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Lifestyle International Private Limited




Submitted by
Abhishek Sambhav
(Batch of 2006 – 08)
The Department of Masters of Fashion Technology (M.F.Tech)

This project has been exclusively undertaken keeping in view of the general understanding of
fashion management studies. I would like to thank Prof. Mr. G.H.S.Prasad, Course Coordinator,
mine other faculty members, Department of fashion management studies (FMS); NIFT, for
giving me such an opportunity to work on. I would like to thank faculty members who guided me
in the process.

This project has been exclusively undertaken keeping in view of the general understanding of
store policies .I would like to thank Mr. Sandeep Narayan, Business Manager, Lifestyle,
Hyderabad and Mr. Mohan Kumar, HR Head for allowing me to intern at Lifestyle, Hyderabad
I express my sincere gratitude to my guide Mr. Madhav Rao, concept manager “Splash” who
guided me at every instance and supported me throughout the report and its compilation.

I would also like to express my gratitude to all members of the Lifestyle who extended
their full cooperation in course of my report and studies. Without the help of these people my
report would not have been effective and completed. I am also thankful to those retail outlets of
Hyderabad where I carried out my studies in relation to mine Fashion Industry Internship &
Training (FIIT).





Concepts at Lifestyle:
5.1 012

The concept “splash”

5.2 014


Ladies department
6.1 017

Men’s department
6.2 048


7.1 Loyalty programme 074

7.2 Loyalty programme at other stores 075




10.1 Location analysis 087

10.2 Women’s wears swot 090

10.3 Menswear swot 094

10.4 Marketing swot 098

10.5 Visual merchandising swot 099

10.6 CRM swot 099

12.1 Visual merchandising 102
12.2 Buying 103
12.3 Replenishment 104
12.4 Types of stock 104
12.5 Discount 104


Lifestyle stores are a part of the Landmark Group, Dubai. The group began with a single
children’s store in Bahrain. Since then it has expanded exponentially throughout the Gulf, Sub
continent, Middle East and is still growing. The store was established in Hyderabad in the year
2000. The shop-within-a-shop concept is what Lifestyle is aiming at. Hence Lifestyle has divided
its outlet between five lifestyle concepts – Baby shop, Shoe mart, Splash, Home center and
Lifestyle. It has positioned itself as a trendy, youthful and a vibrant brand. And it targets the
upper and above upper class segment.

This report gives a closer look at the concepts, products, buying, replenishment, functioning,
strategies and maintenance of the store. It also provides an insight of the functioning and
operation of fashion merchandising especially about “Splash” concept and also of the warehouse.
The observations made during the market surveys and the suggestions made on visual
merchandising of the store have also been recorded.

This report helps in better understanding of the art and science of retailing as implemented at
Lifestyle, Hyderabad.


The Indian Retail Sector is at an inflexion point, with changing demographics driving growth of
organized retailing and driving growth in consumption. With changing demographic and
economic profile of the Indian population, India is expected to experience an accelerated
consumption over the next few years. Further, the increase in consumer spending would be
driven by nuclearisation of families, increasing population of working women and new job
opportunities in emerging service sectors such as IT Enabled Services. With declining interest
rates an average Indian is not averse to taking loans. Not only are the demographic factors
becoming more favorable but also the growing media penetration is leading to a convergence of
aspirations of various classes of consumers.

In sharp contrast to the global retail sector, retailing in India – though large in terms of size – is
highly fragmented and unorganized. With close to 12 million retail outlets India has the largest
retail density in the world. (Source: CII Mc Kinsey Report titled ‘Retailing in India, the
Emerging Revolution’) However, most of these retail outlets belong to the unorganized sector.
The inability of the unorganized sector to offer a wide range of products along with artificially
inflated costs due to various factors have presented opportunities for growth in the organized
retail sector . Migration from unorganized to organized retail has been visible with economic
development in most economies.
Organized retail derives its advantages in generating operational efficiencies while
simultaneously catering to rising consumer aspirations. Size drives economies on procurement,
and lowers logistics and marketing costs while delivering better value to customers in terms of
lower price, better quality, greater selection, improved service and in-store ambience.

Evolution of
Historic/Rural Traditiona
Reach e Re

Mom and
In sociology, a LIFESTYLE is the way a person (or a group) lives. This includes patterns of
social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. A lifestyle typically also reflects an
individual's attitudes, values or worldview.
Having a specific "lifestyle" implies a conscious or unconscious choice between one set of
behaviours and some other sets of behaviours.
In business, lifestyles provide a means of targeting consumers as advertisers and marketers
endeavor to match consumer aspirations with products. The word "lifestyle" apparently first
appeared in 1939.
Since it’s foundation in 1973, The Landmark Group turn over has rapidly grown into a retailing
giant in the Middle East and India. Focusing on providing customers with good service and value
for money, the group now has over 400 outlets across eight countries.

Head quartered in Dubai at the Oasis mall.Life style is a part of the Landmark Group, Dubai. The
group began 34 years ago, with single children’s store in Bahrain. Since then it has expanded
exponentially and today it has 400 outlets throughout the Gulf, Sub continent, Middle East and is
still growing.

Lifestyle began its operations in India in the year 1998. Currently it has 12 stores throughout the
country. The first store was established in Chennai in the year 1999. The next stores were
Hyderabad (2000), Bangalore (2001), Delhi, Gurgaon (2002), Ahemedabad, Mulund and
pheonix malls, Lower Parel (2003), Malad (2004).Recently a new store has been brought in
Jaipur after Pune.

Since its conception landmark group has seen consistent and steady growth. However, in the
past decades it has shown substantial growth in sales. Significant investment in business,
manpower, and information technology has contributed to the growth in stores by almost 300%
from 1997 to 2000.

The project is to discuss mainly about the store policies in apparels section basically “Splash”
followed by lifestyle, its price offerings, assortments and brands availability. The internee will
also try to correlate the theory and practical observations.
CEO – Mr. Micky Jagtiani (Landmark group, Dubai)
E.D. (India) – Mr. Kabir Lumba (Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd, India)
Splash concept – Mr. G. Kalyan (Menswear, Lifestyle, India)
Mr.Junaise Rehman (Womenwears, Lifestyle, India)


Growing customer by customer, concept by concept, country by country. The world will call it
success. We call it a sound foundation, for bigger things to come.
To become the foremost retailer in the Middle East, by providing it’s customers with a large
variety of high quality at exceptional value under one roof.
• Complete customer satisfaction
• To aspire to be the no:1 in each field of operation
• International standards
• Research and development
• Manpower development and training
• Total quality approach
• Cost control
• Speed and simplicity
• Transparency
Creating an environment where every member of the organization strives towards excellence in
retailing to offer complete customer satisfaction.
• Providing consistent quality in all our products and services by adopting the highest
standard of quality.
• Providing and unparallel shopping experience
• Creating an environment where every member of the organization strives towards
excellence in retailing to offer complete customer satisfaction.
The last half of the nineteenth century witnessed the emergence of the department store. This
form of retailing was totally different from the general store. Instead of the hodge-podge
arrangement of stock, the department store offered carefully selected merchandise in specific
departments. As result, customers could make quick purchases of a variety of goods and services
under one roof (one-stop shopping). The departmental store also differed from other formats of
retailing due to its merchandise range. By and large, the department stores are credited with
raising the level of retailing practices. Abandoning the old ways of bargains, the stores instituted
a one-price system. Offering their customers a quality merchandise, attractive surroundings and
personal services, they captured the loyalty of a large part of the public.
Lifestyle has emerged as a major player in international retailing including countries like India
where Lifestyle has store in 12 major urban cities .India has 280 million urban populations.

The lifestyle store in Hyderabad aims at providing the complete shopping experience to its
customers. The Lifestyle store is located in the up market area of Begumpet. The shop-within-a-
shop concept is what Lifestyle has aimed at. People look for everything under one roof in a retail
store or mall environment; hence Lifestyle has divided its outlet between different concepts.
Being a store at Hyderabad is an opportunity for retailers as investment yield is high in this city.

Lifestyle store’s atmosphere is the combination of the store physical characteristics, such as
architecture, layout, signs and displays, colors, lighting, colors, lighting, temperature, sounds
fragrance, which together create an image in the customers mind.

The store ambience communicates information about the store’s pricing, and the fashion ability
of its merchandise. Lifestyle store is perceived as a premium store it provides an international
shopping experience to its customers with quality services and quality merchandise. The interior
of the store gives a chic, elegant and stylish look. One of the interesting feature is that the CSR
are also being trained in retailing as Lifestyle International and the National Institute of Fashion
Technology (NIFT) in Hyderabad have tied up to provide grooming to its sales team as it has
tied up with the institute in other major cities. NIFT will offer a three month course in Fashion
Retail Management Studies that will be sponsored by Lifestyle. The company plans to induct
candidates who have completed the course into their stores with regular salaries for a mandatory
two year period.
Saturday, September 23, 2006
Source: The Hindu Business Line

Concepts at Lifestyle:
Splash, Lifestyle, Baby shop, Shoe mart and home center function as separate stores abroad but
in India lifestyle offers the customers all the concepts within one store to make shopping a
complete experience
The following table shows the concepts and their codes.



BABY SHOP – code 01
This concept caters to the needs of the growing years. It has apparels, toys, nursery products,
school and stationary products and accessories for children. Most of the products for infants and
nursery are imported. This concept is the first baby of Lifestyle. It is the favorite concept of
children as it offers them the newest and a very large collection of apparels, toys, school
SHOE MART – code 02
This concept caters to the footwear needs of men, ladies and children. It provides the customers
with all the new styles in footwear. It also offers many foot care products, hosiery, luggage and
ladies hand bags. The brands offered here are the most trusted and liked by the customer’s of
Lifestyle. It offers formal, casual, sports and ethnic shoes. It offers a wide range in all the
SPLASH – code 03
This concept offers apparels and accessories for men and women. It offers the most new styles of
the season, carefully selected by the buying team. The brands found here are a big name by
themselves and the in house brands offer the best quality and the most stylish and trendy
collections. Anything that is seen on the Indian fashion scene internationally can be found here.
Formals, casuals, denims, ethnic, accessories and innerwear can be found here.
HOME CENTER – code 04
This concept caters to all the merchandise required to make a house – A home. A varied
collection of soft furnishings, glassware, kitchen utensils, furniture, plastics and bath, garden and
gift products, is offered. Most of the products here are imported, thus giving different options to
customers from what the competitors give. This pulls the customers back to the concept over and
LIFESTYLE – code 07
This concept offers all the lifestyle defining products. It has fine jewellery, watches, health and
beauty products, cosmetics, perfumes and fashion accessories. It has the most vibrant and trendy
collection of watches and fashion accessories which are a favorite of all the customers at
Lifestyle. All the new launches of the cosmetics brands can be found here. The brands that we
find here are nationally and internationally recognized, trusted and appreciated names.

The apparel section which constitutes the major part of the store. More than 31.92% of store area
that is14877 Sq.Ft is retail area and 18000 is the total area .This broadly can be divided into 2
Men’s wear
Women’s wear.
Basically lifestyle is following different concepts for its different departments and for apparels
there is splash and baby shop.


Splash is a multi brand concept for good quality, trendy, fashion clothing at
affordable prices for adult and teenage men’s and women’s wear. Splash caters to both formal
and casual wear. Splash, provides garments for all in a family and has found acceptance among
customers who expect quality as well as a well-known brand.

Splash is the highest contributor at lifestyle contributing 50-53% to the total store sales.
It covers the largest area among all the concepts and has the largest number of staff working in
it. There are with 10 changing rooms in the women’s department and 10 in the men’s.
It’s divided into:

Ladies Men’s:
Ladies casuals Formal
Ladies formal Casual
Ladies denim Accessories
Winter wear Knits and sports
Ethnic Denim
Lingerie Ethnic
Accessories Winter wear
Bossini and Kappa are being sold exclusively at lifestyle in the Splash concepts.

In-House labels:

It is difficult for retailers to develop a competitive advantage through merchandise because
competitors can purchase and sell the same popular national brands. Many retailers realize a
sustainable competitive advantage by developing private label brands (in house labels) which are
products developed and marketed by a retailer and available only from that retailer .Retail buyers
or category managers develop specifications for the merchandise and then contract with the
vendor to manufacture it. But the retailer not the manufacturer is responsible for promoting the
brand. In-house brands and the segment they cater to:
Brands Category
Ginger Offers a wide range of fashion apparel for young women
Code clothing to men and women
Zync Casual clothing that is trendy
Moirée Ethnic wear offering Salwar Kurta Duppatas (SKDs)
Mélange Ethnic wear for women (mix and match)
Forca Casual clothing that is trendy
Vivaz Men’s ethnic wears
String “C”& “G” Ladies lingerie

Advantage to lifestyle through its IN HOUSE BRANDS

• Better margins
• Control over designs
• Variety in styles.
1. The exclusivity of strong private labels boosts store loyalty.
2. Like manufacturer brands, successful private label brands can draw customers to the
store. For e.g. ginger offers fashion merchandise and draws customers to the store.
3. Retailers have more control over manufacturing, quality control, and distribution of the

A brand is placed according to the layout and the brand’s demand in the market.
According to the purchasing power the concept segregates customers in the following:
1. Premium: with higher purchasing power and who go in for premium brands like Arrow,
Van Heusan.
2. Regular: Customers who purchase moderately priced merchandise e.g. W
3. Budget: customers who purchase merchandise only if it comes under their budget
bracket. For these customers the starting prices of products should be low.

Customer profile:
Lifestyle Caters to the premium and elite customers that fall in the higher income group levels.
The core customers of lifestyle do not mind spending provided that they get quality and
exclusivity of product and service in return..
The pricing for lifestyle is premium because of the high quality merchandise and services offered
by the store since the operational cost of the store are high premium pricing is essential to
maintain the margin.

• Concept manager : Mr. Madhav Rao
• Merchandise controller : Ms. Radhika and Mr. Mouli
• Location : Ground floor – The right side is for ladies and left for men’s apparels
• Staff : 52 (brand and LS staff)
• Contribution to Lifestyle’s yearly turnover : 50-53%
• Backbone of the concept :
o Proper and timely replenishment and variety of
o Proper arrangement and display of the merchandise.
o Impressive display on mannequins


Women as a customer: they tend to come alone or along with friends or relatives. they usually
have ample time and is slow in decision making ,can be impulsive at times and can be fickle

minded. They look for exclusive merchandise yet value for money products. Easy wash care is
also an important element for them.
Their ratio for initial selection is 10:01. Observation shows that they are conscious about fit,
style, fashion, color, fabric and price

Brands available are –
• Lee
• Lee Cooper
• Pepe
• Levis

 The fastest moving brand is Pepe.

 Core stock or the base stock is always maintained in Pepe and Lee Cooper and
Lee for jeans in mid rise slim fit bootcut, low waist flare cut, etc.
 Core stock contains those styles which are in demand through out the year,
whereas fashion styles change every season.
Fits available on floor are –
Name of the fit Brand offering the fit
Slim fit Lee, Lee Cooper
Boot cut Lee, Lee Cooper, Pepe
Boot cut and extra flare Lee, Lee Cooper, Levis, Pepe
Straight fit Lee Cooper, Pepe

Boot Cut Flair Regular Straight

Straight fit from Lee Cooper and Pepe are doing very well.

Mid raise Low raise

Ultra low
While buying jeans customers’ look for –
• Brand name
• Fabric
• Fitting
• Lycra content in the fabric
• Embellishments or embroidery
Some more variations among jeans exist because of various types of washes and so on:-

• Enzyme Wash: Creates an antiqued look by taking advantage of the catalytic ability of
enzyme cellulase. The enzyme catalyses the hydrolysis of the cellulose fibre and so leads
to the breakdown of fibres on the surface of the fabric and the subsequent loss of the
indigo dye they have encapsulated. Since this process is not abrasion based, it does not
damage the fibres the way that a stonewash does and creates a great vintage jeans look. It

does, however, require the use of special softeners and smoothing agents. This should
theoretically give the jeans a longer life.

• Sandblast: Jeans are sprayed with sand by hand before washing to create a used and old
look in specific areas of the garmentSunbleached: A combination of sandblasting and
bleach which gives the denim a very soft powdery feel.
• Stonewash: The garment is washed with pumice stones. The stones break some of the
fibres and release the indigo dye. giving the fabric a lighter, weathered look and soft feel .
There are different levels of destruction for this wash: light, medium and heavy. Different
size stones give different effects. Bleach can also be added during this process to lighten
the color and further age the garment. The process is fundamentally an abrasion
• Torn Jeans: A manufactured tear, made to appear natural.

The price differences occur in denim due to –

• The finishing washes given to the product.
• The decorations on the denim
• The fabric used.
• The technology used for construction of the product.
Sizes are available from 26 to 34 in all brands for Bottoms (Trousers / Cargos, Capri’s, Skirts), in
which 28 and 30 are fast movers.
In summer the following merchandise is displayed –
• Capri’s
• Shorts
• Sleeveless tee shirts
• Backless tops
• Skirts.
Details of various brands available –
Brand name Products Colours available Specialty Price range
available (In Indian
LEVIS Jeans Shades of blue • Fashion 1599-2099
• Straight,boo
t,flare cuts
• Embroidery
on pockets
Tight flare
T shirts Red Prints 449 - 999
Yellow • Embroidery on t-
White etc.. shirts
Cargos Red 1399-1499
Shirts Light shades Half/full sleeves 499-1299
Capris Light Cotton,corduroy, 1199
The exclusive fits available are
• Hip hugger super flare
• Tight flare
• Low rise hip hugger flare
• So low flare
• So low hip hugger super flare
 It’s favored by the young and is known for its low waist range.

Brand name Products Colours available Specialty Price range
available (In Indian
LEE Jeans Shades of blue • Prints on denims 1299-1499
Cargos, Capri’s Beige 1499

Shirts Pink • Stripes 499 – 799

Blue • Big prints
Orange etc. • Collared shirts
without sleeves
Corduroy Red Straight and flare 1299
T-shirts Red • Round neck 399 – 449
Pink Brand name
Blue etc printed on the
Kurti printed • only cotton 649
 This brand is favored by all age groups
 It’s special because of the stretch fabric it offers.
Brand name Products Colours available Specialty Price range
available (In Indian
LEE Jeans Shades of blue • Silver
colour print
Cargos Pink • Lace at the 1299
Orange bottom


Cotton bottoms Beige •Soft cotton 1399
Blue fabric

Green •Embroidery on

Dirty brown the back

Red •Puff at the


T shirts Pink Zipped 399 – 499

Aqua • Three layer
Blue black spegati top

Red etc. Halter necks


Casual shirts • Different 499 - 649

Skirts Blue shades • Only denims 999-1199

 The cotton bottoms here do well, as they offer very good comfort. The major buyers for
cottons are the mature age group.
 The denims are liked by the young girls.

Brand name Products Colours Specialty Price range

available available (In Indian
PEPE Jeans Shades of blue •Different 999 – 1349
Indian fits
Skirts Pink • Short skirts 749 – 899
Beige with pleats and

Denim ribbon belts

• Long

T-shirts Blue Large prints 399 – 449
Pink Sppeggati's
Casual Shirts Blue Stripes 449 – 599
Pink Polka dots
Corduroy Rose 1299
Cotton bottoms White • Uneven 1299
 Pepe brand is popular with all age groups, because of the colours, fits and styles that it
Brands available are –
• Expozay
• Code – In house brand
• Allen Solly
• Van Huesan
• Wills Lifestyle
• ZYNC – In house brand
Here Exposay does very well.
Brand classification –
 Premium – Allen Solly, Wills, Expozay
 Regular – Code , ZYNC
Fabrics used are –

• Polyester +cotton offered by Allen Solly
• Polynosic offered by Code, Wills, Expozay, Allen Solly
• Sateen + cotton offered by Allen Solly
• Cotton + lycra offered by Allen Solly

Brand wise details – EXPOZAY

Products available Colours available Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Formal shirts White • Plain 699 – 999
Blue • Stripes
Violet • Self print
Brown • Full hands
Purple • ¾ sleeves
Yellow • Short sleeves
Cream beige
Blazers Black Formals 1499 – 1999
Navy blue
Trousers Beige • Plain 925, 975
Brown • Stripes
Black • Front pockets

Off-white • Various fits
Long skirts Beige • Formal 645-795
Short skirts Navy blue • Formal 645-795
Casual shirts White • Floral 625 – 745
Capri’s White • Stripes 795 – 875
Black • Double front
Orange buttons
• Good hip fits
• Soft fabric

There are two types of suits.

• Short length - No front pockets and slim fit ones.
• Regular or Classic length - Classic fit and having front pockets.

Short length Regular / Classic

Styles available in trousers –

• Regular fit + belt loop
• Trim fit = mid rise +boot cut
• Classic fit = straight
• Comfort fit = loose + straight

Sizes available

In trousers (Waist in inches) - 26, 28, 30, 32, 34
36 size trousers are available only in Allensolly and Expozay.
In shirts (Shoulder size) – S, M, L and XL.
XXL size is available only in T-shirts of Zync
• The arrangement was according to styles, fabric and price.

Products available Colours available Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Formal shirts Pink • Lycra 599 – 899
White content

Yellow • Bold stripes

Orange • French cuffs

Blue • Silver stripes

Black • Collections

Red according to

Green season

Casual shirts Red • Leaves print 599 – 699
Blue • Sleeveless
White with collar

T- shirts White • Full sleeves 399 – 899
Blue • Beads
Yellow embellishment

Trousers Black • Options in 999 – 1599
Beige closures

White • Various fits

Rose • Fabric

Capri’s Red • Cotton fabric 899,999
Jeans Blue shades • Denim fabric 1499

The shirts are available with short, half, ¾ and full sleeves.
Allen Solly mentions size of the shirt and the sleeve length on its tags.

Full sleeve shirt Half sleeve Shirt

Sleeveless shirt

Allen solly shirt Allen solly trouser

Products available Colours available Specialty Price range

(In Indian rupees)
Formal shirts Yellow • Cotton fabric 699
Blue • Stripes
Casual tops White 550 – 750
Blue • Beads and

Green sequins etc.

Trousers Brown • No pocket simple 799, 899, 1199
Beige trousers

Knits Cream • Beads 499 -699
Green • Design on the
Yellow front

Pink • Spaggettti types.
Skirts Blue 699+
Black • Formal


The sizes in tops for Code stars from 10 as smallest to 16.

The collections offer a wide variety of colour and style.

Products available Colours available Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Formal shirts White • Lycra 795 – 1290
Cream • Styles at cuffs
Yellow and collars

Casual tops Yellow • Stripes 695 – 1395
White • Floral
Blue • Fabric
Trousers Green • Fits 1095, 1395
Purple • Colours
White • Stripes
Blue • Front pockets
Beige • Belt loop
Pink • Fabric
Capri’s White • Fabric 895, 1195
Purple • Multiple

Jeans Blue • Only boot cuts 1395-1695

Fabrics used –
• Casual tops - Tencel – it is a new age fiber, all natural. It’s controlled nano- fibril
structure moves moisture away from body, keeping the wearer cool when the temperature
is high and vice versa.
• Trousers – premium stretch fabric, broken dobby design.

Products available Colours available Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts White Chinese collar 499,599
Casual tops Brown Floral print 399 – 599
Pink Shade of colours
Green Collar + sleeveless
Deep purple
T – shirts Blue Faded prints 199 – 499

Denim pants Blue Boot cut 899
Comfort fit
Trousers Brown Cotton 795
Capri’s White Simple 799

The brands available are –
• Ginger – In-house brand
• Kappa
• Adidas
• USI (Uni Style Image)
• Madame
• Benetton
Fabrics used are –
Cotton, lycra, polyester viscose blends
Brand wise details –
Products available Colours available Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Skirts Black • Variety available 499 – 799
White in lengths, prints

Navy blue and fabrics

Casual tops Black • Sequins and 299 – 599
White beads

Beige • Embroidery

Turquoise blue • Matching

Red embroidered belts

Orange • Crushed fabric
Knit tops Blue • Styles such as 399 – 699
White backless, off

Black shoulder
Denims Blue • Jeans 799, 999
• Jacket available
• Embroidery
Cargo Orange • Pockets 799 – 999
Blue • Prints

Products available Colours available Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Casual shirts Pink • Natural fabric 599 – 699
Red used for more

Blue comfort

White • Plain

T – shirts Green • Sporty colours, 399 – 499

Red florescent
Sports bra Blue • Fabric 399
Cargo Beige • Cotton fabric 899
Track pants Black • Good fits 899

• Robe di Kappa is a collection of casual clothing

• This every product has “kappa” or the logo embroidered on it.

Products available Colours available Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Grey 400 – 650
White Neck lines.

Three fourths Grey 990 – 1099
Shorts Red Rounded edges. 690+

Logo or name is printed or embroidered on every product

Fabric is different from other brands
Products available Colours available Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Blue Colours 250 – 695
Ferozi Styles

Dark aqua
Track pant Navy blue Cotton fabric 595

• It has various styles in T– shirts like – straps, tie ups.

• It has three colours in every style.
• Most of the tops are plain.
• Colours offered are different from other brands.

Products available Colours available Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirt White • Beads (wooden) 199 – 650
Black • Neck lines
Brown • Patch work and
Green embroidery

Pink • Stones

Red • Stretch fabric

• Cotton collars
with t – shirts.
Trousers Light shades 625
Capri Brown • Straight 599

Brand Style Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Lobster I piece 560 – 945


The brands available are:

• Biba
• W
• Mélange – In house brand
• Moiree – In house brand

Brand wise details –

SKD = Salwar Kurta and Dupatta set
MnM = Mix and Match

Normally SKD's are available in S to XXL sizes. (In Biba brand 32 to 42 sizes)

Products Fabric Styles

SKD(995 – 5995) Soft cotton Surwars
Raw cotton Embroidery
Kurti(495-2595) Georgette Patch work
Chiffon Printed
Tunics( 595-895)
Crepe Kalamkari

Kurtas (495-1295)

Summer collection was available which consists of – cotton fabric, pastel colors, three fourth and
half sleeve dresses.
Kurtis: When worn kurtis it will be upto Waist or Hip length (Short & Regular).
Kurtas: When worn it will be upto Knee length or above knee length.

Products Fabric Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Skirts Cotton Dobby works 799-999
Kurti Silk ,cotton • Lace
• Embroidery
• Block print
• Neck lines
Dupattas Cotton • Beads 199 -399
• Cotton
Salwars Cotton • Elastic for the 350 – 499
• Block prints
• Patiyala
• Elastic waist
SKD Cotton • Embroidery 2644-3295
• Patchwork
Capri Cotton ,viscose 499

Every style of kurti was available in one or two colors only.

Block printed salwars were in fashion. It is when print paste is applied by means of a wooden
block carrying the design in relief or by a stencil.
In skirts and kurti, dobby works are also found. Dobby works are woven on dobby looms. All
materials with small figures such as dots, geometric designs, small floral pattern woven in fabrics
such as Mix n match and SKDs .

Products Fabric Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
MnM Cotton • Short kurtis 399-599
Rayon • Long kurtis
Variety in neck
Salwars • Parallel salwars 210 - 350
• Elastic salwar
• Sulwars
Dupattas Cotton,chiffon • Crushed cotton 199 - 350
• Tie n dye
Silk dupattas
Wrap around skirt Cotton + polyester • Embroidery 599

It has the following sizes –

S, M, L, XL, XXL, in kurtis
Only one colour is available in every style of kurti.

Types of Sleeves :

Sleeve less Cap Sleeve

Half Sleeve ¾th Sleeve Mega Sleeve

Products Fabric Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
SKD Cotton Sulwars 1099 - 2199
Silk Embroidery
Kurtis Cotton,cotton+silk,linen 399-599
Skirts Cotton 599-999
Capri cotton,cotton+lycra 399
Block prints, Embroidery works, Jardosi works, Sequence works, Chicken works, Kundhan
works, Kanta works and Kalankari work SKD's are available in Biba and Moiree brands.

Wrap-around skirts are also available.

Traditional Salwar Kameez Churidar Kameez Suit Parallel Suit Patiala salwars

The brands available are –
• Lady care
• Enamor
• City girl
• Lovable
• Jockey
• Triumph
• String
• Juliet

Classification of brands –
Premium – Triumph, Enamor
Regular – Loveable, Jockey, Lady care
Budgeted - City girl, Juliet

In night wear, there are 2 types of products

Young Collection
Mature Collection
The brands offered are –
• String – In house.
• Sweet dreams

Bra sizes
Bust size minus band size (inches) Cup size
1" or less A
2" or less B
3" or less C
4" or less D
Sizes are available from 30 to 42.
In each size bras are sub divided in to A, B, C and D.
If there is 34C size, in that 34 means Bust size and C belongs to cup size.
Brands in detail - LADY CARE
Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Underwear Hipster 120 for 3 in plane ,165 for 3
Bikini (Low waist & 1 to 2” in printed
hip at side)
Maternity panties 60
Tummy title 160

Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Underwear Hipster(High waist and 3 to 60 – 275
4” hip at side.)
Low waist
Tie ups
Brassier Padded 225 – 650
Under wire
Without under wire
Detachable straps

Transparent straps
Tube tops
Tie ups
Nightwear Sleeveless to be worn under 800-1200
Overcoat 675-725

seamless strapless strapless push – up bras

Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Slip Long 67
Short 99

¾ length 82
Sizes like S to XL are there for 13 yrs to 20 yrs age persons.

push-up nursing bras

Bridal bras Underwire Bra

Sports Bra Minimizer Bra Padded Bra Mesh Bra

Waist (in Inches) Corresponding Size

26"-28" Size 5 Or Small
28"-30" Size 6 Or Medium
30"-32" Size 7 Or Large
32"-34" Size 8 Or XL
38"-41" Size 11,12 Or XXXL

classic bikini boyshot briefs

Rio V-string

Thongs T- back G-String Grand ma

Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Brassiere T – shirt bra 155 – 469
Feeding bra

Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Underwear Bikini 58 – 64
String bikini(Low Waist &
side straps at hip.
Slip Attached bra 105 – 199
Brassier Sports 175
Regular (with and without 245-295
wires )


Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Brassiere Regular 249 - 1299
Removable pads
Demi cup
Without under wire
Feeding bras
Bridal bras
Panties Bikini 229-499

Sloggi collection for bikini,hipster,and thongs at price range 149-230 are also available
Bridal wear bras are costliest ones because of embroidery / lace works.
Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Brassier Regular 60 – 162
Feeding bra
Underwear Regular(damini style) 150
Tummy tittle 299
Nightwear 599-699

Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Night gown • Lace 499 , 599

The differences in the prices are due to –
• Brand’s international presence
• Fabric – satin, lace, lycra etc.
• Elastic – thin, thick
• Print or plain fabric
Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Brassiere All padded and only 250
wired(with and without
push ups)
Detachable straps.
Detachable pads.
Nightwears (sizes in Shorts with spaggetti 499
S,M,L,XL,) Single long spagetti 499

Tops and pyjama 599

Sleeveless nighty
Full sleeve nighty
In string “c”,no regular, bridal and feeding bras were available. In this only two sizes were
available that is 34A and 36B.
Products Styles Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Brassier Padded and Wired with 199
push ups.
Padded and Wired without 299(in set of panties)
push ups.
Panties Bikini 150
Thongs 150
Nightwear (sizes in Shorts with spaggetti 499
S,M,L,XL,) Single long spagetti 499

Tops and pyjama 599

Sleeveless nighty
Full sleeve nighty
In string “g” there were only detachable straps bras were available and not detachable padded
bras. There were no bridal and feeding bras were available. And all like beach collection.The
sizes were only 32A and 34A

Products Brands Price value
(in Indian rupees)
Caps Kappa 249, 299
Bags Adidas 299
Kappa 599
Stole / scarf Ginger 199 – 699


Men as a customer:refernce group ai a great influencers as wife or friends.Impulsive in shopping

and are short in time and patience. Observation shows that initial selection ratio is 3:1.They are
not very price conscious but brand conscious. They are conscious about style ,fit, fabric and


Its contribution is 14% for the Splash sale.

Brands offered are –
Lee cooper
Spykar jeans
Here Pepe does very well.

Brands classification –
Premium – Pepe, Levis, Lee, Lee Cooper, Wrangler
Regular – Spykar.
Budgeted – none

Jeans fits available on floor are –
Comfort fit
Boot cut
Straight cut
Low rise

Product Specialty Price range

(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Round,v,polo necks. 399 – 599
Casual shirts Cotton 899 – 1199
Half and full sleeves
Corduroy Coloured in straight and 1399
boot cut
Casual trousers Linen 1199
Jeans Fits 999 – 1499
Cargo Cotton 1399 – 1599

‘Lee cooper’, embroidered on every product.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Prints 495 -895
Fade prints
In crew,v,and johny neck
Casual shirts Half sleeves 895 – 1095
Slim fits also available Jeans Cut pocket
Cargo Cotton 1495 – 1995
Detachable and non
detachable khakhis.
Jeans Colors and fits i.e 1295-2495
Low rise, comforts,
straight , boot cuts.

Spykar is appreciated for its good fits.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T - shirts Patch work 399 – 899
Variety in necks – round,
turtle, v, polo,
Brand name embroidered.
Casual shirts Cotton 699 – 1099
Half and full sleeves.
Trousers Corduroys 1399
Cargo Cotton 1299 – 1699
Detachable and non
detachable khakhis.
Shorts Cotton 799

Jeans Low and mid rise 1299-1799
Comforts and boot cut.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Prints 449 – 899
Polo neck
Round neck
Casual shirts Plain 749 – 1099
Three fourths Cotton and denims 849 – 1299
Cargo Cotton with straight fits 1399 – 1799
Detachable and non
detachable khakhis.
Jeans Fits-low rise, comforts 1399 – 1699
Boot cut and slim fit.
Trousers Straight and boot cut in 1599-1699
The shirts move very fast.
In denim( Pepe) Core styles are maintain which are FMS. It contributes highest to the
Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Prints 395 – 795
Embroidered brand name
Shirts Styles 799 – 1099
Pattern variety
Trousers 1395-1795
Three fourth Denims 1195
Jeans 1299 - 1699

Fits available are –
Low waist, straight fit
Low waist, boot cut

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Prints 199 – 499

Casual shirts Collections like – Nautical 799 – 899

dreams, Earth travel, In the
Sports jersey Knitted collar 699
Cotton pants Good fit 1199 , 1299
Three fourth Linen 999, 1299
Cargo Colours 1295
Jeans Fits 799 – 1199

This brand is appreciated for its fits, washes and colours.
Specialty Price range
Product (In Indian rupees)
T – shirt Round neck 449 – 999
Double sleeves
Word/ caption prints
Rubber prints
Embroidery on backs
Velvet prints
Patch work
Casual shirts Cotton 899 – 1500
Slim fits
Short length
Cargo Cotton + lycra fabric 1399 – 2499
Detachable and non
detachable khakhis.
Casual trousers Corduroy ,Jeans type, 1399 – 1799
tight fit(linen also available)
Comfort fit
Jeans Tight flare 1599-2299

The slim fit shirts, cargos and print t– shirts are the fast moving products.

Major contribution to the Splash Sale from this Dept i.e. 21%
The brands offered are –
Indian terrain,Color plus,Dockers,Allen Solly,Basics,Zod,V-Dot,Provogue
Blackberry’s ,Shapes.
The best selling brands are Colour plus and Allen Solly

Brand classification –
Premium – Colourplus, Dockers, Wills, Indian Terrain, Allen Solly, ZOD, Provouge, Blackberry
Among casuals, wrinkle free finishing is a unique feature .wrinkle free is a fabric treated
chemically to reduce creasing and shrinkage. Different commercial terms are as follows like
Dura press (Van huesan) Prema press (Louisse Phillip), uncrushable (Allen Solly),
And wrinkle free in rest brands.
In pleated trousers, the sizes offered are upto 28” to 44” in Blackberry and Code. And the of
sizes which is offered by all other brands are 30” to 40” except Indian Terrain that has size upto
30” to 42”.In flat fronted trousers the sizes offered is upto 28” to 40” in Blackberry ,Indian
Terrain and Code. And the of sizes which is offered by all other brands are 30” to 38”
The best quality is offered by Color Plus and Allen Solly.

Straight Cut Cross Pocket

Cut Pocket

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)

Shirts Linen 1095 – 1595
Wrinkle free
T – shirts Thin knits (Mercer sized 1295 – 1595
Knitted (soft cotton)
Retro fit
Basics – 8 options
Stripers – 17 options
Pastel colours
Light weight
Corduroy 1599
Cargo 1499
Shorts 799
Mercerized 2 ply cotton is a special feature for shirt available.2 ply yarns is made by twisting
together two or more single yarns of two or different types. It results in stronger yarn,stronger
and durable fabric. It is more expensive as more labour and special machinery required.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Short + slim fit 1295 – 2295
Linen, crushed cotton,
dobby fabric.
Trousers Flat fronts 1295 – 2493
Linen trousers

The slim fit short shirts is the fast moving product.

Max size is 46” in Indian terrain and Colorplus, rest all have 44” as max.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Cotton 1095 – 1690
Trousers Wrinkle free 1399 – 2199
Mid rise slim fit
Shorts Cotton 1499
Cargos Detachable and non 2099
detachable khakhis.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Plain 1099 - 1599
Uncrushables (combed
Trousers Linen + cotton, Corduroys 1099
(4 pocket flaps also

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Trousers Linen,corduroys,cotton 1095-1395

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Trousers Fashionable wrinkle free 995 – 1599
,cotton, cottonrich, linen.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Satin fabric 995 – 1495
Double shade

Trousers Cotton,corduroy,linen, 1295-1695


Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Slim cut 795 – 1295
mercerized, linen)
Trousers Linen ,cotton 1099-1299
Cargo Detachable and non 1099-1299
detachable khakhis.

Mercerized fabric is a special feature among this brand .Mercerization is treatment which leads
to lustrous and stronger fabric.

Casual party wear


Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Crushed fabric 1095 - 1795
Fashionable buttons
Satin fabric

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Only Slim fit . 1295 – 1595

Trousers Linen ,cotton, corduroy 1299-1599

It contributed (12-14%) to the splash sale
The brands available are – Adidas,Nike,Proline,Kappa,Fahrenheit,USI,Karma,Bossini
,Zync,Wills,Indian Terrain,Code ,Forca
Knits are of two types 1) Circular knits and 2) Flat knits.
• Circular: Fabric garment are finer fabrics can be machine washed, variety products
available, easy maintenance.
• Flat knit: Garments tend to deshape faster, coaster fabric compared to circular, hand wash
recommended, full fashioning possible. Products are blouses, dresses, T-shirts, bed

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)

T - shirt Cotton 430 – 790

Shorts Polyester fabric 450 – 690

Swim wear Stretch fabric 1050
There is also knitted fabric below the arms.
The t – shirts do very well.
Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirt Printed 595 – 1495

Shorts 595 – 695

The printed t – shirts do very well.
Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Sports wear 425 – 525
Solid 299-599
Printed 299-799
(Collar:Round neck,V-neck;
Stripes, Plain)

Shorts Pockets 425-595

Tracks Basic 599 - 1099
Side stripes
Value pack 3 basic t – shirts 499
The T – shirts from Proline do the best, they move very fast off the shelf. The reason being
availability of lots of style and colors. Solids and stripes do very well. Availability of chest prints
that is favored by youth.
Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirt Fashion prints ,chest prints 499 – 999
Basic (collar +pocket )

Casual shirts 100% linen 900-1300
100% cotton
Trousers Only flat fronts 1000-1400
Shorts 699-899
Track pants Cotton polyester 699-1499

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirt Plane & solid 299
Printed 700
Only crew necks and no V-
Casual shirts 100% linen 900-1400
100% cotton
Trousers Pleated , flat fronts 999-1399
Shorts Cargo shorts 900-1000
Track pants Cotton 900-1000
Jeans Prints on back 1099-1399

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Flat knits 325 – 995
(Fashion – chest prints &
back prints)
Stripes, solids
Variety in colours
Pack of 3(value pack) 799
Shorts Its cargo shorts as it has 6 500-1600
Trousers Corduroy 1500
Track pants Cotton 700
Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirt Round neck, half sleeves . 295
Printed (special designs –

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirt Solids – 31 colors 325 – 545
Stripers – 30 options
Rugby style (collar is of
white colored fabric)
Round neck in pack of 3
Here all the t – shirts do very well because of the color options and the good quality.
Max sizes in Fahrenheit is 3XL i.e. 46” and XXL as max in Fahrenheit ,Bossini, Proline ,Kappa
and Zync as min in size starts as Medium i.e.38.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Basics (collar +round, v 299 – 745
neck) – 17 options
Chest prints – 23 options
Stripers (collar, round neck)
– 19 options
Full sleeve also available
Shirts Chinese collar also 699-1099
Trousers Corduroy, cotton 1000-1200

Cargos 1000-1200

Tracks 600-800

Jeans Boot,straight,comfort 899-1699

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Cotton,tencel ,rayon mix 745 – 1995
(Flat knits, circular knits)
Collared + self design knits
Plain – 9 options
Stripes – 11 options
Shirts Cotton, spandex mix 1195-2095
Trousers Cotton, linen blended 1495-1995
The t – shirts do not do very well because of lack of range.
Club life is a new concept in dressing for pubs ,discos,parties.its very sheen luster, bright colors,
fancy fabrics,embelling techno fabrics.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
T – shirts Round neck, Collared v 299-599
Chest prints is in fashion
Shirts Cotton, cotton blended 799-999
Trousers Only flat fronts 899-1099
( size - 28-38)
Cargos Straight, comfort fit 1099-1299
Jeans Straight fits 999-1199
Shorts Straight 599
These t – shirts do very well.
It is Main department in Men’ wear, which most of customers prefer the office wear like formal
shirts, trousers, suits and Ties. It contributes 17% to the Splash sale.
The brands available are – Code – In house brand,Zodiac,Arrow,Louis Phillip,Van
Huesen,Genesis ,Blackberry,Wills
Brand classification –
Premium – Zodiac, Arrow, Louis Phillip, Van Huesen, Blackberry, Wills.
Regular – Genesis, Code
Difference between formal and casual trousers –
Characteristic Formal Casual
Crease On the front On the sides
Pleats Single pleat Flats
Double pleat
Fabric Light weight Heavy weight
Soft hand
Seam stitch Single Double stitch – to provide
strength to the garment.
Formal trousers are never displayed open, they are always folded (classic or double fold).

Medium Spread Wide spread

Curved Spread Cutaway

Straight Long Straight

Classic Button Down Sport Button Down

French - Corner Cut French - Rounded French –Square

Covertible - Cuff Link One Button -Angle Cut One Button- Rounded
and Button

Two Buttons-Square CornerTwo Buttons Angle Cut Two Buttons-Rounded Corner

Blazers. With Three Buttons Single breast blazers

2 Buttons and 3 Buttons with two flap pocket along with hankies pocket at left side formal suits.

Product Specialty Price range

(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Half sleeves,Full sleeves 699 – 1199
Fabric - Yarn dyed,Structured
Cotton, cotton rich.
Stripes ,Plain,Checks
Value pack of 2 shirts 1099

Trousers Only double pleat trousers 699 - 1199

Fabric –Polyester viscose
Fabric -Lycra
Cotton +linen

Waist Size Inches

30 76
32 82
34 86
36 92
38 96
40 102
42 108
Length of the pant is 46.5 inches equal to 118cms, which is of open length for the
Brands in detail –
Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Fabric-cotton,polyester 645-949
Trousers Fabric- 699-999

Product Specialty Price range

(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Cotton rich 899
100% cotton & 100% linen 899-1599

Size 32 and 34 in Flat fronts and 34-36 in pleated are most selling sizes and therefore highest
sellers.Most selling colors are light colors as they sell more in summers.
In dark colors the FMS are dark grey, black, and blue.
Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Stripes,Plain,Checked 1099 – 1999
100% cotton
Trousers Polyviscose ,100% cotton. 1095 – 1495
An Executive cut, which is to narrow at bottom is also special feature .

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Superior quality fabric- 1199 – 1799
100% cotton, linen blend,
cotton rich
Trousers Polyviscose, polywool(not 1199 - 2499
in summers)

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Cotton, cotton rich 1099 – 2499
Trousers Easy care, non iron, wash 1149 – 1799
and wear, moisture
Fabric-micro polyester
Suits Fabric-micro polyester & 4999-8999
(2/3 button,regular pocket
i.e. 3)

A range of colours are available here – brown, beige, gray, black, navy blue, blue.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Trousers 100% 1195 – 1795
(all are wrinkle free)
Suits Fabric-polynosic,polywool 4995 – 7995
Blackberry’s is preferred brand of young people and 32 and 34 sizes sell the most.

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Shirts Stripes ,Checks 1195 – 1995
Fabric-100% cotton, cotton
Trousers Fabric-100% cotton, 1195-1895
blend .


This department has a product mix of –

Ties,Handkerchiefs,Belts,Caps,Bags,Innerwear ,It contributes 4% to the Splash sale

Sam Browne cowboy style

Braided belts

Product Brands offering the Price range

product (In Indian rupees)
Ties Van Huesen 399 – 1295
Satya Paul
Louis Phillip
Handkerchiefs Zodiac-Plain (pack of 3 ) 115
Printed (pack of 3 ) 125
Plain (pack of 3 ) 195
Van huesan (pack of 3) 149
Belts Leather Plus 399 – 999
Le buck
Forca (casuals)
Pepe (casuals)
Van Huesen
Caps ZYNC 299 – 695
Uni Style
Bags Adidas 199 – 950

Proline 799
Footloose 3000
Pepe 599
Swim goggles Adidas 750
Footballs Adidas 1090
Wristband Adidas 260(for 2 packs)
Headband Adidas 350
Innerwear Tommy Hilfiger 85 – 550
Size: Chromozome
 Small: 80-85 cms Van Huesen
 Medium: 90-95cms Jockey

 Large: 100-105 cms

 Extra large: 110-

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Briefs Boxer 445
Normal 199-299

Vests Meshed, plane, and ribbed 425-650

Crewneck half and

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Briefs Jockey zone collection- 79-230
(Fashion bikini-hi-cut,
modern boxer brief,modern

Elance collection-(skant brief
–hi cuts and contour brief –
low waist,Y-front,string
Vests Meshed,plane, and ribbed 79-220
Crewneck half and sleeveless

Product Specialty Price range
(In Indian rupees)
Briefs Boxer 445
Normal 199-299

Vests Meshed,plane, and ribbed 425-650

Crewneckhalf and sleeveless
Club muscle-tee(not neck
tight as sleevelessmuscle-tee)
100% combed yarn is almost in all the brands .It is removal of short fibres and cleaning .It results
in finer ,more durable ,high quality fabric which requires little ironing.

Types of Briefs:
Boxer style: at or near true waist, leg sections extending to thighs. it has varieties like woven
boxers, knits boxers, boxer briefs etc.

Bikini Briefs: Usually lower than true waist, often at hips, usually no access pouch or flap, legs
bands at tops of thighs. Types are high-side bikini briefs, low side bikini briefs, string bikini

trunk thongs without sleeve vest half sleeve vest

Brief bikini string bikini

It contribution 2% on Splash sale

Brands Styles Price range

(In Indian rupees)
Vivaz Long kurta+string trousers. 599 – 1199
Fabric –silk, cotton,
handloom cotton, rayon.
Vanshik Kurta+ pyjama 1195-4000
Fabric –silk, cotton, linen
blend, cotton+silk.

There is standard operating system followed by Lifestyle.


Spring summer High summer Autumn Winter
(Feb 15 – May 31) (June 1 – August 14) (Aug 15 – Oct 31) (Nov 1 – Feb 14)
106 Days 75 Days 78 Days 106 Days

Month Sale level Reason

April Low Exams
May High Kids promotions
August High Off sale
September Low Off sale in august
No occasions
October High Festival period
January Low Recent Christmas purchases
February High Off sale from mid of

The peak periods are Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan because of festival season that is Dussera, Diwali,
Christmas, Ramzan, New Year & Sankranthi.and April, May, June because of
marriage Season

The lean period are March / Sep because the off sale ends in Feb and Aug respectively

 Usually length, waist, sleeves and side seams are altered. Sleeves are also attached to
sleeveless kurtas.
 Four tailors are employed.
 Usually time taken is 1 hour but during off sale 24 hours are taken.
 A book is maintained for records of alterations
 White slip from the book is given to the customer, pink is given to the tailor and yellow is
kept for reference. If the customer loses his white slip, another declaration for lost
delivery slip is given to him.
 The altered merchandise can be collected from the delivery counter.

 Exchange is usually required for – sizes, gifts, color bleeding.

 If there is manufacturing defect fund and there are no more pieces of the same
merchandise present then cash is refunded to the customer, it also includes the case of
extreme cases then also cash refund takes place.
1. Exchange is allowed within 15 days of purchase, provided – items to be
exchanged are intact, unused and n good condition along with original lifestyle
2. Original invoice is produced as a proof of purchase
3. No exchange is allowed on –Ladies bags, cosmetics, perfumes, toiletries, watches,
jewelers, CD’s, lingerie, socks, undergarments, glassware, furniture and electric
appliances for hygienic reasons.
4. Validity of credit note will be for six months from the date of issue.
• Take a token from the security personnel.
• Please take not more than five garments at a time.
• Check your belongings before leaving the trial room.
• Please avoid any stains on the garment.
• Management is not responsible for any loss.


Vice president

Business manager

Marketing manager

 All marketing activities are centralized and there are some exclusive major promotions.
 Four in store promotions: The in store promotions enhance sale.

Time during the year Promotion

May Kids festival
June Youth festival
November Diwali / Dussera
December – January Christmas/New year


• The customer loyalty program is – THE INNER CIRCLE(TIC)
• This program is mainly to build a relation with the core customers.
• This program started in 2001 with a base of 10000 customers, now Hyderabad Lifestyle
has 108000 base, out of which 40000 is the active base that are regular
Policy –
1. The card can be got on purchase of products from Lifestyle worth Rs. 2500 or on
payment of Rs. 150.
2. Add on card is available for member’s spouse or family members on payment of Rs. 100.
3. Special benefits and value offers are offered to the members.
4. One point is awarded on every Rs. 50 spent at Lifestyle
5. On every 100 points, member gets Rs 70 credited to the account.
6. For every denomination of 143 points a gift voucher worth Rs 100 can be collected.
7. This GV if more than the merchandise purchased then a consumer is given credit note
worth the difference amount. Lifestyle has GV in multiples of Rs 100.
8. Rs 100 as a fine to reissue TIC card by just telling their names, Number of points,
telephone number, e-mail id, company’s name, city, landline phone Number, if one
loses, damages the TIC card.
1. While making the purchase the TIC membership card is to be presented o the cashier.
Points will be credited upon the presentation of the card.
2. Points once redeemed against a purchase can in no event be re credited.
3. Points will not be awarded in case of sale period, special offers and on credit notes.
4. No cash refund for the purchase made on membership card.
5. Card is not valid for the Lifestyle staff.

Front end operations –

Issue of cards, Issue of gift vouchers, Issue of promotional product, handling loss of card.
Back end operations –

All the front end activities are documented; Reports are prepared such as – stock report, gift
voucher report, and daily cash transactions report.


To give better value to the customer a credit card facility is provided in association with SBI.
Lifestyle has a tie up with SBI and issues SBI Lifestyle card and it is co-branded card .It is like a
credit card and extra benefit is provided to members on their purchase of Rs 100 ,they get 4
points through SBI credit card whereas through TIC card 2 points are added. The credit card has
a grace period of 50 days without rate of interest. This helps to improve sales, as people buy
more on credit and thus increases data base also.
Features of the card is that it globally accepted credit card and points are redeemed at SBI where
they give the customer a GV.
Tie ups allow customers to get discounts at these places upon showing their TIC membership
cards. This gives customers an added advantage of being TIC member.
Every location has different tie ups
Tie ups for this quarter are with –
• Spice land holidays
• Subway
• Bombay vihar
• Tandoor restaurant
• Ayur care


• The customer loyalty program’s name is – first citizen
• A customer can become a member upon payment of Rs.150
• Categories are classic, silver and gold cards.
• On the purchase of merchandise upto 2500 ,a consumer is liable for classic card in which
he gets 1 point for every 100 Rs worth purchase;
• On the purchase of merchandise upto 10, 000, a consumer is liable for silver card in
which he gets 2 point for every 100 Rs worth purchase.

• On the purchase of merchandise upto 40, 000, a consumer is liable for golden card in
which he gets 3 point for every 100 Rs worth purchase. One point = 0.07 points.
• Additionally, First Citizen cardholders earn 2 more points on every Rs100 in case of
golden card consumer and 1 more points on every Rs100 in case of silver card consumer,
purchasing in-store brands like ‘Stop’ and ‘Kashish’or Life,Vettorio Fratini and Austin
• A card expires when not used for 2 years; a grace period of 2 months is allowed for a
classic card holder whereas for silver and gold card holders are given six months. It is
valid all over India, in all 20 Shopper’s stop stores. It has a co-branded with city bank.

Vice president

Business manager
(Mr. Sandeep Naraian

Finance department

Store manager
Marketing department (Mr. Shiva)
(Mr. Nagender Singh)

HR department Asst. store manager

(Mr. Mohan Kumar) (Mr. Sreenivas)

Concept manager

Merchandise controller Supervisor Jr. Supervisor

Sr. Customer sales representative

Customer sales representative


Warehouse is a place where consignments of products are stored before they come to the floor.
Here the products are processed and then dispatched to the floor. Warehouse is the backbone of a
retail large format store, as replenishments and they being timely are very important.
Lifestyle has two ware houses. One is located at Kompally, which is holds furniture, and is
generally closed, as per requirement the Lifestyle ware house staff goes there to get the required
product. The other is located at Tarbund; this is the main and fully operational ware house.
Address: Lifestyle international private limited
Ware house, 176/2,176/3,
Satya towers, Tarbund ‘X’ roads,
Secunderabad – 500009

About warehouse:
 This is located on the main road and has easily accessible entry. It is located 7 kms away
from the Lifestyle store, 5 kms away from the Secunderabad railway station, and 5 kms
from the airport. This shows the prime area location.
 The layout of the ware house is also such that entry and exit point is clearly visible from
the manager’s cabin.
 The layout area is 18000 Sq.Ft.This place has sufficient area to park 8 trucks and 2 cars.
 For safety fire extinguisher, dry chemical powder extinguisher and a first aid box are
 For security, security guards are posted for all 24 hours on both the floors.
 For Splash, the number of staff is 26 out of which 9 are permanent and 17 are outsourced.
 The time to accept local deliveries is at and before 2:30 PM and for interstate deliveries it
is at and before 5:00 PM.
 The lead time for local purchase order is 3 days and for interstate 4 days for Mumbai,
3days for Chennai and 7days for North India.

The warehouse is divided into three departments
• Ware house
• EDP (Electronic Data Processing)
• Inventory


Business manager

Ware house manager

Inventory controller
IT coordinator

Inventory assistant

DEO DEO DEO DEO(data entry operator)

The organizational hierarchy in warehouse for splash is as follows


Sr. warehouse assistant



The buying is centralized as well as decentralized. Central buying centre to warehouse- a

purchase order is generated at the Bangalore office, which is the buying office for all the lifestyle
stores. Merchandise once received is distributed to the various warehouses. In case of local
suppliers deliveries are directly made to the respective store.


It’s the link between the buying team and the retail store (Operations).It receives the inventory
records it, puts barcodes and security tags on the goods and transports it to the store. It keeps the

return stock does the required paper work .the warehouse is important because if it does not
make the goods available at the right time in the store customers and revenue would be lost. The
goods in the warehouse are arranged concept wise and in the concept its arranged brand wise,
category wise, space wise. All the promotional items are placed on top of the shelves.

The operations regarding warehouse:

• Receiving the finished goods: it’s the first basic operation of the warehouse .The buying
team at Bangalore decides the quantities that have to be bought and forward the copies of
the purchase orders to the respective warehouses. The warehouse has to receive these
stocks. The order must receive before the PO expiry date or else its rejected.
1. Receive goods from suppliers
2. Enter in the security register
3. Inward stamp(date time and serial number)
4. Goes to cabin
5. Make MGRN
6. Then it goes to the concept and would be registered in the inward register.
• Physical checking of the goods: the goods are manually checked and shortages or any
discrepancies in the orders are seen.
• Storing the Goods: the goods are then stored in the warehouse in the respective concept
places allotted.
• Allocation of the goods to the shop floor:
• Organizing deliveries. The warehouse has its delivery vehicles and it delivers the
merchandise to the store as and when required to.

Warehouse transactions:
1. Inward: receiving the goods
2. Processing and storing: physical checking and recording
3. Outward: sending the goods to the store:
Check that security tag is fixed.
Scanning, Inventory checking, EDP processing, Stock transit note, packing slip, Gate
pass.The goods then are assembled in the dispatch zone.
4. Returns: Unsold goods and damaged goods are returned to the warehouse
Purchase returns, Non moving goods returns, Quality returns, merchandising returns,
Consignment returns
Returns of stores must have an accounts approval note to verify the balance available of a
particular supplier.
5. Damage handling. Damages are classified into the following
Showroom damages and
Transit damages (can be claimed for insurance)


Documentation plays a vital role in systematic record of stock received, stock maintained and
Registers maintained in the concept:
Inward register, Show room returns register, supplier return register, Stock register, Pullout
Books maintained with concept:
Inspection report, Discrepancy report, Stock transfer challan, packing slips, Stock transfer
1. PO not available along with the interstate/ local delivery.
2. Excise duty not taken in PO.
3. Invoice quantity exceeding ordered quantity.
4. PO is received but item master not received.
5. Master for amendment not received.
6. Mismatch of the following in the PO and invoice –Unit price, Maximum retail
price,Discount,Tax,Size and quantity,Colour
Inspection is done to not only get the perfect count of material, their custody and maintenance
but also to check their physical condition. It is done while receiving products as well as when
dispatching them, concept wise.
1. Check the carton’s condition
2. Check the product packing internally
3. Check the product style, size, color of the products.
4. Observe the nature of damage (if any).
5. Detect the excess and shortage quantities (if any).
6. Detecting the incomplete sets (if any)


The EDP people are using software called BOSS (back office stocks and sales system) that has
been developed by landmark group. The showroom uses software called LANPOS (landmark
point of sales)
• G.R.N


Bar code is developed by the team at the head office; it assists in storage, inventory control and
other activities which require automatic identification facility. It eliminates human errors that
may happen during data entry. With built in self checking features, bar coding can bring about a
very high level of accuracy in stores’ activities. When a product is received at the warehouse, a
barcode is printed and stuck neatly and systematically on the product tag (or Lifestyle’s tag).
The barcode is used life style has a 13 digit bar code. The first two digit of the bar code are the
concept cod and every concept is further divide into departments and each department has groups
and subgroups
Consists of 13 digits
• The first two digits (03) are the concept code i.e. Splash.
• The next two digits indicate – Product belongs to interstate or local or consignment stock.
(01 – Interstate outright, 80 – Local, 90 – Consignment)
• The next set of 5 digits indicates – Product style
• The next two give color code.
• The last two digits give the size.
Along with the bar code, we can find the particular product belongs to which Department, Group
and Sub-Group; Supplier name and in which month it was processed.


Lifestyle is a large departmental store where customers are allowed to feel, touch, try and then
buy the products. The customers are allowed to collect the merchandise that they are going to
buy, in a shopping bag for billing, which is very near to exit point. This may lead to the
temptation of taking away the product without paying for it, to protect Lifestyle’s interests
,security tags are attached to the product.

1. Hard tag
2. Soft tags

Hard tag are the tag that are made of plastic and has a metal pin for fastening it to the product
(usually denims, shirts, hand bags, etc.). This tag is removed at the point of sale with the help of
a magnetic tag remover. This tag can be reused and the soft tags are the tags that are small and
undetectable at a casual glance. They are stickers stuck on hard materials such as books, or inside
slip on shoes. These tags are sometimes inserted into hard plastic case which makes them
undamageable and reusable. These are then, slipped in socks or other such products. They can be
fastened to products with the help of nylon strings/connectors which are cut at the point of sale.

1. Perpetual inventory report: Retail method of accounting ,whereby daily sales discounts
and markdowns are deducted from book inventory, which also includes purchases and
returns ‘today’ and ‘to date’
2. M.I.S: The management information system.
Perpetual inventory report involves the following steps
• Checking the inventory
• Checking the records
• Checking the stock transfer notes
• Daily transaction report
• Stock take at warehouse
Management information system prepares a perpetual inventory report and warehouse operation
report. Has to keep in contact with the corporate office and reports to them on a weekly basis.
They have to do a complete tracking of records.

Inventory control department’s objectives and goals:
• To make stocks available when required, Maintain optimum level of stocks at all time,
Business operations smoothens with minimum costs and maximum efficiency, Maintain
Proper records, Generate periodical management information reports, frequently perform
Control and procedure audits and implement corrections, Perform re-conciliation of
Department structure

Vice president

Location 1 Location 2 Location 3

Inventory controller Inventory controller Inventory controller

Inventory assistants Inventory assistants Inventory assistants


The arrangement is done -
• Category wise – men and women
• Brand wise
 After ratio breaking, the excess is kept in the racks.
 As this concept has auto replenishment, daily sales report from the store is
received at the ware house.
 While returning the product to supplier due any reason, the tags and the Lifestyle
barcode is removed.

The space allotted is 5500 Sq.Ft at warehouse and it has very clearly demarcated spaces for
inspection, tagging and dispatching. It has a staff of 26 including supervisor and 4 casuals.
The space is allotted according to the quantity of products received, no fixed racks are allotted.

In all sizes two pieces are ordered from the warehouse, if one piece from any size is sold, the only
the same is replaces, auto replenishment is followed. It also follows new stock break up ratio for
store that the number of merchandise to be sent to store from warehouse after arrival of fresh
stocks from suppliers.

New stock break-up Ratio for the store:

Mens knits T-shirts 2 2 2 2
Shorts 2 2 2 2
Pants 2 2 2 2
Mens winter Sweater 1 2 2 1
Sweat shirts 2 2 2 2

Mens denims Jeans/pants 30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40"

2 3 3 2 1 1

Shirts M L XL XXL
2 2 2 2

Mens casuals Shirts 39 40 42 44 46

2 2 2 1 1

Trousers 28" 30" 32" 34" 36' 38" 40" 42" 44"
1 2 3 3 3 2 1 1 1

Mens formals Shirts 39" 40" 42" 44"

2 2 2 1

Trousers 30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40"

2 3 3 2 2 1

Suits/jackets 39" 40" 42" 44"

1 1 1 1

For color plus and Indian terrain,2 pieces are also send to store from warehouse of 44” sizes.
For Fahrenheit T-shirts size ratio is as follows M-3,L-5,XL-5,XXL-3,XXXL-1.
In accessories, belts and ties there are 2 pieces per size is sent to store and for caps 3 pieces are
sent to store per size.

Deprtment Group
Ladies Ethnic Bottoms S M L XL FS
3 3 3 3 6

Duppattas M L FS
4 4 6

Kurtas/Tops XS S M L XL XXL
2 2 3 3 3 2

2 2 2 2 1

Ladies Formals Blouse/ T-shirts S M L XL XXL

2 2 2 2 1

Trousers /Skirts 26" 28" 30" 32" 34" 36"

1 2 2 2 2 1

Ladies Casuals Blouse/ T-shirts S(10) M(12) L(14) XL(16) XXL

2 2 2 2

Trousers /Skirts 26" 28" 30" 32" 34" 36"

1 2 2 2 2 1

Ladies Denim Shirts/T-shirts S M L XL XXL

2 2 2 1 1

Jeans/Non-Denim 26 28 30 32 34 36
1 2 2 2 2 1

Ladies Sports Blouse/ T-shirts S M L XL

2 2 2 2

Pant/Shorts/Capris XS(26) S(28) M(30) L(32) XL(34) XXL(36

1 2 2 2 2 1

Accessories Stoles/Scarfs/Headgears/Caps FS

Belts S M L
2 2 2


Strength and weakness would relate to internal environment of the store. With respect to the
given project internal environment was majorly confined to merchandise of Splash concept only.
Opportunity and Threat would relate to external environment in which store is functioning. With
respect to the given project external environment was majorly confined to merchandise that is
apparel and accessories of men’s and women’s of the competing stores that is Shoppers Stop and
Hyderabad Central only.

SWOT analysis was taken by researcher to understand the internal and external environment
influencing the functioning and growth of Lifestyle.
The internee has tried to find out the internal strength and weakness of Lifestyle through
personal observation so as to get a clear picture of areas where Lifestyle is having an advantage
and the areas where it is lacking.

The internee studied the external environment to know the competitors strength .It also studied
the merchandising aspect of the competitors so as to notify Lifestyle of the possible opportunity
which it can avail of and alert it about the threats it could likely face in near future .

The finding in this study was based on survey of basically two competitor store that is one
departmental store (Shopper stop) and other being mall (Hyderabad Central) of Hyderabad.
Hence care should be exercised in generalizing these finding to other geographical locations.


• Have a good number of footfalls since it’s located in a commercial complex with the IT
companies and other entertainment and food outlets.
• Provides good parking facility
• Situated on the main road so can be easily visible.

• Construction of flyover in the front of Lifestyle store
• Improper placement of IN and OUT gate :it is rather to be reversed for the
convenience of consumer coming from Paradise

The stores visited –
• Shoppers’ stop
• Hyderabad central

Shoppers’ Stop is positioned as a family store delivering a complete shopping experience. It

offers its wide range of merchandise, exclusive shop-in-shop counters of international brands and
world-class customer service. It known as a one stop shop for all customers.
Customers profile in Shoppers Stop are that they fall between the age group of 16 years to 35
years, the majority of them being families and young couples with a monthly household income
above Rs. 20000. A large number of Non - Resident Indians visit the shop for ethnic clothes in
the international environment they are accustomed to.
• Ladies section has brands like – stop, Scullers, Allen Solly, Blackberry, Elliza Donnatein,
in the formal and casual wear but is very strong in the ethnic section where it has brands
like Biba, Stop, Isvarah, Haute curry, and DIY.
• It also has a good range of nightwear and inner wear.
• In the men’s section it has brands like Vettorio Fratini, Austin Reed, Park Avenue, and
Giovani in suits and blazers.
• It has good variety in the ethnic section.

Central does not fall under the same format as lifestyle yet it acts as one of its biggest
competitors. Central Mall meets the entire Shopping, Food and Entertainment needs of the
customers providing a wide range of offering to choose from for lifestyle products like Fashion
Apparels, Footwear, Travel Accessories, Jewellery, Health and Beauty Products.
Various brands operate their retail areas without any wall between them, providing a seamless
shopping experience. This makes it possible for shoppers to compare brands with ease while they
shop. This also means that the store can reallocate space more easily based on
merchandise/brand performance and customer feedback.
With more than 300 brands for women, men, youth and home, Central aims to provide customers
with an array of options Central offers a lot of national and international brands, most of which
are available at lifestyle. The private labels that central carries set it apart, which are gaining
popularity with the customers that giving it an edge over other retailers.
Private labels
Rig (casual)
Akriti (ethnic)
Bare (casual)
Honey (women casual wear)
Annabelle(women’s formal wear)
Lombard (men’s formal)
John miller(men’s executive)
Agile (sports)
Umm (casual)
All (+size)
Spring board (designer wear)

F factor(party wear)

• It has large collection of ethnic, formal and casual wear in ladies and men’s section, but
has a very less variety in inner wear section. It has large collection in ethnic wears like
Neerus etc.Exchange is allowed within 14 days of purchase, provided – items to be
exchanged are intact, unused and good condition along with original barcode. It clearly
specifies that exchange can’t be entertained on Saturday and Sundays.

• Style, fit and quality is a major strength in SKD’s and is available for all occasions. Style,
fit and size availability and color options is a major strength in mix n match.
• Because there is a wide collection in ethnic wears and availability of latest fashion like in
Salwars , skirts and kurtis, block prints, dobby works, materials with small figures such
as dots, geometric designs, small floral pattern woven in fabrics, therefore ethnic wears
is strength. Ethnic wears caters to broad age group as merchandise is for young and
mature class.
• Style, fit and quality and collection is a major strength in formals in brands like Allen
Solly and Expozay.
• In denims, style, fit and quality is a major strength in jeans.Pepe and Levis has good

• In casual, broad and deep assortment of merchandise is observed and brand like Ginger
offers suitable merchandise for current fashion at reasonable price. All the new arrivals
and fresh arrivals are given emphasis. Vast color option is appreciated in Ginger.
• High quality merchandise: the quality of merchandise is significant because of national
brand in existence. And many brands under one roof therefore unmatched variety.
• In lingerie, availability of major brands: Lifestyle carries all the major brands in lingerie
including its in house catering to both age groups that is young and mature class. It does
have an advantage over major competitor stores in lingerie section.
• Huge customer base with most elite class as target customer and conversion rate is also
• Wider price range: many brands available therefore with different price range starting
from low to high.

• Problem of replenishment should be solved to ensure availability of fresh merchandise.
• In ethnic wears, space available for display is less in mix n match. Lack of traditional
prints like bandhini, batik designs in mix n match that other stores do have. The
collection for ethnic wears at Central is vast with more product assortment that is broad
and deep assortment in ethnic wears as compared to Lifestyle collection that is narrow
and deep. The brands like Neerus’s new collection in SKD’s (chudidar with umbrella cut
Kurta) at central at Rs 1990 is moving fast. Neerus has a good collection of sarees and
skirts at less cost.
• In knits, size unavailability is an area of concern. In knits more style at fewer prices
should be made available. There is also less option in bigger size available.
• In denims, more of display area should be there as display of latest fashion is most
important with regard to washes, fits and designs and the arrangement in shelves doesn’t
work. Need more mid waist with regular fit styles having 34 sizes.
• In denims, absence of denim jackets: denim jackets should be made available.
• In denims, Levis “diva’ collection is fast moving but size and stock is a problem. This
collection is moving fast in all the other competitor stores and fancy or crystal jeans are
also missing in any brands available. In Levis “Red Loop” collection is also missing (it is
more in fashion because of different types of washes.).

• In casuals, XXL size was missing for shirts and T-shirts .only Zync had XXL for only T-
shirts, a larger size in t- shirts will also be appreciated by customers. In house brands do
not have details about the fabric used.
• In casuals fish cut skirts are moving fast in market, but is not available in Lifestyle
except in Code style number CD SP07-PO (purity collection) that is also in FMS but
Lifestyle has only 2 piece stocks. It is available in all other stores including Shoppers
Stop in house brands and in brands like Biba.

• In lingerie there is absence of option for styles in affordable brands like Juliet that has
cotton stuffs and no hosiery materials and therefore preferred by consumers. Lack of size,
color and high price is a weakness in lingerie.
• In lingerie, option in nightwear is less, and product is not worth to the price and quality
and variety need to be improved. There is also less options available with respect to size,
color. In sweet dreams it has only 3-4 options available and in C and G strings also, it has
very less options available. Long night wears are also less available. There is less options
in sweet dreams and enamor. In C and G string also, it has only nightwear of 3-4 length.
Satin nightwear also not available, except Enamor which too has less option.
• Feeding nightwear is missing .Maternity nightwear and maternity panties are less in
options and are only available in Sweet Dreams and Lady Care respectively.
• In formal wears, 36” size trousers is available only in Allen solly and Expozay for ladies.
• Maternity wears are unavailable: Consumer asks for maternity office wears that is
available in shoppers in brand like “Mothercare”.Also Central has brands like “All” that
is plus size zone for extra sizes.

• In accessories, lack of variety, style and color-More styles in fashion bags and stoles are
• Less of mannequins and absence of any moving mannequins is a weakness, also dresses
of mannequin is not frequently changed and accessories like,shoes,stoles,necklaces
ties,caps,bags and bracelets is also not be their part and shelf talker is also not always
been placed .Therefore visual merchandising is not satisfactory as the competitors.
• The location of alteration is inconvenient for the ladies as they do not like to get
measured in front of mass near escalator. .

• Tie up with manufacturers: an opportunity to have tie ups with manufacturers can lead to
more of margins and some offers can be put on with tie ups with manufacturers. LCDs
can also be placed at different places and visuals of different brands available must be
played, this would earn revenue from brands as well as entertainment to shoppers .This
strategy is adopted by retailers like Shoppers Stop, Central, Trouser town etc.
• For better visual merchandising at less cost, podiums can be sold outs to particular brand
and thus the responsibility for visual display and merchandising can be handed over to
that very brand. Thus they go for fresh arrival display with their new ideas and different
types of mannequins at their cost.
• Introduction of more Private labels: more margins can be generated with new styles
leading market and fashion industry. It has already introduced two international brands
— Kappa (an Italian sportswear brand) and Bossini (a Hong Kong-based casual wear
brand). Negotiations are on to launch more international brands to be sold through its

• In accessories, fashion bags and jute bags can be stocked to make accessory section more
appealing. Stoles of different fabric and color can be stocked. Fashionable belts can be
introduced and can be displayed adjacent to denims.
• The styles in skirts have to be introduced.
• In lingerie, with more and more women taking western wear which have more
pronounced cuts, demands for well fitted innerwear has grown .Lifestyle enjoys
monopoly in most brands available so replenishment must be proper.
• More walking space thus generated and more of display for denims could be made to
show washing and style. Visual merchandiser is a requirement at store level

• Shoppers have SKD’s in BIBA in a wide range of 895-5095.it has good style at
reasonable price in its in house brands also.
• Kurta with good design at fewer prices is available at shoppers at Rs 399 and in casual
salwars also, prices are also reasonable. Display capacity is more at central and shoppers
in ethnics.
• Fabric pieces (ready to stitch) are also available at Shoppers (DIY) for SKD’s at Rs 495
onwards, and at Central in Neerus & Biba carrying unstitched suits collection.
• Designer wears at shoppers’ Buzz” available at affordable price and is exclusive wears.
• More of ethnic wear at both stores that is sarees and ghaghara.
• Shoppers Stop has large variety of surface textured ex rubber prints, hand painted, spray
paint, on kurtas.It had dupattas of bandhini and batik.
• More of women’s malls being emerging is a threat as increase in number of women
visiting malls, some retailers are considering the concept of malls that would cater
exclusively to women customers. An estimated 12 malls are expected to come up over
the next 2-3 years that focus on attracting women, whether they are housewives or
working women. These malls would offer only women-centric products and have an all
women staff. One of the first developers to make such a mall is Sun City developers who
have begun work on their first such mall and plan to make 5-6 more women focused
malls. Aerens Group who have developed the Goldsouk and Wedding Souk malls are
also likely to build a woman centric mall. Delhi’s Ansals Plaza, one of the capital’s first
malls is also working to create special zones for women related products.

• In formals, Shoppers Stop has variety of trousers with different colors in Blackberry.
Blackberry tops are also there at price 400-700.

• In formals, pricing in formal shirts is a strength of this section, availability of wider price
range that is from low to high .availability of national brands under one roof and variety
of brands, regular, premium, and budget is also a strength and in formal trousers, it has
good color options and also highly satisfy in style and fits to consumers.
• In formals brand like Code, shirt is the fastest moving in less price range category and
earns most of the profit to the brand. Fit is also the main attribute, it has introduced
various shirts with slim-fit which is not available other formal brand.
• In casuals, price satisfaction is highest in both shirts and trousers with exclusive party
wears collection in Zod and V.In casuals, lots of brands are available.e.x. Color plus,
Allen solly. High quality merchandise: the quality of merchandise is significant because
of national brand in existence. And many brands under one roof therefore unmatched
• In innerwear, availability of major brands: Lifestyle carries all the major brands in
innerwear including international brands catering to both age groups that is young and
mature class.
• Huge customer base with most elite class as target customer and conversion rate is also
• Offering suitable merchandise for current trend where new arrivals and fresh arrivals are
given emphasis.

• Unavailability of sizes is a serious problem
• In formal, color unavailability among trousers is a problem.
• In formal shirts Louise Phillip, “Perma press” collection is missing but is available in
central at Rs 2000 and above and is fast moving. Lifestyle has only “Gods and King”

collection in it that is also wrinkle free and is similar to Van Huesan “worldwear”
collection and “True Tech”, both are non-iron .
• 28 waists is missing in formal trousers except in Blackberry and Code therefore, in
casuals, size unavailability is a problem.
• In formal suits, consumer asks for light color option, Lifestyle has only blue, black and
grey options. Lifestyle also miss brands like Urbana for suits and blazers targeting
premium segment and its exclusivity is its fabric that’s techno fabric like stain free, sweat
free, cooling effect etc and is available at central and brand like Shapes are missing that
has wide collection and is very trendy for Swede type fabric and some cases leather type
collars on different fabric at Rs 4000.
• Tie stands must be made available.
• More walking space has to be generated in menswear department for hassle free
• In casuals, only corduroy jacket were available and that too of “master of cords’
collection and ‘V-Nova” collection of blackberry only.
• In casuals, Indian terrain brand has less stock “outback” collection in shirts with regard to
colors. In Dockers also competitors like Central carry good and wide collection with satin
finish, and prints which is not in Lifestyle. In allensolly, “Neo-uncrushed” collection for
trousers is also missing and even deviation collection and micro fiber collection for
trousers has less stock and only 3-4 color options were available. These are all fast
moving in other stores. The specialty among them must be highlighted that is Mobile
phone pocket attached to it.
• In formals and casual collection, limited stocks in linen trousers were available that is
only white ,beige and off white shades are available in menswear ,even Van Huesan’s
linen trousers are also missing.
• In denims, absence of trendy collection e.g. Torn jeans or John Abraham collection from
Wrangler are unavailable. Worn out and rugged look are in only Spykers .In Levis,
collection like 530,517,511,506 etc are available but 501 is missing, it is more trendy
torned at knee and it has button fly jeans ,it is FMS in central .Lifestyle has button fly
jeans only in Spykers and is moving fast. Levis “signature collection” (that is more basic
designed) and “red loop” collection is also missing (it is more in fashion because of
different washes)and Levis “street mine” collection(its trendy and casual) is also missing

• Improper displays of denims is a weakness as the most important is fit and wash among
denims, and arrangement in shelves doesn’t work.Absence of denim jackets is observed;
whereas other stores do have it may it be less stock.
• Party wears blazers should also be introduced as brand like Theme that is “formals and
fashion” and is more youth oriented and has blazers without button also blazers with zips.

• In innerwear, Lifestyle doesn’t have any brand in V- neck vest and there is unavailability
of plane colored boxer brief in Tommy Hilfiger as only color block boxer brief in all
sizes were available. There is no designer wears as VIPs designer collection that is at
reasonable price and is fast moving at central.
• In ethnic wears, Vanshik has all broken size stocks esp. 42” and 44”, whereas more sizes
especially 38” and 40” is required. In ethnic wears there is no designer wears as Shoppers
Stop has ex. Suneet Verma, Rohit BAL, Ashish Soni, Raghvendra Rathore, Shantanu and
Nikhil, Anshu Arora, Priyadarshini Rao at above 795 only.
• In knits, messages T-shirts are unavailable like that of Tantra in menswear that is
available at all leading stores.
• Lack of menswear accessories is observed .Stocks in belts and caps are very less as
compared to competitors and also the option are less.

• More of ethnic wears san be introduced and made available for all occasions.
• Designer wears is also a good options and is also a range of exclusivity.
• More brands are required in formal wears as very less brands are available.
• Introduction of more Private labels: more margins can be generated with new styles
leading market and fashion industry. It has already introduced two international brands
— Kappa (an Italian sportswear brand) and Bossini (a Hong Kong-based casual wear

brand). Negotiations are on to launch more international brands to be sold through its
• Trendy and casuals brand for jeans and shirts can be introduced like brands like Push and
Shove at Shoppers Stop (fashion and accessories), that has embroidered and torn outs
designs and is moving well. The same strategy can be for Lifestyle in-house could work
on and Forca could have boot cuts styles. Messages T-shirts are unavailable like that of
Tantra in menswear so that should also be introduced in In- house labels.
• In accessories, fashion bags and jute bags can be stocked to make accessory section more
appealing. Sports wears section can be made more attractive by better visuals and more
new collection.
• More walking space could be generated and more of display for denims could be made
to show washing and styles
• More size options can be generated.
• Casuals and denims has better scope to do well as market requires trendy collection, so
better opportunity to keep young collection.
• At Shopper Stop , First Citizen cardholders earn 2 more points additionally on every
Rs100 in case of golden card consumer and 1 more points on every Rs100 in case of
silver card consumer, purchasing in-store brands like ‘Stop’ and ‘Kashish’or
Life,Vettorio Fratini and Austin Reed ;similar policy can be introduced in Lifestyle on
the purchase of in-house brands Code and Zync

• Emergence of exclusive brand outlets and specialty store is a threat.
• Better collection and their availability in other competitive store is a threat.
• Display capacity and walking space is more at central and shoppers.
• Designer wears at shoppers’ Buzz” is available at affordable price and is exclusive wears
• The in house of brands of competitive stores has innovative design, fit and quality fabric.
E.g. the design of “John Miller” made in Italy.
• Competitive stores, which has more young collection and are youth oriented is a threat as
they cater to youth segment that is around 70% of Indian population less than age 35.


• Marketing strategies should be made stronger by any tie ups with media to promote the
brands.(Ex. Pantaloon with times group, and now sponsoring cricket match).
• Tie up with manufacturers or brands: an opportunity to have tie ups with manufacturers
or brands can lead to more of margins and some offers can be put on with tie ups with
manufacturers. LCDs can also be placed at different places and visuals of different brands
available must be played, this would earn revenue from brands as well as entertainment
to shoppers .This strategy is adopted by retailers like Shoppers Stop, Central, Trouser
town etc.

• Need coverage in local TV channels. Westside, Pantaloons are doing the same.
At Central denim exchange offer were running where a consumer can get Rs 200 off
on old denim for the purchase of new denim. Few days back same offer were there at S
Shoppers Stop but it had an exclusive offers to get designs created on denims purchased
For all Arvind Mills brands and for rest at the cost of Rs 200 only. Now Central has
offers of nail art, body art, and caricature wee all free of cost but T-shirts design and denim
design were at the cost according to the size of designs .Now .Central has SKD’s
exchange offer where on the purchase of above 3001 a consumer can get Rs 777 off on old
SKD’s, and on the purchase of above 3001 a consumer can get Rs 777 off on old SKDs,and
on the purchase of above 2001-3000, a consumer can get Rs 555off on old SKDs, and on
the purchase of above 1001-2000, a consumer can get Rs 333 off on old SKDs, and on the
purchase upto 1000, a consumer can get Rs 222 off on old SKD’s.
• Visual merchandising is not satisfactory as the competitors. Visual merchandising is a
practice that supports retailers in presenting their retail space in the best possible way to
maximize sales. It helps a lot to educate the customers, creates desire and finally
augments the selling process. It helps in drawing the attention of the customer to enable
them to take purchase decision within shortest possible time, and thus augmenting the
selling process. More of mannequins and moving mannequins can be introduced and
dresses of mannequin is to be frequently changed and accessories
like,shoes,stoles,necklaces ties,caps,bags and bracelets must also be their part. It helps
in establishing a creative medium to present merchandise in 3D environment, thereby
enabling long lasting impact and recall value. Shelf talker must always been placed.
Mannequin forms bring clothing to life making it more enticing. Mannequins Breathe
Life Into Window & Store Designs.
• At Shopper Stop , First Citizen cardholders earn 2 more points additionally on every
Rs100 in case of golden card consumer and 1 more points on every Rs100 in case of
silver card consumer, purchasing in-store brands like ‘Stop’ and ‘Kashish’or
Life,Vettorio Fratini and Austin Reed ;similar policy can be introduced in Lifestyle on
the purchase of in-house brands Code and Zync.

 The in house brand’s collections’ names should have some explanation to it
convincing the customer about its exclusivity in ladies wears ex. “Hippie
Chic”,”Odysseus”,”Azure Appeal”, “Horti Couture” in Kurtas of Mélange and “beach
culture” collection in Zync for men’s.
 Both the trial rooms are not easy to locate and have very less space outside for people
accompanying the customer. The location of the trial rooms in ladies section seems
awkward. (they are located beside the lingerie section) - Women are left with less
space in lingerie section when people accompanying the customer block there.
 The customers should be given shopping bags by sales force, if they don’t know
about it.
 The pathways and display tables must always be clear of any non trading material.
 Absence of measuring tape with the staff members.
 Lack of product knowledge among lifestyle staff and brand guys .Lack of knowledge
about promotional offers among staff members including TIC .Consumer must be
made aware of promotional schemes at entrance through standy banners.
 Staff members are busy among themselves and many a times consumers have to face
problems to know details about product and no staff are available.
 CSR must always present them very well and must know their products.
 Merchandise must always be replenished on time.
 Lifestyle should target more on the age group of 25-34 yrs, which constitute a major
chunk of the customers coming for shopping in Lifestyle.
 Lifestyle can launch more brands in formal wear in premium range because range of
Code is low price or Code can offer more merchandise in premium range.


 For any exchange, the respective concept personnel are called thereby causing inconvenience to
consumers with respect to time and so on. Therefore exchange counter staff must be aware of
exchange procedure and must be authorized to act on his own and at special case the concept
personnel should be called.
 Services problem is also observed .Ex. irregular music, not working escalator and sensormatic
machine, problems with A.C., problems in proper lighting, lack of manpower problems as a
whole esp. at cash counters, at gift wrapping counter, at TIC, at promotion counter, at alteration
counter. All these affect the total ambience of the store and act as a disadvantage from other
retailers. There should be premium class services for premium class consumers.

 Complaint of system collapse because of UPS, at cash counter where no system works and
consumer had to wait for long and staff had to issue manual receipts.
 Staff members are busy in arranging and folding the merchandise as customer sees much
merchandise and tries because most of them are on shelves and display is less.
 CSR must be given daily print outs about the stock availability at back store with style
numbers so that he can check it out instantly and may not require to go always to back store to
check on consumer demand.
 Proper stock availability of promotional gifts must be assured as promotional gifts had ended
during offers are also observed.
 Suggestion box is also to be put all places.
 Drinking water must be made available at level 1.
 Staff retainment programme must be there to avoid frequent switchover among staff members
by providing more discounts to them or by providing incentives to them.
 Expansion is also an option to increase product assortment either by dismantling or compacting
TIC office, back store or by back office.
 Stools for seating are a must at some places, where they do not block the way, as people sit on
the promotion table that can break the fixture.
 Trained staff at cash counter must be so as to avoid inconvenience to the consumers with
respect to time also it’s very embarrassing when customer after getting billed and during exit
there comes a beep due to staff negligence.
 Marketing strategies should be made stronger by any tie ups with media to promote the brands.
(Ex. Pantaloon tie ups with times group, and now the of sponsoring cricket match).
 At less cost and in order to promote visual merchandising, a suggestion could be to sell
podiums to brand and the responsibility for VM goes to them.
 Promotion of laptops, mobiles, cameras were there as a part of what women want festivity offer
but proper display was not made because of security reason that it didn’t have tags.
 For visual merchandising, better theme displays can be created, seasonwise and wide awareness
could be made. Merchandise must be continuously arranged properly, as soon as the customers
leave the place .The tables should not be heaped with new merchandise, it should be well
arranged and the products on display on mannequins should not show the price tags.
 New styles should be well communicated, do not confuse the customers by mixing styles.

During the course of my internship I was exposed to the operations aspect of retailing. I learnt
that apart from having a good store ambience and merchandise mix what a good retail store must
also have is a knowledgeable sales staff. Product knowledge is extremely important for all the
staff. It helps one to understand why a particular product does well than its counterparts and
hence the buyers can make the buying plan accordingly. So a lot depends on the feedback that
the managers get from the staff on the floor. I also got to know about the taste of Indian
customers the basic designs, trends, styles, patterns they want in the apparels. Today this sector
of apparel market is booming like any thing. It is the good signal for the Indian market. It’s a
positive sign for Indian economy also. My learnings which I got to know after mine internship:

• To be acquainted with apparel market, its scenario and its growth potential. In-house
trying out the different combinations in styles, colours and fabrics.The designers are
trying to create different styles in Indian apparels, which are indowestern styles
especially in ethnics.
• To get a view of warehouse, its operation and function.
• To make systematic and analytical approach through surveys and understand apparel
segment in the market and conclude to SWOT analysis of “Splash”, a part my project.
• To get acquainted with ground level realities of the store and basic work culture like to
take measurement at alteration counter, arranging and folding of merchandise, handling
exchange counter, cash counter and promotion counter, customer handling, doing
announcement for the promotional offers and a day for VM ,the experience was amazing.

The following are some common learning that I had during my internship.

Visual merchandising: It is the nonphysical presentation of merchandise or ideas. Visual

merchandising is a practice that supports retailers in presenting their retail space in the best
possible way to maximize sales. It helps a lot to educate the customers, creates desire and
finally augments the selling process. It helps in drawing the attention of the customer to
enable them to take purchase decision within shortest possible time, and thus augmenting the
selling process.

Lifestyle follows a standard display method in all the stores, the following are the visual
merchandising techniques used at lifestyle.

• Regular displays are done on the gondolas. It is sub group wise, size wise, style
wise and color wise.
• Exclusive displays are done according to the brands (sometimes suitable
accessories are also displayed along with the shoes)
• The new arrivals are displayed on the top shelves to catch the customer’s
attention. The specialty about the new arrivals, their special feature are be highlighted.
• Duplication is avoided and the display on one shelf therefore different from the
other shelf so that the customers attention is drawn towards it
• Season is considered while merchandising the exclusive wall/ windows or
• Group mannequins at entrance are for men’s and women’s gives a flow of ideas
about the concept and their merchandise mix. It helps in establishing a creative
medium to present merchandise in 3D environment, thereby enabling long lasting
impact and recall value.
• Mannequins are dressed in fresh arrivals or in that which is not moving fast. Fixtures
are allotted to the brands according to the quantity of merchandise.
• Best selling group are placed at the end, so that the customers see all the products
while passing through, to reach the section.
• The arrangement on racks is done size wise, the top most is the smallest size and the
last is the largest size.
• The section that does the best sale is placed at the end in the ladies section (ethnic).

Buying includes the search, evaluation, and selection of the right manufacturers, those who
produce the appropriate merchandise for lifestyle. Lifestyle buying is centralized for all stores, as
it sources from abroad and across India. In a city it has a local warehouse which will receive

The buying at lifestyle is centralized buying done season wise by the buying team at Bangalore.
Order is placed by the buying team and details sent to respective locations warehouse to cross
check the supplies are according to the orders.

Replenishment is done to fill in or complete assortment in a specific classification usually
referred to as re orders. As and when the stock are required at the store one of the following three
ways is adopted for replenishment:
1. Local: done by the merchandiser controller after notifying the buying office.
2. Interstate :done by the corporate office
3. Replenishment from the warehouse: done by concept head called as stock pulling.

Core stock: Core stock is that should be available in the showroom throughout 365 days in a
year. It is the minimum level of stock that is always maintained for core styles. Core styles are
identified and then replenishment is done on a periodic basis. The suppliers throughout the year
manufacture these core styles. This is done to avoid any lost opportunity in the sales on the basis
of their styles. For e.g. regular fit jeans.
Fast moving stock: Fast movers can be regular items or fashion items regular items which sell
fast on floor are ordered according to their sales and target sales.

Discounts are given according to the age of the stock. Sometimes, color does not move and it
becomes necessary to mark them down. The discount percentage is determined according to the
age of the merchandise. Broken are one or two pieces left in a particular style, color size. Mostly
broken are here in fashion stocks and fast sellers. They are put on discount according to their
age. During the off sale the amount of discount to be offered on a particular item is determined
by its age.