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(This allows us to understand the problem, think about some of the

possible causes so that we can test what we are thinking to see if we
are correct)

I and Al / Sam and I teamed up together to make a paper helicopter so we could

experiment it in different variables.

a |x  


(So we can define our problem or issue)

Me and Al/ Me and Sam chose to make the variable of which is weight we decided
to add on two paper clips per helicopter, we had four helicopters.

½ |¦   

(This is our educated guess. It is a testable statement, not a question)

Me and Al/ Me and Sam decided to make a hypothesis of which the most heaviest
one will drop faster and hit the floor first and the lightest helicopter will fall last.

Ô |ë


(Design an experiment to test our hypothesis, changing only one

variable at a time, observing, collecting data using an appropriate data
gathering tool, precise)

I and Sam / I and Al designed this test that we would put 7 paper clips on one and
5 one another, 3 on another and 1 on the last.



(Trying to understand what the data is telling you by identifying the
patterns and trends in our data)

We found out that we were correct with our hypothesis we tested it three times.

u |x     



(Summarizing by writing what we out into sentence form so that it is

easier for us to understand and so others can understand what you
have found out. Hypothesis proved / disproved.)

I and Sam / I and Al think that it happened because the weight will weigh the
paper helicopters down thus making fall first and faster.



(Trying to make a fact or rules that will work every time)

Our theory is the more weight the faster it will hit the ground. The lighter the
slower it will take to hit the ground.

º |Ñ

(We may want to retest to prove that our theory in true or to start
because our hypothesized proved disproved)

We retested our theory three times and all of them had the same results so that
proves our theory correct

9. Recognizing the problem / having a wondering

(you may notice something that seems to be a problem, or , something

that interests you)

We want to know how much time it takes to hit the floor.