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Class : Prasekolah S.K Lereh

Age : 6 tahun

Date : 23 Mac 2011

Time : 11.20 pagi

No. of pupils : 23 orang

Module : Theme of module

Theme : Cleanliless

Focus : Bahasa Inggeris

Contents Standards : (BI 1.4) : Listen to and follow simple instructions

Learning Standards : (BI 1.4.3) : Listen to and follow instructions, e.g ‘

Please get me the book from the shelf

(BI 1.6.3) : Sing songs with the correct pronunciation and


Integrated Learning Standards: KTI 2.1 : Mengambil bahagian dalam aktiviti


Objectif : At the ends of lesson, pupils will get

i. How to use the simple sentences

ii. Name about the things of cleanliness

Pengetahuan Sedia Ada : 1) Pupils use the things for everyday

KBKK :menjana idea, menyelesaikan masalah

Moral Value : manages problems

Materials : flash card, work sheet

Focus MI : Verbal linguistik, Music

Verbs : soap, tooth brush

Step Learning outcome Activities Notes

Induction Circle time -Sing a song together Focus MI : Music

(3minute) -Repeat the song

Step 1 Teacher ask the pupil -Teacher show the flash Materials : flash card
(5minute) -flash card Focus MI : linguistic
-pupil spell and
pronounced the verb with
teachers guide

Step 2 Teacher tell the -teacher tell fungction of Focus MI : Verbal

fungction the thing linguistic
-teacher call one pupils to KBKK : polite
the front and tell about
the things, eg:

• soap

Step 3 Teacher give the work -pupil doing the easy KBKK : manage
sheet sentences problems
Materials : Work sheet

Summary Reflection and sing -ask the pupil to show KBKK : menjana idea
again a song their work
(2 minit)

Refleksi Guru Pelatih :

1. Kelemahan

2. Kekuatan

3. Tindakan Susulan / Penambahbaikan

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