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AC High Voltage Test Sets - Breakdown Type

AC HV Breakdown tester is used for testing cable, Transformer, Motors,
Generators, Electrical control panels etc. These sets are generally used in
Electrical manufacturing Industry/Power Houses, Electrical Repair etc. where AC
HV. Test is suggest by BIS or IES. During AC H.V. testing High current is
generated due to capacitive loading. As such the testing set have capacities in
KVA or Amps. So at the time of installation, please ensure that the proper
power connection is available. AC High voltage test equipments are designed for
continuous use, for testing, and can withstand short circuit. Fault burning can
also be provided if desired.


Input Voltage : 230V, 50/60 Hz. Single phase AC supply.

Input Current : 8.6 A.
Output Voltage : 0-5 KV AC
Output Current : 100mA
Rating : Testing duty
Cooling : Naturally air cooled

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