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1st of May 8th of May 15th of May 22nd of May 29th of May
Week #1 Week #2 Week #3 Week #4 Week #5
Coordinator Jen A. Tony Fr-H Tommie B. Tony Fr-H Jen A.
Head Usher Mike N. Mike N. Mike N. Gail C. Gail C.
Celebrant John D. Regina C Patty C. P. Renee Frank S.

Altar Bill C Regina C. Patty C. Regina C. Frank S.

Greeter Harlon M. Zoe John D. Zoe Jen A.
Greeter John D. Wayne FH Tony F-H Jen A. Melissa A.
**Greeter Tony F-H Regina C. Wayne F-H Melissa A. Al N.

Usher Ben M. Zoe Melissa A. Zoe Keith D.

Usher Jen A. John D. Jen A. Mike N. Ben M.
Usher Melissa A. Harlon M Keith D. Melissa A. Harlon M.
Usher Harlon M. Diane W. Ben M. Yolonda B. Mike N.
**Usher Joe L. Al N. Harlon M. Tony F-H Jaden

Scripture Jen M. Diane W. Jen M. Jen A. Keith D.

Com. Pry. Keith D. John D. Keli B. Cheri H. P. Renee
Offering Pry. Benjamin Tony Fr-H Keli B. Gail C. Tony F-H

Acolyte A Diane W. Keith D. Jen A. Cheri H. Harlon

Acolyte B Keith D. Skyler Joe L. Jen A. Jen A.
Server #1 John D. Regina C. Patty C. P. Renee Frank S.
Server #2 Joe L. John D. Ben M. Val W. John D.
Server #3 P. Renee P.Renee P.Renee Ben M. P. Renee
Server #4 Benjamin M. Frank S. Tommie B. Joe L. Joe L.

Coun. Counter Keli B. Keli B. Keli B. Keli B. Tony F-H

2nd Counter Benjamin Tony Fr-H Tommie B. Gail C. Keli B.

Extra Hands for the March 2011 Team: Jennifer Albano & Melissa Arrington are out May 8.
Al Nettleton: 706-742-2934 Frank Scott & Al Nettleton are out May 15 & 22.
Valerie Winfrey: 706-546-4433 John Dement & Harlon Mayer are out May 22.
**To fill in if others are out unexpectedly