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THE FLORIDA BAR ‘ORLANDO BRANCH OFFICE JOUN F. HARKNESS, JR. ‘Tue GaTEWAY CENTER (407) 4255424 ‘Executive Dacron 1000 Lucion PLace, SUITE 1625 ort gLOMDARALORE ‘ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32801-1050 March 29, 2011 ‘Mr. Douglas M. Guetzloe PO Box 531101 Orlando, FL 32853 Re: Sarah Elizabeth Rumpf; The Florida Bar File No. 2011-30,405 (9F) Dear Mr. Guetzloe: All correspondence and documents submitted in this matter have been carefully reviewed. Mr. Guetzloe, you complained that Ms. Rumpf violated Rule 4-8.4 (d) when she made comments you allege are disparaging. You indicate that you are involved in a civil case in which Ms. Rumpf works with the Vose Law Firm that is representing the defendants in that case. Ms. Rumpf has provided a written response in which she explained that she left the employ of the Vose Law Firm in December of 2009 and she does not represent the defendants in the civil case. She also states that there is no current litigation between you and her or any of her past or present clients. She states she has a website unrelated to her practice of law in which she expresses her personal opinion There is insufficient evidence from the materials provided that Ms. Rumpf has violated any of the rules adopted by the Supreme Court of Florida which govern attorney discipline. ‘Accordingly, continued disciplinary proceedings in this matter are inappropriate and our file has been closed. Pursuant to the Bar’s records retention schedule, the computer record and file will be disposed of one year from the date of closing. Sincerely, Abul ™. Sofia: Sheila Marie Tuma Bar Counsel ce: Ms, Sarah Elizabeth Rumpf