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Message To the International Labour Organization

From the Egyptian Workers

We, the Egyptian workers meeting today Wednesday 2nd March 2011 in response to the
Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions and the Center for Trade Union and
Workers Services announce that the :official governmental” Federation of Trade Unions
does not represent us and does not have the right to speak on our behalf.
The Egyptian workers - who always refuse to be represented by that governmental
organization which has never been more than a government organization and a part of the
system of despotism and tyranny – cannot expect, particularly now, such a disgraceful
representation due to the stand of the leaders of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation
“ETUF” vis-à-vis the revolution of the Egyptian people which reached its summit by the
participation of ETUF’s president and some of its leaders in person in organizing the
thugs to confront the protestors at Tahrir Square on Wednesday 2nd February 2011 and
the consequent killing of tens of the young demonstrators.
Deprived for long from their essential democratic trade union tights, the Egyptian
workers who started to form their independent unions two years ago and started to form
their “Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions” as from Monday 30th January
2011 emphasize that they will continue all the components of this federation during the
next few weeks. In this respect, they find it necessary to keep the ILO informed with
these important developments hoping that the ILO will address the concerned parties to
take the necessary procedures for securing the democratic representation of the Egyptian