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Assembly line design (Balancing)

1. Draw Precedence diagram

2. Determine the required workstation cycle time (Production time
per day/ required output)
3. Determine theoretical minimum number of workstation (sum of
activity times / cycle time)
4. Select the rule by which activities are to be assigned to
workstation (e.g. activity with largest processing time, activity
with maximum number of followers etc.)
5. Assign activities one at a time, to the first workstation until the
sum of activity times is equal to the workstation cycle time, or no
other tasks are feasible because of time or sequence
6. Repeat 5: allocation of activities to workstations; till all the
activities are assigned.
7. Evaluate the efficiency of the line [Sum of task time /( actual no.
of workstation * work station cycle time)]
8. If efficiency is unsatisfactory, rebalance using different decision