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Hydroponiclleroin: IIow To Grow Opium Poppies
Without Soil
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Heroin (her'o-in) n. 1, rccreationalnarcotic that is sp-

thesized from morphine extracted from the opium
poppy; highly addictive;cortrnon street nanps include:
chinawhite, H, horse,junk, skag,srnackand suicide.2,
King of drugs.

Casualheroinuseis not only on th upswingagaituit is

now chic and quasi-sociallyacceptableto sport the lithe
body, dark sunkeneyes and withdrawn posture of the
corunon streetaddict. Supernndelsstnrt the catwalk with
gauntfranps and heavilyshadowedeyes,afrernativerock
music giants axen't giants unlesstbey have been in tbe
Betty Ford Clinic at leastonce,andevenhigh-fashionrno-
gul Calvin Klein bombardsthe generalpopulacewith teb-
vision advertisenpntswhich boast sickly teenagerswho
look like theyhavebeenon a week-longbender.
With the influx of the cbarest smackthe Unitd States
has ever seenflowing into a haff-dozenna]x port ciths,
anyonewho is'coof is t"Hng a rfoleon the whe huse.
The drug war has donc litth, if any damage to tb
600,00Gpoud worHwid,eheroindemand.The demandin
Hydroponic Heroin Introduction
How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil

the United Statesalonerangesfrom 20,000 to 30,000 pure occasionalweekenduser soar to heightsneverbeforeex-

pounds (average 454,000,000 initial uncut doses at 25 perienced.
mg!), and showsno sign of decline. Becauseof the tolerancefactor,theffiequent'thipper"
The reasonwhy smackhasbecomeAmerica's next drug will get ashigh, if not higher,thanthe most needle-tracked
"epidemic" is clear: potent, unadulteratedproduct is hit- crusty wanderingthe back alleysof the Big Apple. If the
ting the street, and the outdated necessityof intravenous unbelievershould debatethe massivecreativity factor of
injection hasbeeneliminated.Heroin in the '70s contained heroin, sonp notableaddictsfor the rebuttal include:en-
7-l5%opure product, and it took some regular usageto thony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers),Scott Weiland
become addicted. Now that supply greatly exceeds de- (Stone Temple Pilots), I-ayne Staley (Alice in Chains),
mand, streei-leveljunk can register up to 97Vopure! This Brad Nowell (Sublfurrc),Jimi Hendrix, JanisJoplin, John
level of purity allows more aestheticdly correct methods Belushi and Robert Downey Jr., all creative geniusesin
of ingestion such as smoking and snorting. Numerous us- their own right.
ers have reverted to snorting, for a dose as small as half a To digestall of the governmentand nrediapropaganda,
grirm can be lethal to a non-tolerantindividual. one would think that all usersdie minutesafter their first
With the increasedpurity conrcs the increasedpotential dose.This is, as usual tafty far from the truth. Hospital
for addiction,and no one is exempt from the psychological recordsshow that the majority of junkies die from bogus
dependenceheroin creates. Even though estimates state horse, impurities used to cut the srmck, infections and
that only 25-40Voof usersare physicallydependent,if you malnutrition,rather than hot loads (a street term used to
know someone who has ever gotten a good dose, you describe sudden,unforeseenincreasesin purity of the
know it is clear that a profound psychological addiction heroininjectedby inravenoususers).
can occur within secondsafter the line is gone or the For someonewho would like to achievethis statewith-
tourniquet is removed.If the tolerant user attemptsto quit, out the fear of overdosing,inrpurities,or coming down,
he can be assuredof a prolonged (at least four months) there is anothereasily attained drug that is much more
withdrawal which will be more rnentally debilitating and pleasant(puking can be circumvented)and saferthan her-
painful than any form of tortue rnankind might draw from oin - its grandparent,opium.
the darkestrecessesof its collective mind. This book is gearedtoward the opiate-dependent as well
With all of this said, one might wonder why anyone asthe inexperienced recreationaldrug userwho would like
would even attempt to try heroin. The reason is quite to havehis own stashof l$OVopure opiumlatex,nnrphine
simple: in the correct atmosphere,dosage and frequency, a hydrochloride,or, in the caseof the chemicallyinclined,
heroin buzz is one of life's great rewards. The intense srnack.The text following the introductionwill guide the
surge in creativity, euphoria, and relaxation can make the
HydroPonic Heroin Clupter One
History Of fhc PopW, OpiwnAnd Heroin Usage
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil

reader through all of the steps necessaryto maintain a

year-roundcrop of hydroponicopium poppies,therebl
of..iog the grower the exclusiverights to the free and
pureopiateof his choice.
Readthe text asif your life dependedon it (it does),es-
peciallythe chapteron dosagesand ingestion.When your
fittt ctop hasbeenharvestedandyou are experiencingthe
warm opiaterush,know that you havejoined an elite club'
Membersinclude: Inrd Byron, Coleridge,CharlesDick-
ens,BelaLugosi,EdgarAllen Poe,Mary Shelly,Thomas
de Quinceyand Mao 7*Jrong.You are in excellentcom-
pany for creativity, astral-planeexploring, and higher- No plant in history has causedas much adversity,lry
consciousness brain reformattingvia nreditation'Keep in and grief as the opium poppy (Greek opos =juice). First
mind, however,that you are riding the most majesticand cultivated on the shores of the Mediterranean by
unbreakable horseon theplanet.Make swe that your reins prehistoricman, texts regardingthis plant did not appear
arekept tight; otherwise,it will ride you. until the Greels praisedthe poppy 500 yearsbefore the
birth of Christ.
J-r S^t qROW Hip'pocrateswasthe first physicianto exploreits haling
abilities,and Hornersangpraisesof the poppy in his epic,
the Odyssey.tThe dnrg willl 'lull all pain and anger,and
bring forgetfulnessof every sorrow." Obviously,Horner
chokeddown a doseor two!
The opium poppy next reachedChinesernanuscriptsin
700 AD. Chineseand East Indian doctors regardedthe
plant as a generalcure-all For the following 700 yearsin
the east, rnan and poppy lived in relative harmony.The
plant was picked for its 'lniraculous" s@ds and rarely
abuseduntil a slick Chineseman in the 15th century
discoveredthat if the capsulewas slicedwithin a ten-day
period following the fall of the petals, a wonderful thing
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter One
How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil History Of The Poppy, Opium And Heroin Usage

happened - opium! This is where the easy balance InL773, the opium trade was madeglobal by the British
between man and poppy dissolves. Arrpd with a powerful East India Company.The British traded the Patna opium
drug and having little access to addiction treatment from India to the other Asians for their porcelains,silks,
information, Eastern man had unknowingly siarted the and spices.They used theseproducts to make a fortune in
opium ball rolling towards the remaining civilized world. Europe and the Americas. The Chinese Emperor once
Two hundred years after this rnornentousoccasion, most again enforced the banning of opium by forbidding
of the East, including India and Persia, abused the opiate exportationof Chinesesilver, and the British respondedby
in the form of a recreational drink, or by sinply eating it. waging two all-out wars. These two famous altercations
The stage was now set for Western man to swoop down were known as the Opium Wars. By the end of the second
and make a large scale comrnercial venture from the ever- war (1860), therewer€ at least 10,000,000opium addicts
increasing demand. in China, consuming80Voof.the world's opium supply.
The Portuguese were the first to transport and market In the Western world, opium had madb itself known
Indian opium to the Chinese. It was the Dutch seafarers, through numerous "snake oils" and legitimate medical
however, that hooked the Asians and SoutheastAsians by remedies.Since the public self-medicatedat that tirne, the
introducing them to smoking the raw latex. Until this opiate strangleholdtook Europe by storm.
point, the bad taste and slow absorption of opium into the The "Big M," or morphine, was first extractedfrom the
stomach prevented profound addiction. Now that the opium latex in the early 19th century. After some"clinicall'
opium could be snpked and the effects could be felt ingestions, the chemist soon named the addictive white
immediately, demand for the pungent black product powder morphine, after the god of dreams, Morpheus.
skyrocketed. By the mid-l7th century, over 50 tons of Morphine has always played a role in armed conflict, due
opium were flowing into Asia by boat. Eventually, the fazz to its immediate analgesic properties. During the Civil
(the Ernperor Yung Chen) became concerned about the War, both the North and South grew opium poppies to
addictioq death and "shriveling of the facial features," and treat wounded soldiers, as morphine shortages were
laid down the law on opium - total prohibition on the conrmon.
product, sales, and srnoking dens. This lasted about two Seeking a non-addictive alternative to morphine, C.R.
minutes, as the Asian people had already developed a Wright first synthesizedheroin in 1874. He tested the
sophisticated taste for ttre sweet poppy-resin snpke. The heroin on stray dogs in his laboratory, and much to his
Emperor countered this by placing tariffs on imported amazenrcnt,it worked better than morphine and in much
opiurn, hoping this would drive up the price, but to no smaller doses. After killing several dogs, and s[saning up
avail; the Chinesehad to get their smoke on at any price. copious amounts of dog vomit, Wright stopped his
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter One
Horv To Grow Opium PoppiesVYithout Soil History Of The Poppy, OpiumAnd Heroin Usage

Not daunted by Wright's outcomes, Tbe Bayer smugglersand of courss, the Italian Mafia. Such seedy
Corryany (yes, like the children's aspirin) turned out tbe characterstook advantageof the high demandto make
new pain killer in bulk, advertisingit as a cure for all that fortunesby smugglingheroininto the US.
ails. It cured many people (of sobriety), and imitators After the SecondWorld War, the crinp familieswere so
rusbed to meet the awesonp demand of the 'hon- scatteredthat the imports into the US fell to new lows.
addictive"' reliever.The harshlifestylesalmng the lower Add to this the fact that antidrug propagandawas
classeswho worked in agriculturalfields accountedfor tbe rampant,and it is easyto seewhy Arneric4 at that point,
rnailrity of users, as their gueling labor bd to chronic had its lowest opiate addiction percentageever. The
pains and rheumatoid artbritis. The redications were numbershad droppedfrom arounda quarter of a million
cheaperthan beer (and rnore powerful), and one could before 1923,to only 20,000after the war.
purcha$ea dozenor sodark bottlesfor a dime. A few yearsafter the war, a syntheticheroin substitute
This heydaycam to a grinding halt in the 1890s,as was createdfor recovery.In 1964, Doctors Dole and
I Arerican and European doctors' offices became Nyswander discovered the chemical forrnula that was
increasingly ovenun by sufrering addicts and dytng
I children More children were dying of lethal doses of
opiatesin their nostrumsthan all other tlpes of poisonings
supposedto cure the addict. It boasteda lower intensity
high that had a longer plateau,and was not detrinrentalto
the user's well-being. This drug, unfortunately,hooked
cornbined!In responseto tbe incrcasedpublic awareness, everyonewho cane acrossit, and many now had two
tbe Unitd States passed an act requiring medicine addictions:heroinAND methadone!
coryanies to cite ingredientsand their amountson tbe Never fear, the pandemiclove for opiates is never-
lI labels of tbeh products. This causedthe coryanies to endingand thereis little chancefor a cornpletecure, save
reducethe amountsof opiatesin their remediesby up to for abstinence.This is backedby the fact that in the '70s,
75%. heroin addiction had surpassedits all-tfure high and the
In 1914, Congresspassed the Harrison Act, which numberof addictsnumberednearlyhalf a million.
banned the sale of narcotics without a doctor's The numberof addictsin the US now is estimatedto be
prescription"So many doctors were dealing for profit, between 500-700,000, with 95,000 in retbadone
however,rhat the governrcnt had to stop it coryletely. treatmenL
So in 1923, after 400 years of hardcoreabuse,the US Obviously, this plant and its by-productscan make a
bannedall nucotics. penon feel pretty good. If the profound addictioncreated
This efrectivelymade all Pharmacistspushers,started by opiatescan survive, die and regenemteover a 1,000'
tbe war on drugsandpavedthe way for the DEA The ban year period, it would seemthat humansare genetically
also created a market for underworld dntg dealers,
IlydroPonic Heroin ChapterTwo
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Warning To Would-BeGrowers

10 1t

predisposedto be hooked. Can it be that man evolved with

the poppy, never to be seParated?

The opium poppy is in a legal class by itself when it
conrcsto propagation.In sonreareasof the United States,
it is treated as a normally occurring noxious weed, and no
trouble would result if it appearedto be growing wild in a
backyard garden. In sonp areas,however, all steps must
be taken to eradicatethe poppy, lest the hapless,unknow-
ing landowner fall under the heel of local and state gov-
erffnent. The smart ihing to do would be to write your
local council or agriculture agency and ask for a list of
Examples of hybridization in an open garden. banned plants and weeds, and take it from there. If you
Notice shade and patterning differences. live in a rural area with plenty of farmers and rednecks,
you could probably plant the poppies in your front yard
amidst similarly sized weeds and no one would never even
suspectthat they were a psychotropicspecies.Poppiesare
legal to grow in most of Europe, including England, but
Canada's government does not tolerate it at all - yet.
Speciesof poppy that are semilegal to grow in the US:
Papaverargemone,bracteaturn, dubiunL hybridiurL orien-
tale, pilosun, radicaturn, rhoeas, spicatum and walpolei.
These are known as field poppies and are much smaller
and yield considerably less potent gum (if any) than the
Hydroponic Heroin ClnpterTwo
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Warning To Would-Be Growers

t2 13

more famous Indochinese, Persian, Turkish and Yugo- (2) Offense and punishnrcnt.- Every person who
slavic somniferumvarieties. contravenessubsection(l) is guilty of an indictableof-
The best way to get around this legal snafu is to grow fenseandliableto inprisonmentfor a term not exceed-
the little devils insidewhere pryrng eyescan't see,but with ing sevenyears.
this tactic comes a much more serious offense and pun-
ishment:conspiracyto manufacturemorphine,a Schedule (3) Destructionof plant.- The Minister may causeto
II narcotic. If you are foolish enough to get caught with a
be destroyedany growing plant of opium poppy or
basenrent-fu[ be prepared to do a life sentencewithout
marihuanacultivatedotherwisethan under authorityof
parole, as the fuzz will more than likely slap a narcotics
and in accordancewith a licenseissuedunderthe rego-
trafficking charge on you. For this reasorL it is best to
grow a small"year-roundcrop than take the chanceon one
Uprooted plants and sevenyears in a Canadianprison
If the goverilnent createsa stink in your nose, and you
may soundbad, but it's nothing conpared to the punish-
are pro-anarchy,growing poppies is probably not the best
rrcnt rEted out for growing enough plants to prove a
way to give Uncle Sam the bird. Growing marijuana or
'qtrafficking"charge.Traffickinglegallynreansto rnanufac-
mush,roomswould be a better deal should you get caught.
ture, se[ give, administer,transport,send deliver or dis-
To give you an idea of how serious the punishnrentsare
tribute Papaver somnifemm or its constituent phenan-
for Papaver somniferum propagation, take a look at some
of the punishmentswhen caught in North America.
This is what the Canadian Pharmacy I-egislation has to
R.S.,1985,c. 27 (1stSupp.),s. 197.
say about getting caught with the "dreaded poppy" (this
applies only to the somniferum species):
a. (1) Tratrcking. - No personshall traffic in a narcotic
or any substance representedor held out by the person
R.S.,c. N-1, s. 5.
to be a narcotic.
6.(1) Cultivation of opium poppy or marihuana.- No
(2) Possession for purposeof trafficking. - No per-
person shall cultivate opium poppy or nurihuana ex-
son shall have in his possessionany narcotic for the
cept under the authority of, and in accordancewith, a
purposeof traffrcking.
license issued to the person under the regulations.
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter Two
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Warning To Would-BeGrowers

T4 15

(3) Offenseand punishment.- Every personwho naloxone,and naltrexone,and their respectivesalts,

contravenessubsection(l) or (2) is guiltyof an indict- but includingthefollowing:
ableoffenceandliableto be imprisonedfor life. (i) Raw opium;(ii) opiumextracts;(iii) opiumfluid;
(iv) powderedopium; (v) granulatedopium; (vi)
P+"t-vl'tt^z*Afu q*ruL"e Olp;u,rr- tinctureof opium;(vii) codeine;(viii) ethylrnorphine;
(ix) etorphinehydrochloride;(x) hydrocodone;(xi)
PotDlp;,lllt" Tk U4^;fu4fiafa, hydromorphone;(xii) rnetopon; (xiii) morphine;
(xiv) oxycodone;(xv) oxynnrphone;and (xvi) the-
The United States lawmaking bodies have, of course, baine.
handeddown their versionof the opium poppy law (note:
(2) Any salt,isorner,derivative,or preparationthereof
poppy seeds,unlike marijuanaseeds,are legal). This con-
that is chemicallyequivalentor identical with any of
voluted and multi-faceted passageis the FederalInclusion
the substances referredto in subsection(b) (1) of this
list for Schedule II drugs as it pertains to the Papaver
section,but not includingthe isoquinolinealkaloidsof
ScheduleII. (a) The drugs and other substances listed in (3) Opiumpoppyandpoppystraw.
this section, by whatever official name, common or (4-5)Concerningcocaine.
usualname,chemicalname,or brand namedesignated,
are included in ScheduleII. (6) Concentrateofpoppy strawCfhecrudeextractof
poppy straw in either liquid, solid, or powder form
(b) Substances.(Vegetable origin or chemical synthe-
which contains the phenanthrenealkaloids of the
sis.) Unless specificallyexcepted,any of the following opiumpoppy.)
substances,except those listed in other schedules,
whether produced directly or indirectly by extraction As you may alreadyknow, the United Stateshas much
from substancesof vegetableorigin, or independently more stringent drug laws than Canada.If a grower is
by meansof chemical synthesis,or by combination of caught cultivating or extracting the latex from opium
extractionand chemical synthesis: poppies,he will more than likely be chargedwith conspir-
acy to traffic morphine.Trafficking a ScheduleII narcotic
(1) Opium and opiate, and any salt, compound, de- carriesa n&styminimumof three yearsfor a first offense.
rivative, or preparation of opium or opiate, excluding If the grower has a prior drug-relatedconviction in this
apormorphine, dextrorphan, nalbuphine, nalmefene, arena,10 years.The third convictionwould fall under the
Hydroponic Heroin ChapterTwo
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil WamingTo WouA-BeGrowerc

16 17

"habitualoffendet'' statuteand the grower would spenda of the raw opiur4 the arnountof product that was refined
minimumof 15yearsto life in prison. would be +10 grams.As you can see,the United States
If the wily grower wereto extractthe opiumanddiscard hascorryensatedfsl this power increaseby increasingthe
the seedcapsulesbeforebeing caught,the offensewould marijuanaconversionby tenfold. The punishmentwould
be lessenedto possession(if no puriffing chemicalsor be ttte sarre for 4-10 gramsof morphineHCI as 4G100
glasswarewere uncovered).The thing to do to lessenthe gramsof raw opium.
chancesfor a harsherpenalty would be: harvestand ex- Possession of heroinis probablythe worst dnrg offense
tract latex from the poppies, throw away ALL leaves, one might imagire. If the cbemicallyinclinod grower arn-
podsandstemsandthenbuy your purifying chemicals. ped the morphineup to diacetylnnrphine, the penaltiesif
The charges,should you be caught with the purified caught are staggering:4-10 gramsof pure heroin would
opiates,arebasedon a marijuana-weightconversiontable. get the first offenderat leastten months.If the drug war-
rior is caughtwith the upperlimit, he canexpectto ponder
OPilil.+4aa;4aana (bxnbt* life in an institution for aroundtwo years.This is far too
much tinrc, considering4-10 grarnsof heroin could only
Accordingto the USCA,Title 18 ChapterI toZ: bring $80G2,000if sold.
Obviously,the best idea is not to get caught! No one
I gmmof raw opium = 50 gramsof marijuana thinks they will anyway, so it is suggestedthat only a
I gmmof morphine= 500 gramsof marijuana rnodestgardenbe grown Don't do the crire if you can't
1 garn of heroin= I kilogram of marijuana do the time. (Seechartat the endof the chapter.)
Below is a tabb which will clue the potential grower in
For a first offensewhereone gramof opium wasseized, asto the severitythe US Governrnentputs on the poppy's
the possessorcould face anywherefrom probationto six constitrrentopioids.
rrcnths in custody. This is the least offense, and the
chancethat the hone grower would possessthis srnall
arnountis slirn If you grow a decentgardenof poppies'
U^;fA $afa ScLh,le Talrl^o
your yield could be 40-100 gramsof raw opiurn The pm-
ScheduleI Nancotics:
istrmentfor being caught with this anrcunt(first offense)'
No bgal useknown, not availableeven with presctip
rangesfrom six to 16months.
Supposingthat the opium was purified to nnrphine hy- tion Abusepotential- higb. Such dnrgs are heroinb
drochloride,the weight would be lesseneddue to the re- ISD, rpscaline, marijuan4 PCP, peyote and Quaa-
npval of plant acids.Sincernorphireis a tenth the weight hdes. These rocrcationalchemfoalscarry the stiffest
Hydroponic Heroin ClnpterTwo
How To Grow Opium PoppieslVithout Soil Warning To Would-Be Growers

t8 T9

penaltiesfor possession,except for marijuana,which narcoticover-the-counterpain killers, antipyreticsand

now has legitimateusesthanls to California'sArticle weak opiates.Anacin, Motrin and St. Joseph'sfor
215. Childrenfall underthis category.

ScheduleII Narcotics: FederalMarlluana{plate ConverslonLevel Table

For Poesesslon
Usuallyavailableonly by non-refillableprescriptionor
tfure-delay prescriptions. Abuse potential - high. OdrrnSf.XorphlnrWt )lorcln St ldlu.m Wt Oflrnr trvrl
rg - 5og o
Suchdrugs are amphetamines, cocaine,rnorphineand :
t_, - sms 8
19 tkg tO
nethadone.Close records are kept about dispensers log -5(x)co
toj skg
and users,and pharmaciesusuallykeep thesegoodies : -
109 to kS
locked in a sensitizedfloor safeto preventdrug fiend 50g - 2.5kS 12
25 l(g
holdups. _1s -
5og Sokg

FederalSenterclng Table
ScheduleIII Narcotics:
t Ytl Ottrrr. I
Availableby refillableprescription.Abusepotential- 6 I
Tlm. ln ton$r
rnoderate.Suchdrugs are watered-downversionsof 8
2 1-7
t 2{
strongerdrugslike Tylenol with codeine,Phenobarbi- 2 +1 0
10 1 &12
tal and Vicodin. Only hard-up narcotic addicts and 2 &14
desperateburn-outsabusetheseweakchemicals. 2
I 10.10
14 1 1$21
2 1&24
SchedulefV Narcotics: 16 1 21-24
Availableby refillableprescription.Abusepotential- 18
low. Drugs includedare anti-anxietybenzodiazepines 2 3GC/
n 1 3+41
like Ativan, Valium and Xanax. Despitethe IV classi- 2 37-a6
2. 1
fication, these non-recreationalchemicalsare abused 2
by peoplewho usuallyhave accessto thesedrugs for 24 I 5t{l
2 57-71
treatmentof mentaldiseaseor defect

ScheduleY Narcotics:
Availableby refillable prescriptionor no prescription.
Abuse potential - low. Included drugs are non-


Chapter Three
The opium poppy (Papaversomniferum),alsoknown as
the White PoppyandMawseed,is an erect,annualrosette
plant that glows nearlyworldwide from SoutheastAsia to
Europeand the Anrericas.It is a long-dayplant; that is, it
will flower most efficiently when the photoperiod(total
daylight hours) is between15 and 16 hours. This photo-
period, combinedwith indigenoushabitat,puts the poppy
in the winter annualclass of plants. It ttrives in cooler
weather,and is often plantedin late summerin the north-
ern hemisphere.It has the exact opposite flowering
scheduleas marijuan4 which flowers fastest when the
photoperiodis lessthan 13hours.
Unlike marijuanaand most other narcotic plants, the
opium poppy is responsiveto the critical photoperiodas
early as two weeks after ernergence.It variesin flower-
petal color from pale white (rnostpotent) to red and pur-
ple (wild strains).Its statureis alsowildly variant,ranging
from a two- to six-feetmainstalk with six to 12 minor off-
shoots.Its seedpo4 or capsule,which perchesatop a ring
Hydroponic Heroin
Chapter Three
Ifow To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil
The Opium Poppy

on the main stalk, varies from hemisphericalto ovoid, de-

pressedor non-depressedand delineatedto smooth. This
pod can range in size from egg to orange-sizedand its top
is crowned with a group of star-shapedstigma rays. The
tiny kidney-shapedseedswithin the green pod can be col-
ored white (most desirable)to dark puple.



This variety displays a nearly pumpkin-shapedseedpod.

Life cycle (from germinationto senescence)varies with
strain and location from six to sevenmonths - a few of
the papaverswill even grow all year. Since the poppy is a
classic weed, it can thrive in a variety of soils; sandy to
moist and rich as long as the plant isn't killed by frost and
is kept watered. Intense sunlight is also preferred, as this
Large Turkishvariery.
HydnoponicHeroin Clapter Three
Eow To Grow Opium PoppiesVYithoutSoiI TheOpiumPoppy


factor directly contributesto the plant's overall size and entsinclude:morphirrc,codeine,codamine,nrtopon, rulr-
pot€ncy. ceine,narcotine,papaverine,thebaine,rhoeadine,and np-
The poppy's opium gum yield is relatedto the plant's conic and sulfuric acids.The meconicacid is usedin toxi-
sizeas well, so strive to find the largesthytrid straiq as it cology and drug screeningto determinethe presenceof
will producethe largestseedpods.Also, the longer a Par- opiatealkaloids,specificallymorphine.
ticular plant takes to flower, the larger the seedcapsule Sonreother non-narcoticchemicalscontainedin the la-
will eventuallybe. Suchinforrnationis usefulwben estab tex are: albumin,calcium salts, caoutchouc,magnesiun;
lishinga desiredinbredline. mucilageand sugar.Tlpse agentsact as bindersand make
Contradictoryto old popular belief, lower tetrperature up the gum asthe waterin the latex evaporates.
doesnot havean effect on the flowering tire of poppies.
It does,however,positivelyefrect ttrc potencyof the ex-
uded latex. This widely held fact conrcsfrom the knowl-
edgethat npst otber rosette plants' flowering cycbs are
enhanced by ryriods of cold lessthan50" F.

CAar'*aL CoNfifuril
Dtring the last stagesof flowering, the opium poppy
will drop its petalsandproducea millcy-whitelatex within
the lactiferous vessel system of tbe egg-like capsule's
outer wall for a period of no longer than ten days.If al-
lowedto maturepastthis tirne,the seedpod will changeto
yellow, then b,rown,and the peak harvesttime will have
passed.Oncethe capsuleis pierced,or slice4 tightly along
its bngitude (over a perid of four to sevenduyt), tbe la-
tex will ooz€ out and hanlen into opium, a psychoactive
substancethat contains nunrerous narcotic cbemicals.
Theseeftaloids, which arc bound to 'flant acids," make
up 6 ?n% of tbe weight of the uffiPe seedpod. Sore of Latcx ooztslron tfisftcshly-pked large f,
tbe better known and rcre powerfirl twodozen constitu-
Chapter Three
HydroPonic lleroin
The Opium Poppy
IIow To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil

especiallyresistantto punishment,
but stompingthe Impe-
The seed capsule is not the only source for the latex'
rial White, PersianWhite and Hens and Chickenshybrid
When the main stern, branches or leaves have been sev-
varietiesprobablyisn't a good ide4 sincefine imported
ered, latex will weep from the slice. This latex is not as
seedscanrun as high as $8.00per gram.Most other pa-
potent as pod latex, but there is no use in wasting any! To
paver seedsbought from magazinesourcesare 509 per
collect this low-grade opiate, snrcar a cigarette with the
cut end of the branch or leaf.

Ba.r/;^e a^"/" Varr;d+ Patnerl

Starnd&^r ah"l, Weab^ana
Unlike marijuana,it is very easyto inbreedthe papaver
As powerfula plantasthepoppyappea$to be in nature somniferumto achievethe desiredplant characteristics.
Frostanddry An
andcontent,it is not withoutits weaknesses. inbredline (IBL) hybrid will not expressgeneticdrift and
weatherare the plant's worst enemies,yet it does prefer lose potency or vigor, no rnatter how many times the
cold nights (50'D and rather warm (85" F) days.Too poppy is bred to its cousins.This is excellentfor all those
much rain or constantdew formation can causethe plant breedersout therewho would try andbreakthe ITVoalka-
to succumbto a fungal attack (dampingoff) and nrin the loid level in the mostpowerfulnaturallyoccurringstains.
pod color andpotencY.
Strainvarietiesdiffer greatlywhenit comesto potency
Becauseof its odd stature,the poppyis top-heavyand and yield. When tested,poppiesfrom Yugoslaviaappear
can be stem-bentand broken by a gust of npdium-speed to be the most potent (due to harshclimateconditions),
wind. This is especiallytrue when flowering, as the seed with up to a lTVoalkaloidcontent.Runners-up from Asian
capsuleis large. and Middle-Easternsourceshave only half the amountof
As you will soondiscover,papaversdo not take well to alkaloids,sochooseimportedstrainswisely.
beingtransplianted, so a modifiedgerminationtechniqueis
calledfor. If the transplantsare conductedin an improper
rruulner,the poPpy will repay the grower with stunted bt,*t ^ot" tl4.r
growthandless-than-bountiful yields.
The strengthsof the poppy are uncorlmon for an alka- The poppyhasbeen,cultivated and collectedfor centu-
loid-producing psychotropic plant- Poppies can be ries and usedas an analgesic(externalas well as internal),
stomped into the ground when they are sprouts and astringent(skin bracer),cure
plantlets,and it only makesthem grow faster and larger! for alcoholisnl expectorant,hypnotic, orgasmintensifier,
The wild versions(red to purple and spotted strains)are sedativeandstimulantnarcotic.
OvemiewOf Hydroponbs

Hydroponicsarcn't new at all The HangingGardensof
Babylonwerehydroponb.So were tbp floating gardensof
ancientChinaand thc royal garde,nsof tbe Aztecs,Egle
tiens and Mayans. Tbese technobgy defcbnt cutures
nanaged to gtow without soil, and so catr tbe hore
grcwerof today!
B€ing hirly cost prohibitive and dangerousto buy
through the meil, hydroponb syst€,ms and otbr assorted
equipmentarc not easilyacquiredby tbc av€ragegrcwer
without arousingsuqplion How can ore grcw opiates
indoorswitbout spendinga forture or risk beingcaughtby
the infra rgd devilsin tbe skf Easy.By nnlcingorc's own
systemandlight barrbrst For thc prbe of an ource of fire
marijuane orr can build a homc syst€mthat will wort
with minimqlupkeep,and will enabbtbe growerto realize
a year-roundhuvest
Sorc thingswillhave to be bougbt,zuchas a TDS rc-
ter and pH test kit. Most gnrw storescarry tbese,and if
the grower doesn't rct suspbiouswhen hying tbem, no
onewillbe the wis€r.
Hydroponic Heroin ChapterFour
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Overview Of Hydroponic s

30 31

leaves'breathingapparatus(stomata),in order to use the

Nuh;afu ;rt* tll tl1laDph;e Sri.n" availablelight andcarbondioxidemoreefficiently.
Along with the prirnarynutrients,there are also secon-
Nutrient concentrationis the amountof primarychemi- darynutrients.Theyarecalledsecondarynutrientsbecause
cals(macronutrients) presentin the watersolutionin a hy-
they are not neededin the amountsthat N-P-K are. These
droponicsystem.The basicchemicalsneededfor anyplant secondarynutrientsare: Calcium(Ca), Magnesium(Mg)
are describedas the N-P-K percentage. The N-P-K num- and Sulfur (S). Theseelenpnts are inportant in chloro-
bers are often found on the front label of gardening phyll synthesisandsoil detoxification.
amendments. In additionto prinraryandsecondarynutrients,thereare
The N, or nitrogen, is the most important chemical trace elerpnts (micronutrients)to account for. These
neededfor the vegetativestageof plant growth.Nitrogen chemicalsare only neededin minuteamounts.Thesetrace
regulatesprotein uptakeand is heavilyinvolvedin chloro- elernentscommonlyusedby plantsare: Boron (B), Chlo-
phyll (plant pigmen$ synthesis.Nitrogen is also responsi- rine (Cl), Copper(Cu), Iron (Fe),Manganese (Mn), Mo-
ble for leaf and stemgrowth. Nitrogen addsto the overall (7n). As with any other chemi-
bbdenum(Mo) and 7-nc
healthand vigor of the poppyplant.A shortageof nitro- cal, too high of a concentrationof trace elenpntsin a so-
gen is diagnosedas yellowing leavesand a generalslow lution can be detrinpntal to a poppy's health.If a grower
downor halt in growth. decidesto add micronutrients,it is suggestedthat he only
The P, or phosphorus,providesa deviceby which en- dosesonceperharvest.
ergy is transferredin the plant. It is also the chemicalthat The pH level of the nutrientsolutionis as important to
is responsiblefor diseaseresistance,seedand fruit forma- the plant's well-being as nutrient concentration.Poppy
tion, and strong root growth. Phosphorusuptakepeaks plantsaren't as sensitiveto pH as someplants, but there
during the budding and flowering stages.A shortageof remainsan idealrengeof 6.5-6.8.V/ithin this range,the
phosphorus causesdark greenleaves,stuntedgrowth,and poppy can rnost effectively assimilatethe nutrients and
a reddeningof stemsand leaf junctions. As with other waterof the solution.
primary nutrient deficiencies,lower leavesare the first to An acidic(or low pH) bindsthe nutrientsin the solution
be affected. to acid saltsandpreventsroot absorption.An alkaline(or
The K or potassium(potash),is neededto facilitatethe high pH) harmsplantsby buildingup toxic saltsand roots
rrovement of food within the poppy plant. It also helps from absorbingwater. Always test pH after mixing nutri-
$owth by aiding cell division. Potash regulatesthe ents with water. pH kits are readily available in pool
arnount of chlorophyll in the foliage and controls the stol€s,hydroponicgrow storesand better gardeningout-
lets. pH can be brought into line by using commercially
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter Four
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Ovemiew Of Hydroponbs

32 33

availablepH up andpH down. Honp rerne-dies includethe (TDS, or total dissolved solids, is a measureof salt
additionof distilled white vinegaror a crushed aspirin so- shength within the solution. It is similar to tbe salinity
lution to lower pH; baking sodaor dilute lye solution to mea$[e in oceanwater.)
raisethe pH. pH shouldneverbe altereddrasticallywhen
the plants are young, as they are sensitiveand will suffer F day,50' F night
shock. (NighafuF terperatures of 50oF havebeenshownto in-
In discussinghydroponicgrow systemsfor the poppy, 6ease the potency of the final opium resin Since the
we will start with the smallestand simplestand work our poppy is indigenousto very cold, arid regions,one would
way to the enorrnousand corrylicatedsp:rce-age systems. only be doing naturc a favor by mimicking the flower's
Before construction,thereare a few constantsfor the hy- naturaltemperaturerange.)
droponic poppy garden that beginnersmust familiarize
themselveswith. RelativeHumidity.. min, 65%max
(Humidity below 25% maydehydratethe plant, sustained
P4ry1 qpal& Copiladl bvels above65% will clog tbe breathingapparatusof the
H1la+q;e cold-weather,arid plants, causingthem to gaspfor frresh
All successfulhydropooicpoppy gardenssystems,no
matterhow conplex, must fall within theseparanreters.It stagemax2U2U?-O
Fertilizermix N-P-K ..........vegetative
only takes a mild variation of one of theseto throw the floweringstagemax lG'35-10
whole gardenofr-kilter, so maintainclose toleranceson (No morethanonescoopper two gallons)
your parameters.
With thesestandardsin min4 we cannow take a look at
pH of nutrientsolution..... ...6.5-6.8
sorlE coflunon,aod not-so-cornmon,hydroponicsysterns.
F Chooseaccordingly,becauseonce you commit, it is pur
Temperature of nutrientsolution ........65-75"
duty as a grower to be Mother Nature.Tbe more comPli-
(If the terperaturegoesabove75oF, the roots will cook.
catedthe sptem of your choice,the moreof a motberit is
If the terryeraturegoesbelow 65" F, the roots will have
to naintain!
somerouble absorbingnutrientsdueto root shock.)
Eventhough),oumight be tenpted to nrsh out and buy
a shitloadof higb-techequiprent, resistthis urge untillou
TDS of nutrientsolution..... 3OG90OgramVtitne
get tbe hnngof growingwith your own seE-builtuoit. This
HydnoponicHeroin ChapterFour
How To Grow Opium PoppieslVithout Soil Overttiew Of Hydroponics

34 35

way, if your thumbis not as greenas you would like, the AggregateCulturc
equipmentwon't be a lossif you havea garagesale. Before we can go into the different tlpes of aggregate
growing systerns,we must first explorethe differenttypes
T,1po4 S,rd.lr,.l,t of aggregategrowing mediumsand the pros and cons of
each.As with other systems,pick the one which is bestfor
Paa aa"l eols 4 EarI" your growing needs.As you will see,sonp of the aggre-
gate mediumsare strangeat best,but whenit conrestime
There are three tlpes of hydroponiccultrue that one to harvest,you won't give one thought to what the plants
could use for poppy gardening:SandCulttlre, Aggregate aregrowingin!
carefullyand choosethe one that is most suited to )lour
lifestyteandlevel of gardeningexperience. Wxgil. Hd;r',,lo

SandCulture Broken Bricks

Sandculture is a npthod by which cleanedsandis used Broken bits of brich if scrubbedthoroughlyand broken
for the growingnredium-It is easyonceyou get the gtstof into small enough pieces,can make a cheap aggregate
it, but canget out of handquickly oncethe grower turns a nedium. If they are not cleanedthoroughly,chemicalsthat
watctrful eye away from tbe system-Sand is about tbe are usedto help the bricksconreout of their moldscleanly
cheapestthing in the world (exceptfor advice),andmakes canleachinto the nutrientsolutionandkill your poppies.
for a unique style of gardening. Fluids drain quickly The bricks must be brokeninto bits no larger than two
ttrough it andarecapturedin a reservoirbelow the plants. fingers' width. Any larger and the surfacearea used to
It is nearly impossibleto overwateror overfertilizeusing catch and hold nutrients, oxygen and water would be
sandas a growth npdiunr. On the other hand,a sandsys- greatly diminished.Also, when the shardsare too htg",
temcan alsobe a poPpygrower's worst nightmare,for the theycancut into the stemsandroots whenthe containeris
sandis not asforgiving as soil whennot wateredregularly. moved.
Let two things stick in your mind when dealingwith sand Bricks are only good for onegrow cycle,asthey tendto
culture systerns:a grower can kill tbe poppiesby using a breakdown in water. KeeppH checkeddaily when using
strongfertilizer solution,and the grower cankill the pop bricks, becausemineralsare leachedfrom the bricks that
piesby forgettingto water frequentlyenough.It is bestto canalter waterhardness(high TDS andpH).
eurploya recirculatings)Btemand rnrnitor tbe TDS and
pH daily.
Hydrcponic Eeroin Clupter Four
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout SoiI Oveniew Of Hydroponics

36 37

CatLitter gilDrl) microscopb porcs to form on tbe exterior of the balls.

Most people think that cat litter is only good for one Thesetiny hobs mp the nutrient mixture and oxygen in
thing. At a recent horticultue exposition,I saw a uun the perfectcombinationWater rushingover the clay pel-
gowing strawberriesfrom a garbagebag filld with cat bts is mademore turbulentby the pores and is aerated,
litter. Tdk aboutcheap!The super-absorbent natureof oil like a nrshing$trearnSincethe raw materialthat makesup
dry allows the gardenerto water less frequently,but this thesepelbts is bakedclan water solutionsthat passover
doesnot rpan it is suitablefor beginners.If you overrilater will retaintheir pH balarce.BrandnatrEsof clay pellctsto
or overfertilizewith cat litter as yoru subotratgit can't be look fon Golite, Cirorocks,Gronoxand Hydroton.
leachedout. What goesinto the redium staysin tbe np-
dium! Try using a 5U50 sand/catlitter mixture. This will Gravel (Pca)
be a muchmore forgiving plantingmix for the novicegar- Gravelis the perfectmediumfor tbe hydroponicnovbe.
dener. It is'easy to fin{ cheapif you have to buy it, inert, fast
drainingand easyto keep clean Peagravel drainsso fast
Centrul HcatlAb Filton that it bas to be combinedwith sandto slow the nutrient
You heardit herefirst! With a hydroponicgrow s)tstem, mixture. The gravel-sandnixtut€ works spergistically in
all the plants need is sorewhere for their roots to take that the sandkoepsthe water fromnrshing though unused
bold. By srnash-stacking ten or twelve filters from a cen- and the gravel preventstbe sandfrom becomingsodd€n
tral ah unit (clean ores!) and eryloying a constanttoP and st4gnant.The gravel-sandratio shouHbe around5:3,
drip inigation sptem, you can have a no-fail hydroponic on how fre the sad is. If usingthis r€cipe,be
system.If the wetrbingisn't tigbt enough to place pre- sur€to mix veryevenly,as alopsided conceirtrationgadi-
germinatedseedlingscomfortably,place a layer of fiber- ent could spell disasterfor yotr plants.Evenwith the cor-
gilassor cotton tbneelayersdown andplant tbe seedlingon rect mixture, this urdium will baveto be wateredseveral
top of that. tires per day. This rneansthat an automatedcolbction
andwateringsystemmustbe eryloyd unlesstbe grower
ExpandalClay BaIIs haslots of sparetime.
Rapidly becomingpopular armng marijuanagrowers,
expandedclay ballsarethe rext bestthing to slicedbread! Perlite
Clay balls can be uscdin any hydroponicsptem because Perlite is a very usefulgrowing medium,being extraor-
of tbeir sirryb makeup.They are mlded and then fired in dinarily light when dry and having t high wat€r retention
a furnaoeat exherely high teryeratures (2,000oF!) to rate (up to 3Wo).It is mde by superheatingvobanic rock
make tbem porous.The intensebeat causesthousandsof past its relting point. This causesthe rock to elEand and
Chapter Four
Hydroponic Heroin
Oveniew Of Hydroponbs
How To Grow Opium Poppies\ilithout Soil

one growing vesselto another.A grower can germinate

shatter,baving thousandsof flakes of porous material
seedsin one-inchplugs, transferall the good starts into
Perlite has the odd characteristicof being able to abso$
two-inch cubesfor further growttu and finally placethem
water, but not nutrients.This is good for your plants in
that the nutrientsax€not boun4 as in soil Although per- into four-inchblocts on a four-foot slab.Whenemploying
lite canbeusedby itself, its cost canbe prohibitive,so mix a topfeed system,a slick of blue-greenalgaewill form on
with sand50150%.Thereare two differenttlpes of perlite the blocksandeventuallyon the slab.Thereis no causefor
on tbe market;the redfum grade(3 mm in diareter), and alafin, this is surply nature'sway of saYrng,'Everything is
working fine!" The algaeis beneficialto your pop'pies;it
the fine grade.The npdium gradeshouldbe used as the
providesdissolvedoxygento their roots and removescar-
fine is bettersuitedfor cloning.Usecautionwhenopening
a bag of perlite.Fine dust particlescausedfrom vibrations bon dioxide from the nutrient mixture. Your plants will
during strippingcan enter your lungs and eyesand cause thankyou for it!
irritation" While nbt toxic, itchy lungs suck! To deal with Rockrvoolmust be handledvery carefullywhen dry be-
the cloud of irritating dust, opena smallhole in the top of causeof its glassy,fibrous naturc. If you do get a rock-
the bag andpour in sonp water. This keepsthe dust from wool splinter, alleviateit by running water over the irri-
flying into tlre atnolphere. tated area.This will causethe splinterto softenand come
Rockwool A problemnpst new rockwool usersencounteris that
Rochnool is a rclatively new growing medium (est. whenit first getswet, it froths yellow! To avoid introduc-
'E2). It is made by pouring a mixture of liquid basalt, ing this harmlessfoam into your hydroponicsptern, pre-
linpstore andsilicaonto a spinningcylinder.Tbesernolten wash all rockrrool with tap water prior to use. Another
elernentsstrike tlp wheeland are flung far from the heat, minor problemwith rockwool; its pH can be as high as 9!
wbere they are collected as fibrous strands.This is the Be sureto addpH down to your nutrientmixtureuntil the
sarneprocedureby which fiberglassinsulationis fornpd. pH nurnbersfall into line in the nrnoff water. Sonreexcel-
The strandsare then sprayedwith an adhesiveand mlded lent brand narps of rockrnoot Cultilene, Grodan and
into blocls, cubesor slabs,andthenoven-cured. Hortiwool.
This cheap,light materialhasa veryhigh waterretention
rate (up to 80%), makingit very easyfor tbe amateurgar- Seashells(Crushed)
dener to drown the roots. Rockwool is best suited for Cnrshedseashellsare an uncorilnon, but worthwhile,
slow, topdrip intermittent-flowirrigation due to its water npdium to usein a hydroponicsptem- Whencnrstredfine
absorptionabilities.Tbe bestthing aboutrockrvool is that enough (similar to saltwater aquarium substrate), and
it allowsplantsto be transplantd andre-transplanted from mixedwith perlite, seashellscan add mineralslike calcium
Eydmponic Eercin ChapterFour
How To Gmw Opium PoppieslVithout Soil OvemiewOf Hydroponics

N 4t

andmagnesiumto tbe nutrientmixture.Not only are these Y*t, et@irrl

ninerals important for the plants' metabolisrn,tbey are
alsoexcellentpH bufrers.Cnrshedcoral and dolomitecan
This chart allows tbe gardenerto determinewhich ag-
alsobe usedasbuffersin hydroponicsystems.This tlpe of
gregateis tbe bestoverallfor his living conditions(e.9.,no
aggregatecanbe found at any saltwateraquariumshop.If
you alreadyhave a systemin use, and you would like to large lava rock gardenson the secondfloor!), mnetary
add theseanpndrnentsto the mix, just throw a coupleof
handfulsinto the reservoir. Cod ttDrY, LllrrPrn ll20l}l T.E
W.t tur.
Vcrmiculite Bdc*s m trlglVuncNr6 monlhs lbk&ood Ca, Sl
Catutiar kry low/Hdt 6 monft8 hlgtula'F Ca, Sl
Vermiculite,like its cousinperlite, is a high-tenperature lil,lovv lndellrilie brvrfiur Ined
ArFlie|3 bf,
treatedmineral Mica is pressurecooked until it expands Cqd low trlgtYnnctt lndoltnlb pocrgood Ce,LlS
ClayBat3 rpd meduncit lndefrnlto Itgh,t{gh ln€rt
to 2,000tirnesits originalvolurne,while retainingits initial lrldvuttctt lnddrille lil/rned Ce"Sl
Gratrgl h
werght. Its water retention properties are nearly double P€rb h lor{med 1 yes rnedm€d lmd
Fodalod bf lourmed 2yeeF trlgh,low hrtt
that of perlite! It tends to bneakdown after a seasonof lrr lilffidt 6 months ilgh,lor lneil
Sowing. For thesereasons,vermiculiteis more of a soil VolcanlcRod( h hldunctt ktdoinlb medfn€d Ined
enhancerthan a soleaggregate.As with perlite, be caleful
not to bneathein the dustfrom a bag of vermiculite. Bllt Wryil. Fot *fp*?
Volcanic Rock(Lava Rock) This chart demonstrateswhich aggregateis best suited
Nature's best for an ebband-flow system!Thesebrick- for a particular hydroponicsysteno" No additivessuch as
red porous rocks can be found at rnany garden stores, sandare included,so each redium must standon its own
nurseriesand retail stores.They are inert, non-toxic, can- properties.
not becornewaterloggedor rot, hold the perfect arnount The tpes of systernsto grow opiumpoppbs are as fol-
of air and nutrientsin their pores,and best of all - they lows: topdrip, which seesthe plants receiving constant
can be usedindefinitely!The only drawbackfor volcanic drops of nutrient solutbn from above the root line; ebb
rocks is that if you chooseto createa large garden,it will andflow, which seestbe plants' roots floodedand drained
weigh a ton! However, for a smallersysten, it can't be with nutrient solution at intervals;ad wick' in which the
beat. plantsare in a containerfilbd with a redium that will act
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter Four
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Overview Of Hydroponics

42 43

as a capillary agent, drawing nutrient solution from a 30Vowater andTUVoair! Comparethis to rockwool's 807o
lower reservoirthroughcloth wicks. water and 20Vo air, and one can clearly see that it would
For the amateurgrower, a wick systemis the absolute be nearly impossible to overwater plants using foam slabs
best,requiringlittle attentionand still producingexcellent as a npdiurn The only adjustnrcnt that would have to be
results. made using foam slabs is the feeding schedule.Due to the
high flow-through nature of the slabs,feedings would have
Ebb lnd Flow to be much more frequent, even constant.
Bridc falr good poor
CatLltbr poor poor good Light Systems
Air Fllter good poor poof
Coral good falr poor After weeding through the nunrcrous hydroponic sys-
Chy Balb good good poof tems and picking the one which is right for your situation,
Grawl lalr tair Poof
Pedib Poor poor good you have one more important choice to make to complete
Rodcod good poor fair the unit; a light source. The most important (and expen-
Vemlculite poof Poor fair
lava Rock good good poor sive) decision you have as a guerrilla gardener must be
made.Although we havecheapskatedour way through the
hydroponic systernslabynnth, we cannot scrimp one bit on
lrcryt*WeA,h,4. light choice. The two types of lights that are acceptablefor
growing poppies are fluorescent tubes (which are the best
Polyuretlune SlabM ethod
choice) and high-intensity dischargelamps.
The polyurethane(or PU) slab npthod is the newest
crazn,to conp out of the Netherlands.The slabs,which
can be found at any carpetingor warehouse-t)?egarden-
Fluorescent lights are a great alternative for someone
ing store, are used in topdrip systemsin the place of
who wants to grow, but can't afford the heat output of the
rockwool The advantagesare quite clear: foam slabsare
high-intensity discharge lamps due to confined grow
pH neutraf rockwool can raise your pH; foam slabsare
space.Fluorescent or tube lights are filled with inert gases,
not irritating to the skin and lungs, rockwool posesthe
mercury vapor and phosphor. When the current is passed
sanp healththreatas asbestos;foam slabsare reusablein-
through the tube via ballast, the chemicals are excited and
definitely(they offer a ten-yearguaranteeon horticultural
emit a glow. Most of the heat that is emitted by a fluores-
slabs),rockwool bneaksdown after a season;and,possibly
cent system is by the ballast. If you choose tubes and heat
the best reasonto use foam slabs over rockwool, is its
is a problern, ask the light store attendant about a rernote
water retention property. Polyurethaneslabs hold only
ballast. They cost more, but the crop will be worth it!
Eydroponic Henoin Chapter Four
How To Grow Opium Poppies\ilithout Soil Ovemisw Of HYdroPonics

4 45

Fluorescenttubes fall under thre power categories: ticed that they were doing twice asmuchwork' Turns out
standard,HO (high output), and VHO (very high output). that thesenew nptal halide lanps were keepingthe trees
The standardtubesusuallycolnurte 10 watts per foot of bathedin light all night and they were getting a double-
length.The HO tubesconsunefive or six tirrBs the watt- daylight photoperiod!
age, and the VHOs can consunrcas much energy as a fne t,OOOwattnptal halidestandsfar abovethe rest of
high-intensitydischargelary. Tbe ballastsare tbe same the pack, producing 110,000lunrens!For a few dollars
for the standardand HO, but difrer for tbe increasedvolt- ,*ri, you qrn buy superhalidesthat produce 117,00G'
ageneedsof the VHOs. 125,000.The best singlebulb on the marketis the Agro-
The bestfull-spectrumtubesto useare the HO T-10's. sun HO halide. Ttrese color-correctedhalides not only
They are made by Vita-Lite and produce a whopping have the blue spectrumthat the other halidesare known
2,750lurpns per four-foot tube (non-twisted).A lumenis for, they alsohavereds that maximizefruiting (especially
a standardunit for rreasuringlight flow. One lumen is in marijuana).These enhancedspectnrmbulbs nrake all
€qual to the amountof light that ore candlewould pro- other singlebulb systernsobsolete.Theycost a little lmre'
duceon one squarefoot of surfaceonefoot away.The T- but you get what YouPaYfor.
l0's are guaranteedto match 9l% of the sun's color fitr run nptal halide lanp produceslight by passing
spectrumandlast \&0 hours(five yean). voltage through halide gaseswithin a quartz arc tube'-
Always useelectronicballastswben they can be found. They-mustbe usedin the position stampedon the baseof
They arequite costly,but are well worth it in the long run. the bulb (HOR horizontal'VER vertical' I'JNW universal),
Ebctronic ballastsare silent, extendtube life up to 30%, so it is suggestedthat a lary be bought with a universal
reduceluren depreciationby l0%, makeHO tubesburn stanping.This rerpn"s the hasslesassociated with baving
4O%brighter, and use only 62% of the power a normal to positiona bulb a sPecificwaY.
bdlastwould. If you live in an areathat has frequentpower outages'
this may not be the best bulb for you, becausethere is a
n<$,v,ta*\ D;trdaae l;$,fi five minuterestriketinp after a MH is shut off due to in-
ternal gas cooling. Each consecutiveoutage will' like
McbI EaIilIcs bumpsto a hot bulb, shortenthe life of the bulb'
Metal halideswenediscoveredfor horticuhuralpurposes ff, zu sorre strangereason you need to remve the
by, of all peopb, tree-trimrremin the suburbsof large cit- bulb, wait until it bas cooled ofr coryletely. The beat
bs! When tbese citbs replrced standard incandescent causesthe baseto expandand it couH break offin yow
sheetlarys with HID retal halides,the tee trimmersno- band.Superhot glassfragmentsin your handcould crary
yo* ttyt"t Also, if the bulb ever bneaks(if a droplet of
Hydroponic Heroin ChapterFour
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Overview Of Hydroponics

46 47

waterwereto hit it), turn it offwithout lookingat it. Even Yow CA^akt
though it might still be operating,UV radiation will be
leakingout of it. Llght Type Watts Lumens Llfe-hours Prlce

lncandesc€ntGro300 1800 6,500 $5-10

High-PressureSodiumLamps 40 1500 12,0.J0 $8
High-pressuresodium lanps have been a favorite of HOTube n 2100 24,000 $15
V H OTube 11 0 27fi 24,06 $40
guenilla marijuanagrowersfor years.You have probably 400 34.000 20,000 $60
seenthem on top of light poles illuminatingdark parking 1000 117,000 12,000 $80
HPS 400 50,000 20,000 $60
lots in industrial areas.This heavy-dutyusageatteststo 1000 140,000 24,W) $80
their remarkablelight output; one l0Gwatt bulb can pro-
duce140,000lumens! This is equivalentto 3,500standard Below is a chart that will show the complete costs of
fluorescenttubes! buyrng a lighting system for a medium-sized (10'x8')
Therearetwo sizesof high-pressuresodiumlights asfar opium poppy garden. The prices include all of the neces-
as the closet gardeneris concerned:the 400-watt and the sary hardware such as hangers, lens, reflectors and an
king 1,00Gwatt.If you decideto buy oneof theseelectric electronic timer. Try and buy the most expensivesystem
stars,splurgeandbuy the l.,00Gwatt.It illuminatesbetter, you can afford, as it will usually last longer (and can be
reducesharvesttinp and increasesthe vigor in all photo- used to grow marijuanaand other illegal species!)and give
syntheticcreatures! better results than a cheaperone. Also, the more expensive
The HFS lanps work by sendinga current through va- lights conre with warranties, which can be useful should
porized mercuryand sodiumin an arc tube. The sodium your high-dollar, fake sunbreak down.
glows a rich yellow that is high in the red-orange-yellow
System Watts Wan. Bulbo Prlce
spectrunlmimickingthe fall sun.
The HPS canbe positionedin anydirection"unlike some lncandesc€nt 1200 no 4€00 watt $60
of the metal halides. The ballast for a 1,00Gwatt unit Fluorssc€nt 160 m 4-40watt $65
HOFlrcrescent 160 y€s zl-zl0watt $235
weighs60 pounds,so be sureto get one that hasa remote VHOFluorescent 560 yes &140watl $350
ballastunlessyou want your ceiling to cavein at somein- HIDMetalHalile 2fi y€s $20s
400 yes $250
opportunemoment. 1000 yes $'315
HPS 400 y€s $26s
High-pressuresodiumbulbshavethe longestdurationof 10@ y€s $410
any high-intensitylight. Used for Vl lroun per day, the
HPSwill burn for ?r4,0Uhours.
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter Four
IIow To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil Overview Of Hydroponics

48 49

the window all around. If you can get a black or white

fAuaat Tl. hal ahf
"ag blanket, all the better! The quilt is to absorb (or reflect, in
Ul,laap;ale Ddali,ot" the caseof the white one) any stray radiation that makes it
past our heat barriers. If you don't live in a big city with
As you may alreadyknow, the Man has conputeizpd millions of dollars to spend on black helicopters and all
systemsthat enable him to catch the unwary guerrilla that garbage, you can probably stop here and be safe. If
grower. After you read this and put these npthods of the city you live in hasheavy air traffic, read on!
"hide andseek"into action,you will no longerbeunwary! Take severalslabsof styrofoam and make a solid wall of
Thermal and W detection stemsfrom the advent of them the size of your window by taping them together
HID lights comrnonlyfound in indoor gardens.The ther- with duct tape. Tape the plate of styrofoam to the wall
maf or heat-seeking,radar uscs super-cooledgasesto around the window. DO NOT nail the plate to the wa[ as
detect abnormalheat emanatingfrom a source.The W this would give radiation a way to escape.The styrofoam
scannerenploys a filter, suchas a butterfly has,to detect could shift as the nails tear into it creating an unseen
abnorrnallyhigh amountsof the normallyunseenultravio- breach. The styrofoam serves as a heat insulator againsl
let radiation. Fluorescentlights are exerpt from these infrared detection, and serves as a physical barrier against
tlpes of scans.Keepthis in mind whenplanningyour sys- all W waves.
tem. Finally, take a couple of sheetsof aluminum foil or my-
How can we keep the fuzz at bay with his super- lar and cover the window completely, shiny side toward
sophisticate4hieh-dolar light finders?Easy:with a little you. This will be the primary reflector and barrier for all
commonsense.Theseforms of radiationare just like any wavelengths.
other in that they can be contained.Preventingthe pigs When done, shine your brightest and hottest lamps di-
from peepingis the least expensiveand the nrost stress- rectly on the window from the inside. Go outside at dark
rcducingthing you cando beforesettingup. and see if you can see anything coming through the win-
To be 100%surethat the copscan't detectyour lighting dow, and put your hand on the glassto test for heat. More
systemfrom the great outdoors, follow these no-brainer than likely, the job is done.
steps. Your total cost may be as little as $5.00 for this barrier
Placea couple of black sheetsover each window that that the police have paid $1.5 million to break. The funny
the grow room might be locatedin. This step is for your thing is, they can't! Score: Clever gardener-2,Silly cops-0.
nosy neighbors.Next, place a blanket or quilt over the Sorry, Mr. Policeman,no doughnut!
plastic sheets.Make sure that this corryletely covers the If, after you have set up and your opium poppy garden
wholewindow. It shouldbe at leastfour incheslargerthan stops flourishing, use this nutrient deficiency/overload
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter Four
How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil Overview Of Hydroponics

50 5l

checklist to cross-referencethe problem with cure. Most horne-grown stones,he will re*oguzn imnrediately that the
physical signs of distress can be cured by simple npans benefitsof a superior gardenfar outweigh the initial costs.
(change nutrient solution concentration,alter room tem- Keep in mind these products are ONLY for the most seri-
perature, pH, TDS, etc.). This list is very basic, and the ous and experiencedguerrilla gardener.
avid grower may want to buy a more complete how-to When inquiring about these products, don't act strange
hydroponicsystemdiagnosismanual. or make any referencesas to what they are for. If you are
asked what tlpe of garden you have, tell them a flower
garden. DON'T pay for the items with a check or credit
fltfu/r.,?e D<l;v;all0vcnlnaL ClunlJ'rat card, as these types of stores have been busted by the
Symptoms Deflclency
DEA and their salesrecords used to gain accessto illegal
Gowih slows, lourerleaves yellow Nitogen x
Leaves discolor brown or purple,
curl backward Phosphorus x Chmate Controllcn
Leaf tips displaya 'bum' Nitrogen As a cold-weather plant, the poppy could benefit greatly
Lower leaveslum brown, dry out Potassium x
Leafveins remainsgreen,remaining from a climate controller. These electronic units contrin a
leaf pales lron x pre-set thermostat that activates an air conditioner or ex-
Black spots after iron rem€q
Leaves display yellow spots Copper X haust blower when atnnspheric conditions start creeping
Newest growing tips die, bro$,nspots
into the hot zone. Therc is also another type that regulates
app€ar on poppy capsul€ Calcium x
Capsule ripening delayed Nitrcgen humidity as well Ideal mountain-like growing conditions
Yellowing leaves, capsule laib lo
bbom Manganese
can be duplicated with this type of s)rstern Price: $l2G
Plantsturn brown and die All nutrients r80.

l14a4 HW+r.1, CO2Systems

Carbondioxideemittersor generatorsare a heaven-sent
qail.4^rv^* e4,;pnta*l
for the guerrillagrower. CO2gas increasesplant size and
speedsgrowth up to 100%. A carbon dioxide emitter
There are a few high-techgardeningimplementswhich works by usinga tank of conpressedgas (easyto find),
can be bought at your local hydroponicgrow store that and a generatorproducesgas by burning liquid propane
will ensurea vigorous indoor crop and substantiallyin- fueLThe emitteris the only systemwhichis plausiblefor a
creaseopium latex yield. Sonp of theseitems are quite poppy garden,as the generator tends to create excess
costly, but if the grower is seriousabout havinghis own heat. Price:$160withouttankrental.
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter Four
How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil Ovemiew Of Hydroponics

52 53

Dght Balanccrc rays. This kills all of the bacteria (in solution) and viruses
Light balancersare a must for a large indoor garden. to which nutrient rich water eventually gives rise. The
The light is affixed to a moving chain on a rail and the poppies will be less susceptible to air and waterborne dis-
rroverrcnt imitatesthe east-westsun cycle. Light balanc- ease,and this will buy the professionalgrower sonrepeace
ers also keep equal amountsof light on eachpart of the of mind. Price:$50-150.
garden,sonrcthingnot possiblewith a single-fixedlight
systen A largerindoor gardencanbe realizedwithout the
excesscosts of electricity bills and of providing an extra
high-intensitylight. Price:$11G300.

Liquid Nutrionts
Liquid nutrientsare a boon for all hydroponicenthusi-
asts.Most of them are all-natural,addingan organictaste
to your opium insteadof a ctremicaltastedue to the pres-
ence of inorganic fertilizen in the comnon hydroponic
nutrient solution. Sonp of these fertilizers even contain
helpfulbacteriaculturesand naturallyoccuning horrrones
to boost the plant's growth and overall yield. Price: $25-
50 per gallon.

Protein Skimmercand Ultraviolet SteriHzen

For the hardcorehydroponicgrower with thousandsof
dollan of psychotropicplants on the line, thesetwo de-
vices are necessarywhen the guenilla grower makes a
living by sellinghis greenwat€s.
Protein skimmerswork by rennving all organic waste
from the reservohby foam fractionalizationThe d re-
suft is a super-cleannutrient solutionthat will las bnger
benveensfuanges, therebypromotingvigorouspoppies.
Ultraviolet sterilizersare placedin-line in a recirculating
systemand work by radiatingthe passingwater with W
Chapter Five
From SeedTo lYeed


Chapter Five
The first thing the guerrillapoppy gtower needsto ac-
quire is a good supplyof poppy seeds.Surprisingly,you
can get some high-germinationrate seedsat your local
grocery store in the spice aisle. Dependingon freshness
and the sourcefrom which they were exported,gtrocery-
store seedscan be a cost-effectivealternativeto over-
pricedmail orderseeds.
If you havethe moneyand would like somereally pow-
erfut hyfuid seedsthat would producehugelatex-steaming
rnonsterpoppies,there is an excellentsource for rnail-
order somnifenrmseedsin Canada For $27.00 they will
send you five grams(5000 seeds)of fresh poppy seeds
takenfrom giant plarrtsin ASoa Turkey! They also guar-
antee a rearly lW% gerrrination successrate! Contact
themaf izmir@saltspring.com, or write themat:
Iznir Oil & SpiceCompany
P.O.Box 316GangesStn.
SaltspringIslan4 B.C. V8K2V9
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter Five
How To Grow Opium PoppieslVithout Soil From SeedTo Weed


For a better deal, but of unknown origin and germina- mediunr, water heavily, and place in a sunny window.
tion rate, there are a few seed dealers to be found in the Germinationfor the Poppy is alnpst immediate(three to
classifieds n High Times. They sell the Papaver somnif- four days), with the seedlingsbecomingleggy two days
erum seedsfor about $15.00per ounce. after enrcrgerrce. Make sure the nrediumstaln moist, not
soggy,and don't fertilize at this point. Ttrc poppy's root
SeedTech HawaiianSeeds systemconsistsonly of a tap and a coupleof micro-hairs,
1935S. PlumRd. P.O.Box 4908 so anynitrogenwould burn andkill your plants.
Palatine,IL60067 Macon,GA 31208 Whenthe seedlingsshow a secondset of leaves(at five
to ten cm), the baby poppiesare ready to transplantinto
Obviously,the best deal is at the grocery store. A 35 the hydroponicsysternUse a weaknutrient solution(257o
gram bottle of McCormick Brand Poppy Seed contains of recomnpndedamount)combinedwith a splashof B-12
roughly 35,000 seedsand goes for $4.00! Most of the and Rootoneat first, and keep fluorescentslG24 inches
growersthat I know usetheseexclusivelyand claim a 75- directly over the s),sterL High-intensitydischargelanps
9OVosucrnssrate. During my research,I germinateda to- require more distance(30-36 inches),as super-hot bulb
tal of 500 grocerystoreseedsand found that, surprisingly, temperatures cancook the tenderseedlings.A good gauge
$U9OVo of themwereviableandgerminatedvigorously! for distarrceis the handtest. Placeyour barehandover the
seedlingsandrmve the light systemup anddown until the
heat from ttre lary no longer burns your hand after 30
seconds.Set the light timer on a scheduleof 12 hours
ontt} hours off. During the off-cycle, no stray light can
Germinatingpoppy seedsis a very simple task that
enterthe grow arca,so makesurethat whenthe lights go
leavesthe grower with limitlessoptions. Sincethe poppy
off, th plants are bathed in conplete darkne.ssfor 12
is not too keen on being transplanted,the glower must
attemptto germinatethe seedsdirectly in the hydroponic
True to their classification,the poppieswill grow like
system (quite difficult unless using a wick system),or weedsunderthc correct light and nutrient conditions.Af-
germinatein a transferablemedium such as peat pots,
ter the plantsbreakpastthe ten cm barrier' changethe di-
polyurethaneslabsor rockwool.
lute nutrientsohrtionandreplacewith a haf-stnengthdos-
After choosing your hydroponic and lighting systern, age(no rmre tban250-350TDS aboveyour water solids).
and nrakingsurc that the hydroponicsptem doesn't leak This ircrerrental ircreasewill easetbe poppiesinto major
after a couple days of usage,stick hundredsof the tiny growth mde without shockingtbe bn out of them with a
seedsan eighth- to a quarter-inchdeep into the chosen full nutrientload all at ore. Tbe gradualircreasealso at
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter Five
IIow To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil From SeedTo Weed

58 59

lows beneficial nitrogen-fixing bacteria to form and mass changedevery ten days to two weeks. Also, watch for
in the mediaof the hydroponic system. signsof nutrientoverloador deficiency,asthis canhappen
As the plants grow, raise the lights accordingly. If fluo- at anytime afterthe nutrientsolutionis at full strength.
rescentsare being employed, they may be allowed to come Light systemtimer should now be bumpedup to 13
within six to ten inches of the fast-growing poppies. No hourson/I1 hoursoff.
provisions for metal halides can be made at this point, due
to the fact that opium poppies suffer in hot conditions. If
you have a metal halide in your grow roorn, it will rnore
Srr,il.n- Rg,l"d,@4- T;''r,a
than likely raise room temperature 15-20 degrees.Remedy
this situation quickly by keeping a wall-unit air conditioner Specificsystemsrequire specificnutrient solution feed-
aimed at the plants. Remember that the maximum daylight ing tinresto be programmedinto the electronictimer that
temperaturefor the poppiesis 75'F. controlsthe system'ssolutionpump.Below is a timing list
for the most plausiblehydroponicsystems.Not included
are the wick systems,as they are self-regulatingvia mois-
TA;**a* ture gradient.

The painfultask of thinningthe weakfrom the strongis Type Syslem eCglogato nm€ or/off
at hand.By the tinrethe largestplantsarc 20 cm, a notice- sand 10minorVl houroff
able vigor gradient will have appearedas plants with Ebb& Fbrr grawl i0 minory'1Ominoff
clayballs 10minon80 minoll
weakergeneticslean over and tend to be stunted.Take a perlite 10 minory'1houroff
pair of sharp scissorsand weed out the smallerplants, P.U.slab 10minon6 minoff
roclelrool 15minory'4hoursoff
leavingonly groups(4-6) of largeonesspacedsix to nine vermiculite 15minor/8 hoursoff
inchesapart. volcanicrock 30 minory'4houa off
To cope with the pain of losing so manyplants, make Togfeed rccirculating sand conbnUl drodsec
tea as describedin Chapter7, if you have enoughthin- grar/€l constantstream
claybalb constanuldroC4s€c
nings. perlite constanuldoC10 sec
Changehalf-strengthnutrient solution and replace it P.U.slab consiantsfuearn
rochrool constanuldrcpAOsec
with full-strength.By now, the poppieswill be usedto the wrmbtdiie notapplktble
fertiltzer and will experienceanother spurt of growth. vdcanh rcd< constanUldto/lO s€c
From this point on" the nutrient solution will need to be
checked daily for pH and total dissolved solids and
Hydroponic Heroin Chapter Six
How To Grow Opium Poppies rilithout Soil Optimal Harvest Parameters

After the plantshavereached12inches,cull the weakest

from eachgroup, leavingonly the singlestrongestplants
six to nineinchesapart.Changethe nutrientsolutionfrom
one high in nitrogento one high in phosphorusand raise
light scheduleto 14hourson/10houn off. Chapter Six
],nlut'tt od, 4 FlDtteArr,h*
Once the critical photoperiod has been bneached,tlrc
rernainingpoppieswill prepareto go into full flowering D<1<**,an"a1;ot* S."l' UP4^le
rnode.Whenthe poppiesare 28-30 inchestall (aroundthe "[
fourth or fifth month), turn on tbe light and leave the Rirle<r^zt4
plantsin the fake sunshinefor 72 burs. Monitor the pop
pies' room tenperatureclosely during this stage,as high There are three deciding factors when preparing to
heatcan ruin all of the care that you haveput into thern harvestopium from the seedpods: petal dropping, capsule
After the thnee-dayperid, start tbe lights back on a 16 color and firmness. When the opium poppy nears
hours on/8 hours off schedule,which is the oPtirnalpho- senescence(death) by dropping its flower petals, the time
toperiodto induceflowering in thesomniferumspecies. is nearing for latex gathering. When half of the petals have
This play with the lights mimicsthe onsetof spring,with fallen and the capsule'scolor is a pale green, start gently
ever-increasinglight hours. Ttre plants will reqpondby squeezingthe capsuledaily. When the walls of the seed
producingflowers rapidly to manufacturetheir seedsbe- pod fill with the liquid, they will start to firrn By the time
fore the burningheatof "sumtrtf,'"arrives.Oncetbe flow- the last petals have dropped, the seed pod should be the
ers start to fill out, you can reduceth light cycle to 15 perfect color and firmness. If it is not firm yet, it is
hours onlg hours off. This slows tbe flower production" probably still manufacturing latex and needs a few more
allowingtirre for largerflowers (capsules)to fornu This is days to collect and build up wall pressue within the
orrc of the best reasonsto grow poppiesindoors(besides capsule.
not beingarrcsted).With a variablelight cycle,the grower Collection ternperaturehas always been debated anrong
cancontrolhow largeandhow fast his poppiesgow. poppy growers. Some growers swear that morning
(coldest) collections are the best, and sorne live by the
noon (hottest) collection rule. My personal experience is
Hyroponic Heroin Chapter Six
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Optimal Hamest Parameters
62 63

that there is no right or wrong time of the day for

refrigeratorin an airtight container.Continuethis process
collection, but there is an optimal time for opium potency. until you havetakenall the latex from the plants,at which
The cool morning temperatures allow the latex to ooze tirnethe smartguerrillagrower will disassemble down and
without having to struggle against the evaporating heat of hide the hydroponic and light systerns,and discard all
midday, but it has been my experience that when the latex vegetativematter (thoroughlychopped)in a public trash
is collected in the heat, a protective fikn (like the skin on receptacle.To get a second flower crop from your
old Jell-O) dries on and protects the flowing resin. This hydroponicsystern,cut the usedseedpodsoff wherethe
keeps the opium fresh (12-137o moisture content) and stalk attachesto another branch. This will cause new
maintains maximum constituent potency. It is also how flowersto form (if you arelucky).
opium as been collected in India for a thousand years, so You can also boil the chopped and spent capsules,
who can argueagainstits effectiveness? flowers, leavesand stemsto mrudmizeyour yield. This
At 7 a.rn, no more than three days after all of the petals concoction will make a much more powerful tea than
have dropped, bend the main stalk over so that the opium plantlet thinnings. Knead the dried opium into a single
seedcapsuletouches the ground. This will causeall mobile gum ball and weigh it for researchhistory. Also, kneading
fluids contained within the plant matter to move dowr; the opium distributes the variant constituents into a
increasing poppy head pressure,and thereby, firmness. homogenous,narcoticmixturewhich is easierto store and
Be sure to allow the largest plant to mature and die, transportthan flakesor grains.This ball of opiates,now
because this will be your seed stock for the next crop. rr-ady for abusageor refining, will remain fresh much
l-arge, high-yielding plants come from the best seeds, so longerthanthe averagegrowercanresistsmokingit.
don't give in to temptationand slice the biggestpods.
By noon, the lowered heads will have firmed and you Aal;'a6 a. Ho+"rtlL *.A Stocl.
can now take the first of four opium harvests.Take a new
razor blade and make several shallow incisions, tightly If you have realized an excellentharvestand want to
together, along the capsules' longitudinal planes from continueto grow poppies,you cantakethis wholeprocess
bottom to top. a stepfurther by selectingand breedingyour own private
Only harvest a quarter of the poppy's latex per day, as it stock. To breedor inbreedpoppiesindoors,wait until the
will continue to give a harvest for four consecutivedays. flowers have fornpd and brush the flowers with a small
The latex will flow freely IF your cuts were not too paintbrush.This takes the place of insect fertilization,
deep. If they were too deep, the latex will spill into the which probablywon't happenindoors.Allow the plant to
seed hollow and be hell to collect. Allow the latex to dry rnatureand die, then smashthe dried headto pick out the
on the capsules' surfacesuntil it becomesbrown and tarry, nunprous seeds.Seedsplacedin fihn containerswith a
then scrape off with a butter knife and place in the
Hyroponic Hercin Chapter Six
IIow To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Optimal Harv est Parameters
& 65

desiccantshould be viable for up to two years (some ernalt;*'r,t 4 ab IBL

breederssay tluee, but I like fresh seeds' germination
For the most seriousopium lover, an inbred line (IBL)
canbe established. The advantages to havingan inbredline
are obvious: constant high-performingyields, increased
diseaseresistance,narcotic profile blend of choice and
identicalmaturities.Someinbred lines have alreadybeen
establishedfor the opium poppy (Inperial Whites), but
you cancreateyour own familiarblendafter a bit of opium
smokingandsamplingfrom variousvarieties.
To start an inbredline with poppies(it would only rnake
senseto do it with weakervarieties),breedthe strongest
and largestplants (rarents, or Pls) and use the resulting
seedsto breed with another large, constant vegetative
plant that is directly related to the Pl. A constant
vegetativepoppycanbe obtaineduntil the seedsare rcady
by keepingthe ptant on a 12 hour on/12 hour off light
schedulewith a steadyatrnosphedctemperature.
Cloningmaybe an option for the experiencedgrower in
establistringan excellentinbredline. Siryly cut peripheral
branchesfrom the poppy of your choice and root them in
rooting hornpne-soakedrockntoolcubesundera moisture
lid. When the clonesextribit roots in two to four weeks,
place them in your hydroponicsystemand rnaturetbem
When the flowering stage starts, breed the clones
togetber. Since the clones bave tbe sarr exact genetic
code, the grower will end up with seodsthat carry the
traits of the clore donor. This can causemrtations wbbh
may house desirableor undesirabletraits, so if, whc'n
Dricd poppy seedpods restin a bowl
inbreedingby cloneor otherwise,you get a mnster popPy
until thc nen planting season
HyroPonic Ileroin Clnpter Seven
How To Grcw Opium PoppiesWithout Soil CreationOf MedicinalAnd Recreatiorwlproducts
66 From ExudedLatex

Chapter Seven
Medicineis poison in the tunds of the inexperienced;
poison is rnedicinein tlu han^ of thc experienced.

Once you have taken the poppy harvest and have a

reaff supplyof opium later; the,stageis set for refining
andcreatingnur'rous medicinalandiecreationalconcocl
tions andderivatives.Thereare a slew of dnrgsone could
tfo" from raw opiur4 but the onesmost gardeners(and
drug usen) are concernedwith are morphineand heroin
Thesearethe opiateheavyhitters.
Sy.-:!gi.:!!.$.,j-!.!s;::.v.!is;l!5F:r.:!i$t:nir::i::l::1i If a gardenerhasa decentlevel of basicchemistrytrain-
How big-timegrowerstaketheir pods to town! ing, be can supporthimselffinanciallyby sellingtn" p*i-
fied productsto acquaintances. When,"fioiog, -A*"y, ,"t
up, cook and finish in the shortestamountoi tir* possi-
ble. Dawdlingandprocrastinationleaveyou wide open to
a conspiracycharge.
HydnoponicHeroin Clnpter Seven
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soit Creation Of Medicinal And Recreational Prodrcts
From F.xudedLatex
68 69

R.la lp+ Ilo^. Rdi.w';64 Eiaad;o+" 4 Ho4qA;aaHA

ITIEYER:leavethe lab while in progress,smokewhile What you will needfor every 10 gramsraw opium:
'tooking," aoswerthe door while cooking, buy chemistry 500 ml demineralized water
glassware,tell anyonewhat you ate up to, cook underthe 60 gnms calciumchloride
influenceof any drug, refine heroin if you are not chemi- 200 ml concentraled ammonia
cally inclined,buy the chemicalswith a credit card, show 4 coffeefilters
your real identification,cook in rnetal kitchenware,use
nrtal utensils,refine heroinover an open flanrc in an un- The removalof the basic constituentof raw opium is
ventilatedspace,cook when you have warrantsoutstand- relatively easy and can be done without purchasingany
ing, cook when sonpore knows you grow poppies,nrn expensivechemicals.Even the chemicallychallengedcan
with scissors,cook if anyof your friendshaveoutstanding oUt"in a decent supply of morphinefrom three to four
warrants,take your chemicalsstraight to the lab, drive dozen average-sized Papaversornnifenrms.This refining
yotr own car to the chemicalsupplyhouse,buy acetican- processis not worth the trouble if a small gardenis har-
hydride,or spill aceticanhydrideon younelf. vested;the theoreticalyield of morphineis aroundl0%oof'
ALWAYS: cook conpletely at one interval, destroy the weightof the raw latex.
glasswareand chemicalcontainemafter cooking, discard Add 1G'30gams opium latex (dry) to a liter of demin-
poppy capsulesbeforeset-up,stealchemicalsand supplies eralizedwater (availablein grocery storeson the bottled
when possible,use a fake identification"use friend's car, water aisle) and slowly raise the terryerature
searchpurctmsedchemicalsand glasswarefor tracersbe- (approximately l70o-190'F) while stirring,until the latex
fore returniqgto lab, drive aroundtown beforereturning conpletely dissolves.Removefrom heat and add enough
to lab, keeppoppy cultivation secret,use adequateventi- lime fertilizer (calciumchloride)so that the plants' organic
lation whsarefiningheroiq havea fire extinguisherhandy, matterfalls out of suspension. This milky top layer of the
cleanand desEoyglasswareafter cooking, follow refining solutioncontainsthedissolvedmorphinehydrociloride'
proceduresto tbe letter, look both ways before crossing Briskly stir the liquid and pour the solution through a
the road, and concealthe refined substancein an area a coffee filter. Discardfilter and placethe solution back on
narcotics-sniffingdogcannotreach. the heat until it reaches170o-190'F. Wben the solution
beginsto steam,add concentratedannnonia(antrydrousis
noi nocessary)until cr5rutalsstop forming. White crystals
will fall out of solutionandcanbe collectedby pouringthe
Hydroponic Heroin ChaPter Seven
How To Grow Opium PoppieslVithout Soil Creation Of Medicinal And Recreational Products
From F.xudedI'atex
70 7T

solutionthrougha secondcoffee filter and allowing them Cookingheroinalsorequiresa larger gardenof poppies
to dry overnight.The crptals shouldbe chop@ fine and due to the multiple stepsinvolvedin its refinement.Each
are usableat this point. Snortingwould be the preferable consecutivestepwill reducethe actualyrelda little more,
administrationroute here, as inexperiencedcooks could so a gardenof 60+ poppiesis calledfor- Don't fret, as I
fuck somebodyup if impurities remain and tbey get in- have'tiends" who havegrown 400 plantsin a singlebed-
irted. On the other hand,if the gardeneris a chemist,the room!
fluS crystals can be dissolved in distilled water and
banged.Keepin mindthat most usersconplain that intra- Whatis neededfor every 10gramsof morphineHCI:
venousinjection of morphineHCI causesunpleasanttin- 15gramsof aceticacid
gling sensations.See Dosage Chart (CtrapterEight) for 50 gramssodiumcarbonate
adrninistrationartounts. 200 ml water
50 gramsactivatedcarbon
Nuhlta r anl 4 lle 0:6" 200ml chloroform
200ml ethyl alcohol
There are two gradesof heroin: number3 and nurnber 200ml muriaticacid
4. Thesenumbersrefer to the correspondingstepsin the 200ml ethyl ether
four-stagerefinementprocess.Only gardenerswith at least 4 coffeefilters
two yearsof college-levelchemistrywould havea ctrance StepNumberI
of symthesizing srnack The key ingredient,acetic anhy- Add equal amountsof morphineand acetic anhydride
dride (concentratedaceticacQ, shouldonly be handledby andbring the tenperatureto 185' F. Use cautionif you
experiencedclandestinechemistsor govenuFnt bureau- don't live in a rural area,as aceticacid is what gives the
crats. Acetic anhydrideis also a listed chemicalon the "smell" to vinegar,and is closeto unbearable if the chem-
DEA's rnost-watchedchemicallist. This is the bestreason ist is not cooking in a barn or other well-ventilatedarea.
for nraking friends with chemistswho have accessto a Onekeepsthe temperatureconstantand stirs periodically
collegelab or breakinginto chemicalsupplyhouses. for a period of no less than six hours. At this point, the
Tlrc chemicalsused, unless specificallycalled for, are chemisthasbondedthe acid to the opiateto form a crude
not neededin exactanpunts.Most tirnesthe underground heroin(diacetylmorPhine).
chemistaddschemicalsuntil the precipitatestopsfalling.
Heroincookingisn't an exactscience.It basicallyinvolves
cornmonsenseanda keeneyefor clandestinechemistry.
Ilydroponic lferoin Chapter Seven
How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil
Creation Of Medicinal And Recreational Products
From Exuded l-atex
72 73

Step Number 2
Number 4 Heroin can kill in low dosesin the intolerant
The product is mixed vigorously with water and chloro-
individual SeeDosageChart (ChapterEight) for admini-
form (l:l rvater:chloroform)and drainedoff. This extracts
any unreactedproducts or impurities. Pour off the water-
chloroform mixture and add sodium carbonateto the her-
oin solution. This will cause heroin crystals to form and
The cure-allandbe-allof the 19th century,l,audanumis
fall out of the solution.
easily preparedand does cure nuny ailnpnts. Maladies
curedinclude:generalaches,nervousness, congestion, di-
Step Number 3
arrhea and dysphoria.Due to its alcohol content, the
Filter the solution through a couple of coffee filters to
opium is takenup quickerthan if eatenby itself. It is very
collect the heroin crystals.Dry the crystals overnight and
pleasurableto abuse,evenmorethanopium alone.
then add them to a portion of alcohol and activated char-
The ingredientsare srmpleandeasyto conrcby; distilled
coal chips. Shakevigorously for a couple of minutes and
water and the clear, high-proof alcohol of your choice
filter chips through coffee filter. Evaporate alcohol off
(clearrum l5l, vodk4 pure grain alcohol,etc.). [,auda-
with a low heat.The product remainingis known as Nunr
num also has the prestigeto be able to be cookedin the
ber 3 Heroin. It can be usedin this form or further purified
kitchen without the normal safety constraints.Also, no
to 99Voin stepnumber4.
chemicalskills areneededto whip up this old favorite.
In a cleanPyrexpot, combinetwo fluid ouncesof water
StepNumber 4
and two fluid ouncesof alcohol Add 1-2 ouncesof raw
This step takes the heroin and turns it into super-potent,
opiumand slowly raisettre temperaturewhile stirring until
super-purecrystals.The purity will vary, but even an aver-
the opium completelydissolves.Removefrom heat and
age chemist can realize a product that is 75Vo pure! The
pour into a dark glasscontainer;keep out of sunlight.It
dangersof acetic anhydride are mild compared to the pre-
storeswell and will cure syrptoms you didn't evenknow
cipitator in this case:ether.
Dissolve heroin crystalsin a portion of alcohol and add
simultaneously: muriatic (HCl) acid and ethyl ether. This
will precipitate the Number 4 Heroin. Filter the crystals as
Anodpe is an old brand of British topical anesthetic
in the previous step and spreadthem on a glass plate. po-
which sports an opium active ingredient.This liniment is
sition a standard40-watt light bulb 16 inches above the
good for bruises,muscle soreness,ilint pains, strains,
plate and allow to dry overnight. When the crystals are dry
and crunchy, they can be used accordingly. CAUTION!
Hydroponic Ileroin Chapter Seven
How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil Creation Of Medicinal And Recreational Products
From ExudedLatex
74 75

Anodyne is very srmple to make; combine one bottle of Seed Tea

Laudanum and an equal bottle of soap liniment or skin lo- If you get impatient waiting for your capsulesto ripen,
tion. Apply salve to affected area; the alcohol is evapo- there is a recipe that allows the grower to experiencethe
rated by the skin temperature, and the opium osmoses alkaloid "trip" without sacrificingplants. The seedsof the
(slowly, but very effectively) through the skin. poppy (most varieties)contain the samealkaloids,savefor
morphine,as the matureplant, only in minule amounts.
Opium Tea To benefitfrom this knowledge,the grower would need
If you have managedto get away with having a large to acquire 9-10 35 gram bottles of poppy seed from the
garden,you will have poundsof trimmings from removing local supermarket(steal thenr, or it will run you $36-50).
less vigorous plants. What to do with them? Make a po- While you are there, steal a half-dozenlemons.Empty the
tent narcotic tea! Studieshave shown that thesetrimmings bottles into a large glass container and cover the seeds
contain high percentagesof alkaloids. Just because the with the lemonjuice. Allow to soak for at least 15 minutes
poppies are 10 centinpters tall doesn't mean that they and then add somehot (185'F) water and allow to soak
don't pack a major punch. If the youngstersare healthy, another 15 minutes. Strain out the seedstlrough a coffee
they will contain close to I mg of opiates per gram of filter and boil the remaining liquid until it takes on the ap-
dried trimmings! So, if you have a pound of trimmings, pearanceof syrup.
you will have nearly half a gram of alkaloids (five or six Choke down the synrp and find somewhere safe to
glasses). vegetate for about five hours. The alkaloids in the brew
Boil each pound of dried trimmings in two quarts of will hit the user in about an hour and will keep the opiate-
water until the water has been reduced in volunp to one head tripping for three to four more, depending on the
quart. Strain the mix through a coffee filter, add six tea freshnessand strain of the seeds.
bags and a lemon, sliced thin. Makes five moderate doses
of foul-tasting elixir. If effects are not noticed within an Other Assofted Opiates
hour, boil remaining tea until the volume is reduced further Many other opiates can be synthesizedusing morphine
and bry again. as a base.If the grower is also a real chemist and has ac-
This recipe can (and should) also be used with the har- cess to a labratory he can manufacture dntgs up to nine
vested seed capsules, chopped flower petals, leaves and times as powerful as morphine! Such a drug would be in-
stems. This makes for a very strong alkaloid brew. The valuable on the street. The profit potential for such a po-
only drawback is that this solution will not store very long, tent dmg would be phenonrcnal due to the minuscule
so you should use it within a week of brewing. amount neededby an addict. To rnanufacture such a face-
Clnpter Eight
Hydnoponic Heroin Dosages, Addbtion, P otential Dangers
Eow To Grow Opium Poppiesrilithout Soil

slapper,look up the opiatesin the Merck Index. Full reci-


Although the nrediawould haveus believethat heroinis
the most powerful narcoticon the planet,this is far from
the truth. There arc at bast three prescriptiondrugs (not
too comrpn) that, when abused,can be rnore dangerous
Below is a clnrt that shows how much of a specific
opiate inlrtion it takesintramuscularlyto equalthe pain-
killing propertiesof 130mg codeine.As you can see,her-
oin is the fourth one down on the list. This rnay seemlike
a nrde bunchof chemicalsuntil you realizethat 60 mg of
nicotinewill kill a grownman!

hlrcdon Anpurt In m

Orymonnme (tlunorpttan) 1
llydomophqte (Dtaudld) 1. 5
lsrofptnnO (Ilomonn) 2
llerch 5
Mophhe 10
Ilydroponic Heroin
Chapter Eight
How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil
Dosages, Addiction, Potential Dangers

Msthadono 10
Onrcodone(Percocet) 15
It is very easy to see that heroin and morphine are not
good choicesfor eating! Eating 60 mg of heroin wastes55
mg! This nrans that the liver destroys 92Vo of the total
The table above is for a non-abuse situation; post- dosage. The gtower would be wasting his time eating
surgery, cancer and nerve-damaged patients usually get heroin if produced from poppies, unlesshe had a garden
these types of drugs. If recreational effects are desired, the size of a football field.
these amounts could increase at least tenfold. Further-
more, the majority of these chemicals would be 'told- lq,f.n rcrtor.+ Oue/^or. lllaarr^;6*
shaken" (a term referring to the opiate pilt being dropped
into the syringe, filled with water, shakenand injected into Mainliningheroinis a very risky businesswhenit conres
a vein) insteadof injectedinto the muscle. from the street. When true fatal overdosesire reported,
The reason that heroin and other opiates are not as they are usuallybecauseof the 'tut" found in street-level
commonly eaten for recreation is that the liver destroys the smack. Such comnnn allergy-producingcuts are baby
majority of the active ingredients. This calls for the opiate- laxative, baking soda, lactose,procaine,table sugar, and
eater to consunre much larger amounts to surpassthis ob quinine.
stacle. Below is a chart that shows the marked increasein Quinine,a non-phenanthrene alkaloid derivedfrom the
dosage for eaters to equal 200 mg of orally ingested co- opium poppy, is a streetadulterantusedto make the ad-
deine. dict believethe heroinis morepotent.It appearsandtastes
identicalto heroin"but can causeheart failure becauseof
O4aLlt"ga;w* TaI'L its powerful vasodilatationproperties.The rnajorityof true
Ophte Oral llosags In mg overdosedeathsareattributedto this opiate.
NEVER consunr alcohol or barbiturateswhen using
Lwophanol(Dlomoran) 4 any opiate. Studieshaveshowna numberof overdosefa-
Hyrhornrphon (DihrldiQ 7.5 talities occurredwhenthe s)4nergy of thesethree downers
Oxymotphone 10 carneinto play. All of thesedrugs can causerespiratory
Mdutlone n depressionseparately,but when combined,the user can
O4rcodon€(P€rcocat) 30 experiencelung failure or can drown as his lungsbecome
ltlorphlne 60 filled wittr fluid (pulmonaryedema).
l,leloin 60 Another mysterysurroundingthe overdosesof known
addictsis attributedto atmosphere.Addicts who normally
Hydroponic Heroin Clnpter Eight
How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil Dosages, Addiction, Potential Dangers

80 8l

take 1-2 grams per day in the sarneenvironrnentdie when syrptoms known to man.Whenthe tolerantuserruns out
their doses remain the same, but they change their sur- ofsupply, he can expectto feel the very equaland oppo-
roundings. Surroundings can even refer to different peo- site synptomsfrom thosethat a good dosecreates.Anxi-
ple, weather conditions, music or time of day. This would ety insteadof well-being,uncontrollablediarrtrcainstead
reasonablyfunplythat to shoot up safely,one must pick the of constipation,high blood pressureinsteadof low, and
samespot and people (neverIV alone)every time. terrible chills insteadof the usualpleasantwarmth which
accompanies a freshdose.
OtDbLl" Talardl "Q The reasonwhy opium withdrawalsare so nasty is di-
rectly relatedto the sectionof the brain which opiatesde-
Tolerancefor opioids is anotherfactor to consider when press.The locus coeruleusis a part of the bnainstemthat
partaking for recreation. The user quickly finds that he is responsiblefor fear, and when the depressant-opiates
rnay take ever-increasing amounts and still not experience are absent,the locus becorneshlperactiveand sendsmul-
the satisfactionfound when he first started using. It is for tiple agitation and alarm signalsto the consciouspart of
this precisereason that many usersdetoxi$ their systems the brain causingintensefeelingsof anxietyin tbe tolerant
to lower their resistancefor a better rush. addict.
This is the other lethal overdosedemon: the addict stops The ability to cope with the conrcdownis what sepa-
(involuntarily or voluntarily) shooting up for a period of ratesthe npn from the boys.Severelyaddictedindividuals
two weeks,and his tolerancegoesdown to zero. His usual canexperiencedeliriumtrcmorsandhallucinationsharsher
total daily dose would be 1,200-1,500mg. He attemptsto than thoseresultingfrom a saturationdoseof ISD. Chip
IV using the sarneannunt that he was used to taking be- pers, peoplewho control their addictionby only usingon
fore the abstinence, and dies almost instantly. Opiates are the weekends,rarely experiencesuch withdrawal syrp
in a class by themselvesin the tolerance factor. Always toms.
keep this fact in mind before detoxing for increasedeffect
or relapsing after abstinence. Hel^oh loL U;*,e to E4q+n
bu@ Ml;ul;ox Pdot't^aL
UlDe Ahi^t Dwx M;tllrnmla)
Morphine and heroin can be used recteationallyif the
Becausewhat goesup must cornedown, heroin and its userhasa bit of conruronsense.The fint rule of opiateuse
abusablecousins are capableof producing sonp of the is to limit frequency.An old Chineseproverb statesthat:
worst (non-deadly)physicaland psychologicalwithdrawal "One who uses opium daily for a week has a lifelong
Chapter Eight
Hydroponic Heroin
Dosages,Addiction, Potential Dangers
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil

quest."This is especiallytrue whenthe opiatesusedare with a clear drinking glassand heat a hypodermicsyringe
synthetic.Never use ntore than two daysconsecutively, needlewith the torch lighter. Raisethe glassslightly and
andalwaysallow two weeksbetweeneachusage. touch the opium with tbe heatedneedle.This will causeit
Smokingand snortingare two methodsby which a per- to snnke, filling the glasswith a narcotic cloud. Stick a
son can get a synthesized 'frx" and not suffersuchawful strawunderthe rim of the glassandsuckin the smoke.
withdrawalsymptoms.Snortingallowsa full dosagewith-
out drawingblood,therebycircumventing dirty needleus- Mltulata lo+ O7D;ttfra
age and needletracks.The rush when snortingisn't as
thrilling, and the high not as high, but this is not always If you or one of your friends shouldgo out of control
bad. and eat too much opiunl shoot too much heroin or mor-
Smokingis by far the safestroute to downloadsome phine,there are ways of getting back to earth. Opium is
heroin, morphineor opium gurn A user can determine not very quickly absorbedinto the bloodstreamvia the
purity anddosageimnrediately,andoverdosesfor smokers stornac[ so whenyou think you havehad too much,drink
are almostnonexistent. The downsideto smokingis that sonr symp of ipecac and it will rernove the remaining
someof the product(only appliesto crystallinepowders) portion of the tar. Don't ery)ectto comedown any sooner
gets charred and wasted in the process.Most smokers thoug[ as the systemwill have to remove the opiate-
sprinkletheir powderedproduct on tobaccoor marijuana saturatedportion of the bloodstreamat its normalrate. A
and roll it into a cigarette and light up. The rush from weak solution of water and potassiumpermanganate(5
smokingis almostimmediate,andif the first-tirnerdoesn't grainsin a half-pint) can be ingestedand then expelledto
like the feeling,he canget off the horseby simplyputting makesureall of theresidueis washedoul
the cigaretteout. Amyl and butyl nitrate (poppen) can be sniffed to
Thereare a numberof easywaysto srnokeopium if the maintainblood prcssurein the eventof a heroin overdose.
powdersare not your idea of a good tirp. A matchhead- The lucky penon shouldthenget a shong coffee(not hot)
sizedpiece on a bed of tobacco in a marijuanapipe will errcrnaand be forced to move about to preventthe inevi-
suffice for the first-tinpr. Since opium burns at a much table onset of corna.Mld electric shock has worked on
higher terryerature than leaf rnatter, use a torch-t1pe sorre addicts, and some people even keep s@ and
lighter. adrenalinecloseby fu usein just suchemergencies.
Anotherpopularway for experiencedopiumusersto get
their smoke on is the activated carbon glass-needle
nethod. Take a dfune-sizedpiece of activatedaquarium
carbonandtop it offwith a smallball of opiurn Coverthis
Hydroponic Heroin
How To Grcw Opium PoppiesWithout Soil ChapterNine

CA;v,a Ml^d;ot" eutn

lP OP;u.*' All;vfi
The Chinesewould be expectedto preparechemicalsfor
detoxification, sincethey consideropium addiction very ChapterNine
anti-Confucian.This Asianptant is hard to comeby, but if
you canget it in a seedcatalog,Combretumsundaicumis
well worth it. Cook the matureleavesin a 350oF oven
until roastedand tlrcn preparelike tea by steepingin boil-
ing water. It would appearas if the chemicalsin the leaf
ACETIC ACID: Oxygen-containingacid usedin the her-
acts as a locusdepressant,allowing the user to come Chemicalsymbol HCzHrOz.
oin refinementprocess.
down with a bit moreease.
ACTIVATED CARBON: Pelletizedcarbon or charcoal
that is usedin puriSing processes.It actsas an impurity
spongein theheroinrefinementprocess.

AGGREGATE: Inert mediumused to anchor roots in a

hydroponicsystem;bricks,graveland sandare examples
of aggregate.

ALBUMIN: Naturallyoccurringprotein found in aninnls,

eggs,andevensomeplants' exudedlatex.

ALKALOID: Psychoactive nitrogencornpound;someex-

amplesof alkaloidsareLSD, morphineandpsilocybin.

AMMOMA: Noxious reactive chemical Chemicalsym-

trol: NHr.

AI.IALGESIC:Pain-killingdrug; can be narcoticor non-

narcoticin nature.
Hydroponic Heroin ChapterNine
How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil Glossary

86 87

ANODYNE: Any chemical that relieves mental or physical BUFFER: Any substancethat helps maintain a constant
pain; alleviatesdistess. pH in a hydroponicsystem.

ANNUAL: A plant that germinates and dies within one CALCIUM CHLORIDE: Chemical commonly found in
year. fertthz,er,used to precipitate plant acids in the morphine-
refinementprocess.Chemicalsymbol: CaCIz.
ANTIDIARRHETIC: Chemicalthat promotes slower bo-
lus movement or reduceswater level in the lower gas- CHIPPER: A person that uses heroin only at intervals;
trointestinal tract. weekenduser.

ANTISPASMODIC: Chemical that calms nerves, thereby CHLOROFORM: Noxious, volatile chemical that is used
reducingmusclespasms. for an anesthetic.Used as a purifier in the heroin refine-
ment process.Chemicalsymbol: CHCI3.
ARTICLE 215: California law that allows for the dispens-
ing of marijuanaby the prescriptionof a physician. CODEINE: Narcotic found in the opium latex of the
poppy plant. Commonly used as an anrlgesicand expec-
ASBESTOS: Cancer-causingagent found in automotive torant.
brake pads, ceiling tile and insulation used in the '70s.
DAMPING OFF: A fungal diseasecausedby an atmos-
B-1: Vitamin that encouragesroot growth; staves shock phere that containsan excessof humidity.
and wilt in newly tansplanted seedlingsand clones.
DEMINERALITFD WATER: Water that has been dis-
BALLAST: Electronic device that regulates the high-volt- tilled and purified so that no solids such as calciunl exist
age needs of fluorescent and high-intensity discharge in solution. A necessitywhen doing chemicalprocesses
lamps. where no casualreactantscan be involved.

BANG: Injecting a drug directly into a vein; also mainline, DESICCANT: Drying agent; found in packets for elec-
fix, slam,jam. tronic equipment. Silica gel is the ingredient in most
cases.Drierite can be usedin its place.
BLLJE-GREEN ALGAE: Beneficial plant form that forms
on exposed surfaces in a hydroponic system; removes DIACETYL MORPHINE: Chemical correct name for
carbon dioxide and saturatessolution with oxygen. morphine that has beenbonded to acetic acid; heroin.
Ilydroponic Heroin Glossary
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil

HYDROPOMC:Fromthe Greekwords'hydor," nrcaning

EBB AND FLOW:Hydroponicsystemthat hasthe plants'
water, and "ponos," rneaningwork. Type of gardening
roots stuckin aggregateand flooded,thendrainedat in- that doesnot usesoil.
HYPNOTIC:A drugthatinduceshypnosis;drowsystate.
ETHYL ALCOHOL: Alcohol that is derivedfrom a plant
sourcesuchascornor potatoes.Usedasa solventin the IBL: Inbredline. Offspringfrom plantsof the samegenetic
heroin refining process.Also called ethanol, chemical code.
LACTIFEROUS:Producingor containingmilk.
ETHYL ETHER: Highly explosive,volatilesolventused
in the heroinrefinementprocess.Canbe boughtat most LACTOSE: White, powdery adulterantusedto cut rnany
pharmacies. narcoticmixtr,rres;
derivedfrom milk sugars.
EXPECTORANT:Drug that loosensphlegmin the lungs. LATEX: Milky liquid that exudesfrom sorneplants,usu-
ally solidifiesafterexposueto air.
FLOWERING STAGE: The time in a plant's life cycle
whenit putsall energyinto producingseeds. LEAF BLJRN:kaf+ip browning causedby an excessof
nitrogenin the hydroponicnutient solution.
FRACTIONALIZATION: Processby which proteins are
removedfrom a nutrient solution via pressurizedair in LIFE-HOURS: Arnount of tinre from initid start-up to
an air-watercolumn. burn-outin light systems.
GENETIC DRIFT: Mutations that occur when there are LINIMENT: Liquid medicinefor the skin; actsasa balm.
severalattemptsat inbreeding.Syrptoms include:low-
eredpotency,dd physicalstructureandvigor loss. LONGITUDE: The lines running north-southon a hemi-
sphericalor ovoid object.
GERMINATION: hocess by which the plant breals from
its seedcoatand sprouts. LUMEN: Measureof light oueut. One lurcn is equal to
the amunt of light that wouH fall on a ore-square-foot
HOMOGENOUS: Evenly distributedmixnre. surfaceonefmt awayfrom a candle.
IIYBRID: Offspringof plantsfrom differentvarieties.
Hydroponic Heroin
How To Gruw Opium PoppieslVithout Soil Clupter Nine


LYE: Causticchemicalusedin a dilute solutionto raise

pH in a hydroponicnutrient solution. Chemicalsymbol: NITROGEN-FDilNG BACTERIA: Naturally occurring
NaOH. bacteriafound in the soil or rggregateof a hydroponic
systemthat preparesammoniumfor uptake and usage
MAINLINE: Intravenous
druguse;seebang. into plant.

MAWSEED:Synonymfor theopiumpoppy. NOSTRUM:Any cure-allmedicine;snakeoil.

MICRO-HAIR: Tiny hairs that form on the main root; N-P-K kimary nutrientpercentagefound on tbe labelsof
andto draw in waterandnutrients.
usedfor anchorage all gardenamendments.

MERCK INDEX: Heavy-dutyreferencebook that gives OPIATE: Any narcotic that dulls senses,especiallywhen
chemicalsynthesisfor countlesschemicals. derivedfrom the opiumpoppy.

METHADONE: Syntheticheroin substitute;used in de- OSMOSIS:Tendencyof liquids to passthrough porous

toxificationandrehabilitationprogramsfor addicts. membranes
like the skin.

MORPHINE: Narcotic opiate derived from the opium PATNA OPILJM: High-grade opium grown near and
poppy. shippedfrom Calcutta India.

MUCILAGE: Adhesivegum secretionfound in some PEAT POTS: Snall growing pots that are coryosed of
plants;housesand binds the narcoticsin opium poppy dried peat rpss; allows roots to grow though when
latex. wet.

MIJRIATIC ACID: Commonlyfound diluted (32-35Vo) PERENNIAL: A plant that growsall year.
hydrochloricacid.Chemicalsymbol HCl.
pH: Latin for pondushydrogenii,it is a rrcasureof acidity
MYLAR: Plasticreflectivesheetingusedto increaselight ard aftalinity. The pH scab rangeis 0-14, with 0 being
availabilityto closet-grownplants. Mylar reflects over the mst acidic, 14 the most alkaline,afr 7 being neu-
95Voof the light that strikesit. Eal.
Hydroponic Heroin ChapterNine
How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil Glossary

92 93

PIIENANTHRENE: Active narcotic alkaloid found in ROSETTE: A plant that has a circular flower.
opiurn fuomatic chemicalusedin explosives,dyesand
drugmanufacturing. SEED POD: Ovoid capsulethat containsthe seedsof the
PHOTOPERIOD:Amount of hours a plant receivesin a
24-hourperid. SENESCENCE:Death of an annualplant after seedfor-
POLYIJRETHANESLABS: Layersof foam rubberused
as a rnediumfor hydroponicsystems.Can be found at SODIUM CARBONATE: Basiffing agentusedin heroin
any carpetingstoreor largegardeningcenter. synthesis.Chemicalsymbol:NazCOr.

POTASSI{.JMPERMANGAI{ATE: Chemicalused as an SPECTRLJM:Visible light wavesimportant to all photo-

overdoseremedy for opium eaters.Chemicalsymbol: syntheticrcsponse.Spectrumrangeis red, orange,yel-
KMnO4. low, green,blue,indigo andviolet.

PROCAINE:Local anestheticusedto cut heroin and co- STOMATA: Breathing apparatusfound in plant leaves.
caine. Responsiblefor all respirationwithin a plant.

PSYCHOTROPIC:Refers to a drug that alters nrental STIGMA: Reproductivepart of a plant that receivesthe
being. pollen.

PYREX: High-temperatureglass used to manufacture SYNERGY: Combinedaction of two or more drugs or

cookwareandutensils. participants.

QUARTZ: Commonhardmineral. TDS METER: Total dissolvedsolids;refersto the amount

of non-wateritemscontainedin the nutrient solutionof
alkaloid used to treat yel-
QLJININE:Non-phenanthrene a hydroponicsyst€m.
low fever.
THERMAL SCANNER: High-tectr" multimillion dollar
ROOTONE: A brand-nanre plant horrnoneused to aid device that enploys super-cooledgasesto detect ab-
root growthin clonesandtransplants. normallyhigh heatemanatingfrom a source. i
Hydroponic Heroin
How To Grow Opium PoppieslVithout Soil


TOLERANCE: Ability to resist a drug. Also, ability to

takemoreof a drug with eachconsecutiveusage.

TOP-DRIP: Hydroponic systemthat seesthe plants re-

ceivingsmalldropsof waterfrom a hose1-2" abovethe
root line.

TOLJRMQUET: Any length of material used to wrap

arounda limb to raiseblood pressure;makesit easierto
"hit" veins.Someaddictsuse bandannas, rubberbands,
or towels.

UV SCANNER: High-techdevice used by the police to

detect abnormalstray radiation emanatingfrom sus-
pectedgrowing houses.They pick up the specificlight
wavesemittedfrom HID's.

VASODILATATION: Lowering of blood pressureby a


VEGETATIVE STAGE:The tinp in a plant's cyclewhen

it puts all its energyinto growing taller and producing

WATER SOLIDS: Dissolvedchemicalscommonlyfound

in tap water. Calciumand salt are cornnronlyidentified

WICK SYSTEM: Hydroponic s)'stem that uses cloth

strips immersedin a nutrient solution to draw liquids
into a tight growingmedium.
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