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You’ll Get The

Extra Push That’s The

You’ve Been Looking
For As A Grand Master Grower

Before I explain to you the details of how the

formulas in this box are guaranteed to give you the icing on
the bigger yields cake, I want to personally congratulate
you for being a Grand Master Grower.
Because let’s face it, being a Grand Master Grower means
you’ve seen it all and done it all in your grow rooms. You’re
the person other growers frantically turn to when their
leaves are yellowing and curling, when spider mites are
devouring their plants, when they want advice on how to get
the big yields you get.
You can walk into any grow room any time anywhere and
immediately provide information that fixes problems and
increases yield.

Turn page for more information è

You’ve always You Get Much Bigger Yields,
been out in and Much Better Nutrients, Than You’ve
Ever Had Before
front of the
pack when As you’re probably aware, the Bigger Yields Nutrient Flow-

it comes to ering System offers you proprietary pH-Perfect™ Technology

that gives you maximum nutrients absorption in almost any
getting into kind of water you use, and without you ever having to worry
about pH or PPM again.
the latest
technology and
techniques that make
gardening easier and
more productive.
And now you’re at
the forefront of the
hydroponics revolution
that’s rocked the industr y
because it eliminates the
decades-long tyranny
of pH and PPM meters,
freeing you from time-
consuming chemistr y
so you can enjoy your
gardening. Here’s how…

When you step You’re liberated from the tyranny of pH and PPM worries
up to the Grand because scientists finally figured out how to give your plants
maximum doses of ideal nutrients in any type of water and any
Master Grower type of high value garden.
Level, you get
I want to make sure you understand everything you have
the largest yields here. Because some people may think that liberating you
and the most from the hassles of pH and PPM are the only benefits of pH-
protection for But that’s just the beginning. What else does our system
your crops, with do for you? It delivers more nutrients into your plants faster
so you get better growth and bigger yields because our plant
a guaranteed scientist’s have developed proprietary chelates, coatings and
37.89% increase in manufacturing processes that make it easier for your plants to
absorb the nutrients they need the most.
yield as compared Not only that, but the System arranges base nutrients and
to all other supplements in the ideal sequence so your plants are fed ex-
actly what they need when they need it. Instead of following
nutrients made by confusing and illogical feed charts and wasting your time and
our competitor. money, you’re provided with a simple but powerful plan that
combines all the right elements at all the right times so your
plants always perform like world champions. è
Grand Master Grower
Oh, and there’s something else too, our formulas are now BUNDLE™
standardized so you could almost mix them with your eyes
closed and still deliver perfect nutrition to your plants.
Our formulas are now
Formulas So Potent We Only Trust standardized so you could
Grand Master Growers To Use Them
almost mix them with
Let’s remember that you’re using the only System that your eyes closed and still
“stacks” formulas to achieve bigger and bigger yields. With
one of our new and improved base nutrients and the three
deliver perfect nutrition
bundles that come before the Grand to your plants.
Master Grower Bundle, you enhance
roots, protect leaves, increase flower
size, boost yield, aroma, taste, And there’s a free formula in each System
potency, and flush your crops before bundle, and our base nutrients are 5-in-1
harvest. products that combine 4 powerful formulas
That leaves only the special crop and a special blend of amino acids. So
enhancing benefits you get from when you pick up your base nutrients and
these three Grand Master Grower all the bundle boxes right now, you’ll be
formulas that are so potent that we getting 18 products for the price of 10!
trust only a grower like you to handle We guarantee you’ll be thrilled when you
their power (I’m not joking when I say use all our Bigger Yields Bundles along with
this, you better have the experience one of our new and improved super-potent
if you are going to this level, and I’m base nutrients to get the most valuable,
sure you do, and I just want to make biggest yields you ever grown.
sure because this is serious stuff). Ok
I’ve said my little disclaimer. You’re going to be ecstatic when you see
how our pH-Perfect™ Technology eliminates
• You’ll create more budding sites you ever having to meter or adjust pH or PPM.
and flowers that form earlier. Bud Ig-
nitor is a totally new product that con- And get this; your Bigger Yields Bundles
tains a mega-dose of 6 different initial continually fatten your flowers while special
flowering co-factors working in uni- forms of potassium and phosphorus combine
son like a grand symphony orchestra with exclusive plant co-factors in Bud Ignitor
and delivered just as your plants start to give you a galaxy of big budding sites.
flowering. It makes budding sites pop Rhino Skin armors your plants against
out like popcorn. And then those budding sites turn into bigger attack. And you’ll witness enhanced size,
flowers so your harvests are faster and larger. taste, aroma and value piling on top of
• You’ll protect plants from the inside out. Rhino Skin contains each other when you use Bud Factor X!
a concentrated potassium silicate formula that builds cell You’ll be excited when you see how our
wall strength and armors your plants against heat, drought, System powers plants in ALL types of high
disease, pests, and other nightmares. value gardens: ALL hydroponics, aeropon-
• You’ll create superior plants for free! Bud Factor X is “amped ics, aquaponics, greenhouse, bubbler, NFT,
up”, and it’s the only hydroponics formula of its kind that flood and drain, drip irrigation, rotary, sealed
stimulates your plant’s growth (big burley plants with thick room, HID, high-intensity fluorescent, air ex-
stalks and stems) and gives your flowers an extra “kick”, change, C02, and in all root media includ-
while increasing essential oils and aromatic production all ing rockwool, hydroton, perlite, vermiculite,
at the same time. As a Grand Master Grower, you’re skilled sphagnum, peat pots, seedling and clone
enough to use Bud Factor X also as a foliar spray and watch starters, and soil.
your flowers get more valuable. Better yet, this product is free Best of all, you can use the Grand Master
when you buy the Grand Master Grower Bundle. Grower Level without having to risk even
The bold truth is at every level of the System – Hobby- one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed.
ist, Expert Grower, Professional Grower and Grand Master As always if for any reason you’re not
Grower – you get fantastic yields. But when you step up to absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your
the Grand Master Grower Level, you get the largest yields and money – it’s that simple.
the most protection for your crops, with a guaranteed 37.89% As always, dedicated to your gardening
increase in yield as compared to all other nutrients made by success.
our competitors. n
Who Else Wants To
Multiply Their Plant’s Bud Sites ...
AND … Get FASTER Flowering
With This Scientific Secret?

ow you can make your plants
produce more flowers per inch
of stem while at the same time
triggering earlier onset of flowering and
flowers that swell and ripen faster so you
harvest sooner. Plus, you can control the
genetic clock ticking inside your plants… the
clock that regulates your bloom phase resin
In the past, you’ve triggered your plants’
genetic clock by suddenly shifting them to
a 12-hour light cycle and changing them
over to bloom fertilizer. All this is useful, but
scientists have discovered something else
you can also do.
The secret is to provide your plants
specially-configured forms of potassium
carbonate, potassium phosphate, potassium
sulfate and co-factors during the first two
weeks of bloom phase.
continuous floral structures that run
You Get More virtually the entire up and down length

Flowering Sites Per Stem of your stems!
Your plants absolutely will give you more flowerings
sites per stem when you provide specialized nutrition
to your plants during early bloom phase so your plants
Earlier Flowering
ramp up internal production of metabolic triggers that Gives You More
result in stems that have way more budding sites than Harvests Per Year
they normally would, and faster too. When you give your plants Bud Ignitor
The result is that instead of only the typical 30-55% compounds, your plants respond not only
of your stem nodes becoming hosts for flowering sites by creating more budding sites, but also
within two weeks of flowering, 70-100% of your nodes by creating more budding sites sooner.
show floral initiation in a much shorter time! This means that on average you get 27%
Flat out you see more flowers per plant. And as more budding sites, and your budding
bloom season moves forward, you notice your stems sites show up on average 19% sooner
are crammed full of dense floral growth that buries than they normally would.
your stems in thick, gooey floral clusters so you have Seriously, think about how good this is

Bud Ignitor is the only hydroponics formula that makes more budding sites so you get more use of your plants’
stems. It also spurs earlier budding, so you get accelerated crop cycles.

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GRAND MASTER for you. Because that 19% faster flowering
onset translates into fewer days you have

to support your plants during bloom cycle.
Not only are you getting more flowers, but With

they’ll be ready for harvest sooner. You Bud Ignitor
spend less time and money getting larger
harvests earlier. You can run more crop

cycles per year with the time you save.

& number
The proof is in the numbers. Add up
27% more budding sites with 19% faster Without
Bud Ignitor
flowering and you get a much more

productive flower per watt ratio at harvest

time, and you also get more efficient use
of your grow room for more finished crops
per year.

Your Plants Get

What They Need

For Bigger Harvests
Bud Ignitor gives you significant percentage increases in
What do your plants really need? Most how soon your flowers start forming, and in how many
bloom fertilizer programs underplay flowers your plants form. This adds up to larger, earlier
potassium and nitrogen too much, while harvests.
providing too much phosphorus too
late. This includes the reliance on bloom
boosters used on top of base nutrients.
Scientific testing from thousands of Help Your Plants Store Potassium
tissue samples on the type of plants you And Phosphorus So They Use It To
grow shows that if you fail to provide Make Bigger, More Potent Flowers
the right amounts and right types of
potassium and phosphorus early in the What makes this so special? It means your plants have
bloom phase, you create a permanent extra reserves of raw materials to draw on so you get
deficit that lowers your harvest size no larger floral structures with more essential oil production.
matter what you do later on. I want you to really focus on what I just said, because it’s
It’s like missing the starting gun for a important for you: Bud Ignitor creates extra reserves on
race, and then scrambling like crazy to potassium and phosphorus that directly feed production
catch up later on. But you can’t catch of essential oils and flavoring compounds when your
up: after those first two weeks are gone, buds are swelling and ripening.
your plant is not going to create any So now you have the total picture, and it’s a sweet
more budding sites. You see why early picture indeed. Using Bud Ignitor during the first two
application of Bud Ignitor is crucial to weeks of bloom phase, you create more budding sites,
maximizing everything your plants do more flowers, larger flowers, more potent flowers, heavier
later in bloom cycle. harvests, and more valuable harvests.
Your plants are smart. They bank their And if you want to further increase the potency, size and
early cache of potassium and phosphorus profitability of your crop, get Bud Ignitor today, along
in extra floral structures and other tissues. with our proprietary series of bloom phase-specific bud
They also instruct their roots to make and boosters such as Big Bud, Bud Candy, and Overdrive.
bank extra cytokinins that boost floral This is the full spectrum of bud potentiator fuel for your
production throughout the bloom cycle. garden.
You’re going to love seeing your plants produce floor to earlier flowers. Later on, your plants need
ceiling buds ready for harvest earlier, when you use Bud different formulas as they move into peak

Ignitor at the start of every bloom phase. bloom and then to harvest.
QUESTION: Should I use Bud Ignitor as a
foliar feed?
Fast Facts ANSWER: No. The ingredients are designed
to be fed into roots, where they will be
PRODUCT TYPE: Early phase budding site and absorbed, converted and transported up
bloom booster into your plants to increase your floral
GARDEN TYPES: Bud Ignitor has been specially designed development and quality.
for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil
growing mediums. Bud Ignitor has been developed for
use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, “One thing I noticed about
NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid Bud Ignitor it mixes easy with
feed growing systems.
other additives and the hy-
droponics nutrients program.
WHEN TO USE: Use in the first two weeks of bloom phase.
I could see that the flowers
Use 2 mL per Liter during the first 2 weeks of your popped out on the plants a lot
flowering phase. quicker. And also I could see
that later on they were big-
BUD IGNITOR BENEFITS: ger. So this is what I wanted
• Bigger yields/More budding sites
• Earlier floral development
when I bought it and I am glad
• Save time and money it came through for me.”
• Larger flowers Charles, from Needham, Massachusetts
• More essential oils
• More crop cycles per year

GROWER LEVEL: Grand Master level only Company Founders’ NO-RISK,

100% Money Back
Frequently Asked GUARANTEE
Questions Bud Ignitor was specifically built for growers just like
you, who have specific demands and expectations from
your hydroponic needs. When you use Bud Ignitor it must
QUESTION: Bud Ignitor looks pretty strong. Is it going to perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and
raise my ppm? quickly into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re
ANSWER: Bud Ignitor is concentrated and powerful. If looking for.
you are using it as a stand-alone formula without also What’s more..., Bud Ignitor will work every time for you
using our Bigger Yields System, you should monitor ppm using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and
soil growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics,
and you’ll see it goes up about 200 ppm. But when you
drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and
use Bud Ignitor in our System, pH and ppm are already continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it!
balanced for you so you don’t have to think about it at all.
And when you use Bud Ignitor you’ll never have to risk
QUESTION: Looks like Bud Ignitor is going to give even one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always
me a big boost. Why do I need to use any other bloom if for any reason you’re not absolutely
boosters? delighted we’ll refund all your money
back it’s that simple.
ANSWER: Your plants have a bloom season, but during As always, dedicated to your
that season, they need different types of ingredients to gardening success.
produce larger, more potent buds. Bud Ignitor starts your
season by creating rapid, numerous budding sites and
Your Hydroponics
Investment By Putting A

ARMOR On Your Plants Right Now!

et’s face it, high-level hydroponics
gardeners like you live with the threat
of powdery mildew, gray mold, spider
mites, aphids, root rot, harmful fungi,
diseases, stress, heat, drought and other
problems that can crush your crops and rob
your march towards a better future.
After all, hydroponics problems plague
even the most careful growers. That’s why
growers have long demanded a formula that
armors their plants to stop problems without
using poisons, pesticides or other harmful
Finally, help has arrived because one of
nature’s most abundant elements helps you
make your garden safer and more productive
The Super Silica

That Protects
Your Valuable Plants

Look around at the ground outdoors and

you’re seeing an important element that
protects and strengthens your plants when
you supply it in your hydroponics garden.
That element is silica, which is the second
most abundant element in the earth’s
crust (oxygen is the most prevalent) ... but
the problem is ... Silica is missing from Your plants are protected from
hydroponics root zones and fertilizers. your roots all the way up to
your flower tops so you can
Your plants desperately need silica. They rest assured that your valuable
evolved to intake it so it becomes part of plants are safe.
their cell walls. That’s important because
cells are the building blocks of your plants
and cell walls are the structural features that by your plants and built into their structures. Also,
determine the strength of your plants’ stems, be aware that once your plants have absorbed all the
leaves, flowers, floral structures and metabolism. silica present in soil or whatever else you’re growing
Not only do your plants accumulate silicon to build in, they of course won’t be able to absorb any more
their cells, they also store it as protection and because there isn’t any more for them to absorb —
foundational support between cells. In fact, your even though they have a constant need for more silica
plants contain as much as 10% of their weight as especially during peak bloom phase.
silica. The problem is silica isn’t supplied at all in What I’m explaining is that plants intake silica, make
most hydroponics fertilizers or root zone media, it part of their structure, and then they need more
and even if it is, it usually isn’t the right type or when they build new structures. When is this most
amount of silica to maximize silica’s benefits as a important?
crop protector and potency enhancer.
• Number one, the right silica
is great for your plants
Why You Have To Add when they’re in veg phase
Silica To Make Better building the structure your
branches will need if they’re
Plants And Bigger Harvests going to be able to handle
huge floral clusters in
Providing silica to your crops is necessary bloom phase.
no matter what type of hydroponics
system or nutrients you’re using. • Number two, silica is a
sweet treat for your plants
For example, if you’re growing in coco during peak bloom phase
coir, rockwool, aeroponics, aquaponics, when flowers are swelling up
or other “sterile” hydroponics methods, overnight, fattening, ripening
you’ve got a serious silica deficiency and adding trichomes.
Rhino Skin is
that weakens your crops, lowers produced and
their potency, and makes them more manufactured Now let’s explore the proven
susceptible to disease and stress. using the lastest connection
hydroponics between silica
If you’re growing in soil, you might believe science targeted
and increased
your silica levels are ok, but research specifically for the
shows that adding silica to gardening soil plants you grow. potency for your
increases the amount of silica absorbed crops.
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GROWER LEVEL ever by the big bang of your flowers.

Imagine a peak bloom phase in which your

trichomes are more resilient, larger, longer-lasting
and more packed with the natural goodness you
seek from your crops. That’s exactly what happens
when you add silica to your garden.

Finding The
Right Silica Formula
For Your Plants

If you’ve tried other silica products, you discover

that most hydroponics manufacturers have found
it difficult if not impossible to effectively deliver
When you want gigantic, healthy plants and
silica to your crops. You can see why that is.
truly impressive yields, you use Rhino Skin to
infuse your crops with the best form of silica Silica is the main element in sand. It is very thick
for your garden. and solid. It doesn’t easily dissolve in water. It
isn’t easily taken into plants.

The scientists who created Advanced Nutrients

Rhino Skin knew all this before they started the
Now You Can
product design and testing process. That’s why
Make Your Trichomes they experimented with many different types of
Safer And Abundant silica, as well as different concentrations and
manufacturing methods. They found that the
During bloom phase, your plants form of potassium silicate used in Rhino Skin
channel most of their energy, produced the highest crop silicate percentages.
metabolic processes and materials
towards building flowers and floral But they also found other benefits. For one
structures. thing, silicates increase and balance distribution
of other nutrients inside your plants. This creates
As you’re aware, the most important better growth and yield, and also protects
of your floral structures are plants from toxicity, salinity and other chemistry
trichomes, where the highest-value problems common in hydroponics gardening.
essential oils, aromatics and resins
are made and stored. Of course, Not only that, but the scientists discovered
trichomes are very fragile, easily how silica combined with a high PPM nutrient
damaged and subject to degradation program resulted in larger flowers that had more
from light, heat, oxidation and aging. color, freshness, taste and aroma. But there’s
even more! Silica armors your plants against the
Indeed, a key indicator of when your tiny sucking faces of mites, aphids, thrips and
plants are ready for harvest is that other pests.
trichomes begin to fall, lose their
crystal-clarity, and disappear off of So when you’re ready to armor your plants
floral surfaces. Feeding silica to make against biting insects, diseases, and harsh
better and more trichomes gives conditions while increasing the structure,
you higher-value crops that produce material support and metabolism that creates
more essential oils, terpenoids, and larger and more potent harvests, get Rhino Skin
potency so your friends, family and today to immediately provide the extra silica your
consumers are more impressed than plants need.
50% ANSWER: Rhino Skin is a safe, non-
toxic way to armor your plants so they


resist all types of attackers. However,
it is not able to completely stop all


attackers from harming your crops. A

lot depends on how dedicated you are to

controlling your grow room environment
and vectors so that mites and other

pests aren’t there in the first place.

QUESTION: Why can only Grand
Master Growers use Rhino Skin?

ANSWER: Rhino Skin is the most

effective, concentrated silica product
on the market. It affects pH and must
be carefully monitored and applied.

Grand Master Growers are dedicated

to spending the time necessary to
maximize crop size and yields. They have
the time and expertise to properly handle
the power of Rhino Skin. As you use the
Bigger Yields Flowering System™ and
progress up the ladder of success while
educating yourself with our gardening
GROWERS REPORT THAT RHINO SKIN GIVES YOU PLANT information materials, you will one day
Growers report that Rhino
INCREASED you plant protection
be a Grand Master so you too can get
and increased potency.
the benefits of Rhino Skin.

Frequently Asked Company Founders’ NO-RISK,

Questions: 100% Money Back
QUESTION: Can I get the same protection if I spray Rhino Skin was specifically built for growers just like
Rhino Skin as a foliar feed? you, who have specific demands and expectations from
your hydroponic needs. When you use Rhino Skin it must
ANSWER: Potassium silicate armors leaves, perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and
stems and internal plant cells best when the silica quickly into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re
is drawn in through roots to become part of your looking for.
plants’ structure. Foliar feeding is not necessary or What’s more..., Rhino Skin will work every time for you
recommended. using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and
soil growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics,
QUESTION: Can Rhino Skin affect pH? drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and
ANSWER: Yes, Rhino Skin is a powerful pH Up continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it!
formula that can dramatically raise pH, even when And when you use Rhino Skin you’ll never have to risk even
used in very small amounts. To ensure that Rhino one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for
Skin is properly dissolved and distributed in your any reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund all
your money back it’s that simple.
nutrient water, add it to your reservoir at least two
hours before feeding, allowing it to solubulize. Agitate As always, dedicated to your
gardening success.
your water before you administer it to plants.
QUESTION: When I use Rhino Skin, will my plants
be completely free of mites and other pests?
Make Your Plants Stronger & Bigger
So They Pump Out Increased
Amounts Of Essential Oils
ou want healthier plants that give you the largest harvests of buds covered
in essential oils ... and ... you’ve seen how sturdier, more robust plants are
better able to resist stress and support extensive floral growth.
Plus, you want to increase your plants’ production of essential oils because these
rare oils carry the flavor, aroma, potency, color and medicating effects that we most
love about our buds.
But it took until now for scientists to unlock the most oils (most often in floral structures). It’s a form
efficient methods to stimulate your plants to create of plant self-protection.

thicker stems and stalks that produce heavier harvests So when you skillfully turn on your plants’
and higher percentages of essential oils. The secret is a systemic resistance mechanisms using the
special bud builder formula you use to stimulate your right immune boost formula, your plants
plant’s immune system so they give you bigger plants, believe they are under attack and that means
higher yields and more potent crops. their vigor increases as they pump out more
essential oils, a wider variety of oils and more
Get Your Ticket To potent essential oils. This process always
results in heavier yields of finished buds that
Increased Potency have more taste, aroma and effectiveness.
And Stronger Plants Right Now
Your ticket to more essential oils and stronger, larger
Bud Factor X-tra
plants is stimulating your plants’ inborn defense
mechanisms using compounds that are now available for Potency And Root Power
you in a proprietary easy to use liquid formulation. Bud Factor X is the new liquid bud builder
These compounds activate internal defense “systemic formula that contains powerful compounds
resistance” mechanisms in your plants, making them guaranteed to increase crop yields and
stronger and bigger so they thrive despite heat, disease, essential oil production by stimulating plant
stress, intense light and pest attack. When you stimulate defense mechanisms.
systemic resistance, your plants bulk up with as much In a previous incarnation of Bud Factor X,
as 50% more infrastructure, especially stems and stalks, we used several proprietary compounds
prepping them for producing and handling larger flowers. that turn on your plants’ immuno-defense
Plus, it turns out that one of the ways systemic resistance network. Our upgraded Bud Factor X contains
armors your plants is by generating and secreting essential a better and newer generation of proprietary

Your flowers get bigger and more potent when Bud Factor X stimulates your plants’ immune systems.

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GRAND MASTER compounds that strengthen and enlarge plants,
create tidal waves of essential oils and feed

growth of beneficial microbes in your root zone.
These beneficial microbes (which can be easily
installed in your root zone by using Tarantula,
Piranha and VooDoo Juice) provide a variety of
services to your roots. For example, beneficial
microbes create larger root mass, protect roots,
provide flower-boosting hormones to roots and


increase your roots’ ability to quickly absorb
What’s more, the special X Factor compounds
are derived from pure sources that add natural
power and potency to your crops so that Bud
Factor X is a one of a kind bud potentiator



containing the highest-ever percentages of

proprietary immune-stimulating compounds.


Also onboard Bud Factor X’s powertrain is a
proprietary non-ionic surfactant that transfers
active ingredients directly into your plants’ cells
when you use Bud Factor X as a foliar spray and/
or root zone additive.
Hydroponics gardeners such as yourself are
stoked to see how feeding Bud Factor X leads
to bigger, more robust plants and your flowers
coated with an extra thick layer of essential oils. You’llYOU’LL
seeing increases in your plants’ yield and
your harvest value when you use Bud Factor X.
As an added benefit, your plants are better able
to handle stress and other obstacles.

Bud Factor X helps your plants fight off crop diseases, drought & stress.
Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 1 through 6 of

your flowering phase.

Frequently Asked
QUESTION: My plant got bigger when I fed it
Bud Factor X. Was this the result of the product?

ANSWER: Yes, plants bulk up when you

stimulate their immune systems. Almost all the
size increase is in floral clusters, which adds to
your total harvest weight.

QUESTION: What is the best way to get more

potent crops using Bud Factor X as a foliar

ANSWER: Follow the label instructions and

then spray Bud Factor X directly onto buds
just before lights go off so it will have time to
absorb overnight. You could also apply it about
20 minutes before lights go on. You want it to
have time to sink in rather than be evaporated.
Try for a pH of about 5.8 and closely monitor
your buds to make sure you aren’t overloading
them. Avoid spraying buds in high humidity or
when you are within 3 weeks of harvest.
Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponics company using
PhD plant scientists to boost your yields and crop value.
Company Founders’ NO-RISK,
100% Money Back

Fast Facts
Bud Factor X was specifically built for growers just like you,
who have specific demands and expectations from your hy-
PRODUCT TYPE: Immune system stimulator droponic needs. When you use Bud Factor X it must perform
flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly
BUD FACTOR X BENEFITS: into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for.
• More essential oils What’s more..., Bud Factor X will work every time for you
• More aromatics/More taste using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil
• More resistance to stress, pests and disease growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip ir-
• Larger plants for heavier harvests rigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous
liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it!
And when you use Bud Factor X you’ll never have to risk
WHEN TO USE BUD FACTOR X: During bloom phase. even one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always
if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted
GARDEN TYPES: Bud Factor X has been specially designed
we’ll refund all your money back it’s
for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil that simple.
growing mediums. Bud Factor X has been developed for
As always, dedicated to your
use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, gardening success.
NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid
feed growing systems.