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How Install OPNET 14.5 in XP


1- Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

2 OPNET 14.0.A included:

3 Crack file (license maker):

First step for installation

1. Click on visual studio 2005 setup

2. Click next

3. Accept the terms of license Agreement and click next

4. Select full and installation path C:\Visual8\ and click install

5. Installing components start automatically

6. After 15-25 min Visual studio setup will be installed complete and click on finish.

Second step to install Opnet. 1-Modeller, 2- Docs, 3-Models

First, modeller

1. Click on modeler_145A_PL8_7808_win

2. As you click on the above, a warning shows "Compiler was found, but is not configured


3. Click on YES

4. Click NEXT

5. Where would you like to install C:\OPNET? Click NEXT

6. Click NEXT

7. Select Standalone and click NEXT

8. Select ACE capture files, OPNET Model files, OPNET Project files and click NEXT

9. Click INSTALL

10. Done

Second, modeller_docs

1. Click

on modeler_docs_02Sep 2008_win

2. Click NEXT

3. Where would you like to install C:\OPNET? Click NEXT

4. Click INSTALL

5 After some minutes installation click on DONE

Third, models

1. Click on models_145A_PL8_24Sep08_win

2. Click NEXT

3. Where would u like to install C:\OPNET? Click NEXT

4. Click INSTALL

5. After some minute installation done and click on Done

Third and Most important step

1. Right click on the My Computer icon and from the drop down menu click on Properties

2. Choose Advanced System Settings

3. Click on Advanced Environment Variables use New for new variables.

4. Edit System variables

There are 13 system variables:-

Variable 1: Path Value:






Variable 2: INCLUDE Value:



Variable 3: LIB Value:



Variable 4: LIBPATH Value:


Variable 5: NetSamplePath Value: C:\Visual8\SDK\v2.0;

Variable 6: DevEnvDir Value: C:\Visual8\Common7\IDE;

Variable 7: FrameworkDir Value: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework;

Variable 8: FrameworkSDKDir Value: C:\Visual8\SDK\v2.0;

Variable 9: FrameworkVersion Value: v2.0.50727;

Variable 10: VCBUILD_DEFAULT_CFG Value: Debug^|Win32;

Variable 11: VCBUILD_DEFAULT_OPTIONS Value: /useenv;

Variable 12: VCINSTALLDIR Value: C:\Visual8\VC;

Variable 13: VCINSTALLDIR Value: C:\Visual8;

Fourth step, the HackXCrack

1. Click on “OPNET.Modeler.14.5.License.Maker-FFS.exe”

2. Dialog box “Press OK to generate License”, click OK, and on the next window OK again


Go to Select Product Modules Window and select every check box that does not say at the end [No license].

5. Then, click NEXT. That’s it. Done. Enjoy!