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m The automobile industry in India is the ninth largest in the world with

an annual production of over 2.3 million units.

m India emerged as Asia's fourth largest exporter of automobiles, behind
Japan, South Korea and Thailand
m Indian automobile manufacturers such as Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki
and Mahindra and Mahindra, expanded their domestic and international
m The Government and the private sector launched efforts to create an
automotive component manufacturing industry to supply to the
automobile industry.
m automotive component and automobile manufacturing growth has
accelerated to meet domestic and export demands.
ollection of data:
1. Primary data
2. Secondary data
m The study involved a field work of around 10 days where in
target segment were contacted individually, questionnaires
were given to them and data was collected. Further
information was collected in Advaith Motors, Mission road,
m In this project a sample size of 50 customers are chosen for
the study.
m Ashok Leyland
m hinkara Motors
m Force Motors
m Hindustan Motors
m Mahindra
m Maruthi Suzuki
m Tata Motors
m Audi
m hevrolet
m Fiat
m Ford
m Honda
m Hyundai
m Mercedes-Benz ««etc
ï : Hatchback
  : N/A
   : 3715X1680X1620 mm
  : N/A |  : N/A
   : 5 speed manual
  !" """
#   Ritz Lxi, Ritz Ldi, Ritz Vxi, Ritz Zxi, Ritz Vdi,

ï : Hatchback
  : 1086 
   : 3565X1595X1550 mm
  : N/A |  : Petrol
   : Manual
  $ %"$
#   i10 D-lite, i10 Era, i10 Magna.
m The performance and efficiency of Hyundai i10 is less to
that of Maruthi Suzuki Ritz. While Hyundai scored high
on Safety.
m The Fuel economy of Maruthi Suzuki is better than the
m There is more choice of colour in Hyundai than Maruthi
m The pricing options was more detailed in Maruthi
Suzuki compared to Hyundai and the respondent are
very much happy with pricing option of Maruthi Suzuki
compared to Hyundai.

m Most of the respondents go for EMI pricing scheme
while purchasing a car in both the cases.The sources
of getting finance is bank in both the brands.
m The dealers of the Maruthi Suzuki are more
courteous towards than the Hyundai.
m The dealers of Hyundai dealers are more prompt in
responding the customers complaint than the
Maruthi Suzuki.
m Majority of the respondents agree with company
promise in both the brands.
m Majority of the respondents have rated overall
aspects of the car in both the brands as good.
Maruthi Suzuki Ritz
m Advanced technology should be used in Maruthi Suzuki.
m Various hoice of colours should be given to customers.
m New variant models should be released in Maruthi Suzuki.
m Body line quality is low, should be improved.
m Interiors and tyres quality should be improved.
m Must give more importance to the safety features.
Hyundai i10
m Performance and Efficiency should be improved.
m Dealers should be more courteous to the customers.
m Pricing of the product is too high.
m ost of maintenance is high.
m ost of car is also high compare to Maruthi Suzuki.
m ars have become so much a regular
part of life, many people tend to judge
the success of someone by the car
they drive; even a common car buyer
is influenced by many factors when
buying a car. So manufacturers have
to style and design cars keeping
customer in their mind.