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2007-2008 Biennial sue Five * July 2007 ZONTIAN ing the Status of Women Worldwide PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE (On thi our second year ofthe biennium, we rake sock of what ws have accomplished inthe se st pn and ae what ads outer ad tention inthe nex 100 2 months Lege ie afew + We completed ou postion pape on Talckagof Women 2nd Gls Supplementary documenta and an advocacy module ae being cred for ‘he oe diwictsand cubs inthe adrocay nate, defor ree ‘lore ce end ofthe calendar year Whar da ate we doing’ We have ste ming or cn pape etd Ean wth em of Completing iby Ap « Ournsnsteal Src prof and ZISVAW projet ate npg A write his ase rt panned wo inspect he RAMP Region ‘Ani afcking Mobiliaion fr Prevention) project ip August This [oct iracroe-border expansion of our pi for in he Hoss and Frtegorina, Adonai hme naw ZISWAW pops have a en approved by the Zi and ZIF Boor 1 We received a becer-than- 30% sponse co he Member surg. The report isnom being proceed and wl be lensed nly 2007 + Some cls hve dilly withthe quarterly lab poring. Out response: sxe wll be retnga simple web-based data ctlction method inthe le {juaner of 2067 for ase net bcnatuns, Mennwle he Board he spprved ‘ini clu eporing wing the current med, and forthe balance of tnaing 30 Nenembes 2007 sod 31 My 2008, «+ Ein tis bienaiun, we give you tok Tor die workshops end leaden ‘evsopment We rceney publi the Weleme to Zot Powe Prenton ibe wed ar memberorénstion wool and are developing ImcmberreraimentPowerint ool We wil coeine o oer sores touneand hres which ou may ue and adap ar nda 1 The*Calleo Convention willbeln the neat ise of Te Zien rogitne Be suet sendin your eircom est Yo take adrantage of theclncounted repstration fe There much os about how clubs and di spent the ie yea of chis biennium and Tam ste ou have shared or wl be exchanging infrmation and sxperincns athe 2007 Disrict Conferences sound the Zonts word, Ple Ite ta pins o be these omar your stories andr ene ends a0 “The fertred topic of chi eof The Zone magne edevered co preventing and climinocing violence apne women apd the gi chi, bili, fof the priory theme ding the Commision onthe Sats of Warten {CSW Siac Son held atthe United Nations in New Yor ro 26 Ferry {09 March 2007. The Slat Seon mccooded in noresing swarens ofthe ‘any dimension of dhe vulterbiiis of gl whl einging focus to the weed Focincried prevention and protection of women an the gi il om