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When students who complete their secondary schooling in NZ apply to commence

their university studies in Australia, NCEA Level 3 results are converted into an
equivalent ATAR score. This process is completed by NZQA and your ATAR score
is not released to you –ie NZQA send it straight to the Australian tertiary
admissions centres to then disseminate to individual universities. This is an
automatic process – ie if you apply to one or more Australian universities then you
name will be sent to NZQA by the national Australian tertiary admissions

ATAR score calculation: 5 Level 3 NCEA subjects x 20 credits per subject – ie you
have to perform consistently well across all your subjects to get a strong ATAR
score. If a student gets 24 E’s in Subject A, and 4 E’s, 8M’s and 12A’s in Subject
B – then for the purposes of calculating equivalent ATAR score, only 20 E’s from
Subject A will count and for subject B 4E’s, 8 M’s and 8A’s will count.

For your interest, the link below will take you to the ATAR scores for entry to
UNSW courses in 2010 (scores do not tend to change much from year to year –
2011 scores will not be available until much later this year).
For example, if you were planning to apply for direct entry to law school at UNSW
your NCEA results would need to convert to an equivalent ATAR score of 99.55
(this is a percentile – ie you would have to be near top of NZ cohort sitting L3),
and if you for a BSc or BA you would need an equivalent score of 70.

IB: For IB students, Law requires an IB total of 44 and for BA or BSc, a total of 25.

UNSW ATAR scores required for 2010

entry: http://www.unsw.edu.au/images/sad/2010%20Program%20Cutoffs

You can search this information for each university on their website – or
alternatively go to the relevant state admissions site:

Northern Territories www.satac.edu.au

(note: the South Australia admissions centre also handles Northern Territories
Queensland www.qtac.edu.au
South Australia www.satac.edu.au
Tasmania www.tas.edu.au
(note: Tasmania manages its own admissions)
UNSW www.unsw.edu.au
Victoria www.vtac.edu.au
Western Australia www.tisc.edu.au

I will be holding an ‘Applying to Australia’ Careers Lunch early next term and take
students through the full process of how to apply for Australia. In the meanwhile,
if you are keen on exploring options in Australia, go to the Careers MPower page,
look for the kangaroo and do some research.

Best wishes

Ms Scott