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Group: 20 Ss

Gender: 9male, 11 female

Age: 12 to 14

Level: Elementary

Materials: Twenty sheets of paper which is prepared by the teacher involving

some issues in it.

Time: 5min.

Interaction: T/Ss- Ss/Ss


By the end of the lesson;

1) T will have introduced herself/himself to the students and informed Ss

about her personal information.

2) Ss will have got to know each other in a funny way.

3) Ss will have learned each other’s personal information, as well.

4) Ss will have felt relaxed with each other.


-T introduces herself to the students at the beginning of the lesson.

-T mentions her personal information related to the issues on the paper which
she/he’ll distribute to the class.

-T distributes sheets to each student of the classroom.

-T asks to Ss to write down on the paper their name and 3 pieces of information
about themselves related to the topic written on the paper.

-T asks the students to make a plane with the paper.

-T plays a song.

-T asks the students to throw their airplanes to another student in the

classroom and keep throwing it for 1-2 minutes while the song is playing.

-Ss get the plane they have in their hands or right next to them, when T says

-Each student reads the information on his / her hand to the class without
reading the name.
-Ss try to guess who wrote it. They can go around the classroom asking
questions to find out the correct answer.

-When Ss find the name, the activity comes to an end. 