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I am an MBA student, carrying out a survey to support my research study on

“Internet advertising effeteness” .it will be a great help if you kindly go through
this questionnaire and answer by choosing the option closest to yours choice.
Please tick √ at the appropriate box.


1. Name Of Respondent: NIKKI TYAGI

2. Place: DELHI

3. Age (in years): 22

Teens 20-35 yr.

Above 35 yr.

4. Occupation:

Student: √ Businessman:

Serviceman: Professional:


5. Educational background:

Professional graduate Graduate/postgraduates √

Senior school Others

7. What is yours profession?

Self -employed student √

Medicine Govt.service

Engineering Entertainment

InformationTechnology Management

Education Others

8. What is yours monthly household incomes?

Up to –5000 Rs.5001 – 10,000

10,000 - 15,000 15,001 & above √

9. Are you a credit card holder?

Yes No √
10. For how long have you been using the Internet?

Less than 3 month 3 months

More than 1 year √

11. Which features of Internet attract you most ?

Speed of downloading √ Graphics / decoration

Advertisement Gifts and discount


12. What is your primary purpose of surfing the net?

Seeking educational information New product & services


Job search / application Communication(e-mail)


13. What information do you often download on the Internet:

Software Games

Document √ Utilities
14. Do you click on advertisement on the net?

Positive √ Negative

15. What according to you are the hurdles in advertising on the Internet?

Cost of surfing Other mediums

Low potential. √ Can’t says