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P.S.C.W. Volume No. 7 31st Rev. Sheet No. E6.00

Replaces 30th Rev. Sheet No. E6.00
Amendment 723 Schedule Cg-1
Small Commercial and Industrial Service Electric
EFFECTIVE IN Class I and IV rate territory.
This schedule is available to small commercial and industrial customers where
neither of the following have been exceeded for three consecutive months and
also exceeded for at least one month in each succeeding rolling 12-month period:
1. Total demand of 100 KW; or
2. Total monthly energy consumption of 12,500 Kwh.

R Energy Charge – All Kwh: $0.12209/Kwh

Energy Only Customer Charge
Daily Monthly*
$0.2384 $ 7.25 for Single Phase Year-Round Customers
$0.4768 $14.50 for Single Phase Seasonal Customers
$0.3370 $10.25 for Three Phase Year-Round Customers
$0.6740 $20.50 for Three Phase Seasonal Customers
For new customers the company may, at its discretion, waive the three month
qualification period when, in the company's judgment, the customer would
obviously meet the qualification criteria. The company shall inform the
customer in writing that failure of the customer to meet the qualification
criteria after a waiver is granted will result in:
1. The customer being immediately placed on the appropriate rate schedule, and
2. Backbilling to reflect the appropriate rate schedule from the date the
waiver was originally effective.

The monthly minimum charge is the customer charge.

UNIT CHARGE LIMITATION See Sched. CgX, starting on Sheet E6.40

ENERGY COST ADJUSTMENT See Sched. CgX, starting on Sheet E6.40
PRIMARY DISCOUNT PROVISION See Sched. CgX, starting on Sheet E6.40
SHORT TERM SERVICE See Sched. CgX, starting on Sheet E6.40
STANDBY SERVICE See Sched. CgX, starting on Sheet E6.40
SPECIAL RULES See Sched. CgX, starting on Sheet E6.40

* = Monthly customer charge shown for informational purposes only.

Issued 1-13-11 Effective for Service Rendered

On and After 1-14-11

PSCW Authorization By Order 6690-UR-120 Dated 1-13-11