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Video Biography Rubric


Content Approval (Due: mm/dd) JILnO

Submission of Assignment in Viewable Form (Due: mm/dd) TOIZO

-----------7---------€-----------5-- -----6)--------3---- -------2----------1
Partially fulfills prompt \U Does not fulfill prompt
Accurate and believable portrayal Moderately believable portrayal Not believable
Complete and satisfactory to audience Partially satisfies Video is unsatisfactory
Purpose is clear to audience Purpose is hazy unclear purpose

rrerrv choiceA,
vr rvrvve
) /z\
16>:-=-9r===/---{_g__}__ ____T__________€___________5_________ __4_____---__3___________2_____-____1
lmages are stylistically appro\b*e/ Some are stylistically appropriate Not slylistically appropriate
(color, lighting, and focus)
Audio choices enrich video Audio does not effect video Audio detracts from video

Text Use
10----------e-----------8-----------7 -----------6-----------s---------{4--i-------3---_ ----_2_-----_-_1
Enhances viewer comprehension Does not relate appropriatelwory Dominates the video
Demonstrates careful proofreading Some grammar/spelling enors Neglects grammar/spelling
Or-video is complete w/o the use of text

Transition and Flow

10-----------9-----------8-----------7 ----------S-----------5- ---------4----------19----+-----2---------1
Story is clear Story isconfusing (. sgly i" incomprehensible
Transitions in logical progression questions
Transitions raise \=4ransitions are confusing
Viewer feels a sense of closure closure Viewer is left with questions
Viewer feels some sense of
(Story does not end abruptly.)

Clean, clear{edit Some edits are rough/disjointed All edits are rough/disjointed
Scenes flow ffioothly Choppy scene changes Abrupt scene changes

Citations ,{\
'10-----------9-----------8-----------7 -----------6-----------5- ----------4--------3---- -----2-------1n \
All borrowed material is cited appropriately Some material is not cited Material is not ciibdJ
Or-all original material used

elationship \Mth Audience

Story engages audience

Story is entertaining and original Entertaining but lacks originality Not entertaining or original

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