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Sherry Chaumpluke

2332 McGee Avenue, Berkeley, CA 947C3

NOME 5 1 0 - CELL Worksi.cnto, -
866 699
0991/SoLd ggmailcom

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Education Sz Certification RELEVANT SKILLS
linivcrsity of California at San -Diego June.N01
senior BachelorsDesignees..
rows h course, of Science inrrolluidelynarnie
Mechanical testing on a vostilation ryoem
Engineering E.IST. (Engineer- Greatca
ior ra hrLng) Or rkilieation
0001licalD0,1,10000,01.1 anORPIGLIGVI an.ettd programa( the Saar 59650

R e l e v a n t E x p e r i e n c e- 01.crs946vancedFluidILLechaLurs, Beat Trae er, Signals and Sysounk. Peroavna.cs.Fundamentals of S

Jr. Engineer March - Sryienthe r xoos
/ES Engineeringinc. - Excellent tannt worker
- Designed cellular sites- Calm ane elteleut
for multiple undes pressure - Excellent prehleessdver
Assisted in the subdivision of privateAnick
- Selroserivate lots forlearner
residential and
- Potent and positivc
CCrrlri0000IOnsgC22lrOIlCCCsIC2IslCdrMlC2JCd002SIM Jr.Engincer - Amory
- Resourceful and vcar,ed
Edwards Engineering REFERENCES
Expanded and refined my Edwards
Brent Auto.° drafting
ve 7c9 ability - Assisted in the drafting and design of water
distribution systems - Manipulated C IsSAi IS data
Jr. MechOnical Engineer Jo0007- August
Dr. Nathan cOrsi
University& California , San Diego —BiologyDept.
- Designed and manufactured a cool' ng process for nanchionization Spray analysis
Glen Lewis kr
- Learned to develop produGs based on client specifications - Won American Society of
Mechanical Enginsvrs award for Design and Presentation
DraftolSorv,or Auput SO. - June .-,00.1
Universityof California, San Diego — Campus Planning,Data &Systems
- Drafted floor plans of numerous buildings on campus
- Learned to manage multiple assignments at the same time TA4Tutor January- March 2002.

March - June 2.4

Mechanical & Aerospoce Engineering Dept. — Engineering and Design - head and taught a group of
peers i ntroductoryAutoCAD - Assisted in the design and assembly of the robot competition -
Taught simple web page development...Oh MathCAD, Word/ Front Page, and Excel