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eae ea AO eee ee THE OXFORD SERIES IN ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING Adel S. Sedra, Series Editor, Electrical Engineering Michael R. Lightner, Series Editor, Computer Engineering Allen and Holberg, CMOS Analog Circuit Design Bobrow, Elementary Linear Circuit Analysis, 2ntd Ed. Bobrow, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, 2nd Ed. Campbell, The Science and Engineering of Microelectroinic Fabrication Chen, Analog and Digital Control System Design Chen, Linear System Theory and Design, 3rd Ed. Chen, System and Signal Analysis, 2nd Ed. ‘Comer, Digital Logic and State Machine Design, 3rd Ed. Cooper and McGillem, Probabilistic Methods of Signal and System Analysis, 3rd Ed. Fortney, Principles of Electronics: Analog & Digital Franco, Electric Circuits Fundamentals Granzow, Digital Transmission Lines Guru and Hiziroglu, Electric Machinery & Transformers, 2nd Ed. Hoole and Hoole, A Modern Short Course in Engineering Electromagnetics Jones, Introduction to Optical Fiber Communication Systems Krein, Elements of Power Electronics Kuo, Digital Control Systems, 3rd Ed. Lathi, Modern Digital and Analog Communications Systems, 3rd Ed. ‘McGitlem and Cooper, Continuous and Discrete Signal and System Analysis, 3rd Ed. Miner, Lines and Electromagnetic Fields for Engineers Roberts and Sedra, SPICE, 2nd Ed. Roulston, An Introduction to the Physics of Semiconductor Devices Sadiku, Elements of Electromagnetics, 2nd Ed. Santina, Stubberud, and Hostetter, Digital Control System Design, 2nd Ed. Schwarz, Electromagnetics for Engineers ‘Schwarz and Oldham, Elecirical Engineering: An Introduction, 2nd Ed. ‘Sedra and Smith, Microelectronic Circuits, 4th Ed. Stefani, Savant, Shahian, and Hostetter, Design of Feedback Control Systems, 3rd Ed. ‘Van Valkenburg, Analog Filter Design ‘Warner and Grung, Semiconductor Device Electronics Wolovich, Automatic Control Systems Yariv, Optical Electronics in Modern Communications, 5th Ed. LINEAR SYSTEM THEORY AND DESIGN Third Edition Chi-Tsong Chen State University of New York at Stony Brook New York Oxford OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 1999 ‘OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Oxford New York ‘Athens Auckland Bangkok Bogoti Buenos Aires Calcutta Cape Town Chennai Dares Salaam Delhi Florence Hong Kong Istanbul Karachi Kuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City Mumbai Nairobi Paris S40 Paulo Singapore Taipei Tokyo ‘Toronto Warsaw ‘and associated companies in ‘Berlin Ibadan Copyright © 1999 by Oxford University Press. Inc Published by Oxford University Pres, Inc 198 Magison. Avenue, New York, New York 10016 (Oxford isa registered trademark of Oxford University Press All rights teserved, No par of this publication may be reproduced, sored ina retrieval system, or transmitted, imany form or by aay means, electronic. mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior ‘permission of Oxford University Press. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data, (Chen, Chi-Ts00g Linear system theory and design / by Chi-Tsong Chen. — 3d ed . cm. — (The Oxford series in electrical and computer engineering) Includes bibliogesphical references and index. ISBN 0-19-511777-8 (clot). 1 Linear systems. 2. System design. L. Title. I. Series. QAs2.C44 198 629.832—de21 97-35535 cP Printing (ast digit: 9 8765432 1 Printed in the United States of America on acid-free paper To Bi-Jau