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Randy S. de Vibar
Network/System Administrator
? Seiri (Tidiness) - Throw away all rubbish
and unrelated materials in the workplace.
? Seiton (Orderliness) - Set everything in
proper place for quick retrieval and
? Seiso (Cleanliness) - Clean the workplace;
everyone should be a janitor.
? Seiketsu (Standardization) - Standardize
the way of maintaining cleanliness.
? Shitsuke (Discipline) - Practice 'Five S'
daily - make it a way of life; this also
means 'commitmentµ.

? Delete all unnecessary / duplicate files.
? Create folders for group of files that
belong together -such as a series of
image files - that are a subtle variation of
the same graphic.
? If the files are very old, burn them into a
DVD disk then keep them in a safe place.


? Organize items on your computer for
example your desktop icons, arrange
them systematically that you can easily
locate the icon of the application program
that you want to execute.
? Archive all the files and folders relating to
old projects, these are your old projects
and you don¶t even know if you¶ll ever
look at them again.


? Turn off your computer then use an air
duster to remove any dust, hairs, and
crumbs to your system unit.
? Use a screen wipe to make sure your
screen is clean.
? Use cloth and apply isopropyl alcohol
when wiping your keyboard and mouse.
? Avoid putting any thing around your
system unit that will cause an obstruction
to the ventilation of the computer.


? rackup your files in a regular basis.
? When using storage devices (e.g. USr),
scan first using an antivirus before
opening any files on it.
? Avoid giving any personal information
over the internet, it might use against
? When encountering error messages don¶t
forget to write it before calling to the IT
? Create a checklist.


? Commitment to perform.


? Always backup your important files
through emails, compressed files and
? Use passwords in alphanumeric form
(combination of letters and numbers).
? Sign-out your email and google talk when
after use.
? Don¶t open an email message if the
sender is not in your list or not familiar,
especially with attachments.

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