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The Republic of Tunisia Ministry of Communication Tunis, Tunisia Marco Ganouna PO Box 15065 Beverly Hills, CA 90209 USA Date: September 22, 2010 Dear Sir/ Madam, This letter authorizes Mr. Marco Ganouna & IX Technology to communicate on my behalf with representatives of the Daily Motion company and to act in all related matters, negotiate, discuss and enter into agreements as he deems necessary. The intent of this authorization is not to be construed to limit, in any way, your power to act in our behalf or enter into agreements in order to protect our rights, our honour and our image. Mr Ganouna is therefore authorized to accept or reject agreements and to act in whatever way necessary so as to accomplish that which is being undertaken within the framework of this letter. Oussama Romdhani Certified as auther wy legal authority Minister of Communication ——~ VU Pour legalisation de a Siganature ap ci-contre par.M le ty Signature and seal