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2/22/2011 Ramadan Duas | Ramadan Prayers | Rama, usa: 4-718-208-4590 Pet cctsLepiaeeriel Canada ; 905-487-8501 Home pooutus ——Ramadanionin te Fee Inlmic Arles Mest Compares Contacte Subscribe for daily free ramadan articles Enior om ess Faninp Hadith Of the Day 80 day Duss for Ramadan Ramadan fs @ holy monn n We istamlccalemar. Ala Anuohty as solid es ngortance by revealing {htt favored Uni all the other month a We calender (Quam Dua of the Day Fasting an ingortant part of Ramadan, diving which Muse rafrain from ating and diking Ti» reloiows practice which purest soul of a Mustin. In acon, there 9 an opportu fr all Muslin seek Salah (namaaz) and pertorm ‘ther provare and woreh the lord Aiighty to esek hie forgiveness and inlet his estowments upon the Ummnt = fsccece on the Oay of lgment. There ara some Dua's tattle should rect on every day ofthe holy month reads for J0daye, Tava Dua's are writin below to lactate our Hurtin believe Today's Question Imoisiaor, hens donot break he tang at nts preferable for one ihe aot. ‘Ask a Question OUI CST a AC eaa obs SAT : BSCS OF a5 5 CATT ES PBA Feild AAs epee erent nena reneearonric nl prayer (obediently), awakenrme hi Itfrom the sleep of the heediess, + [endfordve me my srs, 0 Gcd of the words, ard forgive me, Oe News/Latest setidtls, sped the day In work, sed might inprayer. * Here ae some Dus’ that using OnE ey, ARES BGI) a3 edd male once de iment regu for 90 day i ee acim as i | Ge RGA wEBIsapnss ! ! Cul Z504 i ‘quranreading.com/...ramadan-duas,php ua 2/22/2011 Ramadan Duas | Ramadan Prayers | Rama, + Me Lat 10 days of Ramaden, (RLU cng coy Take he clear towereh Varecleanre azo | | away from Your anger and punishment, grant me the eppertity to | + tetda alot otatadatiere ! eowledge here sre some Ahadith to z ‘plein the folines of Banadan, | recite Your verses (of the Qur'an), by Your mercy, © the most | a ret SEEEE + Ramadan Dust fr heping and [Ramadan Dua: DAY 3 | ies abe epee NSCS 93 BSL ESN : = Hts os sume ots which soul be DQUAH 543 Al ZacnGe Reser wenes ces aay, on this ‘day, grant me wischm and awareness, keep me ‘auey! from feolstress and pretension, gant me.ashere nevery Hessing | ‘Yousend down, by You gerercelty, Othe most Generous, Latest Books i Latest amie books on fllowig ‘categories are avant owns, + Quranic Teachings Rofand ee {food nnd Heaths 1 Ueof Prophets {lei Cores {tome Bonn ore catego Exclusive Downloads Msan Stina y Saran” ‘aan [ALAS co ths day = eal ms aaa code |let me taste the sweetness of Your remembrance, gant me, a otge Ber Dat taeale 5 p ‘Your gaclausness, that Lave thanks to You, Protect me, with Your ——————— i to: 1 Hols Gudst About Ramaden 1 Shab Oat Guide hee couaerens (ALAA on fis day, lace me ariona those wha seek feraveness i [Place me among Your righteous and obedient servants, and place me) among Your close friends, by Your kindress, O the most Merciful. CSV satan As Sey ayiee Nadas HURT on is day, do nat et me absse mysal'by ieurnna Your iscbectence, endo not strike me with the whip of Yor | punishment, keap re away frorn the ceuses.of Your anger, By and quranreading,com/.../ramadan-duas,php 28 2/22/2011 Ramadan Duas | Ramadan Prayers | Rama, | at fom mbtales endsncof tw day, gent me Dt | remeber | [You conthuously thrauch the day, by Your assistenne, © the Guice off l those viho strey (aay on this: day, jet me have ‘rmercy ‘on the orphare, and feed tie} [ fungy/], and sproad poaco, and kecp comcery with the recblo= | L “ibced, Othe shelter ofthe hopeful } [ALLAG) on this dey, arent mre a share from Your mercy which fe wide, | | guide me towards Your shining croafs, lad me tp Your al | |_encomesssing pleasure, by Your love, O the hepe of the destous. | Ramadan Dua: DAY10__—| S35 : ee EOS Grass Sat BAG hI SUNOS Bice queen Gables, “ALLAH, onthis day, make me, among those who rely on You, from ‘those who You consider successful, and place me among those whe ae reat toyou, by Your favor, Ogoa of the seckers il [Ramadan Dua: DAY11_—_—| [Ebiepeewtcctastevecccrintte emtcreToteratrfenreatieaata meee ALLAH on this day, make me love ; caren eee ee ee ie cera, Wren | a hel, Othe helper of those who seek hele J [ l = quranreading,com/.../ramadan-duas,php 38