s
yaless] fireworks furgón m van
fuente f [fwentay] fountain; furgoneta f van
source; font furioso [foor-yoso] furious
fuera [fwaira] outside; he/she/ furúnculo m abscess; boil
it was; he/she/it went; you fusible m [fooseeblay] fuse
were; you went fútbol m football
fuera de servicio out of order futuro (m) [footooro] future
fuera de apart from
fuera de horas punta off-peak G
fuerais [fwaira-eess] you were; gabardina f raincoat
you went gafas fpl glasses, eyeglasses
fuéramos [fwairamoss] we gafas de sol sunglasses
were; we went gafas de bucear [boothay-ar]
fueran [fwairan] they were; goggles
they went; you were; you galería f [galairee-a] gallery

galería de arte [day artay] art ginecólogo m [Heenekologo]
Spanish š English
gallery gynaecologist
galerías fpl store girar [Heerar] to turn
Gales m [galess] Wales giro [Heero] money order;
galés Welsh turn
gallego [ga-yay-go] Galician gitano m [Heetano] gypsy
ganar to win; to earn glorieta f [glor-yayta]
ganga f bargain roundabout
ganso m goose gobierno m [gob-yairno]
garaje m [garaHay] garage government
garantía f guarantee gol m goal
garganta f throat Golfo de Vizcaya m [beethka-ya]
gas-oil m diesel Bay of Biscay
gasóleo m [gasolay-o] diesel golpe m [golpay] blow
gasolina f petrol, fuel de golpe all of a sudden
gasolina normal two-star golpear [golpay-ar] to hit
petrol, (US) regular (gas) goma f rubber; glue
gasolina super four-star goma elástica rubber band
petrol, (US) premium (gas) gordo fat

gasolinera f [gasoleenaira] gorra f cap

petrol/gas station, filling gorro m bonnet, cap
station gorro de baño [ban-yo] bathing
gastar to spend cap
gato m cat; jack gorro de ducha shower cap
gemelos mpl [Haymayloss] gota f drop
twins; cufflinks gotera f [gotaira] leak
generalmente [Henairalmentay] gracias [grath-yass] thank you
generally; usually gracias, igualmente
¡genial! [Hayn-yal] great!, [eegwalmentay] thank you, the
fantastic! same to you
genio: tener mal genio gracioso [grath-yoso] funny
[Hayn-yo] to be bad-tempered grados mpl degrees
gente f [Hentay] people gramática f grammar
gerente m [Hairentay] manager gramo m gramme
¡gilipollas! [Heeleepo-yass] Gran Bretaña f [bretan-ya]
stupid idiot! Great Britain
gimnasia f [Heemnas-ya] grande [granday] big, large
gymnastics grandes rebajas [rebaHass]
gimnasio m gymnasium sales
grandes almacenes mpl

Spanish š English
guárdese en sitio fresco keep
[almathayness] large in a cool place
department store guardia civil m/f [gward-ya
granizo m [graneetho] hail theebeel] police; policeman/
granja f [granHa] farm policewoman
granjero m [granHairo] farmer guateque m [gwatay-kay] party
grano m spot guerra f [gairra] war
grasa f fat guerra civil civil war
grasiento [grass-yento] greasy guía m/f [gee-a] guide
graso greasy guía telefónica f phone book,
gratificación f [grateefeekath- telephone directory
yon] reward; tip guía turística tourist guide
gratis free guisar [geesar] to cook
grave [grabay] serious guitarra f [geetarra] guitar
gravilla f [grabee-ya] loose gustar to please
chippings me gusta ... I like ...
Grecia f [greth-ya] Greece gusto: mucho gusto pleased
grifo m tap, (US) faucet to meet you!
gripe f [greepay] flu con mucho gusto certainly,

gris grey with great pleasure
gritar to shout el gusto es mío how do you
grosero [grosairo] rude do, it is a pleasure
grúa f [groo-a] tow truck,
breakdown lorry; crane H
grueso [grwayso] thick
grupo m group h is not pronounced in Spanish
grupo sanguíneo [sangeenay-o]
blood group ha he/she/it has; you have
guante m [gwantay] glove habéis [abay-eess] you have
guapo [gwapo] handsome habilidoso skilful
guardacostas m/f habitación f [abeetath-yon]
[gwardakostass] coastguard room
guardar [gwardar] to keep; to habitación doble [doblay]
put away double room
guardarropa m [gwardarropa] habitación individual
cloakroom, (US) checkroom [eendeebeedwal] single room
guardería (infantíl) f [gwardairee- habitación con dos camas
a (infanteel)] crèche; nursery twin room
school habitar to live

h is not pronounced in Spanish
Spanish š English
han [an] they have; you have
hablador talkative haré [aray] I will do
hablar to speak harto: estar harto (de) [arto] to
hable aquí speak here be fed up (with)
habrá there will be; he/she/it has [ass] you have
will have; you will have hasta [asta] even; until
habrán they will have; you hasta que [kay] until
will have ¡hasta la vista! see you!
habrás you will have ¡hasta luego! [lwaygo]
habré [abray] I will have cheerio!; see you later!
habréis [abray-eess] you will ¡hasta mañana! [man-yana] see
have you tomorrow!
habremos we will have ¡hasta pronto! see you soon!
habría [abree-a] I would have; hay [ ī ] there is; there are
he/she/it would have; you hay ... we sell ...
would have haya [ī-a] I have; he/she/it
habríais [abree-a-eess] you has; you have
would have haz [ath] do; make
habríamos [abree-amoss] we

he [ay] I have
would have hecho m [ay-cho] fact
habrían [abree-an] they hecho made; done
would have; you would hecho a la medida made-to-
have measure
habrías [abree-ass] you would helada f frost
have heladería f [eladairee-a] ice-
hace [athay]: hace ... días ... cream parlour
days ago helado f [elado] ice-cream
hace calor it is hot helar to freeze
hacer [athair] to make; to do hembra female
hacerse [athairsay] to hemos we have
become herida f [aireeda] wound
hacia [ath-ya] towards herido injured
hago I do; I make hermana f [airmano] sister
hambre: tengo hambre hermano m brother
[ambray] I’m hungry hermoso [airmoso] beautiful
hamburguesería f herramientas fpl [airram-yentass]
[amboorgaysairee-a] restaurant tools
selling hamburgers, hot hervir [airbeer] to boil

horario m [orar-yo] timetable,

Spanish š English
hice [eethay] I made; I did
hidratante: crema hidratante f (US) schedule
[eedratantay] moisturizer horario de autobuses
hidropedales mpl [owtoboosess] bus timetable/
[eedropedaless] pedalos schedule
hielo m [yaylo] ice horario de invierno [eemb-
hierba f [yairba] grass yairno] winter timetable/
hierro m [yairro] iron schedule
hija f [eeHa] daughter horario de recogidas
hijo m son [rekoHeedass] collection
hilo m thread times
hipermercado [eepairmairkado] horario de trenes train
hypermarket timetable/schedule
hipo m hiccups horario de verano summer
hipódromo m horse-racing timetable/schedule
track horas de consulta surgery
historia f [eestor-ya] history; hours, (US) office hours (of
story doctor)
hizo [eetho] he/she made; he/ horas de oficina [ofeetheena]
opening hours

she did; you made; you did
hogar m home; household horas de visita visiting hours
goods horas punta rush hour
hoja f [oHa] leaf; sheet of hormiga f ant
paper horno m oven
hoja de afeitar [day afay-eetar] horquilla f [orkee-ya] hairpin
razor blade hospedarse [ospedarsay] to
¡hola! hello!, hi! stay
hombre m [ombray] man hostal m [ostal] restaurant
¡hombre! hey there!; you specializing in regional
bet; oh come on! dishes; boarding house
hombre de negocios [negoth- hostal-residencia m
yoss] businessman [reseedenth-ya] long-stay
hombro m shoulder boarding house
hondo deep hostería f [ostairee-a]
honrado honest restaurant specializing in
hora f [ora] hour regional dishes
¿qué hora es? what time is hotel-residencia m residential
it? hotel
hora local local time hoy [oy] today

h is not pronounced in Spanish
Spanish š English
impaciente [eempath-yentay]
HR (hostal-residencia) m imperdible m [eempairdeeblay]
boarding house where no safety pin
meals are served, often impermeable (m)
lower-priced, residential [eempairmay-ablay] waterproof;
hotel raincoat
hube [oobay] I had importación f [eemportath-yon]
hubieron [oob-yairon] they had; imported goods
you had importante [eemportantay]
hubimos [oobeemoss] we had important
hubiste [oobeestay] you had importar: no importa it doesn’t
hubisteis [oobeestay-eess] you matter
had ¿le importa si ...? do you
hubo [oobo] he/she/it had; mind if ...?
you had; there was/were importe m [eemportay]
huelga f [welga] strike amount
hueso m [wayso] bone importe del billete [bee-yaytay]
huésped m/f [wesped] guest fare
huevo m [waybo] egg

importe total total due

humedad m humidity, imposible [eemposeeblay]
dampness impossible
húmedo damp impreso m [eemprayso] form
humo m smoke impuesto m [eempwesto] tax
humor m humour incendiar [eenthend-yar] to set
hundirse [oondeersay] to sink fire to
hurto m theft incendio m [eenthend-yo] fire
I incluido [eenkl-weedo] included
incluso even
idéntico (a/que) identical (to) increíble [eenkray-eeblay]
idioma m [eed-yoma] language incredible
idiota m/f [eed-yota] idiot indemnizar [eendemneethar] to
iglesia f [eeglays-ya] church compensate
igual [eegwal] equal; like independiente [eendepend-
me da igual it’s all the same yentay] independent
to me indicaciones fpl instructions
imbécil (m) [eembaytheel] for use
nutter; stupid indicador m indicator

iniciales fpl [eeneeth-yaless]

Spanish š English
indicador de nivel gauge
indicar to indicate initials
indicativos provinciales area inmediatamente [eenmed-
codes yatamentay] immediately
indicativos de paises country inocente [eenothentay] innocent
codes insertar monedas insert
indignado indignant coins
indispuesto [eendeespwesto] inserte moneda insert coin
unwell insistir to insist
infantil children’s insolación f [eensolath-yon]
infarto m heart attack sunstroke
infectarse [eenfektarsay] to instituto de belleza m [bay-
become infected yaytha] beauty salon
inflamado swollen instrucciones de lavado mpl
inflamarse [eenflamarsay] to washing instructions
swell inteligente [eenteleeHentay]
influenciar [eenflwenth-yar] to intelligent
influence intentar to try
información f [eenformath-yon] interés m [eentairayss]

information interest
información de vuelos interesante [eentairesantay]
[bwayloss] flight interesting
information interior (m) [eentairee-or]
información turística tourist interior, inner; domestic,
information home
información y turismo tourist intermedio (m) [eentairmayd-yo]
information office intermediate; intermission,
informar to inform interval
informarse (de/sobre) [- intermitente m [eentairmeetentay]
marsay (day/sobray)] to get indicator
information (on/about) interruptor m switch
infracción f [eenfrakth-yon] interurbana long-distance
offence intoxicación alimenticia f
Inglaterra f [eenglatairra] [eentokseekath-yon
England aleementeeth-ya] food
inglés (m) [een-glayss] English; poisoning
Englishman introduzca moneda insert
inglesa f Englishwoman coin
ingresos mpl deposits; income introduzca el dinero exacto

jarabe m [Harabay] syrup
Spanish š English
insert exact amount
introduzca la tarjeta y marque jardín m [Hardeen] garden
insert card and dial jardines públicos [Hardeeness]
inútil useless, pointless park, public gardens
invierno m [eemb-yairno] jarra f [Harra] jug
winter jarrón m [Harron] vase
invitada f, invitado m guest jefe m [Hayfay] boss
invitar to invite jefe de tren guard
inyección f [eenyekth-yon] jersey m [Hairsay-ee] jumper
injection jersey de cuello alto [kway-yo]
ir to go polo neck jumper
ir de paseo [pasay-o] to go for ¡Jesús! [Haysooss] bless you!
a walk ¡joder! [Hodair] hell!
Irlanda f [eerlanda] Ireland joven (m/f) [Hoben] young;
Irlanda del Norte [nortay] young man; young woman
Northern Ireland joyas fpl [Hoyass] jewellery
irlandés (m) [eerlandayss] Irish; joyería f [Hoyairee-a] jewellery;
Irishman jeweller’s
irlandesa f Irishwoman judío [Hoodee-o] Jewish

irse [eersay] to go away juego (m) [Hwaygo] game; I

isla f island play
Islas Canarias fpl [kanar-yass] jueves m [waybess] Thursday
Canary Islands jugar [Hoogar] to play
itinerario m [eeteenairar-yo] juguete m [Hoogaytay] toy
itinerary juguetería f [Hoogaytairee-a] toy
IVA (impuesto sobre el valor shop
añadido) [eeba] VAT juicio m [Hweeth-yo]
izq. (izquierda) left judgement; opinion;
izquierda f [eethk-yairda] left reason
a la izquierda (de) on the left julio m [Hool-yo] July
(of ) junio m [Hoon-yo] June
junto (a) [Hoonto] next (to)
J juntos together
justo [Hoosto] just
jabón m [Habon] soap
jabón de afeitar [afay-eetar] K
shaving soap
jamonería f [Hamonairee-a] kiosko de periódicos m
hams (shop) [k-yosko day pairee-odeekoss]

newsagent’s, newsstand lavadora f [labadora] washing

Spanish š English
kiosko de prensa newsagent’s, machine
newsstand lavandería f [labandairee-a]
L lavandería automática
[owtomateeka] launderette,
la the; her; it laundromat
labio m [lab-yo] lip lavaplatos m [labaplatoss]
laborables [laborabless] dishwasher
weekdays, working days lavar [labar] to wash
laca f hair spray lavar a mano wash by hand
lado m side lavar en seco dry clean
al lado de beside, next to lavar la ropa to do the
ladrillo m [ladree-yo] brick washing
ladrón m thief lavarse [labarsay] to wash
lagartija f [lagarteeHa] lizard lavar separadamente wash
lago m lake separately
lámpara f lamp laxante m [laksantay] laxative
lana f wool le [lay] him; her; you
lana pura pure wool lección f [lekth-yon] lesson

lanas al peso wool sold by leche f [lechay] milk
weight leche limpiadora f [leemp-
lápiz m [lapeeth] pencil yadora] skin cleanser
lápiz de ojos [oHoss] eyeliner lechería f [lechairee-a] dairy
largo (m) length; long shop; dairy produce
a lo largo de along leer [lay-air] to read
largura f length lejía f [leHee-a] bleach
las the; them; you lejos [layHoss] far away
las que ... the ones that ... lejos de far from
lástima: es una lástima it’s lencería f [lenthairee-a] drapery
a pity lentillas fpl [lentee-yass] contact
lastimarse la espalda lenses
[lasteemarsay] to hurt one’s lentillas blandas soft lenses
back lentillas duras hard lenses
lata f can; nuisance lentillas porosas gas
latón m brass permeable lenses
lavabo m [lababo] washbasin lento slow
lavabos toilets, rest room leotardos mpl [lay-otardoss]
lavado m [labado] washing tights, pantyhose

Spanish š English
les them; you limpieza en seco dry-cleaning
letra f letter; banker’s draft limpio [leemp-yo] clean
levantar [lebantar] to raise, línea f [leenay-a] line
to lift linterna f [leentairna] torch
levantarse [lebantarsay] to get lío m [lee-o] mess
up liquidación f [leekeedath-yon]
ley f [lay-ee] law sale
libra f pound liquidación total clearance sale
libre [leebray] free; vacant liso flat; plain; straight
libre de impuestos duty-free lista f list
librería f [leebrairee-a] lista de correos [korray-oss]
bookshop, bookstore poste restante, (US) general
libreta de ahorros f [leebrayta delivery
day a-orross] savings account lista de espera [espaira]
book standby
libreta de direcciones listo clever; ready
[deerekth-yoness] address book litera f [leetaira] couchette
libro m book litro m litre
libro de frases phrase book llamada f [yamada] call

libros de bolsillo [bolsee-yo] llamada a cobro revertido

paperbacks [rebairteedo] reverse charge
líder m [leedair] leader call
ligero [leeHairo] light llamar [yamar] to call; to name
lima de uñas f [oon-yass] llamar por teléfono [telayfono]
nailfile to call, to phone
límite f [leemeetay] limit llamarse [yamarsay] to be
límite de altura maximum called
height llame a la puerta please knock
límite de peso [payso] weight llame al timbre please ring
limit llame antes de entrar knock
límite de velocidad [day before entering
belotheedad] speed limit llamo: me llamo ... [may yamo]
limpiaparabrisas m [leemp- my name is ...
yaparabreesass] windscreen llave f [yabay] key; spanner
wiper llave inglesa [eenglaysa]
limpiar [leemp-yar] to clean spanner
limpieza f [leemp-yaytha] llegada f [yaygada] arrival
cleanliness; cleaning llegadas internacionales
limpieza de coches car wash international arrivals
Spanish š English
llegadas nacionales domestic los que ... the ones that ...
arrivals loza f [lotha] crockery
llegar [yegar] to arrive; to luces de posición fpl
get to [loothess day poseeth-yon]
llegué [yegay] I arrived sidelights
llenar [yenar] to fill luces traseras [trasairass] rear
llenar el depósito to fill up lights
lleno [yayno] full luego [lwaygo] then
llevar [yebar] to carry; to take; luego que after
to bring; to give a lift to lugar m place
llevar a juicio [Hweeth-yo] to en lugar de instead of
prosecute lugar de veraneo [bairanay-o]
llevarse [yebarsay] to take summer resort
away lugares de interés places of
llorar [yorar] to cry interest
llover [yobair] to rain lujo m [looHo] luxury
lloviendo: está lloviendo [yob- lujoso luxurious
yendo] it’s raining luna f moon
llovizna f [yobeethna] drizzle lunes m [looness] Monday

llueve [y-way-bay] it is raining luz f [looth] light
lluvia f [yoob-ya] rain luz de carretera main beam
lo it; the luz de cruce [kroothay] dipped
localidad f place headlights
localidades tickets
loción antimosquitos f [loth- M
yon anteemoskeetoss] insect
repellent machista m male chauvinist,
loción bronceadora [bronthay- sexist
adora] suntan lotion madera f [madaira] wood
loción para después del madre f [madray] mother
afeitado [despwess del afay- madrileño [madreelayn-yo] from
eetado] after-shave Madrid, Madrid
loco (m) mad; madman madrugada f small hours
locomotora f engine maduro ripe
locutorio telefónico m maestra f [ma-estra], maestro
telephone booth m primary school teacher
Londres [londress] London mal (m) badly; unwell, ill,
longitud f [lonHeetoo] length sick; evil
los the ¡maldita sea! [say-a] damn!

mañana (f) [man-yana]
Spanish š English
maleducado rude
malentendido m morning; tomorrow
misunderstanding por la mañana in the
maleta f suitcase morning
hacer las maletas to pack ¡hasta mañana! see you
maletero m [maletairo] boot, tomorrow!
(US) trunk mañana por la mañana
mal genio m [Hayn-yo] bad tomorrow morning
temper mañana por la tarde [tarday]
mal humor m bad mood; bad tomorrow afternoon;
temper; anger tomorrow evening
Mallorca [ma-yorka] Majorca mapa m map
malo bad mapa de carreteras road map
mamá f mum mapa de recorrido network
manantial m [manant-yal] spring map
mancha f stain maquillaje m [makee-yaHay]
mandar to send; to order make-up
mandíbula f jaw maquillarse [makee-yarsay] to
manera: de esta manera put one’s makeup on

[manaira] in this way máquina de afeitar eléctrica f

de manera que so (that) [makeena day afay-eetar] electric
mano f hand shaver
manoplas fpl mittens máquina de escribir
manta f blanket typewriter
mantel m tablecloth máquina de fotos camera
mantelerías fpl [mantelairee-ass] máquina tragaperras [makeena]
table linen slot machine
mantenga limpia España keep maquinaria f [makeenar-ya]
Spain tidy machinery
mantenga limpia la ciudad maquinilla de afeitar f
keep our city tidy [makeenee-ya] razor
manténgase en sitio fresco mar m sea
store in a cool place la mar de ... lots of ...;
manténgase alejado de los very ...
niños keep out of the reach maravilloso [marabee-yoso]
of children marvellous
manual de conversación m marca registrada f [reHeestrada]
[manwal day konbairsath-yon] registered trade mark
phrasebook marcar to dial

Spanish š English
marcar el número dial the number of people
number mayo m [ma-yo] May
marcha f gear mayor [mayor] adult; bigger;
marcha atrás reverse gear older; biggest; oldest
marcharse [marcharsay] to go la mayor parte (de) [partay]
away most (of )
marea f [maray-a] tide mayor de edad of age, adult
mareado [maray-ado] sick; mayoría: la mayoría [mayoree-
merry, drunk a] most
mares: a mares loads me me; myself
marica m poofter me duele aquí [dwaylay] I
marido m husband have a pain here
mariposa f butterfly; fairy, mecánico m mechanic
pansy mechas fpl highlights
marisquería f [mareeskairee-a] media docena (de) f [dothayna]
shellfish restaurant half a dozen
marque ... dial ... media hora f half an hour
marrón brown media pensión f [pens-yon] half
marroquinería f [marrokeen- board, (US) European plan

airee-a] fancy leather goods mediano [mayd-yano] medium;
Marruecos m [marrway-koss] average
Morocco medianoche f [mayd-yanochay]
martes m [martess] Tuesday midnight
martes de carnaval Shrove medias fpl [mayd-yass]
Tuesday stockings
martillo m [martee-yo] hammer ir/pagar a medias to go
marzo m [martho] March Dutch
más more medias panty tights,
más de more than pantyhose
más pequeño smaller medicina f [medeetheena]
el más caro the most medicine
expensive médico m [maydeeko] doctor
ya no más no more médico general [Hay-nairal] GP
más o menos [maynoss] more medida: a medida que as
or less medida del cuello f [kway-yo]
matar to kill collar size
matrícula f number plate; medio m [mayd-yo] middle
registration; registration fees por medio de by (means of )
máximo personas maximum medio: de tamaño medio

mesón m inn
Spanish š English
medio billete m [bee-yaytay] meta [mayta] goal
half(-price ticket) metro m metre; underground,
medio litro half a litre (US) subway
mediodía m [mayd-yodee-a] mezquita f [methkeeta] mosque
midday mí me
medir to measure mi my
medusa f jellyfish mía [mee-a] mine
mejor [mayHor] best; better microbús m minibus
mejorar [mayHorar] to improve miedo m [m-yaydo] fear
mejoría f [mayHoree-a] recovery tengo miedo (de/a) I’m afraid
mencionar [menth-yonar] to (of )
mention mientras [m-yentrass] while
menor [menor] smaller; mientras que whereas
younger; smallest; youngest mientras tanto meanwhile
menor de edad minor miércoles m [m-yairkoless]
menos [maynoss] less; fewest; Wednesday
least miércoles de ceniza [theneetha]
a menos que unless Ash Wednesday

menudo tiny, minute ¡mierda! [m-yairda] shit!

a menudo often mil [meel] thousand
menú turístico m set menu militar m serviceman
mercadillo m [mairkadee-yo] millón m [mee-yon] million
street market minifalda f mini-skirt
mercado m market ministerio de ... ministry
mercado cubierto [koob-yairto] of ...
indoor market minúsculo tiny
mercado de divisas exchange minusválido (m) disabled;
rates disabled person
mercería f [mairthairee-a] minuto m minute
haberdashery mío [mee-o] mine
merendar to have an miope [m-yopay] short-sighted
afternoon snack mirador m scenic view,
merendero m [mairendairo] vantage point
open-air café mirar to look (at)
merienda f [mair-yenda] tea, mis my
afternoon snack misa f mass
mes m month mismo same
mesa f table mitad f half

montañismo m [montan-yeesmo]

Spanish š English
mitad de precio [prayth-yo] half
price climbing
mobilette f [mobeelettay] moped montar to get in; to ride; to
mochila f rucksack assemble
moda f fashion montar a caballo [kaba-yo] to
de moda fashionable go horse-riding
moda jóvenes [Hobayness] montar en bici [beethee] to
young fashions cycle
moda juvenil [Hoobayneel] moquetas fpl [mokaytass]
young fashions carpets
modas caballeros [kaba-yaiross] morado purple
men’s fashions mordedura f bite
modas niños/niñas [neen-yoss] moreno [morayno] dark-haired
children’s fashions morir to die
modas pre-mamá maternity moros mpl Moors
fashions morriña: tengo morriña
modas señora ladies’ [morreen-ya] I’m homesick
fashions mosca f fly
modelo m model; design; mostrador m counter

style mostrador (de equipajes) [day
moderno [modairno] modern ekeepaHess] check-in
modista f dressmaker; fashion mostrar to show
designer moto f motorbike
modisto m fashion designer motora f motorboat
modo: de modo que so mover [mobair] to move
(that) mozo m [motho] porter
modo de empleo instructions muchacha f girl
for use muchacho m boy
mojado [moHado] wet muchas gracias [grath-yass]
moldeado con secador de thank you very much
mano [molday-ado] blow-dry muchísimas gracias thank
molestar to disturb; to bother you very much indeed
molesto annoying muchísimo enormously, a
monedas fpl coins great deal
monedero m [monedairo] purse mucho much; a lot; a lot of
montacargas m service lift, mucho más a lot more
service elevator mucho menos [maynoss] a lot
montaña f [montan-ya] less
mountain muchos/muchas a lot; a lot

Spanish š English
of; many nada nothing
muebles mpl [mwaybless] de nada you’re welcome,
furniture don’t mention it
muela f [mwayla] back tooth nada que declarar nothing to
muela del juicio [Hweeth-yo] declare
wisdom tooth nadar to swim
muelle m [mway-yay] spring; nadie [nad-yay] nobody
quay naranja f [naranHa] orange
muerte f [mwairtay] death nariz f [nareeth] nose
muerto [mwairto] dead natación f [natath-yon]
mujer f [mooHair] woman; wife swimming
muletas fpl crutches naturaleza f [natooralaytha]
multa f fine; parking ticket nature
multa por uso indebido naturalmente [-mentay]
penalty for misuse naturally; of course
mundo m world náusea: siento náuseas
muñeca f [moon-yeka] wrist; [s-yento nowsay-ass] I feel sick
doll navaja f [nabaHa] penknife
muro m wall Navidad f Christmas

músculo m muscle ¡feliz Navidad! [feleeth] merry

museo m [moosay-o] museum Christmas!
museo de arte [artay] art neblina f mist
gallery necesario [nethesar-yo]
música f music necessary
muslo m thigh necesitar: necesito ...
musulmán Muslim [netheseeto] I need ...
muy [mwee] very negar to deny
muy bien [b-yen] very well negativo (m) negative
negocio m [negoth-yo] business
N negro (m) black; furious
nena f [nayna] baby girl; little
N (carretera nacional) national girl
highway nene m [naynay] baby boy;
nacido [natheedo] born little boy
nacimiento m [natheem-yento] nervioso [nairb-yoso] nervous
birth neumático m [nay-oomateeko]
nacional [nath-yonal] domestic tyre
nacionalidad f [nath-yonaleeda] neumáticos - se reparan, se
nationality arreglan tyres repaired

Spanish š English
neurótico [nay-ooroteeko] you are welcome
neurotic no hay localidades sold out
nevar to snow no molestar do not disturb
ni neither, nor no para en ... does not stop
ni ... ni ... neither ... nor ... in ...
niebla f [n-yebla] fog no ... pero sí not ... but
nieta f [n-yayta] grand- no pisar el césped keep off
daughter the grass
nieto m grandson no recomendada para
nieva [n-yayba] it is snowing menores de 18 años not
nieve f [n-yaybay] snow recommended for those
ningún [neengoon] nobody; under 18 years of age
none; not one; no ... no se admiten caravanas no
en ningún sitio [seet-yo] caravans allowed
nowhere no se admiten devoluciones
ninguno nobody; none; not no refunds given
one; no ... no se admiten perros no dogs
niña f [neen-ya] child allowed
niñera f [neen-yaira] nanny no tocar please do not touch

niño m [neen-yo] child no utilizar lejía do not bleach
nivel del aceite m [athay-eetay] noche f [nochay] night
oil level esta noche tonight
no no; not por la noche at night
no admite plancha do not nochebuena f [nochay-bwayna]
iron Christmas Eve
no aparcar no parking nochevieja f [nochay-b-yayHa]
no aparcar, llamamos grúa New Year’s Eve
illegally parked vehicles will nombre m [nombray] name
be towed away nombre de soltera [soltaira]
no contiene alcohol does not maiden name
contain alcohol nombre de pila first name
no entrada por detrás no nordeste m [nordestay] north-
entry at the rear east
no exceda la dosis indicada normal (m) [normal] normal;
do not exceed the stated lower grade petrol, (US)
dose regular
no fumadores no smoking normalmente [-mentay] usually
no funciona out of order noroeste m [noro-estay] north-
no hay de qué [no ī day kay] west
norte m [nortay] north
Spanish š English
al norte de la ciudad north of
the town
Noruega f [norwayga] Norway o or
nos us; ourselves o ... o ... either ... or ...
nosotras, nosotros we; us objeción f [ob-Heth-yon]
noticias fpl [noteeth-yass] objection
news objetar [obHaytar] to object
novecientos [nobay-th-yentoss] objetivo m [obHayteebo] lens;
nine hundred objective
novela f novel objetos de escritorio [obHaytoss
noveno [nobayno] ninth day eskreetor-yo] office supplies
noventa ninety objetos perdidos lost
novia f [nob-ya] girlfriend; property, lost and found
fiancée; bride obra f work; play
noviembre m [nob-yembray] obras fpl roadworks
November obstruido [obstr-weedo]
novillada f [nobee-yada] blocked
bullfight featuring young obturador m shutter

bulls ocasión f [okass-yon] occasion;

novio m [nob-yo] boyfriend; opportunity; bargain
fiancé; groom de ocasión second hand
nube f [noobay] cloud occidental [oktheedental]
nublado cloudy Western
nuboso cloudy ochenta eighty
nuera f [nwaira] daughter- ocho eight
in-law ocho días mpl [dee-ass] week
nuestra [nwestra], nuestras, ochocientos [ochoth-yentoss]
nuestro, nuestros our eight hundred
Nueva York [nwayba] New octavo eighth
York octubre m [oktoobray] October
nueve [nwaybay] nine oculista [okooleesta] optician
nuevo new ocupado engaged; occupied;
número m [noomairo] number busy
número de teléfono phone ocupantes del coche mpl
number [okoopantess del kochay]
número (de calzado) [day passengers
kalthado] (shoe) size odiar [od-yar] to hate
nunca never oeste m [o-estay] west

Spanish š English
al oeste de la ciudad west of olvidar to forget
the town omnibús m local short-
ofender [ofendair] to offend distance train
oferta (especial) f [ofairta once [onthay] eleven
(espeth-yal)] special offer operadora f operator
oficina f [ofeetheena] office operarse [opairarsay] to have
oficina de reclamaciones an operation; to come about
[reklamath-yoness] complaints oportunidad f chance,
department opportunity
oficina de registros oportunidades bargains
[reHeestross] registrar’s office óptica f optician’s
oficina de turismo tourist óptico m optician
information office optimista optimistic
oficina de objetos perdidos orden m order
[obHaytoss] lost property ordenador m computer
office, lost and found oreja f [oray-Ha] ear
oficina de información y organizar [organeethar] to
turismo [eenformath-yon] organize
tourist information office orgulloso [orgoo-yoso] proud

oficina de correos [korray-oss] orilla f [oree-ya] shore
post office oro m gold
oficina de correos y telégrafos orquesta f [orkesta] orchestra
post office and telegrams os you; to you
oficinista m/f [ofeetheeneesta] oscuro dark
office worker otoño m [oton-yo] autumn,
oficio m [ofeeth-yo] job (US) fall
ofrecer [ofrethair] to offer otorrinolaringólogo ear, nose
oído (m) [o-eedo] ear; hearing; and throat specialist
heard otra vez [bayth] again
¡oiga! [oyga] listen here!; otro another (one); other
excuse me! oveja f [obayHa] sheep
oigo I hear oye [o-yay] he/she hears; you
oír [o-eer] to hear hear; listen
ojo m [oHo] eye
ojo al tren beware of the train P
ola f wave; fashion
ola de calor heatwave p (paseo) street; parking
oler [olair] to smell paciente [path-yentay] patient
olor m smell pacotilla: de pacotilla [pakotee-

panadería f [panadairee-a]
Spanish š English
ya] rubbishy; second-rate
padecer de [padethair] to suffer baker’s
from pantalla f [panta-ya] screen
padecer del corazón [korathon] pantalón corto m shorts
to have a heart condition pantalones mpl [pantaloness]
padre m [padray] father trousers, (US) pants
padres mpl parents pantalones cortos mpl shorts
pagadero payable pantalones vaqueros
pagar to pay [bakaiross] jeans
página f [paHeena] page panties mpl tights
páginas amarillas [amaree-yass] pantorrilla f [pantorree-ya] calf
yellow pages pañal m [pan-yal] nappy, (US)
pagos mpl deposits diaper
pague el importe exacto pañería f [pan-yairee-a] drapery
(please tender) exact money pañuelo m [panwaylo]
país m [pa-eess] country handkerchief; scarf
País Vasco Basque Country pañuelo (de cabeza) [day
País de Gales: el País de kabaytha] (head)scarf
Gales [galess] Wales papá m dad

paisaje m [pa-eesaHay] scenery papel m [papel] paper; rôle

pájaro m [paHaro] bird papel celo® [thaylo]
pala f spade sellotape®, Scotch tape®
palabra f word papel de envolver [embolbair]
palacio m [palath-yo] palace wrapping paper
palacio real [ray-al] royal papel de escribir writing
palace paper
palacio de congresos papel de plata silver foil
conference hall papel higiénico [eeH-yayneeko]
Palacio de Justicia [Hoosteeth- toilet paper
ya] Law Courts papelera f litter; litter bin
Palacio de la Opera opera papelería f [papelairee-a]
house stationery, stationer’s
palanca de velocidades f papeles pintados mpl
[belotheedadess] gear lever wallpaper
palco m box (at theatre) paquete m [pakaytay] packet
palomitas de maíz fpl [ma-eeth] par m pair
popcorn para for; in order to
palos de golf mpl golf clubs para automáticas for
pan m bread automatic washing machines
Spanish š English
para que [kay] in order that amusement park
para uso del personal staff parque infantil children’s
only park; playpen
para uso externo not to be parrilla f [parree-ya] grill
taken internally parte f [partay] part
parabrisas m windscreen en todas partes everywhere
paracaidismo m [paraka- en otra parte elsewhere
eedeesmo] parachuting en alguna parte somewhere
parachoques m [parachokess] ¿de parte de quién? [day
bumper, (US) fender k-yen] who’s calling?
parada f stop parte antigua [anteegwa] old
parada de autobuses bus stop town
parada de taxis taxi rank parte meteorológico m [maytay-
parador m hotel restaurant; oroloHeeko] weather forecast
luxury hotel particular private
parador nacional [nath-yonal] partida f game
state-owned hotel, often a partido m match
historic building which has pasado last
been restored la semana pasada last week

paraguas m [paragwass] pasado mañana the day after
umbrella tomorrow
parar to stop pasado de moda out of
parecer [parethair] to seem; to fashion
resemble poco pasado rare
parecido [paretheedo] similar pasador m hairslide
pared f [parayd] wall pasaje m [pasaHay] plane ticket
pareja f [paray-Ha] pair; couple pasajero m [pasaHairo]
parezco [parethko] I seem passenger
pariente m/f [par-yentay] pasajeros de tránsito transit
relative passengers
parking m car park, (US) pasaporte m [pasaportay]
parking lot passport
paro: en paro unemployed pasaportes passport control
parque m [parkay] park pasar to pass; to overtake; to
parque de atracciones [atrakth- happen
yoness] amusement park pasar la aduana [ad-wana] to
parque de bomberos go through customs
[bombaiross] fire station pasarlo bien [b-yen] to enjoy
parque de recreo [rekray-o] oneself
Spanish š English
pasarlo bomba to have a great izquierda pedestrians keep to
time the left
pasatiempo m [pasat-yempo] peatón, circula por tu
hobby izquierda pedestrians keep to
Pascua [pask-wa] Easter the left
pasear [pasay-ar] to go for a peatonal pedestrian
walk peatones pedestrians
pasen enter; cross, walk peatones, caminen por la
paseo m [pasay-o] walk; drive; izquierda pedestrians keep to
ride the left
paseo de ... ... avenue pecho m chest; breast
pasillo m [pasee-yo] corridor pedazo m [pedatho] piece
paso m passage; pass; step pediatra m/f [pedee-atra]
estar de paso to be passing pediatrician
through pedir to order; to ask for
paso a nivel level crossing, pedir disculpas to apologize
(US) grade crossing pedir hora [ora] to make an
paso de cebra [thaybra] zebra appointment
crossing peinar [pay-eenar] to comb

paso de contador unit peinarse [pay-eenarsay] to

paso de peatones [pay-atoness] comb one’s hair
pedestrian crossing peine m [pay-eenay] comb
paso subterráneo pedestrian pelea f [pelay-a] fight
underpass peletería f [peletairee-a] furs,
pasta de dientes f [d-yentess] furrier
toothpaste película f film, movie
pastelería f [pastelairee-a] cake película en color colour film
shop película en versión original
pastilla f [pastee-ya] tablet [bairs-yon oreeHeenal] film in
pastillas para la garganta the original language
throat pastilles peligro m danger
patatas fritas chips, French peligro de incendio danger:
fries; crisps, potato chips fire hazard
patinaje m [pateenaHay] skating peligro deslizamientos
patinar to skid; to skate slippery road surface
patio de butacas m stalls peligroso dangerous
peaje m [pay-aHay] toll es peligroso bañarse danger:
peatón m [pay-aton] pedestrian no swimming
peatón, camine por la es peligroso asomarse al

Spanish š English
exterior do not lean out miss
pelirrojo [peleerroHo] redheaded perderse [pairdairsay] to get
pelo m [paylo] hair lost
me está tomando el pelo pérdida f loss
you’re pulling my leg perdón sorry, excuse me;
pelón bald pardon, pardon me
pelota f ball perezoso [pairethoso] lazy
peluca f wig perfecto [pairfekto] perfect
peluquería f [pelookairee-a] perfumería f [pairfoomairee-a]
hairdresser’s perfumes (shop)
peluquería de caballeros [kaba- periódico m [pairee-odeeko]
yaiross] gent’s hairdresser’s newspaper
peluquería de señoras ladies’ periodista m [pair-yodeesta]
salon journalist
peluquera f [pelookaira], período m [pairee-odo] period
peluquero m hairdresser perla f [pairla] pearl
pena f [payna] grief, sorrow permanente f [pairmanentay]
¡qué pena! [kay] what a pity! perm
pendiente de pago permiso m [pairmeeso] licence

outstanding permitido allowed
pendientes mpl [pend-yentess] permitir to allow
earrings pero [pairo] but
pene m [paynay] penis perra: no tengo una perra I’m
penicilina f [peneetheeleena] broke
penicillin perro m [pairro] dog
pensar to think persona f [pairsona] person
pensión f [pens-yon] persuadir [pairswadeer] to
guesthouse, boarding house; persuade
pension pesadilla f [pesadee-ya]
pensión completa [komplayta] nightmare
full board, (US) American pesado heavy
plan pésame: dar el pésame
pensionista m [pens-yoneesta] [paysamay] to offer one’s
old-age pensioner condolences
peor [pay-or] worse; worst pesar weight
pequeño (m) [pekayn-yo] small; a pesar de que despite the
child fact that
percha f [paircha] coathanger a pesar de in spite of
perder [pairdair] to lose; to pesca f fishing

Spanish š English
ir de pesca to go fishing puncture
pescadería f [peskadairee-a] pintar to paint
fishmonger’s pintura f painting; paint
pescar to fish; to catch out pinza de la ropa f clothes peg
peso m [payso] weight pinzas fpl [peenthass] tweezers
peso neto net weight piña f [peen-ya] pineapple
peso máximo maximum pipa f pipe
weight piragua f [peeragwa] canoe
pestañas fpl [pestan-yass] piragüismo m [peeragweesmo]
eyelashes canoeing
petición de mano f [peteeth- Pirineos mpl [peereenay-oss]
yon] engagement Pyrenees
pez m [peth] fish piscina f [peestheena]
picadura f bite swimming pool
picante [peekantay] hot piscina cubierta [koob-yairta]
picar to sting; to itch indoor swimming pool
picor m itch piso m floor; flat, apartment
pidió [peed-yo] he/she asked piso amueblado [amweblado]
for; you asked for furnished apartment

pie m [p-yay] foot piso bajo [baHo] ground floor,

a pie on foot (US) first floor
piedra f [p-yedra] stone piso sin amueblar [amweblar]
piedra preciosa [preth-yosa] unfurnished apartment
precious stone pista f track; clue
piel f [p-yayl] skin pista de baile [ba-eelay] dance
pienso [p-yenso] I think floor
pierna f [p-yairna] leg pista de patinaje [pateenaHay]
pieza de repuesto f [p-yaytha skating rink
day repwesto] spare part pista de tenis tennis court
piezas de recambio [rekamb- pistas de esquí [eskee] ski
yo] spares runs
pijama m [peeHama] pyjamas pistola f gun
pila f battery; pile plancha f iron
píldora f pill planchar to iron
piloto m pilot plano (m) flat; map
pilotos mpl rear lights planta f plant; floor
pincel m [peenthayl] paint planta baja [baHa] ground
brush floor, (US) first floor
pinchazo m [peenchatho] planta primera [preemaira] first

política f politics

Spanish š English
floor, (US) second floor
planta sótano lower floor; político political
basement póliza de seguros f insurance
planta superior [soopair-yor] policy
upper floor polo m ice lolly
plástico (m) plastic polvos mpl powder
plata f silver pomada f ointment
plateado [platay-ado] silver pon put
platillo m [platee-yo] saucer poner [ponair] to put
plato m plate; dish, course ponerse en marcha [ponairsay]
playa f [pla-ya] beach to set off
playeras fpl [pla-yairass] ponerse en pie [p-yay] to
trainers stand up
plaza f [platha] square; seat poney m pony
en plaza current prices pongo I put
plaza de abastos marketplace poquito: un poquito [pokeeto]
plaza de toros bullring a little bit
plazas libres [leebress] seats por by; through; for
available por allí [a-yee] over there

pluma f pen; feather por fin at last
población f [poblath-yon] por lo que [kay] for which
village; town; population reason
pobre [pobray] poor por lo menos [maynoss] at
poco little least
poco profundo shallow por qué [kay] why
pocos few por semana per week
unos pocos a few por si in case
poder (m) [podair] to be able por ciento [th-yento] per cent
to; power por favor please
podrido rotten por favor, use un carrito please
policía f [poleethee-a] police take a trolley
policía m/f policeman; por favor, use una cesta please
policewoman take a basket
policía municipal f porcelana f [porthelana]
[mooneetheepal] municipal porcelain
police porque [porkay] because
polideportivo m sports centre portaequipajes m [porta-
polígono industrial m ekeepaHess] luggage rack
industrial estate portátil [portateel] portable

portero m [portairo] porter;
Spanish š English
prestado: pedir prestado to
doorman; goalkeeper borrow
portugués [portoogayss] prestar to lend
Portuguese prima f cousin
posada f inn primavera f [preemabaira]
posible [poseeblay] possible spring
postal f postcard primer [preemair] first
precaución f [prekowth-yon] primer piso m first floor, (US)
caution second floor
precio m [preth-yo] price primer plato m first course
precioso [preth-yoso] beautiful; primera (clase) f [klasay] first
precious class
precio unidad unit price primero first
precios fijos [feeHoss] fixed primeros auxilios [owk-seel-
prices yoss] first-aid post
preferencia f [prefairenth-ya] primo m cousin
right of way; preference princesa f [preenthaysa]
preferir [prefaireer] to prefer princess
prefijo m [prefeeHo] dialling principal [preentheepal] main

code, area code príncipe m [preentheepay]

pregunta f question prince
preguntar to ask principiante m/f [preentheep-
prendas fpl clothing yantay] beginner
prensa f press; newspapers principio m [preentheep-yo]
preocupado [pray-okoopado] beginning
worried principio de autopista start of
preocupes: ¡no te preocupes! motorway/highway
[no tay pray-okoopess] don’t prioridad de paso priority
worry prioridad a la derecha give
preparar to prepare way/yield to vehicles
prepararse [prepararsay] to get coming from your right
ready prisa: darse prisa [darsay] to
presentar to introduce hurry
preservativo m [presairbateebo] ¡dese prisa! [daysay] hurry
condom up!
presión f [press-yon] pressure privado private
presión de los neumáticos probablemente [probablementay]
[nay-oomateekoss] tyre probably
pressure probador m fitting room

Spanish š English
probar to try carga y descarga no parking
probarse to try on except for loading and
problema m problem unloading
procesiones de Semana Santa prohibido asomarse do not
fpl [prothess-yoness] Holy lean out
Week processions prohibido asomarse a la
producido en ... produce ventana do not lean out of
of ... the window
producto preparado con prohibido asomarse a la
ingredientes naturales ventanilla do not lean out of
product prepared using the window
natural ingredients prohibido bañarse no
productos alimenticios swimming
[aleementeeth-yoss] foodstuffs prohibido cambiar de sentido
productos de belleza [bay- no U-turns
yaytha] beauty products prohibido cantar no singing
profesor m, profesora f prohibido el paso no entry;
teacher; lecturer no trespassing
profundidad f depth prohibido encender fuego no

profundo deep campfires
programa infantil m children’s prohibido escupir no spitting
programme prohibido estacionar no
prohibida la entrada a parking
menores de ... no admission prohibido fijar carteles stick
for those under ... years of no bills
age prohibido fumar no smoking
prohibida su reproducción prohibido girar a la izquierda
copyright reserved no left turn
prohibida su venta not for sale prohibido hablar con el
prohibida la entrada no entry, conductor do not speak to
no admission the driver
prohibido [pro-eebeedo] prohibido hacer auto-stop no
prohibited, forbidden; no hitch-hiking
prohibido acampar no prohibido hacer sonar el
camping claxon/la bocina do not
prohibido adelantar no sound your horn
overtaking, no passing prohibido pescar no fishing
prohibido aparcar no parking prohibido pisar el césped
prohibido aparcar excepto keep off the grass
Spanish š English
prohibido pisar la hierba keep week
off the grass prudente [proodentay] careful
prohibido tirar basura no litter prueba de alcoholemia f
prohibido tirar escombros no [pr-wayba day alko-olaym-ya]
dumping breath test
prohibido tocar la bocina/el pts (pesetas) pesetas
claxon do not sound your pub bar in which no meals
horn are served, often higher
prohibido tomar fotografías no priced and disco music
photographs played
prometer [prometair] to público (m) public; audience
promise pueblo m [pweblo] village;
prometida f fiancée people
prometido (m) engaged; fiancé puede [pwayday] he/she can;
pronóstico del tiempo m you can
[t-yempo] weather forecast puede ser [sair] maybe
pronto soon puedo [pwaydo] I can
¡hasta pronto! [asta] see you puente m [pwentay] bridge
soon! puente aéreo [a-airay-o] shuttle

llegar pronto [yegar] to be plane

early puente de fuerte pendiente
pronunciar [pronoonth-yar] to humpbacked bridge
pronounce puente de peaje [pay-aHay] toll
propiedad privada private bridge
property puente romano Roman
propietario m [prop-yetar-yo] bridge
owner puerta f [pwairta] door; gate
propina f tip por la otra puerta use other
propósito: a propósito door
deliberately puerta de embarque [embarkay]
proteger [protay-Hair] to protect gate
provecho: ¡buen provecho! puerta nº. gate no.
[bwen probay-cho] enjoy your puerto m harbour; pass; port
meal! puerto deportivo marina
provincia f [probeenth-ya] puerto de montaña [montan-ya]
district (mountain) pass
provocar to cause pues [pwayss] since; so
próximo next puesta de sol f [pwesta] sunset
la semana próxima next puesto de periódicos [pairee-

odeekoss] newspaper kiosk

Spanish š English
quedarse sin gasolina to run
puesto de socorro m first-aid out of petrol/gas
post quejarse [kayHarsay] to
puesto que [kay] since complain
pulga f flea quemadura f [kemadoora] burn
pulmones mpl lungs quemadura de sol sunburn
pulmonía f [poolmonee-a] quemar [kemar] to burn
pneumonia quemarse [kemarsay] to burn
pulse botón para cruzar press oneself
button to cross querer [kerair] to love; to
pulsera f [poolsaira] bracelet want
pulso m pulse querido [kaireedo] dear
puntual: llegar puntual [poont- ¿quién? [k-yen] who?
wal] to arrive on time quiero [k-yairo] I want; I love
punto de vista m point of no quiero I don’t want to
view quince [keenthay] fifteen
punto: hacer punto [athair] quince días [dee-ass] fortnight
to knit quinientos [keen-yentoss] five
¡puñeta! [poon-yayta] hell! hundred

¡vete a hacer puñetas! [baytay quinto [keento] fifth
a athair] bugger off! quiosco m [k-yosko] kiosk
pura lana virgen [beerHen] pure quisiera [keess-yaira] I would
new wool like; he/she would like; you
puro m cigar would like
puse [poosay] I put quiso [keeso] he/she wanted;
you wanted
Q quitaesmalte m [keeta-esmaltay]
nail polish remover
que [kay] who; that; which; quitar [keetar] to remove
than quizá(s) [keetha(ss)] maybe
que ... o que whether ... or
¿qué? what? R
¿qué hay? [ ī ] how’s things?
¿qué tal?, mucho gusto how rabioso [rab-yoso] furious
do you do?, nice to meet R.A.C.E (Real Automóvil Club
you de España) Spanish Royal
¡qué va! no way! Automobile Club
quedarse [kedarsay] to stay ración f [rath-yon] portion
quedarse con to keep radiador m [rad-yador] radiator

radio m [rad-yo] spoke
Spanish š English
recién [reth-yen] recently
radio f radio recién pintado wet paint
radiografía f [rad-yografee-a] reclamación de equipajes f
X-ray [reklamath-yon day ekeepaHess]
rápidamente [-mentay] quickly baggage claim
rápido fast reclamaciones fpl [reklamath-
rápido m train stopping at yoness] complaints
many stations recoger [rekoHair] to collect;
raqueta de tenis f [rakayta] to pick up
tennis racket recogida de equipajes f
raro rare; strange [rekoHeeda] baggage claim
rata f rat recoja su ticket take your
ratón m mouse ticket
rayas: a rayas [ra-yass] striped recomendar to recommend
razón f [rathon] reason; rate reconocer [rekonothair] to
razón aquí apply within recognize; to examine
tiene razón you’re right recordar to remember
razonable [rathonablay] recorrido m journey
reasonable recto straight

rea sale recuerdo (m) [rekwairdo]

realmente [ray-almentay] really souvenir; I remember
rebajado [rebaHado] reduced red f network; net
rebajas fpl [rebaHass] redondo round
reductions, sale reduzca la velocidad reduce
rebajas de verano [bairano] speed now
summer sale reembolsar [ray-embolsar] to
rebanada f slice refund
recado m message reembolsos refunds
recepción f [rethepth-yon] reestreno [ray-estrayno] re-
reception release (of a classic movie)
recepcionista m/f [rethepth- regalo m present
yoneesta] receptionist regatear [regatay-ar] to haggle
receta f [rethayta] recipe; régimen m [ray-Heemen] diet
prescription registrar [reHeestrar] to search
con receta médica only regla f rule; period
available on prescription registro de equipajes m
recetar [rethaytar] to prescribe [reHeestro day ekeepaHess]
recibir [retheebeer] to receive check in
recibo m [retheebo] receipt registros sanitarios

Spanish š English
government health reponerse [reponairsay] to
certificate recover
regresar to return reposar to rest
reina f [ray-eena] queen representante m/f
Reino Unido m United [repraysentantay]
Kingdom representative, agent
reír [ray-eer] to laugh repuestos mpl [repwestoss]
rejoneador m [reHonay-ador] spare parts
bullfighter on horseback repugnante [repoognantay]
relajarse [relaHarsay] to relax disgusting
rellenar [ray-yaynar] to fill in resaca f hangover
reloj m [ray-loH] watch; clock resbaladizo [resbaladeetho]
reloj de pulsera [poolsaira] slippery
(wrist)watch resbalar to slip
relojería f [ray-loHairee-a] rescatar to rescue
watches and clocks reserva f [resairba] reservation
remar to row reserva de asientos seat
remite m [remeetay] sender’s reservation
name and address reservado reserved

remitente m/f [remeetentay] reservado el derecho de
sender admisión the management
remo m [raymo] oar reserve the right to refuse
remolque m [remolkay] trailer admission
remonte m [remontay] ski tow reservado socios members
Renacimiento m [renatheem- only
yento] Renaissance reservar to reserve; to book
RENFE (Red Nacional de reservas fpl reservations
Ferrocarriles Españoles) resfriado m [resfree-ado] cold
Spanish Railways/Railroad respirar to breathe
reparación f [reparath-yon] responder [respondair] to
repair(s) answer
reparación de calzado shoe responsable [responsablay]
repairs responsible
reparaciones faults service respuesta f [respwesta] answer
reparar to repair resto m rest
repente: de repente [repentay] retales mpl [retaless] remnants
suddenly retrasado late
repetir to repeat retrasado mental mentally
replicar to reply handicapped
retraso m delay
Spanish š English
retrete m [retraytay] toilets, (US) ropa infantil children’s clothes
rest rooms ropa interior f [eentair-yor]
reumatismo m [ray-oomateesmo] underwear
rheumatism ropa sucia [sooth-ya] laundry
reunión f [ray-oon-yon] meeting rosa (f) pink; rose
revelado m film processing roto broken
revelar to develop; to reveal rotulador m felt-tip pen
revisar to check rubéola f [roobay-ola] German
revisor m ticket collector measles
revista m magazine rubí m [roobee] ruby
rey m [ray] king rubio [roob-yo] blond
Reyes: día de los Reyes m rueda f [rwayda] wheel
[dee-a day loss ray-ess] 6th of rueda de repuesto f [repwesto]
January, Epiphany spare wheel
rico rich ruedo m bullring
ridículo ridiculous ruego [rwaygo] I request
rímel m mascara ruido m [rweedo] noise
rincón m corner ruidoso [rweedoso] noisy

riñón m [reen-yon] kidney ruinas fpl [rweenass] ruins

río m [ree-o] river rulo m roller, curler
rizado [reethado] curly rulot(a) f caravan, (US) trailer
robar to steal ruta f route
robo m theft
roca f rock S
rodilla f [rodee-ya] knee
rojo [roHo] red S.A. (Sociedad Anónima) PLC,
románico romanesque Inc
rómpase en caso de sábado m Saturday
emergencia break in case of sábana f sheet
emergency saber [sabair] to know
romper to break saber a to taste of
ropa f clothes sabor m taste
ropa confeccionada ready-to- sabroso tasty
wear clothes sacacorchos m [sakakorchoss]
ropa de caballeros [kaba- corkscrew
yaiross] men’s clothes sacar to take out; to get out
ropa de cama bed linen sacar un billete [bee-yaytay] to
ropa de señoras ladies’ buy a ticket
saco de dormir m sleeping bag

Spanish š English
salida de emergencia
sal (f) salt; leave [aymairHenth-ya] emergency
sala f room; hall exit
sala climatizada air salida de fábrica factory exit
conditioned salida de incendios fire exit
sala de baile [ba-eelay] dance salida de socorro f emergency
hall exit
sala de cine [theenay] cinema, salidas fpl departures
movie theater salidas de noche night life
sala de conciertos [konth- salidas internacionales
yairtoss] concert hall international departures
sala de embarque [embarkay] salidas nacionales domestic
departure lounge departures
sala de espera [espaira] salir to go out; to leave
waiting room salón m lounge
sala de exposiciones salón de belleza [bay-yaytha]
[esposeeth-yoness] exhibition beauty salon
hall salón de demostraciones
sala de tránsito transit lounge exhibition hall

sala X X-rated cinema salón de peluquería
salado salty [pelookairee-a] hairdressing
saldar to sell at a reduced salon
price saltar to jump
saldo m clearance; balance salud f [saloo] health
saldos sales ¡salud! cheers!
sales de baño fpl [saless day saludar to greet
ban-yo] bath salts saludos best wishes
salgo I leave salvo que [kay] except that
salida f exit; departure sandalias fpl [sandal-yass]
salida ciudad take this sandals
direction to leave the city San Fermín [fairmeen] July 7th,
salida de ambulancias when the ‘encierro’ happens
ambulance exit sangrar to bleed
salida de autopista end sangre f [sangray] blood
of motorway/highway; sano healthy
motorway exit Santiago [sant-yago] July 25th,
salida de camiones heavy a national holiday
goods vehicle exit, works sarampión m [saramp-yon]
exit measles

sartén f frying pan
Spanish š English
12 noon
sastre m [sastray] tailor se ruega no ... please do
se [say] himself; herself; not ...
itself; yourself; themselves; se ruega no aparcar no
yourselves; oneself parking please
sé [say] I know se ruega no molestar please
no sé I don’t know do not disturb
se aceptan tarjetas de crédito se ruega pagar en caja please
we accept credit cards pay at the desk
se alquila for hire, to rent se vende for sale
se alquila piso flat to let, secador de pelo m [paylo] hair
apartment for rent dryer
se alquilan habitaciones secadores mpl dryers
rooms to rent secar to dry
se alquilan hidropedales secarse el pelo [sekarsay] to
pedalos for hire dry one’s hair, to have a
se alquilan sombrillas parasols blow-dry
for hire sección f [sekth-yon]
se alquilan tumbonas department

deckchairs for hire seco dry

se habla inglés English secretaria f, secretario m
spoken secretary
se hacen fotocopias secreto secret
photocopying service sed: tengo sed [seth] I’m
se necesita ... ... needed thirsty
se precisa ... ... needed seda f silk
se prohibe ... ... forbidden seda natural pure silk
se prohibe fumar no smoking seguida: en seguida [segeeda]
se prohibe hablar con el immediately, right away
conductor do not speak to seguir [segeer] to follow
the driver según according to
se prohibe la entrada no segunda clase f [klasay]
entry, no admittance second class
se prohibe tirar basura no segundo (m) second
litter de segunda mano second-
se ruega ... please ... hand
se ruega desalojen su segundo piso m second floor,
habitación antes de las doce (US) third floor
please vacate your room by segundo plato m main course

seguridad f [segooreeda] safety;

Spanish š English
la señorita Brown Miss
security Brown
seguro (m) safe; sure; separado separate; separated
insurance por separado separately
seguro de viaje m [b-yaHay] septiembre m [sept-yembray]
travel insurance September
seis [say-eess] six séptimo seventh
seiscientos [say-eess-th-yentoss] sequía f [sekee-a] drought
six hundred ser [sair] to be
sello m [say-yo] stamp a no ser que unless
semáforos mpl traffic lights serio [sair-yo] serious
semana f week servicio m [sairbeeth-yo]
Semana Santa Holy Week service; toilet
semanarios mpl weeklies servicio a través de operadora
sencillo [senthee-yo] simple operator-connected calls
sensible [senseeblay] sensitive servicio automático direct
sentar: sentar bien (a) [b-yen] dialling
to suit servicio de habitaciones room
sentarse [sentarsay] to sit service

down servicio de fotocopias
sentido m direction; sense; photocopying service
meaning servicio (no) incluido service
sentir to feel charge (not) included
señal de tráfico f [sen-yal day servicios mpl [sairbeeth-yoss]
trafeeko] roadsign toilets, (US) rest rooms
señas fpl [sen-yass] address servicios de rescate mountain
señor [sen-yor] gentleman, rescue
man; sir servicios de socorro
el señor Brown Mr Brown emergency services
señora f [sen-yora] lady, servilleta f [sairbee-yayta]
woman; madam serviette
la señora Brown Mrs Brown servir [sairbeer] to serve
señoras fpl ladies’ toilet, sesenta [saysenta] sixty
ladies’ room; ladies’ sesión continua continuous
department showing
señores mpl [sen-yoress] gents’ sesión de noche late showing
toilet, men’s room sesión de tarde early showing
señorita f [sen-yoreeta] young setecientos [saytay-th-yentoss]
lady, young woman; miss seven hundred
Spanish š English
setenta [setenta] seventy sino but
sexto [sesto] sixth sino que [kay] but
si [see] if siquiera [seek-yaira] even if
sí [see] yes; oneself; herself; sírvase [seerbasay] please
itself; yourself; themselves; sírvase coger una cesta please
yourselves; each other take a basket
si no otherwise sírvase frío serve cold
SIDA m AIDS sírvase usted mismo help
sido been yourself
siempre [s-yempray] always sitio m [seet-yo] place
siempre que [kay] whenever; en ningún sitio [neen-goon]
so long as nowhere
siento [s-yento] I sit down; I smoking m dinner jacket
feel; I regret sobrar to be left over; to be
lo siento I’m sorry too many
siete [s-yaytay] seven sobre (m) [sobray] envelope;
siga adelante straight ahead on; above
siglo m century sobrecarga [sobraykarga] excess
siglo de oro XVI-XVII weight; extra charge

century sobrina f niece

significar to mean sobrino m nephew
siguiente [seeg-yentay] next sobrio [sobr-yo] sober
el día siguiente [dee-a] the sociedad f [soth-yayda] society;
day after company
silencio m [seelenth-yo] silence socio m [soth-yo] associate;
silla f [see-ya] chair member
silla de ruedas [rwaydass] socorrer [sokorair] to help
wheelchair socorrista mf lifeguard
sillita de ruedas [see-yeeta] ¡socorro! help!
pushchair, buggy sois [soyss] you are
sillón m [see-yon] armchair sol m sun
similar (a) similar (to) al sol in the sun
simpático nice solamente [solamentay] only
sin [seen] without soleado [solay-ado] sunny
sin duda undoubtedly solo alone
sin embargo however sólo only
sin plomo unleaded no sólo ... sino también [tamb-
sinagoga f synagogue yen] not only ... but also
sincero [seenthairo] sincere sólo carga y descarga loading

Spanish š English
and offloading only your
sólo laborables weekdays suave [swabay] soft
only subir to go up; to get on; to
sólo monedas de nueva get in; to put up
emisión only new coins subtitulada sub-titled
sólo motos motorcycles only subtítulos mpl subtitles
solo para residentes (del hotel) suburbios mpl [sooboorb-yoss]
hotel patrons only suburbs
soltero (m) [soltairo] single; suceder [soothedair] to happen
bachelor sucio [sooth-yo] dirty
solterón m bachelor sucursal f branch
solterona f spinster sudar to sweat
solución ... gotas solution ... Suecia f [swayth-ya] Sweden
drops sueco [swayko] Swedish
sombra f shade; shadow suegra f [swaygra] mother-
sombra de ojos [oHoss] eye in-law
shadow suegro m father-in-law
sombrero m [sombrairo] hat suela f [swayla] sole
sombrilla f [sombree-ya] parasol suelo (m) floor; I am used to

somnífero m [somneefairo] suelto m [swelto] change
sleeping pill sueño m [swayn-yo] dream; I
somos we are dream
son they are; you are tener sueño to be sleepy
sonreír [sonray-eer] to smile suerte f [swairtay] luck
sordo deaf por suerte luckily,
sorprendente [sorprendentay] fortunately
surprising ¡buena suerte! [bwayna] good
sorpresa f surprise luck!
sortija f [sorteeHa] ring suéter m [swaytair] sweater
sótano m basement suficiente: es suficiente
soy [soy] I am [soofeeth-yentay] that’s enough
sport: de sport casual sugerencias de presentación
Sr (Señor) Mr serving suggestions
Sra (Señora) Mrs Suiza f [sweetha] Switzerland
Sres (Señores) Messrs sujetador m [sooHay-tador] bra
Srta (Señorita) Miss sumar to add
starter m choke supe [soopay] I knew
stop m stop sign súper soopair] four-star
su [soo] his; her; its; their; petrol, (US) premium (gas);
Spanish š English
supermarket tacones planos flat heels
supermercado m TAF m slow diesel train
[soopairmairkado] supermarket Tajo m [taHo] Tagus
supuesto: por supuesto tal such
[soopwesto] of course con tal (de) que provided
sur m south that
al sur de south of tal vez [bayth] maybe
sureste m [soorestay] south- talco m talcum powder
east TALGO m fast diesel train,
suroeste m [sooro-estay] south- luxury train (supplement
west required)
surtido m assortment talla f [ta-ya] size
sus [sooss] his; her; its; their; tallas sueltas odd sizes
your tallas grandes large sizes
susto m shock taller (de reparaciones) m [ta-
susurrar to whisper yair (day reparath-yoness)] garage
sutil subtle talón m heel
suyo [soo-yo] his; hers; its; talón de equipajes [ekeepaHess]
theirs; yours baggage slip

talonario de cheques m
T [talonar-yo day chekess] cheque
T.V.E. (Television Española) tamaño m [taman-yo] size
Spanish Television también [tamb-yen] also
Tabacalera SA Spanish yo también me too
tobacco monopoly tampoco neither, nor
tabaco m tobacco yo tampoco me neither
tabla de surf f surfboard tan: tan bonito so beautiful
tabla de windsurf sailboard tan pronto como as soon as
tablero de instrumentos m tancat closed (in Catalan)
dashboard tanto (m) so much; point
tablón de anuncios m notice tanto ... como ... both ...
board, (US) bulletin board and ...
tablón de información [tablon tantos so many
day eenformath-yon] indicator tapa f lid
board tapas fpl savoury snacks,
tacón m heel tapas
tacones altos [takoness] high tapón m plug
heels taquilla f [takee-ya] ticket

tele f [taylay] TV

Spanish š English
tarde (f) [tarday] afternoon; telecabina f cable car
evening; late teleférico m cable car
a las tres de la tarde at 3 telefonear [telefonay-ar] to
p.m. telephone
esta tarde this afternoon, teléfono m telephone
this evening teléfono interurbano long-
por la tarde in the evening distance phone
llegar tarde [yegar] to be late teléfonos para casos urgentes
tarifa f charge, charges emergency telephone
tarifa especial estudiante numbers
[espeth-yal estood-yantay] telesilla m [telesee-ya] chairlift
student reduced rate telesquí m [teleskee] ski lift
tarifa normal standard rate televisor m television (set)
tarifa reducida [redootheeda] temer [temair] to fear
reduced rate temor m fear
tarifas de servicio fares tempestad f storm
tarjeta f [tarHayta] card temporada f season
tarjeta bancaria cheque card temprano early

tarjeta de crédito credit card ten hold
tarjeta de embarque [embarkay] tenedor m fork
boarding pass tener [tenair] to have
tarjeta de transporte público tener derecho to have the
[transportay] travel card right
tarjeta postal postcard tener prisa to be in a hurry
tarjeta telefónica phonecard tener prioridad [pree-oreeda]
tauromaquia f [towromak-ya] to have right of way
bullfighting tener que [kay] to have to
taxista m/f taxi driver tengo que I have to, I must
taza f [tatha] cup ¡tenga cuidado! [kweedado] be
te [tay] you; yourself careful!
teatro m [tay-atro] theatre tenis m tennis
techo m ceiling tensión f [tens-yon] blood
teclado m keyboard pressure
tejado m [teHado] roof teñirse el pelo [ten-yeersay el
tejanos mpl [teHanoss] jeans paylo] to dye one’s hair, to
tejidos mpl [teHeedoss] have one’s hair dyed
materials, fabrics TER m fast luxury diesel
tela f [tayla] material; dosh trains, a supplement is
Spanish š English
required [komesteebless] grocer’s
tercer piso m [tairthair] third tienda de deportes [deportess]
floor, (US) fourth floor sports shop
tercero [tairthairo] third tienda de discos record shop
tercio m [tairth-yo] third tienda de electrodomésticos
terciopelo m [tairth-yopaylo] electrical goods shop
velvet tienda de lanas woollen
terco stubborn goods shop
terminal f [tairmeenal] tienda de muebles [mwaybless]
terminus; terminal furniture shop
terminal nacional domestic tienda de regalos gift shop
terminal tienda de ultramarinos
terminar to finish grocer’s
termo m vacuum flask tienda de vinos y licores off-
termómetro m thermometer licence, (US) liquor store
test del embarazo [embaratho] tienda libre de impuestos
pregnancy test [leebray day eempwestoss] duty-
testigo m witness free shop
tetera f [tetaira] teapot tiendas: ir de tiendas to go

tfno (teléfono) telephone shopping

ti [tee] you tiene que [t-yaynay kay] he
tía f [tee-a] aunt; bird, woman must
tibio [teeb-yo] lukewarm ¿tiene ...? have you got ...?
tiburón m shark tierra f [t-yairra] earth
tiempo m [t-yempo] time; tijeras fpl [teeHairass] scissors
weather timbre m [teembray] bell
a tiempo on time timbre de alarma alarm bell
tiempo de recreo [rekray-o] tímido shy
leisure tintorería f [teentorairee-a] dry-
tiempo libre [leebray] free time cleaner’s
tienda f [t-yenda] shop, store; tío m [tee-o] uncle; bloke, guy
tent tipo de cambio m [kamb-yo]
esta tienda se translada a ... exchange rate
business is transferred to ... tirar to pull; to throw; to
tienda de artículos de piel throw away
[p-yayl] leather goods shop tirita f Elastoplast®,
tienda de artículos de regalo Bandaid®
gift shop toalla f [to-a-ya] towel
tienda de comestibles toalla de baño [ban-yo] bath

torre f [torray] tower

Spanish š English
tobillo m [tobee-yo] ankle tos f cough
tocadiscos m record player toser [tosair] to cough
tocar to touch; to play tosferina f [tosfaireena]
todavía [todabee-a] still; yet whooping cough
todavía no not yet total: en total altogether
todo all, every; everything totalmente [-mentay]
todos los días every day absolutely
todo derecho straight on tóxico [tokseeko] poisonous
todo seguido [segeedo] trabajador [trabaHador]
straight ahead industrious
todos everyone trabajar [trabajar] to work
tomamos la tensión we take trabajo m [trabaHo] work
your blood pressure traducir [tradootheer] to
tomar to take translate
tomar el sol to sunbathe traer [tra-air] to bring
tomavistas m cine-camera tragar to swallow
tome usted take traigo [tra-eego] I bring
tómese antes de las comidas traje [traHay] I brought

to be taken before meals traje m suit; dress
tómese después de las traje de baño [ban-yo]
comidas to be taken after swimming costume
meals traje de noche [nochay]
tómese ... veces al día to be evening dress
taken ... times per day traje de señora lady’s suit
tonelada f tonne traje típico traditional
tono m dialling tone; shade regional costume
tonto silly tranquilizante [trankeeleethantay]
torcer [torthair] to twist; to tranquillizer
sprain tranquilizarse [trankeeleetharsay]
torcerse un tobillo [oon tobee- to calm down
yo] to twist one’s ankle tranquilo [trankeelo] quiet
torero m [torairo] bullfighter transbordo m transfer; change
tormenta f storm hacer transbordo en ...
tormentoso stormy change at ...
tornillo m [tornee-yo] screw transferencia f [transfairenth-ya]
toro m bull transfer
toros mpl bullfighting tras after
torpe [torpay] clumsy trasero (m) [trasairo] bottom;

Spanish š English
back; rear exhaust
tratar to treat tubo de respirar snorkel
través: a través de across, tuerza [twairtha] turn
through tumbona f deck chair
travieso [trab-yayso] túnel m tunnel
mischievous Túnez m [tooneth] Tunisia
trece [traythay] thirteen turista m/f tourist
treinta [tray-eenta] thirty turno m turn; round
tren m [tren] train es mi turno it’s my turn/
tren de carga goods train round
trenes de cercanías [treness turrón m [toorron] nougat
day thairkanee-ass] local trains, tus [tooss] your
suburban trains tuyo [tooyo] yours
tren de lavado automático car
wash U
tren de pasajeros [pasaHaiross]
passenger train u [oo] or
tren directo through train Ud (usted) [oostay] you (sing)
tren tranvía [tranbee-a] Uds (ustedes) [oostaydess] you

stopping train (plural)

tres [tress] three úlcera (de estómago) f
tres cuartos de hora mpl three [oolthaira] (stomach) ulcer
quarters of an hour últimamente [oolteemamentay]
trescientos [tress-th-yentoss] recently, lately
three hundred último last; latest
tripulación f [treepoolath-yon] últimos días [dee-ass] last days
crew ultramarinos m grocer’s
triste [treestay] sad un [oon] a
tristeza f [treestaytha] sadness una [oona] a
tronco m body; buddy unas some
tropezar [tropethar] to trip uno one; someone
trozo (de) m [trotho (day)] piece unos some; a few
(of ) uña f [oon-ya] fingernail
trueno m [trwayno] thunder urbana local
tu [too] your urbanización f [oorbaneethath-
tú [too] you yon] housing estate
tú mismo yourself urgencias [oorHenth-yass]
tubería f [toobairee-a] pipe casualty department,
tubo de escape m [eskapay] emergencies
Spanish š English
usado used; secondhand vale [balay] OK
usar to use valer [balair] to be worth
uso use valiente [bal-yentay] brave
el uso del tabaco es valla f [ba-ya] fence
perjudicial para su salud valle m [ba-yay] valley
smoking can damage your valores mpl [baloress] securities
health válvula f valve
uso externo not to be taken vamos we go
internally van they go; you go
uso obligatorio cinturón de vapor m steamer
seguridad seatbelts must be vaqueros mpl [bakaiross] jeans;
worn cowboys
Usted [oostay] you varicela f [bareethay-la]
Ustedes [oostaydess] you chickenpox
útil useful varios [bar-yoss] several
utilice sólo moneda varón m male
fraccionaria small change varonil manly
only vas you go
vasco Basque

Vascongadas fpl the Basque
va he/she/it goes; you go vaso m glass
vaca f cow vaya [ba-ya] go; I/he/she go;
vacaciones fpl [bakath-yoness] you go
holiday, vacation ¡vaya por Dios! [dee-oss] oh
vacío [bathee-o] empty Christ!
vacuna f vaccination ¡váyase! [ba-yasay] go away!
vacunarse [bakoonarsay] to be ¡váyase a paseo! [pasay-o] get
vaccinated lost!
vado permanente no parking Vd (usted) [oostay] you (sing)
at any time Vds (ustedes) you (plural)
vagón m carriage ve [bay] go; he/she sees; you
vagón restaurante see
[restowrantay] restaurant car veces: a veces [baythess]
vagón de literas [leetairass] sometimes
sleeping car vecino m [betheeno] neighbour
vainilla f [ba-eenee-ya] vanilla vehículos pesados heavy
vais [ba-eess] you go vehicles
vajilla f [baHee-ya] crockery veinte [bay-eentay] twenty

ventilador m fan
Spanish š English
v is pronounced more like a b than
an English v ver [bair] to see; to watch
veraneante m [bairanay-antay]
vejiga f [beHeega] bladder holidaymaker, vacationer
vela f [bayla] candle; sail veranear [bairanay-ar] to
velero m [belairo] sailing boat holiday
velocidad f [belotheeda] speed verano m [bairano] summer
velocidad controlada por verbena f [bairbayna] open-air
radar radar speed checks dance
velocidad limitada speed verdad f [bairda] truth
limits apply ¿de verdad? is that so?
velocidades fpl [belotheedadess] ¿verdad? don’t you?; do
gears you?; isn’t he?; is he? etc
velocímetro m [belotheemetro] verdadero [bairdadairo] true
speedometer verde (m) [bairday] green
ven [ben] come; they see; versión f [bairs-yon] version
you see en versión original in the
vena f [bayna] vein original language
venda f bandage vestido m dress
vendarr to dress (wound) vestir to dress

vendemos a ... selling rate de vestir formal

vender [bendair] to sell vestirse [besteersay] to get
veneno m [benayno] poison dressed
vengo I come vestuarios mpl [bestwar-yoss]
venir to come fitting rooms
venta f sale vez f [bayth] time
de venta aquí on sale here una vez once
venta de localidades tickets en vez de instead of
(on sale) vi [bee] I saw
venta de sellos stamps sold vía aérea: por vía aérea by
here air mail
ventana f window vía oral orally
ventanilla f [bentanee-ya] vía rectal per rectum
window; ticket office viajar [b-yaHar] to travel
ventas a crédito credit terms viaje m [b-yaHay] journey
available ¡buen viaje! [bwen] have a
ventas a plazos hire purchase, good trip!
(US) installment plan viaje de negocios [negoth-yoss]
ventas al contado cash sales business trip

Spanish š English
viaje de novios [nob-yoss] visto seen
honeymoon viuda f [b-yooda] widow
viaje organizado [organeethado] viudo m widower
package tour vivir to live
viajero m [b-yaHairo] vivo alive; I live
passenger VO (versión original) original
vida f life language
vidrio m [beedr-yo] glass volante m [bolantay] steering
viejo [b-yayHo] old wheel
viene: la semana que viene volar to fly
[b-yaynay] next week voltaje [boltaHay] voltage
viento m [b-yento] wind volver [bolbair] to come back
vientre m [b-yentray] stomach volver a hacer algo to do
viernes [b-yairness] Friday something again
Viernes Santo m Good volver a casa to go home
Friday vomitar to vomit
vine [beenay] I came vosotras, vosotros you
vinos y licores wines and v.o. subtitulada version in
spirits the original language with
viñedo [been-yaydo] vineyard

violación f [b-yolath-yon] rape voy I go
violar [b-yolar] to rape voz f [both] voice
violento [b-yolento] violent; vuelo m [bwaylo] flight
embarrassing, awkward vuelo nacional [nath-yonal]
sentirse violento to feel domestic flight
awkward vuelo regular scheduled
visado m visa flight
visita f visit vuelta f [bwelta] change
visita con guía [gee-a] guided la vuelta al colegio [kolay-Hyo]
tour back to school
visitante m/f [beeseetantay] vuelvo [bwelbo] I return
visitor vuestra [bwestra], vuestras,
visitar to visit vuestro, vuestros your;
visor m viewfinder yours
víspera f [beespaira] the day
before W
vista f view
¡hasta la vista! see you! wáter [batair] toilet, rest
vista turística scenic view room
Spanish š English

y [ee] and
ya already
ya está there you are
ya ... ya sometimes ...
ya que [kay] since
yerno m [yairno] son-in-law
yo I; me
yo mismo myself

zapatería f [thapatairee-a] shoe
zapatero m [thapatairo]
cobbler; shoe repairer

zapatillas fpl [thapatee-yass]

zapatos mpl [thapatoss] shoes
zona f [thona] area
zona de avalanchas frequent
zona monumental historic
zona (reservada) para
peatones pedestrian precinct
zona azul [athool] restricted
parking area, permit holders
zona de servicios [sairbeeth-
yoss] service area
zurdo [thoordo] left-handed

Menu Reader: Food
Essential Terms
bread el pan
butter la mantequilla [mantekee-ya]
cup la taza [tatha]
dessert el postre [postray]
fish (food) el pescado
fork el tenedor
glass (wine glass) la copa
knife el cuchillo [koochee-yo]
main course el plato principal
meat la carne [karnay]
menu el menú [menoo]
pepper (spice) la pimienta [peem-yenta]
plate el plato
salad la ensalada
salt la sal
set menu el menu del día [menoo]
soup la sopa
spoon la cuchara
starter (food) la entrada
table la mesa [maysa]

another ..., please otro/otra ..., por favor [fabor]

excuse me! (to call waiter/waitress) ¡por favor! [fabor]
could I have the bill, please? la cuenta, por favor [kwenta]

aceite [athay-eetay] oil

Menu Reader: Food

alcachofas a la andaluza
aceite de oliva [day oleeba] [andalootha] artichokes with
olive oil ham and bacon
aceitunas [athay-eetoonass] alcachofas a la romana
olives artichokes in batter
aceitunas aliñadas [aleen- alcaparras capers
yadass] olives with salad aliñada [aleen-yada] with salad
dressing dressing
aceitunas negras black olives ali oli garlic mayonnaise
aceitunas rellenas [ray-yaynass] almejas [almay-Hass] clams
stuffed olives almejas a la buena mujer
aceitunas verdes [bairdess] [bwayna mooHair] clams stewed
green olives with chillies, white wine,
acelgas [athelgass] chard, lemon and herbs
spinach beet almejas a la marinera
achicoria [acheekor-ya] chicory [mareenaira] clams stewed in
aguacate [agwakatay] avocado white wine and parsley
aguja de ternera [agooHa day almejas a la valenciana
tairnaira] veal for stewing [balenth-yana] clams in a white
ahumados [a-oomadoss] wine sauce
smoked fish almejas al natural [natooral]
ahumados variados [baree- live clams
adoss] smoked fish almejas en salsa verde
ajillo [aHee-yo] garlic [bairday] clams in parsley and
ajo [aHo] garlic white wine sauce
alaju [ala-Hoo] nougat-type almejas naturales [natooraless]
sweet made from walnuts live clams
or pine nuts, toasted almendra almond
breadcrumbs and honey alubias [aloob-yass] beans
albahaca [alba-aka] basil alubias blancas white kidney
albaricoque [albareekokay] beans
apricot alubias rojas [roHass] red
albóndigas meatballs kidney beans
albóndigas de lomo [day] pork ancas de rana frogs’ legs
meatballs ancas de rana albuferena
alcachofas artichokes [alboofairayna] frogs’ legs in
alcachofas en vinagreta a sauce made from chicken
[beenagrayta] artichokes in soup, mushrooms and
vinaigrette dressing paprika
anchoas [ancho-ass] anchovies aves [abess] poultry
Menu Reader: Food
anchoas a la barquera azafrán [athafran] saffron
[barkaira] marinated anchovies azúcar [athookar] sugar
with capers
anguila [angeela] eel bacalao a la catalana [bakala-o]
anguila ahumada [a-oomada] cod with ham, almond, garlic
smoked eel and parsley
angulas baby eels bacalao al ajo arriero [aHo arr-
angulas al all-i-pebre [all-ee- yairo] cod with garlic, peppers
pebray] baby eels with garlic and chillies
and black pepper bacalao a la vizcaína [beethka-
añojo [an-yoHo] veal eena] cod served with ham,
apio [ap-yo] celery peppers and chillies
arenques frescos [arenkess] bacalao al pil pil [peel] cod
fresh herrings cooked in olive oil
arroz [arroth] rice baveresa de coco [babairaysa
arroz a la cubana boiled rice day] cold coconut sweet
with fried eggs and either becadas snipe
bananas or tomato sauce becadas a la vizcaína [beethka-
arroz a la emperatriz eena] snipe served with
[empairatreeth] rice with milk, bacon, onion and sherry
apricots, truffles, raisins, sauce
Cointreau and gelatine becadas asadas baked snipe
arroz a la turca [toorka] boiled berenjena [bairenHayna]
rice with curry sauce, onions aubergine, eggplant
and tomatoes berenjenas a la mallorquina
arroz a la valenciana [balenth- [ma-yorkeena] aubergines/
yana] paella eggplants with garlic
arroz blanco boiled white rice mayonnaise
arroz con leche [lechay] rice berza [bairtha] cabbage
pudding besugo bream
asado roast besugo al horno [al orno] baked
asados roast meats sea bream
asadurilla [asadooree-ya] lambs’ besugo asado baked sea
liver stew bream
atún [atoon] tuna besugo mechado sea bream
atún al horno [orno] baked stuffed with ham and bacon
tuna bien hecho [b-yen echo] well
avellana [abay-yana] hazelnut done
bistec a la riojana [r-yoHana]

Menu Reader: Food

butifarra con rovellons [robay-
steak with fried red peppers yons] Catalan sausage with
bistec de ternera [tairnaira] mushrooms
veal steak butifarra con setas Catalan
bizcocho [beethkocho] sponge sausage with mushrooms
finger buvangos rellenos [boobangoss
bocadillo [bokadee-yo] ray-yaynoss] stuffed
sandwich, snack courgettes/zucchini
bogavante [bogabantay] lobster
bollo [bo-yo] roll cabello de ángel [kabay-yo day]
bomba helada [elada] baked sweet pumpkin filling (used
alaska in cakes)
bonito tuna cabracho mullet
bonito al horno [orno] baked cabrito asado roast kid
tuna cacahuetes [kakawaytess]
boquerones en vinagre peanuts
[bokaironess en beenagray] cachelada [kachelada] pork
anchovies in vinaigrette stew with eggs, tomato,
boquerones fritos fried fresh onion and boiled potatoes
anchovies cachelos [kachayloss] boiled
brandada de bacalao [bakala- potatoes served with spicy
o] creamy cod purée sausage and bacon
brazo de gitano [bratho day calabacines [kalabatheeness]
Heetano] swiss roll courgettes, zucchini; marrow
brevas [brebass] figs calabaza [kalabatha] pumpkin
broqueta de riñones [broketa calamares a la romana
day reen-yoness] kidney kebabs [kalamaress] squid rings fried
buey [boo-ay] beef in batter
buñuelos [boon-ywayloss] light calamares en su tinta [teenta]
fried pastry squid cooked in their ink
buñuelos de bacalao [bakala- calamares fritos fried squid
o] fried pastry containing caldeirada [kalday-eerada] fish
flaked, dried, salted cod soup
buñuelos de cuaresma caldera de dátiles de mar
rellenos [day kwaresma ray- [kaldaira day dateeless] seafood
yaynoss] light fried pastries stew
with chocolate and cream caldereta de cordero a la
butifarra Catalan sausage pastora [kaldairayta day kordairo]
– contains bacon lamb and vegetable stew
carne picada minced meat
Menu Reader: Food
caldereta gallega [ga-yayga]
vegetable stew carnero [karnairo] mutton
caldo clear soup carnes [karness] meat; meat
caldo de gallina [ga-yeena] dishes
chicken soup carro de queso [kayso] cheese
caldo de perdiz [pairdeeth] board
partridge soup carta menu
caldo de pescado clear fish castaña [kastan-ya] chestnut
soup caza [katha] game
caldo gallego [ga-yaygo] clear cazuela [kathwayla] casserole
soup with green vegetables, cazuela de chichas meat
beans and pork casserole
caldo guanche [gwanchay] soup cazuela de hígado [eegado]
made from potatoes, onions, liver casserole
tomatoes and courgettes/ cebolla [thebo-ya] onion
zucchini cebolletas [thebo-yetass] spring
callos a la madrileña [ka-yoss onions
a la madreelen-ya] tripe cooked cecina [thetheena] dry cured
with chillies meat
camarones [kamaroness] baby centollo [thento-yo] spider crab
prawns centollo relleno [ray-yayno]
canela [kanayla] cinnamon spider crab cooked in its shell
canelones [kaneloness] cerdo [thairdo] pork, pig
canneloni cereza [thairaytha] cherry
cangrejo [kangray-Ho] crab cesta de frutas [thesta day
cangrejos de río river crabs frootass] a selection of fresh
caracoles [karakoless] snails fruit
caracoles a la madrileña champiñón a la crema
[madreelen-ya] snails cooked [champeen-yon – krayma]
with chillies mushrooms in cream sauce
carbonada de buey [boo-ay] champiñón al ajillo [aHee-yo]
beef cooked in beer mushrooms fried with garlic
cardo type of thistle, eaten as champiñón a la plancha
a vegetable grilled mushrooms
carne [karnay] meat champiñones [champeen-yoness]
carne de cerdo [thairdo] pork mushrooms
carne de membrillo [membree- chanfaina [chanfa-eena] rice
yo] quince jelly (dessert) and black pudding stew
carne de vaca [baka] beef chanfaina castellana [kastay-

yana] rice and sheeps’ liver [a-oomado] smoked pork

Menu Reader: Food

stew chops
changurro spider crab cooked chuletas de venado [benado]
in its shell venison chops
chanquetes [chankaytess] fish chuletitas de cordero [day
(like whitebait) kordairo] small lamb chops
chateaubrian [chatobree-an] chuletón large chop
thick steak chuletón de ternera a la diable
chicharros horse mackerel roja [d-yablay roHa] large,
chipirones [cheepeeroness] baby grilled, breaded veal chop
squid churros fried pastry strips
chipirones en su tinta [teenta] cigala [theegala] crayfish
baby squid cooked in their cigalas a la parrilla [parree-ya]
ink grilled crayfish
chipirones rellenos [ray- cigalas cocidas [kotheedass]
yaynoss] stuffed baby squid boiled crayfish
chirimoyas [cheereemo-yass] ciruela [theerwayla] plum,
custard apples greengage
chocos squid ciruelas pasas prunes
chocos con habas [abass] civet de liebre [theebet day
squid with broad beans l-yaybray] marinated hare
chorizo [choreetho] spicy red coca amb pinxes [koka am
sausage peensess] sardine pie
chuleta [choolayta] chop cochinillo asado [kocheenee-yo]
chuleta de buey [day boo-ay] roast sucking pig
beef chop cocido [kotheedo] stew made
chuleta de cerdo [thairdo] pork from meat, chickpeas and
chop vegetables
chuleta de cerdo empanada cocido castellano/madrileño
breaded pork chop [kastay-yano/madreelen-yo] stew
chuleta de cordero [kordairo] made from meat, chickpeas,
lamb chop vegetables etc
chuleta de ternera [tairnaira] cocochas (de merluza)
veal chop [mairlootha] hakes’ gills
chuleta de ternera empanada cóctel de bogavante
breaded veal chop [bogabantay] lobster cocktail
chuletas de gamo venison cóctel de gambas prawn
chops cocktail
chuletas de lomo ahumado cóctel de langostinos king

prawn cocktail
Menu Reader: Food
consomé de pollo [po-yo]
cóctel de mariscos seafood chicken consommé
cocktail contra de ternera con
codillo de cerdo con chucrut guisantes [tairnaira kon
[kodee-yo day thairdo kon geesantess] veal stew with
chookroot] pigs’ trotters with peas
sauerkraut contrafilete de ternera
codoñate [kodon-yatay] cake [kontrafeelaytay day] veal fillet
made with chestnuts, honey copa de helado [elado]
and quince assorted ice cream served in a
codoñate de nueces stemmed glass
[nwaythess] cake made with cordero [kordairo] lamb
walnuts cordero chilindrón lamb stew
codornices [kodorneethess] with onion, tomato, peppers
quail and eggs
codornices con uvas [oobass] corvina [korbeena]
quail stewed with grapes Mediterranean fish, similar
codornices estofadas braised to sea bass
quail costillas de cerdo [kostee-yas
col cabbage day thairdo] pork ribs
coles de Bruselas [koless day costillas de cerdo con chucrut
broosaylass] Brussels sprouts [chookroot] pork ribs with
coliflor cauliflower sauerkraut
coliflor con bechamel crema catalana [krayma] crème
cauliflower cheese caramel
comino cumin cremada dessert made from
conejo [konay-Ho] rabbit egg, sugar and milk
conejo encebollado [enthebo- crema de cangrejos [krayma
yado] rabbit served with day kangray-Hoss] cream of
onions crab soup
conejo estofado braised rabbit crema de espárragos cream
congrio [kongr-yo] conger eel of asparagus soup
consomé al jerez [konsomay crema de espinacas cream of
al Haireth] consommé with spinach soup
sherry crema de legumbres/verduras
consomé con yema [yayma] [legoombrays/bairdoorass] cream
consommé with egg yolk of vegetable soup
consomé de ave [abay] crep(e) pancake
chicken consommé crep(e)s imperiales [eempair-

yaless] crêpe suzette

Menu Reader: Food

empanadillas de chorizo
criadillas [kree-adee-yass] [choreetho] small pies filled
bulls’ testicles; truffles (edible with spicy sausage
fungus); root vegetable endivias [endeeb-yass] endive
criadillas de ternera [tairnaira] ensaimada mallorquina [ensa-
calves’ testicles eemada ma-yorkeena] large,
criadillas de tierra [t-yairra] spiral-shaped bun
truffles (edible fungus) ensalada salad
criadillas en salsa verde ensalada de frutas fruit salad
[bairday] root vegetable in ensalada ilustrada mixed salad
parsley sauce ensalada mixta [meesta] mixed
crocante [krokantay] ice cream salad
with chopped nuts ensalada simple [seemplay]
croquetas [krokaytass] green salad
croquettes ensaladilla [ensaladee-ya]
crudo raw Spanish salad
cuajada [kwaHada] junket, ensaladilla rusa [roosa]
curds Russian salad
entrantes [entrantess] entrées,
dátiles [dateeless] dates starters
dátiles de mar shellfish entrecot a la parrilla [entrekot
delicias de queso [deleeth-yass – parree-ya] grilled entrecôte
day kayso] cheese croquettes steak
dulce de membrillo [doolthay entrecot a la pimienta [peem-
day membree-yo] quince jelly yenta] entrecôte in black
pepper sauce
embutidos cured pork entremés [entremayss] hors
sausages d’oeuvre, starter
embutidos de la tierra [t-yairra] entremeses [entremaysess] hors
local sausages d’oeuvres
empanada gallega [ga-yayga] entremeses de la casa hors
pie with chicken, chorizo d’oeuvres – house speciality
sausage, peppers, ham, entremeses variados
onions and tuna [bar-yadoss] assorted hors
empanada santiaguesa [sant- d’oeuvres
yagaysa] fish pie escabeche de ... [eskabechay]
empanado in breadcrumbs marinated ...
empanadillas [empanadee-yass] escalibada flaked cod and
small pies vegetable salad (Catalan dish)
especialidad speciality
Menu Reader: Food
escalope a la milanesa
[eskalopay] breaded veal espina fishbone
escalope with cheese espinacas spinach
escalope a la parrilla [parree- espinazo de cerdo con
ya] grilled veal patatas [espeenatho day thairdo]
escalope a la plancha grilled pork ribs with potatoes
veal espuma de jamón [day Hamon]
escalope Cordon Bleu veal boiled ham mousse
escalope with ham and estofado stew; stewed
cheese estofado de liebre [l-yaybray]
escalope de cerdo [thairdo] hare stew
pork escalope estofado de liebre con
escalope de lomo de cerdo níscalos hare stew with wild
escalope of fillet of pork mushrooms
escalope de ternera [tairnaira] estofados stews
veal escalope estragón tarragon
escalopines al vino de Marsala
[eskalopeeness – beeno] veal fabada (asturiana) [astoor-yana]
escalopes cooked in wine bean stew with red sausage,
escalopines de ternera black pudding and pork
[tairnaira] veal escalopes fabricación: de fabricación
escarola endive casera homemade
espadín a la toledana kebab faisán [fa-eesan] pheasant
espaguetis italiana faisán trufado [troofado]
[espagayteess eetal-yana] pheasant with truffles
spaghetti farinato fried sausage
espárragos asparagus fiambres [f-yambress] cold
espárragos calientes [kal- meats, cold cuts
yentess] grilled asparagus with fideos [feeday-oss] thin pasta;
béchamel sauce noodles; vermicelli
espárragos dos salsas filete [feelaytay] steak; fillet
asparagus with mayonnaise filete a la parrilla [parree-ya]
and vinagrette dressing grilled beef steak
espárragos en vinagreta filete a la plancha grilled beef
[beenagrayta] asparagus in steak
vinaigrette dressing filete de cerdo [thairdo] pork
espárragos trigueros steak
[treegayross] green asparagus filete de ternera [tairnaira] veal
especia [espayth-ya] spice steak
flan crème caramel prawns with brandy and

Menu Reader: Food

flan con nata crème caramel garlic
with whipped cream gambas al ajillo [aHee-yo]
flan de café [day kafay] coffee- prawns with garlic
flavoured crème caramel gambas a la plancha grilled
flan de caramelo [karamaylo] prawns
crème caramel gambas cocidas [kotheedass]
flan (quemado) al ron [kemado] boiled prawns
crème caramel with rum gambas en gabardina prawns
frambuesa [frambwaysa] in batter
raspberry gambas rebozadas
fresa [fraysa] strawberry [rebothadass] prawns in batter
fresas con nata strawberries garbanzos [garbanthoss]
and cream chickpeas
fritanga al modo de Alicante garbanzos a la catalana
[day aleekantay] dish of fried chickpeas with sausage,
peppers, tuna and garlic boiled eggs and pine nuts
frito fried gazpacho andaluz [gathpacho
fritos de la casa fried hors andalooth] cold soup made
d’oeuvres – house speciality from tomatoes, onions,
fritos variados [bar-yadoss] garlic, peppers and cucumber
fried hors d’oeuvres gazpacho manchego rabbit
fruta fruit stew with tomato and
frutas en almíbar fruit in garlic, sometimes also with
syrup partridge meat
fruta variada [bar-yada] gelatina [Helateena] jelly
assorted fresh fruit gratén de ... ... au gratin
grelo turnip
gachas manchegas type of guisado de cordero [geesado
sweet or savoury porridge day kordairo] stewed lamb
galleta [ga-yayta] biscuit guisado de costillas de
gallina a la cairatraca [ga- ternera [kostee-yass day
yeena a la ka-eeratraka] stewed tairnaira] rib of veal stew
chicken guisado de ternera stewed
gallina en pepitoria [pepeetor- veal
ya] stewed chicken with guisantes [geesantess] peas
peppers, onions and tomato
gamba prawn habas [abass] broad beans
gambas a la americana habas fritas fried young broad

Menu Reader: Food
huevos cocidos [kotheedoss]
habichuelas [abeechwaylass] hard-boiled eggs
haricot beans; white kidney huevos con picadillo
beans [peekadee-yo] eggs with
hamburguesa [amboorgaysa] minced sausage meat
hamburger huevos duros con mayonesa
harina [areena] flour [ma-yonaysa] egg mayonnaise
helado [elado] ice cream huevos escalfados poached
helado de caramelo [karamaylo] eggs
caramel ice cream huevos fritos fried eggs
helado de mantecado dairy huevos fritos con chorizo
ice cream [choreetho] fried eggs with
helado de nata dairy ice Spanish sausage
cream huevos pasados por agua
helado de vainilla [ba-eenee-ya] [ag-wa] boiled eggs
vanilla ice cream huevos rellenos [ray-yaynoss]
hierbas [yairbass] herbs stuffed eggs
hígado [eegado] liver huevos revueltos [rebweltoss]
hígado de ternera estofado scrambled eggs
[tairnaira] braised calves’ liver incluye pan, postre y vino
hígado encebollado [enthebo- includes bread, dessert and
yado] liver in an onion sauce wine
hígado estofado braised liver
higos [eegoss] figs IVA no incluido VAT not
higos secos dried figs included
hornazo [ornatho] Easter cake
horno: al horno baked jamón [Hamon] ham
huevo [waybo] egg jamón con huevo hilado [waybo
huevo duro [dooro] hard- eelado] ham with shredded
boiled egg egg garnish
huevo hilado [eelado] shredded jamón de Jabugo [day Haboogo]
boiled eggs used as a garnish jamón ibérico from Jabugo,
huevo pasado por agua [ag- Huelva
wa] boiled egg jamón ibérico [eebaireeko]
huevos a la española [espan- Spanish ham
yola] fried eggs jamón serrano [sairrano] cured
huevos a la flamenca baked ham, similar to Parma ham
eggs with sausage, tomato, jamón York boiled ham
peas, asparagus and peppers jarrete de ternera [Harraytay day

tairnaira] veal hock leche frita [lechay freeta] slices

Menu Reader: Food

jeta [Heta] pigs’ cheeks of thick custard fried in
jeta rebozada [rebothada] pigs’ breadcrumbs
cheek in batter leche merengada cold
judías [Hoodee-ass] beans milk with meringues and
judías verdes [bairdess] green cinnamon
beans lechuga [lechooga] lettuce
judías verdes a la española lengua [lengwa] tongue
[espan-yola] French bean stew lengua de buey [boo-ay] ox
judías verdes al natural tongue
[natooral] plain green beans lenguado a la parrilla [lengwado
judías verdes con jamón a la parree-ya] grilled sole
[Hamon] French beans with lenguado a la plancha grilled
ham sole
judiones [Hood-yoness] broad lenguado a la romana sole in
beans batter
lenguado al chacolí con
lacón con grelos bacon with hongos [ongoss] sole with
turnip tops mushrooms and white wine
langosta lobster lenguado frito fried sole
langosta a la americana lenguado grillado [gree-yado]
lobster with brandy and grilled sole
garlic lenguado menie/meuniere
langosta a la catalana lobster [men-yair] sole meunière –
with mushrooms and ham in sole coated in flour, fried and
a white sauce served with butter, lemon
langosta con mahonesa juice and parsley
[ma-onaysa] lobster with lenguado rebozado [rebothado]
mayonnaise sole in batter
langosta fría con mayonesa lentejas [lentay-Hass] lentils
cold lobster with mayonnaise lentejas aliñadas [aleen-yadass]
langosta gratinada lobster au lentils in vinaigrette dressing
gratin lentejas onubenses
langostinos a la plancha [onoobensess] lentils with
grilled king prawns spicy sausage, onion and
langostinos dos salsas king garlic
prawns cooked in two sauces liba rebozada [rebothada] sea
laurel [lowrel] bay leaves bass fried in batter
lebrato hare liebre estofada [l-yaybray]

stewed hare trotters
Menu Reader: Food
lima [leema] lime mantecadas small sponge
limón lemon cakes
lombarda red cabbage mantecado vanilla ice cream
lomo curado [koorado] cured mantequilla [mantekee-ya]
pork sausage butter
lomo de liebre [l-yaybray] loin manzana [manthana] apple
of hare manzanas a la malvasía
lonchas de jamón [Hamon] [malbassee-a] apples in syrup
slices of cured ham manzanas asadas baked
longaniza [longaneetha] cooked apples
Spanish sausage mariscada cold mixed
lubina a la cantábrica sea bass shellfish
with garlic, lemon juice and mariscos seafood
white wine mariscos del día fresh shellfish
lubina a la marinera mariscos del tiempo [t-yempo]
[mareenaira] sea bass in a seasonal shellfish
parsley sauce marmitako tuna and vegetable
macarrones [makarroness] mayonesa [ma-yonaysa]
macaroni mayonnaise
macarrones gratinados mazapán [mathapan] marzipan
macaroni cheese medallones de anguila [meda-
macedonia de fruta yoness day angeela] eel steaks
[mathedon-ya] fruit salad medallones de merluza
maduro [madooro] ripe [mairlootha] hake steaks
magdalena [magdalayna] mejillones [may-Hee-yoness]
muffin mussels
magras con tomate [tomatay] mejillones a la marinera
slices of cured ham with [mareenaira] mussels in wine
tomato sauce with garlic and parsley
mahonesa [ma-onaysa] mejillones con salsa mussels
mayonnaise with tomato and herb sauce
maíz [ma-eeth] sweetcorn melocotón peach
mandarinas tangerines melocotones en almíbar
manises [maneesess] peanuts [melokotoness] peaches in
manitas de cordero [kordairo] syrup
leg of lamb melón melon
manos de cerdo [thairdo] pigs’ melón al calisay [kaleesi]

melon with a spirit or

Menu Reader: Food

angulas y almejas [ee almay-
liqueur poured over it Hass] hake fillet with baby
melón con jamón [Hamon] eels and clams
melon with cured ham mermelada [mairmelada] jam;
membrillo [membree-yo] quince marmalade
menestra de legumbres mero [mairo] grouper (fish)
[legoombress] vegetable stew mero a la levantina [lebanteena]
made from pulses grouper with lemon juice
menestra de verduras and rosemary
[bairdoorass] vegetable stew mero en salsa verde [bairday]
menú [menoo] set menu grouper with garlic, parsley
menú de la casa fixed price and white wine sauce
menu miel [m-yel] honey
menú del día today’s set menu mojete [moHay-tay] ‘dipping’
merluza a la castellana sauce for bread, usually made
[mairlootha – kastay-yana] hake from vegetables
with clams, prawns, linseeds, mojojones [moHoHoness]
eggs and chilli mussels
merluza a la cazuela mollejas con setas [mo-yay-
[kathwayla] hake casserole Hass] lambs’ gizzards with
merluza al ajo arriero [aHo arr- mushrooms
yairo] hake with garlic and mollejas de ternera [tairnaira]
chillies calves’ sweetbreads
merluza a la riojana [r-yoHana] mora blackberry
hake with chillies morcilla [morthee-ya] black
merluza a la romana hake pudding, blood sausage
steaks in batter morcilla de ternera [tairnaira]
merluza a la vasca [baska] black pudding made from
hake in a garlic sauce calves’ blood
merluza caldo corto hake with morros de cerdo [thairdo] pigs’
vegetable sauce cheeks
merluza en salsa verde morros de vaca [day baka]
[bairday] hake in parsley and cows’ cheeks
white wine sauce morros de vaca pastora cows’
merluza fría [free-a] cold hake cheeks with vegetables
merluza frita fried hake mortadela salami-type sausage
merluza koskera [koskaira] morteruelo [mortair-waylo]
hake in a garlic sauce breaded minced liver
merluza (lomos de) con mostaza [mostatha] mustard

mousse de limón lemon meat paella
Menu Reader: Food
mousse paella de marisco shellfish
mújol guisado [mooHol geesado] paella
red mullet paella de pollo [po-yo] chicken
nabo turnip paella especial [espeth-yal]
naranja [naranHa] orange paella house speciality
nata cream paella mixta [meesta] shellfish
nata batida whipped cream and chicken paella
natillas [natee-yass] cold paella valenciana [balenth-yana]
custard with cinnamon paella with assorted shellfish
natillas de chocolate and chicken
[chokolatay] cold custard with paleta de cordero lechal
chocolate [kordairo] shoulder of lamb
níscalos wild mushrooms paloma pigeon
nísperos [neespaiross] medlars pan bread
– fruit similar to crab apple panaché de verduras [panachay
nueces [nwaythess] walnuts day bairdoorass] vegetable stew
nuez [nwayth] nut pan blanco white bread
ñoquis [n-yokeess] potato panceta [panthayta] bacon
gnocchi pan de higos [eegoss] dried fig
cake with cinnamon
oca en adobo marinaded pan integral wholemeal bread
goose parrilla: a la parrilla grilled
orejas de cerdo [oray-Has day parrillada de caza [parree-yada
thairdo] pigs’ ears day katha] mixed grilled game
orejas y pie de cerdo [ee p-yay] parrillada de mariscos mixed
pigs’ ears and trotters grilled shellfish
ostra oyster pasas raisins
otros mariscos según precios pasta biscuit; pastry; pasta
en plaza other shellfish, pastel cake; pie
depending on current prices pastel de hígado de cerdo
[eegado day thairdo] pigs’ liver
pa amb tomaquet bread pie
spread with olive oil and pastel de higos [eegoss] fig
tomato sauce cake
paella [pa-ay-ya] fried rice pastel de ternera [tairnaira]
with seafood and chicken veal pie
paella castellana [kastay-yana] pastel de verduras con salsa

Menu Reader: Food
de champiñones silvestres peixo-palo a la marinera [pesho
[bairdoorass –champeen-yoness – mareenaira] stock-fish with
seelbestress] vegetable pie potatoes and tomato
with wild mushroom sauce pepinillos [pepeenee-yoss]
pasteles [pastayless] cakes gherkins
patas de cordero [kordairo] pepinillos en vinagreta
stewed leg of lamb [beenagrayta] gherkins in
patata potato vinaigrette dressing
patatas a la pescadora pepino cucumber
potatoes with fish pera pear
patatas asadas roast potatoes percebes [pairthaybess]
patatas bravas [brabass] barnacles (shellfish)
potatoes in cayenne sauce perdices [pairdeethess]
patatas con nabos potatoes partridges
with turnips perdices a la campesina
patatas estofadas boiled partridges with vegetables
potatoes perdices a la manchega
patatas fritas chips, French partridges cooked in red
fries; crisps, potato chips wine, garlic, herbs and
patitos rellenos [ray-yaynoss] pepper
stuffed duckling perdiz encebollada [pairdeeth
pato duck enthebo-yada] partridge with
pato a la naranja [naran-Ha] onion sauce
duck à l’orange perejil [pairay-Heel] parsley
pavipollo [pabeepo-yo] large pescaditos fritos fried sprats
chicken pescado fish
pavo [pabo] turkey pestiños [pesteen-yoss] sugared
pavo a la Asturiana [astoor- pastries flavoured with
yana] turkey with red wine aniseed
and paprika pestiños con miel [m-yel] fried
pavo relleno a la catalana sugared pastries flavoured
turkey stuffed with sausage, with aniseed and honey
pork and plums pez [payth] fish
pavo trufado turkey stuffed pez espada ahumado
with truffles [a-oomado] smoked swordfish
pecho de ternera [tairnaira] picadillo [peekadee-yo] salad
breast of veal of diced vegetables; stew of
pechuga de pollo [po-yo] pork, bacon, garlic and eggs
breast of chicken picadillo de ternera [tairnaira]

minced veal onion and tomato stew
Menu Reader: Food
pichones estofados plancha: a la plancha grilled
[peechoness] stewed pigeon plátano banana
pimentón paprika plátanos flameados [flamay-
pimienta (negra) [peem-yenta] adoss] flambéed bananas
black pepper platos combinados meat and
pimienta blanca white pepper vegetables, hamburgers and
pimienta de cayena [ka-yayna] eggs etc, mixture of various
cayenne pepper foods served as one dish; set
pimiento pepper menu
pimientos a la riojana pochas con almejas [almay-
[r-yoHana] baked red peppers Hass] white beans with clams
fried in oil and garlic poco hecho [echo] rare
pimientos fritos fried peppers pollo [po-yo] chicken
pimientos morrones pollo al ajillo [aHee-yo] fried
[morroness] strong peppers chicken with garlic
pimientos rellenos [ray-yaynoss] pollo a la parrilla [parree-ya]
stuffed peppers grilled chicken
pimientos verdes [bairdess] pollo a la riojana [r-yoHana]
green peppers chicken with peppers and
pinchitos snacks/appetizers chillies
served in bars; kebabs pollo asado roast chicken
pinchos snacks served in bars pollo braseado [brasay-ado]
pinchos morunos kebabs braised chicken
pintada guinea fowl pollo en cacerola [kathairola]
piña [peen-ya] pineapple chicken casserole
piña al gratén pineapple au pollo en chanfaina [chanfa-
gratin eena] chicken with fried
piña fresca fresh pineapple peppers, onions, tomatoes
piñones [peen-yoness] pine nuts and courgettes/zucchini
piparrada vasca [basca] pollo en pepitoria [pepeetor-ya]
pepper and tomato stew with chicken in wine with saffron,
ham and eggs garlic and almonds
piriñaca [peereen-yaka] tuna pollo reina clamart [ray-eena]
and vegetable salad roast chicken with vegetables
pisto fried peppers, onions, pollos tomateros con
tomatoes and courgettes/ zanahorias [tomatairos kon
zucchini thana-or-yass] baby chickens
pisto manchego marrow, with carrots

Menu Reader: Food

polvorones [polboroness]
sugar-based dessert (eaten at queso de bola Edam
Christmas) queso de Burgos soft white
pomelo grapefruit cheese
postre [postray] dessert queso de cabrales [kabraless]
postre sorpresa al DYC Spanish Roquefort-type
[sorpraysa al deek] whisky- cheese
flavoured dessert queso de cerdo [thairdo]
potaje castellano [potaHay similar to the pork in a pork
kastay-yano] thick broth pie, usually in slices
potaje de garbanzos queso de Idiazábal [eed-
[garbanthoss] chickpea stew yathabal] strong sheeps’ cheese
potaje de habichuelas from the Basque country
[habeechwaylass] white bean queso del país [pa-eess] local
stew cheese
potaje de lentejas [lentay-Hass] queso de oveja [obay-Ha]
lentil stew sheep’s cheese
primer plato starters queso de Roncal strong
pucherete al estilo montañés sheep’s cheese from Navarra
[poochairetay al esteelo montan- queso gallego [ga-yaygo]
yess] black pudding and spicy creamy cheese from Galicia
sausage stew queso manchego hard, strong
puchero canario [poochairo cheese from La Mancha
kanar-yo] casserole of meat, quisquillas [keeskee-yass]
chickpeas and corn shrimps
puerro [pwairro] leek
pulpitos con cebolla [thebo-ya] rábanos radishes
baby octopuses with onions rabas squid rings fried in
pulpo octopus batter
puré de patata [pooray day] rabo de buey [boo-ay] oxtail
potato purée, mashed ración [rath-yon] portion
potatoes ración pequeña para niños
purrusalda cod soup with [pekayn-ya – neen-yoss]
leeks and potatoes children’s portion
PVP price ragout de ternera [ragoot day
tairnaira] veal ragoût
queso [kayso] cheese rape a la americana [rapay]
queso con membrillo [mem- monkfish with brandy and
bree-yo] cheese with quince herbs
scrambled eggs with mixed
Menu Reader: Food
rape a la cazuela [kathwayla]
monkfish casserole vegetables
rape a la plancha grilled riñones a la plancha [reen-
monkfish yoness] grilled kidneys
ravioles [rab-yoless] ravioli riñones al jerez [Haireth]
raya [ra-ya] skate kidneys in a sherry sauce
raya con manteca negra skate rodaballo [rodaba-yo] turbot
in butter and vinegar sauce rodaballo al cava [kaba] turbot
redondo al horno [orno] roast with champagne
fillet of beef romero [romairo] rosemary
redondo de ternera [tairnaira] romesco de pescado mixed
fillet of veal fish
redondo en su jugo [Hoogo] roscas sweet pastries
fillet of beef cooked in its rosquillas [roskee-yass] small
own sauce sweet pastries
relleno [ray-yayno] stuffed; rovellons [robay-yons]
stuffing mushrooms (Catalan)
remolacha beetroot
repollo [repo-yo] cabbage sal salt
repostería de la casa cakes salchicha sausage
and desserts made on the salchichas blancas fried
premises sausages with onions
requesón [rekay-son] cream salchichas de Frankfurt
cheese, curd cheese frankfurters
revuelto de ajos [rebwelto day salchichón cured white
aHoss] scrambled eggs with sausage with pepper
garlic salmón [sal-mon] salmon
revuelto de ajos tiernos salmón ahumado [a-oomado]
[t-yairnoss] scrambled eggs smoked salmon
with spring garlic salmonetes [sal-monaytess] red
revuelto de espárragos mullet
trigueros [treegaiross] salmonetes en papillote
scrambled eggs with [papee-yotay] red mullet
asparagus cooked in foil
revuelto de sesos scrambled salmón frío [sal-mon free-o] cold
eggs with brains salmon
revuelto de setas scrambled salmorejo [salmoray-Ho] thick
eggs with mushrooms sauce made from bread,
revuelto mixto [meesto] tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar,
green pepper and garlic, sesos a la romana brains in

Menu Reader: Food

served cold with hard-boiled batter
eggs and ham sesos rebozados [rebothadoss]
salpicón de mariscos shellfish brains in batter
with vinaigrette dressing setas a la bordalesa
salsa sauce [bordalaysa] mushrooms
salsa ali oli/all-i-oli [alee-olee] cooked in red wine and
garlic mayonnaise onions
salsa bechamel béchamel setas a la plancha grilled
sauce, white sauce mushrooms
salsa de tomate [tomatay] setas rellenas [ray-yaynass]
tomato sauce stuffed mushrooms
salsa holandesa [olandaysa] sobrasada soft red sausage
hollandaise sauce – hot sauce with cayenne pepper
made with eggs and butter soldados de Pavia [pabee-a]
salsa mayonesa [ma-yonaysa] fillets of cod, marinaded and
mayonnaise fried
salsa romesco sauce made solomillo al vino [solomee-yo
from peppers, tomatoes and al beeno] fillet steak with red
garlic wine
salsa tártara tartare sauce solomillo con guisantes
salsa vinagreta [beenagrayta] [geesantess] fillet steak with
vinaigrette dressing peas
salteado [saltay-ado] sautéed solomillo con patatas fritas
sandía [sandee-a] water melon fillet steak with chips/French
sandwich mixto [meesto] fries
cheese and ham sandwich solomillo de cerdo [thairdo]
sangre de cerdo [sangray day fillet of pork
thairdo] pigs’ blood solomillo de ternera [tairnaira]
sardina sardine fillet of veal
sardinas a la asturiana [astoor- solomillo de vaca [baka] fillet
yana] sardines in cider sauce of beef
sardinas a la brasa barbecued solomillo frío [free-o] cold roast
sardines beef
sardinas a la parrilla [parree-ya] solomillo Roquefort [rokayfor]
grilled sardines fillet steak with Roquefort
sardinas fritas fried sardines cheese
segundo plato main course sopa soup
sesos brains sopa al cuarto de hora [kwarto

day ora] soup made from suplemento de verduras extra
Menu Reader: Food
ham, veal, chicken, almonds, vegetables
vegetables and eggs supremas de rodaballo
sopa castellana [kastay-yana] [soopraymass day rodaba-yo] fish
vegetable soup slices
sopa de ajo [day aHo] bread
and garlic soup tallarines [ta-yareeness] noodles
sopa de almendras almond- tallarines a la italiana [eetal-
based pudding yana] tagliatelle
sopa de calducho clear soup tapa de ternera rellena
sopa de cola de buey [boo-ay] [tairnaira ray-yayna] stuffed veal
oxtail soup hock
sopa de fideos [feeday-oss] tapas appetizers
noodle soup tarta cake
sopa de frutos de mar tarta Alaska baked alaska
shellfish soup tarta de almendra almond tart
sopa de gallina [ga-yeena] or gâteau
chicken soup tarta de arroz [arroth] cake or
sopa del día soup of the day tart containing rice
sopa de legumbres tarta de la casa tart or gâteau
[legoombress] vegetable soup baked on the premises
sopa de lentejas [lentay-Hass] tarta helada [elada] ice cream
lentil soup gâteau
sopa de marisco fish and tarta moca mocha tart
shellfish soup tartar crudo raw minced steak,
sopa de pescado fish soup steak tartare
sopa de rabo oxtail soup tejos de queso [tay-Hoss day
sopa de rabo de buey [boo-ay] kayso] cheese pastries
oxtail soup tencas tench
sopa de tortuga [tortooga] tencas con jamón [Hamon]
turtle soup tench with ham
sopa mallorquina [ma-yorkeena] ternera [tairnaira] veal
soup with tomatoes, meat ternera asada roast veal
and eggs tigres [teegress] mussels in
sopa sevillana [sebee-yana] fish cayenne sauce
and mayonnaise soup tocinillo de cielo [totheenee-yo
sorbete [sorbaytay] sorbet day th-yaylo] rich, thick crème
soufflé de fresones [fresoness] caramel
strawberry soufflé todo incluido all inclusive

tomate [tomatay] tomato tortilla de gambas prawn

Menu Reader: Food

tomates rellenos [tomatess ray- omelette
yaynoss] stuffed tomatoes tortilla de jamón [Hamon] ham
tomatics a es forn baked omelette
tomatoes tortilla de morcilla [morthee-ya]
tomillo [tomee-yo] thyme black pudding omelette
tordo thrush tortilla de patata potato
tordos braseados [brassay- omelette
adoss] grilled thrushes tortilla de sesos brains
tordos estofados braised omelette
thrushes tortilla de setas mushroom
torrijas [torree-Hass] sweet omelette
pastries tortilla española [espan-yola]
torta de chicharrones (cold slice of ) Spanish
[cheecharroness] pie filled with omelette with potato, onion
assorted cooked and cured and garlic
meats tortilla francesa [franthaysa]
torta de sardinas sardine pie plain omelette
tortilla [tortee-ya] omelette tortilla granadina omelette
tortilla a la paisana [pa-eesana] with artichokes, asparagus,
omelette containing a variety brains and peppers
of vegetables tortilla sacromonte
tortilla aliada [al-yada] omelette [sakromontay] vegetable, brains
with mixed vegetables and sausage omelette
tortilla al ron omlette with tortillas variadas [bar-yadass]
rum assorted omelettes
tortilla a su gusto omlette tostada toast
made as the customer wishes tostón sucking pig
tortilla de bonito tuna fish tostón asado roast sucking
omlette pig
tortilla de champiñones tournedó fillet steak
[champeen-yoness] mushroom tournedó a la salsa foie [fwa]
omelette fillet steak in pâté sauce
tortilla de chorizo [choreetho] trucha [troocha] trout
spicy sausage omelette trucha ahumada [a-oomada]
tortilla de escabeche smoked trout
[eskabechay] fish omelette trucha con jamón [Hamon]
tortilla de espárragos trout with ham
asparagus omelette trucha escabechada

marinated trout yogur [yo-goor] yoghurt
Menu Reader: Food
truchas a la marinera
[mareenaira] trout in white zanahoria [thana-or-ya] carrot
wine sauce zanahorias a la crema [krayma]
truchas molinera [moleenaira] carrots à la crème
trout meunière – trout zarzuela de mariscos
coated in flour, fried and [tharthwayla day mareeskoss]
served with butter, lemon shellfish stew
juice and parsley zarzuela de pescados y
trufas truffles (edible fungus) mariscos fish and shellfish
trufas al jerez [Haireth] truffles stew
in sherry
turbante de arroz [toorbantay day
arroth] rice served with steak,
sausage, peppers and bacon
turrón [toorron] nougat
turrón de coco coconut
turrón de Alicante [aleekantay]
hard nougat
turrón de yema [yayma] nougat
with egg yolk
turrón de Jijona [HeeHona] soft
txangurro [changoorro] spider
crab cooked in its shell

uvas [oobass] grapes

vaca estofada [baka] stewed

verduras [bairdoorass]
vieiras [bee-ay-eerass] scallops
vinagre [beenagray] vinegar

xoric amb patates [soreek am

patatess] tern with potatoes
(type of swallow)
Menu Reader: Food

Menu Reader: Drink
Essential Terms
beer la cerveza [thairbaytha]
bottle la botella [botay-ya]
brandy el coñac [kon-yak]
coffee el café [kafay]
cup la taza [tatha]
a cup of ... una taza de ...
gin la ginebra [Heenaybra]
gin and tonic un gintónic [Heentoneek]
glass (wine glass) la copa
a glass of ... un vaso de [baso day]
milk la leche [lechay]
mineral water el agua mineral [agwa meenairal]
orange juice (fresh) el zumo de naranja [thoomo day naranHa]
port el Oporto
red wine el vino tinto [beeno teento]
rosé el vino rosado [beeno]
soda (water) la soda
soft drink el refresco
sugar el azúcar [athookar]
tea el té [tay]
tonic (water) la tónica
vodka el vodka [bodka]
water el agua [agwa]
whisky el whisky
white wine el vino blanco [beeno]
wine el vino [beeno]
wine list la lista de vinos [leesta day beenoss]

another ..., please otro/otra ..., por favor [fabor]

agua [ag-wa] water bebidas refrescantes soft

Menu Reader: Drink

agua mineral [meenairal] drinks
mineral water
agua mineral con gas fizzy cacao [kakow] cocoa
mineral water café con leche [lechay] coffee
agua mineral sin gas [seen] with milk (large cup)
still mineral water café cortado coffee with milk
agua potable [potablay] (small cup)
drinking water café descafeinado [deskafay-
Alella [alay-ya] region near eenado] decaffeinated coffee
Barcelona producing red, café escocés [eskothayss] black
white and rosé wines coffee, whisky and vanilla
Alicante [aleekantay] region in ice cream
the south producing red and café instantáneo [eenstantanay-
rosé wines matured in oak o] instant coffee
casks café irlandés [eerlandayss]
Ampurdán region at the black coffee, whisky, vanilla
foot of the Pyrenees which ice cream and whipped
produces rosé wine cream
anís [aneess] aniseed-flavoured café solo black coffee
alcoholic drink café vienés [b-yenayss] black
año vintage coffee and whipped cream
aperitivo aperitif caña (cerveza) [kan-ya thairbay-
tha] 250cc of draught beer
batido milkshake carajillo [karaHee-yo] black
batido de chocolate [day coffee with brandy
chokolatay] chocolate carajillo de ron black coffee
milkshake with rum
batido de fresa [fraysa] carajillo de vodka black coffee
strawberry milkshake with vodka
batido de frutas fruit Cariñena [kareen-yayna] region
milkshake in the north producing red
batido de plátano banana and rosé wines
milkshake carta de vinos [day beenoss]
batido de vainilla [ba-eenee-ya] wine list
vanilla milkshake Cava [kaba] Spanish
bebida drink champagne
bebidas alcohólicas alcoholic cerveza [thairbay-tha] beer,
drinks lager
cerveza de barril draught beer cubata a spirit with a soft
Menu Reader: Drink
Chacolí fruity white wine drink of lemon or cola
produced in the Basque cubito de hielo [yaylo] ice cube
Country cucaracha [kookaracha] tequila
champán [champan] and coffee-flavoured strong
champagne alcoholic drink
champaña [champan-ya]
champagne destornillador [destornee-yador]
chato glass of red wine vodka and orange juice
Cheste [chestay] region to the
west of Valencia producing espumoso sparkling
dry and sweet white wines
chiquito [cheekeeto] glass of gaseosa [gasay-osa] lemonade
red wine ginebra [Heenay-bra] gin
chocolate caliente [chokolatay granizada/granizado
kal-yentay] hot chocolate [graneethada] crushed ice drink
Cigales [theegaless] region in
Valladolid producing light hielo [yaylo] ice
rosé wines horchata (de chufas) [orchata
clara shandy day] milk drink flavoured
cóctel cocktail with tiger nuts
Conca de Barbera [barbaira]
region in Catalonia infusión [eenfooss-yon] herb tea
producing red and white
wines jarra de vino [Harra day beeno]
Condado de Huelva [welba] jug of wine
region in the south jerez [Haireth] sherry
producing dry, mellow and jerez amontillado [amontee-
sweet white wines yado] pale dry sherry
con gas fizzy, sparkling jerez fino pale light sherry
coñac [kon-yak] brandy jerez oloroso sweet sherry
corto (de cerveza) [thairbay-tha] jugo [Hoogo] juice
125cc of draught beer (1/2 jugo de albaricoque [day
caña) albareekokay] apricot juice
cosecha vintage jugo de lima [leema] lime juice
cosechero [kosechairo] red jugo de limón lemon juice
wine of the last vintage jugo de melocotón peach juice
cubalibre [koobaleebray] rum jugo de naranja [naran-Ha]
and cola orange juice

Menu Reader: Drink

jugo de piña [peen-ya]
pineapple juice menta poleo [polay-o] mint tea
jugo de tomate [tomatay] Mentrida central region
tomato juice producing dark-coloured red
Jumilla [Hoomee-ya] region in wines
the south producing dry, Montilla-Moriles [montee-ya-
light red wines and sweet moreeless] region in Andalusia
white wines producing sherry-like white
kirsch strong alcoholic drink mosto grape juice
made from cherries
Oporto port
leche [lechay] milk orujo [orooHo] colourless,
licor liqueur strong alcoholic drink made
licor de avellana [day abay-yana] from wine
hazelnut-flavoured liqueur orujo de miel [m-yayl] orujo
licor de manzana [manthana] with honey
apple-flavoured liqueur
licor de melocotón peach- pacharán strong alcoholic
flavoured liqueur drink made from sloes
licor de melón melon- Penedés [penedayss] region
flavoured liqueur in Catalonia producing in
licor de naranja [naran-Ha] particular sparkling white
orange-flavoured liqueur wines
limonada lemonade Priorato [pree-orato] wine-
lista de precios [prayth-yoss] growing region near
price list Tarragona

Málaga region on the south refresco soft drink

coast producing sweet and reserva especial quality wine
dry white wines matured in casks
Mancha region of the interior Ribeiro [reebay-eero] region in
producing mainly white, but Galicia producing slightly
also red wines sparkling red and white
manzanilla [manthanee-ya] dry wines; type of white wine
sherry-type wine; camomile Rioja [r-yoHa] region in the
tea north producing some of the
media de agua [mayd-ya day finest red and white wines
ag-wa] half-bottle of mineral romeral wine

ron rum type of fruity red wine
Menu Reader: Drink
Valencia [balenth-ya] region on
sangría [sangree-a] mixture of the Mediterranean producing
red wine, lemonade, spirits red and white wines
and fruit Valle de Monterrey [ba-yay day
seco dry montairray] region in Galicia
semidulce [say-mee-doolthay] producing full-bodied red
medium-sweet and white wines
sidra cider vino [beeno] wine
sin gas [seen] still vino blanco white wine
sol y sombra [ee] brandy and vino de aguja [day agooHa]
anís slightly sparkling rosé and
white wines
Tarragona region on the vino de jerez [Haireth] sherry
Mediterranean coast vino del país [pa-eess] local
producing red and white wine
wines vino de mesa [maysa] table
té [tay] tea wine
Tierra Alta [t-yairra] region in vino rosado rosé wine
the province of Tarragona vino tinto red wine
producing red and white viñedo vineyard
tila [teela] lime tea Yecla region in the south
tinto de Toro [teento] dry, red producing smooth red and
wine from Zamora light rosé wines
tónica tonic
tónica con ginebra [Heenebra] zumo [thoomo] fruit juice
gin and tonic zumo de albaricoque [day
albareekokay] apricot juice
Utiel-Requena [oot-yeel-rekayna] zumo de lima [leema] lime
region in Valencia producing juice
mild red and rosé wines zumo de limón lemon juice
zumo de melocotón peach
Valdeorras [balday-orrass] juice
region in Galicia producing zumo de naranja [naranHa]
red and white wines orange juice
Valdepeñas [balday-payn-yass] zumo de piña [peen-ya]
central region producing pale pineapple juice
and dark, fruity red wines; zumo de tomate [tomatay]

tomato juice

Menu Reader: Drink

zurito [thooreeto] 125 cc of
draught beer (1/2 caña)
zurracapote [thoorrakapotay]
wine with sugar and

How the
In this phrasebook, the Spanish has been written in a system
of imitated pronunciation so that it can be read as though it
were English, bearing in mind the notes on pronunciation
given below:
air as in hair
ay as in may
e as in get
g always hard as in goat
H a harsh ‘ch’ as in the Scottish way of pronouncing loch
ī as the ‘i’ sound in might
ow as in now
y as in yes
Letters given in bold type indicate the part of the word to be
As i and u are always pronounced ‘ee’ and ‘oo’ in Spanish,

pronunciation has not been given for all words containing these
letters unless they present other problems for the learner. Thus

Pronunciation / Abbreviations
María is pronounced ‘maree-a’ and fútbol is‘footbol’.

adj adjective pl plural
f feminine pol polite
fam familiar sing singular
m masculine

In the Spanish-English section and Menu Reader, the let-
ter ñ is treated as a separate letter, as is customary in Spanish.
Alphabetically, it comes after n.
An asterisk (*) next to a word in the English-Spanish section
means that you should refer to the How the Language Works
section or conversion tables for further information.
All nouns in Spanish have one of two genders: masculine or
feminine. Generally speaking, those ending in -o are mascu-
el zapato
el thapato
the shoe
Those ending in -a, -d, -z or -ión are usually feminine:

la cama la pensión
la kama la pens-yon
the bed the boarding house
A small number of nouns ending in -o and -a (usually profes-
sions) can be either masculine or feminine:
el/la guía el/la médico

el/la gee-a el/la maydeeko


the tourist guide the doctor

Plural Nouns
If the noun ends in a vowel, the plural is formed by adding

el camino los caminos

el kameeno loss kameenoss
the path the paths
la camarera las camareras
la kamaraira lass kamarairass
the waitress the waitresses
If the noun ends in a consonant, the plural is formed by add-
ing -es:

el conductor los conductores
el kondooktor loss kondooktoress
the driver the drivers
la recepción las recepciones
la rethepth-yon lass rethepth-yoness
the reception desk the reception desks
If the noun ends in a -z, change the -z to -ces to form the
el andaluz los andaluces
el andalooth loss andaloothess
the Andalusian the Andalusians

There are different words for articles (‘the’ and ‘a’) in Spanish
depending on the number (singular or plural) and gender off

the noun. The definite article ‘the’ is as follows:

Nouns / Articles
singular plural
masculine el los
feminine la las

el cuchillo/los cuchillos la piscina/las piscinas

el koochee-yo/loss koochee-yoss la peestheena/lass peestheenass
the knife/the knives the swimming pool/
the swimming pools
When the article el is used in combination with a (to) or de
(of ) it changes as follows:
a + el = al
de + el = del

vamos al museo cerca del hotel

bamoss al moosay-o thairka del otel
let’s go to the museum near the hotel

Plural Articles
The indefinite article (a, an, some) also changes according to
the gender and number of the accompanying noun:
singular plural
masculine un unos
oon oonoss
feminine una unas
oona oonass

un sello unos sellos

oon say-yo oonoss say-yoss
a stamp some stamps

una chica unas chicas

oona cheeka oonass cheekass
a girl some girls

Adjectives and Adverbs

Articles / Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives must agree in gender and number with the noun

they refer to. In the English-Spanish section of this book, all
adjectives are given in the masculine singular. Adjectives end-
ing in -o change as follows for the plural:
el precio alto los precios altos
el preth-yo alto loss preth-yoss altoss
the high price the high prices
The feminine singular of the adjective is formed by changing
the masculine endings as follows:
masculine feminine
-o -a
-or -ora
-és -esa

un cocinero estupendo una cocinera estupenda
oon kotheenairo estoopendo oona kotheenaira estoopenda
a wonderful cook a wonderful cook
un señor encantador una señora encantadora
oon sen-yor enkantador oona sen-yora enkantadora
a nice man a nice woman
un chico inglés una chica inglesa
oon cheeko eenglayss oona cheeka eenglaysa
an English boy an English girl
For other types of adjective, the feminine forms are the same
as the masculine:
un hombre agradable una mujer agradable
oon hombray agradablay oona mooHair agradablay
a nice man a nice woman
Unlike English, Spanish adjectives usually follow the noun.

The plurals of adjectives are formed in the same way as the

Adjectives and Adverbs

plurals of nouns, by adding an -s:
una tumbona roja dos tumbonas rojas
oona toombona roHa doss toombonass roHass
a red deckchair two red deckchairs
The comparative is formed by placing más (more) or menos
(less) before the adjective or adverb and que (than) after it:
bonito más bonito
boneeto mass boneeto
beautiful more beautiful
tranquilo menos tranquilo
trankeelo maynoss trankeelo
quiet less quiet

este hotel
h l es más/menos
á / caro que ell otro
estay otel es mass/maynoss karo kay el otro
this hotel is more/less expensive than the other one
¿tiene una habitación más soleada?
t-yaynay oona abeetath-yon mass solay-ada
do you have a sunnier room?
¿podría conducir más deprisa, por favor?
podree-a kondootheer mass depreesa por fabor
could you drive faster please?
Superlatives are formed by placing one of the following before
the adjective: el más, la más, los más or las más (depending
on the noun’s gender and number):
¿cuál es el más divertido?
kwal ess el mass deebairteedo

which is the most entertaining?

Adjectives and Adverbs

el día más caluroso el coche más rápido

el dee-a mass kalooroso el kochay mass rapido
the hottest day the fastest car
The following adjectives have irregular comparatives and
bueno mejor el mejor
bwayno meHor el meHor
good better the best
grande mayor el mayor
granday mī-or el mī-or
big bigger the biggest
older the oldest
malo peor el peor
malo pay-or el pay-or
bad worse the worst
pequeño menor el menor
peken-yo menor el menor
small younger the youngest
Note that más pequeño means ‘smaller’.
As ... as ... is translated as follows:
Madrid está tan bonita como siempre!
madree esta tan boneeta komo s-yempray
Madrid is as beautiful as ever!
The superlative form ending in -ísimo indicates that some-
thing is ‘very/extremely ... ’ without actually comparing it
to something else:
guapo guapísimo
gwapo gwapisimo
attractive very attractive

There are two ways to form an adverb. If the adjective ends in

Adjectives and Adverbs

-o, take the feminine and add -mente to form the correspond-
ing adverb:
exacto exactamente
esakto esaktamente
accurate accurately
If the adjective ends in any other letter, add -mente to the
basic form:
feliz felizmente
feleeth feleethmentay
happy happily
Possessive Adjectives
Possessive adjectives, like other Spanish adjectives, agree with
the noun in gender and number:

singular plural
masc fem masc fem

my mi mi mis mis
mee mee meess meess
your (sing, fam) tu tu tus tus
too too tooss tooss
his/her/its/your (sing, pol) su su sus sus
soo soo sooss sooss
our nuestro nuestra nuestros nuestras
nwestro nwestra nwestross nwestrass
your (pl, fam) vuestro vuestra vuestros vuestras
bwestro bwestra bwestross bwestrass
their/your (pl, pol) su su sus sus
soo soo sooss sooss

tu bolsa sus pastillas

too bolsa sooss pastee-yass

your bag his/her/your tablets

Adjectives and Adverbs

vuestra maleta nuestros trajes de baño

bwestra malayta nwestross traHess day ban-yo
your suitcase our swimming costumes
If when using su/sus, it is unclear whether you mean ‘his’,
‘her’, ‘your’ or ‘their’, you can use the following after the
noun instead:
de él day el his
de ella day ay-ya her
de Usted day oostay your (sing, pol)
de ellos day ay-yoss their (masculine)
de ellas day ay-yass their (feminine)
de Ustedes day oostaydess your (pl, pol)
el dinero de usted el dinero de ella el dinero de él
el deenairo day oostay el deenairo day ay-ya el deenairo day el
your money her money his money
Possessive Pronouns
To translate ‘mine’, ‘yours’ ‘theirs’ etc, use one of the fol-
lowing forms. Like possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns
must agree in gender and number with the object or objects
referred to:
singular plural
masculine feminine masculine feminine
mine el mío la mía los míos las mías
el mee-o la mee-a los mee-oss las mee-ass
yours (sing, fam) el tuyo la tuya los tuyos las tuyas
el too-yo la too-ya loss too-yoss lass too-yass
his/hers el suyo la suya los suyos las suyas
el soo-yo la soo-ya loss soo-yoss lass soo-yass
yours (sing, pol) el suyo la suya los suyos las suyas
el soo-yo la soo-ya loss soo-yoss lass soo-yass
ours el nuestro la nuestra los nuestros las nuestras

el nwestro la nwestra loss nwestross lass nwestrass
yours (pl, fam) el vuestro la vuestra los vuestros las vuestras

Possessive Pronouns
el bwestro la bwestra loss bwestross lass bwestrass
theirs el suyo la suya los suyos las suyas
el soo-yo la soo-ya loss soo-yoss lass soo-yass
yours (pl, pol) el suyo la suya los suyos las suyas
el soo-yo la soo-ya loss soo-yoss lass soo-yass

ésta es su llave y ésta la mía

esta ess soo yabay ee esta la mee-a
this is your key and this is mine
no es la suya, es de sus amigos
no ess la soo-ya ess day sooss ameegoss
it’s not his, it’s his friends’

Personal Pronouns
Subject Pronouns
yo yo I
tú too you (sing, fam)
él el he/it
ella ay-ya she/it
ello ay-yo it
usted oostay you (sing, pol)
nosotros nosotross we (masculine)
nosotras nosotrass we (feminine)
vosotros bosotross you (pl, fam, masculine)
vosotras bosotrass you (pl, fam, feminine)
ellos ay-yoss they (masculine)
ellas ay-yass they (feminine)
ustedes oostaydess you (pl, pol)
is used when speaking to one person and is the familiar

form generally used when speaking to family, friends and
Personal Pronouns

children. Vosotros/vosotras is the plural form of tú.

Usted and Ustedes are the polite forms of address to be used
when talking to someone you don’t know. They take the third
person forms of verbs: Usted takes the same form as ‘he/she//
it’; Ustedes takes the same form as ‘they’.
In Spanish the subject pronoun is usually omitted:
no saben está cansado
no saben esta kansado
they don’t know he is tired
although it may be retained for emphasis or to avoid confu-
¡soy yo! ¡somos nosotros!
soy yo somoss nosotross
it’s me! it’s us!
yo pagaré los bocadillos, tú pagas las cervezas
yo pagaray loss bokadee-yoss too pagass lass thairbaythass
I’ll pay for the sandwiches, you pay for the beers
él es inglés y ella es americana
el ess eenglayss ee ay-ya ess amaireekana
he’s English and she’s American
The pronouns as listed above are also used after prepositions:
para usted con él
para oostay kon el
for you with him
sin ella después de usted
seen ay-ya despwayss day oostay
without her after you
The exceptions are yo, which is replaced by mí, and tú which
is replaced by ti:
eso es para míí/ti

eso es para mee/tee

Personal Pronouns
that’s for me/you
After con (with) míí and ti change as follows:
with me/you
Object Pronouns
me [may] me
te [tay] you (sing, fam)
le [lay] him, you (pl, pol)
lo [lo] it
la [la] her/it, you (sing, pol)
nos [noss] us
os [oss] you (pl, fam)
les/los [less/loss] them, you (pl, pol, masculine)
las [lass] them, you (pl, pol, feminine)
Object pronouns generally precede the verb:
me la dio ayer las compré para ella
may la dee-o a-yair lass kompray para ay-ya
she gave it to me yesterday I bought them for her
When used with infinitives, pronouns are added to the end off
the infinitive:
¿puede llevarme al aeropuerto?
pwayday yebarmay al airopwairto
can you take me to the airport?
intentaré recordarlo
eententaray rekordarlo
I’ll try and remember it
When used with commands, pronouns are added to the end off
the imperative form. See Imperative page 259.

If you are using an indirect pronoun to mean ‘to me’, ‘to

you’ etc (although ‘to’ might not always be necessarily said in
Personal Pronouns

English), you generally use the following:

me [may] to me
te [tay] to you (sing, fam)
le [lay] to him/to her, to you (sing, pol)
nos [noss] to us
os [oss] to you (pl, fam)
les [less] to them, to you (pl, pol)
le compré flores le pedí su dirección
lay kompray floress lay pedee soo deerekth-yon
I bought flowers for her I asked him for his address
Reflexive Pronouns
These are used with reflexive verbs like lavarse ‘to wash (one-
self )’, that is where the subject and the object are one and the
same person:

me [may] myself (used with I)
te [tay] yourself (used with singular, familiar ‘you’)
se [say] him/her/itself (used with singular, polite ‘you’)
nos [noss] ourselves (used with ‘we’)
os [oss] yourselves (used with plural, familiar ‘you’)
se [say] themselves (used with ‘they’ and plural, polite
presentarse to introduce oneself
me presento: me llamo Richard
may presento: may yamo Richard
may I introduce myself ? my name’s Richard
divertirse to enjoy oneself
nos divertimos mucho en la fiesta
noss deebairteemoss moocho en la f-yesta
we enjoyed ourselves a lot at the party

N P e r s o n a l P r o n o u n s / D e m o n s t r a t i v e s
The English demonstrative adjective ‘this’ is translated by the
Spanish este. ‘That’ is translated by ese and ‘that (over there//
further away)’ is translated by aquel.
Ese refers to something near to the person being spoken to.
Aquel refers to something further away.

Like other adjectives, they agree with the noun they qualify
in gender and number but they come in front of the noun.
Their forms are:
masculine singular feminine singular
este ese aquel esta esa aquella
estay aysay akel esta aysa akay-ya

masculine plural feminine plural

estos esos aquellos estas esas aquellas
estoss aysoss akay-yoss estass aysass akay-yass

este restaurante ese camarero aquella playa
estay restowrantay aysay kamarairo akay-ya pla-ya
this restaurant that waiter that beach (in the distance)
‘This one’, ‘that one’, ‘those’, ‘these’ etc (as pronouns) are
translated by the same words as above only they are spelt with
an é:
éste ése aquél
estay aysay akel
this one that one that one (over there)
quisiera éstos/ésos/aquéllos
kees-yaira estoss/aysoss/akay-yoss
I’d like these/those/those (over there)
The neuter forms esto/eso/aquello are used when no particu-
lar noun is being referred to:
esto eso aquello

esto ayso akay-yo

D e m o n s t r a t i v e s / Ve r b s

eso no es justo ¿qué es esto?

ayso no ess Hoosto kay ess esto
that’s not fair what is this?

The basic form of the verb given in the English-Spanish
and Spanish-English sections is the infinitive (e.g. to drive,
to go etc). There are three verb types in Spanish which can
be recognized by their infinitive endings: -ar, -er, -ir. For
hablar [ablar] to talk
comer [komair] to eat
abrir [abrir] to open

Present Tense
The present tense corresponds to ‘I leave’ and ‘I am leaving’
in English. To form the present tense for the three main types
of verb in Spanish, remove the -ar, -err or -irr and add the fol-
lowing endings:
hablar to speak

habl-o [ablo] I speak

habl-as [ablass] you speak (sing, fam)
habl-a [abla] he/she speaks, you speak (sing, pol)
habl-amos [ablamoss] we speak
habl-áis [abla-eess] you speak (pl, fam)
habl-an [ablan] they speak, you speak (pl, pol)
comer to eat

com-o [komo] I eat

com-es [komess] you eat (sing, fam)

com-e [komay] he/she eats, you eat (sing, pol)
com-emos [komaymoss] we eat

Ve r b s
com-éis [komay-eess] you eat (pl, fam)
com-en [komen] they eat, you eat (pl, pol)
abrir to open

abr-o [abro] I open

abr-es [abress] you open (sing, fam)
abr-e [abray] he/she opens, you open (sing, pol)
abr-imos [abreemoss] we open
abr-ís [abreess] you open (pl, fam)
abr-en [abren] they open, you open (pl, pol)
Some common verbs are irregular:
haber to have
he [ay] I have
has [ass] you have (sing, fam)
ha [a] he/she/it has, you have (sing, pol)
hemos [aymoss] we have
habéis [abay-eess] you have (pl, fam)
han [an] they have, you have (pl, pol)
tener to have venir to come
tengo [tengo] vengo [bengo]
tienes [t-yayness] vienes [b-yayness]
tiene [t-yaynay] viene [b-yaynay]
tenemos [tenaymoss] venimos [beneemoss]
tenéis [tenay-eess] venís [beneess]
tienen [t-yaynen] vienen [b-yaynen]
ir to go dar to give
voy [boy] doy [doy]
vas [bass] das [dass]
va [ba] da [da]
vamos [bamoss] damos [damoss]
vais [ba-eess] dais [da-eess]

van [ban] dan [dan]

poder to be able querer to want
Ve r b s

puedo [pwaydo] quiero [k-yairo]

puedes [pwaydess] quieres [k-yairess]
puede [pwayday] quiere [k-yairay]
podemos [podaymos] queremos [kairaymoss]
podéis [poday-eess] queréis [kairay-eess]
pueden [pwayden] quieren [k-yairen]
The first person singular (the ‘I’ form) of the following verbs
is irregular:
decir to say digo [deego]
hacer to do, to make hago [a-go]
poner to put pongo [pongo]
saber to know sé [say]
salir to go out salgo [salgo]
See pages 256-257 for the present tense of the verbs serr and
estarr ‘to be’.

Past Tense:


Perfect Tense
The perfect tense is used to express an action that has taken
place in the past. It is formed with the present tense of haberr
(see page 249) and the past participle of the verb.
To form the past participles, make the following
changes to the infinitive forms:
infinitive past participle
hablar hablado [ablado]
comer comido [komeedo]
encendir encendido [enthendeedo]

hemos dado una propina hemos comido bien

aymoss dado oona propeena aymoss komeedo b-yen
we have given a tip we’ve eaten well,
we’ve had a good meal

he encendido la luz

Ve r b s
ay enthendeedo la looth
I (have) put the light on
Some common verbs are irregular in this past tense (including
the verb ‘abrir’ used as a model for other tenses).
hacer to do/make hecho [aycho]
abrir to open abierto [ab-yairto]
decir to say dicho [deecho]
volver to return vuelto [bwelto]
poner to put puesto [pwesto]
ver to see visto [beesto]
satisfacer to satisfy satisfecho [sateesfecho]

Past Historic
The Past Historic is used to express what happened or what
somebody did at a particular time in the past.

habl-é [ablay] I spoke
habl-aste [ablastay] you spoke (sing, fam)
habl-ó [ablo] he/she spoke, you spoke (sing, pol)
habl-amos [ablamoss] we spoke
habl-asteis [ablastay-eess] you spoke (pl, fam)
habl-aron [ablaron] they spoke, you spoke (pl, pol)

com-í [komee] I ate

com-iste [komeestay] you ate (sing, fam)
com-ió [komi-o] he/she ate, you ate (sing, pol)
com-imos [komeemoss] we ate
com-isteis [komeestay-eess] you ate (pl, fam)
com-ieron [kom-yairon] they ate, you ate (pl, pol)

abr-í [abree] I opened

abr-iste [abreestay] you opened (sing, fam)
abr-ió [abri-o] he/she opened, you opened

(sing, pol)
abr-imos [abreemoss] we opened
Ve r b s

abr-isteis [abreestay-eess] you opened (pl, fam)

abr-ieron [abr-yairon] they opened, you opened (pl, pol)
¿quién te dijo eso? nos conocimos en Málaga
k-yen tay deeHo ayso noss konotheemoss en malaga
who told you that? we met each other in Malaga
lo compramos el año pasado
lo kompramoss el an-yo pasado
we bought it last year
Imperfect Tense
This tense is used to express what was going on regularly over
an indefinite period of time and is sometimes translated by
‘used to + infinitive’. It is formed as follows:

hablar to speak

habl-aba [ablaba] I was speaking

habl-abas [ablabass] you were speaking
(sing, fam)
habl-aba [ablaba] he/she/it was speaking, you
were speaking (sing, pol)
habl-ábamos [ablabamoss] we were speaking
habl-abais [ablaba-eess] you were speaking (pl, fam)
habl-aban [ablaban] they were speaking, you
were speaking (pl, polite)
comer to eat

com-ía [komee-a] I was eating

com-ías [komee-ass] you were eating (sing, fam)
com-ía [komee-a] he/she/it was eating, you
were eating (sing, pol)
com-íamos [komee-amoss] we were eating

com-íais [komee-a-eess] you were eating (pl, fam)
com-ían they were eating, you were

Ve r b s
eating (pl, pol)
abrir to open

abr-ía [abree-a] I was opening

abr-ías [abree-ass] you were opening
(sing, fam)
abr-ía [abree-a] he/she/it was opening,
you were opening (sing, pol)
abr-íamos [abree-amoss] we were opening
abr-íais [abree-a-eess] you were opening (pl, fam)
abr-ían [abree-an] they were opening, you
were opening (pl, pol)
Two other useful regular verbs in the imperfect tense are:

tener to have

tenía [tenee-a] I had

tenías [tenee-ass] you had (sing, fam)
tenía [tenee-a] he/she/it had, you had (sing, pol)
teníamos [tenee-amoss] we had
teníais [tenee-a-eess] you had (pl, fam)
tenían [tenee-an] they had, you had (pl, pol)
estar to be

estaba [estaba] I was

estabas [estabass] you were (sing, fam)
estaba [estaba] he/she/it was, you were (sing, pol)
estábamos [estabamoss] we were
estabais [estaba-eess] you were (pl, fam)
estaban [estaban] they were, you were (pl, pol)
The following are irregular in the imperfect tense:

ir to go
Ve r b s

iba [eeba] I was going

ibas [eebass] you were going (sing, fam)
iba [eeba] he/she/it was going, you were
going (sing, pol)
íbamos [eebamoss] we were going
ibais [eeba-eess] you were going (pl, fam)
iban [eeban] they were going, you were going
(pl, pol)
ser to be (see page 256 for more on this)

era [aira] I was

eras [airass] you were (sing, fam)
era [aira] he/she/it was, you were (sing, pol)
éramos [airamoss] we were
erais [aira-eess] you were (pl, fam)
eran [airan] they were, you were (pl, pol)

todos los viernes salíamos a dar un paseo
todos loss b-yairness salee-amoss a dar oon passay-o
every Friday we used to go for a walk, every Friday we
went for a walk
Future Tense
To form the future tense in Spanish (I will do, you will do etc)
add the following endings to the infinitive. The same endings
are used whether verbs end in -ar, -err or -ir:
hablar-é [ablaray] I will speak
hablar-ás [ablarass] you will speak
hablar-á [ablara] he/she/you will speak
hablar-emos [ablaraymoss] we will speak
hablar-éis [ablaray-eess] you will speak
hablar-án [ablaran] they/you will speak
volveré más tarde
bolbairay mass tarday

I’ll come back later

Ve r b s
The immediate future can also be translated by ir + a + infini-
vamos a comprar una botella de vino tinto
bamoss a komprar oona botay-ya day beeno teento
we’re going to buy a bottle of red wine
iré a recogerle
eeray a raykoHairlay
I’ll fetch him, I’ll go and fetch him
Sometimes the future tense in Spanish indicates probability:
será verdad
saira bairda
it might be true
In Spanish, as in English, the future can sometimes be
expressed by the present tense:
tu avión sale a la una
too aby-on salay a la oona
your plane takes off at one o’clock
However, Spanish often uses the present tense where the
future would be used in English:
le doy ochocientas pesetas
lay doy ochoth-yentass pesaytass
I’ll give you 800 pesetas
The following verbs are irregular in the future tense:
decir to say diré
I will say
hacer to do haré
poder to be able podré
poner to put pondré
querer to want querré

saber to know sabré

salir to leave saldré
Ve r b s

tener to have tendré

venir to come vendré

The Verb ‘To Be’

There are two verbs ‘to be’ in Spanish: serr and estar. The
present tense is as follows:

soy [soy] I am
eres [airess] you are (sing, fam)
es [ess] he/she/it is, you are (sing, pol)
somos [somoss] we are
sois [soyss] you are (pl, fam)
son [son] they are, you are (pl, pol)


estoy [estoy] I am
estás [estass] you are (sing, fam)
está [esta] he/she/it is, you are (sing, pol)
estamos [estamoss] we are
estáis [esta-eess] you are (pl, fam)
están [estan] they are, you are (pl, pol)
Serr indicates an inherent quality, a permanent state or charac-
teristic, something which is unlikely to change:
la nieve es blanca
la n-yaybay ess blanka
snow is white
Serr is also used with occupations, nationalities, the time and
to indicate possession:

somos escoceses mi madre es profesora
somoss eskothaysess mi madray ess profesora

Ve r b s
we are Scottish my mum is a teacher
éste es nuestro coche son las cinco de la tarde
estay ess nwestro kochay son lass theenko day la tarday
this is our car it’s five o’clock in the afternoon
Estar, on the other hand, is used for temporary qualities, for
things which could change:
estoy enfadado contigo estoy cansado
estoy enfadado konteego estoy kansado
I’m angry with you I’m tired
este filete está frío
estay feelaytay esta free-o
this steak is cold
Notice the difference between the following two phrases:

Isabel es muy guapa Isabel está muy guapa (esta noche)
Isabel ess mwee gwapa Isabel esta mwee gwapa esta nochay
Isabel is very pretty Isabel looks very pretty (tonight)
Estarr is also used to indicate position and situation:

Barcelona está en Cataluña

barthelona esta en kataloon-ya
Barcelona is in Catalonia
To express a negative in Spanish, to say ‘I don’t want’, ‘it’s not
here’ etc, place the word no in front of the verb:
comprendo no comprendo
komprendo no komprendo
I understand I don’t understand
me gusta este helado no me gusta este helado
may goosta aystay elado no may goosta aystay elado

I like this ice cream I don’t like this ice cream

Ve r b s

lo alquilé aquí no lo alquilé aquí

lo alkeelay akee no lo alkeelay akee
I rented it here I didn’t rent it here
van a cantar no van a cantar
ban a kantar no ban a kantar
they’re going to sing they’re not going to sing
Unlike English, Spanish makes use of double negatives with
words like nothing/anything or nobody/anybody:
no hay nadie ahí no compramos nada
no ī nad-yay a-ee no kompramoss nada
there’s nobody there we didn’t buy anything
no sabemos nada de ella
no sabaymoss nada day ay-ya
we don’t know anything about her

To say ‘there’s no ...’, ‘I’ve no ...’ etc, make the accompanying


verb negative:
no hay vino no tengo cerillas
no ī beeno no tengo thairee-yass
there’s no wine I’ve no matches
To say ‘not him’, ‘not her’ etc just use the personal pronoun
followed by no:
nosotros, no ella, no yo, no
nosotross no ay-ya no yo no
not us not her not me
When speaking to people using the Usted or Ustedes forms,
you make commands by removing the -ar, -err or -irr from the
infinitive and adding these endings:
singular plural

hablar to speak habl-e ablay habl-en ablen

Ve r b s
comer to eat com-a koma com-an koman
abrir to open abr-a abra abr-an abran

coma despacio
koma despath-yo
eat slowly
When you are telling someone not to do something, use the
forms above and place no in front of the verb:
no me moleste, por favor ¡no beba alcohol!
no may molestay por fabor no bayba alkohol
don’t disturb me, please don’t drink alcohol!
¡no venga esta noche!
no benga esta nochay
don’t come tonight

To form the imperative used to give commands to people you
would normally address as tú and vosotros, remove the end-
ings -ar, -er, and -irr from the verb and add these endings:
tú vosotros
hablar (to speak) habl-a [abla] habl-ad [ablad]
comer (to eat) com-e [komay] com-ed [komayd]
abrir (to open) abr-e [abray] abr-id [abreed]

To form a negative imperative to people addressed as tú and

vosotros, no is placed in front of the verb and the endings
tú vosotros
habla no habl-es [no abless] hablad no habl-éis [no ablay-eess]
come no com-as [no komass] comed no com-áis [no koma-eess]
abre no abras [no abrass] abrid no abr-áis [no abra-eess]

por favor, no hables tan rápido (to one person)


por fabor no abless tan rapeedo

please don’t speak so fast
Ve r b s

por favor, no habléis tan rápido (to several people)

por fabor no ablay-eess tan rapeedo
please don’t speak so fast
Pronouns are added to the end of the imperative form:
despiérteme a las ocho, por favor
desp-yairtemay a lass ocho por fabor
wake me up at eight o’clock, please
bébelo ciérralas
baybelo th-yairalass
drink it close them
ayúdeme, por favor
a-yoodemay por fabor
help me please

but when the imperative is negative, they are placed in front


of it:
no lo bebas no las cierres
no lo baybass no lass th-yairess
don’t drink it don’t close them

Often the word order remains the same in a question, but the
intonation changes, the voice rising at the end of the ques-
quiero bailar ¿no quieres bailar?
k-yairo ba-eelar no k-yairess ba-eelar
I want to dance don’t you want to dance?


Use the numbers on pages 263-264 to express the date. In

Ve r b s / Q u e s t i o n s / D a t e s
formal Spanish, the ordinal number may be used for ‘the first’,
but not for other dates:
el uno/el primero de septiembre [oono/el preemairo day sept-
yembray] the first of September
el dos de diciembre [doss day deeth-yembray] the second of
el treinta de mayo [tray-eenta day ma-yo] the thirtieth of May
el treinta y uno de mayo [tray-eentī oono day ma-yo] the thirty-
first of May

Sunday domingo
Monday lunes [looness]
Tuesday martes [martess]
Wednesday miércoles [m-yairkoless]
Thursday jueves [Hwaybess]
Friday viernes [b-yairness]
Saturday sábado

January enero [enairo]
February febrero [febrairo]
March marzo [martho]
April abril
May mayo [mī-yo]
June junio [Hoon-yo]

July julio [Hool-yo]

August agosto
Time / Months / Time

September septiembre [sept-yembray]

October octubre [oktoobray]
November noviembre [nob-yembray]
December diciembre [deeth-yembray]

what time is it? ¿qué hora es? [kay ora ess]
one o’clock la una [la oona]
two o’clock las dos [lass doss]
it’s one o’clock es la una [ess la oona]
it’s two o’clock son las dos [son lass doss]
it’s ten o’clock son las diez [son lass d-yeth]
five past one la una y cinco [la oona ee theenko]
ten past two las dos y diez [lass doss ee d-yeth]

quarter past one la una y cuarto [la oona ee kwarto]


quarter past two las dos y cuarto [lass doss ee kwarto]
half past ten las diez y media [lass d-yeth ee mayd-ya]
twenty to ten las diez menos veinte [lass d-yeth maynoss
quarter to ten las diez menos cuarto [lass d-yeth maynoss kwarto]
at eight o’clock a las ocho [a lass ocho]
at half past four a las cuatro y media [a lass kwatro ee mayd-ya]
2 a.m. las dos de la mañana [lass doss day la man-yana]
2 p.m. las dos de la tarde [lass doss day la tarday]
6 a.m. las seis de la mañana [lass say-eess day la man-yana]
6 p.m. las seis de la tarde [lass say-eess day la tarday]
noon mediodía [mayd-yo dee-a]
midnight medianoche [mayd-ya nochay]
an hour una hora [oona ora]
a minute un minuto [oon meenooto]
two minutes dos minutos [doss meenootoss]

a second un segundo [oon segoondo]
a quarter of an hour un cuarto de hora [kwarto day ora]

Time / Numbers
half an hour media hora [mayd-ya ora]
three quarters of an hour tres cuartos de hora [tress kwartoss day

0 cero [thairo] 10 diez [d-yeth]
1 uno, una [oono, oona] 11 once [onthay]
2 dos [doss] 12 doce [dothay]
3 tres [tress] 13 trece [traythay]
4 cuatro [kwatro] 14 catorce [katorthay]
5 cinco [theenko] 15 quince [keenthay]
6 seis [say-eess] 16 dieciséis [d-yetheesay-eess]
7 siete [s-yaytay] 17 diecisiete [d-yethees-
8 ocho [ocho] yaytay]
9 nueve [nwaybay] 18 dieciocho [d-yethee-ocho]

19 diecinueve [d-yetheenwaybay]
20 veinte [bay-eentay]
21 veintiuno [bay-eentee-oono]
22 veintidós [bay-eenteedoss]
23 veintitrés [bay-eenteetress]
30 treinta [tray-eenta]
31 treinta y uno [tray-eentī oono]
40 cuarenta [kwarenta]
50 cincuenta [theenkwenta]
60 sesenta [sesenta]
70 setenta [setenta]
80 ochenta [ochenta]
90 noventa [nobenta]
100 cien [th-yen]
120 ciento veinte [th-yento bay-eentay]
200 doscientos, doscientas [dosth-yentoss, dosth-yentass]
300 trescientos, trescientas [tresth-yentoss,

400 cuatrocientos, cuatrocientas [kwatroth-yentoss,


500 quinientos, quinientas [keen-yentoss, keen-yentass]
600 seiscientos, seiscientas [say-eesth-yentoss, say-eesth-
700 setecientos, setecientas [seteth-yentoss,
800 ochocientos, ochocientas [ochoth-yentoss,
900 novecientos, novecientas [nobeth-yentoss,
1,000 mil [meel]
2,000 dos mil [doss meel]
5,000 cinco mil [theenko meel]
10,000 diez mil [d-yeth meel]
1,000,000 un millón [meel-yon]
When uno is used with a masculine noun, the final -o is
un coche
oon kochay
one car
una is used with feminine nouns:

una bicicleta
oona beetheeklayta
one bike
With multiples of a hundred, the -as ending is used with
feminine nouns:
trescientos hombres quinientas mujeres
tresth-yentoss ombress keen-yentass mooHairess
300 men 500 women
1st primero [preemairo]
2nd segundo [segoondo]

3rd tercero [tairthairo]

4th cuarto [kwarto]
5th quinto [keento]
6th sexto [sesto]
7th séptimo [septeemo]
8th octavo [oktabo]
9th noveno [nobayno]
10th décimo [detheemo]

Conversion Tables
1 centimetre = 0.39 inches 1 inch = 2.54 cm
1 metre = 39.37 inches = 1.09 yards 1 foot = 30.48 cm
1 kilometre = 0.62 miles = 5/8 mile 1 yard = 0.91 m
1 mile = 1.61 km
km 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 40 50 100
miles 0.6 1.2 1.9 2.5 3.1 6.2 12.4 18.6 24.8 31.0 62.1

miles 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 40 50 100
km 1.6 3.2 4.8 6.4 8.0 16.1 32.2 48.3 64.4 80.5 161

1 gram = 0.035 ounces 1 kilo = 1000 g = 2.2 pounds

g 100 250 500 1 oz = 28.35 g
oz 3.5 8.75 17.5 1 lb = 0.45 kg

kg 0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

lb 1.1 2.2 4.4 6.6 8.8 11.0 13.2 15.4 17.6 19.8 22.0
C o n v e r s i o n Ta b l e s

kg 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
lb 44 66 88 110 132 154 176 198 220

lb 0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20
kg 0.2 0.5 0.9 1.4 1.8 2.3 2.7 3.2 3.6 4.1 4.5 9.0

1 litre = 1.75 UK pints / 2.13 US pints

1 UK pint = 0.57 l 1 UK gallon = 4.55 l
1 US pint = 0.47 l 1 US gallon = 3.79 l
centigrade / Celsius °C = (°F - 32) x 5/9
°C -5 0 5 10 15 18 20 25 30 36.8 38
°F 23 32 41 50 59 64 68 77 86 98.4 100.4

Fahrenheit °F = (°C x 9/5) + 32

°F 23 32 40 50 60 65 70 80 85 98.4 101
°C -5 0 4 10 16 18 21 27 29 36.8 38.3







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