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Shakespeare/Caesar Web quest

1. What is the assumed date of birth for Shakespeare?

2. Where was Shakespeare born?

3. Who were his parents/

4. How many children did his parents have?

5. Whom did Shakespeare marry? What details do we know about her and her


6. How many children did Shakespeare and his wife have?

7. When did Shakespeare die? Where was he buried?

8. What time period covers the lost years? Why are they called the lost years?

9. In 1954, Shakespeare joined the acting company of Lord Chamberlain’s Men.

Prior to this, name one other company that he was involved with.

10. What happened in January 1593 to change his life as an actor? Be specific.

11. Where was the Globe built, to be exact?

12. Why is the Globe so famous today?

13. How big was the Globe? How many people did it seat?

14. Describe the audience in the theater?

15. What did the flag atop the Globe signify?

16. What happened on June 26, 1613?

17. How did Julius Caesar become the dictator of the Roman Empire?

18. What were His major weaknesses? Did he have any physical infirmities?

19. How did Julius Caesar affect the Roman Empire?

20. What was the Ides of March?

21. Who were the assassins of Julius Caesar? What were their motives?

22. Who is Marcus Brutus?

23. Who is Marc Antony?

24. How and on what date was Julius Caesar killed?

25. Where did Shakespeare get the information for his play Julius Caesar?

Name six plays by Shakespeare, other than Julius Caesar,

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32. What does the word bard mean? Why is Shakespeare known as “The Bard”?