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Subjective: Ieffective breathi After 8 hour of Ieeet: Goal met After 8

atter relate to uri itervetio hour of uri
the cliet will À Aucultate chet G ^o evaluate itervetio the
etablih a effective reece characte cliet wa able to
reirator atter r of breath etablih a
ou ecretio effective reirator
À Ae for G ^hat ma retrict
Objective: cocomitat limit reirator
ai icomfort effect
’ m ea
’ |aal flari À aitai calm G ^o limit level of
’ caillar refill (4 attitue while axiet
eco eali with cliet
’ c aoi
À ácourae G ^o rovie relieve
oitio of comfort of cauative

À Amiiter ox e
at lowet G uor maaemet
cocetratio of uerl i
iicate a ulmoar
recribe coitio
reirator reirator
meicatio itre or
c aoi
À eicate with
aaleic a
aroriate G ^o romote
eeer reiratio


À Ait with
brochoco or
chet tube G ^o rovie relief
iertio a of cauative
iicate aet