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. 3} is4 S 6 ie re) Q S val Oo ee x a 2 3° a e a Elves CREDITS TABLE OF CONTENTS Authors: Peter C. Fenlon, 1.0 Introduction Terry K. Amthor, R. Mark Colburn aes Additional Material: Matt Forbeck, 2.1 An Overview of Elves.. Walter Minne 2.L1 Elven History 2.1.2 Elven Nature 2.1.3 The Elven Kindreds 2.2 Elven Descriptions Design: Pete Fenlon, Terry Amthor, Mark Colburn, S. Coleman Charlton Original Editors: Pete F nlon, Terry Amthor, Coleman Charlton 3.0 Tables & Notes nn 160-167 5 Eee 3 MERP/RM Table on se T6016 Pee aS 3.2 LoR Tables ens 164-167 Cover Art: Angus McBride 33 LoR Conversion Notes sevennnnnn 168-169 Interior Illustration: Edward Johnson, 33.1 Spells se 168 Liz Danforth, Charles Peale, Terry Amthor 33.2 Magic Items 168 LoR Translations: Jason ©. Hawkins 4.0 Appendices nnn 170-174 Project Specific Contributions ‘4.1 Abbreviations ee) Seri Eto Jessica Ney-Gimm; 42 Citation nnn eI 70 Cont Edt Pete Fenlons 43 Glossary. 7am Pyynahing: Suzanne Young, Mike Reynolds; Paste-up: Nick Morawitz, Katheryn Beggatly, ‘Suzi Curtis, Mike Reynolds, Monica Wilson; ‘Ast Dinetion: Jessica Ney-Grienm (Cover Tadenress: Tery Arathor: (Cover Grip: Coleman Chatleon; Automated LR Table Tranlatr Nick Morawita; Edaorial Contributions: Chris Christensen, Olivia H. Johnston, Jessica M. Ney, John David Reummler, Special Contributions: Deane Begiebing, Kathleen Connor, Bill Covert, Bill Downs, Kurt Fischer, Bruce Neidlinge, Kurt Rasmassen, Larry Simms, tiling Williams, Karl Borg and the traitorous Hersing-lappers (Q. "Svenskies") ICE Staff—Sals Mangere Deane Begicbing: Managing Editor: Coleman Charlton President: Peter Fenlon; CEO: Bruce Neidlinge; Editing, Deweopent, & Predation uf Joh Cais, Brice Hatlick, Seeve Marvin, Nick Morawitz, Jessica Ney-Grimm, Mike Reynolds, Monica Wilson Sales, Customer Servic, & Operations St Heike Kubasch, Dave Plarnick; ‘Shipping Staff Dave Mortis, Daniel Williams onder ICE's “Ehes”is a revised compilation of material previously published as part of a work entitled “Lords of Middle-earth, Vol 1, The Inomortal.” While ICE has added new material and reorganized the data, most of the prose here was already in print when we began our revision. © 1986, 1995 Tolkien Enterprises, a division of Elan Merchandising, Berkeley, California, USA. Lords of Midde-ar Volune I, The Immoras, Eke, The Feit, and The Lard ofthe Rings, and all characters and places therein, ae trademark propertics of Tolkien Enterprises. All characters and places derived from the works of UR. Tolkien are common law trademarks used under license from Grafton Books (Harper Collins), publishing sccesors to Unwin Hyman, Led, and George Allen & Unwin, Ltd, London, England. All rights reserved. Produced and distributed by IRON CROWN ENTERPRISES, Inc, P.O. Box 1605, Charlottesville, VA 22902. First US. Edition 1995 Stock #2013 ISBN 1-$5806-218-1