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DT-680 Series Fiber Optic Cable Identifier

●Widely used in fiber optic cable installation and maintenance. Able to test the
signal direction and power without damage of cable,
avoiding disconnection of line
●Marco bending measurement: test by the slight leakage
of light of cable; obtain to test the 0.25mm naked fiber,
0.9mm tube fiber cable and 2.5mm patch code.
●Audio frequency identification: able to test the fixed
audio signal, 270Hz, 1 KHz and 2 KHz, identify the
required fiber optic cable
●Low battery alarm function

Model DT-681 DT-682 DT-683

Wavelength React Range 750nm-1700nm
250um naked fiber:1.0dB
Loss 900um tube fiber:1.0dB
3mm diameter pigtail fiber:2.0dB
Suitable fiber <3mm all types of fiber
Identify modulation signal 270Hz/1KHz/2KHz
Fiber direction identification Yes
Power test Yes
Displayer LED digital display
Beep alarm Yes
Low battery alarm Yes
Sensor type 1mm InGaAs
Minimum power sensing
250umnaked fiber-35dBm ;
Test wavelength:1550nm 900umtube fiber-35dBm ;
3mm diameter pigtail fiber-30dBm
250umnaked fiber-30dBm ;
Test wavelength:1310nm 900umtube fiber-30dBm ;
3mm diameter pigtail fiber-27dBm
Visible fault detector No Yes Yes
Center wavelength No 650nm
Output power No >1mW >10mW
Battery & lifespan NO.5 AA battery , >60H
Auto power off Yes
Size(mm)/Weight(g) 220×42×32/300

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