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pH is down 1:The easy way is look at the ph

PCO2 is up
Is it alkalosis or acidosis?
pH is down 2:Then look at CO2 and HCO3
HCO3 is down
Which one agrees with the ph? (if ph is acidotic, co2 is
RESPIRATORY ALKALOSIS: high opposite for alkalotic) (if ph is acidotic HCO3 will be
pH is up low opposite for alkalosis)
PCO2 is down
The one that agrees with the ph is the type of problem
METABOLIC ALKALOSIS: you have (if the CO2 is high and ph is acidotic, then you
pH is up have respiratory acidosis. if the HCO3 is low and the ph
HCO3 is up is acidotic, you have metabolic acidosis, opposites for
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alkalosis)
{increase of pH is alkalosis} 3. then look at the other lab (if the problem is
respiratory, look at the HCO3. If the problem is
{decrease of pH is acidosis} metabolic, look at the CO2)

Respiratory = CO2 Is it in the normal range? If so the problem is

Metabolic ( kidneys ) = HCO3
Does is agree with the ph? (Both CO2 and HCO3 levels
HCO3 ( bicarbonate ) follows pH. If pH goes up so does cause acidosis) then the problem is respiratory and
HCO3. metabolic acidosis or alcalosis and is uncompensated.

CO2 increase, pH decrease = respiratory acidosis Or does it disagree with the ph? (ex. ph is acidic, but
HCO3 is high or CO2 is low) if so, the problem is
CO2 decrease, pH increase = respiratory alkalosis partially compensated.

HCO3 increase, pH increase = metabolic alkalosis So you can have uncompensated, partially
compensated or even fully compensated (where the
HCO3 decrease, pH decrease = metabolic acidosis HCO3 and CO2 are out of wack, but ph is normal)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- respiratory or metabolic acidosis or alkalosis.
Basically you need three things:

Acidosis or alkalosis? What is causing it (respiratory or

metabolic)? and is the other system trying to fix it (by