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Firas A.

During hurricane Andrew

1. Expected to last from 16th to 28th August

2. They thought about 200 km/h (reality 265 km/h)

3. Hurricane hit on Aug. 24, 1992 at 9:16 UTC (picture)

4. People evacuated with few difficulties. Although little can be done during the storm.
They prepared routes for people leaving by car. They also provided busses to escape.

5. Expected damage 35 billion (reality 45 billion). The damage was very high because of
the areas with the very expensive buildings (malls etc.) on it, which the hurricane hit.
6. Fifteen people killed during storm and later 25 because of indirect causes of Andrew.
• Demolished 25.000 homes (picture)
• Damaged 100.000 homes (picture)
• Flattened the whole air base
• Of the 1.176 mobile homes in Homestead, all but nine were destroyed.
7. Andrew is the fourth strongest hurricane on record to hit the USA mainland.

• Improved understanding of what is going on near the ground inside

hurricanes led hurricane scientists to upgrade Andrew from a Category 4 to
Category 5.
• An Air Force Reserve AC-130 airplane, like the one that flew into Hurricane
Andrew as it was hitting Florida in 1992. They used GPS dropwindsondes.

An Air Force Reserve AC-130 airplane:

GPS dropwindsondes (picture)

• Temperature
• Humidity
• Wind speed
• The direction
Collected data from dropwindsondes:

Preparing the dropwindsondes: